Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 28
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C-S-INDWNDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) unmich,cim.,M»n,,j t n.n, it?; TeteVues Mickey Mouse back on air By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Editor Club" series, in black and white msde its debu* in 1955 and delighted chii- a reunion of the "Mickey Mouse Club" gang on ton i g h t ' s "Tomorrow" m e n uu IJJJD, . A new generation of youngsters will learn how to spell the name as Walt Disney's "The M i c k e y Mouse Club" makes a return to the tube, five days a week, starting at 5 p.m. today on Channel 11. Maybe even some of their parents will get nostalgic and have a look at the popular series they watched as kids in the 1950s, before the days of "Sesame Street." "The Mickey Mouse en it went off the air. Later it was brought back to tele- v i s i o n in s y n d i c a t e d reruns from 1962 to 1965. The f o r m a t includes musical entertainment by host Jimmy Dodd, the Mouseketeers -- one of whom was Annette Funicello -- and guest stars, as well as cartoons, nature films, adventure serials and skits and dances. For those adults who would like to see what some of the Musketeers look like today, there'll be til a . t i t . PRO BOWL GAME, 6 p.m., Ch. 7. Stars of the American Football Conference clash with those of the National Football Conference at the Orange Bowl in Miami. SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW, S p.m., Ch. 4. Paul Lynde, Kate Smith and the rock group Sha Na Na are guests on second show of new series. MERV GRIFFIN SHOW, 8:30 p.m., Ch. 11. Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, and actor Pat O'Brien are among the scheduled guests. MOVIE: "Sam Whiskey," 9 p.m., Ch. 4. Burl Reynolds stars in 1969 lighthearted Western with Angie Dickinson, Clint Walker and Ossie Davis. RHODA, 9:30 p.m., Ch. 2. Rhoda is invited out to dinner by an old boyfriend, and hubby Joe doesn't like it. neU. Joining Tom Snyder will be Long Beach's Bobby Burgess (now a dancer w i t h Lawrence W e l k ) , Cheryl Holdridge, Darlenc Gillespie, Lonnie B u r r , Sharon Baird and Tommy Cole. "Ahora," a weekly program on Channel 28, will present the first of a two- part report on the Mexican and Latin American community of East Long Beach from 7:30 to 8 tonight. Some 30,000 Chicanos and Latin Americans are said to live on the eastern boundary of Long Beach in an area known to them as East Longo. Problems in the area include unemployment and inadequate housing "Ahora" will examine the problems and deal with efforts to improve the area by El Centre de East Longo, an organization that was begun in the 1960s by Long Beach State University students. Participating in this evening's discussion pro- g r a m will be Ray Rod r i g u e z , A r m a n d o Vasquez Ramos, Esther Leal, Mary Morales, Virginia E s c o b a r , Jesse G r a n a d o , Mauricio Ramirez and Victor Alvarez. The n ro a r2!T! r^noats st nfinn TkltfcHitt inrt it 2*3" ! p.m. Sunday. Part 2 will air next Monday at 7:30 p.m. Long Beach C i t y College still is enrolling students by phone (420-4206) for the instructional TV course "The Ascent of Man," which brings two units of credit. Deadline for enrolling is Wednesday. The tuition-free course is telecast at 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 10 p.m. Fridays on Channel 28, and at 9 p.m. Saturdays, noon Tuesdays' and 9 p.m. Wednesdays on Channel 50. T h i r t e e n hour-long programs trace the history of man through the history of science. Beginning Feb. 3 and Feb. 4, LBCC will offer two other TV courses for credit via C h a n n e l 7 (KABC-TV). Both are free. "Law for the 70s," a three-unit course, will be' shown Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to 6:30 a.m. in 50 half- hour programs. "Yoga With Madeline," a one-unit course, will be shown Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 6:30 a.m., in 30 half-hour programs. Both courses also will be televised afternoons Ford to appear on TV for interview Associated Press C News hss snnounced it will televise exclusive interview with President Ford live from the White House from 7 to 8 p.m. PST Thursday. Richard Wald, president of NBC News, said John Chancellor, anchorman of the "NBC Nightly News," and White House correspondent Tom Brokaw would discuss a wide range of subjects with the President. Wald said NBC had'suggested the live format to Ford, who liked the idea and agreed to it. Negotiations for the interview had been under way for several weeks in Washington. Wald made the announcement during a talk to newspaper television editors at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. CUIlDHMimOMDCCNTM z2gi,MS!,LJ. X" SERVICE CAlt Color Colls Only AUTHORIZED ^,,0 DEALER charge RCA-ZENITH Saturday . low lew Prices VIDEON TV 422-8488 66WCherry DGGLETS EXPANSION WATCH BANDS NOW ONLY ea, FREE INSMIUTION MONDAY, TUESDtT, WEDNESDAY tfflUMPiTQNlTI In Our Fine Jewelry Dept. It and evenings on Channel 70 friends, associates and 28 and Channel 50. Persons may enroll by phone not later than Feb. 28. Wink M a r t i n d a l e is presenting an "audio- biography" of Elvis Presley on radio station KMPC (710 AM) from noon to 3 p.m. today through Saturday. "The Elvis Presley Story" is told in 13 chapters and features 150 of Elvis' songs, as well as interviews with more than music contemporaries. It was written by Jerry Hopkins and is based on his biography, "Elvis." Segments were recorded in Memphis, Nashville, New York, London and Tupelo, Miss. Joseph Alspp, noted journalist, is interviewed from 7 to 8 tonight on Long Beach .station KLON (88.1 FM) over National Public Radio. 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Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. 19 mg. "tar". 1.4 mg. nicotine av. per tii .Me, FTC Report Oci.'74. TELEVISION LOG- KNXT KNBC KTLA KABC KHJ Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 7 Channel 9 KTTV Channel 11 KCOP Channel 13 KWHY Channel 22 KCET Channel 28 KHOF ' Channel 30 KMEX Channel 34 KLXA Channel 40 KOCE Channel 50 KBSC Channel 52 , MOND AY, JANUARY 20,1975 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 13 *Movie: "Hell's Five An * indicates BAV Other shows in color 5:55 4 Knowledge. Talk About Pictures 6:00 A.M. 7 Telescope 11 Metrify or Petrify 6:25 4 Not for Women Only. Fashion, the Big Look 6:30 2 Claremont Colloquium 7 Michael Jackson 11 Bull winkle 28 Yoga for Health 6:45 22 "Commodity Report 6:55 4 Newservice 7:00 A.M. 2 News. Hughes Rudd 4 Today 7 AM America 9 Davey . Goliath 11 New Zoo Revue 22 Market Opening 28 Sesame Street 7:30 9 Tennessee Tuxedo 11 Porky Pig 22 Market Update 7:45 13 News 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 5 Gallery 9 Banana Splits 11 Flintstones 13 Gumby 22 N.Y. Exchange 28 Zoom! 8:30 5 The Gale Storm Show 9 Romper Room 11 Yogi and Friends 13 I Dream of Jeannie 22 Commodity Line 2S Mister Rogers 9:00 A.M. 2 Joker's Wild. J. Barry 4 Celebrity Sweepstakes 5 'Ben Casey 7 A.M. Los Angeles 9 Jack LaLanne, fitness 11 *I Love Lucy 13 Youth Scene" 22 High Achievement 28 Sesame Street 9:30 2 Gambit 4 Wheel of Fortune 9 Super Talk with Lynn Graham. DEBUT "of new series featuring interviews and discussions with orominent personages Today's guest: Virginia Graham, mother of Lynn Graham 11 Green Acres 13 L.A. Woman 22 Executive Report 10:00 A.M. 2 Now You Sec It ·1 High Rollers 5 *Movie: "Wyoming Outlaw," John Wayne ft Job Mart 11 Mothers-in-Law Hours." Stephen McNally, Vic Morrow 22 New York Exchange 10:30 2 Love of Life 4 Hollywood Squares 7 Brady Bunch 0 Meet the Mayors 11 Flying Nun 22 Market Update 10:55 2 News, Doug Edwards 11:00 A.M. 2 Young Restless -1 Jackpot 5 *Movie: "Saigon." Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake C48) 7 Money Maze 9 *Lucy Show 11 News. Sam Chu Lin 22 N.Y. Exchange 28 Electric Company 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Blank Check 7 Big Showdown 9 'Beverly Hillbillies 11 Let's Rap 13 'Movie: "The Romantic Age," Hugh Williams, Mai Zetterling (Drama '501 22 New York Exchange 28 Villa Alegre 11:55 4 News. Edwin Newman NOON 2 Noontime, Mnchado -1 How to Survive a Marriage 7 Password All Stars 9 'Dick Van Dyke 11 *Movie: "Clouds Over Europe," Laurence Olivier. Valerie Hobson (Mystery '391 22 Concepts in Commodities 28 Washington in Review 50 School News. Masterpiece Theatre 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 Days of Our Lives 7 Split Second 9 News. Steve Fox 22 Update Stock List '! L.A. News Review (R) 1:00 P.M. 2 Guiding Light 4 The Doctors 5 'Movie: "Secrets of a Secretary," Claudettc Colbert. Herbert Marshall (Drama '3D 7 All My Children 9 Tommy Hawkins Show 13 Major Adams 22 Market Closing 1:30 2 Edge of Night 4 Another World 7 Let's Make a Deal 22 Charting the Market 2:00 P.M. 2 New Price Is Right 7 $10,000 Pyramid 13 Nanny the Professor 28 Romagnolis Table. First of 13 Italian-style cooking lessons. (R) 50 Electric Company 2:20 11 Ben Hunter Interviews 2:30 2 Match Game '74 4 Somerset 5 News, L. McCormick 7 One Life to Live 11 "Laurel Hardv 13 News, Hugh Williams 28 Yoga for Health 50 Teaching Children to Read 3:00 P.M. 2 Tattletales 4 Diamond Head 5 House of Frightenstein 7 General Hospital :. 9 Movie: "Moving Target," Ty Hardin, Michael Rennie 11 *Hogan's Heroes 13 Get Smart 28 Contemporary Dimensions 34 Villa Alegre 50 I'm 17 and Pregnant 3:30 2 Dinah! Guests: Lawrence Welk, Diahann Carroll, Art Carney, Pete Finch, Dr. Alex Comfort (R) 4 Mike Douglas Show. Robert Goulet cohosts from Miami Beach. Guests: The Golddiggers; Nilozons Blow Guns; The Flying Farias: exotic dancer Fanne Foxe 5 "Ozzie Harriet 7 Movie: "PT 109." Cliff Robertson, Ty Hardin C63) (Pt. I) 11 That Girl 13 The Ministers 28 Consultation 30 Living Word 34 Mis Tres Amores 4fl Praise the Lord Club 50 Youth in Trouble 3:45 22 Alerta 4:00 P.M. 5 'The Rifleman 11 Pufnstuf Lidsville 13 'Gilligan's Island . 22 El Cantillita 28 Sesame Street 30 Pattern for Living 34 Sube Palavo 50 Chant to Chance. Music 52 'Movie: "The Man Who Talked Too Much." George Brent, Virginia Bruce i Mystery '40) 4:30 5 "Father Knows Best 11 Bugs His Buddies 13 1 Dream of Jeannie 22 Revista Femenina 30 Movie 50 Electric Company 5:OOP.A1. 2 News, Stout/Hill 4 News, Jess Marlow 5 Big Valley 7 News, Michaels/Henry 9 The Avengers II 'Mickey Mouse Club. DEBUT 13 Mod Squad 22 Reporte 22 28 Mister Rogers 30 Buffalo's Pow Wow 34 Ha Llegado Una Inlrusa 50 Sesame Street 5:30 7 News, Smith/Reasor.or 11 Bewitched 28 Villa Alegre S 40 Puppet Tree 52 Underdog 6:00 P.M. 2 News, Jerry Dunphy 4 News, Paul Mover 5 Bonanza 7 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl 9 Raymond Burr Show. Ironsides fights to save an organization dedicated to , rehabilitation of ex- convicts when a member is accused of a jewel theft. 11 Partridge Family 13 It Takes a Thief 22 Peregrina 28 Electric Company 30 The Answer 34 News, Roberto Cruz 40 God's Good News 50 Canana: Not for Sale 52 Rocky and Friends 6:30 11 Andy Griffith Show 28 Zoom! 30 Sing the Praises , 40 It's Real 52 *Little Rascals I 7:00 P.M. 2 News, Walter Cronkite 4 News, John Chancellor 5 Bowling for Dollars . 9 What's My Line? 11 *I Love Lucy 13 The FBI 22 La Mujer Prohibida 28 Play Bridge with the Experts #17 30 Christ, Living Word 34 El Manantial 40 Todav in Bible Prophecy 50 Woman 52 *Three Stooges II 7:30 2 $25,000 Pyramid. Guests: Peggy Cass, Edward Asner 4 Police Surgeon 5 Help Thy Neighbor 9 Movie: "This Earth Is Mine," Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons (Drama) il Bewitched 28 Ahora 30 Living Waters 40 Let's Grow 50 Focus Orange Co. 52 *LittIe Rascals II 8:00 P.M. 2 Gunsmoke. Newly finds himself in a strange alliance with his prisoner as he tries to get to Dodge before they are both killed by three bounty hunters. 4 Smothers Brothers. Tom and Dick are ioined by Kate Smith, Paul Lynde and the satirical rock group called Sha Na Na in the second edition of their all-new variety show. 5 Movie: "Marriage on the Rocks," Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Dean Martin, Cesar Romero (Comedy 'GT). A marriage and a second honeymoon to Mexico. A quarrel and divorce follows. Further complications when they decide to remarry and the woman ends up married to her husband's best friend. 11 Dealer's Choice 13 Both Sides Now 22 Futball Soccer 28 A Rachmaninoff Festival. The Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus pay tribute to the composer. 30 Day of Miracles 34 El Juramento 40 The Monarchs 50 They Built Villages Here J 52 *Movie: "One for the Book " Ronald Reagan, Eve Arden (Comedy) 8:30 11 Merv Griffin Show. Guests: Ronald and Mrs. Reagan; actor Pat O'Brien; singer TomMcKinney; comics Skiles Henderson 30 Meetin' Time at Calvary 40 Kathryn Kuhlman 50 Nova 9:00 P.M. 2 Maude. "Maude Co." stage a variety show for a charity benefit. 4 Movie: "Sam Whiskey." A saddle tramp and his ladyfriend try to recover a fortune in gold bars from a sunken riverboat. Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson star. (R) 7 ROOKIES-MIKE'S * PARTNER KILLER COP Mike Danko is influenced by an overzealous veteran cop, whose obsession to engineer the arrest of a drug pusher nearly impairs the career of the rookie 13 Safari to Adventure 30 Two Heavens 34 Muy Agradecido 40 Praise the Lord Club 9:30 2 Rhoda. Rhoda and Joe work hard at being the perfect modern couple, free of all jealousies and hang-ups, and then an old flame asks Rhoda out for dinner. 9 News, Fishman/Riee 13 Wanderlust 28 Washington Straight Talk. 30 The Other Six Days 34 Ana del Aire 50 The Cable Revolution 10:00 P.M. 2 Medical Center 5 News, Clete Roberts . 7 The Las Vegas Hour 11 News, Jones/Rpwe 13 News, Hugh Williams 22 Cita con las Estrellas 28 Japanese Film: "Ugetsu'V 10:30 9 Journey to Adventure, "Paris" 13 Petticoat Junction 34 Acorhpaname 10:45 22 Reporte 22 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Joe Benti 4 News, John Schubeck 5 *Best of Groucho 7 News, Hambrick/Lund 9 'The Lucy Show 11 Mission: Impossible 13 Off Ballance 34 Noliciero, Jesus Marcs 11:30 2 Movie: "The Impossible Years," David Niven, Lola Albright, Ozzie Nelson (Comedy '68) 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson. John Davidson, guest host. Guests: Norm Crosby. Kreskin 5 House of Frightenstein 7 Movie: "The Million Eyes of Su-Muru," Frankie Avalon, Shirley Eaton C67) 9 Movie: "Moon Fleet," Stewart Granger, George Sander.s (Adventure '55) 13 Corner Pyle MIDNIGHT 5 *Movie: "Sabotage at Sea" (Drama '42) 11 Lancer 13-News Update 1:00 A.M. 4 Tomorrow 1:30 2 News 7 Eyewitness News 1:45 2 *Movie: "The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle" (Biographical)^ 2:00 A.M. 4 Newservice DRIVING LESSONS ,,,427-7488 DRIVING SCHOOLS i FKILGO 16 CU. FT. "KO-FROST" REFRIGERATOR FREEZER 288 88 · Deep-Shelf storage · doors · Dairy Keeper · 3.75 cu. ft. capacity · Top freezer · · Ice-maker optional extra · White Only In Major Appliance Bldg: HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH OPEN 7-DAYS CASH C A R R Y DISCOUNT OFFICE FURNITURE back and arms, t m W groswint seat, full *fLf bearing casters. ^r m $69 Swivel tilt, naus. back and arms, gros point seat, hooded casters. OFFICE DESK SUPER-BUY Wood Desk -- All Drawers lave Suspension. Great Styling. 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