The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 1
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Ruins At hMark ftftBeaiin and in Mf JWfclde Seatn, ». "; cC ..=..4-'—. ».,?• ' ,* v r^t iiTiff'tt uteHI ii'istasSlr^ m^i^j&ju. -, .' JLt.fcV.» "** , i fORT WORTH;--; TH^tttiteraarfJiu wWnftcT today eft tte c^jihtta fto& .^dm "Colu'mtso* to ' t&t AMt Mm!* t Deod//nd Toc/oy... , MM"^ 1 - M ^ ^^ '^^' ' ' ' **"" Post Has 3 Candidates Qllweek,of, HfO,former freefcft councilman. -VfaMrt office «rf ftrttmcn to fft* t* the fhun«*r«orm a e tt v It aUbtit the recent ttat pushed the W an even rtitu June three tiwee week* t* than 1H {to month tttdTf uw rams look something 1IW this: Jan., 1.03: ?eb 324; March, 1023; AptU, 4S4 May. 1MJ and now 3.00 inches tor Hie first week Ht June, th rainfall was 29.73 for the en tire year of, 1IM. Aalnfui) up to T s,m. this in Angleton was 1.1 whit* Lake Jackson reported 1.02 over the past 24-hou period. Ibe rain* were over 'the oOeJeth r«ading In free Inort as a heavy stonn, tti<Md*r and hit ' aro«nd S'3» a/n. thl wWth tM KM hdd George a. Badge ofBracoria, M t, Held include MWk w» actually happened. at the Member «T the board. He filed Hit Wed«n*Mjr, ^ Guard!*, Vreeport Lifeboat Sta- . Todar 1* the o>tdu«e entering the raee. -' Rohrer i* a haWve of Bay pipeltiiea, Mltr^pe op. «MI mpUne rimpt. I* * reiMrfii el FWeport, tM WM eltjr <en- at the Male tfee tton aald th*t the disturbance sent by mail t* all memtJ***' ftohrer, etvUHeer and Alas< for the benefit of wal nothing more than * water A two-year-old child BrsjSoria ninth' traffic victim MM dashed out from ttanJKd* ,4)M Jtortis •pout and that It never touched member reaidenti, the City, Mich., with engineering , . from ^Stewart's lion will pott iltfat at the- traning at the Oitfyewlty of But, this rebort cottfllcted Sifrtd Cwskett, a Michigan a*d tHe fidfJe Cat She threw Ihe can with scores of other Creek announcing any* hind a, parked ear and from individuals who claimed week a* th* severe Mt wu-M th*t ttnt beach, then rari to tant called meeting. path Of a car dr) *t the moment Slew- foree*** remain out for that the swirling funnel touch- Drainage U Topic "? ' "a - * * A ^ *W^ • . S. B. (Bob) Wright wate^l edge at ed. ground in nearly as many elected to the vacant Th*. child is Oianl ptam* as there were observers. Uve committee pott Ms, daughter of Mr. 'B. R Velasw. However, from all the inter- E. Mtllftrd, who eit/ eoonett meeting autt eitr engineen it n gathered, It appeared fhetre were actually two from thf community.. that tttn* .were, Instructed with one hitting the prices and t, t« UHT'me*- dfa|«irf about is feet _. <Wve5ubr Tatnray Dale art of qpte, S3, but plUl sitfehdants found be onlvettttiUM and that being at QutnUha ed as chairman of the meeting, and Mrs. Sirtney TnejHHnes of Captain Bennie served as secretary. A0fei»,and Chllck Irwin were .the bulk of" the'siwiliesi Baritr Betrievtd CHtCAOO — W — Vf h e folic* B«J»ort Polfa* irnite !• rr* niistaJM. h* g«v« ,« a* loot. THOU m&'t fatb* • out U»buy seme chop suey. la. eluded in the change was Ibe So other information wan Mil Hut had been ht Ricky- feet from the and had jitat w driver about parked car*, edge. , Is Appointed Boetwi resigwd prirsto bustnea* In Anglatoo T-Covert wa* awarded Vatn.Jtorlirt, l^n Canal, In e**r Mssintm tt^ Oourt wMesiing stale HUhwajr 1M Okerg* O«ac a<t to dfapoae of Wound that the His wa* the low bid at ft, •ome old bethrooaa fixtun* In ed,, and the Const Guard and then moved to tht before starting down' ' toward* OalvMton. '. twisters MM* I westw-lv dlrwtion, The coromi«sioaers votNl to fejevt a bill from the Mia *awrl. Pacific Railroad I* MM tare Agent wilt b* Jtm Prieo, who wttl Tspiasi Ossw Boehm, buOdtw on the oU eourthoos* Ms starUnc sal*<v from Pric* i* » * M Ool, MMUtor. and the awhitaot, tabuUtton UOH. The SUto portior, o« tlw >ra*ori* County 0e«tt>> Vni« budget was approved, wsd county portion win be sub- During the dtseumioji, both Mt (o revision when the cud, gets ere worked up at the pub. that th. ,.f,«y of th. Mhool children in tttttte WM exercises of th* JMT a baiBff for the district court* HutfV School nr w the water, went pu^ aeeordltu to in- •wttded |»£obcrt study and cooperativ* *«or< by __ 1« that •|h«»*c«nd.t»is*(r, wsjst .the" Much two, had * Ion* im fstt (MecUv* on June }, winVtte threw it back, in vmt cases U Th«**> we to be water aa fw a* the salt •11 report* confinped »»w the twister tura and Jeanne Shanks;. churned ita way down *ww<j*4 annually by *Vp WfW "pMWtflH^m fWF fW worldljr «Mdft^ , broke up tor a to flat ttetu today-with India's to bt Uchraed voted dowAi»f &AMK,-f¥tb&, Canida, and , the 0. S. f anu.only BuMM » '*" — The eHpt l^tott 1HU was delayed a Kowfte.squsbbie over the run* W uie in d*it. • y«terd«y will te*t whether th* *Wrol«ttt/ mi be Child Dragged - ef* »nd F'ftittning for *»ef. : Wai r«6«ed Injured 4&«U^ teiolted to a fe* nofcfel iH.tfie Qtilntsn* Beaeh iteetiort. Huodteflil «t Brazoitwrt fe«. id««, keeping a much safer diltanee, witched the tornadowt forth out 6i t Wg black ddbd that appeared to b« hanging Plant A fhe flMt twfatef, appa-cntl? the unifier of the two, dipped d«w« W knock out windows, break tree ii«i&», tnap TV an- t««naa, -ted do (nlaor damage to a eeifpl* of.Qtlintana Beaeh homei. The Dit8«f of the two tor- hadoes, which struck second, wait reported td have roared hi a few seconds later and moved down Surfiide Beach, before drifting oat into the Gulf. But a reporter trying to retrace the twisters' path found that the only thing stranger than the effect* of a tornado is the public's account of what > 'V OC Cltizem Nome Butltr f o P/onnars Oyster Creek cttliefU*-'3S&'' cotirtlM fcf the *uece« of-1 recent membership dHvi-'S* 1 the Community House AsJteli* fion. voted at a meeting tfia we«k to p«y for eompr«tfftg the interior of their conmtti^ At the tatiei Meeting*'(fey alw named two wpresenfi. fives to help in area plinfila*. these are A. <J. (AlHluW» Jr., who will be Oy«e* Ctee third member of the Bn port Are* Plannign Cdmi . fion; and A. A. C«11ihan,*rt*f. - resentative from the cftttdtug* ity on the Area FlafflUfA? flood control committee. -. As a means of notifying-,t)U citisens of important convntiA* , agreed that notices thoutif ^ v

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