Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 14
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 14

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 14
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HUMBOLDT STMJVD/iHDSaiurday, April 7, 1962, P. 14 To Your Good Health by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Four Defendants Have Trial Dates Slated By Judge r Dr. Moliwr: We r;-ad your on tic douloureux with great interest, as my husband hmi il for 1-1 years. Six years ago he toid an operation performed by a neiirKsur#eon. It has given him Hi-eat relief. The surgeon said my husband would have to trade pain foi numbness, which he was ver w i l l i n g f n do. -- Mrs. E. G. Tic douloureux is an .affliction nf the iripeminal nerve, which is p a r t i c u l a r l y sensitive to pain. The nerve i- part of our protection ;iyiiinst damaging the delicate organs of the fate -- eyes, nose, mouth, etc. When for some reason the nerve is injured or affected, il transmits pain signals with great intensity. Tic douloureux has been compared lo "a toothache of the face.'' "a headache lower d o w n , ' or "an acute attack of sinus tha keeps on and on." ovulatlon (which is the time ot fertility) occurs in mid-cycle, approximately the 12lh to Ifilh day after the beginning of the preceding period. There is no absolute rule, however. Nerves, a cold, fatigue, any such factor can niter the timing ' a little. Besides, although tho fertile period -- which is not long, usually 4B hours or so -- is ciis- :omarily in mid-cycle, it doesn'i have to be so for all people. Determining the time pi wisely is done by taking daily morning ' temperature, preferably icctally and watching for a small, abrupt ise of about half a degree, whlcl' signals ovulation and beginning ol the fertile interval. Fat! My leaflet, "The Lost Secret of Reducing," tells haw 10 Collision In Hoopa Injures Woman YOUR BIRTHDAY and Tomorrow day, you have excellent judgment of your nearest competitor. This ice skater and actress; William Success is near. as giddiness.-You have just learned to use what the roenfolks need: grace,' charm and diplomacy in handling other persons. Among those born bn this dale to you. Your (ate Is in your owi are: Mary Plckford, actress; .Wai ter li. Fleming, historian; Calder- hands. Do what you will.' ' CANCER (June'22-July 23 1 ) on Garcia, Peruvian diplomat and He enterprising and daring ir author; Sonja Henie, champion making a new adjustment today. own objectives. Get in there and pitcli for success! GEMINI (May Results lodny ire completely u| LEO (July 24-Aug. 23)-Braln work is "what counts for the mos! VEHICLES The Federal District of Mexico, rfiich includes Mexico City, has .2,600 taxlcabs, 938 buses, 623 pubic dump trucks, 12,000 mbtorcy- :les and 500 push carts. · ;iective clients. Make a profit. SAGITTARIUS ' (Nov. 23-Dec. !2 - Combine, artistic efforts .vlth major career interests, Busi- icss and pleasure can also mingle. CAPRICORN (Deo. 23-Jan. 20) -- Pay a visit to someone who may become helpful in furthering /our artistic career, AQUARIUS (Jan, 21-Feb. 19) -Time is now money, so schedule everything carefully'and you may be able to accomplish consider- 1 your copy write to Dr. Molner in ., . , . . , , core of this newspaper, enclosing It has a tendency lo start am. a , se |f.^dressed, stamped stop, which gives the Victim a cnve , ;md 5c fa ^ ^ l i t t l e time to relax between as -;tnlK But it's savagu. 1 w i s h t h a i all who are "ending t h i s column will never experience it -- but 1 know better, statis l i n g the nerve is the last resort. now. will have it. "Tic" is not always as seven. or lasting as in today's case Sometimes the situation corrects itself. Whatever is bothering tht nerve censes to do so. Alcohol injections a r e some limes used to deaden or bnesthe- lizc the nerve for a matter ol weeks or perhaps even months, in ttie hope that the trouble will end. Sometimes it doesn't. Then cut- l i n g the nerve is the last resort With the nerve once cut, the pain impulses no longer can reach the brain, and the patient is permanently comfortable. I! is, indeed, a matter of "trading pain for numbness," and after continued pain, the numbness is a reasonable price lo pay. Dear Dr. Molner: What causes cold sores? -- H.C.C. A virus involving the root of a nerve. You'll notice that if a person is subject to cold sores, they lend lo recur in the same area. Why? Because some particular nerve may be vulnerable to repeated attacks. Dear Dr. Molner: Is jaundice Insurance Firm Faces Lawsuit Over Crash Death A suit against an insurance company, a personal injury suit and a lawsuit over possession of land were filed yesterday in the office of the county clerk. Barbara B. Kosack filed against Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Co. over a policy taken out by her late husband April 4. Iflfit. Her husband, John, \illed in an automobile accident hree miles west of Big Bar on Highway 299. The plaintiff contends that the policy, for $60,000, contains a provision saying that if death takes place more than 50 miles from the home of the policy holder, it vill pay double indemnity, says that their home was on Street in Eureka, 75 miles from the place the fatal accident oc.- curcd. Thus far, the insurance the 1 S as hepatitis? Ara pcoplo who have bad jaundice permitted to donate blood? -- Mrs. R. B. Jaundice is the symptom -- tho yellowing of skin, eyeba'Is, etc. Hepatitis is the disease, or any one of the diseases, which afflicts the liver and causes the jaundice. I suppose in time we will be able lo decide with sureness whether a person who has hud hepatitis 'or jaundice) may safely give blood, but as of right n n w, we don't know. Therefore it is safest to refuse blood from people who have bad jaundice. Why? Because sometimes the virus lingers after the p a t i e n t lias recovered. Whoever receives (he blood might gel tho v i r u s , and the disease, from Irdiisfusion. Dear Dr. Molner: A group of us mothers often discuss your column. We would like explained when one is sterile and when for- lilc. We can't agree. -- Mrs. M. There are variable factors, but here's the average pattern. In a perfectly regular, 28-day cycle, cost of handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to Ih2 tremendous volume received da ly, he is unable to answer individual letters. Dr. Molner answers readers' questions in his column whenever possible. company lias refused to pay. Mrs. Kosack asks $120,000 plus seven per cent interest from December f, 1961, ond costs of the suit. In the personal injury suit, Joseph F. Micr took action against Marilyn Faustino over an accident .hat took place November 28, 1951, at Sixth and I streets in Eureka, ic says, as the result of the crash, le sustained a leg fracture, shock, contusions and abrasions, asks damages of ?20,000, medical expenses and suit costs. WeyerhaeuKcr Timber Co. filed suit against Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Zwiefelhofcr and 10 Docs for sur- ·cnder of land owned by the company. They ask $100 damages, ·cstitulion of property, and costs jf Ihe suit. NDEA School Aid lop Board Topic On Arcata Agenda AHCATA -- Application for No- lionnl Defense Education Ad funds for a language laboratory at Arcala High school will be discussed when trustees of the Ar- c.tla Union High school district meet Monday night at eight at the Ki'iniHh A. Mi-Donnel. Arcata i - i i ( K l principal, will bring the m ; i t l e r before the board. Thomas Allen, McKinleyville i l h j i school head, will introduce ill-, application for like funds for a science 'physics' project. [·"rank ( I n i h n , district business mona^er. w i l l report on the- ela.s- i l i i ' d employees salary schedulei .^tii-iy, tiie agreement for archilec-l !iir;il novices with the school's ; u v h : t f d s , Falk and Roolh. and t h e ppiposal for auditing services for the school ending June 30. Teacher employment and resign a t i o n s will lead the subjects to 1»! iiilriiduccd by Michael Chclko- v : ' h . dislricl superintendent. I ' h e l k o v i c h will ulso report on Ihe recent district civil defense d r i l l and instruction; will rc-vicw Ihe jxilicy for salary payment to new teachers: suggest » dale, for Ihe board's curriculum meeting anil the s|ecial one on teacher 'm|iltymenl; announce tho planned observance of Public Schools Week and report on forthcoming Spokane relation In Thermid ny United Press IntcrnaUonal San Francisco Bay Area: Fair through Sunday cxcepl for patches of fog near the coast. Cooler Sunday. High today San Francisco 74. Oakland 78, San Matco 711, Rafael 82. Lows tonight 48- H Westerly winds 12-25 m.p.h. n the afternoon and evening. Northern C a l i f o r n i a : Faih ough Sunday except patches of 'og near the coast and occasional cloudiness northern mountains. Cooler near the central coast and delta area Sunday. \lbuquerque Ulanta lakersfield Boise Boston Brownsville Chicago Denver Detroit Fairbanks Fort Worth Fresno Helena Kansas Cily l.os Angclse Miami Minneapolis Xcw Orleans New York Oakland Oklahoma City Pittsburgh Red nluff Reno Sacramento Salt Lake. Ci!y San Diego San Francisco Seattle building projects in inline planning. Wellington HOOPA -- A 44-year-old Hoopa woman, Mrs. Jenevievc Johnson, received moderate injuries yes- Four trial dates were set yes- SUNDAY, APRIL 8 -- Born to- able to keep several jumps ahead terday by Judge D. II. Wilkinson terday evening in in Department Two of Superior may tend to make'-you.sbmewha which, when combined with strong Fielding,-first Earl Denbigh, mili- The Highway Falrol said an intuitions, makes: a hard-to-beat dictatorial and auto being driven south on Stale warned against taking this atti right now. -Buying and selling combination. Practically anything To find what the stars have in Luther Caniijbell and Kenneth Sign Route % by her husband, tude. You may always be right store for you .tomorrow, select should bring profits. you attempt turns out success Gotham will be tried April 23 on Fred Johnson, 44, struck another fully, and you are able to make but people dislike being reminded your birthday star and read the VIRGO. (Aug. 24-Sept. Charges of burglary, and James auto making a left turn from the money as well as achieve fame of your continual Tightness! Bi W. Hun, charged with felonious northbound land and driven by yi little more politic and diploma your birthday star be your daily attaining your major ob which you may be able : to ae. issault on his six-year-old son, will Vcrnon Hlckman, IB, of Hoopa iective. You are usually so sure tic in handling others and you wil complish a great deal of good have a jury trial May a. of your snap judgment that you make and keep friends, LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) -- Le- May 15 trial was set in the rarely lake the time to check your You women have a practica gal matters mny call for close jail and was placed on (wo years' ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 201-Take facts. You seem to kriow when nature and make fine home man a calculated risk to win out to- attention. See that you are prop .·haigcd with drunk driving Richard S. Grecian, who entered things are right. Your hunches agers, wives and mothers. Out day. Luck seems lo be running PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. guilty plea to child molesting, always lead you in the right direc wardly, you are vivacious, full o at high tide for you. SCORPIO (Oct... 24-Nov. 22).,-r Home matters are of the utmost l:i oth','r cases, James ,1. Barlo, was sent Lo Atascadero Slate Hos- fun and appear lo be light-hearled TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) - imporlance, and. you must take found guilty of grand theft, was Because of this gift, you are But this is not to be interpreted This is the day for promoting your mailers with a trip to see pros care of them aslulely lo win out. sentenced to (if) days in the county PUT POWM THAT SUM AKJP COME AL0NS PEACEFULLY YOU POUBT THE POWER OF MY -- CHIRP, CHIRP?'l WILL SHOW YOU" 90 NOT IMASIME I CAME AMONJS YOU SAVASE PEOPLE UNARMED. MORE LIKE A BALLPOIMT BY LEE FALKe PHIL DAVIS STOP--YOU'LL WRECK THE MUSEUMT LOOK--A HOLE IN-THE STOME WALLT THIS IS NOT A PEN-AS ONE Of- YOU SAVASES SAIR IT IS A DISINTEGRATOR-- CANFCOJSIT POWM TO A PIM POIrJT-- VVATCH-- --OR BY ENLARGIWS THE FOCUS- WAIT T WE NEEPTIME- HE CAM PESTKOY U6 ALLT ^ WHAT \ BUTYOUKMOW.A FISH, DO YOU I CAMETOTRAPE FLESH WAMTf/BEAPS FOR YOUR Off. FOWL MOW-IF YOU PLEASE- CHIRP CHIRP -MY INVISO- BELT-- NO-WE CAN'T LET HIM TAKE OUR MICHELAM6ELOS, NOW--I MUST LEAVE --60RRY FOR THE 17ISA6KEEM BKIT-- UNAVOIDABLE WITH PRIMITIVE RACES- UH- EMOU6HI SEIZE HIM* MATIV/E ART. ©AVE YOU BEAP6-- "WHAT- EVEK me- WE OAMT LET HIM SET AWAY. WITHTHIST SUPPEMLY THE SOUNP' OF A SHRILL WHISTLE" FROM NOWHERE--T GWACIOUS/ ffS TIME I Gar STARTgD CM MY SAR.OEN/ HMMM/THAT LAW WA5BIT I'LLDWAWUPA FAK.E MAP AND THEN TWY OUT MY PLAN.' EATS MY CAwWQTS, WHY SHOULDN'T HE HELP WITH THE VvDP-K? UGS, LOOK/ I FOUND THIS OU? MAP- \ IN MY ATTIC/ THERE'S A TWEASUREy - -"SOMEWHERE OJ START 0|©61NC5 HERE AND I'LL START PWOM THEKE,..WB'LL SPUT THE TWEASUKE/ FUDDSY, · YEK.A REAL PAU' lS ET STARTED/ THIS WIU- MAKE. ME EVEN WITH THAT WASCAU FOR. ALL THE CAWWOTS HE WILL EAT LATER/ BETWEEN THAT TWEE AND MY HOUSE/ HEY, ELMER. 1 "' 1HIT SOMETHIN 1 / YOU HARE- WAINED HARE ,,.YOU STWUCK A WATER, .s- , PIPE/ ^r^L 11 LEMMe KNOW WHEN TH' I FIXEP/ TOO V, roie (511MU, Witnir tm. NthnM, (M High Low 1'rccip. 5H 32 .01 56 .110

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