The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 9, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY fREE PRESS CTOR &OU5SEAU _ weird, faiitas tic tale of a horcle of deep-sea mon Jg§!|; steris, half fish, half human, which threaten to overrun the earth GEORGE R. COOKSEY A Story \^jFhat Out-Vernes • : jiile$ Verne *^.* • !•?:• ancients peopled the sea with mermen and mermaids, bujt ;i it has remained for Victor Rousseau to make them REAL.; In this stor^ he tells of a tribe of cannibalistic under-sea folk that could not be seen until they were dead. And when the Sea demons came out of their salty h<}me to "eat their way across the earth-— ., • ' * J .*-' J But, read it ^ourself! . .. ... ,,, . Our New Serial! {: Watch for the Opening Installment I u PARTIAL PAYMENT T&MPAtL SAVE FOR FUTURE :• « :: ' -•' ••• ---* : v- : ;.,-.' ; District Starts System With Banks to Aid Investment in Savings Certificates. . I Ajpartlal jpaTment plan .:. which in | calculate?!, "to give" a big' impetus to in- j «stment'in the $100 and $1,000. Treas- •'•tnry' Saving's"certificates, which always are worths more than you pa-id for. • them;-is being put into effect'by the Oovernmeat'. Savings* organization of ; the Seventh' Federal Reserve' District. , This , ; sysfem enables the saver' -'who . wishes to. invest; in sound, securities •to do so on the Installment plan sis was done in the purchase of Liberty Loan bonds. Payments may* be ;made ;«n a-weefcly, semi-monthly or monthly : basis, tlie minimum payments, -.being $2, $4 and $S respectively. ' .The In? vestor enters into a contract .w'ijiiSa< bank, to which he makes his p'artjal .payments. .Under, this agreerbent.'tlie bank i .deposits,as a 'inest egg"" f pi- -th.e; investor one dollar for each $100;''cerV - tJflcate purchased from the bank. "We have found," said W. B..:-worth, executive secretary of 'the ijSeventh District Savings organization, '"that 'there are vast numbers of people : who would like to put their money in. i these Treasury Savings certificates •iwho cannot afford to part with enough "to pay for a $100 certificate in a sin- j(le payment, so the organization of are- rurhed ove'r to him whe"u he has completed his payments. The bank with which he does business also deposits to his credit in the bank orte dollar as a savings account for each SIOO' certificate purchased. "We feel that this partial payment-system will enable many thousands to" Invest In these Government securities who otherwise would not be able to do so. It also will mean in many cases the starting of bahJr savings "accounts. "The safety of .these securities Is a feature that should not be lost sight of. Being registered,, they are Insured against 'loss, .through theft or fire. If one ever needs the money the certificates: are redeemable, beginning with" the second calendar month after .the month .of purchase; without the ten days' demand required by the terms of. the 1919 Savings securities." ''/Following is the text of the agreement .: entered into between the purchaser and the bank he selects: I hereby enter my subscription with the bank named above for $ (Maturity Value) in Treasury Savings Certificates, to -be paid for regularly^ , ', . ' (Weekly) at We rate of $ „ (Semi-monthly) (Monthly) Payments will begin on , 1920, .-•and in no event can bo completed later ^thanvDecember 31, 1920." -' .Purchase Price of : $10Q.OO Certificates. If''Final payment is made in f, •.".:. ' $83.60 payment "is made in , -.?' .-'.-. ;.....->-. 83.SO ;ji y fil>ai.' payment is ' ma'de in. :..-..... 84.00 .'If,, niiai- payment is made .ha ' 'October ..' 84.20 If,-final payment is made in """ ^.November •. . 84.40 payment is made in' 84.60 ,plan," whicl)...was submitted; to the -.^Treasury ^Department at* Washington) V«nd haJ9 ; receIyefl the ofSclal sanction" ;«f the Savings Llvislon, headed by 1 : paraen ' ?n- completion of said paymenta .-^^- *„ t u- !-yon..agree to deliver to me the above LwUlaia.Mather lewis..; { >0fteioyeiitor Js-thns enabled.tejipiir,- 1 «base these Sc-vicgs certificates/An the jMtallment plan and the'jcertlflcateg'J ^described certificate or certificates, and JilCbr?each- $100 Certificate so purchased Vjo deposit $1;00 in your bank' to the -^ibre'dlt of a savings account with me 'for any person I may designate); upon >surrender to yo^. of Partial Payment 'Contract of same date and number as George '-jR. ,'G.ooksey, "for three years assistant to the secretary of treasury, nominated by President Wilson >to be a director of'the War Finance corporation. ' •"' ' • i . Tt Is understood and- agreed-'that if .1 fall to make all payments promptly iis .above agreed and.-if apy payment siiaii continue in default for more than thirty days,' you may, in your discretion; after due notice to me. by letter addressed as below, issue :to ; me- War Savings Stamps and -Thrift Stamps equivalent to the sum--of. all money actually .paid in, upon surrender tp you of said Partial Payment "Contract. It Is "further.agreed that I shall nlso be entitled' at any time prior to com- - pletlon of payments to"a : . like refund of all payments made. If I so request and surrender the.-contract.' : '"•"•-. It Is und,erstoofl that this contract is solely between the bank named above and the subscriber.and that no obliga- tion'on the part of the United States arises except on the Treasury Savings certificate (or certificates) after delivery to the .purchaser. DAUGHllROf ^ AGUIMLDO IN U.S, CAPITAL 1 X " ' . ... . '' . '/. She Meets Many Wives of Amer- : ' ican-Statesmen arid ;' Makes a Hit. : •••> '• i: When General Bmllio Agulnnldo was leading ,the Filipino arm; against tba •Amerlecn forces twenty years age h* [probably little dreamed that some day k daughter of his would visit the city of Washington and would be given a great reception at the famous Con- j.gresslonal Club! And that/the wlvef >of 120 members 61.the American: Con-. gresB and • two' wives of members of the President's cabinet would call upon her to pay thelr;respects 1 - . But all this actually happened when: Miss Cqrmen Agulnaldo, his hlneteen- 'year-old daughter,' visited Washington' ^recently, 'And"'those.wives'[.of. the American statesmen expressed -themselves as both/ charmed and surprised at the refined, tactful, college educated young miss .who greeted them. - "Miss Aguinalde was simply delightful,", was- the expression of one 'con- ^Eressman's wife. "She^Was very mod•est,.yet she-acted so natural and thorv TYRRELL MAY SUCCEED GREY Sir William Most Likely '.Candidate for Ambassador to the. U. S., Lon- ' . ! don Reports. "London, Felx 9.—Kir Wulllara Tyrrell is the most likely candidate to succeed .Lord-Grey, as British ambassador to HIP United States, Universal Service learned here on the best authority. - . 'J-iord Reailing is understood to have definitely refused the post, giving'poor health as his reason, in addition to his desire to remain on the bench as lord chief .justice. Sir William is regarded as the ablest active British diplomat in the service, 'and is reported willing to accept Hie post. MISS CARMEN AGUINALDO, Daughter o£ the Former Leader of the Filipino Army. Profiteers to Prison.. • Augusta. Me., Feb. 9.—A ne\v law has beeii put into effect by the stnle of Maine which makes- persons found guilty of profiteering in the necessities of life liable to a fine or Imprisonment or both, ' fan Shoes The Professional Boot Black's Pride ' GoodBootBlacksknowgood. polish—that's why you will find Eagle Brand Polishes used by the best of them."- . EAGLE BRAND POLISHES For Black and Tan Shoes produce a brilliant, lasting, waterproof shine—they go on quickly and easily—andthey stay on longer • than you would, ever expect they would. Being made of pure wax and oils. Eagle Brand Polishes are positively a benefit to the leather. ' For Black Shoes only, ask for Stay-Shine. For Black. Russet, Ox-blood and Brown Shoes, ask for ; Eagle Brand Paste; Polish^ Both . are the best to be bad for their particular, uses. Sold by all good Drug,' Grocery and Shoe Stores. ' ! THE AMERICAN POLISH CO. oughly at home that she captivated" ev- J erybody."' , . ' - - f On another occasion while In Wasn- ;Ington Jliss Aguinaldo was given a real 'ovation by a Filipino-American audience when she recited "My Last Farewell," poem-of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Filipino -martyr. •' .. - . ."Miss Aguinaldo Is a student at the University of Illinois, Urbana, ILL While in Washington she .was the guest, : of.:Mrs: Jaime C. deVeyra, wife of ,one off the resident commissioners from die; Philippines. The Capitol building and the Congressional library appeal'e'd" particularly to" the" young FlliplnaV' while the beautiful sights from the Washington monument thrilled her with delight When asked how she liked America, she smiled and answered: ' " • , • .; " ' "it is a wonderful country. '1 didn't like winter at first, but since 1' have learned how to skate I am haying fine times. All the Americans whom I have meTTiave been" very~good"to 'mcS My" friends In Urbana and toy classmates in the university .are just lovely, but 1 cannot help-feeling homesick at time* because I am missing my father. My coming here was Indeed a great sacrifice for him, for we are very close. He Is so good to me;" • ; , Miss Agulnaldo Is intensely patriotic; ,She does not conceal her resentment when she hears or reads of a misrepresentation of, the Filipinos. "It .is un- fbrtunate," she. once exclaimed .in- a voice full.of sadness, "that my country. and my people are hardly known, much less understood, by the people of''Am- erica.'-" -..'•:• • •' Politics .is tabooed in any. conversation with, this Filipino • maid. She evades the.-topic by replying that she is too express opinions on •'th'iiigs poli.tical. "All I can say;" she •declares, . "is that I share-, with my, father in the desire for independence for my native land. no'ques- tion about '.our being able to govern ourselves^" • i ' • ' . Filipinos declare Miss Aguinaldo has a . "genuine Filipina temperament"— • that- is, she does not believe in -the occidental : custom .of, "dates" between young men .and women. She does not see Anything wrong in it, she says,-but it is such a violent departure from the custom in the Philippines that she can-not adopt it. "You might laugh at me," she said, ."but I 'cannot go out with one single escort unchaperoned. I simply can't •I will go back to my country with the soul of a Filipina." ; . A newspaper In one of the large American, cities that Miss Aguinaldo visited expressed the opinion that, she would no doubt•:be. greatly .impressed by the sight of streetcars an'd some of the fine residences she would see, but th* truth is the-young lady was'raised tn Manila, where ghe has seen'an up- tOrdate street car systera all_her 1U*. TO SIXTY A Word of Help to Woriien of Middle Age From Khen I yrae «1 yeara ^sye^tebletdmif tmd" carried -:-'m"e fh the,critical Mthe Change e m safety. ;I overeoatidhave »< fatnily ;; of am in fine health. M y .daughter ; and Vegetable.Com- "andlBtflltake ftBMfffffly my* Belf.^TOT'-'a«'« r fiberly ! to use my nameUyouwiak?'—Mr»i ALICE RANBY, Morse, Oklahoma.,—---,: —..,.-.' >:'-W^W»' of ! the most' This good oK|-fa»hioned root-and herb remedy may l)e relied upon to overcome the.!dift]tressziijf.8yjuiptc>ms which accom-, pariy it and -womeii • everywh'ei'e'.stidnld remember that there is no other remedy known to carry women so successfully' through this trying period as LydiirE. Pinkham's. Vegetable Compound. ";•>'•';, t If you 0 want 1 special advice'wnte (iq i Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.y '-(ton--' fidential), Lynn, Mass. . Your^letteX will be' opened,, read and answered by ;a woman and held in strict confidence. : > ; Navy Blacksmith. Shop. Tfie : village blacksmith shop under the spreading chestnut tree Is for reh't' The smithy-has gone-to sea to learn some new tricks of .the trade .in ' the : U. S. Navy -"schools. •• -, ' . Bla'c'ksmlthihg' "is now a' hlghlj specialized trade-in Iron working. One* a man masters -it: he. is sure of- a good Hying, for -life, - either In or out of the. service... ,.- . A real interest In one's .work Is as necessary In the : Navy schools,-as<iin others; but Jack Is paid to learn! r nnd Is sure of his Job asjong as he wantj it,.providing he is in earnest. .The above photo shows a couple ol anvils doing a. big' business at a Navy Artificer. School. LAURA E. SWARTZ ,. OBTEORATWIO PHYfclCIAN 'Chronic Dv«ea«ei • Specialty "" . Offlcfr ;,ln tiud.r-NlchcIt Bfdg. Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE . .' -' ;; Phone 804" '• - - .' J- B. WOODS, PAOI*. Wa.hed Nut, iPhone 14t K. T> HENRY BAIN • • TI»AN«FM -. ' • GET OUR PRICES Phone 342 K H. O. HALL, & CO. FEED, COAL AND. POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRAND01S, M. D. ^ GENERAL PRACTICE AND THK Bldp: Giaiwee Carboiidal., III, ;";DR.J:W. BARROW ,j::;;NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO- Hiun » to 11 A. M. and 2 to • K >"- '..•- PHONE IS' 1 '-' : ; : . General Practice Special attention to Eyej Ear, " ' •j '"' "'_ Olio** FltUd Phone^ : Residence 330-2, Offlo* (SO- 7 Building HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law : .Phone 252 K Suite 112-118 New Hamilton Butltflit* DJELIA CALDWEiiL., M. D, McANALLY BLHLDINQ 211 West Main Strevt Office Hour*—8 to 1U A.M.; 2 to 4 P.B», A'SKS $20,000 TO FREE YANK Villa Demands Big Sum for Release of Joseph Askew," Says Report. : .'. ' i .. ~ ^ ' '\Vashingtoii, Fell " —Joseph n As Irew, .the Amerlcnn \\Jio «as lopuired kidnaped 'in- r purau & o, Met is being held by'^.iHa ,£or.-f,200QO ranspm ati, cording .to inri., uncorrobointed leport .received liy the. state depaitment 4s ke\y \vas employed on the Tiahunlilo company's .plantation J.t Let do Durifti go/and the •••American cmb i«<*\ has> made representations to the Mexirnn foreign office In an effort to secure his release. . . '>••-. MACHINE GUNS KILL 500 American Newspaper Man Tel Is : of Slaughter in Berlin' During Re- . -cent Riota. New. Tork, Feb. 9.-rJ. F. Byrnes, a Washington newspaper man, who returned from Europe on the Adriatic, and who was.-in Germany during the recent .Berlin-riots,'.said that, while <ck- tied.reports stated that 46 people wire 1 'killed,; nearly 500 citizens were.:khl£<i! by.-the'.machine ;guns .that ;Were'tu'riectt on the rhob. He'added; ttiaf •pVi'cesVofc food to Americans and Englishmen; had been raised 1,000 per cent toijBttm^ peusate..for .the exchange rate. -^ ~' IC a){ ACOtDRELIEVEps YEARS Dr. King's 'New Discovery has a successful record^ ' : of^halt-a century more than fifty I ye'ars'-'qhd today at the zenith . • . ~ .of its popularity.' 1 When you -think of that, you nre bound to be convinced that Dr. KInp's Ne:y Discovery does exactly what it is-meant to do — soothes cough-raw, tlironts, congestion-tormented chests,' loosens phlegm-paekj- and breaks the most • obstinate cold and grippe attack * Dr. Kuig's is safe for your cold; for-your mother's cold, for "the -kicl-- : die's cpl d, cough, croup. .Leaves no disagreeable after-effects. '60.cV and' $1.20 ^bottles Vat 'your druggist's, x Bowels Act Irregular bowels 6fteh^reiult ! '.ih'!' ' serious .sickness and : - disorders "of- •' the liver; aritf stomach. Make them • act _as they should with Dr.' King's New Life Pills. Keep the liver no tive-^the system ; free from waat* ' "25c;-a;boltlK''- '-;t----v.' ..... ;-.•- ..... .-. . : .:- ; : CARBONDALE CANDY KITGHEN Home Made Caridlei and lo* Crew* Telephone M4 Y Mr: Glancy 9f' The MARQUETTE 18(h St. and "Washington Av«. Si. Louts '"" A (Refined Hotel for Your 'Mother, Wife and Sistei; Single Room -witK Private Bath $2.00 ' $2.50 " ?3.CO Double $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 Room vilhout bnCl, sincle. vl.50. Room yithoutbatK'. doublc,v2.0CI. $2.SO _4_Siort_Bloc!i5 iroa. U=i=a .Station . ,M '*» v ja nSJ33.*JS5f §iF * A yecrtfcnoiraiuEcst.SBftxt.AlwaysRj ^SOlDBVB^Gf-ISTSecr BmiHANCALOll Thousands Have Discovered ; ? Dr.-'Edwards' Olive Tablets ; Are.aHannloss Substitute DrrEdwards' Olive Tablets are.the- rcsult of Dr. .Edwards' determination not to treat liver and bowel complaints•with calomel For 17 years he used these -tablets (a vegetable compound „ mixed with, olive oil) in his private practice with great success. , Th'ey do all the good tSiat calomel does but have no bad after effects. N» pains, no griping, no. injury, to tts gums or danger from acid foouV-yet they stimulate the liver and bowels. iiTake' Dr. Edwards" Olive Tablets when you feel "logy" and "heavy." Note how they_ clear clouded brain and perk up the spirits. 10cand25ca box. BRITAIN SEEKS IRISH RULER Popular Peer Has Bean Qffered Post- Held by French, Says Man, Chester Guardian;; ; London;-: Feb. 0.—There, is increasing evidence that a, change, in the. government of. Iveianrt! is -Inevitable:'' The- Manchester Guardian .ihakes' the statement. that a pOpiilnr -Irish peer has. . been" offered the appointment ae yice- iroy to suuceed Viscount French, but-has fledliicdi::'-- . •'-•- •-•-••- -- •- - •--

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