The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 9, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1920
Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS "Miss IdV fclpenue .returned Saturday after a monthts. visit with her sister, M*s/Ji H. ; iifcSb.erry ; o£ Johnston Gity. Mrs. S..I.-..Layout and children and Mrs. Allen DeLisle"ha.v.e returned to their home in Portageville, Mo., after visiting relatives here. - They, were- accompanied by Mrs. Fred BiUinger and son, who will return in a few days to their home in Buffalo, -WyoJ, 1>y way of St. Louis; Chicago; and Omaiha, Nebr., where they visit friends. Mrs. Nellie Searing returned today to Chicago after a visit here'with her eon, Attorney John Searing, and wife. Mrs. J. D. Dill has returned' alter gpmery- yesterday" morning, a 9 pound baby.-'bqy? 1 ' He has"been named James Thomas!'.' - : '•'..' . " • Miss Sarah Mitchell; a. teacher in the-EaA 'St:* Louis schools",; spem- the •, week end:with her parents; .Dr. and J ;;'Mitchell.' H. .Miss . Jessie'Follis-.o'f Johnston City -visited, -JVIrs; t. W.. Proctor Saturday afternoon, enrpute'to Murphysbpro for a.visit:with*riends.--< " :' ; ' .Guaranteed' heard 'wheat 'flo'ur , ?15 per i;ar.<el this wsek. Farmers' Supply.!. ?Phoiie' ISO.-^A'dvertisemeiit. • . Ciis: -'S. N. l Hunter* vice -chairman- of tlie .national commibtee of fiinance, of DuQuoin,' attended the Republican meetings' here Saturday. . Col.. Hunter Represents the 22nd, 23rd," 24th and congressional. districts. the convention of the Michigan Federation of Roman's Clubs! "'. At the meeting an ' epochcal announcement •was made to the"club; 'The private secretary, to the surprise" of the meeting, entered 'the-hall in which the meeting was in'session and a.nn6uncea that the late Jno^F. Dodge, one 6i. tjxe' famous brothers in the auto manufacur- ing world.had given'the Woman's Club the building "in which they were tiojd; Ing the meeting. The building is" » handsome building", • valued"*; at;.more than $100,900. The .announcement brought forth : a .mingling of joy and tears—joy'"lor the gilt '.tears for .'.the recent dearth of their .benefactor. Mjiss Julia Mayhew of <3en1jralia spent the week enjd with her parents Mr. and.Mrs. Frank Mayhew. Rol>ert Davis attended' the' Elks dance-..vinf Mur-physooro (Saturday * Miss Gussie Payne-of Eldorado is th guest- of Mrs. G. F. Resetar. '•• ZSt YALE w&f&fJf fti "«* • Tl< , "GfeEA^D LtGJtfyfclNG'' ,WHOA BOY» . Gosh all tarnation ! and Cy Perkins sold that^ car for its weight o' metal- Some Humdinger, Mirandy I and they dd,say fte'Jt'tie up'with the little blond if he wins this here race. ByjHicky! Look at the city feller that tried to wet her. Hanging behind 'hke an yld cow's tail! Don't/you) haftig behind like"an / oTd cow's tail, you K= .:,vl,* ,ir> m front r.f trio Imp tnntoht and see "GRE/f SRI} LIGHfTNTNCV' be right up in front of the line tonight and see "GREASEDj^IGHfTNING" Also FOX NEWS REEL II and 22 * Normati Teiiri.l LCllll., It WLLll J U-U^WAXi L^VJ. **iMAO •!*•»!. t C.—— f"; -- / • i * W .jecrctar.v 'of"the' treasury to succeed^ S ' seating L. TV; 'Howe, resigned. Mr. Davis-..wa» ^= ** .one- of the-fiii..-icial American ;peaoe mission •'"Mrs". Wesley: R; Mdrgttn :-oi Qhristo- ..Rhreji r-jSKBji't'- the week 'end with her .grandmother, ( Mrs. Sarah Hanson, i:. :.Mrs. Ellsworth Eilst has returned to her'home ini Coulterville after spend•Mrs. Dill also visited Mr. and Mrs. J ing^ three weeks with her, daughter, J. J. Hesler, in ChicagO ( and Mr. and MM. G. F. Resetar," who : nas been "ill. Mrs. D. B. Morton 61 Pe'orta, all torm-1 phe is :much improved. er Carbondpje resid'ents.' .". . „•; ',!•'"?•'• -— - 1 —rr- . \ f • • • . ' ' .Miss"-Ethel'Marten spent - '• Miss Ruth "Rauph, wSo teaches,;.ln. the Metropolis schools, was the gue,st of her-parents, Mr. and Mrs. IJi;H.,; Ranch,.Sunday. _„.,... ....ij POSTPONED Royal Neighbor social'which was to f- Ethel 'Marten spent Sunday in the guest of Mrs. Ruby MAYNARO TO FLY ACROSS U. S> "FlyinJB Parson" to Make Long Trip" In Interests of Army Enlistments. "' , ,-».•-.?•• ••• —r-..,-. '. ; 'n ''•;-.Ne^v Tork-.'Fehi-O,-—Lieut. Belvin W. Mnynnrd, the,"ttying parson," winner of the transcontinental air derby,,will leave""Mineolay.- N. Y.,' today on -ft- 2,000- inilei-fljght across^ the .-country .In tlie Interests of army:enlistments. He .will .drop.', army, recruiting: literature, troin - - - j have been given Feb. 10, has been,, postponed. May Hopper, Oracle! '. Advertisement. . MASONS ATTENTION ,, ______ W. P. Slack and brother, F. M.''sia!ck, and wite, oi..Tacoma Wa«h., who are Ms guests, returned yesterday from- a visit in Anna. Mr. and Mrs. Slack' depart this evening for Los Angeles, Calif., to visit the former's niece Mrs. Emma Hinkle Rendleman, and Special meeting SBekTriaili lodge" No-*- 1 '**. Baughter, Miss Agnes Ayres, fdrm- 241 Monday evening at 6:30. Feb. 9th. i er Carbondale residents, and the lat- For work. • ! ter now- a movie star. They will also visit in San'Francisco and other points !' :; .ilie^S;;.|T.raveis£ead (t>f Harrisburg -visifed-'relatives here Sunday. ;', Willis .,T,61er, city m,ail. carrier; is away/frpm his duties because of the dekth of his sister, who resides in St. Louis. , lie T>e Haviland the nir race>-,> •.- in which he wtfn AMUSE-U Friday Matinee and Night HARVEY'S MINSTRELS ; Weha4cpntwclfed.for:th)sii .big, show fpr.,the ..pew; : ^uth Theatre, where the : I sci-ing c3pacit_A is .more 'than twice"as lsrge/aS'the*Amus : e-;U. TheSnew house will SI riot :be ready. _\ln order for us;<to-handle the crowd^at the: Amuse^tJ it will be ne,..||j k ges.sary for .'allNvlio. cjinjicrso ira^t ourfor'rnatinee at.^:,3tf. •-'••'•"• *' ^ ; ••• ; Pi-i»-*» r rnaii'ini»p vSC -anH TJK cents 'no reserved Price rnatinee V JJ5 * nt * • *7'5 cents no reserved-seats . ; ..,;,i I.-,J Evening 55, 75 and $1.10 a l' seats Reserved. •<' > W'atdh:t6is'sp^e : ior,-iTsefye4':S^it : p . ', • . • ' . ' ' ....;' . .''. i .""'•"" "'.'."" sale; - . .- •. -vs ,'•'.- :•••• - • •-.... • . - • • -. -:i ~.. : ..•--...-.,... N. Y r ;TO l HAVE NEW BRIDGE Steps Taken to Raise More ' Thati '$100,000,000 io ; syjan the", -" ".- ! Hudson River.. New-Iork, 'Feb. .0.—Steps are being taken to form: a syndicate to raise more tlmn !?100,000,000 to build a bridge'across tlie Hudson, river. -.Tentative plans call., for n bridge from Fifty-seventh slreet to Fourth street, Unieii Hill. N. J. . .I -am 'running four cars. I can absolutely assure^ you the 'best ' service, it the city. Always a good -driver- to van- swer your call'. "I do nothing -but-atrto -service, day and 'night. ;•'• "«'' •••w-''-* Remember' p'done ! 381 'W-'t barber" sKOp. " ' • ' " '' ' ' r : ' : '"' "Earl Noel, Advertieement. Je: O?K. \ T. A Weaver, W .M: H. C. Mertz, Secretary. Advertisement. in California before returning to their home in Tacoma. The Cautious Elephant. Ancient chronicles tell -as .that the Roman.i sometimes tested their military bridges by sending .an elephant out on them and^then watching to see whether the cautious beast would cross. , Even to this day the natives in India set great-store by the elephant's :caution. . . • .. i;- ..••! Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dunn of South Wall street, have returned home after an" extended "visit with their! son, Walter Dunn, and family in El Paso Texas. : START TO BUILD A FORTUNE. - Rome was'n't huilt In a day. It went np stone by stone. Fortunes are not built in a clay, either; they are built dollar by dollar. Commence huii<ling your fortune.- today by investing in Government ,S:iving Stamps !iml keeping-it up rhroughpnt 1920, "W e need;' 25 more Girls in our Garment Factory at once. Sbme of o'ur girls who started |a-few months.-.ago are; now earning berw.een .;..., ' $18 to $20 a Week You cari'do the same. Apply „ Garment Factory Marx-Haas Clothing Co. Only 8 Days more of this sale Johnson, Vancil, Taylor Co, 1 fading Stamps as Usual During this Sale This Sale Closes Tuesday Feb. 17 . Work Wooden Vf Re»d Them Todax THE PEOPLE'S C»h fri ATd*«nce. One month, .per word 1ft ,9na..week, per. wprd^;.,. .'.. .JW One insertion, "per word .01 'Three insertions, lf per word ", JKL WANTED. WANTED—rWoman to cook and do light housework.... Best of wages. Apply-Style Shop.' .'"'. rent three or four -unfurnished Brooms, close in. Call254. , WANTED—Civil Service examinations February, March. Men, women, .18-50 eligible.. $110 monti Experience unnecessary." For- free particulars write R. Terry, (former jCivil Service |Examiner), 763 .Continental- Bldg., Washington, D. .C. The great sacrifice of Merchandise and the present high prices make this the most important Clean-up Sale we have ever held." Our patrons appreciate our efforts to save them money as evidenced by the record, breaking sales of Friday and Saturday. Our entire stock is included and at .prices .impossible for us to.duplicate on todays market, riot only in.price.but m securing., the merchandise. :.Let us urge you^to atterid;this sale every day this week. ....... . . ;. . : .. ...... ,...,: .. ' Clean-up of all Silks and Dress Goods 36-;n 3.00 taffeta and mes-.X- saline silks, clean-up f >rice-' per yard $2.49 4o-in 3.00 silk Georgette crepe' and crepe de ''C'h'inej" ' eper yard,. $2.49 40-in 2.50 silk foulards, clean up price per "yard", r. . .'^$219 36_-in: 2'. 50 beaijtilu1Iblaclc : ta.ffe a silk, price per "yard .... -$2.19 48-in all wo.ol-dress plaids,5.50 valuesi at'per yard /'. : ":'l • -$4.69 36-in 1.25-wool serges in all staple colcrs, yard. ...... 98c 27-in 4oc: -plaid striped and checked dress gingham, :,clean; up price per.yard. .......,. 33c 40-in 3'.oo plaid dress goo'ds clean .up price per yard $2.49 40-in 3.oo flesh and white wash satin, clean up pricey yd $2.49 Clean up of all Curtain Materials And Draperies ? $1.25 36 in. Sunfast drapery, per yard ..... .98c i 65c 36 in. printed drapery per yard ". ,49c 50c 36 in. fancy cretones per yard ..' ..43c.' ; $1.0045 in.'curtain net& per yard •'.;'........ ,83c 4©c 40 in marquisette net^peir'yard.......... .33c $4.66 inadras net iacecurtairis per pair ... .$3.39 $3.00 madras net lace curtains per pair ... .$2;49 $2.50 nottingham lace curtains per pair '.". $2.19 . Sale of Men's Suits :: Group I. 1 , All suite formerly priced $50.00, $45.00 and $40.00, Hart; Shaffner & Marx make $37.75 . Group II. All suits formerly priced $37.50, $35.00 and $30.00. $27.75 Group HI, All suits formerly priced under $30.00 $19.95 Every suit in our stock a great bargain at above prices. • TAT -. ' \h • i /.'•& . •': • Waist/bpeciai5<.rroni our Ready-to- wea?>£)epartnient* i One lot of white voile, waists'in small" and large sizes,- lot containing values up to $2.50.'. Clean up'price .$1.19 CMldrens' Sweater Special From Our Ready to Wear Department. . . One lot small -sizes, childrens' "wool sweaters in assorted..colors, values up to $2.50. ; Clean up price each.... ;:69c Petticoat Special From Our Ready to Wear Department. One lot taffeta.,silk petticoats in. assorted colors/values up to $7.50, Clean • WANTED—Cook at Van Noy. .i'< JV7ANTJBD—Bahy buggy. Phone 26. OWL BRANCH. •"•'., Feb. 2. There iS quite" a ~,num!ber sick in ; ] this community with colds, grip : and 'a'! few cases of the flu^ • ...!' Bruce.'Glenii has pneumonia .but we are.glad .to report an improvement... , A nice 1 baby girl was born to MT.. and Mrs. Albert .HaU. Moiftay.. ."The little' jniss,has been named .Ella lionise. . : Monrpe Robin.sop departea thij lite Fri'da'y nl'ght; after"a 'lingering illness. The-body'was laid'tc ; rest at Dillin'ger cenietery' Sunday.". He leaves oiiie'sis- .ter" aid three brothers to' mourn 'tKeir loss. Services 1 at: the home at 1' 'o'clock 1 conducted by Rev. -Smith of 'Carbon-. ; dale. ..--':: , . : " • • .": -.. •-.•...'•'...''..•'•-•'; Ed- Etherton bought, a. nice span ot horses from^B.ert-Neal,this.,week..^ : iGprdau.Parrish" is still confined to: his b^d a,tter' several weeks' .Illness.'-'/. • Gilliert;;MilHgan'was/a' pleashre"vis- w -iri'.-'Mai.'Tr»'ii . p^nT^flav'--' •.'-')*-•.. !: WANTED—Wash woman. Phone 26. . ... .. . . .. FOR RBNT—Two rroit room* or** Style Shop, for offlqe or ileeflng IQOIBI. Apply Mtoe Bieth, Nprm»l and MOBIW* St. •; ' ""*' --'^ •-. , i- itbr-in'.-'Marion,.. George 'Cole of' Cha'inipaiiiv who.'has been-visiting the "Misses''•Anna and Ella'McKinney, .was- called' home''-Sat- urday for'final settlement of; his deceased wife's estate. • ' •:. : "-'•' . ;•.-. Ed .Farley:of Hurst-.called!.on-,home folks a wfile. ..^aturday. : r-f'-'• '* Sir James, Grant : Diea at Eighty-nine. Otta\yii, Feb.-;9;—Sir Janies .Grant; widelyl known physician and sole sur- vivor.-otOthe, first, Canadian federal parliament, died Iiere-.a'f :'-tlie- age'lot eighty-nine.', his den'tli resulting..from -n. brokeii hip caused, by .n.fal'].- .HlsSyrlt- ings on hiiiOMuIosIs nnrt "How to .Live 100.: ,-.Years'.'.. nWrncted attention ''-'.in. iecicn^n-ncl flbrrmd. : He'-.'wn_s an'hon-.' pr'ary member : of'the-'Ameri'cnn' Acart- emy. .of Medicine. .- ''WANTED—Woman, to do house work for mother and two school ' cWldcen, .Call,364 3C, after.5:30.. FOR . RENT—Five., -room.;'. house. Phone 46*6"lt '•;-?• '.-•-•;• .FOR RENT—Storage tor npwemoU goods, in the one story brlok Irafldlns, cement floors, on alley bijik of m«w B«Ttb Theatre. Apply Mil i Rleth. ; ;FOR RENT — '•• 2 .furniiahad light housekeeping roo'ms. 411 South Fop- TOR SALE.. TKe worl-d's ^11 cluttered THE GHEERFUL CHERU& tKeo except m crowctiad c-wrs n, FOK> SALE-^A small tract ot grouiia, west'Vsidej "containing about Z% acres ..within. 16 minutes, waik.ot I. C.'R. R. station.on hard; roads* beautiful..building"'spot, suitable:for market gardening, >mall fruits;- berries, etd.or poultry -raising., ':i Terms -to l suit purchaser. 1 Address Lock Box 46; Car-; bondale. 111. '' '•• - . FOR SAKE—Mafe, buggy and harness. Cheap, if taken at'ohee. Opera House Drug Store. FOR-SALE—Pony.- Inquire 703 West Peoan. ' > ' . • • . - FOR . SALE—Five room house and large lot, close to town, $1500. Gall at 305 East Main St. j FOR SALE—-Five'room house, and I large lot, close in town, $1500. Call at ' 305 East ; M|ain St:. '.'•..• .-,.• .- . "-,-• LOST. - . - s - " . LOST—Pearl beads about Jan. 21. Return to Free Press. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT .i,.M)ants hooka to keep, do amditiug aid' prepare income"'tai retarni*. "M,"' Pr«a«. : ...,'.;.•.;,' ' . u; V)! : '. r .-.~.' •-.

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