Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 69
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 69

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 69
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1 ''" ii* l -.«»nl,Th U rttf*V.M J rchll.HH tufl 9 »TMC" ^ M, K-J /. s fictional James Bonds 'loo stupid' '· Eichmann captor's spy team one of world's best* VTD LANCASHIRE Ihese would be "danger- not a practical way of essential lo bring him lo (or 11 days before smug- lions have been made pub- Cohen to D a m a s c u s , f a n regime and transmit.- By DAVID LANCASHIRE TEL AVIV, Israel (AD -- ·Nobody noticed Ihc plain, middle-aged man slipping from cafe lo cafe in Buenos Aires 16 years ' ago. Isser Hard didn't want lo be noticed. He was planning a kidnaping. And when Adolf Eichmann -- the Nazi convicted and hanged for organizing the World War II slaughter of Jews for Hitler -- was captured in his Argentina hideout and flown secretely to israt'l for trial, almosl nobody- knew lhat Ihc inconspi- cious stranger" in Buenos A i r e s was Eichmann's captor. ISSER HAREL has made a career of being unnoticed. Yet for more than a decade he was a key figure in the Middle East and the mystery world of espionage -- the intelligence expert who built and ran Israel's secret services. '.'Capturing Eichmann was' the mosl important achievement of the Israeli secret service," Hard reminisced recently in his Tel Aviv home. "But capturing Eichmann wasn't the most sophisticated or complicated operation 1 directed. Those cases are still unknown," Harel said, and many of them must remain unknown. A l l e n Dulles, f o r m e r chief of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, once sai'd Harel's underground network was "among Ihe world's best." E x - C I A o p e r a t i v e s M i l e s Copeland, in his book "Beyond Cloak and Dagger," says the intelligence service Harel "may have succeeded where others have failed in planting (agents) in the Soviet government." RUT HAREL kept his name a state secret all Ihe lime he was Israel's chief spy from 1952 lo 1963. It was divulged o n l y two years after he resigned in an argument with then P r i m e Minister D a v i d Bch-Gurion, over Harel's mailing of explosive parcels to German rocket scientists w o r k i n g in Egypt. Harel also differs from the'glamorous spies of fiction such as James Bond, whom he calls "too stupid." In all his years in business, Harel said, he never carried a gun and he was never seduced by a beautiful woman, at least not in the line of duty. "I often used women as agents, though," he said. "Women were some of our best operators, but I never used them in a sex role. It's dangerous. You put a woman to work on a man and you never know what will happen -- the silua- tiori can turn around." H A R E L C A M E to Palestine from the Soviet Unlfin in 1930 as an immigrant farmer and orange grower, joined the Jewish underground in World War II and caught a German counterfeiter on his first assignment. By 1948 he was manipulating Arab agents, building the filing system that is the basis of intelligence work, breaking up Jewish terrorist gangs and virtually running the secret service. Four years later he was officially put in charge and .he c o n s t r u c l c d Israel's complicated system of i n t e l l i g e n c e d e p a r t - ments in its present form: "Mossad" (the institute) for operations a b r o a d , "Shin Bet" (security service for secret work inside Israel), "Aman" (military intelligence), plus a police special branch and a Foreign Ministry research division. Harel refuses to t a l k much about the American CIA or the U.S. investigations into its activities, but he keeps careful track of them and he makes clear thai .he guarded against an/ unauthorized abuses or operations when he set up the Israeli system Mossad. Israel's parallel to the CIA, has always been forbidden lo work inside Israel, he said. The Shin Bet, like the FBI, handles domestic security problems but has never been g i v e n powers of I search or arrest because these would be "danger ous to democracy." "Never should a sccrel service act on its own in a democratic country ... without direction from its elected or constitutional leaders," he r e p l i e d to questions about allegedly unauthorized CIA activities. ilarcl said'he would advise any secret service against political assassina- lions because "I don't think they are helpful ... not a practical way of promoting your national interests. "It is not ethical and I don't think a government should be involved in it." Besides, he noted, the assassinated leader would only be replaced by another, probably of the same caliber. Harel defied i n t e r n a - tional law when he sent a team of Israeli agents to Argentina for Eichmann, bul he contends it was essential lo bring him lo justice. Eichmann was the only man ever executed in Israel. "The Messenger of Death," as H a r e l calls him, was living as a businessman in Argentina under the name of Kicardo Klcmcnl. With Harel in charge, the Israel snatch squad rented seven hideouts and a fleet of cars in Buenos Aires, grabbed Eirhmann in the street and hid him for 11 days before smuggling him drugged aboard an El A!-airliner for Tel Aviv. Now 63 years old and retired for almost 13 years, Ilarcl has laken up a new trade -- writing spy fiction and a true thriller on Eichmann called "The House on G a r i b a l d i Street." Aside from Ihc Eichmann kidnaping in 19HO, only two of Harel's opera- lions have been made public. AVhile Eichmann was being tried in Jerusalem, Harel supped an ag^nl named Wolfgang Lotz into Egypt with a radio transmitter concealed in his boot. Lotz became intimate with Ihe Cairo military command and sent Egyptian secrets to Israel for four years unlil he was c a u g h t . Hard also sent a sabotage veteran named Elie Cohen to D a m a s c u s , Syria, disguised as an A r g e n t i n e businessman. Cohen penetrated the Syr- ian regime and transmitted many secrets before, he was cnnghl and ed. ' / COUPON UP TO SO" Off ' "TEXr 1 M.-*.. SHAMPOO S E T . . . . 2.35 2.60 HAIRCUT 2.00 2.25 PERMANENT (CompLt. with WAVE Mojrcjrt) O.5O ANOTHER /^ BONUS BAG COMPARE OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES! ALBERTSOKS RIB ROAST TURKEYS SHOULDER PICNIC SNOW .FROZEN W7BOOY Crab Claws Legs FLAVORFUL Smoked Tuna 10-OZ. lu-lr*. jh^ Western Oysters " ALBE SAVE UP TO $310 WITH BONUS BAG COUPONS gpft U.8.D.A. CHOICE AMERICAN 1 LAMB SHOULDER ROAS PILL8BURY BISCUITS Jfc. JANET LIE · 3-OZ. 8UCED mwm*. W LUNCHEON MEATS . 45° ALE* XLNT.1I OZ. P~AA FRESH SALADS ~ 58° KRAFT DELUXE SLICED CHEESE · AMERICAN · OLD ENGLISH · P1UIENTO · SWISS s-oz. 26 LB. © Roasting Chickens 68£ -~ BIRD FARM. II OZ.«MIU. BAOE OR HOT »^ © Whole Hog Sausage *1 FROZEN IMPORTED Sea Bass Fillet.. 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