Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 12
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Turn To God, Is Plea Of Minister * (Editor 1 * note:. The following the uselessness of-our lives. Wha sermon by Kev. C. E. Weber Is one of n series of Sunday sermons appearing every Monday In the Dally Citizen. Each week tho nermon of a' different mlriistsr or pricat 1« reported.) . "" Christ alone has the' words "of eternal life that'give--purpose J to living. Rev. C.'.E. Weber, 1 pastor of the Broadway Christian church, told listeners yesterday. The church held Its 1 first service .'at its ^temporary, quarters In th'e Peter E. JHowel] school. Rcvi ,Weber'said in. part: ) "1'ou and I live In a world: which surges with unrest like the mighty breakers that beat upon our rock- bpund coasts. Every one of us who reads a newspaper or hears the news reports:or-has evena passing acquaintance; with the'.things that take place on- the International scene feels deep concern over each succeedingcrisis. "We wonder..'to whom shall we go for help?' We .have, looked to the UNO -and, although we have a shock for your subconscious--t awaken to /the realization "tha your life is utterly worthless sim ply because you have "never give your life to anything that reall matters.' "Then you become irritable.Tner vous and sick. And neither yo nor-your doctor knows , what'" wrong. One oi; . Europe's" mos eminent psychiatrists states tha fully two-thirds . of his '.patient have little wrong except the .tec of purpose in living. Such uselessness and meamnglessness 4 life makes us a prey to any ism or pseudo faith that happen along; we join any cause tha promises us a kind of-salvation Or else we seek to escape th shock of our own lack' of pur pose by transferring to our owr record by imagination the feats o our favorfie athlete and* th glamor of Hollywood's best. Do- Not Escape'Life? 1 "We may refuse to meet Jif nead-on, but -we do not escape life Our troubles and sufferings .aris out of sleepless nights.-' to plagu us. A little, book by Leslie Smith recounts ari^astenr legeni of a woman who lost -her.;.o'nl; child. In her grief she''went;tola prophet and begged him-to-festor the child tO'-'her. ; ;·,..,,,. - ..Sympathetically , he 1 - counselec 'Go and-Jiring. me a .'Handful' 1 o rice from-"some;'home-'where ;sor row has'not entered, and I .wil grant your wish, 1 - Ih--every-,h'om; she visited she found "some."·' sick, some one gone or some oni in "distress.- She-. : discovered thi universal, presence'-. of-.; suffering and sorrow.' To whom shall'we go "Peter added something more-another sentence, and affirmation which makes all the difference in the world. 'Lord to whom shal we go. Yofi have the words o: eternal life!' "What is eternal life? Paul'an swered the-.question in this w-ay 'this is eternal life, that they might not given up on it completely, we know.,thee,-the trae God, and Jesus realize, that it is not a magical in- Christ wiom -Thou -has,- sent, strument for the achievement of Eternal life and the eternal quality Utopian perfection and peace. Now we turn' to our atomic sclen' tlsts - and -military. leadership, .trusting that they, will empowei-us'with the wherewithal! to,destroy.before wt ourselves are destroyed. , : ''.Fear. Communism . ' "Wt/fear .Communism wxd'turn to loyalty; oathi'-and itht^ FE(l tor _ "Our p«r*«]jai; living r«fl«cti -the i»m» unrest, y:onfusion,::f ear and desperation wfybehold 'in, our riational: life. On* of .the: lead characters in .the play, 'State-,of the Union,'. · drew . thi» .scarcely commendable .comment: 'He- has -nothing to: live, for and nothing to die for. .·,. .'-The only thing, th* »man was really, fojj was himself. ."Tragically, .the lives of people today follow much th*!«am»'pat tern. Such .a- hopeless situation -in maturity grows -from"the lighthearted philosophy of youth,which shouts,'We,,don't.k;i6w,.w l nere. we're foipf,.but we're. bn',o.ur! way !*·'', "·'.. "We "hear '.a great Jdeal .of. 'talk about ^different'.ways .of. liJfe'.,'un- mindful, of/.the .fact ;that many of u« do' not' follow.' a' way of life. We drljft, r We_. : s«ek,.'.tCL,escape life and responsibility. Sometimes- our subconscious 'rudely 'rebels, against . . . WUER5CHMIDT OPTOMETEIST Where good .GLASSES are made- Dial UStn -- 75-77 E. Broadway CORNS GO FAST Enjoy quick ralltf and ·pMdlly naon tchinr with thin, ctuhton- IMI Dr. Scholi'i Zlno- P»3«. Co.t but it tnflo. WScholls lino-pads of life tiegln here and now ai-we turn to the divine companionship of the Lord Jesus Christ 'for our guidance and help, fordife's purpose-and dire'ction and for our salvation. -' i "Wei need our ,plans and programs, frail as tHey are; we rieeM the TJNO, ,, inadequate as .it is; whether we need it or not, we have the atom bomb., We need our doc 1 tors and psychiatrists, our scientists and educators. We need wholesome amusement and recreation as a release from the day's toil.* But we need more than these, much more. t - "Our human, resource^ are woe- fully inadequate for us~Wcop«VltH our human predicament In seeking, world" peace, let us not leave out' the .Prince, of. Peace; in our search'Jor*.life's purpose, Jet us not forget ithe God who gives life; in our fears, 'Jet'tis think of the Master A who said, "Fearmot;' in our troubles "and tribulations let us re- inember '.Him^whcT overcame the worid.,-iln*our sufferingf-let us be strengthened "by Him' who -also suffered." ."-; l -/·:·· v "Lightning curves ..and twists but does not .make sharp angles. Arizonian Killed; Two Are Wounded WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. (5V-The department of defense today-an-, nounced another*'Arizonian has been -killed and'two more'wounded. in the Korean area. All were army men. . , Killed^ was Pfc. Luis P. Lara, brother ofJosepMne L. Gonzales of. The'.wounded are Pfc. "Donald D. Otauntt 5ai!u QHlUrn .Monday Ev.nlng, Oct.,M. 1950 L'eister, son of Mrs. Emma Leister, Phoenix, and Pfc. Alex.M. Wheeler, son of Mrs. Birtha Wheeler, Chandler, ~ DODf , B. MORELAND, T10 N. Sixth ave.,'has reported for-army duty at Camp'^Chafee, Ark.,'it was announced today. "A recent enlistee, Moreland will be a member of .the army's Fifth Armored division. MORTGAGES Low Cost -- Qufck Service Life insurance mane;, and'' prl- rate fond* to purchase, bolfd or refinance. Residential and com merciai. Conventional 'or K1LA loan*. · - · Metropolitan Realty- Co.';. Aslrfor Mr. Gradj 25% E. Broadway Dial 5-Z242 TELEVISION SERVICING--AMATEUR' P.CJC. LICENSE*-',,; ENROLL FOB EVENING i Phone 1,1050 Bresjhic* Grunei^ald Adams invite yoil to join their Sterling Silver THOMAS G. BEAHAM Republican For ' ; REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT NO. 13 Precinct 32 · (Davidson School), Tanque Verde, Empire, Greater- 'vjlle, Twin; Bnttes, Contlnentali- Arrteca and^ Sahnarita. · -' " - '' S W.-Y The sterling silver-you've always wanted awaits you at- Grunewald Adams. Join : our Silver Club .- . . select the patterns you want. Pay as little as 2.0.0 a moath per ' place setting as you use and enjoy your silver; "Starter Seft" 12 PIECES OF STERLING SILVER A Basic Service for 4 Peop[« FOR AS LITTLE AS;49.68 " "/£ Car// AT0 Afi?f«f *? 5£0/ of Tucson's Finest Jewelry Store" fd SAST CONGRESS-TUCSOV Judge If on RIDING EASE ... DRIVING EASE IIS N. 4th ATH, f«ar Vooad hcatinc aad coolinj Glover-a«rk, inc. Serrlce* available .to all regard- Icil et financial condition · Arizona Morfuar- r Inc. VERSA E. Dial *.'048« 'irector: East Third Earl Upham says, "There is still plenty of time to .pnt :ln your ·Winter lawn and garden. Dial 6-1357 for seeds,- bulbs and fertilizer. FREE DELIVERY UPHAM IFBEP.g. SUPPLY Co. 3555 B.! Grant Rfl. : Phon e G-1357; UNHITCH OUB STATE BANKS THOM THE HORSE AND BUCGV Your ^esf Guy VOTE 100 YES A referendum proposed and passed by the Legislature, without opposition--to amend the Constitution relating to State bank stock" holders. Federal insurance now guarantees bank deposits, making double liability ·',; obsolete. Recommended by State Superintendent of Bankt The State Legislature Arizona Bankers' Association Leading Newspaper Editors Chambers of Commerce Vote 100 -- First on the Ballot - Yes IE] STATE BANK AMENDMENT; COMMITTEE Orvllle McPherson, Ex. Sec'y It rides more smoothly You'll glide smoothly, steadily, safely over all tyjjes of roads in a Chevrolet--only low-priced car combining the" Unitized Knee-Action Ride and airplane-type shock absorbers. It operates more economically You'll enjoy surging power, thrilling get-away, extra, fine performance and save money, too; for Chevrolet is the onljb-low-priced car with a Valve-in-Head engine --tremtsetterrfor the industry. It's better looking--all around Every time you take a ride you'll know it's mart beautiful from,every angle, inside and out. For Chevrolet is the only low-priced car with Body by Fisher --the standard of styling. 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