Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thursday, April 15, 1976 i'AYKlTKVLLLi:. AHK.VNSA5 Watergate Reporter Wed In New York NEW YORK (AP) - Carl Bernsictn, coauthor of the news stories that helped uncover the Watergate scandal, soe-mevi ioo busy for romance- in the movie "All the President's Men," where actor Dustin Hoffn plays Bernsiefa. · But Bernstein found time \Vednosday to marry Nora Epti- ron, Esquire magazine editor- cbiumnist anct author, in a civil ceremony in a New York City's judge's chamber. Among those prc sent was Bob Woodward Bernstein's partner on the Washington P o s t reporting team portrayed in the movie. requiring In Oklahoma legislature Speed Limit fiSay Get Boost To 65 OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -Measures to repeal a slate M\v Oklahoma motorcycle riders to wear helmets and to boost the speed limit on limited access highways to C5 miles per hour were passed Wednesday by the Oklahoma Senate. ' The helmel rejiuiler measure. already approved by the House, now goes to Gov, David Boren for his signature. The. bill to raise the speed limit, also passed by the Hou^e previously, must be returned to that body for consideration of Senate amendments. iBitniiiiNiiiniiiMiiiEiiMiEifliniiicuiiiM At The Library iiiiitiWMtnniraiiiiiTOiiraiiDiimiiifiim By ANN' JACOBS. | Everyone who loves the sight of a brave little biplane soaring alone 'into the blue -- which mean 5 of cours e everyone I--is warm Jy invited t o the Antique Ai rplaii e Association's (A A A» program on April .22. At 7 p/m. in the FayeltcviHc Public Library auditorium, representatives of the AAA will show slides and talk about this marvelous sport. Tell your teenager. 7 Just to gel the ball rollinj a fine exhibit- of model airplanes (handmade, not kits) courtesy of W.P. Boys is in the . case opposite the circulation desk. These span the period fro m World War I through World War II. and represent 20 years' craftsmanship. A more detailed description of the exhibit will be appearing in this paper, and also in the displa case. ; BOOK AWARD .;' Once a year, as the crocus blush and daffodils bloom, book award season comes. This ii the time when publishers tel! each other unblushingly \vhal blooming - great books tho\ publish; but it's not all public .relations flak. ·::· For instance, your child : already have filled out'a form nominating his choice for the Charlie May Simon award. This ' prize, given in honor of one o Arkansas' well-known authors genuinely reflects what children like 'to read. In 1975 it was granted to Judy Blume's "Talej of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Newbery (w'ith one "r") ant Caldecptt are t h e . children's book awards familiar to al teachers and librarians, and t many parents. "M.C. Higgin the Great," by Virginia Kami! ion, has won, not only the 197 Newbery ·.. but also the 197 National Book Award, Child ren's Division. It tells of th struggles of a Black family i Appalachia, and how the oldes boy comes to realize the worl beyond the mountains. The Caldecplt winner, "Arrov. o the Sun," is an Indian legent f the Southwest, bcdutifulh llustrated in colors that exacllj eflect the Painted Desert. The National Book Critic Circle has made its first an ruin awards, to "KagUme" anrt E I . W . B , . Lewis' biograph} 'Edith Wharton." The American Library Asso c i a t i o n ' s Notable Book The House ^ave tentative ap- rouil Wednesday to several en ate bills, hut adjourned for ic day without t a k i n g final ac- Lon. The measure will be ·rought up for a final vole to- Public Hearing Over Control Of Wafer Planning Safety also would have author ity to revoke the drivcr's license ot a vehicle owner did not comply with the requirement. Present Oklahoma law requires vehicle owners to obtain ay- .! , .... . , The law requiring motorcycle t m l H u y insurance or show [dors to wear helmets was proof of financial responsibility, nssed by the Oklahoma Lcgls- ^'itifi involved in ature InsV vear under a threat iv the federal government lo House members gave the lia- dthhold 55 million in federal bility insurance measure a len- lUhwnv funds. :"v w .Y°' c or.apprqval of 51-31. UTl'LE HOCK ( A P ) -- The, stiite -Health DetiarlmcnL's re-' tuclanco lo [v?rmiL rccreatioiuil use;or water supply lakes was attacked -\VettncstUiy night at a public hearing on the statewide planning e f f o r t that Aikansas must make to climinasn water tollutidn. TJic hearing was on the question of whether (ho slate Pollution Control Liml Ecology De inii'tment should be designate* bv the governor ns the nguncj responsible for currying out special water planning: miner the federal Water Pollutioi Control Act Amendments o 1972. The Pollution Control am Ecology Commission, which 1 icld the hearing .at, Cov. David ,'rv'or's request, also heard a lcu [or special attention to thp Avowing pollution problem on "reel's Ferry Lake.. . ' ·" Pollution Control and Ecology oh the unanimous endorsement of 15 speakers to mana'fie the- ]l;inning for all arpas of the It drew heated protests from motorcycle clubs across the state. - . The bill to repeal the helmet requirement was inlroriuccd this yttir after a federal court ruled thai highway funds could lot he withheld from California because that state failed to pass helmet legislation. Ttie Senate removed from the jill -a provision which would nave required motorcycle headlights to be turned oti during daylight hours. Jt passed by vote of 33-8. Oklahom EI ! awm ako rs al so pressure a bill setting speed limits on state highways at 55 miles per hour. The bill to raise the limit to 65 miles per hour was introduced this year. It would not go into effect unless 29 other slates also adopt the 65 mile stale except, a portion of Miller County and 'Sebastian, Crawford, Jefferson, Putaski-aml Sa- liue counties, Those areas have or will be designated by Pry or us urbar a rpa s with sub si anlial water pollution problems requiring special water planning to be carried out by local agencies. but adjourned for the day without taking final action. Another Son ate-passed bill, which would have given the state commissoner of charit os ill corrections authority to close city and .county Jails which did not meet standards set by tlw Oklnhomu Crime Commission, was voted down by the House Wednesday, 35-51. Mclnlosh Testifies At HFA Hearing LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Kohrcrjase Ihaiy ha Mclnlosh, actuary for the stale requested. Insurance Department, testified state Insurance Commission nt n hearing Wednesday .that er Ark Monroe delayed rulim MFA Mutual Insurance Co. wns otl the ri it e increase. MFA offi entitled to a slightly s-maller m- cials. said they would evalual the testimony and be in tone or Adults (1975) include "The 'hree Marias," "Slaves Without Masters," "Against Our Will," 'Here at the New Yorker," and 'Anna." This last is the story of a woman sold into slavery her; husband, and her life ID years' long -- on a. Norwegian farm near the Arctic Circle. At the end of 1975, the New York" Times Book Review named the following as Editor's Choice: "Hurnboldt's , Gift." "Against pur Will." "Great Railway Bazaar," "The War Against the Jews 1933-1945." and Park II of "Gulag Archi- pleago," among others. AVAILABLE. Of course, these titles are all here at the Fayetteville Public Library, and this by no means exhausts the list. Future columns will mention other award books, as they emerge. Maybe not prizewinners bn! definitely popular hereabouts are: "Curtain" (Agatha Chris t i e ) , '.'Choirboys" (Josepl: Wambaugh), "Trinity" (Leon Uris), and "The Gemini Con tenders" (Robert.Ludium). fn non-fiction, t w o longtime Hollywood stars lead the Mos Wanted list. David Niven with "Bring on the Empty Horses' and .Doris Day with (wha 1 else?) "Doris Day." 1 Billy Gra ham's "Angels" focuses another sort of heavenly body and " "Spandau" reveals thi secret diaries of one of Hitler 1 , top aides, Albert Speer. Library hours are 9 a.m. 6 p . m . Monday.-Thursday; am 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday am Saturday. - . . New John Deere 2040 Utility Tractor... hour limit. Supporters of the higher peed (iniit claim it will result "owcr gasoline consumption, { it becomes effective, because arge trucks operate .more ef- icicnlly at higher speeds. The Senate re j tic ted ;i request y Sen. Al Tcrill, D-La\v(on, hat a bill lo permit insurance bmpamcs to raise their rates rior to a hearing before the _,tale insurance commissioner c brought to the Senate floor. The bil 1 \vas pnssod earlier y the Hem-so, but has been held a Senate committee. Thursday is the deadline for consid eration of bills in Senate com mittees and rejection of Terrill's request kills the insurance neasure for this session. Among the Senate bills given enlative approval by the House Wednesday was \\ measure to require Oklahoma motorists lo carry liability insurance. It was the second time this year that the House had ap- 3roved mandatory automobile iwners liability insurance. The : irst attempt to enact a mandatory liability insurance measure was rejected by the Senate. If it receives Final approval in the. House, tho Senate bill must go back to the Sen\i£e for consideration of House changes. As sent to the House floor, the bill would require every owner of a motor vehicle registered in Oklahoma lo show proof that he had liability insurance, post a bond or cash or prove ab ility to pay (Ju mag e s resulting from an accident before heing issued a fag. The Department of Public special purchase roomy spring handbags Pick up several! Handbags of carefree un-leather. just what you need for your daify rounds and travel Plenty of styles in v/hife, bone, srfaw, camel, navy and black. $10 Handbags DILLARD'S Dillard's 40*'horses' of muscle to handle most any chore The John Deere 2040 . Tractor features an 8-speed transmission wilh shultle-shift for close-quarters operations. A continuous "live" 540 rpmPTO And an entjage-on- Ihe-go differential lock lorpoor-lraclion areas. Other standard equipment: planelary final drives. Power steering. Hydraulic disk brakes. See us now for a 2040 RAYMO Inc.' Hiway 16 East 442-6296 -LIFE and LIBERTY WEEK APRIL 11-18 CELEBRATING LIFE AND. LIBERTY IN , JESUS CHRIST ·', Sundays 10:50 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Evenings 7:00 p^m. SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT [with Monroe later. I CJiarlcr No. I Tucker Supports LITTLE HOCK (AP) - Jim Guy Tucker said Wednesday ho vould support enactment of- a nutionul health insurance pro- nun it elected lo Congress Tram t h e - 2 n d District. . , 'CJunlity health core is a iras- righl of every American." Flicker said ill a position statement. "Yet, despite llie facb that America tins developed one of the finest health c.ira systems in the world today, rising liealth care costs and an inadequate distribution of needed services threaten lo deny lo many this basic right." Tucker said he would support a plan that would met tile basic needs of .ail Americans, regardless of age or wealth, while-re- m o v i n g ' ' . a n y ' incentives -,,of people to seek no? essential services. - , National Bank Region No. 8 The University of Arkansas Baptist Student' Union : Players Friday Night Internationally Known Soloist Dean Wilder FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH College and Dickson FAYETTEVILLE REPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES, OF TUB NORTHWEST NATIONAL BANK ||OF FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANAS 72701, IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MARCH 31, 1076. PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY; UNDER TITLE n, UNITED STATES || CODE, SECTION 101. - ' ,-'_··;. . : · . . . . : . ! . ; ' , . Y i ! ASSETS ·/ .' ' · ' ' Cash and due from bahfcs -... $ 550.000.00 | U.S. ·Trcasnry.securities-.:, .,...-.- 82C.OOO.OO Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations 1,264,000.00 Federal Itescrvc stock and corporate stock ........ 36.000.00 | Loans .... i.-.. ...· 3,407,000.00 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other ' . assets representing bank premises 451,000.00 i Other assets ..-.::.'..::.:.-.·..' ' 78,000.00 II TOTAL ASSETS ·. .-...:.;.:....·. $'5.022,000.00 LIABILITIES II Demand deposits of individuals partnerships and . R ' corporations , ....SU04.000.00 Time and-savings deposits.of individuals, . . . partnerships, and corporations 1,676,000.00 I Deposits of United States Government 3,000.00 Deposits of Stales and political subdivisions 2,162.000.00 Deposits of commercial banks 8,000.00 Certified and officers' checks, etc ·. 10,000.00 | TOTAL DEPOSITS :... $4953000.00 I (a) Total demand deposits 1,355,000.00 (h) Total time and savings deposits 3,508,000.0(1 Federal funds purchased aud securities sold under agreements to repurchase 150,000.00 Other liabilities 45,000.00 I1 TOTAL LIABILITIES $5,148.000.00 EQUITY CAPITAL No. shares authorized 60,000 N o . shares outstanding B0,000 ·' · · · : · " Common Slock--total par.value 600,000.00 Surplus : : 000,000.00 Undivided, profits ·...;·...-. :... 264,000.00 Reserve for contingencies and oilier capital reserves 10.000.00 TOTAL EQUITY CAPITAL ......... -1474.000.00 UTOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY CAPITAL ..., $6.622,000.00 : ·'.···' ' MESIOHANDA Average for 15 or 30 calendar days ending with call date: Cash and duo from hanks ....;. ..: ; .. 575,000.00 Fed: [unds sold and securities pnrcliased u n d e r ^ · agreements to resell · 5000000 Total loans '. ..:.... .:...-. 3,413,000:00 : Tinic deposits of $100,000 or more in domestic offices . I . . . . ;....:. ! '... 2,256.000.00 Totaj deposits ; : 1,384,000.00 Fed. funds purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase 141,000.00 Tiine deposits of $100.000 or more in domestic offices: Time certificates of deposit in denominations ' of SlOfl.OIX) or more . : . . . . : : : /·:· · 1,751.000.00 Other time deposits in amounts of $100,000 or more- 505.000 I, S. Denny Smith. Executive Vice President of the ahovo named bank, do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and corect lo tiie best of my knowledge and belief. S. Dennv Smith ' ', . . April 9, 1970 We, the undersigned'directors attest the corectness of this statement of resources and liabilities. We declare.thnt it has been examined by us, and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. Virginia T . Morris, Carl E. Rose, Donald B. Baker, M.D. This Mother's Day, introduce Mom to a Celebrity. The perfect Mother's Day gift A Celebrity telephone, It fits right in, 01 stands right out, without putting you out lots of cash The Celebrity costs only S13 a month. for five months. Or/make a onetime payment of $65 The purchase price of a Celebrity or of any other Design Line* phono 1 , includes a six-month warranty on the shell. To assure quality phone · EMWl Cfccrft. 9 tt-lf *·,'*!,1 · MM** Ck«4* service, working parts (dial, cords and electrical components) remain our property responsibility. If they need repair, AA/e'll fix them without additional charge. Have the Celebrity mailed to you and give It personally, or have it'mailed directly. Either way, you can be sure sfie'll appreciate itforyears. Calf your business office to order. But hurry. 1} takes a few weeks for delivery. V.. \' (A Celebrity telephone.) I Southwestern Bell Price does no! include taxes or, if applicable, installation and recurring charges.'Trademark of American Telephono and Telegraph Company.

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