Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 16
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ious Leaders Mobilize |Joint Efforts Toward Peace ?By GEORGE W. CORNELL Another Asia Expert Vres China in U.N. ton meeting was conceived Actively allied as never About 500 clergymen and prior to the debate over the before, American religious laymen, including noted the- Viet Nam War, that crisis fcaders are about to launch ologians and specialists - in !°° m s as P 31 ^ °f the overall on social matters." About 500 clergymen an unprecedented, Joint effort fj mobilize the nation's moral world. . The move gets under" way flext^.week with a National hiterrReligious Conference on feace in Washington, the |cope , and purpose country's history. o full, responsible maturity, ALTHOUGH the Washing ntemational. affairs, are to take part 'in the conference, forowiiin behalf of peace' in March 15-17, seeking to claii y a common stand to rein/ iprce peace by Jewish-Christian leadership. * * * .* IT ALSO IS "to find the first such gathering of its strength in that unity to con- / Its aim, says Roman Catholic Bishop John J. Wright, 6f Pittsburgh, is to work .out ii religiously-based consensus §n'which to "build the des- in the front the existentialist obstacles to peace in our time,' said Rabbi 'Dr. Maurice N jroblem. "Our purpose is broader in concept and reaches beyond Viet Nam in time and space," Dr. Etsendrath said. "But we will not evade its immediacy and urgency." WASHINGTON (DPI) -- An Asian expert told the Senate Foreign Relations committee Thursday that Communist China should be brought into the United Nations "even if they claim they are' going to dynamite the place the minute they get in." Dr. John F. Fairbank of Harvard -University put the Red Chinese on the psychiatrist's couch and diagnosed · Dr. Greeley said "the par- their aggressiveness as partly Eisendrath; president of the hope that consideration of the Union of American Hebrew Viet Nam conflict/will be only Congregations. 'Dr. Eisendrath was a key eV without which political fforts will not prosper." . ; ; : * .* * * " OF SIX co-chairmen, ding : leaders ''of all the fnajor faiths,. Bishop J Wright ation. said that in the past, Judeo ticipants must realistically look at American policy in Viet Nam as elsewhere." Bishop Wright expressed perately; needed climate for mover in initiating the gath- AikXi-'urithmV ,,,,i^i, r^iif;^-.i ering, along with another co : chairman, the Rev. Dr. Dana McLean Greeley, of Boston, president of the Unitarian Universalist Associ- Planners said the meeting Christian bodies have lagged may lead to a world confer- inyiijiding their resources to ence, bringing together reli- '{Jfe^ciuse of peace. «? "People are terrified ibout peace lest In so gious leadership · from .to and West. East The hope; said Methodist '·they jeopardize it," he Bishop John Wesley Lord, of Washington, is for a "massive well-founded fear of religious witness in the.cause Aggressors makes even 'good' Christians and devout Jews nervous about taking seriously the* imperative to work as Jwell.,as pray for peace that is thejjeart of all their religious i Like the 1963 Chicago Con- erence on Religion and Race, fK^ifj spurred Jewish-Chris: ^nvjeadership into wide par- feipation in the civil rights ..ffruggle, the Washington conference was seen as a parallel Iftep in the peace field. IS NOT specifically re- -'·to'the'Viet Nam War, the whole range of "·tensions, and to clari- of world peace." Bishop Lord, also .a co-chairman, added: "We hope to say as reli- ncidental. O t h e r w i s e , the wider objective might be hindered, he said, adding: 'The whole problem boils down to this: We never get chance to build sufficient long-range general will for peace because meetings bog down on particular cases." * * · » THE CONFERENCE will focus on three major themes, on which background studies have been prepared. They are: "The Changing Communist World" -- appraising western relations to evolving Communist patterns; "Communist China and Conflicts In Asia," and "Forms of .Intervention, Moral Responsibilities and mental--based on many frus trations. The fact that they are isolated from the world, largely because of U.S. policy over the last 17 years, just "inten sifies their ailment and makes it self-perpetuating," he said gious leaders and men that we believe the ultimate aims in our world today are moral and spiritual, and cannot be won or maintained by military or coercive" m e a n s alone." HE SAID that "inertia or complacency on the part of our people" has always been an obstacle, as has the "chauvinism that sees any "peace" e f f o r t as C o m m u n i s t inspired." In this attitude, he said, "fear replaces faith." However, he added, "We ilishing peace, ihbishpp lakovos, Limits"--dealing with moral justifications for U.S. intervention abroad. Archbishop lakovos noted that the two latter categories likely will include the U.S. role in Viet Nam. He added: 'President Johnson's FAIRBANK, director o Harvard's East Asian Re search Center, suggested tha a possible cure in the interest of avoiding a future collision with the Communist Chines is to make them a more ac live part of the world commu nity. This placed him solidly 1 line with the position advo cated by Columbia Universit professor A. Doak Barnet opening witness Tuesday i the committee's study of U.f policy toward Peking. As for the Vietnamese Wa Fairbank said Red Chin showed no serious desires military aggression beyond i orders but was determined defend itself and would ;ht against any threat to its oundary. * THEREFORE, he said, ha ould not endorse the bomb- ig of Hanoi or Haiphong in orth Viet Nam. Fairbank ran into intensive uestioning from committee members critical of President ohnson's policy after he de- lared that the United States uist remain in Viet Nam be ause the "alternative is worse than the present pros ect." "Withdrawing now has the rospect of warfare greate than we have now," he sale "I'm' not eager to disasso- ,iate myself with the admin stration policy but did no come here to underwrite it, 1 IB said. "I accept it as a fact. * * * * FAIRBANK reviewed a ength the history of China' 'frustrations." He said tha 'actually the problems they! face and the methods they use are in large part Inherited From Chinese history." He also declared that the United States should not get too excited over Peking's "vast blueprints" to spread their revolution elsewhere In the world. Throughout history, he said, the Chinese have at- proclaiming their superiority. "In the course of time Peking should see a resurgence of the more humanistic and bureaucratic tradition of gov eminent by well-cducaled administrators who keep society!) in balance," he said. "While]] the past is gone forever, the present is not permanent either. Eventually we may expect the Chinese revolution toj] nellow down a bit." 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U.S. religious ^'failure to achieve last- -feace is, 'in large part lilure of the churches to ageous and sincere exploration of the possibility of peace has gained the admiration and support of millions of God- fearing people throughout the world. It is therefore likely that U.S. policy in Viet Nam will be debated during the conference." Bishop Lord voiced view that a meeting between the Viet Nam National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) and the United States umbrella of the fail to move our people in in the current era. He their 'moral guts.'" He said, "intelligent work '/roust be confessed, that for peace' 1 also has been ham- i'-.Vn ITi V» 4-n M st/Uinim !«*-*· nru.r-,,4 \+.,r **lf»f\f f*if /»«nf tHpIIPP pered by "lack of confidence in peace efforts engendered iwfhirn and his institutions pacifist movements." Dodge 'under the U n i t e d Nations" offers the only realistic hope of a solution there. 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