Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 14
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 14

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 14
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42 Million Vote Predicted Ala WASHINGTON, Oct. 30-- *) -High registration* in northern states and several in the south led state officials and party WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. (#)--Following is a compilation of regis- chairman todav to uredlct a total tared and otherwise qualified voters for the coming elections, as eg- I.A1I4M *"·«* fcw^«^ V f ltj.1 A 2 I..,. ,,*.,,«._ A « « « l « l ~ n«J4 n4-V.n. nA..4.n«tnt + V « 1 _ X n H A « n « ^ --* TMt. _ I- *V ~ vote on Nov. 7 of better than 42,000,000. That would be a record for a nonpresidential election. These same sources, using .official registrations in a few and estimates in most statss,, place the number of persons eligible to vote tills year at 69,954,478, a'record. Their state-by-state vote forecast, riuallfled In many instances and admittedly based cm guesses In others, comes out 42,235,632. The odd digits are due to Inclusion of the official vote of 237,632 cast in Maine Sept 11 for house candidates. Incidentally, the Maine vote for governor and house nominees exceeded those totals In the presidential year of 1948 and came after what some party leaders sai* was a rather apathetic campaign. The potential voter-eliglbles-- persons 21 and over--is estimated by the census bureau at 96,738,000 as of July 1, 1950. The actual vote is always far-'below--this;.figure; Large Vote Ii Seen While the 42,OOOjOOO vote estimate' seems high ,to '.niany. political expel ts, the Democratic National committee says unofficially it looks for a vote far above the -previous mid term record; of 37,304;38G cast'in 1938, if : the-Xurnout this year. is^Jiornial In propoi tipn Jo population growth. Also, the CIO Political Action committee, says-a. -vote.'of more 1 than 40,000,000,.is indicated if measures bv one* formula and close to, 48,000,000 if gauged- by another. The total vote in the last off 3eat, 1040 ,counting the highes. vote in each ^state for. governor senator or all, house - candidates was ' 2D.S74.3GS. This 4 -was', an", in crease of 5,849,641 over 1942, bu 1,429,312. under- the 193S record fo an off-year. The' record -presidential -vote wa 49,820,312 in 1940 In 1948 it wa 4S833 6SO The estimated registration of 69, 9o447S c this yeai compares "Witt Gt,811617 i-fijr the last presidential election, and 59,669,656 in 1946. Ne-» YorTcrepo'rtsTin tration'Of 6,432,865, a recoid'fora gubernatorial year. The pievfous high was 6,008,83? in 1946. The best for a presidential j ear was 7,044,676 in 1948, Nsw York City's registration this time is 2,806,448, an in crease of'93,039 over 1946, tufabout half £ million JesS than 1948. \ ,4,925,240 I» Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 'reports,,'4,925,240 registered/ including ,5,913,101 "Republicans" and .1,951,223 "Democrats Th« 184* total -wag 4,758,075. y ' California has ,5,24^837 "registered, includingr3,062;20KD«!mocr«ts and 1,944,812 Republicans. Ohio n»« ,an estimated 5,01)0,000 registrants j and "Secretary k( of- Statt Charles'F. SweeneyJpreoicU a,- ordpoll of'3,500,Q09 vdtw, ent record*!* 3,378,230, In the "1340 presidential yetLr^fa' . eligible!, ·bout 1 lW,OOO. l wor e nhan in 1948. Massachusetts also exceeded her 1948 figure iby'115,000.* with an '·estimated '2,600,000 qualified,*-" _, Oregon, a normally Republican ·state, this year -has more "Democrat* registered than Republicans for the first time, 378,357rto 361,158 Tdah6 experts^figure ,230,000 of " , tranti ·wfli vote* thistyear, which v - would be record. senatorial rsceg are generating the interest. , j ^ ' , Of the soutiiern states,* Florida harl,067;i55~registered,'attincre»«e - ' of - 1848. ''Georgia- esti- j . mates its -eUgibles^at 1,300,000, or 200,000-' more 4 than01»46; 'Arkansas reports "a 'record -of 522#93"'quaji- · - fied by payments.: ·* - of- new Negro -voters art ^.isgiaJffiDg! thii"* year' ln v the south.",K»v fff i v-5 , , -v"» Vote Compilations By States timated by state officials and other sources; their forecast of what the total vote will be; the official presidential vote in 1948; and the official vote for U S. representatives in 1946. "· « Estimated Estimated Presidential Congressional Vote 1950 Vote 1948 Vote 1946 200,000 214,980 200,000'' 177,065 300,000 242,476 3,750,000 400,000 850,000 125,000 425,000. 340,000, 230,000 3,750,000 1,800,000 825,000 575,000 600,000" 330,000237,632 (X) . 475,000, 1,900,000 1,800,000 1,200,000 75,000 1,200,000 200,000 r 360,000 68,000 190,000 1,250,000 195,000 5,330,000 800,000 200,000 -3,500,000 500,000 .' 440,000 '3,250,000 300,000 75,000 220 000 ' 300,000,: 475,000 180,000' 75,000 200,000 840,000 485,000 1,100,000 ,, '115,000 Arkl Calif; ____ .;.. Col. Conn. Dela. _ TFla. ------Ga Idaho ... Ills ..... Ind. _ .. Iowa Ka's. . Ky. La ..... Me. _ .. Md. Mass.. .. . Mich. .. Minn, Miss; Mo. Mont . - N. H. N. J: N. M. N, Y. . N C. . N. D. Ohio Okla. Ore. Pa. . R.I. , C. . S. D. . Tenn. Te\ Utah . Vt. Va. Wash. W Va. Wis. Wyo. Eligible Voters 1950 11 · 700,000 29Q.OOO 522,993' 5,244,837 ' 600,000 1,150,000 180,000 1,067,1*5 1,300,000 * ~ 260,000 5,200,000 2,600,000 1,500,000' .1,220,000. 1,250,000 925,000 400,000 899,000 2,600,000 3,600,000 1 800,000 730,456 .2,500,000 272,103 800,000 85,000 312,000 2,067,OpO 335,000 6,432,865 ' 1,600,000 400,000 5 000,000 1,000,000 751,270 4 925,240 373,759' 550,000 290,000 I.IOO'.OOO 1,662,000 300.000 182,000 671,800 1,200,000 1,055,000 1,906,000 150,000 ,, 4,021,538 515,237 883,518 139,073r 577,643 418,760 214,816 3,984,046 1,656;214 : 1,038,264 788,819 822,658 416,326264,787 596;735: '2,155,347 2,109,609 1.212,226 'l92,190 1,578,628 224,278 488,939 62,117 231,440 1,949,555 185,767 6,274,527" 791,209 220,716 2,936,071. 721,599 524,080 3,735,149 "326,098 142,571 250,105 550,283 1,147,245 276:305. 123,382 419,256 905,059 748,750 -1,276,800 101,425 179J488 112,812 151;333 2,289,399 331-;982 679,766 112,621 186,673 161,578 178,758 3,458,882 -1;198,44Q 593,076 554,£60 583,292 , 103,009 174,248 444,955 1,614,907 1,664,008 874,696 50,036 1,084,276 '190,088 .372,040, 49,046 161,092 1,381,993 125,560 5,045,786 452 222 ·1441394 ·2,21'6,Sli 492,141 .334,670 3,111,987 270,686 26,482 162,805 193,444 347,395 196,672 73,041 253,864 644,930 537,357 .983,387 79,438 Leslie A. Wood, who was born on a ranch in Colorado and'grad- uated from Colorado college, has resigned as vice-president of the- Harris Trust Savings bank of Chicago to become a vice-president of the Valley National bank in Phoenix. He will assume his new duties In the loaning divi. sion of the bank's home office at Phoenix on Nov 1. He was associated with the Chicago bank for 20 years, becoming assistant vice-president in 1945 and a vice- president in 1947. Trio Wins Prizes From Sachs-Parker Totals 69,954,478,- 42,235,632 48,833,680 34,630,426 (X) Maine election held Sept. 11 " Parents Of VA Siiident Lauded M2 Protests Mrs. N%than Hordiner, Bayside L. -I, who'tfaveled 2,713 mdes\to attend Moms' and'cads' exercises Saturday on the University, of Arizona*campus, was""honored^with an ·A" blanket at Tialltizna.,of;the Arizona-Denver football, game Satur day night. % , i^n. Hordiiier came here to see ier ion, Phillip, a freshman major- Ing to, Epglishf treasurer, said -the formal protest won her blanket was signed by HJ B. Harding, commissioner for the --"--J for tlt«!p«rent coming the greatest dUtanc'i by~a margin of only three Frank Webb, 3764 Webb avenue, also won: a blanket He was one of seven paients havirg three children registered at the university. The award was finally made on the basis of ncholarship with the three Webb* having a I960 average. Webb also won a blanket last ·ear when he'tied with another amlly. 'Ke Tiad four In the univer- ity t.hen"but'scholarship again was he determining factor.'The Webbs urrently enrolled inelude Wayne, mtjorlng la "music; Carlyle and Lamont, both-'inajorkig in education. 'A total-of 1.520 parents registered Saturday, and it, was estimated that Schoolll Band* At Homecoming^ Arliona.lilgh school bands^wlll; Join with th6.:ilO-p'lece-Suif Devil baria of ?Ariwna"''«tate!?eoIIege v at Tempe fori'thev'ichool'« i-homecomlng' pa- rad«» through--Phoenixian4. Tempe Nov^4. r'^ ' r, 1 ··_ f " ·'· Nearly ! ff 1,000 landsmen, from Chandler,:'Mtsa, Snowflake, 'Globe, Tempe, 'WJckenburg, Prescbtt, Glen- dsl*',\.BucTceye t *.Scottsdal«;-«nd'''Saf- fordo will" participate iax v ,the ceremonies. ^. ^ v ' * , hundred -others' attended he exercises who did not register. Res.: 54445 Taxes amounting to $185,326TV(are paid o"n Saturday by the Southern Pacific Co. for thefirgt half of. 1950 and.,* protest was ,filed at the game Hme'by j the .company. *,} t ^ Ihe v protest, wfiich^accompanled the che'ck,''* called. the tsx.es !Surbi- f j u " « l \ ~ "f- i r f j u " « l \ ~ "f- i trarilyvlimposed, groBSlyr-iexcegsive; and discriminatory..!' chief Al'ttaxicase can 1 only b"e reopened if taxes are T^aid · underr -protest. miles. -Mrs. Agnes Charbonneau However^ the railroad did jnot in- came-from College Point, I/. I, to j} ca tej;when or jf,the/case^would se», hsr^on, Joseph, a sophomore t, e opened^ -The railroad's^tax',bill natorinff In pharmacy, -* fnr * *vi*» *ritf*.* ^raai. oTnrtT»i+» ^-.tn for the year amount* Pi to $370,230 f This, is Abased, on the and the non-operltfiig' taxes *"of Thirteen:' pigskin prognosticators --three, of them luckier than- the others--picked.. Arizona -to" defeat Denver by a 19-14 score in Sachs- Parkers' annual'Moms'- and Dads' game contest. To select prize-winning guessers, the management of SachParker took the trio which had not only picked the correct result but also the score by quarters. Kenneth Meyer of 1521 21st street, Douglas, captured first prize, a pair of Bostonlan shoes, because his entrywas filed earliest Second prize of two" 1 Arrowr shirts went-to William "M. Pittman of 65th Bomb .Squadron, i, Davis-Monthan, and thii;d 'piize.otin Arrow tie was won«by Tom Keenan of NCO Head- OnePtiat Seems,Safe ' Xfter/igkters Collide MVERSroi, Calif., Oct. 30 (UPJ Two , inarine Jet' 'fighter planes crashed in'tHe°cIoudis"()ver the city today and one ·· pilot \. apparently parachuted to' safetyX / Fate of ther-other "pilot was unknown 4. ·, \ , * -J , from El about 9 a\m}3iboyesthef overcast over the qity'VOne^itpparen-Uy, crashed immediately-? Jhe/othef pilpt fought wltbjhis crai^and finallyjwas seen Bits" of Matinee Idol Of Past Dead HOLLYWOOD, Oct 30. {* Maurice Costello, matinee idol of two ( generations ago and. father of two famous actresses, is, dead. Tfoe '^3-year-old white-haired actor who in the sunset of life said "it's better to be a has-bSen- than a never-was," succumbed --yesterday to heart disease and complications that had kept him in a virtual coma since Tuesday. Frequent death-bed visitors, were his once estranged but later-reconciled daughters, Dolores and Helene Costello, former actresses. One of the earliest pi the great screen lovers, Costello had won stage renown before he entered the infant .film-business.! - -- ,·, .Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.,,ntbegan his career, in vaudeville in 11894 with a song "Here Lies 'the Mick That Threw the" Brick; He'll Never Throw Another" Thers followed stock' company work, then Broadway where he Decame a matinee idol in "Scot- and Yard," "The Kentucky Feud," The i Cowboy and the Lady" and others He left the stage for the movies in 1905, taking a $30 a week .-(ob with the old Vitagraph Co., where had to build,scenery, as part-of the job Vitagraph starred him.by name in 1907, with no more chores but, he said later? "I then became known as the first screen player ;o show signs of temperament." He also was the'first to receive 1 an mail and by 1910, -wpmer mobbed him a1 every public appear ance. A nervous breakdown ir _915 shortened his big time careei and by the 1920s he was,.{doing' bi larts, heavy roles or whatever was available In recent years; he livec n obscurity, doing an -occasiona radio "soap -· opera" role.,.: : .' ." flfenm tatfij Ctllzwi Monday,Evinlnr, Oct.,3D, 1MO , Pre-Election Roundup r yctr5qf2//V. Y.- 'Bums', , NEW' 1 YORK, lf C!ct. '30;, (J^city-wide --pre-election' .-roundup , of hoodlumsand vagrants, has bugged 542 suspects-at the latest count. . ' The round-the-clock arrests continued today, witS Police, Commissioner-Thomas F., Murphy -'estimating 1,000 arrests'by election," day, Nov. 7. '·· The tally of 542 was announced last night.. Most of those seized were charged' with', vagrancy. There were additional, gambling and'subway loitering arrests which were not included in the hoodlum total;. The · roundup has baen . in progress since last Tuesday night on 'orders of Acting Mayor Vincent R. Impellitterl. . - Impellitteri-^-Democrat running for mayor as an Independent in a four-man field--said he had received "alarming reports" oi possible ' strong-arm "tactics by his opposition. ·· l UNUSUAL *nl DISTINCTIVE TABLE I LAMPS , Your lamps can mean just ."lamp-light" . . . or they ^ can Be the "high-lights". . ' ' of your home! 'And such are these distinctive · ' , " . lamps in-.glearm'ng brass^ brass . ' . combine3 with crystal; and ; many other . types,... modern or period in style; / Priced from 7.95 Alto Bridge tend Table Lamp* Do fo» Know .. T ."^"·· PARKER-KERR tUN. Stone. Ph. S.S921 COMPLETE t'UNERAL (Inclidinf Cufcit) tlllfl Fw,0»l7 * 1UU% Chiropractid Repufalion was made treating , those who came only u a last resort THINK Next Time Call « CHIROPRACTOR A. L/SE""." 19M N. Park - Ph. if FIMT *VnjMTli»H RtlltttC ITCHY SKI H Jjaao--a modern highly m*dlcat«d Wtiieptic--promptly relieves itch and aidihe»hnj of surf«c« skin 'TPUA andiealpimtatiooi. ^LnrlU .'.NOW, - Oir 'Helm Cmrtto , C.I* W · T«. WW WO. Now-- HO.M ^.."' Complete PIRMAMEW for dqr hair^WM S1I.SO . . . KGW DQREEN (Dovmtewx) fjeauty Salon i DowntowB L*t»tjo»: 111 EMt 10th W. Ph. M4M WE PLANT WINTER LAWNS DIABETES ·^.'r ', , -r" Can b« controlled and;allcTiated by jf ATURAX TME*HODS which are-bbth §af« and itiurlble. " '" ^Please- Phone for Appointment Dr. John R. Goizi and CHIHOPBACIOR I13» S. «th Are. Tucson, Ariz. Frirate Parking in Bear ·gate SAK83FTFTH ·bow at HOUSE OF HARTWIO Broadwaj A Comntry Clab Our representative, Mr. Charles Selby, will be her* on Wednesday and Thursday, November 1 and 2, with complete new collections from the Shoe Salon, ff^, afc MUAM KIT IOUIPMD WITH Wl MOST MODIIH MACMWMT IOC INC UOUMVt MANUFACIME W AU TTML .;,;,. THE SOUTHWCST'S ( I O O E S T · WOOD · XTIIL PLASTIC'' · ALUMIKUM 5 ZEPHYt IDENTIFIED CARS SEKVIN6 THE SOUTHWEST · 15. UI.MT.eFF'- L O W I S T P R I C E S VENETIAN BLIND CO.-729-739 E. BROADWAY Tm voting 102-Yes Contractor FREE ESTIMATE BEDDINO PUNTS Paiui«s.- Stocks, flnapdrifoni, Petunias, Calendulas, AMcam Says STATE SENATOR SAM J. HEAD, Prucott *Nern«y r S»hier Stnttor.of Yav«p»fCounty. f "Amendment 102 Will oquollz» school taxei. It will not in- croafo overall taxes. Any Incroas · In rate will bo In thofo ·roaf of our itato'whero no dlroct school taxos aro boing paid, or whoro school tax ratos aro vory COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATOR with exclusive SELF-D-FROSTER system E A S Y TERMS! This, electric clock oa tEe cloor of the new, new Norge is the brain of itf SELF-D-ER.OSTER System-- the only system that defrosts automatically late each night while you sleep. Saves you all the mess, keeps frozen meats acid . vegetables safely frozen. - Super-freezer space for 17 Ibs. frozen storage! Almost 11 sq. ft. Bhelving designed to accommodate almost anyingl Exceptionally big Coldpack for fcesH meats f Hydrovoir for keeping vegetables truckling crispt T)f IK thc ^bulo 1 " Nor 8 e Collator rtUi/ Coldmaketl More cold than you'll ever need! And only three. moving parts, assuring pin-drop silence, low electric bills, extra long life!' N«v«r b«foi* such a buy! Com* In, and you'll ogrt*. i Local Growm - - ( -»c p«r do*. W.OO per flat WORDEH'S FLORIST And NURSERY PJu (4134, USl JC.. Gf«*t «Md| ' V- '"' , ' \ PAID POLITICAL ADVXRTISIMa Th* Arizona Citfztns C0mmitt«« for Eq«oliiatien of School Taxof STERLING FURNITURE CO. LOUIS A. MYERS ( H:CDOBSON Chairman -- Photnir 'Vice-Chjur.--Men SAM J. HEAD MRS.GUS1OPE2 Prctcoct · Tucson JAMES B. BYRNE Yamm MRS. S. SAUNDERS .Phoenix F.W.HCKETT BBRTHAWfiNS Tadoa 'Window E. J. VICKIRS DIX V. PRICE Doufla* Stc.-T»«j.--Ph'x. PHONE 3-6161 81 S. SIXTH 5E.E T H E F E A T U R E S O F A M E R I C A S F I N f S T HO/'/F A P P L I A N C E S

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