Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 19
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Television Log T* I I I I UWXI M I»HHI«I» M UWI1X44 »« SATURDAY, MARCH 31,1962 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 7:00 A. M. 4 Allen Lane Western 7:15 2 Comedy Corral (cartoons 11 The Christophers 8:00 A.M. 4 (Color) Science Cross, roads: "Jonlzine Radiation." Dr. Joseph RMS 11 Movie: "The Avenger" 8:15 2 Learn to Draw, Jon Gnagy 830 2 Sky Kinc. Kirby Grant 4 (Color) Pip the Piper 5 Design for Learning 9 From the Ground Up 8:45 13 Sacred Heart Program 9:00 A.M. 2 Capt. Kangaroo. Skitch Henderson, brass band 4 (Color) Shari Lewis Show 5 Movie: "Strange Affair." Allyn Joslyn 7 Movie: "Fighting Seabees." John Wayne ('44) 3 Teatro en Espanol (Span.' 11 Movie: "Viva Vilh." Wa! lace Beery C33) 13 PANORAMA LATINO--Orlf. * SPANISH VARIETT SHOW 930 4 (Color) King Leonardo 10:00 A. M. 2 Video Village. Jr. Edition 4 Fury, Bobby Diamond. 1030 2 Mighty Mouse Playhouse 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Movie: "In Early Arizona." Bill Elliott 9 Movie: "Blood Arrow." Scott Brady ('5S) 11:00 A.M. 2 East-West Basketball llth annual All-Star game from Kansas City, featuring Utah's Billy McGill SC's John Rudometkin and other All-Americans 4 Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert "Boiling Temperature" 5 Movie: ·'Hellgate." Slcr- ling Hayden ('53) 11 Gateway to Glamour 13 Variedades II JO 4 NBA Basketball Phyoff: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia Warriors 11 George Putnam Youth Awards 12:00 NOON 7 The Texan, Rory Calhoun 9 Movie: "Here Comes the Ntvy." James Cagney 11 Movie: "Gaslight." Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer ('«) II HEW! .. LIVE! .. ALIVE! * THE BILL ANSON SHOW 5 Movie: "Hoodlum Empire." Brian Donlcvy 7 Movie: "Flying Tigers." John Wayne ('42) 1:00 P.M. 2 Robert Trout with News 13 Bowling with Art Parra 130 2 Accent. John Ciardi: "J Frank Dobie." Ex Cowpoke's tall tales of Texas, including that of Sxicho the homing steer 4 Movie: "Phantom Lady," Ella Raines ('44) 13 Movie: "Rocket Ship X-M." Lloyd Bridges ('50) 2:00 P.M. 2 Look and Listen, Plcrida Friehus: "Snake That Went to School" (Moore) 5 Movie: "3 Steps to Mur- j der." Tom Conway ('54) j fl Movie: "Yukon Vcn- Rcancc," Kirby Grant ('54) i 11 Rugby Match: USC vs. UCLA (SpnuldinK Held) 230 2 Teen-age Trials, Jerry Dunphy, Don DeFurc 7 Movie: "Longhorn." William Elliott 3:00 P.M. 2 Magic Land of Alia- Kazam, Mark Wil«cn 4 (Color) Agriculture, USA 13 Movie:'Terror Ship," William Luncigan 330 2 Movie: "Wild Dakotas." Bill Williams ('56) 4 (Color) Science in the Newi, Dr. Albert Hibbs 5 Movie: "Female Fugitive," Evelyn Vennble 9 Tcleplay: "Son-in-Law." 4:00 P.M. '.2 Sky King, Kirby Grant · 4 Championship Debate. Quarter-final contest for western title has USC and Univ. of the Pacific (Stockton) debating the ending of subsidies lor college athletes (SC has the negative). 7 Zoorama !) Latin-American Theatre 11 Movie: "Hangover Square." Latre Crc-ir, Linda Darnell ('45) 430 2 My Fried Flicka, Johnny Washbrook 4 (Color) Just for Fun. Lee Giroux: "Gifts to Parks" 5 Auction City (live) 7 Professional Bowlers Tour Oak Hills Open. San Antonio, Tex. 13 Movie: "Ceiling Zero." James Cagney, Pat O'Brien 5:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Tarzan's Desert Mystery." Johnny Weiss- muiicr. Nancy Kelly (M3- 1st run). Search for medicine for Jane. 4 (Color) All-Siar Golf. Jimmy Dcmarct: IWI Collins vs. Don Fairfidd (Apple Valley) 5 TV 2cr.-;i.-.j Tournament Ramirez vs. Charlton (Linbrook-Anaheim) 5:15 11 Aleenc't TV School of Floral Design 530 S ACTION) JUNOLE JIM «n "IUNGLE MANHUNT" 11 Builders Showcase 6:00 P.M. 4 (Color) News-Sports- Weather. Lee Giroux. Chick Heam 5 FORMULA '42' SHAMPOO * PRES. POP DANCE PARTT 7 Lawrence Wclk Show Old-timer Ted Lewis and young star Roberta Shore arc guests. 11 Dan Smoot Reports on urban affairs controversy 13 Men of Annapolis 6:15 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 Sander Vanocur's Report 11 Sat, News. Les Lampson 630 2 HOUR-IONQ MUSIC SPEC* TACULAR. LEON AMES, HOST. CAST OF I I S Glindtli Fidiral Surlnp "Springtime USA" features soloists Molly Bee. Marion Morgan and Billy Strange with the Jack · Halloran Singers, Billy Liebert's orchestra, the Glendale Symphony, the Homer Garrett Square Dancers and pantomimist Harry Clark. 4 Changing Times Magazin 1 Rivcrboat. Darren Me- Gavin, Vcra Miles, Robert Vaughn. Former sweetheart threatens man's mar riage to heiress. 3 Victory at Sea 6:45 4 (Color) Lee Giroux, New 9 Frank Carroll news (6:55 7:00 P.M. NEW! SURVEY IN SPACE "Kitty Hiwk to Ciiumal" Host, ROT HEAL--COLOR Monthly series with latest news on space advances. Opener uses both black and white and color films. · r Jeff's Collie (Lassie) 7 Fight of Week: Dirk Tiger vs. Henry Hank (Garden) 9 1AMES CAGNET WEEK! * "ROARING TWENTIES" CAONET AND BOQART 13 The Silent Service 730 2 Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, Wm. Hopper. Vanes sa Brown, Dean Harens, Robt. Comthwaitc (repeat). Paul Drake becomes the defendant in a murder trial. 4 (Color) Tales of Wells Fargo, Dale Robertson, Buddy Ebscn. Hardic and his prisoner fight side by side to free a mountain town terrorized by an outlaw gang. 5 The Freddy Martin Show I I CROUCHO * TONIGHT!! Nightly series adds Sat. 13 West Point 7:45 7 Make That Spare. Win Elliot (bowling): Hill Lit- lard vs. Andy McBridc 8:00 P.M. 7 Danger Man, Patrick Me- Goohnn 11 The Beachcomber, Cameron Mitchell, Glynnls Johns. Maxwell Reed. Search for missing bcne- I ficiary to a Urge policy 13 COUNTRT MUSIC TIME! * by WORTHINQTON DODGE | 830 I 2 The Defenders, E. G. Marshall, Robert Reed. Arthur I Hill, Louisa Horton. Man I doomed In die of leukemia commits murder ' 4 The Tall Man, Barry Sullivan, Clu Gulager, Doris Dowling. Gun-runners frame Billy in murder of U. S. marshal. 5 Movie: "Leave Her to Heaven." Gene Ticrncy 7 Leai'c It to Beaver, Jerry Mathers. Lumpy has car trouble. II PREMIERE! NEW SERIES * --CHILLER--90 Shall.tint Minulu! GET SET FOR SCIENCE FRIGHT . . . 'THE GIANT BEHEMOTH' Weekly science-fiction movies, with opener starring Gene Evans as a 200- ft. monster brings terror to London. 9:00 P.M. 4 (Color) Movie: "Bird of Paradise," Dcbra Pagct, Louis, Jeff Chandler ('50--1st run). South Seas adventure 7 Calvin and the Colonel (cartoons). ' t Forti{n Film! ITALIAN ; * FIVE MEN FACE "THE VOICE OF SILENCE" ... Thief reforms and decides to become priest. 930 2 Have Gun. Will Travel. Richard Boone. John Holland. Robert Emhardt. Missing man is found threatened by typhoid and Indian attacks, with conniving coward for a sole companion. 7 Room for One More, Andrew, Peggy Me- Cay. Neighbors get the wrong idea when Anna and George decide to re-J AMY . i.t. "Beneath if ell it a VERY nice guyl" marry secretly. 10:00 P.M. 2 Gunsmoke. James Arncss Andy Clyde, Rickey Kcl man. Badmcn try to rob a boy and his grandfather of their prize cattle. 5 INSIDE A SUBMARINE * With CLETE ROBERTS 7 Intertel: 'MO Million Shoes." Fifth in a scries explores Brazil and Communism, as cameras com* pare lives of wealthy girl and peasant boy. Editors and industrialists are interviewed, and Francisco Juliao, leader of the Communist-leaning Peasant Leagues, is highlighted. (Show will be repeated Sun., April 8, at 3:30 p.m.) 1 TOM DUDGAN--90 Minntit * Inmiif, jllir CHILLER .. (adds extra night) 3 News, Dan Riss 10:10 3 Mike Wallace Interviews: Kim Hunter 19 JO S "WRESTLING"--GEORGE r '38.01' ALLEN RAMBLER 3 The Henry Morgan Show (final show for scries) 11:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Pinky," Jeanne Crain. Ethel Waters. Ethel Barrymore. Wm. Lundi. pan (MO--1st run). Light skinned Negress. 4 (Color) Bob Wright, News 7 Movie: "Eagle Squadron." Robert Stack, Jon Hall. Eddie Albert (M2) 9 BEST OF THE WEST! EXPLOSIVE POWER IK "APACHE AMBUSH". . Night Report. Dan Rins 11:15 FUN-LAUGHS--FIRST RUN! "TO PARIS WITH LOVE" ALEC GUINNESS--COLOR Father gives lessons in love to his son. 3 The Henry Morgan Show II JO 1 The Ben Hunter Show (new time). Three guests are with unrelated topics make up the new format. Tonight has actor Aram Katchcr on JFK, actress Mala Powers on educational system: AMA representative on King- Anderson bill. 12:00 MIDNIGHT Eieilliat Rfiliry . . 'UNCLE HARRT'--0. Sindut 1 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 12:30 7 Movie: "Gung Ho!" Randolph Scott ('43) Movie: "He Walked by Night," Richard Baschart, Scott Brady ('4S). LAPD. TV Satellite Test Due Soon NEW YORK OH -- Live transatlantic telecasts will be undertaken this spring by means of a communications satellite, the Telstar. If domestic tests prove successful This was announced Friday by the American Telephone Telegraph Co.. which will put Ihe Telstar aloft in cooperation with the National Aeronautics Space Adminlstra tlon. ATT is financing the project. The Telstar is scheduled for launching in late May or June. GOP Senators on KNX Sunday Three prominent Republican members of Congress will :ake a look at the prospects r or their party in an hour- ong "Joint A p p c a r a n c e " broadcast Sunday at 10:15 p.m. on radio station KNX 'also telecast at 4 p.m. on vNXT). Sen. Jacob Javits. N.Y., 'en. John G. Tower, Tex., and Rep. Gerald R. Ford, Mich., vill be quizzed by CBS cor- 1 cspondcnts Walter Cronkitej and IJavid Schoenbrun. . mi INDEPENDENT-- P « 8-7 I:OOA.M. 4 SUSPENSE-PACKED * MYSTERY--TONIGHT! "SOCIETY SMUGGLERS" 1 Movie: "Hadman of Brimstone," Wallace Beery 1:30 2 Movie: "Crashout." Wm. Bcndix, Arthur Kennedy ·SUNDAY 7:3O f»M- "fORCEOFARMS' . ·(,"»*-?. '-.p- ··.. WILLIAM ' ·HOLPEN . WATCH the chaos of i smashed civilization! THE BEST OF GRQUCHO TONIGHT 7:30 - KTTV 11 10:00 P.M. ON 11 Following "Chiller" SPONSORED by C. H. DIMMETTE, Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer SUDDENLY (TOMGHT IN FACT) IT'S Tonight is the night... when spring comes to the nation, on your television . c ct. Join the of America as the country bursts into bloom, bonnets parade, bunnies hop, and the umpire yells "battah up!" 'Jaking you on the tour of America to cc spring come in arc host, Leon Ames... with Molly Bee, the Glendale Symphony, the Homer Garrett Square Dancer?, the Jack Halloran Singers, Hilly Licbcrt Orchestra, Hilly Strange, Marion Morgan and Harry Clark...a cast of 115. It's fun for don't miss this Special Spring Frolic . . . brought to you by Glendale Federal Savings ^ f I s 6:30-7:30 PM \* A \ * o

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