Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 21
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owv^^^ v T*W~ *' '^·?\ffi-'Ww^\t\'F'Z'' vsys* · *·£"'· ^W*W·^^K*'V tf *'-V.'A.'---;-,·'*?.·" ;«*,M -|v' v '- *'·'-· ·"?-' --v- · ^!;?C^T^' ! ^c^: ; ^'^-^^ V ^^^^^-.'); T ;' ; --'')-.'?t?;*'i-' v.v-V^-'-'^ ''CV.-,-?' · v H ^ ' ' / . ;U^'-' ··'·'. i" "' ' ' ' ' ^ · ri * " '·· * "' f ' '' i* !·"' -* 1 ' ·* r""k·»*'-·'" ' " ^ V ' 't t ' 4 Immanuel "Lutheran" Church INTERIOR OF NEW CHURCH Chancel of the new Immanuel Lutheran Church, 345 Carson St., reflects the contemporary design of the building. The figures on the Chancel wall are of glass and metal and were designed for the church by Stephen Zakaln. They are the only ones of their kind. Dedication rites for the $100,000 structure will be Sunday at 4 p.m. Structure completes a 10-year building program for the church. to x Hold Dedication Sunday Dedication rites Sunday at p.m. will end ten years of construction for the Immanuel Lu theran Church, 343 Carson St. Ending a week, of dedication activity, a procession of 25 Au gustana Lutheran minister* will Divine Love Lecture Topic "The liberating power of divine Love revealed In Christian Science" Is the subject of a free mbllc lecture to be glveq by Wss Lela May Aultman Thursday at 8:00 p.m. In the Mllllkan Jlgh School Auditorium, 2800 Snowden Ave. First Church of Christ, Sclen :lst, Lakewood Is sponsoring th ecturt by Mlu Aultman who member of The Christian Scl ence Board of Lectureship. move slowly up the aide to slg nal the completion of the churcl construction that was first began In 1947. President of the California Conference of Augustana Lu theran Churches, Dr. Carl Seg erhammar. wHl deliver the sermon, "God Is Greater Than Our Hearts," UTUBQISTS will 'be pastors Raymond Hedberg. Angelica Church, Los Angeles; and Car Anderson, Messiah Church, Pasadena. Guests will Include Mayor George M. Vermllllon and Rev. Robert C. Walker, of the council of churches. First organized In 1922 the Pasadena Choir \ Vazarene Guests Pasadena a Capella choir wl 9e guest Sunday at the 7 p.m errtce of the First Church o he Nazarene, 10th St at Ollv ,ve. The choir under th« dlrec on of Chester Crlll Is com osed of 40 students and Is now n Us tenth annual tour. CONFIDENT LIVING ',' A Healing Power By NORMAN V. FEALE A friend told ' me recently abom a minister In a Connect! cut *own who helped a man . find relief from headaches. In asmuch as some 65% of Americans suffer from headaches, this may help you. , ,, . The minister met a member of his congregation on the street and asked why the man hadn't been to church lately. "I've been having terrible ml gralne headaches," the ; man answered. "I can't tell you how eases much worse than mlgralni I suffer from them. I awaken In the night blinded with pain. "What docs your doctor say ' about your trouble?" the pastor wked. "I've been to several doctors and they all say there Is ·nothing really wrong with me. One told me I need to consult the 'Higher Power." I . don't know exactly what he means. THE MINISTER thought fo a minute and then said: "We! If the doctor believes 'Higher Power 1 can help th! you you say to comln my study where w what do along to can sit down with the Blbl and read about the healings I describes:" So these two men sat down together and read about th many marvelous healings r* corded In the Bible--the heal Ing* of leprosy, of palsy, o fevers and of many other dl» headaches. And then they cam 1 lo the words: "But come and lay Thy hand upon her, and itv shall live." Suddenly the man looked up at his preacher and said, want you to put your hands on my head." The minister protested: "I'm no healer and I know nothing about healing. There Is no · First Brethren ? Church '£ Slh nd Cli.rry Dr. W, Miyti, P«itor M A.M.--"Th. Cirtim"--Dr, M.y.i ,. 7:30 P.M.--"How Much Do W. R..lly C.r. «' lor th. Souli ol M.n?" .,.. ..,,. ' Dr. RMMII 0, 8«nur4 ' ' - - i . H.UI. c,ltr Film--"WAttrl F0« THIHSTY SOULS" NORTH LONG BEACH BRETHREN CHURCH 40U1 Md Ow* AM. «EV. CEOIGE 0. UK, Ftlfw *M ti 11 A.M., Divllutl $«r»le.»-U« AM., Bltll Slta4l-7;)0 P.M., Ennlnf Smlo First C O N G R E G A T I O N A L . Third and C.dtr, Downtown «·"" "· · . ' - - - .; 9:30 VII A.M. DUPLICATE WORSHIP SERVICES -^-' DR. EMERSON G. HANGEN, Prcwching *·" ' . 7:30 P. M. PILGRIM HALL--"VISUAL VESPERS" ' ' The Story of Jetus Christ'* Rob« · - . , , ' ; . NURSERY CARE FOR SMALL CHILDREN "-"' ;: ' ' UPTOWN ·· CHURCH · OF «CHRIST 3707 ATLANTIC AVENUB t Church School »t45 A.M. · - -i- Youth Group 4iX P.J/ 10:45 A. M^'THE WORLD'S GREATEST STORY" H.rmin O, Wilion . . .«' 4:30 t». MCDONALD A. HARDAGE '.' . ' power In my hands." BUT THE MAN Insisted and finally, the pastor agreed ant put his hands head, saying: on the man's "Perhaps my fingers can be electrodes to stimulate your faith so that Goc may draw out of you whatever Is causing your system to be out of balance. The man's face brightened as he announced: "I feel better. I believe that something has happened to me." i, . "Now, don't' start' thinking that you are healed of head aches," cautioned the pastor. "Don't be disappointed If they return." He did not want his Fnend to build up his expecta tlons unduly. But that « form of spiritual healing had come was Indicated by the wise and mature observation of the sufferer. ···:· . -.- "I know," he answered, "but maybe this stand them will help better." me to A WEEK LATER he Was back to report, "I'm still having the headaches, but they're nol so frequent or M Intense." And In a few weeks he was able to report that he was quite free of them. Now whether God healed this man you may Judge for yourself. Certainly his attitude of And per, thinking despair was healed, haps his changed helped cure him. God made you, aiid certainly He can remake you. But even God cannot heal either mind, soul or body unless we yield ourselves to Hun. Believe--and you may feel His hiallng hand upon you. ID. H B r o k l l . , 'in.) In the church patio. Following prayers and s reading of scripture passages, keys to the church will be handed from the League, YWCA Advisory Com contractors of the church to J. T. Aronson, president of the ·rustees. The congregation will then after the doors are openec file Into the building. . · · . · SERMON TOPIC for Pasto Martin Olson will be, "The Glo ry of the Church." · The church costing over $100, 000 Is of contemporary design An unusual feature of the chan Local Man Given Award Honored by the Berkeley Baptist Divinity School, Berkeley Sallf,, recently was O. Temple . ... .... Ellis, of 550 Havana. Ave,. at the church moved to Its present Jo- school's annual commencement cation from 6m St. and Temple Ave. In 1947. Construction began on a combination parish hall and Sunday school and was completed the following year. The building has since served as meeting-place for the con gregatlon. Preceding the 11 a.m. service, exercises. The Laymen's Citation awarded to Ellis Is given each year to ay men and women of the locky Mountain and Pacific Coast In recognition of out standing service. In the .Baptist fellowship. Ellis, a member of thi» First a "Service of Entry" will be held Baptist Church, Is president of he Southern California Baptist Convention, and at the present tolds membership In the Civic mlttee and the Realtor* Indus, rial Committee of the Long Beach Harbor District, Methodist Churches Atlantic Avfl. East Long Beach lltt A FREEMAN -- UK, p. s, MM* Swim 11 A.M. M 4 ML California Heights ·l«*y 10. AT CUUITOI * ORAMI Dr. «·· H. Halm 1m hrMM-tiM A u A.M. '· . ATLANTIC art IMk-Rn. W. A. Sdur UlOO--I.S. *!M A.M. Silverado Park ipRiNt i* CUVT* ««. H W. Clto ·IM * 11 '*. M.--MmM| Sink. 7 r. it.--i**n* Belmont Heights IHIHO 4 TIIUIIM) AVI. -- 1110 -- till) -- 11 A.H. Owdi SdMl--*) A.U. r. V. KMOIU UHIilw -i C. F. V»*f, AiHtlilt Lakewood Community, ShA M. A. JitaMV IMwl thrtll Sarvicei 9 A. M. f I A. M. n. i»«r b.;JNDEPEND!NT-P.9. U : eel are the three figure* on the chancel wall of Chrlit and two angeli. Made of metal and glau the figures were designed by Stephen Zakaln and an the only one* of their kind. The Rev. Olion hai served at the church for five ' Church membership ii ovtr 600 persons.' · '·. Earlier ' In the week,, eflen house was held In the chutch for two nights with the puljllo Invited to visit the new itnjc- ' lure. .. · » · ; f;CHRISTIAN.4SCIENCg ^f, Subiict of L.llon.S.rmon Tomorrov · j^i ' ; · -:' ' "MORTALS and IMMORTALS"-?:j ' .' Th. Following-Church.1 of Chtlit, Sclintlit, In Long Aro Bnnchit of Thi Mothor Oiurch, Thi Flnl Chufth of Chrtit, Stlintlit, In Botlon, Mini - J - , : . -. riMOTli ·*- FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST i · · 440 Elm Av»nii. , ' Ivrttr, 11 A.M, uri I P.M.-- Suriv Stftnf, »;M e* It AJL .·'.! W*W4», I P.M. Tht Sintv I«*l*f Smlu X Nrtt ·* U RWIfuM Om tUOm Wt ll» UnL third »u nun U» M '·I'. SECOND CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST C«d«r it.Smnth Strwt lutfqr, tl A. M. M 1 f. IL--fmtt, fckMI. HA.*. THIRD CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 3000 Third Strut j , 11 AM,--Mir MM. 11 A. H. -_' ,' . . . . - -* FOURTH CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST -.-, . 201 Eiit Mirkit Strait SwOr. 11 * M.--Junto fa*'. 1:)0 trt 11 A.M.-WiJrurtn. s P.M. FIFTH CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 5871 E. Sieond Strut Simtn, II A.«--junto StfuH. :10 t 11 A. H.- FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST. IAKEWOOD Amirlcin Liqlon H.ll, Cornir Woodruff ind SWOT, 11 A.H.--SW4W KkMl «l« Ml II A.M. . f P.M. READING ROOMS -- FREE TO THE PUBLIC 110 Locuif Avmu. , 2117 Ell* Inodmv I2» Third Strut · v till Atlintlf A»»u.. 4162 Woodruff*, Uttvood \H P«rt AvtrMNT HOW CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALS. SUNDAYS: · Chennel 7. 1:00 P.M.: KFI 8:30 A.M. "" ·" KHJ 10:15 A.M.. KPOP 2:45 ?M. ' r--Southern Baptist--. TPIIPTT MCMOPIAI RADTICT r*"UI IDC-U ·· NORTH "THE GREATEST MIRACLE"--Roy Miion Wh» W.i 1(7--Whir 5!qnl( GRACE METHODIST «|M, 11 «* 7 P.M. Dvl* C. SMMtt Mtollttr LOS ALTOS 1110 L WILLOW Sunday School and Church 9:00-IO:JO R»y. R«y H. Firth-- R«v. H. J. MOORE MEMORIAL 3rd Llnd.n Jtm.i E. BiHl.ll II A,M^"THE PEACEMAKERS" S.S--V.-45 M.Y.F--4i30 P.M. Firsts/Methodist : Church Fifth and Pacific ' . Long Btach, California 9;00 tnd 11:00 A.M. -- Mornlnq Worthlp Strvlctt "DOES LIFE HAVE MEANING?" , ':! , · R.v. Mf. Gr..r i ' 9:00 A.M^Churcd School, Nur»«ry through Junior High · I0;00 A.M^-Church School--S.nlor High nd Adulti .7:30 P,M/-Youth MMtlng. , ' ,» Mlnliltre i ' : ' Ow»n M. Gear William Harriion Myen William L Collin TRUETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH 3435 SAN ANSELINE AVE.-GA 9.1411 - LAKEWOOD II 0«l tUt · tlHtw*** WkM To tUlM- DR. CHAMJS L HtCUIII, PlMlr PR. JAUIl L COCK HUH. UK W «IM A. M.--SUDDAY SCMXX. U OH Iv U« MI 11 IN A. U.--HOUNIIIt WODINIP IK P. H.-fVMISI IEIIVICI Hl§ ' .-t«Atl(Hi« union wiD^i r «-HA»rt : Walnut Ave. Southern Baptist Church IkM M WMM llMMml PMM Mi H*tt 0*. I. G. AILIN, PMt» WOUNIP URVICII IVlM A, U. DM TtM P. H. iUKOAV tCMOOI. I'M A. M. . tSAimm VIIIM »|M P. HlOWlik JIKVltl fMI P.M. WIDNUDAY ·kmll mini* it Hum 10. Urn n i . H u m. iw,* FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH SMO Onrnj. D*. HMU L. MAY niw, No, Un« t«:h «A .-MIT JAMtl W. UMSIM*. 'MS A. M_Sundiy School M. *ri kMc 1:30 wid 1 1 :fl J A. M_Momlnq Wonhlp S*rvic« t:30 P. M/J-hptiit Trtinlnq Union · ' · 7:30 P. M^-Ev.n!n4 Wonhlp S.rvl» 1:00 P. M. W.dfl«id.y-- "Hour ol Pow.r" -- A WABM mp FHUHQLY WtlfOMC AWAITS YOU -FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST (Mission) CHURCH - ArttiU I Lona Buch Blvdi. (In St.rr King School Auditorium) Sund.y School 9i4S (.m^--Morning Wonhlp 11 «.m. ' Biplilt Tr.lning Union *:)0 -- E»«nlnq Worlhip 7i3Q pjn. ' -- A W«tm W«l;on.» Aw«iH Yog -Lutheran Churches \pRESBYTERiAN-- |N.tlon.l Luth.r.n Counclll FIRST PRKBYTPRIAM '"""i"«P« IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH (Aug.) 34i E. Cinon GA 7-4390 Mirtln C Olion Sundiy Strvlc..--8:30 j 11 A. M, 9i30 A. Mj--Sund«y School OUR SAVIOR'S LUTHERAN (E.LC) }70 . HE 4-7407 Vlrqll F. liirU Sundiy S.rvle.t-9:00 t II A. M. S. S^-IO A.M. Ni.n.r^ Provld.d LUTHERAN CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY 1900 E. Ctnon SA 4-3111 Otcir C. MMI, D. 0. Sund.y S*rvtci-lt30 t 10:45 A. M. Sundiy Sihoot-9i30 A. M. ' ST. STEPHENS LUTHERAN CHURCH lt» Plr» A». HE .·!»} John H. P.t«n Sund.y S.rvlt.t-11 A. M. Sund.y Sehool-9;45 A. M. '' ST. TIMOTHY LUTHERAN CHURCH IE. L C.) Woodruff «t Arbor, Likiwood A. O. Storvick GA (.3412' GA 9-1375 lM*t StnM«-«!M, ICltS UK 11 A.M.--Swtflr iOmt D»K» All SMcM UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHURCH. 1429 CLARK . HE 9-395t , Pi»U 8. UNmHi 9 A. M,--Fimlly S.rvlc. t Sundiy School 11 A. M^-Wonhlp S.rvic. *r*r, Clr.Pii.MH BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH IELC), 70lh t Llm*. ME ).(039 SHIIMAIl I. KMtNAyd, Pntir »!30_t II A.M.--Sun. S»MCM (Nurt.ry «t ll|--9i40 A.M^-Sun. School B E A C H . CHURCH OF 1 RELIGIOUS SCIENCE 3rd at Corritoj · ' :· ,,--,. :;, Ebal! Thetfter Sunday Services--II A.M. ,'.-, " ' "WAKE UP AND,LIVE" E ;·.'..'' DR. JOHN . k v1AK T W A I N SUN. I 1.00 A. M CHRIST LUTHERAN-L.t.nd Stanford School-Loi Altci A. K. COOK, Pmr -- tAHMW *4tM IUKDAV SCHDM, H ~ WMSHIP, 11 A. H._»U«MRY1 SIX1H AIID IOCUS1 oowmown . 9i30 A. M--CHURCH SCHOOL . II A.M,-"THE ETERNAL COMPANION" ' ' lrt«M tfi Numfr Cm PmlM it IMk USMM Jmlcn *n. Rxitn r, Plittn, D. 0., Mlnliur »·». llnNllrii EMM. Uln. Vliiutlw Knil W. SlMtM, MIHHK .( MulK , UK. JMH! M. PHIHH*, MID. E*ICIIMI 4;4S P.M^-Young Adulti ' A:30 P.M^-W.itmlnitir Mlowihlp But.A.n»yF» Hf ».;;? »HF.»;r CALVARY · CHURCH , ' ' Third ind Atlintlc 9 A. M.--Junior Choir Rihiinili 9;4S A. M,--Church School for All Ajii 11 A.M^-"A LCYALTY UNDECLARED"--Dr. A. tlJO P. M.--Sntar Hltri Wiilmlmltf FtlMnrHl Jwlw Nil* FtllmMp--SIIO P, M. SHIP. M,--Slmlt, VM* A*lltl, S«l«r S»»wr CM SECOND PRESBYTERIAN II A.M.--THE I3TH DISCIPLE" Robirt H. Printlv. · -- Nurwry Provid.d-- !JO A. M.-- Suftdiv Sthoel ' 4r30 P. M.-- All Youth Gfoupi ·LUTHERAN-CHURCHES Mitiouri Synod "Church of th« Lutheran Hour" -'Thli It thi Llf."-Cllif. Luthinn Hour I Pint Lutheran Church .-.-.- -.. '. 946 Llnd.n Avt. REV. E. H. SCHROEDER '' ' HE 7453J-GA 4-1204 HI Sundiy Sirvicil, «:30 I II A.M, Sun. School t Bibb dill 9:45, A.M. Grac» Lutheran Church ·'.. REV. HUGH J. KRIEG Sundiy Sorvlcoi. 8:30 * II A.M. ,. We«t 25th and Delta HE 6-J.J3 Sun. School t libli Qill, 9:4S A. M, St. John'i Lutheran Church REV. WALTER M. FEHNER Sundiy Sorvkii. IllO t II A.M. · · , 6698 Orange Ave. 6A 3-3M7-GA 2.EOI4 Sun. School t Blbl. Cl.«. 9:30 A. M. St. Paul'i Lutheran Church REV. CHARLES N. GOEHRING Sundiy Sorvicn. 1)30 t II A. M. . 2283 Palo Verde. Lot Altoi . HE J-OII7-HE ).)II Sun. School » Biblo Cliii. 9i4S A. M. L A K E W O O D C H U R C H O F R E L I G I O U S S C I E N C E «rl«i for M«yi |R*lt«iinq th« Guilt Complti] , "YOUR CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES" ' ! J U N I O R C H U R C H Bethany Lutheran Church '4644 Clark, at Arbor, La lie wood Piiton, N, C. MUELLER. E. D. THYR GA S.7222--GA 5-JM2 Sun. Sorvlcn, Ii30 t 10:30 A.M, Sun. School, 7130-- Prirmry Si. 10:30 WESTMINSTER COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN - J474 Pieifie _ R.», W.nd.ll W. Gniglii 9:45 «d II A.M^'THE CONTINUING CREATION" . 9:30 ird IO:4S--Church School · ' ' TEMPLE E. IWh at . Gladys , YlMIL FltMIR. , PMMr WILLIS M(W(R t MwiH- II A.M^"UNBLEMISHED YOUTH" .. 7:30 P.M.-REV. WILLIAM A. LEE ol Sin Antonio Nufitry Op«n All Strvicti LIME AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH 'Id. Church of Filth, Frlindi'lnut i F.llowihlp n K. L. SUTTER. Piitor 9lh t Um« R.vivil Miy I9.2i ' . 7:30 Nightly--O. L Suttir, Orginiit '"' ; Sundiy School 10 A.M. Trilnlng Union 4:30 P.M. Priyir t Biblo Study W.d. 7:30 P.M. Ph«n»_HF 5-2741 Nun.ry Op«nj8f AII_S«rvl!:i| FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH OF lAKEWOOD 6534 E. Dal Amo Pattort Laroy Hui. GA 1-7285 Sunday School 9.-4S a.m. ·:· Morning Worship 10:50 a.m. Tainporafily Mealing l*» Gr^vlf ClovgTirtd School Auditorium LAFAYETTE BAPTIST MISSION CHURCH (Million of Harbor Baptist Church) 25th SI. i Chutnut Don Armirrong, P.ttor - Sundiy School 7r4S A. M. ~ Wonhlp 11A.M. 'NORTH LONG BEACH PRESBYTERIAN ·· 4380 Ortngi Av.nuo R... Rlchird G. Irving, Mlnlitir . 9:25 ind 10:55 -- Church School C i30 and II A.M.--(4th In o "THE LORD'S DAY" " " EMMANUEL PRESBYTERIAN ·' ^.^^^^.^ .-,, 1-M A.M, ind 11 A.M,--"FAITH TO SURMOUNT" AlOO J url j or Hlqh--J P.M.--DIjMc?--W F " ^ LAKEWOOD FIRST PRESBYTERIAN M , Riv. N. A. Moti, Mlnlltir |,-· ' WORSHIP SERVICES--9:30 «d 11:00 A.M · · - - , "ALTERNATIVE TO STERILITY" W'i · 5:30 P. M^YOUTH FELLOWSHIP '" (CH'irfh ScheAJ_ClmM and Ir-fai-t C«f»_«t_Sam» ST. JOHN'S COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN : '. f ' Pf P|y| M AUlM 9:30 A. M^SUNDAY SCHOOL " , || A.M.--"Tli. Chilling* of World Mliiioni"--Riv. John Shiclilferd FIRST ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN" tltnn K. CX, Mlnllllr « lJT" IllO P H.--ywU Till P.M.-- Wl UI«.W«k Mnl« FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH ithtChirry TONIQHT -- 7:10 "SUICIDE MOUNTAIN", TMIklf 4IW«I«. Olw Film--Th. MtM-Alnr, »MM IMUV. «MUI v*4 TM NvAM»R«* Trk»-AU«««Mti CWUU, A NM Ml U tin . PHUT .1 u. Wlinilx ONnh. · ' HE M4I4 -- HE 4-4522 CHURCH of CHRIST, SOI Atlintlc An. · -J ' Bibli Cliim Worihlp ·, ' 9f»S A.M. 10:45 A. M. $ PORTER TURNER, Ev.rtfl.liit " CUHM. t P.M.--ln. WviMi, «» P.M. LAKEWOOO l - CHURCH OF CHRIST V i,-.;.. HOC t M AM in*. ' ·· jg W. «A »^1T7 -- «A MM1 .,:· ;, :4I n4 10:41 A. U v t n4 »I4» p. H. -Unto HM i |*T In V* fton* 1 ' MORNING WORSHIP 8:30 ind II A.M. Church School 9:45 A.M. Priyir Muting W.d, 7:30 P.M. ·N, 0ml AmriuH^-PhiM HI 7.4901 , ^ , Eighth and Linden (U.LCA) PIW1 UNITED PRESBYTERIAN MMitw CHURCH III * At!«KI»-NIIM Wi tlH A.M.-- Ilkh Jt A, U.-- "ALL ONE «00», Wtr P.O. Ittort Wtlkff, C-.M MMllr · ·III P H.~TM MilMM. . *«., TU« P.M.-- IIMi H«r '·"·' CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH North Long Beach Willlim D. Pow.ll South St. I Block Ent of Atlintk Sundiy S.rvlc.t-IOi4S A.M. t 7:10 P.M. Sundiy Schoo(-9i30 AJ4. Youth Group.--4:00 P.M^ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH DOWNTOWN M. Kipnir 1000 Pin* Annw it 10th Str..t Sundiy S.Mc.i-11:00 A.M. i 7:30 P.M. Sund.y School-f |30 A.M. Youth Greupi--«i30 P.M. GARFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH WEST SIDE Rotwrt H. Coburn 23rd St. it Ciiplin Av«nu» Sundiy School 9:30 A.M. Morning Wonhlp 10:50 A.M. Ev«--7:30 P.M. IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH EAST SIDE Wllllim Silvirdi .. 32IS Ent Third Strut Sundiy S.rvlc.« 11:00 A. M. i 7:30 P.M. Sundiy School--?:30 A.M. Youth Group~4il!i P M. ·__ UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH Lokewood Area Wllllim C. Coli, Biptlit Youth F.llowtUp 4:30 P.M. 3434 Chilwln Av.. Sundiy Sirvlcii MKX) A.M. 8 7:]Q P.M. Sundiy School--9i30 A.M, WEST LAKEWOOD, Giorqo Mirkhim Sundiy Sirvleit-I0f45 A. M. WEST LAKEWOOD Jimn Whltcomb Riliy School - ·', Sundiy School--9130 A, M, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH . LOS ALAMlTOS RUSSELL M. BROUGHER Gmn it BloomR.ld Sundiy Sirvlcii 10:45 A.M. ind 7|30 P.M^Sundiy School 9:30 AJrf. Youth Groupi 4:30 P.M. Episcopal Churches- MFu JNA First - · ."Ft-rvw" 1 ;- ^t.-." '. · /? ' ZARENE ^ a r'r "TH *" ' :3 ° A Mr - Sundfl y Scfl00 ' M.rl Smith ·'« " A - M.--"THE GOLDEN RULE" , Pi.tor 7 P. M.-"YOU THOUGHT WRONG" -\ '· P. M, YOUTH HOUR - 7:30, -WEDNESDAY PRAYER MEETING WE-WELCOME YOU TO ALL SERVICES · · . "A SINGING CHURCH THAT'S FRIENDLY" "·. : -V;. ALL SAINTS COLORADO · ' 7;)0 A.M.-- Hln CwmmilM " »;JO A.M.-- Mfniliif Prirtr, Own : StMtl, «l 11 A.M.-- HUI CM*MlM ui (inMH , Huntn MM «:)» A 11 A.M, 10 A.M, TKx.-tWr , ST. GREGORY ; (KhMl A^rHfV*) M' , AlhfrtM M IrlttM Dr. v, '· U A.u^umibit Pr»»«» i'S II A.H.-- S«riir-tdiMi k Htmn RM. mutmt J. rrmtti. Vkir ST. LUKE'S AIUMM S«inM · '- 11 A.U.-Uwl«( Prl)«f « ttraiM '10 A.M, tlnin.-- «»t Ommiiliii ' · · ST. THOMAS v. OF CANTERBURY » · : I1M AUBOK ROAD ·*" . ', Trwv, 11 A.M.-- H«lr Cin»»iinl»l ·; , !««·«, I A.M.-- N.I) dmiMiln ' »:JO A.U.-- HW CM«MlM M !«·*» 11100 A.M.-- ««!/ Cmnmliil 1H In*** FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH . . - - r " . . - . - . TENTH PINE · , ·-,,^-, ·: · . ·'· " " . ; II A.M.--"BINDING THE HANDS OF GOD"':,' , Dr. Kipnir, Pmchino, Both Strvlcii ·?.':, t . . . · 7:30 P.M.--"JESUS AT.THE WEDDING FEAST.'- OLIVE HILL BETHANY BAP7IS1 801 f Hill St Rev Clcudr So.lhomrr Ar«,-ld 4-,'..i8 IttOEPENDENT--PREMILLENNtAL-^UNDAMENTAL · 1:» A.M., 10:41 A.M., 1:00 P.M., TtM P.M. ' ' ' fillM Iht Cnwl t. OLIVE HILL ; WtHf« U«* RtlfM S MI, mil ' " l.lw.1 Ml Nmry Cm t All bnitN ?M KOER Sit., 1 P.M.I IWIMMI Hit DKMrnW. InkiikMirM. luw*Ki MI tt P«rl WRIGLEY HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH Hot tot UifMll.--r. P. JOHNSON, PHUT · I. 1;)0, Swill JtlMl--11 A.M., SlMIUI WwtMp--n» P.M.. IfwItlUMll HIV TEMPLE OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE MftMA* KALI. Ul lOCUn '-·- MV. HOJA lOCKi. P»|»F ' ;* ·n. CMH ·«» AMM«N 'Mr f ·*' S*4» 1:10 P.M.--HMllOf ~* ' RtV. EDNA MILltK, bmt iHlH* ·' Unit* Smlu Tkynfer, TDO P. M. ~ It 4M LM Aw.--PK. PEOPLE'S 1 SPIRITUALIST CHURCH · ' C.S.S.A.-N.S.A. Tl« JKIM'I -u ,S In. E. U. NIIM. PUUr ,i HIT. S, N*li«n, AtMC. PMIK J TIM P.M^lMIM kr RM. E. U. HIM i »«Ult 6*IATtST INlMr' .j 1 · iMrtMt MC* WHmitij, 11 turn ·* ti OMMI MT Mwou. \4 r, M. ». ' (Mui NMltoi it CkM W Urola) -·' __»PI«IT VOICIJ IN THI IISHT PROGRESSIVE ; SPIRITUALIST CHURCH S j r»«n an. ·· PI*M HE i-wn . ^ 'i..- I P. U. IUHDA* (ERVIH · - « : : '«. Ltctur* mt Utlufci fcr ./^" I "-'"REV. EDIE-LARSON **-'" i I P.H, Thn., Hullm 4 Muuft SmM Wttf. NlfM ClrtK--T»« P.M, Rt». Hll Urwv PilUr, Solf Realization · Followihip Church of All Religions , 410 E. Ocun Blvd. · Sun. 11:00 A. M. J r "MAN'S NEED j _, FOR SOD" { · Mr. Ulk* HII-U1I -,. Ill HIT* ; . Church of Christ , IN LINDEN AVE. ;,' WORSHIP j I , ,.KFOX - , ,- I0i30 * } X v *i30 . : Hnr M. (MtM Ctator U D*n. ·-,. Light of Truth"- ·Psychic Science Church (UNDAV-- HM P.M. LINDEN HALL, 201 LInd.n Av* Put* 2011 DfLAMATI* _ 1A 4^»TI WM D«n_lHI J*mU Pb .UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL .'· SPIRITUAL CHURCH v , · IM IINDIN AVI^IINDIN HALL · J:10 P.M.--EVENIN6 MEUAM ".' cinm WM 4 HM P.M. tut ni P.M. · , M 411 t l» «. MV. CRKKn-PlM* M t-4U» It , TEMPLE OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY N 111) RAYMOND AM. l (Ita. CkMTT) ,, 7:30 P.M,-LECTURE BY,'. , v ' 1 ,., REV. MARIE BOOK v: . MHUMI II All " · «m Nt i-liu Rn, UU «·

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