Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 13
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 13

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 13
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New Swedish King Crowned STOCKHOLM, Sweden, -Qct. 30,by\the closed ;coffin covered with (#)--Gustaf VI today was pro-jthe ermine iiantle-of the dead claimed "King, of the Swedes, the. In- , LONG TRAIt-^Janig Paltin, left, and Ernest is, both 41, are shown in their 25-foot sloop Polaris after their arrival at Long Beach, Calif. It took .them fif- , teen months to come from Sweden, and hope they are allowed to stay.. They're Latvians who left their homeland ahead of invading Communists in 1944. Senator Says Imposing Profits Tax Is Easier Said Than Done By MARGARET CHASE SMITH . Tj. S. Senator From Maine SKOWHEGAN, Me.; Oct.'30.--pne of the most controversial issues ·left linfinlshed by congress when it recessed in October and one which -It will tackle when it comes back. Into, session the -latter part of-November Is a proposed excess profit tax.'Although there seems to be over- whelrnlng-support In congress-for'such a tax, there are some very bitter opponents · of: the proposal Soma observers have said, that the failure of congress to enact an ex cess profits tax will act to accelerate iand accentuate-' demands'-for another round of wage Increases. The Issue of an .excess profits . tax-has been raised by the Korean war 'and the rearmament program; The principal reason . w h y , con' gress.'didn't act on an excess profits tax -in;i;the^-Interim/tax bill was because'! the^President was afraid ·uch a controversial proposal ·would hold up the entire emer : gency tax program. The rearmament raony had to start flowing Immediately and delay on,the tax program to get that rearmament money could not be risked by 'the excess profits proposal. Wanted More Time Both the President and many of his opponents felt' that congress ·hould have more time to study the subject In a cautious attempt to keep any serious Inequities it might cause to a minimum., Imposing an excess.'- profits', tax r Is ·saier said than;-done. I hope to point out TChy,""^,."...,' [ ,Jt must be,irecognlzed .that war or rearmament In face-of war call i for flnapefcjkthrough .heavier ^taxation and that so^ejpfj.thls heavier taxation-c'atfc'bestibe*ta'lren'.6'u± ;i of business "^taxes --"e'spe'«Ialiy:?;.busl- nesses that have-la.rge-volum'e -and high-profit war,orders. It,-Is-nsol the "soak the rich" type ,£?--tax* tlon that'opponents of'the.'excess profits tax would 1 'have.:'y'pu: ; /be- lleve. Yet^It would be ;better : -tp call it a "war profits tax" than : an "excess profits-tax." ,. ''Excess" In itself means-'beyond ·uffiolency, necessity or.', duty'.'-that it Is greater than it should be. "Excess profits" 'In- 'wartime has a popular connotation' of 'something that tahould : be,taken away because 'noj-orie should make a profit -.out^of-war^-at least, not. an unusually high-profit: Argument I» Favor Part of the ' svp'gort' of an" excess profits .la* is/, based ve-nytfie reasoning that''such a.tax falls'on those corporations whose- profits are Increasing and consequently raises war or defense money, where It hurts the least.. An excess profits tax is a better temporary-fund raiser in times of emergency than a straight across-the-boards tax Increase. .It avoids -unfairly'hitting corporations whose taxes are- not Increasing or · are decreasing. I. think the public would,.be surprised if it knew how few corpora^ tlons pay an "excess profits" tax. In. World'War II, on the annu average, only .one out ; of -eve: eight active corporations was a ·felted. When yq,u include partrie ·hips and ' individual proprleto *hlps,.the ratio of business payin *uch a tax was only one out.o every GO. Cynical critics of con gress, who like always to .fin fault with public officials, say tha since this fact is "hidden" from th public It is '"just .the' kind of tas that politicians like.'" (Dlst. by United Features.) AFL To Vrge Voting In Radio Broadcast WASHINGTON,' Oct. % _30. (U,R)-The AFL will sponsor a star- studded "get. out the vote"- radio program tonight. over -a 20-state American Broadcasting. - Co. network. ... .. ' " Speakers will Include Movie Stars George -Jessei; Gregory PecJt, Keenan .Wynn and Gene Kelly. Others will be, AFL President Will Green, Secretary-Treasurer George Meany and Joseph Keerian, director of the AFL,political' league. :.'-; '. - ; The program, will originate at the ABC Hollywood, 'outlet and speakers will be cut,Into .various cities along, the 13-clty 'hookup; ~* Fraders ,a Scute tors Sales Service , Walsh/ Swedish, throne In nearly'half a century. He succeeds his father,'92-year- old King Gustaf 'V, whose death yesterday morning after a reign of nearly 43 years plunged the nation Into deepest mourning. To all effects and purposes the son, born Prince Oscar, Fredsrifc Wilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf, has been Sweden's monarch since his father's death. ,, But at -colorful ceremonies today in, the cabinet signia will be arrayed, around the [coffin. · Another beJeweUed crown used at-funerals of, earlier'kings Storm, Crippler/!hlp 600 Miles From Shore SAN;FTlifCISCO, Oct. '30'. (ff)-The "freighter President JoHnson docked'f or *a survey of storm damage 'suffered when she was' about 600'miles'at'sea en route to, Honolulu and r "the Orient. ', APL officials said the freighter placed atop the coffin. Ki»gr Gustaf- will- be, burled in ye *' Riddarholm 'church, -last resting place of most Swedish-kings. He will lie by the side of'his'wife Queen Victoria, who- died 20 years ago. 'The Mississippi-Missouri river 'is approximately 3,988 miles of the Berftadotte I line. will be bad »^cracked plate, but'-they, did not know'.the extent of the damage The freighter was carrying 11 passengers. . . Named In Latest Lit WASHINGTON, Oct. 30.' (U.B--Th defense' department,' releasing\i 13Sth-casualty list of the Korea fighting, today identified 314 ne\ casualties. The'list included-44 killed In a tlon, four fatally .wounded, 20- wounded,-45 Injured'and 12 mis ing'ln action. It also reported on man returned to duty.. All casualties, in "this list wer army except one marine wounde palace he took the royal pledging himself to adhere strict ly to the constitution and,to, rule "as a righteous king and gracious father of the Swedish^ people by a legal, just and mild govern-i, ment," Socialist Premier Tage -Erlander read the oath.. ,in the, presence of his cabinet and Sweden's heredi-|' tary princes, wtio Immediately gave their pledge of allegiance to the new king. Erlafttier then formally tendered his government's resignation and the king- In turn asked the cabinet to remain In office. The king then led a Stately procession^ to the great hall of state in the palace, where his wife, Queen Louise, members of the royal family and the court awaited. Gustaf a s c e n d e d his silver throne, which was covered by hfs ermine mantle. His jewelled crown and scepter were placed to the left and-Tight of the throne., High .officials and military officers then pledged their allegiance, .and all-present paid homage tq, the new -ruler. The death-' of. the monarch plunged his country into deepest mourning. .Flags- were at half itaff. 'Newspapers were black bordered. Movie and theater per 'ormances were cancelled. Mourn- _ng masses were held in all churches and bells {oiled throughout the country. In a few days, the remains will be placed in. the Chapel of Stockholm palace, where a. guard of honor' will-' parade day and night BUDGET. SHOP :-. : -SUITS - Hand Finished Pweed $/lQ t\f\ '-*" Wool flannel *^*-'w" Sharkskin and $59.50 . ,-. ExtwSlacks.. .only $10.00 · 12 WEEK: BUDGETS · FREE, PARKING VVWWWSj BROADLOOM CARPET See the largest collection of newest top grade broadloonH from America's leading', Seattle, Wh'lltalV A 1 e xander Smith, Gelis tan, Magee, Firth,'.' Artloom . . . In plain, figured, and carved pattern*. 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He suggested that, the-Georgia, game and fish commission look into, file .possibilities. The fox hunter*;, association'officially endorsed th*''' DON IK ROMANCE MSS YOU BY Come fo Arthur Murray's and ftarn th* secret of good timtt.. « WHAT A PITY that some peoplt mist out on fun and popularity just because of their dancing. It'» so needless, too, when just one lesson at Arthur Murray's can giv« you the secret to 'good times. ~ Thanks to Arthuc Murray'*, exclusive "Magic Step To Popu-«i larity" you learn' the key to-aH^ dances your very first lesson. Evea " beginners,can dance in an hour. So'cTon'Tsit on the sidelines wish* ing for popularity. Come in W Arthur Murray'i now a.nd b« sure of it. A R T H U R MURRAY ACROSS FROM FOX-THEATRE 30 W. Congress Ph. M6lf tnd Cooling System 5 £w\tf|*-''/'? . V WR V.S--C f - r wm :»«**: SOLD BY THESI LEADING D E A L E R S Miracle Mile Shell Service JT01 Oracle Road · Power* Talon Service 1109 8. 6th Are. Panl Marco* Texaco Bervle* SOI W. ConfreM George Sosnlck Texaco Serv. ZT01 ff. Campbell Ave. Tncion Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachiann Jack Cramer Garaje ST43 E. Speedway Allen Tire Mart Primce Road and Stone Are. Keith Mohil Service 8iO Randolph Shell Serric* . 3901- E. : Broadway '· Dixie- Serrice Station 3W4 E. Speedwar Arizona Snper Service IMS E. Broadwaj T. E. Leonard 4T01 E. Broadway Reed* Frontier^ 1655 Maple- Blvd. Ed'» Service 1801 Oracle Road Arnold's Texaco Service 1 W. Drachman Clark Warner Shell Serrice 3049 Grant Road Iiivingfton-Selby Motor* 8SO 8. «th Ave. Rowland's JJnloa Service 1150 E; 6th,St. 84 Truck Center Serrice Casa Grande Road Aito Boys Serrice 1901 8. 6th Are. Washburn Texaco Service S889 Grant Read \ortb Campbell Texaco 'Serv. 4701 N. Campbell Ave. San Cleaiente Texaco Servlc* First Avenue Shell Serrice Z90r N. lit Are. FItMe'i Shell Service - SOt B. 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'· Complete Auto ft Home Supply Co. 530 X. Stoae Ave. Sykes Mat-stand Service 8U. Drachman and Oracle Hoyt ft Gny Texaco Serrice t848 N. 1st Ave. TnosoB Ante Part* ft Equipment Co. «0 N. «th Ave. Howard-Smith Shell gervic* 3801 S. 9Ot Ave., J ft B Motorf 616 N. Stone Ave.

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