Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 20
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// Saints Ever Get to Show Stuff it Will Be Good Spring JIM McGLOTHLIN 'Lost Heart' GEORGE BRliNET Needs Work Angel Hurlers Unhappy With Called Strike By KEN P1VERNETZ Staff Writer It promises to be a good spring lor St. Anthony High's baseball and track squads if the Saint.- ever get a chance 10 show their stuff. Both squads have been burl by the lain of gimd practice days, as have all schools. Marty Johnson's baseball team was scheduled to open Monday at Blair Field against Poly and then play at Millikan today. "1 can count the number of «o»d practice days we've had on one hand," says Johnson. "We're usually a late-starting club, and it looks like it will be that way again this season." The Saints, who tied for the Catholic League l i t l e last year and carried eventual winner Savanna 1 1 innings before losing a second-round playoff game, need pitching help in '69, according to Johnson. "It's our big question mark right now. Plus we're in only one of two leagues that plays a two-round schedule." Three-fourths of the infield will be lettermen. Ken Yi'koyap.ia ( l i l . Ari Tavizon ts) and Marc Landry (31)) lettered in 'OS as did Mike Sdiaeper who has been moved 10 ihe outfield. Top pin-hills; prospects are Mike Crevda. John I'ntlorwoud. Boh Comer and lernll Cokcr. r.M-u'ar track cu.uh Bob Ar'iui; also displays cautious optimism. The Saints haven't won a dual meet track title in 12 years, but who knows in I960. "We do have good men for the lirst lime in more than just a couple of events. 1 like to think it's a pretty good team." !wo carryovers in mi the loss count i v loam, Joe Henderson and Chris Jones. hould rank with the league's top nulers and 2-mileis. George Chambon has hi'peluliy recovered from a bone break thai hampered his ai tivities last year. Two \ears ago he won the Catholic -i-lt) title. Stron;: field e\ent has to be the pole vault with Kent Kckholdt who has alieady cle.ncd 13-0 in practice. Rick Carlson and Mike Deimuluk both hope to clear 12-0. The icani is scheduled 10 open its dual meet season at home Thursday against l-'ennin l.asuen. INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)--C-3 Long Beach, Calif.. Tuts. Fttl. IS. IH» L.B. RELAYS-LARGEST JC TURNOUT EVER Largest eni;y roster in; -- v.-hu'h has a 7-1 t h r 28-year history of the high jumper -- and Han- long lieaih Relays has coik of Sanla Maria, to been received i." ihe junior (iiendale «;' Arizona." lollece d i v i M i i n . n:v' direi'tor J.ick R".-e .··" vi-ahxl Momi.iy ;..t\e Ulli-;\i ;;'..i:e '..'... tiOO athletes," s.ud Ivi-f "Thev range i'ri'Ri Purler All -if the Southland' 1 . '.·. :-yNr t r a c K power- a!.-f will participate. l i . l i f ' s '.'.:'.'. he r.n sale LISTEN TO POLICE CALLS Police Receivers from SCOTT'S COMMUNICATION CENTIR 6 - 1 4 5 2 2 6 6 A L A M I 1 O S H E 7 - 8 6 2 9 i^^^^^^m HOURj: J .i3C«'oOF,,dc,vi° By GORDON VERRELL Staff Writer HOLTVILLE -- George Brunei and Jim Mc- Glolhlin are among 32 Angels who have said to heck with the baseball players' strike and are here and training in carrot land. It's ironic, perhaps, but the two are here, defying the strike, for completely different reasons. The Angels, naturally, don't care why, only that they're here. B r u n e t 's explanation isn't at all surprising, especially for a veteran who's pushing 34. "I can't afford to miss any training," says the Frenchman. "1 g o t t a get into shape now. The Angels have treated me great and I sure don't want to get them sore at me." To show how eager he is. Brunei was the first hurler to work at Monday's opening workout under sunny skies. McGlothlin's reasoning is altogether different. Mac says, simply, his heart isn't in the strike anymore, indicating possibly a crack in the players' stand. "1 think a lot of players are confused on this thing," the redhead said. "When we firsi started l a l k i n g strike we were aft e r a certain percentage (or the pension fund, not a set amount. Now all the talk is about a set a m o u n t . "I didn't make up my mind about reporting 10 . spring training until just a couple of days ago. At first I went along with the I h i n g (the strike) but just ... this last week changed my ., mind." McGlothlin, who's won .' 22 sanies over t h e last .Aleman, Rae Tops in Scoring hi Rancho High's Bob .' Alcinan and Mike Rae of · l.akewood have won scor- · ing honors for the 19GS-69 prep basketball season. Aleman. who was one ' ol the Moore League's ' ; smaller players at 5-9. bi-.oreil 4-i:i points in 2-1 · games and a 1S.5 average -- well ahead of Wilson's Stan LintmT and Jordan's Darrell Darrnw. Rae scored 217 points in 10 league games for a 21.7 average. Only Holy, Lakewood and St. Anthony players will have a chance to improve season averages. All three clubs enter GIF playoff competition Friday night. two seasons for the An- , gels, also figured any de- ; lay in training would only he detrimental in the long run. "I'm not an established player, you know. Well, I haven't been established that long, anyway," he points out. "I have to start working now. If I miss three weeks, say, and don't slurt working out u n t i l March, well, there's no way 1 can open the .season. "Some guys who are making the big money can afford to stay away. They know they have a job. Not me. 1 figure I've got a job but there are an awful lot of .guys out there who are after "my job," he added, gesturing toward the Angels' four-diamond complex, which, for the moment at least, is loaded primarily with rookies and non-roster players. Brunei figures most of the players want to report to training b u t . as he says, "some are victims of circumstances, maybe, and some aren't. 1 just can't imagine anyone not wanting to be here." Then Brunei, mopping his brow after his 10-niin- ute workout on the mound, smiled and said, "You know, it's kinda f u n - ny not seeing the old pros out here." Bill Rigney, the manager, offered his opinion on Ihe first day of training. "We're going aboul this just like we always have." he said. "We're gelling ready for our first game of the spring and that's March 7 at Yuma against the Padres." ANGEL ANGLES: Besides Brunei find MiGlothlin, others ol Ihe 50-callcd "names" who have arrived here include soDhomies Andy Messersmilfi and Tom Murphy, Jim Spencer, Bill Harrelson, Bubba Morion, Chuclc Collier, Jarvis Tatuin, Tom Egan and Bill Voss, ac nuirfid over the \vintcr [rom th« while Sox. Burrie Rnvasl, Ihe former Dodgers' CM and now the prexv of Ihe new San Dions National League club, stopped bv for'a QUICKC visit on the way to the Padres' canio at Yuma some 50 miles east oi ht'ie Dick Stuart, the most prominent of the non-roster persjnnel, was expected to check in soniclime late Monday nigh! . . . Ruben Amaro, obtained from the Van- Kees. and Bob Chance, the one-time Sen ate,.- slugger, are expected in a day or 'Dick Enberfl, the Angels' new broadcaster, suited urj and worked out wiih the c'ul) opening day ... Enberg and Jim Weaver, a non-roster hurler who has a shot fll the bullpen, were a trifle shaky at the opening session Monday. Bo.h arrived here Sunday night on a two-engine plane thai was down to its last e:inine by the time it landed. 'II was scarcv. Indeed," managed Enberg. The only casuallies Hie first day were suffered by the staff. Rin complained of » pulled muscle - "I think it's a pulled muscle, anyway," hf laughed and MICK- ey McDermolt, balling oraclict coach, had a tooth ache -- "I know it's » tooth ache," he moaned. nur new "Wide Boots" tires Wider tread width than co means reater nomfort. . . b e t t e r ANY SIZE LISTED 1 Player, School Alcniiin. Et Rrincho Linlncr. Wilson Urirr-ov/- Kocrncff Wilson Rir, Lnkcwood Anderson, Poly . Coon, Polv L.itcr, El R.incho Hanson, Polv Lciilcv, L.ikcwood Snuirt, Wilson .... Frost, Millikan .. Rasmussen, Millikan Rpnnctt, MilHkiin . . . - l?"vnoids, Jordan Moorhead, St. Anllion' Koontr, LnkcwootJ.. Rain Delays Metro Debut for Vikings l.M!-,g Beach City College's Metropolitan Conference baseball opener at Cerritot College today was called off, according to Joe 1-licks. The defending Metro Conference and State champion Vikings are slated to play Pierce College at Blair Held Friday, but Kicks isn't optimistic abc ui getting that game in the books either. C o n f e r e n c e rain-out ivlts state that Tuesday postponements arc to be played on Saturday and Friday washouts on the following Wednesday. "The way things are; now," Hicks said, "we may not play at. all this week and then have games on T u e s d a y , ,o TM 53 no Wednesday, Friday and iffl":~: 10 167 5j i6 Saturday next week." HO MONEY DOWN WITH APPROVED CREDIT - FREE MOUNTING! Only Goodyear has it! POLYGLAS fights squirm Our newest Pofyglas tire ·\ Priced as low as. Gives more mileage holds the road better too ! UBii 1 tublcu black^al! plm f t . 7 1 Fcrf. £i. Tn and · \ nrr rli.ji ikiil- UM m . . . *.i\-; llir lifHr] for lorirrr h f f n r i - 1 miprtjvr. nta'l T t i p . I ,*,, I'nlir.trr I m r l I'lir-. · Uo I lln I--I.1S- I ..1.1 I'.r-ll I'lir.. ONE LOW PRICE RIB "HI-MILER" TIRE SOA50 20 Strong and tough to take (rock work in stride 6.70 i 15 .Tnbe-tyoe ;.OoYl3 Inbelcss 7.00 I'M . Tubeless BUY NOW on our Easy Pay Plan! "Prices as shown at Goodyear Service Stores, competitively priced at Gooayear Dealers and All Service Stations displaying the Goodyear Sign" G F ] ls. Bcsl AVff. JJ 4.13 SI 18.5 M -:5/ -V) 25 424 00 17.0 3? 357 32 16.2 28 JjO 34 16.1 23 3JB 29 15.1 26 3M 23 1-1.0 ' 24 326 28 13.6 76 352 .13 13.5 28 3S1 M ».5 26 314 ?2 12.1 28 332 19 H-9 "23 .131 23 II.fl ' 23 313 21 11.2 ?2 ?3A 21 10.7 r" 2J 249 23 10.-I .27 275 26 10.2 MOORE LiAGUE SCORING Rae, Laktwnod 10 517 .14 !l.j Dar n row,JordaS C .'. 0 ..:.:iS TO M W.t Llnlner, Wilson 10 117 23 17./ · Kocrncr, Wilson 10 171 M 17.1 - Hanson, Poly 10 170 33 ; Lesslev, Lnke\ Anderson, Pol 1 THERE'S A GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE NEAR YOU Long Beach *44 [ Anaheim Si. ft,,,, HE 1 OT03 cr Mon. Ihrii Ffi. 8 5:30 Sol 8 'III Noon San Pedro Mon. thru Thuis. 8.30-6 F.i. 'Ill 8- Sol. 'lil 4-30 Torrance M»Twr.imlW. ffcnnf f» tWA ». SM.N8S Mon. Ihiu F.I. 8-5:30 Soturdoy 8-4 Long Beach S9T161I H o n l n t u l h u r 3 3 0 5 3 0 rii.'tiH-Sol.'lilS BARNES @f DELANEY *k PEDERSEN TIRE CO LONG BEACH Cherry Ave. at Bixby Road GA 4-1601 - NE 6-1785 GARDEN GROVE Volley View at Chapman 894-4552 - 537-1060 Bellflower ]llMl,V.lh-"H--.. P h o n t S M M J J I 0 7 J 7 M Mon. Itiru Fri. 8 6 Saturday 8 4 Lakewood Mon ihru Ihvn 8 30 6 F.I'lit9-Sol 8 30-4 30 Artesia U/07P.,n.-.IU. B6HSI] M o n i h , u F r , 6 3 0 . $ 3 0 Solu.dovB 5 NORTH LONG BEACH 2735 E. Artesia G A 2-5419 - ME 3-7444 Norwalk 1WMS. f-onn-B'.i. Mon Ihi-j lha ' 6 full- S o l 8 S Lomita Won thru Ffi. 3 6 Salurda^ 'lil S V X HELLER TIRE CO. LONG BEACH 2519 Long Beach Blvd. 424-8691 ALSO AVAILABLE AT MOST RICHFIELD, TEXACO AND SHELL STATIONS DISPLAYING THE GOODYEAR DIAMOND

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