Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1972 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1972
Page 22
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. HIM WETO WRINSINC tgva HU«EECTIR»S m a SWEATER AMP: SKIRT. HER!?, Ill TIKOW 1MB BLAMKfeT OTEK YOUR UP, TUBN I'M SO I NG TO THE GIMME YOUR HAIL \" OKfrfF J FILE. IMTHE JftWBtCWRCH.IIJSrcZEClU, COWAINS THE HEftKT OF CARUOEWE WHO ASKED BffORE HIS DEATH IH ISM 7/Mr /V/J VMBMT /WWMV *!W THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT tie so DtARLY LOVED AS THE CHURCH OKHAN/ST · North*** ArfcanMi TIMCI, W«d., Au«. 9, ; TRAVELERS CROSS1N3 THE TEME RIVER, FROM EARDISTON ; TO ESTHftM, IH WORCESTERSHIRE, EMSlftHD, FOR CENTURIK HAD TO EDGE THEIR UW ACROSS A MKF STRETCHED 7F£fTABOVe WE HATeK-HHIte Ct/NGIHS TO ANOTHER WIRE - -- LESTER 1. COLEMAN, M. D. Thyroid Hormone Use Questioned; uinuiuiiiijiiH^^ * MINIATURE CART BEARING HAtF A COCONUT IS USED BY MEWC1NE MEN OF, THEBHILTRIBe OF INDIA MYO set/earner CAW . .. CUee A PATIENT BYWAD1H6 fl/S ttWESS #/ THe tOCONVr AHt TMVSPOKTMtr TOA0ESERTUM/' FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope fit MTMOftUH MM CUT Off M W6 ff/AUt.- THUNDER, NO!.' USESOMg i Oi.'RflSS« i PflW-TWSOL' MOP IS WORE TO A FRAZZlt-- err BLACKMAIL W tf.NECESSAWLV, or TOO MAMY FAT IT ,. WONS6K1SJ JM FAT WANT TO SHARE HIS MIMT Look in the section In which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to'the stars. FOR THURSDAY, AUG. 10 ARIES (Mar; 21 to Apr. 20) - You may -face a few disconcerting situations, but the advantages of this day will more than offset them.:'.So, 'stay in there pitching. -- and you will win! ,.. · . ..· TAURUS'.(Apr..,21 to Ma y21) ;A variety of'benefits indicat ed, but,don't'halt negotiations on matters which could suffer' through delay. Romance and creative pursuits especially favored. GEMINI. (May 22 to June 21) Fine influences! Step forth, assert yourself with confidence, bargain astutely, tackle any Can thyroid hormone be used to'lose weight? Miss A.J., Mich. Dear Miss J.: , , The hormone manufactured by the thyroid gland ,is ver? complex and is In consUni, communication with all other hormones In the body. The thyroid gland plays an important role in the metabolism, or ufimaUoh pf foo^. When this thyroid activity is Increased by drugs or by supplements Of thyroid gland it might be as sumed that- the·,metabolism ;is Increased and therefore woul be of value In Weight'reduction FALSE PREMISE This is a false premise unles there happens to be a very definitely proven thyroid deflc lency. When this : IS proven b. a doctor,' thyroid supplement can then bo used. It Is distinct ly hazardous to "trade" thyrol tablets with neighbors who hav been given them for specific In dividual needs. project which' Forward! Interests you. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) You may finalize a long awaited contract or put over good ,' business deal. Also, on the personal side, you may hear some good news from afar. LE.O (July 24 to Aug. 23) Key objectives !should be. th·_ control pf resources and prope! use of all abilities.'The lacka dalsical and unwary will gain nothing now. Step up your en thusiasm. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) View all things objectively consider all possibilities before you embark on anything new or continue on any project which obviously requires overhauling LIBRA (Sept; 24'to Octi 23) ': Planetary 'influencefr gener oUs. Use your.talents ably: anc well planned operations shpuli succeed as you hope. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 Step confidently, with fore ight and deliberation. Gel an arly and brisk, start and you an cover-more ground t h a n ven you; had thought possible. IAG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. · 1 ) ' . -. ..···..·]- Jupiter, favorable, stimulates 'our ingenuity and desire to, co- perate. Managing present situations will be better than strik- ng out for "greener pastures," however. CAPRICORN (Dec.' 22 to v Jan. 20) . '- : , ' . : ; . ' , Decide upon your course care- ully, then attack objectives wit vigor. Accommodate 'to i! neccs|- :ary changes, .of course, but emphasize stlcfeto-ltiveness. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb! 19) Don't expect too much,', either of yourself or others now. Sharpen your good humor and you can cope with any situation. You are quck. eager: use these gifts ably. PISCES (Fep. 20 to Mar.. 20) Don't let little annoyances upset' you.. i Try' as - be st yo u" can to iron out difficulties' through Intelligent discussion, then you can proceed toward goals 'With confidence. YOU' BORN TODAY are an innately enthusiastic, outgoing person: are well endowed mentally and often achieve physically as well as, for instance, in the wofld.'df sports. Yours is a Sign of vibrance and magnanimity and it also endows you with great will power, determination, idealism, keen intuition an.d foresight. Yduf' personality fits you for leadership in many fields, but you must curb a tendency to be overbearing with others. Birthdate of: Herbert Hoover, 31st Pres., U.S.A.; Eddie Fisher, singer. When foieeps are used t deliver a baby does it add ris to the child or the mother? Mrs. H.O'T., Kan Dear Mrs. O'T.: Forceps, are carefully con strucled instruments which ar sometimes applied to the. side of Ihp head of a baby thai : being delivered. Doctors and obstetrician^ highly trained in their use, fin them to be ve/y safe an helpful. Frequently, whert th mother is exhausted, force] reduce the /time of the child delivery. No:special risks are added 6 mothcL' 6r to the child when rceps are used, unless other replications aie present at'th* ame time. · ! (i variety of different, forceps e used, each- chosen to special 'purposf. ccaiionally, redness around he temples of the head of th* ewborn child la caused B? creeps. This discoloration dls; ppoars and leaves no perma.- ent after-effect. , . ' I have' beer, told that an ice- |ld'shower is npt the best way o CPO! off in very hot weather, My children disagree. What Is 'our pplnlon? Mrs. G.Z., La, Dear Mrs. Z.: ^ A great many misconceptions mve survived about how to keep cool in' extremely hot weather. MORE SALT , ', ' There are those who believe .hat additional salt, long cool drinks and cold showers are the. answer. · It is generally believed lhat a ukewarm shower,.will; have a onger lasting cooling 'effect ihan an ice cold i shower. After a cold shower the body's iieal regulatory mechanism afjS parently calls fprlh heat tp a'4S just to the chill. . , jri It is definitely known thifc there is a tendejncy to lose moj^ salt during , exercise or during routine activities In the sufn- mertime, £J The overuse of salt-table^ rriust be cautioned agalnst,"£ . have always thought that the|S salt tablets should be used onlyl at the suggestion of a doctor.^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play),.' I 1 ., South dealer. Both.sides.vulnerable. NORTH A A J 9 4 2 ¥10 9 5 VAK6.4 *B WEST,' V K Q 7 6 * QJ109873 EAST A 1 Q 8 7 6 3 V 8 2 + A K10 6 5 SOUTH V A J 4 3 . *2 + Q 7 4 3 2 Sdulh 3 » 5 4 Crossword By Eugetu: Sbeffer ACROSS 1. let fall 5. Fictional sleeper 8, Snow .vehicle H. Roster 13. French coin 14. Mother of ' Apollo 15. Mohammedan noble 16. Female swan 17. Musical . prince 1 18. Washing-ton cily 20. Certain automobiles 22. Ruler of Tunis 23. Asian festival 34. Piquant 27. Concern 32. Mountain on . . Crete 33. New: .comb. form 31. Sense organ 35. Feign illness 38. Descry 39. Netherlands commune 40. Female sheep 42. Dogmas 45. Charge . with gas 49. Icelandic tale '60. Mortar trough ·52. Genus of cetaceans 53. Subjectin med. school 54. Fuss 55. Eternities 56. Female horse. 57. Conflict . 58. Appraise DOWN 1. An interjection 2. City in lialia 3.01 the car 4. To burlesque .. 5. Reimbursing 6. Frost ' 7. Plays on words 8. Kind of pitch Average ifmB of loluliom 26 mln. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9. Legacy recipients 10, English .school II; June bugs 19. Pronoun 31. French season 24. Edge' 25. Girl's name 28. Julian or Gregorian 28, Born ' 29, Bullfighter 30, Weaken gradually · '31. Attempt 36. Precon- . ceiye 37. Gain, as profit · 38, More , uncanny 41.Pronoun 42.TheMels, for one' 43. Girl's name 44. Noted playwright '4 6. Wild ox ,47.Paletinge 48. Comfort 51. Harem room The bidding: West North East 3 » Pass Pass Pass 4 NT Pass Pass 6 y Opening lead -- queen of clubs If you toss a coin, it is even money it. will not come down heads. If you toss two coins, it is. 3 toU they will not both come; down heads. (Togs thiee coins and the odds become7 to 1.) While it is certainly not crii cial for a player to master sucl probabilities, it is nevertheless extremely helpful to under stand the principles that -per tairi. Bridge leans heavily o probabilities, and -the playc: who knows percentages ape slicks to them will do very wel in the long run. Consider \ this' deal iouth won the club lead wits' he king and played a trump Jo; he jack. East won and returnfeT a club taken \vilh the ace. AfteJ?' another round of trumps, SoulK ed a spade to the queen,* losing o .the king. T h e^ opponetV" proniptly cashed a 'club- andj diamond to put declarer' di South's method of play ..__ not the best. He gave hims|lt only a 50 pel' cent chance fp£ ,he contract, since it was evef} money on the location of Ife king of spades. In effect,Sout§ staked the outcome on the spafia finesse. SP But he could actually haw raised the odds in his 3 to 1 All he had to do was finesse, the queen'of spades "at trick two. Instead of later on? If the finesse proved sutessfut; it would have provided a teiitlj trick. £3 And if the finesse lost, as [it the actual case, he would ha?a been able to win the club return" finesse the ten of spades, a((3 then discard his dlub loser B3 the ace of spades. vj; .The suggested method of pla'J gives declarer-'two chances. foS the contract Instead of oriei'ilt corn.bines..t\v l o.evcn.-mpppy ; sh^j which, as ' in.the, ; : case : of tjfg coins, orite. make 'him'a 3-to ! l PONYTAIL , TOOT»IB,.LOO(:? ' TtJOBOflh'a IS HAV1N8 , A MIDSUMMER CICAOAMCE SALK/ 25 19 so 29 38 10 3.1 "1 know I said you were the cutest surfer on the:: beach... but then I met this volleyball player 1" "? TIMES Classified Ads Gel Fast Resist! Try'em, Just Dial 442-6242.

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