Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 17
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58 -- Mobil* Horn* For Sal*. -IfcfSS MCWm,K Home. *xtra n(e«, Priced, WMI th'ff week, Call 521,M», IfciTO MOBILE Hvme wiih A/C. CK. ·killed, rotrwtcdt utlHly hutkhnjf, Poit*. P*lk. Prim) lo Kll. Call 52MW6 or 47-- RM| E(tor»-- J«r Sol« IN SWEETBR1AR new 4 · t*draxn brick horn*. X b*lha. Intercom lystcm, viti b*r, And II U» extra.. - · ' 47--Rtil E«Ht»--For Sal« MOBILE HOMES f»00 4 lip , . ' . 3 0 In AU : Carfi Only 'HINTON'S MOBILE HOMES ' ' USED MOBILE : HOMES, IfttSJ. s*4 · conation, Inrnl5h«d ind itr-crtyirtlcmtd 'Must Mil. Caah oiler. Call S21-MSO. Vllli ·Mobile Horn* Park. , . . · · ';:r.MOBILE HOME SITE IttT acr**. Trn ctn-ered. Pavrt Hr**t*, Central water vyiteni B«t,« t«ra» WedlnE*ofl Weedi. -- .'·:' -443-2465 IN LINCOLK wilh 1 b ct. Pdfld. Phone Builder GARLAND SMITH . 267-3393 FOR m.WO w*er« can you buy lw broil- cr house, one 200'xK' and 2Wx40', Just a ycatJ o!d And automatic, c*ivripm«i*, a 1 with dining area And dm iid rH(ar, Mi ol outbuildings, pi Mil y f water Including tfood sprinc. crap**, [mil. and nut treca, and on l«rms too? NEWLIN REALTY CO. 39--Offic* Space :,V'^pui1dmgi For Ront FOR Le*M 1,000 f^uura foot build;nri .Ideal lor ofKco and showroom, cenlral hral'*tvd air, xrell(fit trallic (low. Fhcne 441 ?63* lor further Information. : 6 0 4 0 BUSINESS BUUDING · Far Leaie. Ji^ellt-Hl tnevdML W«*nU Sb'orpiDB C*nter. Writ* to Boi P-43 e/« , K5H)i*-**t Arktniai TIMES, P.O. Dnw«r 'D. rayetttvllte. Ark. TJItL ' 1.500 SQUARE Jeet for leaM lor pre- .-fesslpnal office, showroom, or wjtdwuse. - HljfhVay 62 West." Imalri*i itiay bt ·cut* lo P.O. Box »13. Fayett*vttll. ·_42_Wan!eel to Rent r,~ or Leas« NEW HOMES ; B1SHOP /ADDITION SEVERAL 1 -UNDER COSSTHUCntOH fdroornt, 3 foil . buOut, carp*(i d her, disposal, elKlria nagt, nntra.1 l and air, ill brick, flreplic* optto Double wood pantled donblB farsi*. $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan--No', down pajment PHA Loan--Luw d^mu piymd BUtlERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT Tnro w«*t it Soolh *id« erf DrtViJii aler. Hvty, n North. U rall« *·· bl» addition. WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 HOUSE TOR SALE by CMTier. S hed- «, 2rt hslhs, (ormftl living, diu'lns area, d«n «-ith double flic-place, do garage. 1/xvit^d m zM ACTTI 2 rent hotLVA, bam *nd garden epcrf. V mile Iram lily limit* on K«T- « B. Call 121-8444 irter 5. you don't want (L ill 1 -- drt\« iJ nd vvf'Jl sdk you any part. IB acrrs jUom land all In tertUi£el tccue. 3 el I*, 3 p[oi*ur* »yMefns And porxl, lecL tnjutd. Irnulaitrf, automallc broil i IIOCM on natural gas. Ukc ,ri«w J Bedroom, 2 hath, CArp«ed, writ rat he*t nd air. 2 CUT pa rage and buillXn appll- im-*s. Buy all J*S,X», Buy home and 1 ere. broiler house And acreage, or home md broiler house svHh jr 3 acre*. Ma wir Mlcclton. NEWLIN REALTY CO. MMSn ot S3922W NS'cit Fork, Aria n) si LOVELY FAMILY HOME In Mtabllihtd nelcMwrbood. Large livl oom, lormsl dfnlnt r«nn, library/iamil room, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Large I' backyard. *4?.m ' Call 443-2510 WANTED TO LEASE: COUNTRY -73-^0 AC[*«. -Up to (300/month. 1-al 2-632-5577. · ' 7--Real Estatt--For Sat* 47_Real Estate--For Sale W A MOSTLY WOODED. Ovc rlooVlre HlndnUlc Valley JILM oil Itvvy. M. Uve In o!der home whil« buildinj! on ideal homes-He. CB1I Dcv,oy Spuriock, 413 SH9. space malies your id Hand «it. bss rirr mrf ol 'inrt lime on the market, ixxxled acres with i Fantastic i I arge bedrooms. 2 full baihs, 30x£ Jving r.rca wilh (iteplaeo, bus serves o (cent door to HoX and Woodland J i Schools. Call us lor ajipointmeiit FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY rttcl uvss chicken houws t32'x37S'J Plus homesif* or trailer *TM« with . water well, as well, scpllc tanV, and all hook- ips. Located ori Hwy, G2 between Pralri* Jrovc dud FarmlnKlon. Price 178,000, Bcnabte terras. Call Ron Burns 846-2183 Sunset ^ Realty extra building. AU Cor (26.500. C^ll J*n- 720. Sunset rhnoB 751-7738 Ed Torbett L«gal Notice* Land Brokers 443-4541 or 521-2855. V M ni1nu(« I* seconds Weil 15(81 led !o point ol b«1nnlm. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 6th UAY OF APRIL. 1976, APPROVED: Marlon R, Orton MA YOB ATTEST: NorihwMt Arkantot TIMES, Thursday, April 15, 1976 · 17 rnEVJi.Lrt ARKANSAS ILLINOIS RIVER FARM 17* Aw« river bottom term split by ItSi- nois Hivrr. supporting 225 he-ad ealUe, fenced, cross-fenced, l;shinE. huntln R. beautiful KtHf building site with view, miles W. of Faycttevfllc, Art. Own- i-il! take 23^o dtrAH. bal. 20 JTS- at t. *nd will IMSC land hack for miff, period, if desired, A cood Investment Tor fulur^, tax khelter, or prcienl occupancy. Contact Austin Fitzgerald, THe.SlBiv ton Company P, O. Box 1055, Faj'eUe . Ark. Ph. M1-M1-8DCO- NOTICE OF F U B U O HFJHISO A public hearing w i l l bi held at 7;30 P.m., Thursday, April 21, ISTI E1kin» ] [f Rh Srhool Library, ti Kins, Arkansas, lor t h e purpose ol receiving proposed iSTillnry w*cr s y s t e m ' tor the Tovm of EJWra. Arkinsaj. One ol the purposes o! this mectlne s to discuss Ihe potential environmental tnpactj of the project arvl -alters o It. The proposed project includes i f r u d l o n ol a waste water collection syjlem Tor Ihe Toi\n of Elfci n» am xxitiuction of a Uft *UtiTi awl lorci nnln which will deliver ElLlns' w a i l Kater lo FayelUvllI*'* collection system. Oral- comments- will he .accepted but lor accuracy ot record, all Important REDUCED PRICE Miss Hearst Recuperating From Collapsed Right Lung (acts mend , would be submitted lattmcnts may be 1/WKING for a. home tor a family 1ft ·e lots n( room lo sineadT 3 bcd- ine, 2Vi bathe. R\«]!cnt condilion. call let Montgomery Wl-U/Jj or Stage- ch Real Estote S21-1ISO. FOR EUfa By O.n peace and Wanted -. WANTED; Want Ui buy older side,' ne*d ~3 bednxvns. No S Call. 442 7335. ' ' 4$--lofs For Sal* FOR SALE -- Large l«v«l lot« In d^vlnrk Addition. AM cky uUKtlea i ·fro. call HarrLvn Dis-is (Si Spring) 5M4888. 2 ACRES fr«c eovtittfand best of ter Wood*. 443-2465 i central nater VJTICRL : 46;--Farms Acreages 20 ACHES adiir:ng take Vfil CSly Park, ( price tlfl.tOO. -5315172 or B3W2J2. · ' THE GENTLEMAN FARMER (850) Will want to »*· 1W« 40 tcrt* with lew 3 bdrra, »i bath home Noitfa- il FayeU«vi11e. Lsvirtrf, dining rooms, heat it air, i««p wen with good ivirijr »Ute «rvJ will gi'.-e i" ck pMMajdm. UtttA by AuAin Ftlrjcrald 521--850X A DOLL OF A HOUSE (913) All the room you've dreamed about f»m5iy ... 3 Mmu, »£ baths qicet try this compleleiy remodeled 3 om, with separate dinms In eelab area. Omventent lo ichooU aw! ing c«nt«*. Loaded with extras. l Won'l lasl at 816,500. K2-2359. b* airtJlully and trin« room* " Acres--Wild hut asswible by KOCT Rjd place to build, 20 nrnuics. eart od terms. Ed Torbeif A Loiwl Brokers 443-4541 or 521-2855 VA APPRAISED Sprinj. 1 ' Awa .this lovely like home over 1KO «q. tt. of heated arid coole* ·pace. Oarpet«3 Uiroughrm, It has i spacious living room with fireplace anc aufted ceilings, three bedrooms, RTV lluatcd on a lovely lot with a garden rca. Call today -- Gladys Sann*m%n 531-6611. nights -H2«23, R-2S2. GARDEN AREA - Pi AY AREA contains ovce 1SOO sq. tt. of heated space, with two btrf rooms, large. Hrin E room an dtormal dfnJng room. Convenient] is jiiiualfid on an acre ln( suitable large garden or play area, Call today -- Ji Anne Swnberry S21-C611, r ' 442S613. R-293. in writing. Wrillu. .. submitted M the h e a r i n g or mailed (o John fl unch, Sr., Mayor ol Elklm beforehand. Specific ilelAiLs r e « a / d i n . pmlect mAy be obtained »l MtCIrt- ]Ard Con*ultln; Engineers, Inc.. 13ir North College. FielUvill*.Arkaiuii. John Bunch, Sr. Major of Elklns WARNING ORDER ..- THE CE1ANCF.RY COURT 0 WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS Jessie Rose, Plaintiff VS. E-7S.272 Tom A. Roje-nsfendHnt The Defendant Tom A. ROM ts warned this Court -within thirty _.,, ;tT t h i compUtnt ol the Phlntill In Ihe above tnlllU4 caue. hand and s«al of thli REDWOOD CITY. Calit. (AP) -- She said good-by lo her lawyer" arid was alone in her cell when.the pain began. First, there was a fluttering in her chest, then a sharp pain in Hie ribs, then breathing hecame difficult. · Patricia Heurst knew she was seriously ill. have lo reach Al -John- 1 she told a matron and launched a series of desperate telephone calls in search of the ttorney who had left only moments before for the airport, He vAis heading for Los Ange lea, for a scheduled court hearing on various state charges against Miss Hearst. A jail rloclor rushed to her side, but the 22-year-old heiress continued her calls. For hei protection, Johnson had forbid Jen her treatment without her lawyers' permission. Finally, she rdached Johnson on a car telephone, "Something is very wrong with me," she told him. Court thh 29 day ot March. 18J6. A l m a Kol Cfisncery Clerk By HAVE CHAPPELL D.C, BEDROOM BRICK, tn. paUo. cres Moote Ke AIM. (38M equity and «*ume payments. Phoo* 636-EOM. 5-Joi ACRES'. lunttina creek. mosUy w i rf,' 1 small down owner (inatvce. · 521-5172 or 8393232. ·* 5 -ACHES. Earxc oak and hickory trees, nwElIy level,'(300 down, - owner fin*nos. .Ptiorje 52W172 or KKKOftZ. ;~40 'ACHES by writri Ixwutiful vaner, · iroftd - BprinB. dose to Faj-etle\TUe, JljOOO tsti.' 531-5173 or 8M-32W. condition. Formal living, den w;tb FP. 1 car «w_- ... - - T« In Oak Manor. C^n. heat fc ak wilh 3 unite for zone c«itrc4. B«]ow r*i»lac«' m*nt c«a«. L5«erl by L. Lu StitYton 531- S500. WALK TO DOWNtOWN (S37 Well kept older hom» \\~lh 7 rooms 3 bdrms), nice baih, bardv.-ood Hoors, autfirnAiic heal, wnsh. cmm., gtxri raxA IWKTW, and r*4lly convenfwil lo *«[*· Ping. Pric«d H JUST $21,500. Listed by Aust f n Fiujerald, Td. 531-R500. R-2 LIGHT 1KDUST. acre* z^ned R-Jt wooded, on SUU xy.. i6fnl lor eiurtnwntc, ec«n('«e*. ' I T-t. COmniB»daI f-198 ALL BRICK - 8UTTERFIELD 3 bedrooms -- 2W balha -- Iv rm -- din- mB rm -- (amlly rm with FP. Kitchen wilh breskf»st area. CK t Mr. Double pamge. Coll Julfel Eavea fit Wl-6300 or 442-7262. FKEEMAN a^. m, FOR SALE 22.91 Acres ·Itc April ], 3, U, - Lindseu Bush ' s Capilal 7 '· Felony Murder ' Associates n I'mis- Trial Continues 1/10 1 2/10 Good nd rtocfc pcol«, "food fence. Small down payment, owner vill carry balance cut rale Interest. to Faj-ette%-ill« OAy limdUi on Buy. 112, (ror.lase 1066 feet. mile* to Spiin#Li!e Qty " Phone ..361-2402 . o r 751-9591 3MS N. College ·"Developers of Hylond ParV Hal Mod] in Jjynn Cms* m Brook* CONWAY, Ark. (AP) -- An Arkansas State PoUcc investigator testified i Wednesday thai Shirley Irene Bush, 22, of Per| ryvilie told him that she i slabbed a Missouri truck driver Mi-«o?|aftcr.he made advances toward Duvall made the re- marks'during Mrs. Bush's capi- . _ _ Triced at JIO.OOO nlmprovnd land (n Morrow ' of txad Ironlage. i good lernu. - ONLY $500 so ICTB buj-s bfsantiful 150 'acres, cJearet!, slwl fencing. Rod barn, .-creek, pond, Vi'ilh or without lhr«e bed Toorii, tn-o bath brick. Dug^ar. Realty, -781-7222. 7M-3M1. ' -THREE pnvati acre*. B«u*i(ul lh ^iarec b«droom, \\\-a baUi, bricX bo all -extras. Spring water. East of Spring dale. Ehiggar Really. 731-7222. 7M-3M1 14 ACRES .00 county road. ,"nm: Irom ra-cUei,-i«e: Part" in "good ^ Part wooded. Year round creek. IttH. (inanrlng by trxner. PSm* 521-5172 40 ACRES 5W mllfa from Kayell*rtl1« '. Good level Und «"Hh J-ear round spring '[Owner .will (inane*. 521-5172; i* "" r : aimver 839^)292. 3M INCOME PLUS APPRECIATION . C7B9) Ltage honi* on Hwy- ta W. \KfA fli TMcrx*, rcn'.cd Cor hom* or business Zoned .C-2 Cbmm*m»l MI front, thij deep lot hA« pUsuy of acreage war for apartmwU or of/ices.. iis west nf Wf^sale center). A good vesiinent ' opportunity, ' Call Austin FJ Sereld 521-8500 Cor all details. Sfe«0»« ,C FI\ T E acre borne, sites. '· Part y oodcd. i~Goort road frotitflfie. Ctos« In and Fay- -'»Uvi!!e schools. Owner rinawe mth " email do-ffl. Phtmc 521-5172: if no answer ·· THN acre wended valley with running ' creek, Only tbre* mil« from Fay«Ue- \ille. and FayfcJleviUe »dwoU- Owo« '·financed with *maU dwn. Phon* 521- · 5172; il no answer R3932S2. ' - 20.000 BROILER Farm, 80 aor«s, ol -·J«riropm · home, good cor. dill on, Rfw · bam, oalllo and marhincry induded. ·"'47^-Real Estate--For 5oT» 521-8500 1985 N. College re IMS can h* your ^ain! Home d on Ml. Gijior, Build your own cement on this thre* and a hflli overtooteng fex of the pfrttle-il : in' lilt Boston Mw. Have [ounda- lent, drl^-eway, ooncr«te walks id drilled well t lacklop road rmnlag* rt v.-hh! 500 closing coet. Call Hoggard Agency. I 1 ACRE Comfortable 2 bediwra bom«, 512,000. -s-ner hnano*. 20 ACRES Owner financing. Year .round efream, j1ocV*d pond. 5 mile*' tram F*j'ettevUU Several small »crt trad* ts-allablc, Cal Bo6 Brown. . · · · ' · ATTRACTIVE 4 BEDROOM \\ r i balh home In excrfent S21.000. - NOT JUST ANOTHER HOUSE . $33,000.00 bedroom. 2 bath horn* in a very r chen, central heal and air, 2 oar _ rage. Call for apjtotintment-' Mifcft R. Wat- ::;,:, VETERANS! 8M INTEREST-^ -NO DOWN PAYMENT '"iflw'lXMTi pai-ment--FIIA pmvaH fonal -^lor«t«1 in Sfsiuoyah Woods. These ihrre " tx^room, 1 Ml balh honws are ron- ' struoted by Otli s Hrtms. Tliei' oiler b«h · formal U«ty! room and (amity "morn wilh fireplace Oil on* larre IMnff a r t A ' w i t h fircpl^f*- Ptos-wsaon immcrti a ^-i_ nrirrf in mid 3f's. Cad Vcmno Taner 3ai-«ll, nigtitJ 521-36CT. R-237-233 .,' · PRICED TO SEU! In'^lhe Jo-*- M's. Tastrfuliy itecoraicd UIT(* bedroom. 2 bitti. htnne I(x~a1ed « ' lisa i Lane. This fwme Iwis «vw JiE 1 ' f»i* ft. of healed and BooJod BJUCC, am "Is siiusfed tin a r«w1y ]and-^ap«t Jfin r f « ' f l ciu!el rfr«i. CJll lortsy J» Anne "Sbnbeiry. 5)1-6611, lUshls 4126613. H-30 Lindsey -,,; . -.,. Associales "Developers of . . Hyland Park" J, W. Gahrt j Vemttn Tanir = ·R~L-. Lewis * Jo Anne Slanbtrry . |_ n i l VnHlin 321-4IW ?t n cS S21-7ffl . u « » nrMks 4J3-MJ5 K« .^nn*«UB - «"«3 FOUR bedroom home -- 3 bath -- new 531-9737 or age«ttch Real Elstatfl ! urn. 12x52 Mobile home and five nc/ca he WacWop Kfcmrftl Springs road. Hai Imber and spring And * sating financing- i total price. rwrtroom honw, f) replace, oa rport good vvril and ptirf only 6 miles i West Fork with 10 acres, about CT*S under fence. 1 mile oft the blacktop on a county road. Sll.OOQ. Water - Acreage - Older Home iis WIQ has it all, «pring. creek. White vsr, treej, hluK, food g^nlen, vveU. cel- r. IN'O bedroim and bath home only il mile off Hiway 71 on three acres atid only fia.SQO. Moot Clean As A Pin miles south ol Greenland. 2 bedroom ra, hardwood floors, central heal, air _idilIoiN(l, 44 acre lind. Good garden spot. Ideal retrrenvnl or tor small fam- ly vriih easy ooniinotinti distance to Faj-«tte\iU«. Trx* S12.WO. cedar home v-iti» basement locaWd on ·Mo[ road between West Fork ar.d Prairie Grove." (JS,»Q with tenns.' 63 Aorw fr«tInB rflghv-viy ;tS »outhc5l of raj^ttertlle. K*s three bedrm home, new bam. about 45 sores in good grass and has the Eiinois river running through Ihe property. West Fort school d^t and Oily $52,000 with (errns. NEWLIN REALTY CO. »*-252! or »3*-22S9 JI-'HJ-JtUJ J ER-D£ UlinEULE.JC. inn Ir condilicninp. Spacious family motn . raotoul grill. West Wrod ana nBdaU, M0,5a. Oil Wy '»' ·THE SULLIVAN AGENCY 524 No. Collega ]30,ACHE STOCK FARM NEAR TOWN half open and the open part very level and smtwih. Alore land can I " .red. Extra go«i Iw^Uon just oft big -. 3 Por-di. a wells .spriniT and n c'r. Natural gas. Good older 3 ic. Outbuildings. Price I50/»0,00, ACRE BRCHLER STOCK FARM CLOSE 1 N. 30,000 Broiler capacity is steel truss. ' insulated and:' »utomdUc- Good corxiitfen -Nitre remodeled o!der home. 3 B.R. Also bam 4 outbwildings, icres open r '**'*! and «mo«h. Ex- ·rt fescue pasture, Price {96,000.00. VETERANS. YOU wn bu- this 3 bed«»m(al felony murder trial here. "" "'·-- .to-vTi^ Abwiijshe is accused in (he slabbing · John Jones, 34, oi Jones' nude body was found Aug. 4 in his truck about one mile west of the Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam in Perry ha§ spedii i«« County. The stale contends (hat s^bwiroom brick with a Mrs, Bush slashed his throat Hn*cd. .cenrta! beat and| Aug. 2 at 8 CoiYWay thick 5tOp Perry Counly. Duvall. testified about state menls Mrs. Bush made at the 442-izal Perry County Courthouse et «i-KM|p erryvllle and ]ater at state Police headquarlers at Little Rock on Aug. 4. He said she" told authoritic: that she and her husband had been hitchhiking in the Soulh west United States and had rid den with Jones frbrn'Cplumhifl La., to Conwaiv -~'---"' Duvall said Mrs. Bush sale Jones made adavhccs towarc 3;er and she stabbed him in tit neck. She ami her husband, following | Charles Richard Bush, later drove the truck lo Perry Coun ty and hitchhiked back to Con think I have a collapsed lung." Today she was recuporalinj at Sequoia Hospital. Dr. Jetfrc Wctsberg, who operated on he collapsed r'rght lung Tuesda night, s^id .Wednesday lha Rliss Hearst, was "mildly im proved" but lhat doctors ar guarding against infection such as. pneumonia -- and concerned about her genera health. He 'said the -heiress' heall had "unquestionably undcrgon deterioration" during he months as a jail inmate and i fendant in the trial that ende last month with her coriviclio Eor armed bank robbery. After talking to Miss Hear on the telephone Tuesday ev ning, an alarmed Johns asked for a jail doctor. T! doctor took over the piione an said he believed Miss Hear was right, that the lung ;\v collapsed and she should hospitalized. When they met i n . the emt gency room, the pale and sle der Miss Hearst was obvious in pain hut managed a we ·smile for the atlorney who fr been her most constant visl and confidant since: her arr last September. 3oc:tors gathered around her d began debating what to do. ould she'be moved to a pub- health hospital? Was her ndition serious? Then. Weisbcrg stopped in. 'Pardon me," «aid the direc* r of emergency services. "I ve to make an incision," While Johnson held Miss carat's hand, the doctor ted- inistered a local anesthetic, en raised his scalpel and adc one small incision be- ecn her ribs. . "Her lung has been collapsed r vi few hours," the doctor es- aincd to Johnson. "It may ba essirrg on her heart by now." Within a half-hour, Weisberg id inserted a special lube to ump out air which had es- apcd into Miss Hearst's chest ivity. As one of his colleagues ould expaln hater, "This con- .lion, if untreated, has a jrious risk ol causing death." The colleague, I)r. Donald owles, a thoracic . surgeon, redited Welsberg's" promnt eatment wilh avoiding com- , lications.' U.S. marshals stood guard ulsidc the emergency room oors as Miss Hearst under- -ent surger\ Pearson Award Goes To Hersh WASHINGTON (AP) .-- Seymour Hersh of The New York Mmes was awarded the ,55.000 Drew Pearson- award for his stories ahout alleged domestic surveillance by the CIA. The award, named in honor of the late columnist, is given or "excellence in investigative reporting." Hersh's stories led Lo government investigations of the intelligence agency. . Maxinc Cheshire of The Washington Post won .honorable mention for writing about how U.S. leaders kept valuable gifts from f ore inn 1 leaders. · The awards were presented by Mrs. .Drew Pearson at tha ' a n n u a l awards luncheon Wednesday at the National Press.Club here. . · " " ' · : ; : i Legal Notices NClTirE OF S A L E Notice li hereby piven that Ihe under- i^ned' John Reed, db a John ~ ' n'rl Company «il] offer Tor s SPEAR REALTY Phone B34SJB6 Lincoln, Aik. F-1287"JUST LIKE NEW wi are Eookinfi lor B rwnJs under 50, j»u home. Large den v,ith hotue with 4 must see Ihi ·aulted ceiling an Juliet Eaves at 921-6300 or -H2 7362, FREEMAN Norih of Lake FayehevUle New S ER, 2 halh bHrk ot rock homes. nken living room, pliish cArpets, ana nj- other quaLify features. Mid thir- ll«s, IMTM available. Call Tor appolnunent, I^any Holmes. 6311. R reads 521-6300 3X3 N. Oftt* 2722 North Colleyi PHwie 501-S21-96M 1 , Arkai 7T01 FOR SALE BY OWNER : Unimproved land. Good rofid. 7 mile ff Highway 71 South, West Fori; ful and «iuiei, 5A-4500 down, J32;00 omh, indues inUrp.a, nes' on ] « s h n a " 7 i South wrecked' 'vehicle* 'tor (allure lo'pay sl age, repair hills and towing charges: , ',,-. 969 Muilans; 351 Motor «o. 9T01- «l«775 i -- itfo chevrokt Kinpwood station' r -»ld vthldes Bush, 30, is to be tried for ,. M"* and abcling in the mur ihe der after his wile s Inal. J970 A jury Of 10 men and tWO ' OTA--S1000 riuder inti ReavO Rai blcaktop n ;st- Ms i Park. d. Kural JIM per motiih, in- 2 rtiot Eacli f!50 do-ATi, 135 per me cltid«s LH eres(. Call IMnald [home) 8V-XfKi (Ijus'ncss) W SALE rnicED noar UofA. Extra nice ree bwlroom, 2 bath, den, carpeted, trgc. level tot -- pfris Hamming pool ily f23 -00 \\iJt FHA or VA. Dugfiar neaJly 51T2! 756 iMI, COMMERCIAL 40'xlOO" en otwTer lot oi ibout 3 seres, locale*) West of Fayelle\1l!« side dfcy limili. IdeiO for (umiiur* moir, mini-mart vriih wir-serye jfas station, (Kc, For d«a1lKl jnformaUon CALL HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. U Fait 442-9236 A VIEW PLUS j?i»a( home in east Fay«levi;te! This ;e1y brick hnmc etords jx« 3 BR's., baths, a areat ffltnlly roon] wi ih a .*e!x iireiala« plur aM the othej- ex- pw^led goodies. Ar\y family wrwld enjoy «heel In November" of 1975 and Lhe CaSC. 3M9 MustanR 351 was hauled in at Ihe iqueil o( the FayetLmlle C.ty I'd-ce L Octoher n F 1375 nfler hiltiiiB R ree In t h e City ol Fnyetloviira. AD all*mpt to locate lh« osvners IhroiiEh Ihe Arkan- Stale .Motor Vehicle " RegfMraUon ;]*\QH Hud ether means has b«n unsuccessful. ThRt ta!d vehicles aro occupying space fll Ihe place of business or the under- siEnod ncfdfd (nr other purivwcs. This Notice of Sale Is being posted In five public plncis AS (cllows- (1) Front Door ol Ihe U'ahirigloa County Courthouse (2) Fronl Door ot John Heed and Company, Highway 71 South C3 Front Counly Jnil "" BulIcIL Coopcralivc (5) One public notice in (tie Norths Arkansas TIMES on April 15, 197E Thai the sales iliall be for cash . Any amount in excess of J200.00 costs for sale, n f Lhe Chevrolet any amount in eicess of J150 00 costs Cor the sale of (tie MtutanK re hold by Ihe undersigned subject to Order* ol Ihe Fayelteville Muolcipn' Court. Door ol (he Washington Board at Faim Sen the beautiful «-irw fro yards e of the on this yard Is EOfnetfiins tt and you wiil be Hcased that . e rrf fti* quality carfd fo EXTRA N|CE B R f C K ' . , Fonerd back yard. Pnee ja.w. SS; S*. «" 753 " i1 " 51 ' ROOT SCHOOL FOX HUNTER ROAD 1 PRICE RF.DUcnn OX 80-A. Near new FJV« Room h«n» -- «nd»* pordt. Vt'ood-bamlnz ftrcpl»e« -- BASU " " fcifehoiv Fertile farden are*, SixLwn ir,« Iruii tree*. B»m, Loalinf SfiM. New fence around entire 80. Gr»at view. Price only J63,000.00. Owin* wiH trwta lor otiwr property. . . 50-A. Near Vfettty with two y*«r oM ril brick Kvn«Y Barn, New fence, plenty o( FAMuxe md W*l«r, Pric* only **9,- SOO.W. Good t«nnx. 70-A. UninwrovfiJ, MIW b«x* trw on Bus aM KaU RraRch ot Whit* Klver, INVESTMENT Irivestment or rcliremenl, 2 BE1., 1 family fwrn*. NW.**Ct£on nf rily. l»t JWxlS"" Good yard en aroa. Present Irveomc Srt refltil J1J5 per nwinUi. Call Ray Bun (o M*-- 52I-4CM5, w olfice. 80 ACRES On g/xxt cwunlry road, On* pxxl f) in permanent psMu,rei several old /lot- SprinS f*d pwvd p^ua Rnolher year- «prinK. Small sund of pire lrr«, rest in hanhvoods. Telofnone t electricity. 17 miles from Fa yet l «v: lie--16 "\ \lrpiria Btr,ve,-» «" $17,500 WITH GARDEN ien »hsle you enjoy P»Ln* bawtoK r _._ new c*rpeU In the large liring ron« kJlchen of trri BpoUess Un bcdroo- borne. CaU Bobby* Halbroofc twlAy ^ i ppO'nUnent- 443 2227, or office. so call today fVr AH appovntmeni. Botr- bye Halbrcoh 443-2^7, or office. NORTHEAST FOR ONLY 532,000 ISeaufilully decorMfd, .1 BH,, rorAr porary borne, located on a comer lot oriy Iwt) block."; from Knot Srfwol. fc rock exterior !*« t* 16 ^ Outdoor living area has R nice rerl^wrf iKice for privacy. Oil I Bobbye IfALbTor-St loday to see this IweJy home -- -MJ, nr offke. CLOSE TO UofA *I6,2rt] nUl buy Uvs 3 BR homt pi"* he furniture. A gt*M mvf«men( for a rental or « home. Call Bobbie HalbrooJc 4W-2277. or office. The licnholdcr reserves Lhe bid the 3 mo unt of I lie inije figainjl each vehicle and cou in accordance «](h S«Uon5 Section 51.406, Section 51-913 Artansas Stalules, properly establishing hi; identit right (o Senior Class To Presen! Play PRAIRIE .GROVE -- The spnior class wit) present its play "Off the Track" at 1:30 p.m. Friday and again at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The afternoon performance will be for high school students and the evening performances for (he public, The play was also presented 4537 10-20 for elementary school students. and middle I; identity. JOHN P. REED STATE: OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF WASHINGTON Subscribed and tuorn (o before me a Notary rublic this alb day of ApnI. Caroljji Sue Samples Notary Public (Seal) My ComimHon Espi/es: March J7, 3K3 Itc IS The three*act play will be presented In the middle school cafetorium and tickets are available from senior class members or at (he door. Cast members are Bryon Suggs, John Rowan, Shaun Frederick. Pat Jordan, Brenda Bradley, Pam McNair, Char- lolEe Thompson, Randy Tyree, Joe Crawford, Kevin, Diana Carroll, Debbie Cates and Debbie Allison. Accent a htble with popular round cloth in while or color. Rounds and rounds of pine apples in graduated sizes create a design that's clrarriatic , ye easy to do. Crochet 60-inch" cloth in siring. Pattern 957: follow directions. $1.00 for each pattern. Add 35 cents "each pattern for first- class airmail and handling. Send to: Laura Wheeler Need!ccra(t Dept. 450 Northwest Arkansas TIMES Box 161, Old Chelsea Stu., New Y o r k , ' N Y 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Pattern Number. NEW! 200 designs lo knit, brick . ay American home. Wo wn Miare re«. lus.lsrse !iTM tf beam rcilinir, firclfece, lhT "wo arylhJll halte. '»ll rfteol' mill KraHMm«l «nlM ami. vel Mmily rconj. dwAle 10-A. . i. Price W30. Von Mill l -- Oil Ccorje Lewis W. KINCAIOCO. 133 No. CoHegi FATJCETTE UM N. COLLEGE OFFICE U2-U51 4 BFJlROOM, 1W balh, largft \Mag roan, "L" shape kitchen and dining »«», i el!* botfi vHh TI«-M' pumr^ «naH bA f«c*d, with -HO fe« plw P*vrf r (iwilajir. About lo rnllw from Fay. Mir) ' PAUCETTE MULTrPLK LISTING SERVICE 1M2 N- OOLLBGK OFFICE 412335 crochet, FREE quiil, inside sew, plus 3 NEW 1976 CATALOG. WHAT A LOCATION wril krr family hiirfi on i hiU _. - . . Arid. tw»«ni« en 1MB ^. ft. 3 btd- : ,(enc«d tw^lt yard, d*ctt with A i ACRES SPECfAL TERMS Almost new 3 BR, a bath brirlc hnme with CR and A, ov*rst»*d IrvkiR room and Bfiplic*. rnUrty room, ard itwJi mwc. fl.OOft down *rA IMUIIM !ftan rf roslmalely IM-W-W. appolntmfnl li inured, call Larry Hrimes 7*5 U1I, 531««. E.ISEMENT ALONG T1HT PORTION OP Ti[E EAST OSE-HALr OF READ AVEN UE CLOSED BY ORDINAXC E NUMBER 1100. WHEREAS, Read Av-jnue h a s pre. viouily been closed by Ordinance bc-r 1100; Hid WHEREAS, *ald ordinance res n Pavement ncross lhat portion of Avenue cbsed t!i«r«by; »r«J WHEREAS. Ihe Uoarrf of Dlreclon not now and will rwt be neerfed in the i^t..,! futura by (hi city or the public »snca. Benerally. NOW, TUEREFORr., Bt: IT OR DAISED BY THE BOARD 0' DIRECTORS OF THE CITY O TAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS: SPcllon 1. Thai the easement rijflii of Ihe Cily a! Fajellevill^ and nT i h public g*ner«lljr, ov*r. under, And e.cra\ ' ie fnllowinjt de;c ritKd properly a i East Onehatl (E^ ol Rpad Avem ?idjacPnt (o and Weil of IxiU B. nnrf 10, Btwk 2 In Mountain Vic Aiklillon (o the City of FaicKevill ArkAn^s, A5 per rl*' «' * a5d *dtliti( on fita In the OKice of lha Cirei Clorlt And ErOTfiriit Record r WAihiTiglon Coimty, A r k a n j n s ; also rl tcrilwd nn a pail ot Ihe Soulhw* quarter SW«) of Ihf S^uihcii (Jiwrter (SKVi, Ptct{{« 10, To^nsV 16 North. Ranpe » WeM. Washlnirto Finch Places Assets Info Blind Trust JACKSON'. Miss. (AP) -Gov. Clilt Finch says he has pill his financial assets into a blind Irust similar lo those used by U.S. senators. Finch confirmed Wednesday he had established the account -- over which he will have no control -- but declined to discuss the amount of his holdings or the financial institution in which (he trust had been estab- NEEDLECRAFT Send 75 cents. Crochet wilh "Squares ., .Sl.OO Crochet a Wardrobe" Sl.OO Nifly Fifty Quilts 51.00 Ripple Crochet $1-00 Sew plus Knit. Book Needlepoint Book .' Sl.OO Flower Crochet . Hairpin Crochet Book $1.00 ~ - - · ..SLOP . Sl.OO Inslanl Macrame Book ....51.00 Instant Crochet Book Instant Money Book Complete Gift Book Sl.OO Have MORE clothes for LESS money -- sew this'5 star wardrobe in wide-width knits now. Dress, sleeveless jacket, two tops, pants. Printed Pattern 4537: Half Sizes 1014, mi; 14V4, 16%, 18W. 20'/2. Misses' 10, \Z, 14, 16, 18. 1.00 for each pattern. Add 35 ·ents foreach pattern (or first* ilass airmail and handling. Send (o: Anne Adams 'allcrn Depl. «8 orlhwest Arkansas TIMES 2« West 17 St. New York. NY 10011. Print NAME. ADDRESS. ZIP. SIZE and STYLE N U M BER. Get a Sl.OO patlcrn free -choose it from NEW SPRING- SUMMER CATALOG! Packed with hundreds ol great sun. [,WJ.l«i per r.crr. vjn.n HEINEY REALTY CO. 1 Hwy. 14 East .442-9336J , nl n point 610 ftc-t South and 37320 left Weil or NorthfAjt rnmcr oT jal fotlj- net/- IT Ml. tntuce U'Ht J-^.S T*« thence South II d*zr«s W min-Jti 1R jeeonds EN it 1')1A5 Feet, '.rn'ni Kail 2S.a [«l, Ihtnet Notlh H ie?r« sa id the up "about ac- The governor ounl was set up "about six r ceks ago" and contained hold- ngs "accumulated before I look office." During his cam aifin lasl year Finch reported le hnd earned 5150.605 in 1974 rom his Batcsville law prac ice. Finch said Wednesday his in come f r o m the governor's of [ice would be a matter ot pub ic record. The trusl authority. Finch said, would release annual re sorts on the increase or de :reasc in his holdings. Sources at First Nationa Bank In Jackson indicated Ui Finch Irusl was at (hai in slilulion. but decllntd to male public details ol Ihe arrange ment. Complete Afghans No. H Sl.OO 1Z Prize Afghans No.. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quills No. 1 50 cent* luseum Quilt Book No. 2 . . 5 ents 5 Quilts lor Today N'o. 3 ....5C ents Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs 50 cents sport, city, travel styles. Send 75 cents tor Catalog. Now! Sew plus Knit Book $1.M Instant Money Grafts .. .$1.00 Inslant Sewing Book {1.00 Inslanl Fashion Book -- Si.00 The DERBY GAS STATION 2785 N. COLLEGE This wek thru Sunday the Derby Gas Station Is featuring , Big 64 01. Cokes for 29« each with x Ris purchase!!! (I.imll 2 please) Also register tor a fr« Tandi Bur lo 1* given away on Good Frldty,

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