Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 15
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Dvta Inm WJ. WfATHIK tVUAU Dealli Notices Ian* Sisca, tfJ, T»n, Aarl t lNDEPENDENT-P«s« B-7. '» Legal Nctict CtlTiriCATt Of FICTITIC'Jl Tlie *'i'J. iTixa-J w JO.VES -- William, 36. of Surviving is wife. Jane. Sen-' TIERXAN (Oranje) -- Paul.! 5030 Wardtow Road, disdice Wednesday. 2 p-m. Hoi- 69. of 701 N. Lemmon StJ Sunday. Surviving are son. ton t Son Mortuary. jd:ri S-rMay. Suniving are ( Junes; mother,'Mr*. Helen · |»ife, Sarah; daughter. Mr*.'! Taft; sisters. Mrs. Shirley KLAMPE--Mrs. Olive. 77. 1 Patricia Livingston. Sen-ice,' Nichols.. Miss Judy . Ana of 215 W. Seventh St, died today, 4:30 p.m, Westminster j^ fiJJ(m ,,, ^.^^ m . B(VM Bmm ,, .'ones." Rosary today. 7 pjaJSunday. Suniving are brother.' Memorial Park Mortuary. !»"«ua ani pi»..« a resij-nce tre I *V»ww^H Xtc\r»iT»rv P^fmT^m F:*r! V-*^*?.»* «?ct*r ' Mrc. ----_ i**.^ 11 ^? ~ .. .. ...*.. ._ r._--. and Xoraiaa W. LvairzeU t» lie to be the Persons vtcM names are subscribed t» th« Jrttra ^ia. uadt r the L. A II. COXSTKCCTION' CO. (it,: narm-s ilar. X. April 1.1. It. 1K3 (U) LBt. (AoVtrfsmaml Ukewood Mortuary. Requiem'Ear! Kajght; sister,' Mrs. Miss" Wednesday, 9 «.m, St. Helen Wood. Service Thurs- Maria Goretti Church. WHITE -- Donald. 37, of 5529 dark Ave.. Ukewood, rox--: 42 of MM · · TM ~ bn-^t E. H^tt SSI I Marrta Street. Ceaeh IX Calif. W. Lcrerwelt. I3»J Pala- day, 11 »Jtu Dilday Family.Garford St_ died Sunday.'mar. Westminster. ca:if. Funeral Directors. jSumving is mother. Mrs.! ^ ERNEST E! HOTT died Saturday. Surviving are 2002 Lime Ave, died Sunday, wife. Ruth; sons, James, Surviving is brother, Hugh. Edna Fox. Senice Wednes-1 McDONALD--James, 82. cf day. 3 P- 01 -. Mot tell'* t . JTOJU1AX W. LOG EE WELL. SXOW OR RALV for a wide expanse of the nation's midsection, extending into Texas, is likely today. Colder from the eastern Rockies and southern Plateau region into the western Plains- White; brothers. Gordon, Joseph; sister, Mrs. Shirley Heckman. Service Wednesday. II am, Lakewood Mortuary. ROGERS --Mrs, Lillie. 73. tuary. CANDELARU -- Jose, '. 230 rxrrL, Q[ 2220 Adriatic Ave, Mor- Saturday. Suniving are Irene; sons. Felipe. Jose. Norman; brother, Rafael. Rosary!^ Heart Gas? Sty Catlitl lurt ta I TiBts Ftstif On* Ici-ara t*!etj at Cnt tn af 1 itrtll. »ee» la tif B poctrt Br rt««» rilie*. U fast and sura n* casl tel.cta , . . . . . *. aa ·arrnna' ones. let lei-ant taCJT. On March I. UiX before me. a Ke * sr-jcrjS. Stud post* ta Ie3-sas. (Notary Public la and for said State.) owtesin. «.!.** liera] w« umnla. 1 »ii.e«ii,i»T1l. *nrv*r*lt ffTlflt PL Hotl 1 . Er "" t t H °" ZV^STRA (Artesia) -- Mrs.) was Monday, Sheelar's Mor- Anna. 81, of 1S421 GrayUnd tuary. Requiem Miss today, Ave^ died Saturday. Suniv- 8 t "·», St. Lucy's Church. ing are sons, AL, Harry, lam- mert. Wniiarn; brother, Ger v-' Sentence Dale Set in Shooting of Wife LOS ANGELES (UPI) --] William R. Hindman, 36,' North Hollywood. Monday, ·was under court order to ap-'S pear April 15 for probation | ; | hearing and sentencing farj|j the ambush shooting of his | estranged wife and a friend S outside her house. || Hindman, a car salesman,^ pleaded guilty to assault with 1 3 a deadly weapon. He was ar-lp rested last Dec. 22 after he.jj shot his wife, Dixie, 33, Burbank, and Alvia Schewing, 32, Santa Maria. COMPLETE WEATHER fort CUT Icacs an* Yictfurv: Some cioudinesv. bi/t mesnir sunn* today and ' te» cu^v »:n3s »i atlemoon. muca decreased trail lietd becfimma OTCttv of 243 Redondo Ave, died ^ D^Jons sisters. Saturday. Surviving are sons. -f^ Ae Fanema. sj;Larkin. J a m e s . Leonard; ^'daughter, Mrs. C h r i s t i n e Mrs, Bergsma, Mrs. Ypje Attema. -°?^ r " - - SiVVhobrey, seven crandchil- Wednesday 10-20 | dren and six great-grandchil-lR,^^^ church. and 11 grandchildren. Senice, NELSON--Laurence. 66, of 3017 E. Third St_ died Sunday. Surviving are wife, Estelle; sister. Miss Alma Nelson. Rosary today. 7:30 | ;dren. Service Wednesday. 2i Mortulry Garden chapel in a IT* Righer mounta.RS. Christensen-Pino's R«-' c harEe. (iondo Avenue Mortuarv*. uwuu rv»ciiuc i-»ui iu»i.j. Zioo Requiem Miss Wednesday, 10 a-nx. both in St. Matthew's! Church. Sheclar's Mortuary WITH THIS ADS ASA COUPON Artesia Inxrur ·« Deurt Knr mostly jum». Stmno. eusfy Ferity doc«» X ISmei bd«», tut fy ·in* » to a mM err hour *T liirei M I . . socre plowing K* end send. Hi9t« tod4V ( 9 » M In ugoer « (It. CmcepcM 0!=olavM ever enftre area. West 30 knots wifto modersle to heavy cf£9 todev, eecreesjnv , lonignt Westerry win* M to M knoH Weanesoj*. P«rt!y float* wlm e d»nce ct a few PttS coext. Sliohttv wanner. . showen earty ttiis ener^oon IUH, MOON ANO TIOCI am. Sunset: a:U evm. leet at 11:37 i.m. and 1.1 Wet at .' - M leel at ·:» ..m. t s n. . . MARTIN -- Luther, 73, of 853 lime Are, died Sunday. 'Surviving are wife, Ollie; son, Luther Jr.; daughters, Mrs. Lutheria Dillon. Mrs. Leah in charge. MCDONALD--jam«s, 82, of Leach; brother. Bud; sister, Mrs. Fronie Fry, and one] Myrtte H I rrc. U Sa -- ana ex -- -- lono »«»a AirDort -- to a -lei Angeles - ·' 50 IMON-RESPONS1SILITY NOTICE Notice iJ tTtliy riven by the ocd WiHUa M. McAcCir. r at 12iS Appteton. Apt. 7. £«ach. C*!i£onu*. that after th« dlt« ot Xtrch 30. ISA lie not be M*rcn*ibl« /or any or fer any persons other tboa Dated March ~ S;raed WILL Pub. Mar. 30. Apr. L t 1M3 3 L.RL NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Xottcc Is t^rebr t*H-en br the coderalCBed Thomas C. Scott, re- m-.ilzf at 11I2I Mir'e EL, Los Ala- Ecitoa. CaZiTomTa. that alter the datt ot Arril 1. 1K3. he »iU not t« responsible for aar debts. llabClcLes. or obligations incurred by anT persoa other t^*'* ^inuel* Date! MarchS). 1?6X (EU^ed) THOMAS C. SCOTT Fab. Ajrfl L 1 J. 1961 K--L.E-I. 71 3 _ vwonrlll* Acm Dis Kjtlo. 74 \^ 'grandchild. Service today, 3 ' MottelTs Peek Mor- Amos, 59, of 6151 Century died Saturday. Sur-! vfriig are wife. Alma; sons, Thomas. Linze~ brothers, Clarence, Ellis, Everett, Wil Miss four grandchildren. Service today. Surviving is brother, Hugh, Sen-ice Wednesday, 230 p.m, Patterson Snively Mortuary.) s i ster Franklin, and i : tuary. COBLTIN'-- %vniiam. 73, of 1201 Dawson Ave^ died Friday. Suniving are daughters, | Mrs. Edith Fresen. Mrs. Pris- 2iJO tuary, Paramount. M3!er-Sager Mor- .s ^ O'BRIEN -- Mrs. Marjorii 76. of 35 Elm Ave, die Saturday. Suniving are broth-1 ers, Geoffrey, KL Holdsworth. Senice today, 1 p.nv, Pat-| terson Snively Mortuary. BLADE THAT WILL GIVE YOU FROM 10 TO 30 SHAVES. . . OUR BARBER SHOP HAS SEVEN CHAIRS. ALL OUR B A R B E R S A R E TRAINED TO CUT YOUR HAIR TO SUIT YOU AND JUNIOR. BILL JACOBSON rJACOBSOiVS BARBER SHOP 1447 CHEEHY AVE.. L.B. HE 74421 i \1 GILBERT (South Gate) -Martin. 66. of 8975 Victoria 1 0 Ave., died Monday. Surviving' are son, Kenneth; daughters.) · 1 " o Sr t cilia Hurtt; stepson, Ev^ns; Virginia, Lucille. Nancy. Sen'- t. r*» n » Ji B cicters. Mrs. Marv Ashen-:,» -rk,,«-^,,. in--n . r-. E Dei Molnn 7» 5* M 3 Derail «3 O -a $ f»irtank» _-_ " J - - t Fort Wan* aj *l - . « tt*s... 54 5 4 WjiftinotOO Hitfiest tsmceraturs Monday ta «ii 41 adjacent ctatei wsa K at Pmidia. Tex. Lowetf *» U st Old Tnm. AAe. arsr- ice Thursday. Ih30 M o r t u a r y , a.ra_ Long : hurst. Mrs. Edith Lipscombe;: Hunter _'six grandchildren and three 1 x great - grandchildren. Senice | jWednesday. 9 a.m, MotteU's SH]RKEY (G ,, dtn G , mt) --Earl, 66; of 7S87 Lampson 1 FREE! TO THE HARD-OF-HEARING · · Oae Tear Free Supply of Batteries · Additional Tear Guarantee (2-Year Replacement Guarantee) - " ' Peek Mortuary. 1 Notm OFFICIAL CITY P R I N T I N G CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICITIOUS NAME See. Tttt ADAMS--Mrs. Blanche, 61, f of 1E26J4 E. Second St, died band, William; sons. Arnold.!? 1 ^ Rev. Bill Adams; daughter,!?:? Mrs. Marine Bower, brothers, Mortuary Are., died Saturday. Suniv- are wife, Katherine; four grandchOdreo. Serv- · "PROVEN RESULTS FOR NERVE DEAFNESS This LOW-PRICED Hearing Aid Will You All This - _ jmiit on the date « the.jmprovrment Is ot more than local Gene. VemiCe Ashen Sisters, issuance of said execution. 1 taTe.or ordinary public Vnrfit, and aaidl._ ,. , ..... u 11 . kvi^d mpiia all the ritht. title and citj Coonril hereby determines acd Mrs. Helen KUlebrew, Mrs. ·---* ·· said Judltni-ot J.otor.ljecJares. that the district t» be'r;,,,. Fracken, Mrs. Ethel . R. toVlE. to the prop-benefited thereby an4 to V foroia. vnd came ot HOME , : ~iji"the County t Loa ABptiei.lsewpi"^ Vaj-"tie costs'ani ei-jjones' Senice Thursday. 1 .State of CalJurnia, oV'scnbest a-« p,uses thereof Is *bom-B UB Map T . .. t-Kf r-v..«/.l, Ijmiors: I x« K3 on file ia the of rice of the p.m. Trinity Bible Church, \ Lot II of Tract Xo. I30"l. ia the^ti Clerk, to m-nlch reference is HrtTlvHaV Pjramoiint Mor- Jcitr ot Lonr E.'ach. Ccranty * Los|herebr aaSe for a drscrtrtion of HOUyXUlC. i"4ramouni JHOr wnt. T~bos« names: . . State of CjMonn., a._per l t!,e ws district, and that "" " the tuary in charge. · Date! Karck U. Htl P. RANETTIXCKIX, STATE OF CAUrOE-TLA 1 oou.vrr OF LOS AXGELES ( n. OX north 11, 13G2, before me. a ford*- KOTTCE IS HEREBT that on Tw*day. April la. 13 S3, 10:00 «-cloca. A. 2L_at ,ea« Mr; aHey intersectkm al FSrty-Beventa ~ ' · in be Jiai4 by the City The Council proposes to tranct of th* E«ach CotmtT|ti^l and 4etemun that th* public STDIPSOV (Costa Mesa-( J Mrs. Dorothy, 37, of 2S40 · Andros St, died Sunday. Sur-^ are husband, : Leonard; 0 daughters, Joanne. 1 0 i Kini; mother. Mrs. Marguerite 1 f !Schneider; brother, Leonard,2 * Natural Sound ~k Volume Control for A Convenience -k Inconspicuous and Ugh, Individually Fitted f H O S t TOOAT OK WIITE fO» IKFOIMATION | HCAtlKO AID ASSOCIATES I · ex KHSI fjn.c-.ftz (sn I nxt) I I DOWNTOWM LONG I C A C H ' I rvne n me Yeur Hit andm I 1 sa the -Fidelity Miniature HMrnt »* 1 name _ _ . Phone HE 7-2912 penoft vbose xaaie is Fobscrlbed seli at pu»» TM^.---- .- --- -- -- --. ^..v^vu* .» .^^ V, .-*.*'*** -- - t» the «ithii lasmanrrt and.tudler. for tai-a ia la*lul money'of .improTenunt a pubfic iearter will|_ , , actcoTleiiteJ he exeruteil the'tfic United States, an the n^at-ilso be hell piirjuaat t Ordinance I -:.»:.,· same · [title and toterert of sail Judfrn"* X9 c-JU» t» lear ebjectiona t» tiie.quelm. K r I S 11 n C (SEAU RUTH C. FJLSE3 Ubtor ta the abort ieicribed prop- ml ktnl ot aroh fmdjnr ani deter-)oranrfmrents. Mr. Notary- Public is and tor lali erty. or so nmch thereirf as_lnaj;^De t niuDatio*_ tr the CounciL Aiter expires Jane lltr. 1Z, 1». g. API Public in and lor lali erty. or so maca iner^j. « »^.j ^ mi: ,1 State. My commission' oecessary to satisfy aaidexecutKB..^ ne 13 1966. Ja-ita. accraed interest and eosta. U,r t. S. Apr. X 1963 H!) LEI.) Dat "jj' t i|^ t aieach. Califortoa,^ puhlit hearizj. If the Council. BQ ^. rc taa a fcnsr-fifths Tote 4237U CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Til azderslCBed does certify !·' Is con*irtini a bnaisus at 41J E. Ctk J'-rret. Ixmr Beach. California. vaderthe fletitioua firm name of LESLIE R. KE.«S. Uarshal , Municipal Courts. Los Anjelfs County By Lt. Warrta E. ROBERT B. S? E. E. THOS lt W. Aos Anj ith Steles u. HUGHES Plaifitifl's Attorney Cal.f. j anl Etn-'easity reraire STich improvemeot it may order anca tm- proremeat without farther proceedings in respect l debt limitatioa or majority protest. See. a. The Osr CotmcQ nereby determinea ani aeelares that the proceedings for the aforesaid bn- prorement shall b« taae voder and fuU and place of E. E. Thcu. SS1» Ladoga Art.. Lona; Eoach 13. California. Dafeti March IS. 15T E. E. TUGS EUte of California. Los As re lea Omaly: Oa llarrn IS, IS6.\ tef^re me. a Notary Public a and iXr said £Ute. personally appeared R. E. aaon ta d« ta be the peraoA Kama is subscribed t» the - - tnstTBSient and arknovledlf d executed tb* same. RUTH C. PAEKS. ifEAU Xotary Poblic Vy roimniasioa expires C/13/.^^. ^,-=^-.^ Mar. 1). M. April t. ». 19CI ll; LEI. CREDIT 10005 OF VARSHAL-S SALC | as the "Improtecietit Act o f i f p r e \!rs and ttat serial bonds shan ""· * lr ": " -· ! znacner and tomalMrS. JiCKie ,^ Monday. Suniving are daugh- COLS : o CKEEIT EXCHANGE. PlaintiTf IJVT^IA * * . , E and JACK provided fur ia aaid Streets and-^^v . - vr-..-. n »r\A es* as pAcinc ftiitwars Code, beartat interest at Charles Morgan, ana the rate ef, six p-r cent (i*S) V^fTsridCb i l d r C n . annnm. t* represent each asset*-1- cf Fifty DoCars (S50.00 or .drment entered CECIL SCHAFTEE 10761 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE N3.TS- 14571 Wednesday, Farcily Funeral Directors. WOODS --James. _.,, , ^. January next sweeedin* 1 the tt^n w -TArX ^t HIM ^-min laTOr'^5 "'« September firrt followtef their JiaO W. 2Wft M, died S^l-, ud JACK^daie. ^ ^ ,,_ ,_ day. Suniving are wife.; of A prU iw 3. i Rose; broth ers. E d w a r i Winiarski; -- - . a »et balance e JUS8.H actoany dae- on said Judpoent en.[ - - axd au t* said prop navm» sed iinprrt- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , SScS»V..1 COMPACT. LTD.. . . M Trustee «mde» tht «eed at trurt Lf California, described u foUon: *ade by JOHN F. JIAETCT and Lou SO and H. Part Tract. JIE, VTBXA J. XAETT.V. iui-band and n. Pt 51 Commonly aju*a as mile. and recorded Marc» 4. !»». ta Book TiCE. Page 1\J of Official P.ecorda of Los Arircles CoontT. II e aM«e of this rrsol* ^ cau.-^ ttje same to be; *, S Ttie Ix,«« Bearb . a daily aewjparer dr- City and nereby^ Corporatioa. [Ia the County of Loa Anxe! of ' " "" n. Ft 51 Commottly anc _ 1~I Lime St_ Ix-nr Eeach. I XOTICE IS HEE1XT C I T E S - _. - ...jat oa Friday. April S, 1MX at California, ptea t^ secure an to-iii.oo «'ekucH A. M. at east ««-! eVbtedneiii tn Iwcv of 3IAETIS trance cf Lon* Beach. Ci'vnty r»'d-:_ r .^ MICHAELS and JILL MICHAELS.IgT ,13 West O-ran Arrriw. CityiSIlT Imsband and wife, aa icint traarits.1^ Lonf B'-acb. C^mnty o( Lcs AD- «i ff 7._ _ mov owned and be!4 liy .KKTlirKV^j^ state of Califoraia. I *iH plares ta *aiJ CitV anj It rxxTTOK. by rfawn ol the breach J V n J t p j f c . k . .artioatatiie birVni^reCT,,, take effect. Toe ot»;«""""" '*" « eertala »Uirations secBred tiere- tidder. for eajih h tevful moneyicirrl »haa aLto ean-«e t» be naL*-i perfect atttndance record Vr. notice ol whi* *as recorded u ^ fiuted States, all the ccM.'notices of the adopooa U this rrt.--: 1 "" Koreniber X. l%i^ta Eoo*^Mills, j^y^ ,04 tmerest o* raitl judsoient hrtion vt jxteEtioa to the tiire. form. fadwrtsemen** abort described prcip-'and and to the p-Tw.nsj --' tterec. » may.^r.ated.aBa.^i.VdJy^d .p^Q^g CONSTIPITIOK I'i . . ^ j Pare rH, of *aij Oflifial F.eccrds, 1^ Wor ^ said tmntet »ill tfB at public «BC- rt _ ,, tiom t.» the highest fcidder fcr ca.-b, i* fectist ---- ^,. ^ . ----- . ,, ---- ,., .,. »e " c parable, ia Uvtei noney of the Vtutfd States at the tinne f sale, without warranty a* t» title, possession or tncioabrances, th« interest eonreyed to and new l«ld »y said Trnrtea mdr aald Deed ct Trot ia and ta the foQowins; described be necessary ta satisfy said execn- -Jtnprorement Act of 1111." tion. witi, accrued tnterert and I bereby certify that tie for Schneider. Senice Wednes-- - · - · ' day, 1 p.m, Honold Brothers Lewis HenscheL of 1433 Cor- Mortuary, Garden Grove. Suriiving in addition to par- ill'sche!; Sisters. VrCtonl. Willard Sippy; great - grind- Service Wednesday. NOVARESE-- Mrs. Nannie. 53, of 3263 Rutgers Ave, dit-d S e r v i c e »^u Diloay *· sister. Sister Frances. Sen-it": is t* said proposed linprrt-e- , . . « ! · ? « - « . T^n it. may appear before said CitylW ednesday, 11:30 aJTL, UU- mcil and ihow eaase » th« maa^^y j-jjjjjjy Funeral Dire^OTS. Family requests contributions re«oj^ L to the American Cancer Society. _r~...«-o T^ r- . sc \ PERKINS -- DtForest (Si). d'fd , C.ea nated for said purpoae. and Sunday. He Was a C au« thi.. r»solttios ta «*l K=» ^f .V. I ,4 in three (I» eomplcaou* 1 memner OI tre IX ' tfl-arani* Cr b with a Kr*ams «_r»D. win a coets. "frte-t resolution waa adopted by Dated at Lone Beach, California. :th« CUT Council of th* City oc SarSi 7.__»0._ TT^ i.V*. Iath.. at..ts.meetm«.of LE5UE E. SEATS. Marshal H arc U M. Municipal Courts. i Loa Anfeles Cocnty ieet of th. wert HI ** **- ««*«· '· r "^- m i^^^^^^^^^» ew ^ E A^,r: i i«,««^ vsxsffsssrsss; ·« ««Jaxi-.'ssss.» 3 Er£ jSieles, irtate »f Califoixla. Mar. li It. X. Apr. 1. tt*J (u LEI recorded to btx.a: Si 1 per map ..-- - - -- - - taies « U M iac!u*iT« 4 Xwcel- Ia7«ui Records, ia tte ofnce of the eo«-w record**- «f said comty. for tb« purpoie «( payir.f cblirations s-rortd IT said Deed InchJdiif fe«. ehsrjes and expense* cf tie Trustee. sdranres. tf any. unoVr ta* term.« ·* aald Deed. Interest tbereom an! . tnM41 im innald priaclpaJ U th- aote secured »y said D-e* »i«H interest Ihereoaj from Kay I*. 1^:. u ta said a»U an4 ry la* f-.~ O F F I C I A L CITY P R I N T I N G RESOLUTION NO. C-'8t»« A RESOLUTION or csTinr- ·nos TO IJIPF.OYT: THE JTOETH-SOrni ALLET3 IX tUOCKS EAST OF ORIZABA AVEXCE. EETVtxE! nrrr- niTn WAT «jtp Focni STRIMTT ix TIIE crrr or . IK3. lr th« follcwina; Ajes: CcvuncOman: KEXLETR. BOXD.REESE^ULLITAX. cr.ovr.GRAHAM. e FO5CEEPU3. W ATC. JTi^s: Cooncilmen: SOXE. Ab»nt: CounntreB: EJIIED. HEARTWEXL- City CVrk ...tiifstte prxt yoossJT P»T ** 'zv cid-ttsfcnrcd rtrmral tzx IMC I Pub. Apnl I. I I«g1 a--L.EI. tvej ttat cza AT cot bcr« eU to cause and mur «thcr larrn-e For eVttis m c*na · Er. E4 Ctrrt T « , * ut. Tds bow thai bctJ aratn* «oa ty 71% ea coabmed icnrej of fnHletx^i Hid oUin pumta. Wnse n De. £!·»* CltTt Tabfcra. !«. »«» - I. Txa. Cf frt r. ld»oa Tablru at tbe searest orct sura. TLe Cuy f ouncil «f tW Oly of Dated: March ti ISC. ; s-^an a. Ttat UK City Cwmri! Corpor ^rT a T TITLE txMpA.vT.i3«^; 'J,^,^ SEKTS; LTD.. Trustee 'blocaa ea«l tA Oru»ba Avenae. br-f By JOKS CtTRUt 'it-re*. Fifty-sirtl Way and S^utJi __ .__J Yertd '* t ! Street, by ct^stractira; Portland 1 and C. V. KL1XKER. 'cement ccArret* paven-i.t S tachrg Secretary i n oj,knest; PortlanJ etrmet4 co«- NOTICE OF ·.i.^IHAL'S SALE M. ttj «3a jonx a c. w. UAPLES. tnz sa xeresaary jTad-nf and any «thc-r r - _e!ated wort require*, eicept- any of tte fcnnrcTemeatj Lere- jrawT« deacribel already 'grc. X. Tnat the aforesaid bc- prorrment aball te perfomaed in aoeordale* wit* pi'-J. Brofilea. detailed arawlrts and speciflcatloES ET AL rvfendait viztae o aa execurbca iseu' ·brDarr 14. 1MX by the Mu ,-- -- Comt. o 11? Lira; Eeaca So. R-H-.L*hjck tvtuarxu sr« « Kstricl c'anty of Los file ia «:· office of tl.e Oty EnyJ- -^U California, =r-- »«r. aad rcferencs ts ker«ly cade enterrclli; fardr^ef l« sail toaoKCti tor a detailed S u tndyTner.t'description * said fcriproremmts ,i f, V, CP.EV- and tur ti»e dmcrlpticw of the arad- . lJXG ard T1EGIXIA P.. LOVK t- · I Ju-lfWut d'M.Ks ahnmina; A real treat for your feet Even the most tender feet can relax in these shoes! Softest leather*. ample toe room, restful support, perfect balance. A rize and color for every woman's need. Fitted by experts. nsaaa*^"^ Mjn 7 e.ia Iron f 1L»* Dr Scho//S FOOT COMPORT' SHOP 412 tONG 1EACH IOULEVARD · HE 7-5313 Or. Itinm Itit. CKrlftfnl i* tHtfif'' Oft* frH*j Kiss (ft» f Cover your taxes with a BANKAMERICAED Cash Advance, If you need $250 or less for taTes,you can get a Cash Advance at any branch of Bank of America - simply by presenting your BankAmericard.Tfae amount you draw, together with a small service charge, will be added to yonr regnlar Bank- Amerirard account. Then, if yon like, you can spread your payment over several months --and cover your taxes without straining yonr budget. For complete details about a BankAmericard Cash Advance for taxes or any other purpose, contact your nearest branch, of BANK OF AMERICA O"COP« SB

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