Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1969
Page 11
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MNNtS THE MENACE HELEN 60TTEL Television Launches Annual Series Of Summer Reruns Dear Helen: I tried putting " S m o k e , h o k e . croak" and "From oughin' to coffin" and sayings ike that on my father's cigarettes. This was the good idea until now) that one of your etters gave me. Well, my Dad complained hat ink was getting into his ungs. but he kept right on imnking. Then he said if I'd change my hair style he'd quit cigarettes. I like my hair the way is. and besides, it doesn't seem fair. He might go back o them tomorrow, but my hair will take a year to grow long again. Should I make the supreme sacrifice to keep my ather healthier, when he seems to treat this as a big joke? -H. O. Dear h: If a man isn't sold kicking he cigarette habit, no amount of bribery will sway him. But f he sees you are so concerned about his health you'd even Jye up your hair for it. he might stop treating this as a oke. Why not ask your father to show good faith: If he lays off obacco for six months, tell him you'll go with any hair style he ihooses. --H. By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP)-If, watching television these s p r i n g nights, you frequently have the feeling that you've seen all this before, it is probably because you have. Summer is coming up in tele- visidnland. The fierce ratings race is over and rerun time is upon us. It doesn't happen all at once, but sneaks up rather quietly. On Wednesday night, for instance, NBC's "the Virginian" started its warm weather schedule with the rebroadcast of an episode first shown more than a year ago. "Here Come the Brides" on ABC wound up its first season with a rather weak episode in a series that has proved to be a lusty, amusing switch on the tired Western theme. SEASON OF RERUNS Also launched on their rerun seasons are a clutch of CBS se- r j es _"The Good Guys." "Beverly Hillbillies," "Green Acres" and "Hawaii Kive-0." Bob Hope disappears until fall after tonight's NBC comedy hour. Viewers have seen--almost-Fayetteville High Choir Named Tops The Fayetteville High School A Cappelia Choir was selected as the top high school band at the All State Choral Festival which concluded last Friday. The 80-member choir w a s named the honor choir at the festival and performed festival selections at the Honor Concert Friday evening. They e a r n superior ratings in both concert performance and s i g h t reading. Selections performed w p r p "Lamb of God," by S a m u e l B a r b e r ; "Messe en Sol Majeur." by Francis Poulenc and "Singet Dem Herrn ein Neues Lied," by Hugo Distler The choir is directed by Don Wright. Delegates SILOAM SPRINGS -- Seven iuniors in the Silnam Springs High School have been selected to attend Boys State ;it Camp Robinson, near Little Roek, May 31 June 7. There are Lansing Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith: Steve Hopkins, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Hopkins: Dennis Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. M V. Brown; William Stuckey. son of Mr. ;md Mrs. Luther T. Stuckey: Michael Glenn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Glenn; Doug Strickland, son of Mrs. Helen Allum. and Kenny Rat- Tlaff, son of Mrs. Anna M. Ratz- Sponsors, in addition to the American Legion, arc Silnam Springs Rotary and Kiwams Clubs, Jaycctles, Wayne Allen Lumber Co. and the Allen Canning Co. . Ray Henry is chairman for the Boys State Committee of the Siloam Springs Lcginn Post. Free Moiling WASHINGTON (AP) - Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower will have lifetime free mailing privileges under a hill passed by the House. The. House adopted the meas UIT by voice vote Wedncsdaj and sent it to the Senate. The custom of giving free mailing to widows of presidents and former presidents began with Martha Washington, the first president's widow. To Crown Queen WASHINGTON (AP) - Pros! dent Nixon will go to Norfolk Va., April 26 to crown hi! daughter Trieia queen nf the In tprnntional Azalea Festival. Trieia, 2:!. will reign us Queen Azalea XVI for the HIT day Festival. She will have court of girls From NATO conn trios. :he season's quota of "Laugh In" until early fall. The special starring the Monkees on Mon day night started a period oi specials, mostly new shows but vith one repeat. On June 9 lowever, there will be one more 'resh "Laugh-In"--the hour pre empted at the end of March aft er the funeral of Dwight D. Ei senhower. June and half of July will be illed with "Laugh-In" repeats and NBC is still trying to decide what to do about that Monday night hour during August. CBS continues to wrestle with problems growing out of the cancellation of "the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." Plans i' are to throw in a few re ieat programs, then launch a ight-hearted country Western show originating in Nashville Last summer the brothers' re placement was the variety show starring Glen Campbell whicl estahlished him strongly enough to give him a winter-season show of his own. USUAL DREARY SCHEDULE The usual dreary summer chedule, filled with oft-toli .ales, is justified on economi' bases by the networks since pro duction costs increase yearly Besides, nighttime TV audi ences drop as the days grow longer. The numbers reach rod bottom in July and August whei many people are on vacations. The soap operas and some game shows continue with ne\ shows year round. Most soap try to work into a solid, spccia type of plot to tide them ove the hot weather months. Om daytime serial now is headini toward a murder trial sequence that will jog along all summe and can be handled so tha regular performers can be cu out of the show here and ther to take a vacation or play a lit tie summer stock. He Wanted The Egg READING. Pa. (AP) -- " took firemen and rescue an construction crews about tw hours to hoist a 10 year-old bo from a bridge stanchion some 7 feet above the Scliuylkill Rive where he had crawled in pursu: of a pigeon egg. A policeman who had bee trying to calm Terry Biand during Wednesday's ordeal, tol bystanders: "He's worriec about being late for supper." Helen Help Us Dear Helen: This is about the girl whc wants a St. Bernard dog so bac she cries every night. I hope il ler family can't get her a b i g dog, they'll settle for a 1 i 111 e one, as you said. Helen. I know what she is g o i n g through. I'm 17 and h a v e wanted a horse since I was three. Now I'm closer to my dream, because my parents say f I earn the money and support ;he horse I can have one. Meanwhile I'm putting an ac n the paper to exercise horses 'or free, so I can be with them Maybe the girl could walk St Barnard dogs. There must be at least one owner nearby who would like to have bis d o g walked, or groomed, or some thing. Anyway, she is not alone. It's ·ough when you want something to love so much you could jus die because you are denied that privilege. --One Who Under stands. Dear Helen: My grandmother is a real ;ood cook, but my mother isn't. ily grandmother won't give out with her recipes, just saying you take a pinch of this, and ittle bit of that. My mother ries these homemade recipes, )ut her pinches and bits don't come out the same, and my dad gets mad. So then Mom gets mad, and we end up with a linner in the garbage disposer. Solution please? -- R. C. )ear R: A good cookbook plus a more actful husband ( and family) might solve the problem. No woman shines when she's hit with "It's not like Mother used to make!" --H. Dear HElen: I had a fight with a frient and c a 11 f d her a name : shouldn't have, a pretty b a name. I told her I was sorry Residents Oppose 'Crown of lights' CHICAGO (AP) -- The Me tropolis of the Midwest has ac quired a new night time scenic attraction that seems to read to the stars, but cries of protes are soaring. The 100-story John Hancocl Center, which towers over Chi cago's Near North Side, wa adorned Monday with a brigh ring of lights around its 98th floor. Hancock Center official proudly dubbed their creation "the crown of lights." But residents of nearby high rise apartments, who grudging ly have come to tolerate th center's domination of thei view, have given it less poeti titles. One resident of a plush high rise complex called the ne\ lighting effect "a 100 story juk box." Another termed it " neon domino." "What ever it is." said anoth er resident, "it wasn't in th lease when I signed up for $21 a month." EXTENSION Homemakers Clubs fNM*«Mtt ArkwMMTIMIS. AVKTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS ut she just waiked away. Before I got nome she had ailed and told my mother what called her, which wasn't too wift. although after my mother card the whole story, she aimed down. Then I telephoned the g i r l gain, but all I got for my try t apologizing was a lot of yell- ng and screaming from her ind her mother. All this over one little fiye- etter word? Should I just give up and forget her? --Helpless Dear Helpless: Why not? Any girl who calls iut the regiments over o n e mall slip of the tongue either las a guilty conscience or she's a total prune. Who needs her? --H. STATE BOARD MEETING: "Planning for Action" is the theme of the spring board meeting of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council which opened today in Little Rock according to Mrs. W.H. Morris, Washington County Council president who is attending the two- day session. Mrs. Harvey Jameson, Smackover, stale council president, will open the first general ses- introduction of state officers and committee chairmen. The business session will be followed by district meetings; a tea honoring Mrs. Hazel Jordan, who recently retired from her position as state leader-Exand featuring reports and slides of the national meeting held in Puerto Rico last fall. Mrs. Morris s a i d plans will be made for coming events: Arkansas EHC Week, May 4-10; Arkansas EHC Crafts Workshop Aldersgate CAMP, Little Rock May 27-29: Arkansas EHC Annual Meeting, Fayetteville, July 28-31; and National EHC Meeting, Blacksburn, Virginia, Au gust 10-15. Highlighting the general ses sion on Thursday morning wil! je the awarding of plaques for outstanding programs in health. Mrs. Fred Moore, of Crossctt, state health chairman, will present the awards to the county council presidents. Also included in the program this year will be special recognition to counties w i t h the host year books. The meeting will adjourn at noon. tension home economics; a banquet that evening. HIGHLAND:Roll call WHS an swered by eight mombc-rs am one guest, at the April meeting held in the home of Mrs. Moln Tucker. Members discussed tin annual tour scheduled April 1 to Fort Smith. The ncxl meeting will be held May 8. Mrs. Joe Piero CANE HILL: Members complo ted plans. Cane Hill they convened for the Apr meeting at the Church annex Mrs. Margaret Brownfickl prc sented a program on the use o a library. The next meeting wi be held in the home of Mr for a booth at th Pioneer Day who April 17, !·*» · 11 ProRrann are sup' plipd by lelocasln slat ions and n i subject lo chan, without not ire. KVOO, Tulsa, Channtl 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulta, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittaburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 ICkanml 4 m taM* In rairetteoilM) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 (Channel II *n cakle lit Fay»Ht«!llt» KUHI, Joplin, Chonnd 16 Channel » «n cakle in Fayettevllk) "KGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 '· (Channel 1 m cafele in rayetteville) THURSDAY EVENDM- * I : H News. Weather, . . . , . ,, , Sporta 2. », 5, «,'.«. 12. '· * I:M - Lon Moore. Daniel Boone 2. 3. 7 Musical Fantasy 5. 6. r Tiint Tunnel ·" FlyinK Nun 8- 12 * 7:00- Jonathan Winters f. " That Girl 8. 12 * 7:39 Bol) Hope 2. 3. 7. K Bewitched ». '* «:H - i That Girl Movie What's H All A h o u t . World . * »:3(l - I Man With A Mike I Weather t As the World Turnt I, «, U Love is a Many Splendorcd ThinK ThinK 5. S, 1« Days of Our Lives 2, 3, 7, M Newly-wed Game 8. 1* Doctors 2. 3 , 7 , 3 * Guiding Light 5. «, J« Dating Gram* *2:M Another World . . . . General Hospital . Secret Storm *l:Jt- You Don't Say Ono Lite to Lire Edna of Night - »:·» - 8. 11 . ?. 3. 7, 3» «, 13 . 5, 6. IS 2. 3, 7, 315 8. 12 .. 5. 6, 1 Mrs. Carnia Patrick Jesus Depicted As Wild-Eyed Prophet on TV LONDON (AP) - Christ was! depicted on British television screens Wednesday night as a wild-eyed desert prophet with angled hair who snarlingly told lis disciples, "Use your flaming heads." *'Go on, get out of here, you nut case," l j eler told Jesus at another point. "You ought to be locked up." "Nut case? You're right--I bloody am." Christ replied. Dennis Potter wrote the 90- minute play, "Son of Man," for :he British Broadcasting Corp. It traced the life of Christ from his 39th day in the wilderness and ended with closeups of his being whipped and the nails of Lhe crucifixion being driven into His hands. Colin Blakely. a star of the National Theater, played Christ. Protest calls jammed the BBC switchboard, and hundreds of viewers called London newspapers, complaining that the play was blasphemous. "Any play about Christ is bound to offend some people." said Potter. "I was not trying to be blasphemous. I didn't want it to be seen as a religious play but as one questioning himself. tormented by doubt whether he is the true Messiah." OZARK OPRY Over 3 Hours of Country Music 7:30 p.m. Friday Night Special Guest: JOHNNY STILLS Recording Artist- PALACE THEATER Admission: Adults, $1.00 - Children Under 12 Free Our Sponsors: Richard's Furniture 62 Auto Salvage John Reed Co. Charlie's Restaurant (Haley's) Gregg's Grocery Market Enterprise TV Midway Transmission layer's Gulf Ser. Sta. and Opera Workshop present Benjamin Britten's Comic Opera ALBERT HERRING April 21 thru 26 Box Office Now Open Dial 575-4752 Hours: 1-5 Daily for Reservations 9-12 Saturday Box Office Open Daily See 1969 Model c ° ior TM E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 ^HfcSeKUvdl 2333 N. Colleg Service on all Makes Mnvu- Dragnet * 9:00 Suspense Thr\itrp Movie . Dean Martin . . . « !·;W Nmvs, W r a l t i - *''ii:» -"'' 5 ' Joey Bi.^hop | Movie . Paul Harvrv ... Johnny Carson . .. 3d . 5, 7 . 12 ft . 5. ^ . l«. 36 6 , 5. 7 Movie . FRIDAY MORNINO- *!:» LlRht of Llf« Tombstnne Trrritory Llnklcttcr 5. "· Dark Shadows 8. Match Game 2 . -1. ir 3:30 -Bewitched Lucille Hall ... Mike Douglas - Hnzcl Ministers H i d d e n Faces . nark Shadow. 1 ! Fhntstone.s . . 12 16 . 2 i. 7 * 4:00 R a i i K r r Dan Children'! Hour -Movie . KlitHstonc.': . Mr Zing and T u f f j Ilatman . Bcwitrhert 3* . I 1H . * Open 6:30 Starts 7:00 Ends Tonite! 2 SMASH HITS Open 6:30 =r i ***'*» FRIDAY SATURDAY! j_ ) - t _^- t- j- _ -^|-_rX-rX-»"»_»~XJ~»-»~^~ii«--·« ""I ) All 3 in Color I ^^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^rf^^f^^W*^^^^^ 1 ^^ Ken's IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for Thij Offer -10 PIZZAS. * 7:H A M Star Theater ' j Project ,"«"t 7 Today '. *· ·· ' * 7:M - Fun C l u b I l i i w h i d e Three Stnogen A d v e n t u r e s n f G u l l i v e r . ,j | I'errv Mason Ne»» · . , ' . . ,. ' i ' M i k , OmiKlM (color) Moments ol Meditation » ^ 8 7:35 Farm Report . . . . 7:45 Cartoon Circus .. Deeper Life * 8:M - l,rM In Spare Lets M a k e A De;il ·r.i He A n n o u n c e d Hifleman . New.i . * 5:»- Captain Kangaroo 5. 8. II ' j i, ovc l.ucy w 8:30 - " l»ay Cards *~ * i:H It T.nke^ Two 3. 7 r,: New* H e l t v R n v d H News. Weather. Lucille Ball .'.':::.'.'.'.'.'. 5. I f , . Sporu . I. J. 1. t. T. ». 11, News . . . . 2. .X 5. 6, 7, 12 1 FRIDAY EVENDKr- * I:M - IT'S HOW YOU DO IT, The Secret Ular of as COOL FOOD FOR THOUGHT ANTHONY PERKINS TUESDAY WEIJD HOLLERS, KT HIM GO" BONNIE. NOTEI "Cool Hand tuke" Will Be Shown First! with BARBARA McNAIR Enjoy Our Delicious Buffet Every Thursday Night and Sunday Noon.. Raymond St. Jaquc* Dana Wynter Arthur O'Coanell Kevin McCarthy E N T E R P R I S E BASEBALL ON THE CABLE 8 Channels TV-6 FM Radio See the Top Games, of th« Week 442-7111 TRANS-VIDEO 442-7355 Hawaiian Salad -- Tin usual lettuce and tomato with hunta of pineapple. California talad -- The same | with hits of avocado. Polynnian Oeiurt--Ice cream I sprinkled with shredded eoco- | nut. Ctnuint Injliih S«l«-- With the overpowering sauce, you'H never know. All You Can (at -- This explains why there is so much macaroni, potato and bean dishes. candlelight Dining--Brins * flashlight if you're the kind who likes to check fiRures on the hill. Kncwn tr»m C««il la C*atl-- Our uncle livfs in Ixis AnsnlM and we tinve « brother in New York. Rice Highway 112 North Clottd Mondays Open 5-9:30 p.m. One Feature NiKhtly ':« p.m. Sunday Mutlnee 2:00 p.m. Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI ROMEO ^JULIET !;!* I:M - I ll;i:li C'l'.aparral ...'.'.'.'.'.'. 2. .1. 3 Concentration ' '· *· ""· Wild We,t «. Movie » T "" J '""-' '· Jack 1,-iLanne '::·*· 7:011 · - icvc-rlv I l i l l b l l l l u I. '. »* I ' . i l r n l ! * 7:H .... :'. 1 T. -f. N a n ,. ,,; ,| u . (;.,,,,,, . - 3 7 S. 6. II Joiner I'ylo ' . . . . . . . . 3. 6,' * 8:M - "· '· '. -'' I.c-l'.i M a k n A «. ', «. '« M o v i e S. 6. * S:M 7. n r . l f j u n s o f Will Sonnett «. TV REPAIRS 2 Trucks Same Day Service Bring tke Ikmflr! ChlMrta infer iti fm . . . children «tr ad om em en)*? t dfllrlom child'! ·tale hr «Uy $1.M . . . adnlk, Thnnday night »J.H. Cbef Pdey win em* jam IkTirite cot ol nmt beef, and JTM en tcleet from or iew buffet » wldt nrrnr ·f ralUi. nUihei, ftfeteblei and denertt. Mr. and Mn. Ty RMd etrdtally livH* ?» l« ''·» T«r HdhtaT IBI. On H«II4»y Room II waitlnn for ?*·! Far conreiUom, kMqaeti, laicbtoni, metlinm. eollM*, diieec, whMerer r«t* medi ma; he. Pill ww to TWI M tm . . . CHI HI MU1 for MOHWAY 71 NMTH 441-4191 2333 N. College 442-8575 Ilcwllelird .......... *, '-.* 9:00 -Love of Llf« .............. I, t, IB ., , )( . v; n . n ( K a r m e r n DaucMer Funny You SlinuM Auk UUftt Aetrch lor Tomorrow * ":» - I'.iul l l n r v r y . . . . ... ^r.: t« ^ «. I'- 1 ! * '···· -1. I, I, ' i News '· " * It'll -* " - , ,, : 7, ,T« .1 . «. 13 .Inlmi siM,,*,,. rRIDAT AFTERNOON- ' ' |J""y »'"''"V l| :l *_ !* 10:35 - M | M o v i e ;. .1. J, 6. 7. 13. 1«. 34 ;. J. s. 7 «. i«. .v; Hllh Noon Newi . . Dreum lloiu« fl MalM." Hllln** 1 Noon On Plva I * 12:15 - 11:110 Johnny Cnm* * 12:N M n v i e Mime H « I lilll!«»n-« I»l«nd M li.' w i\.i- IIMdcn Face* 2 | w l ^ . ^ t Ufa M«k A Doul ». I s l M n v w *

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