Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 21
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C-4-INDEPENDENT (AM) tm UK*. Cilil, Tut!., Feb. 25, w» PRESSdTELEGRAM (PM) Rumors Insist Buffalo Has Signed O. J. -ROYBETZ'S. S-A.NT.A. .A.NIT.A. T«H»», Fti. B; ctwdy-MvMy First Post 1 p.m. 33SS-FIRST RACE. · furltni. 3-ytwltMs and ui. Purse MM*. Claimm BUFFALO, N.Y. (UP1) -- Four weeks have . passed since Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. bet his bag of marbles on ^ . Southern California half.-back 0.J. Simpson. For those 28 days, Wilson has played his cards to perfection. Persistent rumors have circulated here that Wilson has already signed the Heisman Trophy winner to an American Football . League contract. A Bills · spokesman denied this ; Monday as "not even good . fiction." Jack Horrigan, vice president for public rela- - lions, said that Wilson has had only one bargaining session with Simpson's representatives to date. He pointed out that Wilson said earlier that he and Simpson were "far apart." "The day that 0. J. Simpson signs, you'll hear · about it," Horrigan said. LAKERS- (Continued from Page C-l) ankle (3), groin pull (3) · and two hamstring pulls (12) the various maladies. In 9% seasons he has missed 116 games due to 21 injuries. · Before West pulled his , hamstring the first time in San Diego on Jan. 29 he had been in one of the hottest shooting streaks of his carreer, averaging 30.3 points and connncting at a 53 per cent clip. "Everytime I shot I thought the ball would go in," he said at the time. Having been idled 15 days with his latest injury, West isn't likely to bounce back too fast. Still, he is known for his , recuperative powers. The Lakers have 10 of their last 15 games at home, Atlanta only 5 of 13. The Hawks, who play - -in New York tonight and Boston Friday, have one more Forum appearance, -"March 21. That also is EI' gin Baylor Night. B a y l o r , incidentally, · .came out of a prolonged V slump with a 13-for-21 ;; shooting effort Sunday. ·With West in uniform and - Baylor back to normal, - the Lakers may reassert themselves as the best in the West. BRUINS- ' (Continued from Page C-l) guard Mack Calvin are the -only sure starters Friday night at Cal. USC is at Stanford Saturday afternoon. The Friday game will be televised live by Ch. 11 and the Saturday contest at 2:30 . p.m. is the Pacific-8 Con' ference television game of Hie week on Ch. 5. Selected player of the week in the pro division was Larry Miller of the .Stars. University division player of the week was UCLA's Lew Alcindor. Other comments: GARY COLSON, P«DDcrdlne coach: "We clayed our besl oame of ihe seoson in flefeatinn UOP. We didn't olav os well agolnst St. Mary's but still won." ' The Waves face the WCAC leader, Santa Clara, Friday nloht at the L.A. Sports Arena They meet University of Son . Francisco Saturdoy ct 5:45 o.m. os s oreliminarv to the Stars-New Orleans " flash, also ot the L.A. Snorts Aren^. DICK BAKER. Loyola coach: "It VMS * big weekend for us. Our wins over UOP and St. Morv's were our first bock-to-back victories of It* season." Loyola faces USF Friday nioht =1 tne Lovolo pvm. then plays Santa Cloro at l?-30 cm. in the Inokwood High ovm Soturdov as the WCAC television asms ol the week Mace delay at 3 c.m. on Ch. GEORGE LEHMAN, Stars: "I've olovcd in Mlh the fJRA and AnA and was surprised to discover there Is a tot of talent In the ABA. The big man In the NRA is superior. The plovers in tne ABA now fee! the .^ague is here to s f dv. Thot should mokr a difference in sian- Inp college clavors this veor. Our league gives fhe voting nlovers a betler orjnor- tunitv thon the NBA. which needs few JIM BROCKU. Lakers: "Jerrv West will be bock for our oame Tuesday (to- niohil with Seattle. We passed out bol- lots given to our plovers by the Sporting Hews. Nine hoy* been returned out of 77. All nine voters selected Wes Unseld of Baltimore for rookie of the year. Eight of nine picked him cs most valua* ble player In the league." Bucs Cut Sauhers · NEW ORLEANS (UP1) -- Rookie Glynn Saulters, n member of the United States Olympic basketball team last summer, was placed on waivers by the New Orleans Buccaneers . Monday, possibly ending his playing for the season. Kyber Leaves A.U. WASHINGTON (ffl -Alan Kyber resigned Monday as coach of American University's basketball .team. "We don't intend to sit on it. Those rumors are not even good fiction." Horrigan said that to his knowledge, no new lalks have been scheduled with Simpson or his representatives. Those who suspect Simpson's name is already on a contract insist they have good reason for their beliefs: --Wilson has made it clear from the start that he intends to sign his prize rookie and told newsmen a half hour after the actual draft he foresaw "no major problems." --Wilson broke a precedent earlier this month by issuing a statement on the lone negotiation session with Simpson's representatives. While he insisted they weren't even close, there were many doubters in the crowd who pointed to Wilson's normal reluctance to discuss contract talks until the player was signed. --Mystery novel-type suspense, followed by a stunning victory by the "good guys" never hurt a football team's season ticket sales. --0. J. Simpson has never been in Buffalo and told newsmen after the draft he would not visit here until his contract was in hand. Simpson has accepted a March 18 speaking engagement at a sports celebrity dinner in St. Catharines, Ont., about 25 miles northwest of Buffalo. Some of the doubters hacked up a few paces Monday after hearing of Horrigan's comments. But a few paces was all they'd move. Even -if Simpson is not, in fact, signed to a contract, they reasoned, it was unlikely that the two-time all-America halfback and Wilson were as far apart as the Bills would like to have the public believe. In the meantime, Simpson's name continued to spread across the sports pages -- with a big question mark neatly placed after it. Indfx Horse Jockey 3J56 Gentle Barb, Resales . A3/3 Aboutaoio. Blum .Vii; Revel's Reward, Aft. Vaten. ... 3IS5 Mi** Amber X, Wahornev . jjll St'bltT, Garza Abbey Kav, Lambert .. 33:3 Lignt DP Road, Blum . 3:;3 Painted Valley, Trevino . 3250 you Atodiv, Camoas . . . iooraao, Hinnaii . S317 Lord's Ransom, Diaz . . j;.*s Pcnian, Alvarez jj?3 Top Sioiv, Tc-jeira y.5i Khaicd Brise, Camws 3354 Rule of Cavan, M. Baten LONGSHOT-- LIGHT DE ROAD. 3J69L-SECOND RACE. 7 fur long i ing price 54000. pp wt. ctmmtnt . 7 xin Looks twst of ihesr 15 114 Ihreat it starts . li Ili Soeed to Ihrealtn .,, ... . _ . 5 to? Ihrfrat as wrtohted 5 Xl06 Capable of surprising T ' . . 9 1W Cftanc* with this bov- 4 111 Lonoihot factor _ . . 6 113 Way need easier . ... _ .. 1 i» inside post no h*lp 2 111 May need ratine . . . - -12 116 .. 10 1U Not with this field . li 114 Should scratch out . 11 10? Figures among stragsiers . 13 114 Needs to show mere . 4-ytir-oldi and up. Punt MOM. Tot Odds *! . 10-1 15-1 .m j£i ::! cliinv « andini, Atvare; ...... 35i2 Prosaic One, Yandez . . 1 1 i352 Suy Fox. t.\. Valcn ...... . 1 6 3.'25 Evorv Cfiancc, Rosalcs _______ 9 2252 Dote With Ah, Snoemaker . . . 4 3Jii Win Ruler, Lamoert ........ 10 32SS Gentry, Pineda ............. 6 3271 Horthcrn Venture. Sellers . . . 5 3M3 TPllatJf earn, Harris ....... . . . . 2 , Burning Steel, Blu 3J43 LO.V Tension, Trevino ii?0 F!e?t, Maharne LONGSHOT--NORTHERN VENTURE. 117 Figures only a lump away 120 Hoi overmaiched her* 116 Threat if starts xli5 Will keeo them honest 117 Boy best recommendation 117 close well on occasion 117 Could surprise them 1M Contention runs deeo ... 113 Way need easier 114 Give him a local race 1U Appears overmatched Hi Not of! recent 116 Should scratch out xlOS Needs the light weight. -... 117 Aooears leas? likely "··;: iS-i :::!?:. Maiden 3-vtar-olds. Pune MOM. Claiming j?20 Trtno Tans- Lambert . . 7 335* Pie Bros, Resales .. . 1? 3?6i Kidoka, Shoemaker n 3UO Aonerus, tiluni 9 33-17 Da v in LI, Yanei . . 5 33i4 Iron River, Pineda S 3255 Best of Khaled, Fires . n 32S. 7 Departure Bay, Pierce . 33^S Food Man, Trevino . . . . . . . 3 3302 a-Voritholofu, M. Valen 11 "" Glittering Affair, Sellers l Tea Shio, Harmatz 4 j.'cd Craiv Fox. Teleira 14 32t4 a-Caotain Tux, fA. Valen. . . 16 32W Delta Lad, Harris 13 32M Prado Shade, Cespedes -- . 15 a-L. Dorfman-trained entry. LONGSHOT-DEPARTURE "" 3391--FOURTH RACE. 1 1/S milts, Ing price 3210 Glit 3209 Tea 116 Could surprise them 7-2 x106 Dangerous today .. . - 3-1 111 Probaolv oo ihe favorite . . 5-2 116 Will not be fir dwty ·! llo Fair effort last start . . A-l 116 Not without a chance 6-1 11s Would have to surprise . 8-1 H6 Longshot factor . .. . 10-1 Us Question of distance 10-1 116 Beat only tired horses JS-i 11s Must improve.. -._ . 15-1 116 Field looks too tough 20-1 Hi Tough spot to graduate 20-1 116 Appears overmatched 15-1 116 Should scratch out 20-1 116 Trailed all the way 20-1 ^ ___ _______ _ s. -vear-o!ds and up. Purjt WOOO. Top diirn- 33-ii Rome Boys, Tdevino _.. -.-.330/ Gold Certificate, Resales . .--. 3238 Caesar Cire, Pineda 3344 Sudden Storm, Blum 3274 Amor, Ydnez 33J4 Persian Ruo, !. Valen. 3274 Carajoso, McCullar 334J Catch Me Boys, Volrfce 5343 a-Luckv Like, M. valcn 3331 Poncho Jake, Gibbons . 3307 a-Double HODDv, M. Valen. a-R. Sechresr-lralned entry. LONGSHOT--CARAJOSO. 6 117 Good spot for action 3 x!03 Fader as weighted 7 117 Could take It all 10 114 Best a bold threat 117 Will keep them honest 114 Strong In the stretch 117 Will fore* the wee 103 Needs the light weight 117 Willing but in tough 113 Outside chance 117 Far off best form .... 10-1 15-1 10-1 aiden 3-year-old colti A geldings. Punt 3345 Fancy Silk. Sellers .. . 14 3149 Poona Clare, Sroemaker ... ,. 13 331? Kino Romany, M. Volcn 4 3302 Emseror Smith. Lambert 10 Granja Amigo. Pineda -- . 9 . . First Go, Resales 15 33i7 David Oliver, Vol7ke 12 k ittle Hiilarav, Diaz _ 4 Bulled Cvclons, Alvarer 1 . . . Boots McCoy, Mahorney 5 Dr. Benson, Resales . " 3302 Angrie Posch, Ccsoedes 8 . . Wayward Kacv, Hartack .-- 6 3165 Mr. Mel, Volzke 16 3347 Greek Show, Fires 7 3302 Choice Deal, Trevino _... 11 LONGSHOT--LITTLE HtLLARAY. 113 Edge in a tiaht race iia Speed to threaten _ 113 Fair works to recommend 4-1 xU5 Mnv need racing 6-1 113 Another with soeed 6-1 US Outside chance 3-1 118 Must Improve 10-1 118 Lltlle to go on ,, 10-1 xi 13 Give him a race 15-1 US Sharp improvement needed 20-1 118 Not off last 20-1 118 Should scratch out 20-1 113 Far off best 25-1 118 Would be a surprise 25-1 4-ytar-otfli ind UD. 3303 Pooncorle, Shoemaker 331S Fleetino Thought, Sellers 3240 Fleet Hostess, Resales ... 3241 Diane's Theme, Lambert 3343 Story Bridge, Volike 3329 Nowheresville, PIncav 3369 Hastings Song. Pierce 332? Determined Hazel, Hall 3202 a-Jen Punch, Hartack ... 9 US Strickly the one to beat 2 US Figures close , 4 x)07 Factor as weighted 6 115 Will force the ooce 8 115 Requires best effort 1 11B Outside chance 2 112 Can and must Improve 5 115 Field looks too tough 2355 o-Shoes n Stocklnas, H'tack _... 10 a-R. Craft and M. Tenney-tralned entry. LONG5HOT--HASTINGS SONG. ihly needs racing 1 3394--SEVENTH RACE, t furtoHflJ. 4-ytar-oldi and up. Clajlili«o Illowinctt. Purse MOOQ- i Sharivai .. _..j Ottawa Hills (Pincav) 3205 Royal Blast (Hartack) 3250 Road Maker n (Pierce) _ 3339 Big John A. (Resales) 8W9 Dauohinv (Shoemaker) Tampa Trouble (Fires) LONGSHOT--DAUPHINY. 7 ...... 4 2 . 6 115 Running In tough luck 120 Always trxjflh to catch 115 Dangerous all the way 114 Best a threat _ __. xii3 Scratched to trv here .-114 Boy best recommendation 113 Figures least likely 3-2 :::: .... 6-1 3395--EIGHTH RACE. 7 furlongs. Purse HS.OOO added. Gross J27.800. fourth SJ500. (3323)Eastcr Junction (Pierce) l (33i9)Dumpty's Lady (Pincavl - 3 3323 Poana Doens (Shoemaker) 2 '3215)Lover J s Quarrel (Pineda) J !323 Prove lt_Girl .(Hartack^, 6 7 3323 .. 3349 Fourth Round (Lambert) -3215 Urine's Orphan (Sellers) ... - [3W5UVflr Khal (Yanez) 3349 Potlte's Cupcake (Mahornev) -3215 Hasty Hitter (Fires) ._ LONGSHOT--LYNNE'S ORPHAN. 118 Rroeat of last hard to teat . 112 Never better tfian now 112 Usually closes well ..._ 118 I ooked good winning last 112 Demands support 118 Closes well on occasion 118 Caoabie of surprising 112 May be this good 11? Figures to weaken 118 Must Improve 3396--NINTH RACE. 1 1/8 miles. 4.y*ar-ol(J» ind up. Punt 58500. Toft Clam Ing price t30.000- 3042 a-Mc Brave (Sellers) '142 Road Hog (Yaner) ,,i Cusinero (Fires) - i342 Conrov Kid (Mahomey) 3351 Windy Point (Pineda) 3303 a-StooD TO Conauer (Alvarez) ... 3321 Piquita (Resales) 3252 Cue Card (Blum) . a-B. Porter-trained entrv. UQNGSHOT--PIQUITA. 120 Edge in a tlotit race 115 Aooeare the one to beat 120 Figures rigth there 11J will try runaway race ,,.. 119 HdDS mike it a tough race 112 Part of a oood team *103 Solid lonoshot ehanr.ft 117 Soeed to threaten Crigger Sees '69 Vikings as 'My Best Team by By BOB MARTIN Staff Writer Long Beach City College's tennis team opens its 1969 Metropolitan Conference campaign Wednesday, and coach Benny Crigger is more optimistic than ever. This is Crigger's fourth year as coach, and he be- 5. Alex Silver, sophomore from Jordan 6.. Gerald Ede, sophomore from Wilson Hl ?."'G:2rae Nichols wphomore- from Wilson Hloh. 8. Chris Cox, soohomort from Valencia Hlsh. , . y. Bruce Rugs, freshman from Jordan '?0." Dave Clark, sophomore from Milll- kan. E.x-Texan Bruce, who moved to Long Beach a year ago or so ago, gives Crigger the best No. 1 lieves the Vikings will continue to improve their record. In 1966 the Vikings posted a 0-12 conference and 0-18 season mark; in 1967, they were 4-10 and 4-13; and, last year, 5-9 and 9-10. "I will have my best team by far this year," Crigger says, "and I am very excited about our prospects. It's a shame I didn't have this team last year, for all the other teams appear to be stronger this season, too. It should be a very interesting race." There are two new teams in the Metropolitan Conference -- Pierce and Pasadena. But the conference still is made up of eight schools, since East Los Angeles and Rio Hondo have been shifted to other leagues. Pierce won the Western State Conference last year, and Crigger says he hears Pierce has its top two players back. Rain canceled LBCC's nonconference m a t c h e s against Fullerton and Long Beach Naval Station last week. The Vikings' only competition has been against Golden West, which LBCC won, 9-0. 1. Rob Bruce, newcomer (soDhomore) from midland, Tex. 2. Norbcrt Naauln, sophomore trom Jordan High. 3. Kirk Bassler, sophomore from Lakewood Hloh. . , . 4. Dan BacctitHI, freshman from Jor- d«n Hleh. man he has had. "He is a very good player with tremendous ground strokes and the desire to win," says Crigger. Bruce is a newcomer 1 to the LBCC team. Naquin played No. 1 last year and was tied for the third best player in the league with four others (he split with each of the four in two league matches). He's playing behind Bruce now. "l have great ctntldence In Kirk Busier dl No. 3," savs Crigger. "He has to be the best natural athlete I have ever coached -- he lust didn't get around to plavlng enough tennis in high school because he was a good varsity basketball player. He saw Stan Smith and Boo Lutz at Oiai last yeat and told me, "Coach I have just retired from basketball io become a tennis Dlayer." Crigger's doubles teams at this time arc: l. Bruce and Naauin; 2. Bassler ternoon and then takes on Santa City College at home at 2:30 p.m. Friday. Crigger feels that Santa Monica may be the best in the conference. "I hear Santa Monica has Jon Fort and Jerry Van Linge and that Craig Fugle (finalist in the tough Lake-wood Country Club "C" tournament) Is their No. 5 man." THE 40TH RECREATION" PARK Tennis Club Tournament gets under way Saturday morning and will continue Sunday and the following weekend at the Bilie Jean Moffltt Kina Tennis Center in the park. The club's monthly meeting will be held tonight in the Recreation Park Clubhouse, 4500 E. Seventh St. A potluck djnner will be «t 6:30 and the meeting at THE BALBO* BAY CLUB Invitational Tournament wound 110 without a champion. The singles finals (Arthur Ash* vs. Charlts Pisarell) and the doubles semifinals and finals were rained out both on Sunday and Monday, and fournment director Hugh Stewart then had to call the whole thing off since participants had other commitments to meet or had to return to college. * * * * FINALS IN THE "C" division of ths Lakcwood Country Club- Junior Veteran. Senior and "C" Toumment were postponed from Sunday till next.Saturdsv. DON'T FORGET the big pro meet coming uo Ihe evenings of March 3, 5, 6 and e m the Forum. DEADLINE' FOR ENTERING ihe annual Long Beach Junior Championships for '69 it's IDEAL LEASE TIME Now! Exclusive from Executive* Car Leasing. The Ideal Lease is"^J JS the lease that gives you complete^" protection from speculation on the future of the* used car market. With our exclusive lease, at the end of 24 months, if the resale value of your car is high-the profit is yours. On the other hand, if there's a loss, we absorb it. For complete details, call Executive today. EXECUTIVE,, CAR LEASING COMPANY® 9466 East Firestone Avenue, Downey TO 1-7244 Richards and ^ Torre Get Into Verbal War S 1 ! Aboutmlo " ! R. RtwanJ 2 11. CounKf Dandlnl l prosakOn* ISSMSMiS* I K. Reward lAboulWJL. I D a f l d l n l f l j T C o u n t e r w B counter I Soy Fox Ig-aSAV" IProSCOn* (5) I IfMRlvcr I Pie »"» _ tdoks (5) ATLANTA /P -- Atlanta Braves catcher Joe Terre and team vice president Paul Richards have exchanged sharp words in baseball's continuing player-owner dispute but veteran pitcher Ken Johnson has signed his new contract. Richards told Hie Atlanta Constitution in a telephone interview from the Braves' training camp at West Palm Beach, Fla.. that he didn't care if Torre "holds out uniil Thanksgiving." "No more than he has contributed the last two years, it wouldn't hurt us if he did," Richards said. "If Mr. Richards feels that way about me and my abilities of the last couple years, then I'm sure there are other clubs BETZ'S BEST Most Probable Winner -- Sharlvari In Best Bet--Tons Tan In 3rd. Beit Money Prospect -- Rome Bovs In 4th. Win Parlav -- Gentle Barb In 1st to Pooncarie in £th. Lonssnot Sopicol -- Piquita In Jin. Mason's Specials BEST BET--Fancy silk in ilh. BEST CHANCE BET--Fourth Round PREFERRED PARLAY--Fancy Silk to Prove It Clrl. BANKROLL SPECIAL--Gentry in 2nd. CLOCKER'S TIP--Easter Junction in WHEEL HORSE--Dandlni In 2nd. that would be happy to hear from him by telephone and take a burden off his hands," Torre told the newspaper by telephone interview from his New York home. The 29-year-old catcher was plagued with injuries last season and hit only .271 with 10 home runs and 55 runs batted in. Torre said Richards has expressed a distaste for Marvin Miller, executive director of the Major League Players Assn., who has led the dispute wiih club owners over pension money. He added that since he has been working closely with Miller in the negotiations, R i c h a r d s probably was not overly fond of him either. The catcher said he understands why some players have signed their 1969 contracts and he doesn't feel that they have deserted him or the cause. Torre .said he felt no animosity toward fellow players who have already signed contracts. One of those who signed was Johnson, a veteran of 10 years' big league activity who last year had a 5-S record as a middle distance relief pitcher and spot starter. ! cola Cert. £ 8 " lar . aa ~ ,,r Cirt I Perslan_Ru ; Fancy Silk !«·« Si* Poona Clare ~ ~Y "pooncarle I P- Thought FThtwgM I Nowheresvlllt Fleet Hostess I Pooocatie ro».o^.=.« ! PSST'iS?" King Romany I Little HIH_ TEmaVror Smithl Fane Silk iFncvSlk(H) Finn'silk I Emperor Smlttll Emor Smth. (it I pSr« C|aj;e_IFIislGo I Poaoa Clare |5i I Dimes Theme I Dlanes Their* I Ptoncarle 5 I fa? lasaiu lEftaraj" .ibsr* I3EH, igKMYAr | iai Maker 111 Road f/iater_H_IM_Masr_il (1I__ riTj'JrKtjon lO-La-iy, | E. JunctaTTl) hi a-M# Brave "; Road Hofl 1 Cusinero "NOTE--Number alter handicopper's "is number of winners selected. GOLDEN GATE RESULTS FIRST RACE-* IWlOINs: Swad Leader, Tohill .513.50 S5.8J W.M Bosgs Bunny, Gonialez 5-TM ·"" PoS's Harmo. Van Lorn -- «·«' Time-l:l2 3/5. No scratches. SECOND RACE-6 furlongs: F.dtn's BMO. Vlnila. , 41.20 15.20 9.00 RocKless Moment, walker .. 2l.oO iJ.uu B , Forlundae Ab, Haoa Cle. DAILY DOUBLE (J-5) PAID UII.M THIRD RACE-- Om mile: Silver Fir, Tie rney ..... S18.10 SJ.M SS.M Rrrule. Hall FOURTH RACE-4 nlrlonos: . \voxo(. Ydka . ... .... 15.80 «.» 3-;J Willow Rod. Gonialcs ......... 4.-0 3.CO Admiral's Flecl. Morales 3.-0 Time-- 1:114/5. Also ran: Sparrows King. Diomond Dmn, Hv Pirmt, Slrccl Fignter. FIFTH RACE-6 lurlongs: Coocer Jay, Pineda . 3 60 3.00 2.60 Coach Quits H.C. WORCESTER. Mass. I-PI -- Joe Scannella, 39, named last Wednesday as o f f e n s i v e co-cordinator for the Holy Cross football team, resigned Monday to take a more lucrative post as offensive backfield coach with the Montreal Alouettes. Swll Imhroi. Yaka . 9.00 ! f Revel Mar Lou. Ccmcota . 3 ^ Tine--1:II 3/S. Also rans: Klgngasvr. No Hurry, Sonapanoma. SIXTH RACE--4 furlongs: Sneer Heaven. Vlzke 6.20 4.JO 3 a Kinifiri. Valcnzuela 15.00 Sn Rcuoncd, Pineda 4 M Time--P12. Also rans: pme Omv. Honey Bern, Free Sample, First Dance, Fonnal M=jrriaoe. Dance Solilv. SEVENTH RACE-4 furlongs: No Host. Blum . 8.40 4 ffl 3 ?n Broad Shadows, Jennings . . 4 20 3 ?o Fatncr Dino, Frey - - j j l Time--1-101/5. Also rans: Palo Herro. Baflle, So He Does EIGHTH RACE-4 furlongs: Fleet Kirst-h. Blum , .. 4.00 3.40 ?.?T Aoolicaror, Alvarez 10.40 6M King Loma, Teieira . . 4 GO Time--1-11. Also rans: Polorancl/. Gallant Policy, Salud Y Pesetas, Formu. late. Pitch Out. NINTH RACE--One mile- Ailicus. Gonzalez .... 12.40 v.20 4 M Call Me R.B.. Freeman 7.63 Another Co'or, Jennings 3,:0 Time--I 39 1/5 AKo rans: Traqcd. R A Roberts, Satin Rose, Galahoc, Wantage Norlh. Troian Blue, Jeffav/ay. 44,000 GUARANTEE ,'- .GLASS RBER BEIT ,J PLUS FREE REPLACEMENT FIRST YEAR or 10,000 MILES** On The Fabulous New Kelly Springfield Wide Belt G/P ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT TODAY'S TIRE GUARANTEES? You will not be confused about our guarantees! You Get Our Guarantee Spelled Out and in Writing! KELLY RICHARDSON OFFER YOU MORE! You can't compare the new Wide Belt G/P with any tire you've ever used. It is truly a quality -- premium tire. ^Therefore the Richardson Tire Co. guarantees your Wide Belt G/P Tires for a minimum of 44,000 ' miles of wear. 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