Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 15
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Page A-16--INDEPENDENT "*· ·«·* «·"*·· «., «»· "/ '*" AEC MEMBER Decision on Atom-Smasher i Site Unlikely Until Autumn · By BAXTER OMOHUNDRO r, F-T MiliMul Burtiu hat expires March 31. An academy spokesman said that WASHINGTON --- Selection no extension of the contract contemplated "at t h i s ir-of a site for an avidly sought }| *^tom smasher may not come t, ,j e f ore lriis autumn, Congress i l ~was told Thursday, jj . Atomic Enery Commissibn- i i er Dr. Gerald Tape said that 1! the comtnission may '! cide 911 a site until from three to six months after it receives but wouldn't say when lie list might be submitted lo AEC. ; Rep. diet Holifield, D- ilif., committee chairman. lit at Tape's "flexibility" statement. He said if AEC ,oes beyond Lhe NAS recom- a list of semif inalists from the mendations .there will be sus National Academy of Sciences, . . . His statement 'reinforced [', conjecture that the politically ;'[ charged selection will not be ". made .until after the Novem- ii ber elections. I! Tape's statement wasinre- ! i p \ P ' y to sharp .questioning by }];. Rep. Craig Hosmer. R-Calif., j j ; . at a hearing conducted by the ci Congressional Joint Atomic SI t- Energy Committee. Hosmer :·'.!; asked if the decision would ';'_·,be made after the elections, i · . * * * * · ! EXPLAINING that detailed !! -. investigations of the expected j[ r -half-dozen or more NAS site [[ J recommendations might take |.| ; up to six months, Tape told i j I Hosmer,' IjYou can put thai !-' ! beyond ·November if you wanl '! Anothcfi'AEC .official, Re- search-.;birectqr Dr.' Paul W -- Mcbaniel,;denied under, ques- tipping .by Hosrntr; that the 7,f; .size .of the $348-rnillion ^accelr 2,"er£tor : ha'db.een7'tailored"; to ijgfJjtVa; government-pwried site ^fyjear Pleasantoh,' Calif. ;5W,fH.e;,'2001-billion - electron- ·S^foltrriesearch: machine's sjze i^jyas f deVermijied: by the s'cien- 5'tific^commuriity. on the basis ;ig? of .research/criteria, McDaniel Si^Tape. Ibid.-: the committee g?tt'at' ;tHe;:iAEC feeis itself «.,'^Jexibie'''| iiv. considering' the ~jijA'Sj:rec'ornmeridatibns.. The ·j'Kademy's'. '.recommendations ;»ewere,pfo'mised "fairly, soon" *] 'uiide" r ah ' AEC-N A S contract )icipn that the Invesigators revealing itical and othenvise," from iperation of the facility. McDanield assured-Hosmer hat Oie AEC has rejectee iroposals for a "poor man's" ·ersion of the accelerator, 'tans, for less expensive; less effective versions of the machine have been submlttec during the past three months * * * * THE AEC research director said that NAS security in not currently vere incompetent or that here were political considerations. "This whole thing will -go down the the House f there's not complete impar- .iality," said Holifield, who pointedly reminded AEC offi- tliat Congress has not authorized the accelerator. Tape and McDanield denied that delays in the selection process indicated any waning of interest in building the accelerator. They attributed the series of delays since last autumn to an underestimation of the magnitude of the site picking task. President Johnson has indr cated his continuing' Interest in the project, eyeri though the;. White House^ months ago 'turned down' quests for engineering funds for ;the' accelerator .in the budget for the coming,-fiscal year,. Tape declared.;The re" quests: were denied ..with the promise that they' con sidered after the site is chos en, and Tape said that a re quest for them as'a, supplemental appropriation migh je niade abou,t the' first o: next year. Hosmer hit at a' proposa by a consortium of university presidents to operate the Accelerator. He called the pr- ;ahizatiori a "prestige-seeklnj ri-group" and , charged that they .would exclude "some elements of our society;. po- tellers. what sites be favored migh' 'is so ,ood that. even he . doesn' now where -they are. He pooh-poohed the veracity of ·ecent news stories that spec ulated on what sites are in 'avor. Holifield promised that his committee would have an open mind in authorizing the accelerator. Holifield said he would look at it "in the perspective o what's being spent over all.' He compared the $375-million cost of the machine, which he said would serve mahkim for up to 25 years, -to the S! billion . budgeted this yea alone for the space program Hosmer has been' a fre quent critic of the. selectioi process; particularly the NAS participation. , . About 125. site proposal originally .were received b; AEC in June last year. These were nahwved to ; 85 pro'pos alg .in, September, .and join AEC-NAS teams have bee: studying these since then; S.F.Bank Collapse Causes Legal Tangle Involving 50 Attorneys SAN FRANCISCO OB--An| Itomey for the Federal De- xisit Insurance Corp. said 'hursday the collapse of the San Francisco National .Bank las spawned such complex itigation that it "cries out for an orderly process." Attorney Charles A. Legge :old a U. S. district court that here are 57 cases in federal court, 14 bankruptcies, 13 state court suits and 5 estate contests. , , He. spoke .'at-Ilie first pre- ria] conference aimed at cori' solidating suits and establish ng rules for taking" depositions. vere in the court before U. S. 1 District.Court Judge William C., a retired Los Angeles district judge now living n Miami^Fla. A $32 million dollar suit is in file against the bank's for- ner president, Don C. Silver- MORE THAN 50 attorneys Mail lo GIs Solars SAN FRANCISCO'GW--the volume of mail moving to military forces in the Pacific and Asia through San Francisco has doubled in the past year and was up 300% in February. criminal case against Silverthorne. His conviction, involving a fine of $70,000 is in the early stages of appeal. * , » .4 · * JUDGE 7.TATKES said he believed that 30. of the 'fed- 1 era| court cases could be re- misapplying funds. Legge told Judge Mathes hat no formal notice of a 'dc- 'ault has been filed in this case--as a basis for a summary judgment --. because 'it might possibly prejudice the home, convicted recently of solved through motions for summary judgment. .. The pending $32. million dollar case also involves William . S. Bennett, tried with Silverthorne and convicted of bank larceny, missapplying funds. MOTHERS WHAT A TREMENDOUS OFFER FOR EASTIRI THE IIGGEST VALUE IN OUR HISTORY! I j LARGEllxl* PHOTOGRAPH '· Our Regular Priea . $12.95 ; FOR ONLY Surprising medical facts about famous medical ctnt?r show how-one ipedal loimula teals even prescription-type ptoducts In fistitinj excess slonuch add, immedi- ·ale causa of tension indigestion. This special foirmjla is not an expensive druf. not difficult lo eel, but found in today's TUMS*. Stomath specialists kiawTUMSisno mere candy mini. In tests, today's TUMS fo'jjlit slomach acidfaster.mofecoraplttelyttaiimn a ptesciiplion-lype antacid costing si» times as much. !tis!he. medicine lor tension indijestio'n. TUMS. ' Shotgun Bandits LOS .ANGELES (CNS). -- TWo bandits armed . with sawed-off shotguns' Thursday took : from tional Bank branch at 5400 S, Western .Ave." One held a gun on the 20'patrons while'the other took cash from three approximately $3,000 a . Crocker-Citizens Na- now offers with'purcfuzse of PORTABLE with SPACE COMMAND REMOTE CONTROLTUNINO Tune from your chair" Adjusts volume Mutes sound, Changes channels, Turns set on of off. Model 3311 onCTSl? base PORTABLE with slim, irim, fine furniture look. Exclusive gold contact timer. VHF-UHF A bargain or *269« complete with REMOTE CONTROL and BASE 21" PORTABLE s 'with new flush fron t des iga. 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SORRY ONLY TO A ONE £S »» HWIDIIIB MO WUWRfi FAMILY GROUPS TAKEN 99c EXTRA PER PERSONA Choose From o Large . · Selection of Proofs : IN CO-OPERATION WITH CARL OF CALIFORNIA y/ILL HAVE ONE OF'THEIR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS HERE'.ON THE DAYS SPECIFIED. . . j PINE AVE. AT 5TH ST. DOWNTOWN LONG IEACH OPEN SUNDAY 11-5 lOPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9 P.M. EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD NOW! SPANISH BEDROOM SUITE f *·»· , rwr, klnff / «ird ami t )indt. Rn. i NOW Occasional Solid tMk wit* MM ·» , bKk I I S1IMJ. . cm9il«H. R*f. NOW 195 TEAK COCKTAIL TABLES I 20"xiB" D porti. R*g. $Sf.15. k fa* I 195' NOW AFTER 20 YEARS [·Long BcocN wt or* closing our doors forever. WE I MUST VACATE SOON. Good busiicu judgment I dtetotts that w* m«r slash prices to Hie bone in I order .that w» may liquidate oar huge stock of I famous brand name furniture in the short time allqr-1 ted for our final eloseoMt. Regoridless of personal I loss, we must clear this furniture.out now and fast. 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