Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 15
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 15

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 15
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HVMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, April 7, 1962, P. 15 CARMICHAEL LADIES DAY, "I'm sorry, miss, but that seat's reserved!" Most anyone could reduce by' giving up the meals between snocks. ·«»«« All-Stars "How's your boy doing "Haven't you gotten Hatter since we last met?" LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE By Harold Gray THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA WHflDOVOH KNOW! ·*!! DIDNT COLLECT THJg STtlFH EtWOOD/ WONOEB WHO DID. CASESQ' TINNED FOOD, EVER'THIMq YOU COULD THINK OF) HEY) · LOOK AT THIS/ fl 30-30 RIFLE, WW ATHSCOPE SIGHT AM'NmoN/TOo! RHD«.I5 PISTOL! NOT A SPECK 0'RUST I THIS STUFF IS ALL EgESB! LEftPIN'LIZflROs! WHOEVB? LIVES HERE COULD COME BflCK AHY MINUTE I WH^TS^SO F U H N Y ' B O U T T H f f C ' " ELWOO'? IN ft MflHNER OF SPEflMNS! THESE WERE OHM EIGHT; COME NOW, SflHIB, fiLL IS CLEAR/ er 5KOUSHT/A PETHKONTOSAURUS ) JUST Lie f ACT, YOU W6HT 5AY IT LIES COMPLETELY AKOUHV THE HOUSE / **=· MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs ALLEY OOP By V. I. Hamlin HI,JIM.\«HDY,YOULOOK*EAT...N THE LETTERS YOU LfLIKE I SAID...ASil f TKEM'AFTEKI 6OTOUT OF f WHAT I MEAU tOVELY AMD ^ SBHT ME... DID YOU \ I EXPLAIWED...!'!^! THAT DUE, I ASKED HER TO ) DID SHE WRITE THEM YOUIC- I BEEM STUDYIKK5 HOW J TAKE ME BACK.' SELF? THEV'RESO, _ TO WRITE. WEtL, PERSUASH/E POETIC/ YOUR BIRTHDAY and Tomorrow ·YOU DIDN'T ) ALL YOU HAD / BUT ALWAYS ^ NOT ALWAYS DOC ; THINK IT A'DO WAS PULL BEFORE.SOME- HAVE YOU FOR:COULD BE I A 5WITCH \ THINS WENT /GOTTEN KING GUZ'S ' , DONE' /AFTER WE'D V WRONG/ .-X MILLION DOLLAR FOUND TH' LOOT.'X_ _ PI NECKLACE? BUT THAT WAS TWENTYj^ YEARS AGO! DO YOU / WHY. I COULDNT THINK A MILLION / EVEN HAVE PAID DOLLARS WOULD A NEXT MOUTH'S LAST FOREVER? / \ POWER BILL.' BUGS BUNNY SATURDAY, APRIL 7 -- Born oday, you are exceptionally versa ile and may have some difficulty selecting a .career in which you will be happy. You are likely to )lan many projects all at the same time and spread your energies over a very wide field. Some- imes your ambition overrides your ability and you are left in a serious position -- being unable :o finish something you have begun. At such times, do not hesitate .0 ask for help and advice and hen share the rewards with those who assist. You have a great deal of ener- ;y. It can bring you to the brink of success if you direct it alon] one channel rather than spread- ng it too thinly over several ob- ectives. You like to have your nvn way about things and can »e very stubborn, indeed, if some- ane crosses your path! You have itrong likes and dislikes, and it s almost impossible to control r our instant reactions to certain ndividuals. You cither trust or distrust at once, and very little hat is done later will change ·our opinion. You must discover that there ire two sides to every question, f you are on one, then make it point to take a peek at the opposite side so you will know how tlie other half thinks. Once you iave done this, you will be able 0 cope with the situation and :ome to a diplomatic decision. Among those born on this date are: William Ellery Channing, churchman; Jacques Loeb, psy- :hologist; William Wordsworth, poet; Harry W. Hill, World War 1 naval officer; Allen Dulles, di- ector of the Central Intelligence .gency; David Low, political car- oonist. .To find what the stars have in itore for you tomorrow, select 'our birthday star and read the :orresponding paragraph. Let 'our birthday star be your daily ;uide. Sunday, April 8 ARIES' (Mar. 21-Apr. 20) -- After your morning worship, get some relaxing recreation out-of- doors to build up your health. TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) You may be forced to make an important business decision today. Consider it well beforehand. : GEMINI (May 22-June 21) ·-- A special day when your sign definitely gets the spotlight and you need to forge ahead. CANCER (June 22-July 23) -Church attendance will prove beneficial and then exert your ener- ig gies toward social groups. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23)--Church is a fine way to obtain inspiration and emotional balance. A good sermon can help. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) After your morning devotions, devote the balance of the day to a trip into the country. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) --Pay a visit to a close relative who may live some distance from your home. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-NoV. 22) -After church services, join others in a community project that can prove beneficial to all. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) -- Plan this as a leisurely, romantic day when you will be happy in the company of the one you love. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) -- After your morning devotions, join a group in outdoor sports for your health's sake. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) -Your church group has much to offer you this fine spring day. Take heart and gain inspiration.] PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) A friendly group from the church community and nearby neighborhood can bring a sense of accomplishment. OUR THANKS AND THIS DRAWING GO TO mut MICELI CMH MENTOR, OHIO HEY SYLVESTER: ITOLP YAT'SO FIX THIS LEAK IWTH' ROOF! _?LO£ MtfPlPP (YAWN!) I HASTEN* TO PO YOUR BIDPIN6 SIRE: (YAWN!) ITS NO USE! TH'LAZY^ CLUCK WENT T' BLONDIE By Chick Young YOU PROMISED TO TIGHTEN THE DOORKNOB ON THE FRONT DOOR FORME 1 SPENT OVER')( YOU DIDN'r AN HOUR -r "\ SPEND TEN WORKING ) ( MINUTES CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SHORTRIBS _,, "1 hear he's quita a fisherman!" fJUSrpKBKD AM ANONYMOUS tETrtR FR0H SOMEONE WHO THINKS I'M STUPID AND UNFUNN// DO/VT WORRY ABOUT IT, YouUi JUST HAVEtO LEARNTO LAU6H OFF THAT KIND Of CRITICISM. # By Frank O'Neal tHEEE/ NOW DCNT YOU T~ fEEUAlQT BETTER? flil£4l- By Al Capp "I haven't got all the bugs out of it yet--the squeaks,. rattles and Herman, there!" ·: SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW By Fagaly and Shorten TOR YEAZ3, WHEN MOTI4WALLET PUT THE BITS OM TVS eoss FOR A RAISE, SL BOSSOS STORV WAS ALWAYS THE SAME ,-- WITH COMPETITION THE WAV IT IS WE HAVE TO TRIM OUR SAILS O? SINK! WE'RE CUTTINS OUT , ' ALL THE PRIFTWOOP 5 , YOU'RE VERY LUCKV.. WE'RE KEEPINS YOU ON I j I Vote THINKINS OP QUITTING 1 V NONSENSE: srr THBRE AMP SET we FEEL OF THS BOSS'S CHAIR! WHAT THIS FIRM NEEPS IS /W3NEV-ER- TALENT LIKE YOURS! EV6R -CONSIF£R.-AH- 1NVESTING IM THIS FIRMS TKruii'J- ~Tc jsffusy ATLANTA, (SfOW'A IHE.M LISHTNINS STRUCK AMP OLP AOTHWALLeT CA/VlE INTO A BUMPLE.'NOW ! LISTEN TO THS BOSS CHANGE THE STORY! \ LET ME JUDGE WHETHER THIS \ WITNESS IS HOOMIN .I'-AH'VE J HAD SOME BORDERLINE CASES_ ' IN MAH RACKET--WHICH I DAVY JONES By Leff and McWilliams AMD I'M GRATEFUL THANKS FOR N PLEASURE, I FOR fVfttYTHfHG LLTHESPECIAL V^».SU2Y. i 'lOU TAUSHT ME. ATTENT GAVE ME WORRY, y* ABBIE and SLATS By Raeburn Van Buren "Why go to college? Don't you know that gentlemen orefer dumb blondesi" IT'S OUST COMING TO JC.^ ·'·"--· A BOIL. HONEY. UftWMM-- JUST SNIFF IT.' SEE WHAT liHEAN.HONEY- 'H NFRIEP DISASTER IS JUST TOO H i MUCH FOR THEM FVJ^2 , H;\7HAT AIN'T BEENJilfMlS vl Hif) EXPOSED r|«-3s»^ J - · ' ' ToiT/rd^tehS.-; IjH*3-

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