Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 11
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" " * * '·' Coiwty MU//S $180,000 Offer for Building, I S. Roger Jvus. a Pacific ^recommended that supervisory County supervisors bad a Palisades investor, bid $181.-proceed with the sale for any chance Thursday to sell a 53-'OOO, but said the Offer wisffirm bid* of $180.000 or year-old Jo«rntown Los An-'on condition he be given an more, gele's office building for 1180.-opportunity to d e t e r m i n e ! Copelaru] said he wu ready 000. but blew it. [what the City of Los Angeles'to close the deal, but corn- Sale of the former county imight require to bring the plained about the delay, office building at the 'south- structure cp to current build- j ln ij ls ked that tM sale ·..,»..* *.» c 1 ...^-.-- _» r-«_«»**»we» *t»n/f ^r*1« ' . IL_. _.__*_. A .».._a **.» *..._ L..*^V» west corner of Second Street and Broadway had been set TM* standards. lor 9-50 a.m. It wasn't until been unable to get county of- who had opposed sale of the II a-m, however, that the ficiilj to let him into thejstructure »t an,-agreed with board chairman Warren M. buOcting and said he didnt.him. · be postponed for two weeks. Janis complained he had and Scpervisor Kenneth Hahn, i Jirvs also withdrew his conditional bid. and the 1 was left without a offer on this structure. They instructed Keuer to set up a new sale, but Supervisor Frank G. Bonelli told Hahn; -You didn't do the tupay ers any favor today." ' , Dora called for bids. J. C Copeland, who said he represented an investment group, offered the minimura'sale was advertised as being'and walked out of the hear- bid of $180,000. ,on an "as is" basis, and'irt?: room. want to "buy a pig in a poke." I Copeland. irritated at the Robert B. Heuer. county di-jdelay. brusiJy told luper- rector of real estate, said the visors, "MybidiswitMrawn/'tJ CONSTANT ! Z COMMENT TEA 1 Disirt Diti t Gift ti. BMl httrtstiis sfcif I* BACARDI DEVILS! S Mix J er t pjrti lijM Bicrdi »ura...I pert frj »trmoutii...jlir lilt tt-.e oevJ »itl« ice! IWd tenon t*ist (w Yellow Devil, cnxn tor W»iti t»»il, etc. Smooth, dqr' v\i de»0- hM ItY Ott! ·Hot «w«t Cltuidi Impart*, bit., fl«. «JIB. 10 I [WHY, GLORY BE! [ A pinto riding mare named Glory Be (right) 'casts maternal eye on her rare twin colts at Las ; Vegas, Nev. Bart's Blue Ghost (left) and Bart's 1 Blue Image belong to Mrs. Judson Granger. An- Igular sons of Blue Bart are "doing quite welL" Too Many Cents CALGARY, Aha Ul -- A'notkre from police that the motorist who sent 500 pen-|Cir.adi Currency Act pro- pies to pay a $5 parkingk-idcs pennies are legs! tender ticket got them back with a,on!y up to 25 cents. DR. RAYMOND, DENTIST,^: WOMEN'S DRESSES *9 UOKEV DC** tor M * Ov*r 5C.M UOper, L£w«r *itf Partial D«rrtur« matit kn It V SAVINGS BIG FEBRUARY SAYINGS! LOW PRICES Ridiculous low Piices Only Once A Year Come Early Because Quantities Aie Limited Still Mote · Values in the Stoie MEN'S TIES BEATLE BAIT! (lamaicas and Blouses) 50* I think they've Hipped--look ct the price. At these prices YOU could crocbett* a rugl Jamciccs. pedal p u s h e r * . fcloases. YoaH bar* to see it You Gel Your SSH Green Stamps, too by George! » Hatchet Days--Piices Shopped for a Rousing Celebration!; UNION U r l l W r l MEMBERS*" '» »»· · ""«· °*«- "V'tlVIBfcnj.^, w , wi( ^ Vfl n ,, «, ta-nn tar VMIT dtmM Mnxt. riotn Fit I« IMMEDIATE!.? After Iitreetioii H* fail lime frtm wcrl. T« «t«J ler fc* wirkait yav ttclh cvc« ··· defl Asl «fcoirt . . . ' Cl. H T M O N O i IUMEBIATI ' IESOIAT10N MY BEST OFFER M*t ftrtf »*vm*nt »rtw June 1ft 1H4. K« trtwrrf, M* cjrrvmv c*««. MODERN DEHTAL rVATCS *M« Vf Cental «r«ft tnalviati ani hn- ccmlnrc- . *on»wt* a »r««msJv# »«ra that rt»[t«* hi tmntM *Lam vrar* natural M "*ao**r~ anct." fc*Tt«r ftttin* antf Bior« ctanrort- aW» It wtar fh*« ThtMfjhl a«ssftit a ttw ihorl vcan «9«. Asc tm M« wrr»l«i *f putfgf* ·etr*«l piafrv rflOTTI antf tow- *r» antf arl*fv C««* tentaf |laT*« M«4 ·of *· t*p«uv*«- Tka cm Hi sfnaL NEW DENTURES FOR PENSIONERS Ml f***' Araileble -- Uf U Aunt T» [PHONE HE 6-3939--FAST PLATE REPAIRS | Na Appoiirmtsl Necessary for Eiamiietios Dr.Raumand D E N T U R E S * 10 At is CORNER FIRST PINE ST5. 1 2 2 W . F I R S T S T . 8.00 Reg. 11.95 Heaven knows these OK collectors items . . . right torn Ihe revolutionary period. But we must be honest th«r aren't bod. (SO dresses.) GIRLS' BOUFFANT SLIPS 1.38 if perfect 2-93 to 3.33 H perfect...? that's putting it mildly. But after cfl they don't wear them fcrever. (282 only?) 5.00 S- SPOKTSWEAR MARTHA'S FROCKS Discontinued styles and fabrics (discontinued aboul 1680) in 0 * one and two-piece dresses . . . bustles aid hoop skirt extra. ' (14 only). WAIST AND SKIRT SET. Reg. lo 6.93. Boy, did ·»· ,j get stung ... Cctico end Chsmbray did ** "* nol make a comeback! Help! (IS only) FASHIONS SrOHTMAKEH DRESSES. Nice end new, l i o r n a tried and true old family pattern. Says little or no ironing, but you know hsw thot goes. - - (172 only). Reg. 3-93 : DAYTIME DRESSES. If you can wear grey and op- j preaate good workmanship -- This is a steal . . . You could always dye it!!l (93 only) I) Pfl U Reg. 9.98 ._ _ '... tl.Q\J -\[ or ncj : 1.99 j ACCESSORIES CHARM(LESS) BRACELETS. Pearl charm bracelets, but narry a bcngle on them. These may have been throw-backs from pirate booty! Reg. 1.00. WOMEN'S BELTS. Belts, belts, belts ... cad this is the year that wcdst- Enes are cutlHow could we be so lucky??? Reg. 1.00 - _ HOSIERY WOMEN'S NYLONS. This is what's left from faU, loo bad fir us. if you Eke the old colors, wonderful for you. Reg. S6c COSMETICS HAIR SPRAY. This win hold your hair come rain. snow, loroado or typhoon ... I think? Reg. 99c -- - - DRAFEEJES ALL CURTAIN STOCK. Johnson lumed 08 the Eghts -- we got the curtains. These axe real "hot" buys, so don't wait! (726) 9C°/ l\tt _ _ ttJ /O Vil 9 9 44c 37' 5! 1.09 5,00 | Eeg.!.93-198 1.00 DOMESTICS THROW RUGS. These were certainly named right. theyH throw you oH right! (89 only). Reg. to 3.93 YARDAGE ASSORTED FABRICS. Dcandest selection of fabrics you ever saw, O l\ AA hurry on these before the price goes down. (933 yds.) Reg. to S3c yiw/ livU DOTTED SWISS. 573 dots per square inch of Swiss ... so you know it must be absolutely wonderful--so how come we stffl gol it? (117 yds.) VJc Reg. S8c yd. -*-- .^** UPHOLSTERY FABRICS. For you avid do-it-yourselfers ct least 1 OO your mistakes win nol be so costly. (402 yds.). Reg. to 5.93 yd 1.00 ODD BEDS AND NTTESTANDS. Buy now and have a mismatched bedroom set, you may never gel **"'» chance again, act now! (13 only)) Values to 39.95 _ | MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING SETS. Some may be sEghtly soiled but the sleepm's great (Plenty). Values lo 89.95 SxlZ THICK. PLUSH. RAYON RUGS. Guaranteed to slop Ihe pitter- 4J QO patter of those Ettle- feet on the deck. (14 only.) Reg. 49.95 01.00 J HOUSEWAKZS SPONGE MOP. Includes even the handle ... Now you. loo. can get j lhat reaHy dean feeEng. (41 only). Reg. 1.49 I 12-30-CUP COFFEEMAKER. Makes cofiee so deEdous it's tehcatable Undrinkable. but makes wonderful drcza cleaner. (IS only). 11 AC Reg. 14.95 _ _ ll.W i BASEMENT STORE WOMEN'S BLOUSES. These have really been battered and beaten, Theyli give your detergent a real workout. (60 only). Reg. 91c MEN'S SWEAT SHIRTS. Supplement your Spring wardrobe . .. who says you can't wear a sweat shirt with a tie? (32 only). Reg. 1.49 2-PC. FLANNELETTE SLEEPERS. Only cotton flannelette sleepers to i thhough the- Revolution ... at least it seems we've had them thai long. * Reg. 93c --. RAYON BRIEFS. Durable! Double seat! Elastic Icgl Women's small sue (and they weren't kidding) for who? Women? Childrer.i? (99 orjy) 1 P« Reg. 49c _._ - - -·· W WOMEN'S SLEEPWEAR. A sensational buy--we thought. Pajamas 1 PA and gowns we're jusl tired of looking ct (60 only.) 4.00 value liJJ WOMEN'S HALF-SLIPS PETTIPANTS. Nylon slips in wild patterns or fringed, pettipcnts in black only. (72. Vi-sEps. 33 pettipanta) Reg. 4.00 KEN'S WEAR SPORT. SHIRTS. They just don't moke 'em like this anymore ... they wouldn't dare! (120 shirts). Reg. lo 3-99 MEN'S SPORT COATS. They have just about everything, collars. sleeves. E=ing end sewn with genuine thread. (20 only). Reg. to 19.95 MEN'S SUITS. Your choice el the bottom of the barrel. Coat and penis do match 4 for this price you're lucky. (40 suits). Feg. to 39.9S BOYS' WEAR BOYS' SWIM WEAR. Lovely--Boxer trunks. Beach cczrbers. suHers. jazaicas... but we can't sen 'em. (262). Reg. to 333 BOYS* SPORT SHIRTS. Spring prints in short sleeves, I thiii they're from spring 1S98. (193). Values lo 1.99 CKLDRZt; 3 RAIN COATS, polo shirts end other unidentified and miscellaneous stuff. You'll be surprised. (90 pieces only) Reg. to 1.00 BEACON BABY BLANKET. These may be slightly irregular, but the kid win never know unless you leU 'em. (IE6). H perfect 2-99 to 3.58 GIRLS' COTTON CORDUROY CAPRIS. This is one example of a "buyers' blunder." W» cannot leU a He. they're pre-Susan B. Anthony. (41) fJ«7» i j Reg. 1.79 ..._ ** j SHOES · i WOMEN'S FLATS. These aren't Beetle shoes, but we must have been "Eea- ',. \ tle-Bramed" or Tame- Brained" lo sea them at this price. (184 pairs) ... 1 (V7 i; 1 Reg. 5J9andup 1«« «J \ TREASURE TABLE. Men's. Women's and children's sSpptrs and canvas shoes . j ... boy what a mess, but you may be lucky. (301 pairs). 1 (V7 " ', Reg. to 559 liW 9' 1.38 *! i jii ii *! 3 ARM TOWEL RACK. Not very pretty, but it makes a dandy rack for hanging your powdered Beat]* Wig. (72 only). Reg. 29c SPORTING GOODS 5-SPEED EACEB BIKE. You need a bicycle for fun end exercise cans* your doctor says you need a hobby... Besides we're stack with the**. (12 left). Reg. 44.95 TOYS TOYS. GAMES. JUNE. These or* no erdaary toys ... it took us years to build cp iHs coHec£sn o! lemons. (200 el leaitl). Reg. to 2.00 _. LAKEWOOD CENTER Maitex Towels Chairs, Chairs L : ke w* have a million of 'em. some sBghtly irregular. Reg. 2.2S Bath towel Reg. U9 Hand towel . Reg. ESc m.-^ rs. r dubs. We dorrt want 'em. end be- 34.95 Monday thru Friday, 9:30-5:30; Saturday, 9:30-5:30; Snnday, Neon 'lil 5 j

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