Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 23
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;*.v VVf · _ · · · ! ^a M;/.r i*i.' ^v* ^T,. · / V ( V ,f**'.; T , v-.Y ,, ' ' - ' * ;"* ' V" " ' - 5* };**/·· ',.;? -J'^-V . 1: v , ;rTM S ' " ':-'. ; f* ||^|oti^ SACRAMENTO ' A. voted unanimously Frl- · Y day tb ralie maximum. unem- 1 ployment Insurance b e n e f i t s ' · V 933 to 140 a week. .'» Assemblyman W i l l i a m A. ( MunneU (D-Mojitebello) Hid hli J measure, sent to the Senate without debate,. would provide JDane Ship |Sees Buoy, i of Distress 12 mlUlfln doll.n ln4nere«Nd Jobl«i. p«y QUIfornk'i ' ROTTERDAM *»--A Danlih ahlp reported Frldny it had /· In the North Sea off the Nether' ^ landi and preiumed It wai re., Jleaied from a submarine, · l In London, however, British Air Mlnlitry offlclali saloT they .were "virtually latlifled" the * buoy wai a marker dropped . from a plane and uied in calcu- ·j latlng ocean current*. Naval au- '· thoritlea said no Brltlih or U. S, * submarine was mining or over' ^i due in the araa. ', The Danish ihlp Mary North . also radioed; "We can hear ; knocking in the engine room" * -- but did not make clear what ·'' this meuage meant. THK MESSAGES, picked Up by Dlrkzwager 1 ! shipping agency , here, aald the buoy wai conical i flashed Intermittently and had '. white imoke coming from It. -· It wai white on top, with n belt . of red. The reit wai black. The ihlp'a captain Mid he working men and 1 women. He called" the m»iiur« e«*n- tlally a com^nMnlie.betvraen J» bor utd manag ement Labor originally had tuked for.a IBS week top tor the program paid entirely by employer!. » . . * 00V. KNIOHT In Mi opening meuage to the Legislature threw hli iiipport behind In- created beneflti. He did not ipeclfy a figure, however. The Munnell bill ilapa on a five-week iiupenilon for quitting a Job or being fired for mil- conduct. Prewnt law provldei for a flexible 1 to S week Birthi , AT*., *I4rBw**lf Bay, i|taa, boy, May * Mra, Darwin 1,, ?.;.;?;, Legal Nttlo* appllid (or, nolle. IB haraby (Inn 'hat tha und.raiinad prapoH. to ·all ·icohollo baToraffaB at tha prafn- **·· -- _.. A Ura, J«*«jr L.. liril BAD Anl«Bl* Dr., Buan. Fmrk, boy, May 10. DE B1UAL--yt A U». RaymplHl D., CtntraJ An.. Oard,» orova, 10171 Cent, ·LO"-!Lr, T »Bd Mri. Maanal, .,,,* Laiuoa. w IMInfto«, girl. Hay I I . iraTOjt'--Mr. * Sire. 7anee H,, 337i CM*. Ava,. boy, May it, IILLUPB--Mr, i lira. Cbarli Sb.fc.WVoW,,,,, W, With It, Barker City, boy, May :U)n~UT. aad Mre. Karl W,. 11149 Noel Bl., ioe Atamllaa, boy, ttay II, [ORALES--lir, A Mre. Joan P., 1HJI i. leuac II,, WIlnlBilea, boy, Mar mint of Alcoholic BCT.MIB Comru , , croundB for dnnlal u provided by law. The form ol virltiutlon nia/ b. oblalnad from any of flea ot th. D- putmint. Ttia nnmlMB ara not now UctnMd (or tha aaJa ol aJcoholl batarmgaa. CUFTORD O, JONES A LA RITA L. JONES Pub. limy II, 1157 (It)-UB.t. Ifc Earlier, .the Auembly voted 53-8 to uphold Krilght'i veto of lighted a dlitreii ilgnal buoy a Senate bill requiring Senate . * ", waa itandlng by HO mllei north ;·''. i' northweit of TericheUlng bland, · 5 J ' ',. one of the Jriilan chain acrou ··'··' ,; the northern Netherlands . To.check the Air Mlnlitr/i · T concluilon, Brltlih naval au..: thorltlei .wdered the fliherlei .' '" protection veiiet Bramble to go ',: : - ·"· to the ici'ne. Jt Ii expected to ; " _ arrive today. -,.-. ---115 U.S. Citizens Tijuana confirmation of the itate super- ntenrjent of banki, Munnell, however, aald he would ask the Auembly to reconsider, . a · . a THE SENATE! voted 39-1 [\iesday to override the veto. Knight called the Auembly action "a vote for sound administrative reipomlblllty In itate government." In hli veto menage, the gov ernor said he ihould have sole responsibility for choosing de partment dlrecton In hli own administration. Knight, dlicuulng the complex leglilatlve water problem, tpld newsmen he'd be "right back next leiilon" If the 1937 Leglilatun falls to approve conitltutlonal amendment north-south water rlghti. He added, however, he waj not conceding "for a moment" that the water dlipute will not bo resolved before the lawmaker! adjourn June 12. CBRTIFICATC OF BUtlNEtl FICTITIOUS FIRM NAMC TUB UNDERSIGNED (few haraby »rtl(y that ha IB conducting a Driving School bualnaaa at B13 Eaat Broadway, City of Lonf B« County of Loa Ahfilu, fltat. California, undar tha llclltloua (Irm nama of Patlflo Drl»ln» School and that amid (Irm la pompoaad o( th. Ipllowlnr p*riona, whoa, pamai and addnaaaa are u (ollnwi, tn-w|(; William Laniona, 1130 Wait Jlit Sinn, Lonr flaach, California, WITNESS tar band, thla 17 J) at Mar, MM. WILLIAM LANZONB BTATB OF 1 CALJFORN1A I ' COUNTY Or LOS ANOELB* ) tt, ON THJB 17th d»r ft May A.P.. 1H7, bwTor* n». Bulh C. Parka. « Notary Public In and (or amid County and Slata, naidlnr; tharaln duly commlaaloncd and aworn, parwnally appwad William Laruona known to ma to b* tha paraon whoa. rum. Ii aubacrilxd u (h» withi and MkDdwlidiad to Inatrununt, ma that ha jAsk Court's Help ?; ' SAN DIEGO «IP.--U, S. Atty. ':. Ijaughlln Waters wai under In- X structlons Friday to prepare a ;, brief on whether District Court · had jurisdiction to act on a ··" petition filed by 13 American '" citizen* being held In Tijuana JalL ' Dlitrict Judge Jacob Weln- berger requeued the brief ' Thunday after the cltlzeni mailed the petition to him. The petition aiked the court to require the U.S. coruul in Tijuana to aid the cltlzeni In jail. It atated the cltlzeni had received exceulve lentencei and that lome of them were Innocent of 'the crlmei t charged ..agalnit them. v ' ..-.-(! L.A. City Council Backs Hotplates for Aged's Rooms ','" LOS ANGELES (CNS)--The ·v City Council Friday endoned \ itata legislation to protect pen- i : , ilonen and othen by making It ';, poiilble for them to uie hot · platei In their roomi. · Councilman Harold A. Hen N ry'i motion followed committee ·'·· «tudy of a rewlutlon Introduced '. Thurtday by Councilman Ban^ wm M. Calllcott. I Calllcott thanked the commit, 1e« for Hi report and laid Ai', lembly bill 2720 would benefit Solons Cut Funds for Commerce WASHINGTONCflP*--The Senate, acting only a few houri after Preildent Elienhower 1«- iued a new warning acalnit draitlc budget cuts, voted Friday to ilaih $237,928,710 from Hi requeit for the Commerce department and related agen- aiwutwl tho aaux. IN WITNESS WHBRXOr, I han htraunto xt my hand and afflud my official aaal th. day and y«ar In Ulll cartlflcata drat afaar. written.- RUTH C. PARKS (SEAL) Notary Publto In and (or I Bald County and Btata kty eommlialon axplna Jun. is, 1s»« I(ay II, 25, J in axpln, un» 1. I, H57 (41) LBI ', Marriage Licenses ' ^ Harold B, L. A, COUNTT a mi, fmiwrm, I/B*IU -IM-,..^.---^ rfi. r. HMO... 4»i W ifi it ,..., p*hr -- II WTOW EDWIN BLOOD, alio wn u NBWTON K. BLOOD A i knows aa N. E. BLOOD, D«- on*, Blood for tha ill of tha abora- Cliarlaa L. Alia. E, Robert W, Lean' Atlaatl- IW, 1ft* CaDk«rqB 4al Almond Ava.... lalaolm, «tl« I · |th Bt . lewpofl, 19IM Corauf C.»l ATa.tlay, 11,7 BaVta tve. TorraiMa Ave T» io* s. bMhinr ioj4'A«a»ri.7" Par-mount ,, , M _ Weada 1. Wllllama. IM4 AdanuT _....'··. Catamount .._., ... -- "many of our old folki." "Through no fault of their own they are living on imnll ,, iumi and If they had to go to reit^uranta for all their meali they junt couldn't afford It,* Calllcott laid. ctei. It took the action In approving by voice vote a J613.384.290 money bill for the agenclei. The meaiure now goei to a joint Houie-Senate Conference Committee to reconcile difference! between the two chamber*. It wai the third regular mon ey bill paued by the .Senate 10 far, all thli week. Th Senate now hu trimmed $440,837.219 from preildentlal b u d g e t re- queiti totalling $3,492,453,802. The Senate vote came shortly after Elienhcwer declared that :he congreiilonal drive to cut edcral ipendlng and reduce taxes could p r p v e "the moat costly mlitake of our entire national -lire" If It weakened the na'tlon'i defcnie program," The President stepped up hli battle against big budget cuti In a telephoned menage to a GOP regional conference In Cln clnnatl, Ohio. He l a i d world peace would be maintained "only by unrelenting day-by-day lacrl' flee" on the part of all the people.: The Senate pasted the Conv ~ IT Ham ET'tromnValij'Loir'A'lliaUa . 31 laraloln. p. Praaa, UJO Claar. alta Bl.. TorraMa .. v ....... ..^, jfl I.Id F. *oanl,. *M K. !.·!.. ~* "IPtOfl _._«.,. .-., - Parmlay, ifll *r Don. Ava, "Com .pamarla A, _ M f P I V l t t n.«, ,lnn|wn ....^ Robart a, Blacketer, aoil Pullmaa Lana, Radomlo Baaah 47771 NOTICE OF HEAR I NO OF .., P«TITION FOR FROBATa »·' OF W I L L Ml, U» PM77I la tha Suparior Court of tba Blila T CilUornlB, In and (or tha County of Loi ABralai. In tha Haltar at tha Eital. of OT1WTOW EDWIN ----- knei ------- alao cauad. Notloa IB htrabr flian that tha patltlon of Hara Ion Probata of tha Will namad dacaBaad and (or tha laau- anca of Uttira TaiUmanUrr thtra- on to Tha Patltloiur. to which raf. aranca la harabr mad* (or further partlcuUri, will ba haard at liM a'cliMk A. M,. on Juna a. 1H7, al th* court room of Dapartrnant LB "B", of th. Suparior Court of th. Btala of California. In and for tha City of Loni Baacb, County of Lot Anialia. Pattd Mar i. 1«(T. HAROLD /. dnTLT. County Clark ·n* Clarli of tha Superior Court al tha Blata of , California, In and for tha. County of LOB Anctlas. By *. Baafar, Daputy J.hnMn 4. Jahnaan ' 112 Jarglna Truat Bill a. : * C *" ffrn " Attorna/i **i" fatllla llarlan *· Phllllpa^ Hawthorn. Bill o. Huckar I'tlt klma Ava , Kalhnrn A. tWl, t:M7 Ulra It,, Artaala _.._.... John L. Warran. Jr, ulift Da Ava Norwalk ;_..., .., II Aochall . . Hermaii Krua. MJ H a.rdana Blvd. QanlaBa . , . . . , .... , BBBBIB D. Kraulir. 110J4 FlaBati Ava Downay ..,.--.,, , . . , ,,.,,_ ; Robert bomlntina, 71) Mo.t«|t. M vXVfffcmxrvisr: I "·".·," Lor/fa '!" 3JL 1 " 1 Koaa I,. Pool, |U3H -- ln|lawood ^ _ Henr^Morano. HIM Falrford AVer Odllla V, BmianiVnl«7" IT 7 "" _ *lh II, LOB Anrilia " . ..._ II Billy Blytha, IMIJ Tlakaland B4~ Norwalk 4*541 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CHATTEL MORTGAGE Notice le hereby given puriuant . tha provl.lona of Section 3440.1 of th* Civil Cod* of tha State of California, that Ryco Amueement Co Inc., of «07 W. Either St., Long Beach. California, owner of that certain Amueement buelneea known aa "Hywi Amuaenunt Co." and located at Long Beach, California, Intend* to place a chattel mortgage upon fixture*, equipment, machinery anr good* located at the above Haled plac* of bualnua and other location*. Th* mortgagee of tha aald prop. »rty la irtgaga* Horrle JJ*1aii of California, The aald mortgage will be aie- nited and tb* eonelderatlon there- for will be. paid on Monday, the 37th day ot Uay. 1917. at the hour of 10-00 o'clock A.M.. at «J7 W. 7th St.. Loa Angelea, California. bated May IB, 1687, MOHRIS PLAN OF CALIFORNIA By A. Vf, Cramer. AMI. Secretary THE M O R R I S PLAN CO. CALIFORNIA 127 W 7th Bl,, Lee Angelee Calif. Pub. May II, 1117 (ID--L.B.I. merce Department approprla. tloni bill after an hour of quiet dlicuiilon In exactly the form approved by 1U Approprlatloni Committee. For the record, the Senate venlon wai $40,100,770 leu than he amount approved by the loue. But Sen. Speiiard L. Hoi. and (D-Fla.), manager of the bill laid It actually--would au- thorlie 124,880,000 more ipend- Ing than the Houie venlon. w a t ,. ...... _ ...... _ Lottye N. Ho» f , Josi na, Lynwood , ...... ,, ___ Inait ·BlBimoni, JW~Coriati"Av.TM Comptoq ,, ... _ ·] Kmm. l. landare, lliji " Ava Loa Barr araldlM F. Farrall, 3JlT»i Plaea, V antutlan Baach ' , aac _ ., ry o.', Itaai .Carlt. A»i~ Oardana ........... -. «. .7 ralay R. Croomtaa, 1(211 Cahaa _,.. Ava, Oartaaa ....... _. .......... . , WllfMd L, lull cy»«aa Ava., Lomlla ..... .....,,,,.. .,,_____- Porothy E. X. Ballahumaur, tilt MaaaYa. R4, Torranw _ CERTIFICATE OF BUIINEI* FICTITIOUS F I R M NAME THE UNDEBSIQNED doe* benby certify that h* la c«nduetlnc 'a Wholeaal. ' - ...... ' neea at 4 Anselee. Stela of California, under tha flctltloua firm name of Harbor Arm Wholeaal* rood Dlatrlbutor* and that aald (Irm la compoeed of the followlna; peraone. whoM namea and adflreaaea ar. aa inllowe, to*wlt; Pood UlitrlbuUnf fcliN yat P«pp«rwood Annut, ! nr Beuh. County oE Loi augan. 1031 w. St. An e, Banla Ana. California. · Legal Natloa Review on Disarming Policy 7 WASHTNGTON 1*1 -- The ' United States launched a high c level review of Id dliarmamenl ' policy Friday a few houn after / H a r o l d E. Stauen returned ·' from London to report progreil , · In confidential talks with Rui i. llan repreientatlvei, ; Stawen, the admlnlitratkm'i , dliarmament chief, m«t for JVe ' houn with an array of Elien -"\ bower lleutenanti Including Sec;' retary of State Dullei, Secre , ·· tary of Dcfenie WlUon, Lowti · L. Strauii, chairman, .of the ; Atomle Energy Commlulon, and ( i Robert CutJer, the President'i I' tpeclal aulitant for national'le- " curity matten. The State Department, In a brief announcement afterward, said Staisim made "a .full report" on tha nine week* of talks In London among American, Huiilan, 'Brltlih, 7rench'. and Canadian repreientatlvei, ,; e · e . .',, .' THE MKETINO Friday,wa» -NOTIOB-OFTNTENTION'TO the )«glnnlng of dlicuulonsl · KNOAQE IN THE BALK OF which will lead to further for- ALCOMOUIO /!,H , E qJ! A ? B A? TO WMOK-IT MAT COSCEBN! NOT CeOFNON.RrUPONSIBIUTY Nolle. I. hereby jlvcn py the undereined, William L. frhlte, prmerly realdlni- at 1107 Weit lllr! 8treet, Lon» Heach, California, that after Ih. dale of May II, 1UT, he will not be relDonelbl. for any dabte, llabllltlea or oblliatlnne Incurred by any pe rK na other than hlmaeif. Cited Maris, 1»{7. ·Ijned/WfLLIAM Pub. May i», 17. 18. 1 . WHITB 1W7 (31) L.B.I. NOTICE of NON.RESPONIIBILITY Nolle, la hereby glren by the un- deralnied Mildred M. Clihon, reald. ' -- -^ J8J7 Monroe, Lonr Beach 10 Ing at 3827 Monroe, Long California, that after the data Hay le, 1957 eh* will not be re- B. M, Hau drew. Place, . . WITNESS my band thla 17th day of May, US7, B, M, KAUOEN BTATB Or CAtlFORNIA ) COUNTT Or LOS ANOELES f ae. ON 5 THIS 17th day of May A.D.. 1B57. before me, Ruth C. Parka, Notary Publlo In and for aald Coun y and State, reeldlnr therein duly eommleeloned and aworn, peraonaJly appeared B. M, Hauien known to me to be the peraon who** name le ·ubecribed to the within Inetru* ment, and acknowlaii.d to ma that he eieeuted th. eame. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I nave hereunto aet rny hand and afflied rny thli official aeal Ih. day and yaar In thle certificate flral above written, -t RUTH C. PARKS (SEAL) Notary Publlo In and for Bald County and State tfy enmmlaalon aspire* June Ifi. 198*, Uay II. 35, Juna 1 , »o7 (41) LBI. , eponelble for any debti, llabllltlei nr oblli " ' ' " ·on. ot_.. . Paled May 18, 1967. Siined/MILDRRD M. PIHHON l»ub. May 18, 17, 18. 1»67 (3D-- LBI. leatloha Incurred by any p.r* itner than heraeif. NOTICE OFNON.REtPONBIBIUITV Nolle, la hereby given by the underelfned, Hobart A. Bryan, formerly reeldlnc at 3441 Pine. Long 1 Beach. CJilKornla. that after th. data of May 11, IHT. hi will pot be ru. eponelble (or any debte, llahlllll.a or obllrallom Incurred by'any par- Bone other than hlmwlf. . Dated May 17, 1»67, Slrned/HOBART A. BRTAK Pub. May la, 20. 31, 1157 (3D L.B.I. mulatlon of the United Statei poiltlon In the light of varloui ending propoiali including the Soviet propoiali of April 30,' the announcement added. Stauen himself declined to comment, but the State Department reported he "answered a number of questions" during the Closed door review,' The mention of Russia's. April 30 dliarmament proposal leemed ntended to aiiure Moscow that ti vlewi would be carefully con- ildered during the .policy view, which will go on he 10 dayi Staisen will spend n the capital. On arriving by plane from London, Staisen said the weit getting clour, to. agreement with Ruula on.a plan for.'"a wall'cut" In eait-wttt wnw 47114 NOTICE TO CneDITORI N*. LB, P-30MI In th* Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of itot Angelee. In the Matter of Uie Eatal. of J. r. MERCEREAU, al*o known a* J. rHAUK KER- CEREAU. Deeeaaed. Notlc* la hereby given to credltore having claim, tgamtt th* aald de- eede«t to file aald claim* In the office of th* clerk of th* aforesaid court or to preeent them to the underelgned at th* office of his Attorney., Johnaon A Johnaon, oil Jerglne Truat Building. In the City 'of Long Beach 2, In the aforeeald County, which latter offlc. la the plac. of builnea* of tha undrrelgned In all matten pertalnlne; ' eetlte. Bueh clalma with tl *ary voucher* tmut'b* filed or pre- aentad aa aforeaald within els month! after tha first publication of thla notice. Dated May 1, 1»B7. ", ·» U D. UERCKRKAU Executor of the will of aald d*cedent Jehnaen A J.hnaejt 112 Jarglni Truat Building Long Beeeh 2- C*llf*rnla HE 7.»71 May 11. II. 91, June 1, 1157 (40 Lni. Subject to laauanra of the llrenae applied for, notice I* hereby given that the underelfned propose! to aell alcoholic bareragea at the prsm- leea, deeerlbed aa follow*; S.r.B. "SEA SPORT". Pie Landing, Long Purtuant to *ue undersigned I* ai 41221 , NOTICE TO CREDITOR! Na. LBrf».JOri4 In tl|* Superior Court ef the Slate f California, In and for tha County I·'-· INDEPENDENT^"^ f I T\nT"*(*£v IT*C*f T?/~*T5 H\t I* ·-- ^ ""- «-« «M» ii, IHT ' · INDEPENDENT-- P*g» B-7 PenoMb ," Cole Porter VGan-CcDJ Tour $27,50; (ou, . tartalnnMnt, i fwlnuiju, niffltt DAILY ruoun Lena B«xich 4 Burbanlc « 'ATlSrfo 8 . 1 . 1 !^TMTM* ANIMAL SHELfER l Laeallcj 1001 Eaal Wluow M. Phoa* OA T-tn*. Hoaro it a,TM, ta » B.C., UoM Uirxu. Vn7 ill itBMTjr. Siindir . . ··«· J» 4 pat. lata and (wlldan Tha l wan Inpoiudaj a4 will bt h.Td for Iha ownac 1 da/a from of InnMndnMH. pi,, M | *' *"*" ·wr «» Bale, brown A CaUf. ·la, fray, Lfcwd,; * BUt. blaek * tan. 11M ^SIJWWI WAHIIL. ., lehwJa. Uka. 1 TO? I.K. WfUtt IcTVI.. oV 'N.^.: Peatlli. c«. Htway. c*ntel«; manicure MI, fat. aw, tmo. carni _ nnlml, value I. awi»r. B«r*.KJ«' LOBf~tady-Tl.aito.--..l.--,olJ wrilt watch. EajlaU. « 4ow" MJli *"' '*'**· JUwtrt - " H LOST -- Lady'e Hammer, wrilt watch, pUlmura A aieoueMi vw. B. iMe « Drew Blvd., nr Man nolle. Reward, HB 4-4M4. ^^\Ad» I vH Uk ^.7 "·-'- fy-ra?" 4 ·""· * {Bee. via. Macaolla « fiMw^T, Band tie. Ui. Rowan, RB «.S«J1J. SlT-LariaTlM. * whlieMoH [)l£r»d cat 1 blaell A wklta aye. '--Tallow parakeet. Ana. tn -jney tie. «» Blubr IM * »»» Ava. HawaN. OA T-o7Tir, iwl vltially of it. Onraeuui Burchani Schoele. n. OA " LAKOE rewerd^Lnal faaiala Chihuahua, black, whit, eroaa, aa cncil. TO 7-HMII OA 4-4MI. value._aew.rd. FOOND^BIk. anala, Wn.lev araa. OA .j applying to tha -- partment of Alcoholic Beverage Control for leauane* on original application of an alcoholic bererace II. »nea (or ilaenaei) (or UlaM pranv IMB aa followai ON.SALB BRZR Anyon* otaet the j dailring to prol lenience of auoh ne*nM(i) may file » verified protect with tha Department of ATeoboHo Beveraga Control at Baerameato. Calllornla, atatlng cy re- ground* (or denial ae provided by during """· Th ' '""" °'«»erlflcatlon may Department, The premlee* ar* now Icenwd for th* e*la of alcohollo betaragai. Amur! : Pub. alay INTINTIC TMJ 10 TO TO WHOM IT . _ . . ·unitei I* IHIUMI M tfe* UMUBMV U, havli hereby given t» eredltore dm* agalnet tha aaid l fUa.aaM «t*laa In the it t*. of lice With*" elerk of "the afore aald court «r to praaent than to the undenlgned · at the efflo* of hi* Attorney* Johneon A Johnion, 111 Jerglne Truet Building. In the City erglne f Long j, in _ Bueh, In the kforaeald County,'which latter offle* le the pl.ce of bualneia of th* underalgned Jn all matter* pertaining to aald **t*ta. Bueh claim* with th* n*ce* vouehera muit be. filed or pre- aary vouehera muit ba filed or pre- xnteD a* aforeaald within eli month* after tha first publication of thle notice. Bkecutor ef tb* will ·aid dawdanL Jehnean * Jihntwi , , .,. C«ltf*rnl JUo*l.fclMT (tt)-LBL 11 t%. M. A rT-.', ."-.t s } · · THE OVERNiTER $32*50 iMIUda. 1. luu rot., .bl. «,«.. 4-Day JMemorial . - We»k-«nd Special ·· ' . $69.50.,.,, ,. ST-73456; : . lallowuii doca Td tan. |4W ac,. v ar. HU J-ijOT, FOUND--Beautiful Collie. Ueaufy. Pti. HD B**14T FOUNO^-Blu. Mrakeet. banded. ^Vii^gt »Mh ATue»ia,JA_4.»i3: CNtrcli NorrCw. |j, BPIRITUAUTUEABIiR '" '4U4 tt4» Oraaf. A«B. ic Wed, J, Bun. Tiett p,«. HMtm AMf It WHY not *at a Biaau A ataant IraalaMat udayT -" HB *-««« 1*11 fc.lflrtl EcER oparatira fr.» UaaJ «c»t 2U7 aalfle An, OA 442TO. - la daliyTlat. ta o. ·rin."g · OKNUINB twadlah mnaaaja. Kulll Ma Ml. 1M7 Atlaatle, Ht! 7.« ORMIBT. John Mwao. at »10 E. 311H at. Loe*. Baach. SurvlvM yi Brother*! Jamaa A., Ernait, laDry. William, Homer, and lt|, -la. Bllteril Ura. Katharine Crawford, Mra. Dorothy O, Chaaa, Ura. Roaatla Johnaon, Mra. Oaorgla Jaarla. larvleaa Monday 1J:00 a.m. at MOTTELL'8 * PEEK rilAPtL. THItU) AND ALAMI. CtHnererief-MduialeWM iJTOl _. . _. . . -4lt, 4 LOTH, Hunnyaliia Mm. Pk.. In Jaimtna Bee, Prtv, fHy. 1A 3.46l* ORIAL P dr», T« l M o o b y p y m . No mambar ftaa. Eyaa. by appt. OA H 4 I I . Jarocw, 3974 Atlaillt _Tnw __., .... Tha rannara laaHraee* Oroup PenonoH 40ei Lima Ava. Barvlca Baturday 10:!o e-m. al HUNTKR MOHTtA ARY, 0411 L. B, Blvd., with Rev. A. Ii. Worthy offlilatlni. PeDErUoN, Arne of )«.-A BtlnlaT Ava. Survived by wlfa, Uabal; three bretheret four alitara, Barv. Icaa Saturday. 2:00 p. m. at MOTTELL-B at PEEK CHAPXL, THIRD AND ALAUITOr L*arn Nocturnal EduaaDoa ,, WHILE YOU SLEEP . A FOREIGN LANQUAOCB ' ".If Confidant* · RalanalMn Paraonallly Memory Power Couraea for T«.na*ara and Children "WHILE YOU SLEEP Uied by U.S. Oovarmnant, Unl ' lllhlr aucceaaful lnd|. f, - - - - - venltlaa' A hljihly^uccaaafu'l . vlduala.. r'or.Frta Homa Trial call MB CunbrMM Iwmute. Phon» . or »·». ' Wclaa to all ogr aood,' frlanda for th.,, ,,....,,. of".,«d i ( h i AHALmid J'Wai.^. "alt olowa Bt MMaagi lyele", It, HI . .icarS, C ?*TT1I MARY'S MABBAOE * roLoNiru KXP, opr. Ml) E, int. 1|E 7.4»?» /^L'fe'SAST* DrjUoLKSI TffalBAl'l'"bXFll?! . 1IK7.7»7« I4M7 Reit Horn**, Santtor(aitm3b LOS ALAMlTOS SANITAHIUM ELOCllLt LICKN'IE'U _Bai *-»701 ^·CRESTWOOD For Xlat. CArlt. Hod. 1 I BED 4V AMBULATORY, llE, IIT5 Chutnut HI 1.B447 BE S.I t«rr UK. . S.tttJ Compiata aara fof utd. Wa t your Inanaetloi. Hit Allaaua Ava. OA 3-H70J, U J I E « cara . ratia OR Ilia toaBibarrtllp, 'TMa \ Bulcr Homa, tOU N. Bmadwu, Banta Ana, Klmtxrlr I-JSU. BOAJlDTrnir* carajar eUlriy lady In prlv. hofne, TV. Laa. ¥... porch, FaBjliy atnMfjaara. }t8 porjh. W« AT'^r'TOL'bAf^K: " AhT --"" pA T.i°»r.f t »i 1 inlcrma.l In nontha, «OJ Undcn. nraveildl airvlca Saturday, 3|00 p. m. a Bunnyilda Memorial Park. HUN TEH MORTUARY In eharie of '"'" 5b-N'rToaa'ph or Ho K _Jmiloa. Coiopton. lurvlvad bj wldowi Haaal Harred. Recltatloe ef the Roaary Baturttay N |00 p.m MOTTKLL'I AND PEEK diapal Third and Alamltoa. Vetarani Admin. Chaoel. TuexUy 1:00 p.m. MOTTELL'S a, PEEK FUNERAL DIRECTORS, DIRECTINO IKYNOLDS--«erah, of »3» WfEli Bt., Comptoa, bom I* UUhlsan. Burvlvad by huatmnd, Warran 9. brother Arthur Dento«,BerTleei SJondur 1 p.m. at l/TTCR-Ma. KINLL'T COMFTON CMAPEU I3UI E, Palmer Ave. Offlela.U ROOD. LCDRT»Boy, I of 177 Corona Ave. Widow! CBrmallta .,, lira. Naal Moquln, i Michael and Neal Moquln. Frianda 1 may call aftef «!00 Friday 1 Bcrvtee* Monday 2,'OU p.m^ ai MOTTELL'S A PEliK fifApIU THIRD AND ALAHITor ahall eontlnua to carve r _ _. ef our ability In (he (nlerait .f Truth *i Health. Coma IB for a free ennaullatlon anytime. Health Food ranter, »· E. Bdwv. *"·--' ""UAlNTED 'BA! AL SKRIP « HIB ORCHESTRA CLOVER BALLROOM SlUt W. Plaa, L. B. for aldarly ladiaa In PRIv7 - -JBt BtlV, i home. *ir«i Voo/ * eai loiinia with TvrLedy. q foreidTrly ladv. A. care, Belmoet XaaaaBT wra, Nice OAT-jm LOVBLV~Tloine~far aidlrlyf^TB^ W llalghla^ nt fo DIVORC1I ANONTHOUI ~ Frlvata elub for dlvoreed or wld' owed. Combination aoalal-r*Hid luetmenu Open 7 dare. B«oa till '· ·'-- - iel f.r people ·TONE, UjMU Leela of 11114 -irlna Bt.. Norwalk, Paaaed away ay II, lurrlmt by huabend! 'Illlam p. (tone, loal Jack La- end of La* Ansalci. Dauihtarat -^- - - Ifai Mariarel Peai L.B.. arton ^.^^--.,, , H,a., ^·llun UarUa, In(lawood, Myrlla Drake of Lone; Baaeh. Brotharei Roaeoe St. John of Oreion. Paul It. John of ttowney « Braadehllenia 11 kt'KranehlMran. Funeral ear- vk. will be Uaifir.fMt_f,m. at IwkKSIWOOD MORTUART^CHA- PEL, Intarnient. Ollv. Lawn Mam JOXWORTH; Sita Catherine el |05fl E. BMBdway Biirvlved by, Widower: Jamaa H., SHIUril Mri Manuarlte Hu4|ina Mra, Halan Brtdfca, Mre. Oartnide Quick, Mra, Kathleen Adama, Mre. Ay lene Opeahl, Brother! Oharlec Bhlalda. Bervlcee Monday I H ' W a.m. at MOTTELL'B A TKf.K CHAPEL, THIRD AND ALAMJ- TOfi. HDNT.^CarMy»"Jaiva"of 1111 Raymono 1 , Blanal Hill, lurvlvetf br eo.a A. Byrl Co«. T. Harvey c.i. Cheater Wli»brinl| elahl !lwi «r» lMi »9 xonidrtn. MrrlMi reunt Birtflo,_KinnU MOT' ILL'i 4 PXC1C DIRZCTORI CHAROB OF LOCAL Alt- MOIMINT*. ohal Perk, ABBER--Jacki of 7001 Aorona, Bell, rallf. Burvlved by wife. Sera, ftenrteae Tueeday 10 e.m. el vaterana Admin. Chanel. MOT- TELI.'B A PEEK FTJNKRAL DI- DIRECTINO Bunday avaolnia. T I l B W l f l f X l M Are YOU a Heekert Kveluate end recreate your life. J^arn corrective Tnlnklns .... Ht! 1-4MK 10 to li_a.m. . PL t-oin Any Time ^U YoTT TA D A E , W avaryona will want to ba vour parlnar 111 prlyata laaaona. .. SUE CASTLfc. HB A-tlli altar fft.fto. f-4?3^ r oV i Bo?'l! [)MS fra LCRf aurroun41n*i Prtv. ' 'rom Blibv IBII. Oe* Toad, T. · · _Kf_t"*^l t GARDRN .. . \K11' Lkwd. rU Keel Home7 ,,,,-, - . dr. cere. Orad, nurea. HI g-7|M. HSanlUri/ , TO ··«»? Prep School l\mt. 22 TV~ITUDIOI.NEID IralMH ·! A womaa, 1I4O, nor. th.a WE BUY RINGS. OLD 3OLD DIAMONDS AU SIZES 111 Ft**, Booai US. HI TJM1 '^r^ IPiCER--Clyde, we M of 1MI3 Knott Ave.. Anaheim, l*r~'" lloaday 10:90 a.m. DILDAY TioRTUART 1141 PACIFIC AVB. .. WESTMINSTER ., ; ''-MEMORIAL PARK: CemelefY and Mauialtum PII11.L1PT, Janat'K. araveelde aerr. Bet. 10 B.BX Directed by · ' - . Bmith'a Mortuary , j. ,,. M'OINNIII. Edna M. ' ^ Intarmeot terv. let. 11 a.m. ·,,. rwretlad by ;. · ChrtiUneeo-Plne Mortuary . ' XJUSIOER. William E. '· Interment aerv. Bat. 4 p,n. * - nirectar hv " k -,-, Palm Mortuary y , . , , KLUWP. Paullri. . fntirmini aerr, Men, I.'M reiie Da'rvce" StlKio, Ml» K. 4tk "ASTROLOGY A roaauooal TIM Natal cnart _ ance. OA !-tM. LEARN pl.ito. |3 per H hr. Prof, p hocneV HE 1.0494 aft. InlaraatlnB maUioir Prof, planlat. lour . · p. ALONET All^asaa A faith. Write Beverly social ciab. Ulll Clark, rUllflowerTcalK. TO T-hll. weekly pay, Tral.las poec not Interfr -- * , *Uti .( * pl.iewn.Ntt llii, Mrlpt (Irl, , ffit«r«, witt rob* Mr*. A many o4Mr. t R? nacetnent".* write" Praaa.-Tcle. Bon nlalMTA if., Jw* - WCLL-KNOWN [,KNOWN oil portrait ai .liable for llmitacj eltu Itelnd Preea-Teie. Bo«JK WXTCHEfl "e,J.ertll .... timed. 13. uuarajlteed _ JOR nOBIffB 17 American MADAVTROMA -- SPECIAL Palm. Card. Faychle RMdlBi all E. Baaalde. MB t-MI fa LI "week'dari. · a n. to I i.m, nil E i6tn BI HB i-iffi ·l^afflP DADIWa»--C..M.U HOWARD BUTLER" School ol Real Estate' BAIIO INFORMATION A fuMi- ffirAic' ""*·*"**' 1 iSiS' wi tNRoTiri'iJW -- Bpeelll eele, iW eleee le ruiM, ! OA i.MTa . Grade) or High School ' A T HOUE._plpleBi., Wrll*-- K» BW FLTTNO Apnranc] for J t *-7Tlf_qAJ SetMef. Classified^ Gontinlies I'ori flPage ^iG-j - - . . . : . ' . . - · ' · ' i- .1 *·*' · .*'·»- f . "* ~ ; iii', ".'.^itLv ji-jj^i^;.:..;' · '·,,"'. itite''!'/v*J~. ·* I ,TjTf^; ilSlV.'.

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