Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 16
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14 N»rlHw**t Arfcflructi TtMK, Thursday, April 15, 1976 rATerrr.VTii.r, ARKANSAS E 21--AutomoHv*--For SaU 21-- Automotive--For 5af» CHECK THIS! GREAT CARS ' PRICES! 1973 CHEVROLET IMPALA COUPE % Brown with light tan top, full pow«r and air. 25,000 miles on* owner. , .Our Pric* $2695. · 1971 : VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Very good tramportation. - Our Pr'Kt -; $1595 : 1972 144 VOLVO 4-deor, dark gr*«n in color, 4-spetd with air condition- Ing. One owner. Our Pries $2795 . . . CORVETTE 1974 T-tep, Chevrolet Cpr- v«tt«, silver with jitvsr l«oth- " «r, 13,000 miles. - * H · ' Our Pnc« $6955 1974 CHEVROLET VEGA WAGON . New tires, -4-speed wilh air 4AM/FMradio Our Price $2595 1971 OlDSMOBllE CUTLASS CONVERTIBLE = Red. with white con. top, 350 ·ngine, air all power, like new, Our Price $2695 1974 CHEVROLET . MONTE CARLO (373 PpSriXC Bornev lop. AulomaUc, rowei Phwrrt MW1T8.:. 1971 TOYOTA Ctita. 31.000 rni«». Alt CMidiUpnliJS. 1 - Heal, ntc*. Iticne U34K*. 19T2 PONTIAC GRAN PHIXV A/C. AM/ FM isr* dwlc, cruise control, «nb' tr"" Call ,131-053: L A P P - A - D A Y 1913 VW 412 Wagon. Autotnalkv »maU l*orjche ewjrirw.. Good candLtLta. 35 itvp.c. VfM i-wiskkr IraJe. MUST SELL, Phone BW5533. , " 1975 DODGE VAX IVKVW Mwrinf. Aft- cwiditlorfng, stecw, sun iwT rampw. Musi *ell» sacritieo. Apartmenl 109 Skull CAR Painting »nd body work, RMKWV aWo. Free cstttiwtes and all wort gmr. intred. -Phone 751-352*. 1AS. j-our, auto tcjurance been ex'! ed. Bad driving record, IWVl._rtc. We in write your Insurance at a iMaonaUe te. Call £U6S40, 5J1OA22; evuilnS* H3- 3637, 5J1-12M. 9S8 BlUCK HIVIEHA. )7CO. 1?IO P«il 1C envine 4W cu. In. compete eKr-rt cart). lx"S than 1,000 mll« s'mre ribuill. 400 Turbo Iransmissicn lo match. M75 bo4h. Call atler.5:00 pm. 412«6]fl. YOUR IMPORTED CAR AND MICHELIN zX Guilt lo last, M chelin ZX is h alia cf withe tee! or resistance to wear . . .powarful road grip . . , piec s on controf. Mate sure you changaup lo MlchelinZX.the number one Ifra · for imported cats. mnwcu!a(c, J23M. 1971 NOVA, ixjwer brak« ,*t«rin?. A/C, pool Urt-5. no eqnily jurt pay oft n«*. S.4ii Pee at 11W E. H«n(svaie. WANTED *nd tracks In 1567 VW Bu£, clean wjlh good bo*-, ran cool, runs £ood. rAte. SKO, Phone Sit 7311. 1963 TOYOTA IWir.fl Oriifsw -4 wheel drivt, S ply tires. mete] top, good nodilion, 22-- Machlnary Farm Equipment G\TER?[LL.AR Dozer D«. For citorma- WANTED -- U'iil buy nr rent a larsc utility or soiwwieck trailer, with stirs. "" i nfred irrigation eqnipm«* Rnd I»ip*«. Aparhn«nt» Fw Mtrfr Lt)WBK APARTMBNIS. 1 * -^ ^ __ j(S. cloM* t« Cnlvwrfty. .FtMaw D21-UH gr W-*M2. 'T JL^ ONE airf two'bedroom furnished ^ part- monls, KAS and water paid. Avtibbb ·untiwr and fall. Ktrr fcUtX.C*. «ZW- ' ' " "' : TAKING APPLICATIONS 1 BEDROOM . $i"J5 .$;! 34 BEDROOM All utilities paid, unfurnUh- ed, quiet, family atmosphere. WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. ' bfdroom ' I n ,4-pl*n, rried (Swipte, No p*ls. . Inquire at SW W. · ' '· - 1965 CHEVY piftorp with eamrcr. very Kocd condition, nw tirss and palnl, vW atxtyL trade. Call -H2-9912 n f t e r 3. 1972 OLDS CMUass. TVxly twill. front cap 'IfRNISHED cr lldcr lady or-rr CSS plus UU!1U( Spring. BEVERLY .MANOR ArARTMRNTR. Summer rales. Rcnlfn* summer and fall. 2 IjtocXs lo campus. 3 bedroom, unrurrKsh- June lat. 442-WiQ. ·* LARGE ona hedroom, fHjJvwMher^alr* COIK! It Inning, qidel complex. Call Vic ifltr 5 p.m. 521-1584. " , ' .; NI BLOCK RENTALS' 2 Locations with 1 an" d2 Bedroom ft»- nLshed wills ED aervc your needs. I. NETTLESHIP AND FAIRGROUNDS APr., 1H5-I540 Ntllleshlp. Quality Drills, D,000 MILE WARRANTY ·ff-if.fn't \VimKY ttr ZX htiir^t; Ttre i?:a*n ht« **tn lre*J Kit. nc:^«l tmd riurci («i-Aid : --j itp*!riy« punctured j-id ' ti , ftrit Mrvict i.1 ir irultipriief by f4.-ctr.Uje of v,iiil«lJ Attention Fu«l Savers: You can save up Io10'.'» of your gas consumption tor more miles per gallon of gas FOR SaJe M-5 Bulldccer, call W3-M73 IL\LE RooJt and Horse TraiteiB. Dcater: Harus Auto Sales. Rogers, Arkanufl. J'houe 638^»30 or 636*559. 23 -- Livestock -- For Sol*' been bett And s*« Thai's brand and chad SUBJECT to register. A beautiful, 2 year gre«a broke coll. AAAplus Kood- WASTEB to buy, oxr^lcnt borne, Jiorae, m'rfd] eaged, suitable for gratxklldren ride. Pbone 442-1177. APPALOOSA 7 year old grittng, spirited $2iO or will trade lor boat and motor ol i] value. Phone 4«43T4 after 6:DO. FOR SALK. 1» daj- srain calves. Uve or dressed. 82-t-aCM. AT STUB -- Rejisej-ed Iron gray quart- Light green wilh ma tchi "9 top inferior, 23,000 miles, Our Price '$3995 , 1973 DODGE COLT 4-door fuel economy. Thii eer has new tires, 4-speec with factory air. Our V*ry Lew Price $1695 197398 -, OlDSMOBllE IS A very RFC* full size car. Our Low Price $2695 . 1972 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO While with white fop, power windows, air 4 tops ployer. Our Price ;· $2550 1972 PONTIAC ·; ··' GRAND PRIX - Orange with white 1op, fulT power and air canfilronrng, · This also has new tir»i. Think Radial. ..and Look lo the Leader MICHELIN CENTRAL T I R E DISTRIBUTORS 3 1 5 _ W . - Mountain FayetfevjIJe 442-5342 156S BU1CK Wildcat. Z rtcnr hsrdior. excellent ocodUion, full power, healer/ A/C. one o-A-ner. »a». tU-6J7F. 1772 240-Z DATSUN. 33,«O miles, wholesale price.- 6 horsa Ward, Tiller. Phone after 5W. 531-^a. . - · . . Wl _YW. . SUPERBEE7TLE, good me- ri)arfeiiti'"cer 1 rIMJwi. (9OT. Call 442-6461. 3a ry after 3 : M p.m. '73 XODEL' Chevrolet, C-60 Scries Dump TrucJt, 2 trtTKvrith pooy axle. GJ1 cfcarte* Stacte. 442-7997. 1571 DODGE - W too. automatic, power bralw*,. power sUeriiifr, rebuilt motor, overload springs ar.d shocks,- perfect cor- dHiori^ , **« . lci..fippreoi5tB. -J14W Phone 1973 OATOLL;\a H Tararto Cbupe. wWie «5lli . wWle'; \inyl lop, opera wir.dowv, beamifai.cAr, 14395. MIL consder trade. SIX med · 730s 15-- 10 ply pickup tlrea. Souad, Goodjesr (.ires' w :u, 1000'« "X tnilM bi them. Tiieyll outlast m«t new sic and eipht p!i' tires, Buy a bargain! 1 Ntwttn Really 833-2522. 4 WHEEL !me, 73 Ford Bror-cn, Jike revf, many* eKlrae, 137W lirm, eel! *«· 4331 "ask (or room 136. Battery, fihock theorhers and -tires ell ur.rfcr guanuitee. Al L pov--e-r. padded J v i n i l roof. Leather Mats. IjjO. Plior* BM3178. 1370 IMPAIR Ovevrriei, 2 4-nr hardtop teaa, ona./* S«e al 973 EaK.-AOcd 1970 ROADR1LN S'EH. V-6, aQtomatic power, air. buckets, mags, way-barn «w Ure.i , exhiujt, brakes ArA battery /cry dcpfTirfshle. 1 1,695. 32] *607, evtn d^ruie Interior »r,d trim, mud sjid snow tl/u. a/C, lock oat wheels. hea\7 bump en, must tell. 15.160. Call 443-attl o 521.3179. 6S TON TRUCK in socd condllion. Dua v-tHftTs 8-piy tires. KW. Prjr.e «2«e*. erhorse. Bert. Oklahoma Star, and POM 3ucno breeding. For irJormatlon. call 24-rDogi, Cori Pflts ,UCC REGISTERED rrfliature Daeh- shundj, C wks, first poppy shols. and wxwrnpd. 751-2373. BOXER Pups -- Male and female. Fawn fc uliite. G. L. Bamca. Phor* 5H-5179. SNOW white American Eskimo, male, 11 IKS old, Im'ra rfiildrMi, hss had shots, ^VKC rcffstered, prire WO. 4«4591 eW. 45 from 9 lo 5 -- can 2S7-3KS after 1 p.m. ask for T. C. Porter. AKC REGISTERED Boxers, ready lo J?o May IK. $73 lo JIOO. -H2-77B3. REGISTERED Pit Btildog*, male A female, excellent with people, make offer. 521-5079. AKC BOSTON Terrier purr*!, well marked, some toys, grftf one*. 'Plait's, K63170. , 2 !/)NG Hafred female KiUerJ -- i 6 iseeks rid ar^l he*athy. After 5:00 phone AKC Black ar.d Ian DACHSHTTND pup- pics. Call 731-0149 after 6 p.m. or 7»- 0033 belore 1:CO p.m. POODLE puppl** (or Ml*. befKe ft- males, S weeks old. Pf; one '3214544. FOR SLVLE: Reaislercd Cocker Spirie), E weeks old. 443-4235. JS'OKWEGIAN Hkhnur^J puppies, AKC registered males arai femaler. Also thai cihslered parent*, caU 442-8331 or MI- DOC GROOMNK; -- AH breeds -- 11 years experience -- Bcalta VLwer -- liwsy IS E. -- Phone 511^331 or W 2542. BE,\GLE Pups for sale, Oom« w« Aftw 25-- Home N**dt-- for Safe 1S»5 FORD picfrap. small bed, 6 cylinder, 15,000 miles on engine, good tires, runs good, very 'dependable, exterior rou?h jut swnd, S3». Ctom« by Gtendale Apts No. 31, aujtiay before 3:00, 1974 AUDI lOGI.S, 18,000 miles. 4 dcor BirtnmaUc tr»nsinis0Lw, air c«djtloned A\-M-F.M redfo. All options, excellent oon diUcn. KiW. CaU 4426671. DUMP tracks for refit -- IS yard Irae* |2i per day. 4 yard truck IM per rlny Tniuire AI SeraU Auto 'Sales, 103 So School. 531-9600. GWD I5T5 DODGE ?'* Ion pjckup- KM l*hor,e SSl-ieiO aftw evCrt. n^ r i i A beauUfo] c wittemed J(IB, o . choose. Odea Qc WCRtg Fayett Kisvay 6 1ARGR DKII Has just arri unper s*le«ior may n«cd. - C cabinets as la elle seLn only djnln?*ronTn a more. Dash o United Freigh elteville. Open 90LID OAK rijfM. WI cat! all wood seU ser with mat : u\'. ol que« Suppiy 11 tnit fc UFS/Unlted I Fayetlevllle. Saturday. UNF FUR SP Bookcase · 24" W 30" W 36" W Deacon's Desks .. Corner C C h i n a Cc 3 doo Gun Cos Secretari N i g h t St 4 S D 4 dra 5 dra Telephon Door Ch TER DISCOl jp and some other body \vorK. iwd. Low mileage. J750. Inquire So. School Si. Auto Salf*. 1FUL orange apricot and yellow (or Easier and hang ins baakels. T)' pUtrt-*i rfiododendrcos. ' tr*n a week. Ed Broivn BlufWsrn' ifty. \H. Phccie 7SW8OT. ocd cor.dil!co. Phone 5^1-7613. ING SALE -- W* are statkod lo den .witri ail sizes ot orthopcc (1 Selection uid price* have never ·etler. lull sir* orthopedic ma(trc-a \ .Brings «il- 133.95, Queen xze n gocd firm grade only SU9.35 ng sze nrthofpdfc -wts only M99.9S! rnw Available. UFS/United Freight Kwy. 67 - W. Faj-fttertle . Open tt.-Fri., (Et 6:00 Sat. SOFA AND CHAIR SHIPMENT, righl we have ]a»! received · new shipment « b*autJM v/a ia!r sc'la in a wide variety of tolort ^ea. PricM ran£« rrom J139.95. . . . , .5349.95 lu J299.M and alau beautJCu! cotlee and end tables g at only 119.96 each. Cash or . UFS/lMrted FteliAt Sales, K\\y. FaycUe\iIle. Open 9 9 Mcn.-Frl., M Sat. G Size b*d wih sprcnd pillows 1 laryc oak drw»«r-ljp cliart of rsr. $70. 1 cocktail UW#. 60" In fW. 1 xocan. JIOO. Call 321-3179 12:09 noon. 170 E. Prospect. ECIAL OP THE W E E K CRYSTAL PALACE jy Collins A i k m d n auUfu] cut and loop muSllcolored ned rfiBf. Six colora from which oose. . : dtffMft $toA* Company. Wcstgate Shopping Clr. FayetteviUe, Arkansas Kiway 62 vest at 71 Bypm E DIKING ROOM SHIPMENT -- .u*t arrived and you now have A wlertion on an- njle or srrze jxm need. Crcal bifi^ Audi as chir-a ets as low as (I69.9i, 5 p:(^c din sets only (79.J6, ell vrood 5 p^ece ""rornn jeU only |239.9 and much Oa*h or Terms Available. VfS/ rt Freight Sales, Hwy. 62 W. Fay JEANS Denims Colors 4 . t h r u 14 $5.99 BUDGET SAVER B22 \V. DICKSON N'exl To Palace Druz FOR Sale: One 1arR« metal cloUies clo- srt. Phone ,442-$lS2 hpfore 1ft: OQ a.m. STRAW lor salo. Ph«ic 4)2-5461. USFJ R.\IlJtOAD TIES -- trailer load minimum. (405) 321-2951. LIKE new 10 speed bic^-de, (50 cash, 521.50-79. , . STBETCH-STITtnj AL^CIONE S139.85. Triat's riyhl *ou can buy a brand nw WHITE .onaolidated Inds. SRTETCJ!- STHCII sewing nudilnc that does but- (rjnhoCcs, dams, nwnograms and sews heavy mal«ria1 lor. only (I33.W. This machine Is twUnnall) 1 advertised for over J250.00 and carries a 20 Year TARTS and LABOR Guarantor. Hurry while supply laMs. E-Z Terms. UFS/Unlted Freight Salci-JIny. 62 W. FAyttlevtle. LADIES : K N I T SHORTS by Pykelle ,- ' $3.50 or 3 for $10 7 / 8 thru 19/20 · , . BUDGET SAVER - - B?Z W. DICKSON Next To Palace Hms GARDEN Ti(cr f K5. Gardm sprayer ¥15. Elna open arm' sewing machine 140. Singer 500 slaiA-o-iriAlk:, S60. Mobile home wheels , dormis and 5-hoIe , Jl 5 path. Sony under dash cassctlc pla-cr J45, Fender Tdeeatfer gTiilar. 1200. JIar shsl! amplitfcd, JIM. Anlique print Uays !10, Car top luggage earner. IK. cal 4-12-89S3. , atcx'x only Brunswick dealer -- servcle aad supplies -- 561-3770. Uflle Rock. Ark. METAL DETKCTOBS. GARRE.T, the pr» MsJor.iIs chnlcc. TrBasu/e huaUnE tup- pllct Call Abe Lincoln. Ros*re. 636-66«7. EUGHESf . PIUUEfl PAID FOR CHXJD USED FUftNITUHB AND APPJJfANCKa. ALSO ANTIQUES. SHOP U3 FOR HOI BBST BUYS IN TOWW, RAICLIFF'S F U R N I T U R E Buy. n W. 442.2KQ Now Two p airrt* ID 8«rT« Too- TROPHIES All your award needs, P U R V I S SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College WEED E-VTER. Jac] mosvers. Lawn Geirle. Sale^. parti, senlcc. I^awTi equipment iales. P.O. Ixut 611. Phone 751-1962. 27 -- Musical Merchandise LJXC'El.LBVr s«t ol I/idiviCrt tlrunis, WOO cash. 521-5079. You "can buy a prolessional receiver Ibat has All the features you've ah\-ays ivanlcd at a price you can afford! Kren 'AM/KM reception ,AKC Icr drift free reception, 2 phwif hcwk ups, loudncss. filter and ir.ucti muiv for only 1 1 39. 93 that's right only 11 39. to Ihi i week only at Untied Freight Sales. Terms Available. UFS/Uniled Freight Sales. Hwy. 62 W. FayelttvlUe. Open 9-9 Mon.-Fri.. till GiOO Rat. I,ES PAU1, rccordlnfi for sale. Good ojnditvDH wilh rase. Cnll 4JMC67 alter ·5:00 p.m. GUITARSj tian]oa. Tnanaollns, Molina, vt- olai. rcllos. ukeleles, flutea, coroee'^, Inunprts, clarinets, sa^aphore 1 !, flmms, accordlans and many olhei mualcal-lii- sUunients. Real barpataJ, Rochl«r Je«rd- ry, * Eart CeJiltr SO^«L COMPLETE COMPONENT SYSTF.M fl49.95. Includes B.SR rrofessional dze HimlaKe, a pair of alr-iuiponsiort sp«;ak ers and an A M / K M stereo receiver isiLh bnill-LTi B iracfc all for cxily S149.S3. Cash or ernis. UFS/Unilcd Freight Sales, Hwy 62 W. Open 9-9 Mon..Frt.. tU 6:00 Sa( unlay. AptS. Furnished or U n f u r n i s h e d · EMra larRe bedrooms (choice ol reif- ular or kinsjjze rxds) · Courtj-ai-d cxriiilsltcly landscaped with mining pool, patio ' I Wall'lo-wall oarpellng and drapes · Double chert In bedrooms with ample storage space · Central Heal and Ai r-wmililloninft · Modem kitchen with all conveniences including distmasJicr (all rieciric) · laundromat with vvisJier.s nnrl dryer* · T\vo Bucst parking lots · Maid Service ^ Conveniently Incflted to University, public schools and shaping areas, M u r r y Kill, Halendale, Waverly Wood, Apli. ManaRer Apt. O-t . ' o r ' Phone «3«722 Comer ol KiU Pntman STUDEiNTS 2 BR colt age in riu!eL countryside, 10 ntnutes to caminu, no pets. Available May :ist. 4M-K83. i BEDROOM [umlslied. Gas and is-ater paid. Jl'W per monlh, Clone to do\m- onTi. ' Call 5314215 or Wl-2312 after EFFlclFNC\ r apartmenl near University carpcled. air conditioned, fumlslicd, al bills paM, JOT. no pH». Call «28*« or 44341 ». NEW SUMMER RATES1 JENNY lA'NN APART-MENTS now acwptlng applic* Ions fwr one and two bedroom lundshct or unfumUhed apartments to be reatSy befilnning June. !, 19TG. Close to UotA campus. Gall ·521-raW' aRw noon. qUIKT APARTAIENTS! 'Nfce location OAKLAND GAHUENS will have one' and! iwo bertroom vacancies far June" 1. 1976, Summer rales amiable IDT .students. :omi1elc lAtwdrj" facillttes. Call 5U-M31 ICOKING FOR A ' 'P1ACE TO UVS THIS SUMMER1 - TRY GLENDALE APTS. ' ONLY 125.W \VILL HOLD UNTIL MY 20 * FURNISHED * ONE BEDROOM * UTILITIES PAID * IAUKDUV » WALKING DISTANCE TO UolA all electric with dishwasher and .. lils- posa!. 2L MORnj: HOMES, N'iMockff Moi;Ie Home Pk, All urfti with' alt-";';No pels. ' · - , Call 521-5323 Of 521-H72 or 3UH9. ttTSSTEHN Hills Apartwnenti, l - « ' l bfdroom furnlrtitd apartment No pets. Inquire 524 Gabbard, or phone 5U-473I. 1, S. 3 'BEDROOM apaitmcnts avaiiib:* for spring semester. Sloill Crwrk - Apartments 900 'N. Lcvcretl, 531-3761.".', FOR REMT -- Apartment al TfiryjACS MAKOn. Availabla during summer I* cm*. Phone 412-50M. MAPLE MANOR Where Qru*t Danoti7 IitlB| B*eaiM» A Subarban Llh ,*»!·" , ,,.. ^, HoM MM! Far Tl« Family-" root floor PIiiu fur!, it il'50 A Small Dtpoilt Rotdi You» Cbole* CAUL t»l) 5U-71M " · 3001 WediqglOD Driva 2 BEDROOM furnished ar*arlmcntsruti!i- Ues patd. About 2 blocfcs from oahipuo. JH5 month n-ith one year leasc.'MapI* 35-- Duplex For R«nt ,,,::. TWO bedtrom dupTex, central Iveit and air. vvajrher and dQ-e'r. connect tons",' .Shji£ carpet - throughout, garbage dfsvosal. PhoiiB «2-4T3^ after 4:30. ..' - ",J... ' FURNISHED two bedroom duplexw. -gai and water paid, svallable now. Kerr Inveslmenl Co, " 521-9771. ' : - " ' ' ' ~^. DUPLEX : Tow n house. Hwy, 45 E,- unfurnished wilh »ell dPAnlng ranRC.'-dlsh- isTuhnr, rp/rigcrator, drains, 2 b*Jroom, 1V4 bath, *hag carpet with a deck. D«. po«t required, available April 15. Ph«» S21-3378, · . , ; , . 36-- Houw* For Rent . 1. 2 BPHIHOOM imlumldied house. 'Good OCaUwi. $110 per biwitli, J30 deposit. Adults preferred. Kb inside pcis.J-Ehona Bfrntonrttlc 2J3 50J8. · ^ . $2795 THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR GREAT BUYS Owyl Hicfcman or Dennis Klnsey NORTHSIDE MOTORS )4*4 N. College 73 Dotsun 1200 Hakhback Green, Automatic, AM Rarfio . * 74 Dotsun B2)0 Hatchback, AM/ FM, Radio, Standard Trans 1 1 i f/' 1 74 Toyota Hilux Pickup, AM Radio, Standard Trans 72 Dodge Coif, 4-dV, v/agon, automatic, air eoncf., AM radio i i n i . i : . i \ .| 74 VW Dosher V/ogon, ^^40*1 Aulomolic, Air, Radio ^JH/J may n«cd. - Crcal buys Auch as chir.a caWnets as low as (!69.9i. 5 p:(^c din* eLle sets only *70.t6, ell vrood 5 p:«e djnln?*ronTH jeU only |239.9 and much more Dash or Terms Available. UFS/ United Freight Sales, Hwy. 62 W. Fay- 90LID OAK BEDROOM SETS That'* risM, -ou cati buy a beautiful oak bedroom sei at a low J2».K. These beantlfiU all wood seU todtide a large rii«*, drca- ser with matching framed mirror,- and futi rf que«n size ^adboard. Korry! Suppiy limited. E-K Terrtw Arailahle. UFS/Unlted Frriaht Stlea, HHY- E2 W, Fayetlevllle. Open 9-9 Mon.-Fri., Ill ftiH Saturday.' UNFINISHED FURNITURE- SPECIALS 24" Widlh .. .. · $19.50 30" Width $23.50 36" Widlh $27,50 Deacon's Bench $34.50 Desks .... $39.50 $59.50 Corner Cobinels $29.50 up China Cobinels-- 3 door $129.50 Gun Cases, 12 gun. .$119.50 Secretaries $99.50 - Night Stands $17.50 ' 4 5 Drawer Chesls -4 drawer $29.50 5 drawer $34.50 Door Chesls $79.50 TERMS AVAILABLE GG DISCOUNT FURNITURE 2262 SOUTH 71 HIGHWAY (1 mile south of Soulhgale Shopping Center) PHONE 443-5756 DENNIS HOME FURNfSHlNGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. Schoof Phone 443-2163 · y/me by and e« our foe selectmen ti ttofd farrrilure. Wan »ajffVn 1 *rilir"|S9.S6 1 Now\'i' 'jI9ffl : fpa\T rtuu vinelics Rockerc, good oovem. Only .... J-M.W U.Md ch*« of drawm vUnin; ^« low as IllS. Us(1 livini! room su[t* starting Atf ItfiV jis GryxJ «Tc«ion erf u.'icil -Kcmfr-- Some Anfliut* 26 -- For Salt^M1tc»iianftou« IVE^JDrNfJ twrAntns, w cfMtn R ardi fa cry.sial arid Aliver powrilK/sIs, crystal paper). B\'(rlh1ns for thai apfcJa) par ty. All Renu fc Sale« Center, +H-MCM, F-ASfTEK flunn'w 5 to 7 weelur c*d urn* Mlortd. £3.rxi earfi. At*} (·*ccllrr MOVING TO SMALLER HOUSE MUST SELL TArge rivUl office dftrt, Mack wll walr^rt anin. lypmg tltrA WUcheri, On fiscr M reUry c^Afr 1 , ere Kack fnu dfAWdr hhd B cabinet, l«i than hal II'A One snull uprj «W WrtUnffxxi* rosier, frmifrce, no-id IM. M«*l lypiri t* F», e!*-nrfe aiM 41 9 mediine, Undrr WYxyl ixpo^Tiur. IJTO many thfni* [o IM Photi* S«-W3 rrtiir. ome wheels, donuis and 5-hoIe, Jla ach. Sony under dash cassctle player, . 45. Fender Te3eca.«er gnilar. 1200. JIar- tisll ampli^cd, JIM. Anlique print Uays. , 10, Car IOP luggage earner. IK. call 42-89S3. , UiER'2IO transmiMkm. like new. a * ind shifter t3OT. Phone 52L-51BO. WEED EATERS, JAR! AOWERS LAWN GENIES Jari Mowers-Sickfe B,ir Mowers l,w-n Genie-Cuts ar5 S\v«pa Weed-Easter -- ' Cuts «ith Rsing line Full · Vear Warranty For Informaltoii or Uee denwnslrai Ion call 731-1962, 751-2483 or It ro answer, Ml 531-7071. LAWN ..EQUIPMENI SALES P. 0, " Box Ell, FajcUeville, Ark. Vol wmpltla line ot Weed-Eater rarta n NW Ark. MEN'S .. LEISURE SUITS , . b y JAYMAR $6.99 BUDGET SAVER B22 W. OICKSON Next To Palace Drug SOFA AND CIIAIR SrTTS SU9.95. OiJy iI49.5 will buy you a hrand new Keren Ion sofa and mafching rJialr this Keek al United Freight S«le5. Some rrutchinj; cof/te and erd tab! es also aval iaWe MirtiTJB at (13.05. CSsh or Terms. UFS/ ITnXcd Frdtfit Sa!cJ, ll;»y. 62 W. Fay- etle^lle- Open S9 JIon.-Fri., til 6:00 Saturday. RKDROOM FURN1IUOH -- I'k-Vup irom a nice jclcctlon of sll KWX! btdriyim fumtlare Bl super pricw. For example a b*auurul jnlid oatt 4 p;trt bedroom set inr only J2M.S5. Many more and all scls aie all wood ccnslc-uctlcn. E-Z T«rn»s Available, - UFS/Unitcd FreHtftf Sales, l«7, 61 W, FayetlevlJIe. Open 9 9 Mon.- Fri., till 6:W Sat. AWNING for a travel trailer or motor home, 16 ft. Never-been med, B!cent«i rial color. St* al Snw Body Shop or Oflll 7r^30W alter S. SFnV SPBCTACULAn That's rirfil Uio mw.t spectacuUr stvting machine sale is ROind on rtjtht TWIV al Unlltd FrcfcU Sfllcff. Thl* week only you can buy wiy WIITE CoosolidAted: Inds. sewing ma chine At SQ% oil ifio retail priccll Al fie** mai-hirjjs carry Ihc exdiuive OT YR. PARTS ar,d IABOH Goaranloc 1 lher brand available a!s, MaiUnx a J'9.95 for a brand new tig-ug machine Terms ,\ve LI atilc, U'S/Unitrf Frtf gfi Sales, Hwy. 62 W. FAjettevia e, Oper 99, Mon.-Fri., tit «:CO Saturday. NEW SIIIP.MKNT- OF BINfNG ROOW AN'D niNRTTE FURNtTUnK WB hav Ju*t received a brand rew thlpmenl htAQliful (Hnfn!l room and dinette fum lure. All tfyle* and nJw* Co clvx,s« from 1t«Tdw/d 5 pc. s«s aj low ajr J»3 7 pc. dfrvfrUc ACU 5 Ev,v fi.t (1 19.95 china cabinet* JL69.ft"i wwl mile* more E-X erm» AvAtlah!e. UF.S/Unllcd Frc-Igh f^lw, Ifyw. 62 W. Vaydlevillc. Open S3 Mon.'FrJ., til 6:00 5htuniiy, OAK Jhavlri i dum[wl ont»1(I« jwu house for 133 a toad, SftvvdtMt a!» avail aWe, PJicc.9 442-S006. i KING BEDD1MG SA1.K Feel Ilka a klr e after ft bemililuT nffhl'M rest on M r orUvp«1!e Wr,s sTra rmtlreu · and IK, aprlriW. Standard Firm, Firm and E*tr t Firm avaHaMc, Prie«r start. Xt I223.S fo 1 nMtimu nM Pox sprinfls. Other *^' . flvajJaWe At super «v1n« also. C*si , m- T*rrnj, UKS/UnMrrf FrrtRht fl^lf- Hwy, U \V, F^y*«lvT!le, Opon B i M'Vi.-r'rl* till 6:0 SltQrrtay. TS and an AM/KM stereo receiver v/iLh TJJ i-LTi B Iracf; all for cxily S149.S3. Cash r ernis. UFS/Unilcd Freight Sales, Hwy. 7 W. Open 9-9 Mon.-Fri.. tU 6:00 Sat- rtay. 28 -- Antiques -- For Sale W YEAR old Ensllsli Chiftcrolw: J275. ilso refiniiti antique reasonably. Phone R:\LfWIN Anltfliioj; located 5 miles Fiiil Fayetlevillg on' IE East , hAs. been -locking and rrtinishirij; the Interior ol hnp all winlcr. We have ; ifood clean general line anliques a'nd crtlcdaWcs or your Insprrt ion.' -. Open 10-5 Monday- Saiurday. 1-1 Sunday. Please come and n-e us; Owners Jan 'Larry : Poage. SEVERAL raifi o!d co-.ns. Tvvo opal 'and rt amond rings, one pair 'opal earrings, ·ery larsc. One large old very rare TMimbprint compo(c a real collector's torn. 133 piece solid bronze dlnncnvsre. Jade a nd', Coral and three -fine framed oil paintings, Private party 756-60« after 6 p.m. please. -.. . : * ONE BEDROOM * UTILITIES PAID * IAUKDUV » WALKING DISTANCE TO UolA * NIGHT SECURITY GUARD PLACE TO LIVE. YOUR CHOICE LEASE OR MONTIHA'. CAU, ANYTIME 4426653. 32 TUTMAN. - -- FURNISHED apartments May 15. rental, One bedrooms or. ellicinclcs. t\a\ei closn lo «iwr il s f" 11 " sinB' e sludcnl'or manie! couples. No pe(5. 442-6333. Now Renting for Summer CUMMINGS APTS. : 1 and 2 Bedrooms aos« to campus: Spechi (ununer »t«. "· - .Call loday i-' . 443-4757 Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL . LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS : DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPEf AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WIU HOLD APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 gkJ~F~EM^g^3L_v!{.^ BP^SMP* afcjijBiii ^TM*%SjfKt **^*??fPIR^ CHATEAU J 521 Efficiency ^HH^gr^^ jJim^S S^^^PflBB \PARTMENTS r3313 MANAGEMENT Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal » 2 Bedroom _. , , ! 3 Bedroom Dishwashers j Central Gas Furnished or ! Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools 6-- Houw* For Rent . 1. BEDHOOM imlumldied house. 'Goo. (KaUwi. $110 per hiwidi, J30 deposl dults prelerred. Kb in^de pcis.JJJhon entonville 273 50J8. · ^ . BEDI100M, 2 bathe. · unfurnished * ei* stove and dishwasher, nearMJast UKDROOAf, '2 txith, central Iie6"ar Ir, tfishsvasher, Walk to nx jchool. J325/mnoth, $100 -rtoposiU 'Pfter 21-7012 after 3 p.m. BEDROOM unfurnished cxc«pt ; sto 1 ; t re Crigera Lor. V*y O«TI ui iliii«';;i 1 [er month . 1 'hone 443-13S2. . - · STUDEN'TS :-- 1 BR cottaga hr;_qnt Dountrvside. 10 minutes lo campus* - ^ pels, available May lat., 442-92R3.--" 0 ROOM G bedroom hoii-se ^200"p nvmi h, inqutro al Rorfiier J ev^rj tm Krt. Ctenler St. Ho phone call! jteas BE-AUTIFUL older home division 3 bedrootru, no children:' T pets. 'Call after 6 p.m. 521.7B7H/" BEDROOM hnusc furnished, air co fiitoncr, 100 plus ulililics, I» dean- depo%l. couplofi preferred' no pets. Phw 4126739. 227 SUMMIT 2. b«ln"wn unlumisTiKt rl ?lev, S100 rteposil. HOO rent, no ulitiiit Call 521-2761. ' " '-. 3 BEDROOM brick, CJI/CA. \'A -b.H Double garage, carpet, ^cciiriiy dcpos S225 per month. I/cated in Sprinfida West ifJo. 442-4538. · _-. ^ J-J"; 37 -- Mobile Homes Spaces For Reni TWO bedroom mobUo hoinc, fully c ieed, paa fe space paid, J1DO per mon nth J35 riepwiL Phtnw 412-7870. ..." njHNISHKIX IflfiE front pomli.wA Very private. Beautiful wooded ' Wu Ed«e Fat!i(eviH«, mnturc ooupT*. , pets. Storage, space, reasonable. -(42-W \ VALLEY VIEW . iMobileHomePafk URGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UolA I80 N LEVERETT ST. 442-4367 cosn-: SEK OUfl VILLAGK."- IT rnn'ATp: PAUKTNG AKD wnn PAVED STHKITre. VERY ATTRACT WE TO REITIHED FOLKS, COUNTRY LA^E MOBILE HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 . New Two ond _ ; Three Bedroom Horn Villa MOBIlf HOMES Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent .:·- Becomes Your .J. Down Payment!/ 521-8450 .;. Entrance Across From Holiday Inn SHTNANDOAlTvTl/ Mrbil» Kerns Village Kwj, U »JT««" ftert. 1ann*7. pcttM, itwtfc C«U Tok/ M4M

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