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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, February 9, 1920
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THE DAiiy FREE trest of Flu Situation Now on Wane Number of Cases This Morning Show Decline jn City —Precautions Are Yet Urged—Several Pneumonia •/ . Cases Resulting From First Attacks. The flu situation in Carbondale is on the wane;. This wlas indicated in the number oi cases reported for the last twenty-four hours to the city cletrk this morning. Health authorities expressed a hope that the (Situation would 'now begin "to let up," at the same time emphasizing .precaution on the part of the citizens to keep at under control, which was indicated in reports this morning. The, crest ot the number of cases has. been reached is the. opinion of physicians and health authorities. Several cases of pneumonia are resulting '1 from the impetus of the-first beginning of the flu. These are pretty 'Well mt der control, it is asserted, however. HIGH SCHOOL PUPIL ACTIVITIES School- Activities • Continue Despite Illness of Few Pupils—Latin Club entertains. J. Vim :Xoort (lec'iiled to spuul n proximntely _ 51,500,000 • in ... building .homes in . order to relieve congested conditions. The houses will he nf frame, of the. standard two family type, with five rooms and batli on 'each floor and' two rooms, in the attic. They/will be rented at a fair rate., the rental, charge to apply on t;he purp.hiisc price. The houses will 'cost.abOHt -Sf!.000 en oh. . (By Pearl Redman.) Many high school pupils are absen- on account of illness. Two'of the teachers have also been sick,, Mrs. Dunn, the music teacher who has returned, and Miss Roach, the art teacher, who was absent two days. Elbert' Sykes and'-Carl Sorgeri have returned to tiieir school work, after a •week's absence on account .of illness High school lost one of its members "when Helen Sizemore, • a sophomore went to Arizona-.tq reside -.- .-.^7=..- - The members of drawing class are making luncheon sets and table lin oleum which tire to be useful as well .as artistic. . The girls' basket ball team has not been able to play any game this week on account of the absencV of a number of the players. At-the-close of the-regular literary program this we_ek the-' society was given a. surprise, planned by Byron Krysher. "We were invited to the attic and- shown a number of stereopti con .views The machine belonging to . "the school' has been installed, and new pictures are being.procured which we hope will be pleasurable and profitable to all departments of the school. |;'\ The faculty and seniors -were de- V rightfully entertained by the Latin Vciub Thursday evening. Invitations, ^refreshments and ' games were in \keeping with, the interest and pur- ||. , (pose of the club. Most of the guests : S^ecaine members and will be initiated at. the nest meeting. SOCRATSWAVE BOOSTER DAY Friday was "-booster day," and a big event, for the. Normal Socratic Society. All the members wore the Socratic cqlor3,*pink adopted. and blue having been The president, Bert McNeilly, made aytalk at chapel Friday morning .and " an -unusually -interesting program 'was rendered Friday evening. Important Legion Meeting For Tonight An important meeting of .'the. Amer- can Legion will be held at the Armory HOOVER DENIES HE SEEKS JOB Not a 'Candidate for the Presidency— Backs Party Upholding League , .of Nations. New York, FelT.-!).—Herbert I-Ionvor issued a (Uatt-Mncnt denning-his itttl- tude toward the presidency, lie ;ui- u'ouiiced. ih'at'hc is not a camliihuu for. •the nomination' ami one is authorized to speak for him politically. If the Ill-name of Nations is matin ar. the. eleetion he says lie will vote "for the party that stands for'rlic league. • . . SOVETS iNVAD JflPTE Party of 200 Japanese Pros.: pectors in Peril on Sakh^- lien Island. RELIEF EXPEDITION IS SEBT ENGINE OVERTURN^ JACKSON, Tenu., Feb. 7,-f-g. A. Perry, engineer, and Marvin 1 Hood, fireman, on a fast norlh bound 'express train- were killed at 9:15 o'clock' last night when the engine in which they were riding turned over .while traveling at a high .rate -of speed- ait •Pinsou, Tenn. ' .'' • " The. express- train was. running: as a" second section of Illinois Central" train No. 10 (Seaiinole 'Limited), 1 ' •noitth bound, and, according to adl Vices, carried no passengers except those in the special car of J. M.Egan genera! superintendent of the .southern lines of New Orleans, which was the last one in the train. . ' . No person other than fhe engineer and fireman was injured, reports indicate. ONJPUBLIC FUNERALS *•:.;. IN CARBONDAXE A; ban has been placed, on : ;public funerals" in Garbondale as'"'a-' result of the influenza situation, here.,according to the* anent. of the local boar,d of"". health. No public funerals .may "•be held regardless of the-cause of the death of the" person; This • aotion< caiae as an additional pre-. : • •cautg-nr ;: iri regard to"the' flu, al- : " • though ; reports this morning show - a decrease in the number, of case?, the last twenty-four hours: "• SEE GREAT NEED OF LOWDEN PRESIDENT G.O.P, MUST SAVE NF TION FROM FINANCIAL WRECK AND MANY ILLS 1%: Hall tonight. Some of the opportunities in : a but^jiess way, which are be- "ing offered b>\the government to ex- esrvoce men, w5l be discussed. ' iFOWLER'S OPENING POSTPONED The grand opening of the Fowler confectionery has -seen postponed on account of-the prevalence of illness - 'in tne city. The time will be announce- ed later. WILL BUlLD 200 NEW HOMES Paterson, N..J., to. Be Municipal Landlord as Quickly as Buildings ; . Can Be Erected. fPaterson, N. J., Feb. 9.=—Paterson ect 200 new homes and will be-" munici P fl1 landlord Just as i jicicj' ns work can b.e'started.•'• A [ J/ l '«Bmmittee..ajripoir'toO bj- Mayor Frank I,-1 • - - • .'-•'•-.'"'.-. ' .'•-••-'-.-" • • ..- European .Governments- Realize Thai the Bolsheviki Have Come to Stay. —France Ready to End War on the' Reds. Tokyo, lu-b. U.—A party of. 20U .};\\i:\ ne^s iiruspeclors on the island nf Htik fii :u-e reported cut off: by llu- hoi shevik- -uprish-iK and - -their •masOTro '.- l'e.'ire<:.""A Ja'imiu'-st; 'i-i-liuf- expeditim has beer, sent out. Important J:i|in- mining and petroleum plains have Millerand to Go to London. fill-is, Feb. 0.—.Premier Jink-rumi .'ill go to London in a fe\v d:iys p meet'Premier Lloyd -George nf I:i-:i:iiii and.Premier JVitti-of Italy ami i>n.*e'm u radical change in the allied policy toward Russia. Jlillenind will Announce that France is prepared to re.c : ognize aud is ready to ' make peaco with the bolsheviki. Gradually it is being realized 'everywhere that the bolsheviki havi; cuim; to stay. One by one the big European nations realize that their people are tired out by five years of warfare and are in no mood ;to mix in another war. , Britain Saw Facts First. Lloyd George realized it first when lie soldiers rioted in. England a .year ago and his demands for the Prlnkipos conference" followed, but that project was a fiasco. Then Italy swung and the chamber of deputies voted to recognize the Soviets. . ' France's hand had been tied by her uncompromising attitude toward the'" iplshe'viki. , Whenever...^either . .Lloyd Jeorge or Sonnino,. Titfoni or Nitti wished to apply pressure to France he lad only to whisper to .C.lemencoau that the country' was preparing to make peace with the reds. This was sufficient to make France grant all concessions. . Millerand realizes this weakness and since he also realizes bolslievism cannot be overthrown by the allies he plans to win independence immediately by coming out on the same footing with England and Italy. Even the reactionary newspaper and conservative publications are putting out feelers that Russia must be recognized, bolsheviki or not, in order to prepare the people for the announcement. Bolsheviki Enter Odessa. London, Feb. 0.—Bolsheviki troops have victoriously entered Odessa, according to a wireless message sent out by the soviet government at Moscow. A dispatch to the Central News from Beval, Esthonla, says that General 1'udenitch, former commander of the Russian northwest army, has been allowed to, leave Esthonia with several of his staff officers. Before being permitted to depart,- however, he was obliged to ihan'd over 250,000,000 marks to the commission farmed to undertake liquidation of the -aorthwest army. . ; Gov. Lowden Declared the Man to Carry Nation From the Same Crisis Cleveland Left the Country—Unrest, Business and Labor Ills. The congressional committee of the 25th district met here Saturday and endorsed as candidates for delegates to the Republican national convention which convenes in Chicago June 8th, Otis F Glenn of Murphysboro, Hal.W. Troviiion of'Herrin, and as alternate delegates, J. Fred Gilster of Chester and M. F. Browner of Mound City. Jas. A. White, warden, of the Southern Illinois penitentiary presided at -the meeting as chairman and John Jackson of Anna was secretary. Resolutions were passed endorsing- the candidacy of Governor Lowden as candidate for the Republican nomination for president. Resolutions adopted by the Republican Congressional Committee .of the 25th Illinois district, ait Carbondale, February 7th, 1920, -as. follows: Republicans Must Lead Nation. •• Again the Republican party bears, the call of this nation to rescue it. from overwhelming conditions, ot confesion and financial difficulties. Just as Lin coin found Buchanan's broken treasury at the face of a great war,, just; as McKinley was confronted by Cleve land's record of business .confusion 'and financial disaster, sp the nex president of the United States, mus- lead the nation through the ways o; economy and sound business ^o £ quick and' safe solution of present ills Nation's Business Deranged. Our country's great business house is deranged, Labor is in unrest, Capital is at bay, and an unnatural and dangerous relation exists between the Bay's pay and the Day's cost of living that brings confusion to every home . Must Save Us From Wreck. . .... Therefore at this time the Republican party must be a party of true reconstruction. Its proved capacity and ability for organization must again .assert, its powers and cause the great resources of this country in health and vigor and order to so rebuild, that over whelming debt,' shameless extravagances, and putrid waste of the people's money shall' give way to a business administration of the nation's affairs. - • " Gov. Lowden Is the Man., The. Republicans of'.the 25th Congressional district at this time, therefore speak to the 'nation that a great leader may .stand as the man in this hour who .is best fitted to organize and direct tlhe nation in its present difficulties. Illinois is proud 'of the fact that again, in a time of peril it.has trained a man. for this nation's needs. He has been proved .in the business of government. His abilities and powers and all of his- sympathies point him as the man .who will put this nation's house in order. It is he who can, best organize this government's now confused elements into a forceful .goreriir ment that will bring Peace to Labor, Confidence to Capital .arid Harmony to every American home.: •'•• •- ;• LOCAL REPUBLICANS PANIZESATUROAY Township'.' ' Organization Perfected — Will 'Take Active Part For Repub- .'', lican Party in This Section. ' . Saturday marked a new era for Republican .wiomen ._of Carbondale township. Simultaneously with the congressional, committee in. session-in the afternoon, naming delegates, to the national .convention and endorsing Gov. LWden, . Illinois'/ - selection; for the next chief executive of the nation, the .'women of Carbondale township organized and elected officers for the. campaign and township, Republi- .eaa:actifity.. ••'-•• .—'- ; ••' . Mrs. r N. S. Searing,, chairman of the twenty-fifth congressional, . district; called the' the lodge room otthe Elks Home at 2:30. 'Mrs. .Roy Flint of Murphysboro, county chairman addressed the' ladies, urging- organization; and cooperation of the women of the township.and insisted on affiliation with oth'er townships of the county. -'Sentiment for .Gov. Frank. O. Lowden for 'the next president was, manifest throughout the meeting. Following are the officers of the township organization, elected Saturday:. . ••.'-.' Chairman—Mrs. .H, C. Mitchell. 'Secretary—Mrs. J.'T. Galbraith. . Treasurer—Mrs. Dr. Pell. > Chairman.':of.the Speakers Bureau of the- • Twenty-fifth, -Congressional District—Miss -Mary, Mlsteagall. 'Chairman of the: SJSeakers Bureau of .the Township—Mrs.' W.~A. Furr. • Chairman of Motor Committee-Mrs. W. G. Baggott. Chairman of Publicity—Mrs. J. M. Pierce. The congressional committeemen, who were in session in "(he city selecting delegates for .the national- convention, together with several local Republicans, '/visited the women ..immediately after their organization. Among those responding to invitations for talks-were Warden James A. White, of the-penitentiary at Menai-d;" National' Committeemen Hal" Trovil- liota of Williamson, county; C. O. Pathier, of Alexander county; J. W. Smith i of Franklin' county; Col.''Sam B. Hunter and 'Mr. Crossley, of Springfield, campaign manager for Congressman McKinley's campaign for United States Senator, Prof. J. P. Gilbert, Senator Frank IVf. Hewitt and Attorney T. B. F. Smith, Carbondale. The precinct chairnien'for Carbondale are: 1st precinct, Mrs. Monroe Sisney; 2nd precinct', Mrs. Judieth Laney; 3rd precrtrict, Mrs. Frank Lauder; 4th precinct, Mrs, G. M. Browne. Each chairman will'.name five wo-njen to work'with her.'. -• pAIJL£|BY;DEi|li Death Came Following Illness of"lev- eral. Day* of Pneumonia—Mother^ ofj; Harry Bearden;—Several . ; '' Mrs. Louisa" Bearden, aged: 7S years, died at; the.-home of iher son, Harry Bearften this morning. She • had been ill wifih 'pneumonia, lor. several days. Her son; Harry, present confined to his feed on-, account of illness. .-. >' -•Mrs'. Bearden. had.-'been a ! resident of Carbondale for; several years. She •is the widow of Frank Bearden. 'The funeral will be 'held|;at':'the home of her son at 7 o'clock .'this evening. The services will: be condncted by Re.v. Duncan.- MacFarlane. The burial will be made, at' 'Carterville tomorrow. : ••• . . MRS, MAfiY FLOYD DIES AT WASHINGTON, D.C. Succumb* After | Ten- Days' II! : , Wltfi ^ Prieuhionla— -Been ;': There With Htr : Hu«b»nd: Three* i- Months — Leaves Five- .-, 'f- ; .;./. Year Old Daughter,. ' ! -'Mrs..: Mary Floyd, wife i6t: Alfred" •£•_ Floyd, Jr.; died at; her htune in Washington/ E>' C.^:at; 7^0'clock !yester«ajr morning folloVlag a ten^days' iilnesi*- with pneumonia.. A messagev.was ;»i- ceived ; here by her relatives S«tus=- day: stating her. recovery was hopeless;^ • Mrs.vFloyd .and her -little five oldVgirl, June,, had. beeu i ton -since toe latter part of going : there. where Mr.. Floyd ' by the people'_ of this district to give their! full force to this nomination. A dispatch from Carboudale appeared in- the late edition of the Chicago Sunday Tribune, telling; of the meet -ing, and today a dispatch ^also .of the same meeting appeared in the Tribune from DuQuoin. Few of the lat^ Sunday Tribunes reached. Carbondale. Miss Stearns and C.S.Scott Wed Miss Mabel. Stear.nis, teacher of.'the second grade .at Bius'h school, daugh- er of Dr. and Mrs. -W;.:A.-Stearns, and Mr. Claude S. .Scott, dispatcher at the I. C. division, office, were. quietly- married at the groom's home, 710 West College street, at-3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev.^ .J. W; Merrill, pastor of the'Firs't'.Baptist church,' 'officiated;':''WEDS UNCJ.E OF BABY English' 'War Mother ""'Accept^ Brother- of Betrayeri Guy Spiker Happy as. He.-Atones Brother's Wrong to British Girl. • Fall River, Mass., Feb. 9.^ Em fly was;. •'married- to Gu Spiker nt noon in tiie home of .Mr. an " gaged' as a- machinist in the navy ship yards, having been- "there since beforte ' th'e war ended. • • *• / • • • - Pecea'sed -was reared and educatecE in • Garbondale,. making 'her hoine h«rer most.' of \ her life, before and after-hermarriage: : She- is ' survived by-. sisters: M-rs.' 'Porter Wigand, '-St. ^ .is;, Mrs. Frank Gubleman^ Jelfereonf 'City, Mo. 1 , Mrs.. Van Balcttm, Carbon-. dale and .Mrs. James Watson, dale. Also : her husband aud- J little daughter, and some half sisters,, one. of -whom iS'Mi^. Crate Winchester. - • •. Sfie was a'm'einber 6r the' Christian: ? " church for -a, .number, of,. years. ••The- body is -expected to arrive here to— inorxow; _," The funeral arranger- , merits have -not been made pending:' the arrival of the -Vody. It is expected*,, however, that the funeral will be helffi.. Wednesday. Mrs. William H. Henry . .-Arnold of.' . ! Battersby." the Bogle Itev Stree eei Christian performed .the nuony: - . '..,'. If .the old adage,. "Happy .'the the p sun'. shines .on," .still holds good Jie'-wedding of., the. little English' ; gir who has., taken for .her husbnnd : . tlit brother of Periey R.. Spiker, the man who betrayed, her- and became s .tlu father of liter child, .will not be' .an un happy one. ;> The sun' shone .brightly after the four days' storm',- into tilt little parlor of. the ;Batters'by. home in the outskirts of the city. ..' "• ;The" . cerempny '., was •'• private Charles- XVlilteJieiul. son-in-law of .Mrs, Battersby,-with.'..whom. Hie;'girl ha been staying, aete.d as best "man.. ... Mrs. Wil Uain H. Battersby was ma,- tron of honuor. .Her daughter, Mrs Whltehead, lield. ; . the .baby, little Alfred Ray,, who uttered joyous bali> cries .while the- wedding wifi's talcing 'lace. . 25th- .District Endorses Lowden. Tlie Republican pa,rty has as its foremost'. -man. in these trying .times, Illinois', great governor, Frank O. Lowden. The delegates from the 25th con- jressional distxict to the National Republican, convention to be tield at Chicago June 8, 1929, are hereby instruct ed to support the-icandidacy of "Frank O. Lowden to be :the :Ke(pul>lican .nominee for the presidency in.the eleetion to be held Tuesday, Ncreiaber 2,, 1920, : With itbis instruction tiey are pledged TURKISH BAND KILLS 2:YANKS Representatives of Y. M.' C. A. : :Are Ones Sla'n. Recently Near Ain:- . tav," .in Syria. Washington, -Feb'. 0.—.Taiiies Perry arid Frank L. J. Johnson',-'representatives'"of the, Y : . -Jr. -C; A., were the Americans killed in the' recently're- ported attack by : Turkish brigands on a convoy of. American relief-supplies near.Aintav,' in Syria, the state department 'was 'ad,vised.. . • ..' Previous dispjitelves reported that three Ame'ncnns were killed, but later messnges indicated that only'the two named <vere victims of the 'brigands. The bodies have riot been recovered. Dr. Pell Entertains at Luncheon Dr.' .Teroaa.. Pell eKtertair..e.d at.,1 o'clock luncheon. Saturday at her .home .on West Walnut' -stretf'for. .her niece. Miss Frances Weaver. The'.affair' wad in keeping with the, valentine ^.season, the house .being" beautifully, decorated in hearts and .potted cyclamen, with- the- valentine.-- suggestion.. carried throughout.the luncheon] Those..present were:: . Armstrong,-f;Maireairet'' Fox>'. 'Selnia. Brewer, klnaTroDauglii AM«e Weaver; Hal.ene''Walters",: Eleanor Steele- and i-'''. ''-''" v '''" •• •''' ''BAD" MONEY IN MEXICO Almost: Exact. lmltation«,,of the Genu-r •ine Coins. Flood the Capital ; . . ; ' City. .. . Laredo; Tex:,-Feb. 9.—Discovery off: • ^-"immense-number 1 ^ -of-counterfeit-:-.• "quarter,hidalgos" (two and one-half"" peso .coins^^is: causing much alarm-' 5s& •.. Mexico City, ''says El' Universal,' a:.:^ newspaper of the' Mexican national- -> capital... The counterfeits are "woo- "derfully exact imitations" of the genrr-- ine and are made of alloy, tin and cop— per. . ' . ' SAY WOOL, SPINNERS CHEAT" London Board of .Trade Charges Them? : With Profiteering at Rate of '-• ; '3,000 Per Cent. London, Feb. ft.—The board .'of trade; has made public-'a report substantiating- charges of'profiteering against tlie^ • wocil 'spinners. showed the- y ;spinners': profits even, greater .than. ba<S.' been- charged, being from 1,000 .to- • 3,000 per cent in excess of that ara-- thorized by the government. • SINN' FEINERS TO EKGUtND? . Seventy of. Them, Handcuffed, Put Aboard Warships at Queenstown —Under Strong Guard. ., ' •,• i Queenstown, Feb. 9.—Handcuffed: .'• ' and accompanied by a "strong military- ; squad, TO-Sinn.Feiners who had ; be*i»...< secretly removed from prison in .Corte were put aboard British warships hert> - ut midnight and-began an involuntary:." voyage to England, w,here they will : fe-- ; rejailed. Airplanes;hovered .over.tie- •'• warships. as -they .steamed '-out 'aff Queenstown-harbor. ','"..' '•'..-.. - , - "PERFECT PUPIL" IS Aurora (III.)- Boy Nof Absent or Tardy for Twelve Years Succumbs .; -<o Pneumonia. ' •'• • "~ ' . t - *.;• •; _ _ •• Aurora,' Hi:,'' Feb. 9.— Floyd Sillier '•-for i two- years captain of the basket- • ball five ofWest liigli school of'Au----' rora,- died at his home here of pn'eu- • moni.u. He -was the- "perfect pupil"- ' at the . Aurora . school. .Up. until the- '• ' time he wns taken sick . he had not ieen- absent or. tardy for 12' years-'.- . from the day be'started to school. ; BIG SALES OF SURPLUS FOOI> Army Supplies to Amount of $14,OgC,-- 974 Disposed of in New York Zone. •New. York,. Feb.-. 9.—Army surplus-' ood sales .in -the New York - zone- hrough municipalities, • institutions; dealers.and army''retail stores 'totaiedf $14,080,974, .Coi: C: Nixon, In .cha^ge-^ "' of;the, sales; announced.. With the ex- eption/ oj^nbpnt; .?2,qOO,OOO r worth aift' ''I'. this foodstuff.rwas. 'sola, 'direct'to ' ' > onsumer;-ie' siiid,;;ot ; a omp^; wltt;;tie- rices. "'•>••.'- ••-. ..

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