Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 21
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INDEPENDENT--P«j« C-l Navy Doesn't Look for Big BOOM at Depot Accidental Blast \ ^Independent by Ammo Unlikely KMH Thr^wl'i''"!!/'! J K / f i n - i t Uiiriiiii:: Vn/»i/nr «x ·/ LIKE HUGE HASKETBALLS . . . FAMILIAR LANDMARK IS AMMUNITION DEPOT BUOYS STACK NEAR PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY. Pours Into Fund for Officers' Children By VINT MADER The Lone Beach Police Department's Mcl.cnclon- Salisbury fund for the children of two dead officers mounted Friday to $Sf() and hopes rose that a coal of $2,000 might he reached. Donations from the public totaled S.'IOO by Friday evening, according to Gerald F-ischen, police planning and research officer. The contributions from citizens began rolling in Thursday after Bob Wells. Independent c o l urn n i s i , printed a plea for assistance lo Ihe fund for Ihe education of Ihe dead policemen's four children. Van Thomas Salisbury. 30 and John M. Mcl.cndon. 22. were killed last Saturday in a crash on the Long Beach Freeway allegedly caused by another car driving north in a southbound lane, ly a f t e r going off duly. On the previous Saturday the officers, working as partners, saved Ihe life of a Wl-year-old w-oman when they broke into her burning apartment. They were recommended for a formal merit citation for this act. The fund was originated with an initial goal of $1.200 by Kischen and O f f i - cer Dave Bauer, who had been a partner of the dead men. In help help educate Salisbury's two children, David Alan, 8 and Janet Marie, fi; and the McClen- * * Daniel Ridder Joins State College Board Daniel II. Ridder, copublishcr of The Lous Beach Independent, Press-Telegram, Friday was appointed to the State College Board of Trustees by Gov. Edmund G. Brown. Ridder replaces his brother. Herman II. Kiddcr. publisher of The Independent. Press- Telegram, who resigned because rf illness. lirown »Jtd thai Herman P.iddcr had rendered "magnificent service." l'o':r other members were appointed to the board w h i c h i~. expected to .'.elect a new chancellor during a meeting ne:.t week at San Fernando. TI1F.Y AHI* Trcvnr (iardner of Pasadena, a former assistant secretary of the Air Force; Dan A. Kimball of Ijos Angeles, a former secretary' of the Navv; F.. Guy Warren of don children, Debbie. G and Danny. 5. When they were killed, Ihe two officers were driving back lo Long Bench from Compton Physicians and Surgeons Hospital with medicine for the Mcl.en- don children. F.ischen said Friday that if the fund reaches $2.000 the $500 invested in trust funds for each child would total S1,5(K) each in U years. Donations to the fund should be sent to don · Salisbury' Fund, c/o C h i e f of Police, Long Beach. Calif. Up 10 Friday evening, police department personnel had contributed $550 to the |||ayward. trucking company fund. ' * * * Bcllclnirst Fatal Wrong-WayTM /-*! 1 _ i O */ ,,,, Settlement Parley Due Drfl , i|lff How an allegedly diunk and John M. Mcl.endon. 22. Tl-e iliornev for dexclon- SaiI)r ' S wron R- wa - lnvm « " n f TM* Marco St. It reported- The attorney tor develop , , n h K cway | cd rf r,t t l n l l s i l i l i r r * In I l t m t l T I " ·* . |j ers nf Bellchurst. in Bucnaj Park, Friday said the federal government has agreed to dis- to the death of two police of-| ficers last Saturday was de-| scribed Friday to Municipal'TM 1 " and went out of i-fl i l l l O S S collided cuss a proposed mullimillion- C m | r t C o m m i s s i o n e r LoydWthbound car. - . . control, the di- w i t h a chacla Mathicscn of Fresno; Today in L.I]. dollar settlement with the lle -;i.i\,.nder vclopmcnt's builders. I George A. Hart Jr., Long' w j , n e , s c s said - scvcral : THF. OFFICERS. whn were; hastily veered their, returning from a Compton; Beach attorney, said he prc-j a u t o , ,,, ,(,,. r j R ), t w (,cn head-| hns P ital wilh medicine for scntcd the proposal to govern- jjj,),!,; f a m e at t i, rrn m t he;M c I - C I u l o n ' s children, were DAMCI. n. ,,. ,, Appointed by Governor owner; and attorney \V illiam K. Coblcntz of San Francisco^Kimb::!! nicceeds Mrs. Mar former member of Brown's gam Bales of Carmel; and staff. |Warren replaces Raymond J. All are new to the board cx-jDaba of Atherlon. Ihe terms cept Coblentr. who was of the three retiring board named to his second term. members expired M a t c h 20. (iardner replaces Mrs. Mi- HERMAN KinDF.U was ap- ipointed in August I!Ki(l to the newly ciealed board which selected Hucll H. Galla;',her as chancellor. The hoard look control (.f the colleges from the State Board of I.ducalion effective last July 1. Gallagher last month resigned lo resume his former post as president of City College i.f Nev. Yorl:. · I'our of the new appointees men! attorneys al preliminary meetings. The plush subdivision was southbound "fast" lane, near'' 11 "'") '"" the car and in- ljurcd fatally. I p a . C o m m i s s i o n e r Lavender's 1 Willow Street. One vehicle contained left with dozens of partially trolmcn Van Thomas Salis- preliminary hearing for the aj- complcled homes in 1000 bury, 30, of-4412 E. Mth St.. ' Slron-jarm l!:imlit Draus Six [ when Ihe government seized Long llcach Federal Savings Loan Association, Ihe f i r m financing its construction. Only 291 of WO h o m e s ! David William Curnan. 2:1, planned for the tract had| 0 f .1S-A S. Daisy Avc., was been completed at the lime sentenced by Superior Judge of the seizure. [Maurice C. Sparling Friday to · · · * !si\ months in County Jail for HART SAID the Rellehurst a strongarm robbery, discussions w i l l get under; Police said Curnan over- way Monday after control of powered John F". Kennedy Jr.. the loan association is re- 25. of 1757 Coronado Avc., turned to its original man- and stole $00 from him here agemcnt. i t c h . 18. Attorneys in the disputc | over Ihe seizure of the as- hoarch Max Wilfand, hoard sociatiim Friday morning ap- legal adviser, George Bctzold, proved, as to form, orders assistant general manager of for dismissal of all state courtllhe Federal Savings Loan litigation filed in the last lf I n s u r a n c e Corp.; Kingston y cars _ [McCoy, FSI.IC deputy comp Special sessions of Long!'"'"": l- lo ''' I-oudcrmilk. of Peach Superior and Los An-'TM.lC: Oliver Nickerscm. spe- gclcs U. S. District CourtsTM representative of the are scheduled for 7:30 a m.' l)0 - lr| : lra A - Bi*°n. member Monday in the association's! 0 ' 'he hoard, and George offices, 32S Long Beach Blvd. Monk, special counsel lo the The S12 · million escrow- transaction and the dismissal legcd wrong-way driver, Jim- mic Allan Cooper. 2fi. a Navy cook, of 1600 W. 25th St.. will c o n t i n u e Tuesday. Cooper. ;who was arrested IS minutes " cr ON' STAGE -- "A Man Called Peter," C o m m u n i t y Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St.. 8-10 p.m. "T h c Andcrsonville Trial," Magnolia Theater, 2100 Magnolia Avc., 8:.tO p.m. "Mr. Roberts," Off-Broadway Thcatcr,21l Lime Avc., 8:30 p.m. CONCERT -- Municipal Band, Exhibit Hall. Municipal Auditorium. 2 p.m. I!y SIIEHM WILt.IA.MS Did you e\er take a queasy |wk at the Seal Beach Navy Net and Ammunition Depot and wonder if it could all go boom like one super-colossal Fourth of July'.' If so. you can relax a little. There's nothing there, says Executive Officer W. B. Dickson. that you can't shake, rattle or roll. Well, shake a little, rattle a bit and roll--carefully. Just in case you are completely relaxed, here's the death toll in some notable explosions: Hercules Powder plant. Kenvil. N J , Sept. 11, 1910, dead. 51; two munitions .ships. Port Chicago. Calif. July 17. 1911. dead: 322: Flench Grandcamp in Texas City. Tex., harbor. April Hi. 1917. dead: 510; Dynamite trucks, Cali. Colombia. Aug. 7. l!)3(i, dead: 1.100. What chance is Iheie of something like that happening at Seal Beach? "Very- little," Cmdr. l i n k son fays. First of all, he explains, ammunition ships aren't al lowed at the Seal Beach dock. However, there are warships and other Navy vessels taking on or discharging ammunition or missiles. But Navy explosives experts have carefully calculated the blast area in the event the a m m u n i t i o n on one of the warships should explode. It wouldn't extend into any populated area. Commander Dickson says. On Ihe base the a m m u n i - " ^ *;i · «;V;y .. . / 'fK^. :. : CMDK. DICKSON' No Rig lloom t m n :iiul missiles arc placed in 11" bunkers in carefully nieastued amounts and distances nn tlv 5.110(1 acres covered hy thr depot. If om- maga/mr should C \ p i o d e , I t W o u l d n ' t t O U l l l cif thr w-\\ one. Atul. t h e policy is. w h e n in d i n i l i l . don't. "A -hi|, u i l l not !·· loaded nr o f f - l o i i i e d if safety is at all a i|i:e-lion," Cnulr Dickson s.iys ' ho dropped. shaken nr banned iltn In the safety devices limit inln them." he said. "It's not like t h e old days "We (Kcasionally clrnp tilings. ln;| the reason we don't like f i d r n p t h e m isn't df r::p!oMon hut instead III: 1 i!an:;er nf damag- in;: t h " electronics parts m- ·.id'. 1 ." He'-'ides missiles nnd a m - m u n i l i i m , the dcput stores nets a n d l i n n vs. T h e cylindrical and bill-shaped buoys ore can so.? from Pacific Coast Highway arc poised ready In be put in use in Lung Beach ?r.d Los Angeles Hathors i:i the event nf another war. llehind the buoy 1 *, out of sight from the highway, arc rets the buoys would sup- piirt. How on row of anchors are kept nearby to secure the nets and buoys to tin- harbor bottom. A new i n s t a l l a t i o n on the dep'it soon will be an as- semhly plant tor the nation's new Saturn II missile. 'Ihe plant w i l l he near the intersection of Westminster and l.os Alamitos boulevards. Under command of the headquarters of the ammunition depot at Seal Beach is the annex at F.illhrook. Calif. The Fallbrook depot was commissioned in 19-12 and the Seal Beach installation in November. I!) 14. The Fallhrook site was annexed to Seal Beach in May. lOSS. Of the Cil t civilian em- ployes at both dc|ols. MO wort; at the Seal Beach installation. Ibi" Navy csti- m!"-- 5'i rr!!:on inrv.iilly is contributed to the economy of the communities around both depots in wag"s and money spent for services, supplies and con- M i u c t i ' i n . In the la-t M.K2H tons of arnniumtion of all type? including missiles w.n taken off S'l ships and lighters at the Seal Hcach dock. Dunn;: Ihe same period. 22.^2 tons was loaded onto -111 ships at lighter"-. are Democrats. Daniel Ridder! is a Republican. \Y!n« Itiiinl A u a r i l ; Judy Parr has won the perpetual trophy fur outstanding service let Ihe Long Beach Junior Concert Hand, directed by Marvin Marker. I h e tro phy was piesented at Ihe band's 10th annual awards banquet nt I nkeuood Coun- .Iry Club. . board. The association hopes to orders all part of" the com-]"!TM '"r business at 9 a.m. promise between the Federal M o n d a y . Depositors Home Loan Bank Hoard and withdrew their accounts after the association in February, will he completed at the same the seizure can get the quar ter's interest they missed il moment M.-.niiy. srJ Tharwi "·."' ret-crosit between Mon A. Gregory, president of the day and Apr.l 10. spokesmen association, will resume con-'."' 1 'Irol l Frank Smalra and Dean · · · · j.Martin will appear at the as AMONG TIIH officials to soci.ition's offices from noon he present at the rpechl «?«··!" -1 pm. Monday to sign sions will be Clarence S.[autographs, association old- Smith, assistant lo the bankjcials said. SIIUOUDKD.MISSII.i: is wheeled into Seal Ik'iidi Naval Ammunition Depot mapazinc for storage. Type of missile was nut revealed by Navy. Early Development of Park Oil Pool Urged on Council. By GLOIWii: WLLKS isible for the pio,:i.ini, s u b j i - c r w d l autliori/i' City Manager F.arly action to dcxvlop oil to policy d i l u t i o n from the John R. Mansfll In us- il.e production in Recreation Park council. | services of the Harbor DC; i','..and in the huge ollshort- field. ,\ t | m ,| , r ,,,i,,,n. aKn adopt- rr-ent petroleum divisi': i lo a - - iwas apprnu-d Friday by the ,.,| unanimously, i n s t r u c t e d J'*t Leonard W. I' i... !!·· jCity ('ouncd's Harbor. Indus- jj,,. , ,;y nianager to report m c i t y ' s supt-r\isor ' i |" :· tries and Oil Committee. the a d v i s a b i l i t y ,md ft-asibility'erti'.-s. T h e five-member t u m m i t t i e ,,f ( [,..,nn;; an oil d e p i r t m c n l ! C'ommitte'' ::·!·· '- i' v - ' l i recommended that the c o u n c i l . u n h i nywidi- jurisdiction. |ed most n' ·'· · .: 'J ! .- · ·..: »i's- accept in principle a form ol | lease for the Recreation Park , |l( . nn ,.C^, y t |,, lrk . r amend-; | l a r l : ) ; " ' " ; development giving the c i t y ,,,,...,_ ( ,,, lnc :,|,-. cn ,,,,, th( , v; ' stringent control o\i-r opera- · II.-MI.»I.«. ions, including antisuliMdence measures if necessary 1 . A|MI urged u p f j n the c o u n - cil was the scheduling of a public hearing on t r e a t i n g a permissible d u l l i n g area covering on- acre r.-'.ir the (enter of the park. 'WHAT IS IT?' It's a swarm nf bees, that's what it if. and a small proup nf onlookers stand (at a safe distance) at the rorncr of Anaheim Street and Myrtle Avenue to sec what the busy little insects will do next. The boe warmnl on the tmrxl and fender nf a r;ir hflnnping lo a used rar lot ·ndin;: possible action on sum lo '.·· ' ' al S230.000 A Siipcri'ir Oi::rt J*:T'. d.iy put a S2'!0.(HK| p r : TfR.M\(i 10 the offshore m a I'-""-'' " f ' " n ~ i [iroject, committee members property w h i c h t i e ST.I that the council direct California M . - i n n d a- t. · the city manager ar.d city at- ()f a ,,,.,,. [),.,,,,,,,, : ; : , MAN Rajrior.d C. , d e t a i l I ! - ' ' : .: i.v live;; a:-.d Doputv · . A::-. I h i ' . a l I inga'. I I ' . , - , . '.Mil !·· Il'.ac!- :!:·.· tus : s ,r r ; : ; - . ; . : i : n . - b i d d i n g by o 1 .':.* - i f ' - . A basic :»-per-cent r o j a l t y torney to "work toward orderly dcu-:u|.ni(.r.t under the city manager a-, c\pe'J:::i.u .!y as · tor Velncl I The I J u d g e F r e motion''""" 1 ' ttlp !" : b . l i l d . t g. 1 d,-bii.-r..!i:-.- n Miller'- c....:t p r u c t n b.- pr.l i" I.:;::.: as lon-erv.,:.--. t.ile of l!o^ i He.:, r. l«Tf, on the W l ' l l o W An additional ioalu f r o m Deliicry to Ihe c i t y nf the · - IS- rroi-OtV.; neeii".! for !':- Authority hy the cily to !;in, or order prc- arev if evidence i - n t i \ e n a .f su Full cuntrnl by the city oxer T h e w e i r d . n g of t h established for the f i r s t time L l 'l | J n ' o f f i c i a l l y t h a t the ny man- " ( t h c °"''" 1 ' " ! agcr is to be directly rcspon-i mvnf ' r "' "'" I 11 - - .northwest ;Street and Pa. il (l ' -The lot now i oc- ap il by a r!:c:t:"'!s ·!'·, r a t i o n to insure l ; ivi; .MilH'«W«T|riV* jrcstaurar.t. ^ i.-.tiTlercnce w i t h Thc Long li'Mch-hisrd Pa- Thre- e \ | . . r t ,- ,\,. .,;;.- .1.- r e c r i - i t ; o r . i l u-f of the park, cific Mine Force will he r e p r e - a l s at Ihe ueekior.i: In inr.g Term ·( tlv Ifa--; is .13 sented at Ihe April 21 opening'ran^ing f n m S2ii2.(""i to \ e a r s of the Seattle World's Fair hy $2St.(t'i M i s Light's a t t ' . r - fr..!»r a M-parale _agree- : f n e «ean minesweepers of rey, W.inci II l i k ' t : . ·:',-',;. Alar,.:o*,1 Co. will i M i n c Division 92. ; I)r'p:ity A t t o r n e y C.Tcils pot 2 n^ per cent of the city's l They arc tr,e Pivol. Pluck/M.irvm ('."Msm'th" av I '·'· r- royjltu-s in relu-n for amend- l i r . r r j y . Constant ar.J Ad-, IVr'-, w , : " ;; 'g i^'T ·' d«-rd r. ·-···, i .-i a p i i n s t v a i r c " 'lo-.r.-.r!. .'"I pr.«!..' · "

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