Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 12
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 12

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 12
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HUMBOLDT STANDARDSaturday, April 7, 1962, P. 12 Superior Court Calendar The calendar of civil cases to he heard in the Superior Court of Humboldt County on Monday, April 9. has been called. Judge William G. Watson will preside in Department One. Judge Donald H. Wilkinson will preside in Department Two. DEPARTMENT ONE Probate Proceedings: Estate of Phillip Russell, final ac-omit, report and petition of Mary ( l a l n n t e for dislribulion -- Falk .t Falk. Eslale of Clement Roberts, final account, report, and petition of C. Adalr Roberts for dislrihution. Estate of Henry V. t'hristy, petition of Rose Marie rhristy for setting apart probate hoi:u-stead and for setting apart (·\i-mpt properly -- J. Thomas Frasor. Estate of Daniel Joseph Finnigan. amended first and final .I'.roiint and petition of Isabel Murray for distribution -- Math . M S t Traverse. Estate of Don S. Norris. petition of Dorothy M. Norris for setting aparl probate homestead -- John R. Stokes. Esl a t e of Thomas N. Hull, return (if sale of depreciating property 1 Tappin'' and return of sale (Carroll) with Laura M. Hull as petitioner -- Thomas Cotter. Estale of Anton Schmidig, petition of Mary Meisler for probale of will -- Mahan, Harland Gromala. Estate of Frederick M. Norris Sr.. petition of Enid Pearl Renner tor probate of will -- Hill Si Dai- Ion. Guardianship of the persons and cstales of Benjamin and Kennelh Lewis, minors, second annual account and report of guardian Toki Hall -- Rader Truitl. Estate of Joseph McDonald, petition of Mary E. McDonald for lellers of administration or to set aside estate -- Jeremiah Scotl. Eslate of Lillian Augusta Martin, petition of Maxine Lucas for lellers of administration -- Chas. M. Thomas Jr., Hilger Thomas. Kstale of Grace Louise Blair, petition of John W. Cooper Jr. au- ihorizing sale of securities -- John K. Braun. Eslale of Aina Ralila tinal accounl, report and petition of Rosa Holly for distribution -.1. Thomas Fraser. Guardianship of the persons and estates o: Terry and Kim Alora minors, first annual account ant report of guardian, continued, ob ji-c'inn.s lo account and petition of Lyle U. and Anita Lewis for removal of guardian, Millon Mora -- Malhews Traverse, Falk Falk. Law And Motion: Sylvia vs Ear Kuba.skie, order to show cause re contempt -- John R. Braun I.. C. Bliss Jr. vs G. L. Speier Co., notice of molion for new tria - -A.P.C. Sleffes; Mahan, Har .and Gromala wilh Hill Hill Lorcn Weismiller vs Tom Hull notice of molion for order sub slituting administrate for party plf. - Falk Falk, Hilger 4 Thomas. Constance Glover v Wayne Thorwald Nysten, order ti show cause re duty lo suppor --District Atlorney Leonard M Conry. Donna vs Damon Murphy order to show cause -- John R Hraun. Esther A. Underwood Karl Hayes, notice of molion I appoint receiver -- Mahan, Har land Gromala. Mary E. vs Rei (iar C. Solhcim, order to sho\ cause -- Blaine McGowan. Jo; vs John Black, order to sho\ cause -- John R. Braun;' Woot man, I.eildy Sautler. Rosemar; vs Robert Palmer, order lo sho\ cause -- Leonard M. Conry. Nell Barney cl al vs Ray Wallace e al, notice of molion lo direct ei try of satisfaction of judgment Hilper Thomas; Woodman, Let dy Sautter. Hugh Richard Co felt vs Barbara Jane Coffclt, no lice of motion to set aside default John R. Braun: Sapper Buzza Syble vs Rollen Quillcn, notice o motion to sel aside default -Hilger Thomas, Joe McClaran Gloria Jean vs Kenneth Georj Wells Jr.. order to show caus -- Robert M. Thomas. Elizabel A. Sailer vs Dot's Yardage etc notice of motion for inspection -Hill 4 Hill. Hilger Thomas I.eon.i Stanley vs Jay L. Powe v.iih J. R. Scott as cross-defem ant -- demurrer to amender cross complaint (Scott) -- Hill Dalton: Mathews Traverse wit Jeremiah R. Scolt. Default: District Attorney Leon art! M. Conry vs Loren Edwar Davis, to establish paternity f minor children. Beverly vs Eai W. fierhardt, divorce-waiver -- llubcr Goodwin. Pacific Gas Eh'cirie Co. vs Gus Landergc it al -- eminent domain (Bisho ml and gas properties) --· Hi .'.- Hill. Vivian M. vs Allen K c i g -- divorce, stipulation v.-niviT -- Mathews Traverse. Rosemary vs Robert Palmer, divorce -- Leonard M. Conry. ItF.PAHTMENT TWO Probate Proceedings: Eslale of Maymc R. Shcrcr, petition of Hlaine McGownn for probale of will and contest of Helen G. Reed et al thereto, and objection of Security First National Bank - - Falk k Falk. Eslale of William lo support -- Districl Allorney ix appraiser, Palricia W. Sum- merely, petitioner -- Marjorie M. hilds. Eslate of H. H. McGuire, nal account and petition of Ethel Irnce Mendes for dislribulion -- uth H. Walson for dislribulion ris, order lo show cause re duly Scott, petition of Mabel A. coll for distribulion with waiver ' account -- Jeremiah R. Scott, uardianship of the estates of icky and Kalhryn Jackson, min- rs, second account of guardian, ank of America NTSA -- Leonard M. Conry. Default: Frederick Ayer Jr. vs Glenna Ayer, divorce -- Blaine chunks instead of people for a McGowan. Anne vs John W. Frakes, annulment -- Rader i Trultt. Willa Mae Lewis vs Les- lilchcll Henderson. Eslate of H e G. Willis, divorce -- Mathews usie Phclps. report of inheritance Traverse. Jack Leroy Stephen . Thomas Fraser. Estate of Flor- nd petition of Edith Albro for istribuilon -- J. Thomas Fraser. Law And Motion: Florence Even Leggett vs Arthur Leggett, rder lo show cause -- James McKiltrick, John R. Braun. Vinona R. vs Neil McKinnon Jr., rder to show cause -- John R. Jraun, Leonard M. Conry. Ilene vs Donald F. Brown, notice f molion -- Hill Dalton, Mitch II Henderson. Rosemary vs tobert Houseweart, order to show ause -- John R. Braun. Charles chultz Jr. vs Ruby Faye Schullz rder to show cause -- John R Braun. Patricia A. vs William F. lorrell, order lo show cause -- flathews Traverse. Toi Jean 'erson vs Orville Eugene Mor- vs Elaine Perkins Slephens, divorce -- John R. Stokes. Iva Mae vs Ralph Pellersels, appearance and waiver, divorce -- Huber S. Goodwin. Charles Schultz Jr. vs Ruby Faye Schultz, divorce -nee H. Carlson, final account John R. Braun. Shirley Ann Bur ger vs Thomas Alexander Burger divorce -- Morrison Mon Heslon--Man With A Spear * * * * * * * * Pineapples, Not People, New Targets Rowland, ruthless baronial head He Is more Interested In shooting! I a Hawaiian land dynasty, You " could see il, too, when he snapp- the scene Itself. cd, "You look lousy" to his younger sister (Yvette Mlmieux) in a in people but you'll be able to BY ERSKING JOHNSON Hollywood Corresvondent KAUAI, Hawaii--(NEA)-*Charl- of-most-every-day here -- tailored riding trousers, soft opemcollared shirt and a planter's hat with a ton Heslon is spearing pineapple band of multicolored feathers. change. He speared tile golden chunks for a breakfast scene in "Diamond Head," a movie which is also a change for him. He breaks a couple of those Ten Commandments he "wrote" as "Moses." He was spearing again as we lunched on the terrace of the Kauai Surf Hotel, overlooking Lihue Bay. In Hawaii, you get pineapple chunks whether you like 'cm or not. Heston liked 'em. He also liked his movie unform- scene for the film. "DIAMOND HEAD" Is a saga of Hawaii, about rich people, their power and their bigotry. "I don't PIE seeing, him in "Ben Hur" jsually like movies about 'rich and "El Cid," and then saying, "It's nice," he said, "lo be playing a part for which your wardrobe needs on oiling to eliminate the rattles." "Ben Hur" and "El Cid" had given him a flamboyant heroic But the heroic image was alsc there on the terrace as the tal out the entire view of Lihue Bay. You could see it as he rode horseback into his sugar cane fields, playing the role of "King" Die scene under the scene than understand why b e c a u s e of Green's probing.". HE LAUGHED ABOUT PEO people,'. "Heston said, "because ;hey always seem to bring out the worst in people." But this film would be different, image lo the metallic tunes of play, and Guy Green, who is di- armor and sword meeting sword. reeling. About Green, the brilliant English director of "The Angry Siman's shoulders all but blocked lence," "The Mark," and "A Light .in the Piazza," Heston explained: "What makes him great is that he turns actors into real people "The story may show the worst NOP.THEIDGE . (UP!) - Dr. Glenn S. Dumke, former president of San Francisco State Col- ege, Thursday was chosen to succeed Dr. Buell Gallagher as chancellor of the stale colleges. 'Acting must be fun." He said, "Fun? I don't think slaged the chariot race and the college of New York. f have as much fun as a doctor tournament. acting In a church He Jerry Bresler's choice of Margue- fog good. When acting is 'your changed from "Easter Dinner" to rite Roberts lo write the screen- W h 0 le life, it isn't fun. 'Ben Hur' "The Pigeon, That Took Rome" saying, 'How did you enjoy D- Day?' " The tournament scenes in "El Cid" are as exciting as the "Ben doesn't hesitate to tell you why in two words: "Yakima Canutt.' He's Ihe old-time movie stunt man Name Dumke Chancellor (now 67) turned director who Dr. Dumke won unanimous ap- jroval .for the ?M,000 ; a-year post Tom the Board of Trustees of be California Stale Colleges, in a meeting at San Fernando-Valley Slate College. ,Dr. Gallagher resigned Feb.. 13 to resume Ihe presidency of Cily Why the title'of his last film, ae thought, because of producer doesn't have to worry-about be- a wartime comedy of Rome, was occidental College and UCLA. He taught at both schools before assuming the'San Fernando State was about as much fun for me as bugs him a little. With Heston in the cast, the studio thought 'Easter Dinner" would sound like a 'story about, the Last Supper. It is the big reason why he's ua are as exciting as uie DLU u K uie mg jcaawn «i»j .n.--.-- -- ~ _ T , Hur" chariot race and Heston enjoying the modern dress, the fraternal- affairs. He: w a s a n al- tropical backgrounds and the mer- teraate delegate to the 1948 and ciless profile of "King" Howland 1952 Republican national conven- in "Diamond Head." A native of Green Bay, Wis., Dr. -Dumke holds degrees from presidency in 1957. Author of several books on California history, the new chancellor has long been active in civic and tions. Berlin Line Power Told By General BERLIN (UPD--Gen. Bruce C. Clarkc.U.S. Army commander in Europe, said loday the most powerful peacetime field army in U.S. hislory is deployed along 400 miles of the Iron Curtain lo meel any attack. Clarke said his forces were combal-ready and prepared lo re- ist invaders using nuclear or "onventional weapons. He called (lie Berlin garrison 'fully capable of meeting Ihe mosl likely Ihreals short of war, iuch as riots and widespread sab- itage." Clarke gave a report on, the Army in a speech ,to the American Chamber of Commerce in Berlin. He came here for a fare- veil visil before retiring April 30 --Ihe day after his 61st birthday- ending 41 yenrs Army service. The American general negotlal- ed the deal Thursday witii Marshal Konev to permit American iiid Russian military missions to .ravel in each others "occupa- ,ion zones" in East and West Germany without armed escorts. Officials here were pleased with the agreement, but they expressed doubt it would prevent new clashes between Western Allied mission personnel and East German police. For the eighth consecutive day, the Russians did not schedule harassing flights in Berlin's air corridors to the West. However, officials said it would be "stretching it quite a bit to read into the apparent end of harassing flights any new Russian policy." Jobs Set Record Throughout U. S. In March Report WASHINGTON (UPD - The governmenl reported today that unemployment fell lo 4,382,000 in March--a drop of llil.OOO--while _ jobs hit a month. Labor Secretary Arthur J. Goldberg said total employmenl climbed by 527,000 lo a March peak of 66,316,000. Both the decline in unemployment and Uie increase in the number of jobs were about normal for this time of year. It was possible for employment to increase more than idleness declined because the number of persons in the labor market rose by more than 300,000 in March Goldberg said Ihe lalcst job figures continue a "slighlly fa vorablc trend" thai has markec the nation's recovery from cession. nut he said he could not be satisfied with the uncmploymcnl situation because long-term joblessness continues lo plague the economy. The figures showed an increase of St.OOO-lo a new lolal of 1,485,000-in Ihe number of persons idldc for 15 weeks or more. The number socking jobs for more lhan six months climbed by 31,000 Insl monlh (o 734,000. Goldberg disclosed Ihe figures Hlaine McGowan, .lohn C. CJil ham, Proctor K. Perkins. Estate df Helen F, U'nnon, final account ·mil petition of Isabel Murray (or al Ihe opening session of a con- diMrihulion - Mnlhcws h Trn-lfi-rcnco for cdilors and reporters verse. F.stnle of George I). Wat-Ion economic mid labor-manage- win, (innl account and petition of|nicnt affairs. OH, YEAH... HERE It IS.' WHERE IS IT ? WHERE'D I LEAVE IT ? Y'ARE TOO; YOU MAD ABOUT SUMPIN'? I AIN'T LOOKIN'AT YOU ANY WAX OOP.' WELL.WHATCHA LOOKIW AT ME THAT WAY FOR? WHEN IT'S BECAUSE I'M DEAD THEY'RE HAPPY...YEZZIR/ YOU'RE DANG TOOTIN' I HAVE! ...AM'YOU'D BE TOO IF YOU'D JUST STUMBLED ON A BUNCH OF GUYS HAVIN' A FUNERAL FOR YOU.' WELLY DON T LOOK VERY DEAD TO ME.. SO WHATCHA GOT T'BE MAD ABOUT? I GOT 1 YEH?? PLENTY! /WHAT, FOR INSTANCE THEY WERE SO DANG HAPPY ABOUT IT ALL! YOU GOT ANYTHING AGAINST FOLKS BEIN' HAPPY? The Sons Also Rise - SUMPTHIN'THET HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO. NEVAH RIGHTLV KNEW V/HUT".'.' . GIT DOWN FUM TH'MUSCLE- TOE, AN' STAN' ACK .'f-- AT LAST/.'' -- A VO' SKOMK HOLLOWERS HAINT NO DIFF'RUMT FUM VORE SMART LI'L SON, MRS. Me RAT.'.' AN 1 cHu c K L £.'-HE'S BRIM6IM HOMETI DOGPATCHERS MAV5E. DIRTIER OLD-FASMIOWED ,, SKONK HOLLOWEEHI.I' '.?-- YO GITS 77/AOAm TH'FUST THUMP ON OUR LI'L EhlEMYS SKULL A sprig of Muscletoe It's legal to bash the brains out of anyone who stands under it on 5KunkHolloween. r . r STAN'HERE,LI'L DOG- PATCHER.V- IT'S TH.--ER- MOST COMF'TABLESPOT IN TH'ROOM.':'' ' THREE HALFS DIFF'RUNT SIZED IT HAIN'T MUCH, ALL AH GOT.'/ BLADELESS JACK-KNIFE,MAH EUNGSHOT VJIF NO RUBBER-- THANKS MAYOR GREAT.'.'-NC .STAN' BACK «. __~., , WHILE AM BARRED" /AGGRAVATES MULE AH GOT TH'DOOR SCOOT OUTSIDE, HONEST ABE/.' new record for the DH.WAL--WHO CARES .I'-- WE IS FRIENDS !.'- HERE'S MAH

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