Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 10
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· P*9« A-I-1NDEPENDENT Had. c»u* fit. Nt. n, nu {56 Running for Offices j in 8 Southland Cities Fifty-six candidate* in eight Southland cities have tossed tbeir hats in the rings for 22 city council seats to be filled in the municipal elections April 14. -- : Major interest in council Lockheed Van Nuys to Close Kid Mexico Running lor Hill Council Eight candidates, including the incumbents, filed for! three Lakerrood City Council seats by Thursday'! deadline seats'rppeared in A r t e i U . j i o r the April 14 election, and where a proposition that win in Signal Hill. Tod C. (Kid permit the city to establishJMeiico) Faulkner once the an urban renewal agency win stormy petrel of the town's appear on election balloti'politics. was among nine who Thirteen persons had filed for the three seats at deadline Thursday. The candidates are: Wide Field Files for Orange County Municipal Elections on April 14 The following cacdMates met the filing deadline Thursday for municipal elections April 14 in Orange County: AXUE1M Of C«nCB: Cart U ICIu»l tar. Incumbent; Janwt F. Oi*via. ·!·»· Bu9i- - ~ sh*w .ft* lovtnun. l sjlnman; Ltovd C. ·Vaunt, a txtcvflv*; CeVvM L. t*rt**v. ItLLFLOWtt i n n O U n C e d ' CB» C.wnci^iwTM.*."' P. Mum jcyfnb*fit mayor), J Etwlt Ovara ' SUNNYVALE WV-A gradual phasing out of operations i at the Van Nuys facility of | Lockheed Missiles Sp. wl ,, · Co. over the n e x t several'SarrSt T months was i Thursday. I The reduction win . | place c o n c u r r e n t l y with! ' transfer to Lockheed's Sunny-jiSrT, i vale facilities cf about one- a' · third of the employes from " | Van Nuys. tuoen* . I. DayH L*o«n. town* 0«t»on. . . . . . . . E»rt« C. Hooo«rd. C«rolY« M. FrUm, t a k e i*» *- vn«». - - - - - - filed for three seats. S i g n a l HiH incumbents Paul S. Kemner and Thomas W. Denhara ST. also filed, but Councilman Einar R. Solo did not seek re-election. The other Signal llifl candidates are D. Causey; Marion Franklin McCallen; Veme Morrill; George E. Papadakis, chairman of the Planning] S see*.** reettdion. For twa tatn. Cn CksrtiMrs. Dene M. WBfiams. «v _ _ t unoorxntd BAIIrUUO DvOreot Lenwood Siegers. ~Yec».~lrKijn ~ M opposition; lor vxre*. 141 " CYMES! :K Jonn Kane*. Incumbent. Eitct t«o; ' ' -· Clfr Cat C»T C«mc: Kivor LVt 'Lost Horizon 1 "The New Frontier Is^our goal, and our commitment. The Republicans also have their goal--the Lost Horizon. And they retreat in disorder corounwr r»l«n«n»j E4-iw«t«. e«utrjction; Ctfv cumbent; J«nn C Jonel, Warren klc- coyncnmeti from ·roan* £· awnnuv *!·£ --- 0ta ?jy, n 5Sj2" 1 ,4Jj JJJ5 » ·on£° t *r 'starts, land STJUTTOM Kavsr «:* ent ttw-t cur cmci: Kavr ituinr* r. UK- Canny, majmbertl tffw-t McBritntv; Fran* M. l»anr«tt. 1raoran=» t««c»tlv»; ; Fran! . Kilfer. gia tnettrnan. tor r tM. c.l mitli . io* M ton A far elecBTcal ·urnoto. "farmer J Jcnrok JL Cm Cam tJStiJ LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Sen. Hubert R Humphrey, n., Thursday said Re- Sy'i^lpubUcani were retreating in disorder to a goal of "the' Lost Horizon.' and called on Democrats to give the partner of John F. Kennedy "a PTH«K- ce«»cai* D?"a*E3L" f«,f I "* electc "l victory next No- ··a_n./lo »uraed iM^fftiaSUiVember.'* _ ; H u m p h r e y addressed a Hals, luncheon meeting of the Sa££*rt Democratic State Central e*«=t» »ovc _ [Committee' of California at Ambassador Hotel. The taVMaT «' urregn. kvliri- seats. seats. ; ft L ^ \ Dvke. farmer mayor, not aeekma rt- etectton. . MottTMrV ceuncltwomtA. h , ( on«termin« car C-«.?" TA couiKilmao - . *v« L. PMIn. t Wll »". KrtmS bonds M aa ameur* n i FULtttTCN I-- - wF«ru'i^«rrB Cantcl: Hoben A. von Eld Jr. t -- H'V* 1 *!TM. 1 f: Trev Allison. Wrrttarv Hianaoer. Park man, escrow officer; Wallace _. lartes West, fcr MaT. Olsrricl H». S. Ben COTBJN (Lnc. b«nt tnav^r). TAamas NL H«ndr!c1cson. mayor. · · . · · ' THE LAKEWOOD filings' cumtnn. " Cl * r - , n i m iit- Jlmnxxn. t«- *· *""""· ; SE\TRAL hundred p o s l , tions are to be transferred to [ Sunnyvale. Current emptoy- . inent at Sunnyvale is approxi- j mately 23,000. '· Approximately 2,100 are · emplo-ed at the Van Nuys , facility. | H. J. Brown, executive vice '. president, told employes at bljrY ' ' Van Nuys: i "It is with extreme regret Blllilrn . that we make this move. We! 1 *" "·'»·, t ^ T4 ,, '.*it making every effort tO [F £;^ c ,£ ·minimize t h e hardship this^jjwjjj , will cause to some employes · and families." ' Brown said Lockheed, like · others in the aerospace in- filed before the noon deadline! Baker, Burns and ' Rtnlmmora. *- ! vst; Wormm O Tant. Councilman · canoidate. Far ffvee I te ;ta-i»ree ' George Nye Jr, the incum- Cil» Cauncn--frank c leaT (Incumbent 1 . " T«*V. t7J.T., l, «».. navorl. tovis srruikman CJncumbentl. DCntS; Betty EuelDTOCK. MaC iinrnSSSt JoTrnVsy?^ J " "· Frankel; Mark W. Hannaford, cnr caunc^»°u Damon (!i- a former planning commis inayorl. James T, Jenk-- · - Clarence Hibma. ik frw.n. TBcr seafs. PAJt AMOUNT City Caunctf--Oiartes C. f( neev flncumberm: Walter ft. **"" - SVyhe; eo'yfl Burl to H^^^^J^^ Stan. I 101 ALAMITOJ KUINTtMSTOnl ItACN L Cjff Ceunc9; Mayor James V Belt _ . Cauncit: Ernest rl C.sier. Hcum-; Councilman Cnarles long, e»d« teenirj bent; Jake K. Ifewart Incumbent; Jorin reelection; Robert i. CamDbell. Reuben Ocean Search for 14 Off Freighter at End . .- t» SEAL BEACH sioner; Robert Shotwell and Robert T. TuDy. The Lakewood seat held by . Councilman Angelo M. laco- i« o!tf«ti boni. who died Saturday of a heart attack, will not be con-,. . . ., . "i'tested in this election. A spe- done1 lts Nonh * cial election will have to bei sear ch for 14 men nissing'although no further C o a s t held to fill the vacancy un-[from an abandoned British Guard search efforts would NEW YORK CR--The Coast jarrive in P o r t l a n d early Guard cutter Coos Bay aban- Monday. A t l a n t i c ! The spokesman said that t3 CW Cauncl: Ian**! Dotrtt. ttayd E. Cummtrt, 1«.«1 Van Worrr«r. IreTM Di^ fr^ct «- »i« titturt World; Rotxrt IA. CrtswolJ Wcumb«fit. CisWrt 1 COT CWk: Frederick W. Hicftman. kv omoent.- OiarW. «. Deiktr. Citf Tnaairan Jame. K. Jcott » eumfient less the City Council appoints i successor within 30 days. * · · · TWO propositions on the Thirty-three c a n d i d a t e s signal Hill ballot also prom- hot campaigning. One freighter and headed Thurs- be made, all ships traveling day for Portland, Me, with^the area have been asked to II survivors aboard. jwatch for possible survivors. Nine other men saved from the storm-damaged freighter Ambassador were aboard the jdustry. "is faced w i t h the'f or the April 14 municipal'caUs f or » decision as to'Norwegian ore carrier Fruen i economics which force us to elections in Rolling HiUs, whether the ordinance requir-!' I fit our work force to the level Rolling Hills Estates, Palos'; n g civil service employes tot cf our business by geographi- Verdes Estates, and Torrance, Concert Feb. 28 A concert by the West- route to Rotterdam [minster High School band will Also aboard the Coos Bay,be given at 8:15 pjn. Feb. 23 cal location. Further, we are They are: ! engaged in an intensive pro-) c«mc»5ire? "Silic 'gram to produce, more for *"* ! '' ! '. every dollar." BROWN said the company t a setting up a program to as . sist laid-off employes in finding other jobs. live within the city limits [was the body of the Ambas-) in the high school gymnasium. sador*s skipper, Capt. Harry The concert will feature both Work at Van Nuys has been . . . ' tor twa seats. · OLL1NS KILLS tSTATEl CiTV Cauncl-- Mayor Paul Cilmora ln- cumoerd), Parhe W. Moewe (incumbent, lust aooO'nted). Be^t P. LerteR. Eeward B. T. Stokes and Cordon in/one tor two seats. PALOf YtKDE! ESTATES Clh/ ca*jneH--Mayor M. f . B. Poessler .ncjmfaent). David C. Bradley Jr.. Dr. Jonn E. McLennan, waiter D. Sellers 1 mainly the development and manufacture of aero i p a c e "in · ground equipment Jleningilis Rise WASHINGTON U* - The W l l . Army said Thursday six Levan. «. _, \ cases of meningitis have been , detected at Ft. Gordon, Ga, should be changed. Pending a decision by the voters, City Council has been granting automatic extensions of time to a number of city firemen who have claimed they are unable to find suitable housing in Signal HilL The stcond proposition is a referendum en whether the A. i. Turteviiia,[ppsitions of city clerk and city treasurer should be filled JntT^SSr v*c. Vnc5r,ien»:'by City Council appointment. u O. Oral* incumbent U Owen *- rather thi? ·n. Divlel 1C Lvnun. James Ha!z1D.i,..f nrpen1 ki.chciw Firtcmrta V^ John M u E v i h N . | u piCSCnU Mowt. Cliftord J. Pwterwn. W«f " Miyt · fount, t v j I. B Strickland. the concert band and the ad- Coast Guard headquarters vanced band, along with guest in New York said the Coos performers from Long Beach Bay messaged that she would State College. CJTV ; since Jan. 11. All personnel CASH IS EASY to when you use Classified THE EASE cf get ting things done with Classi- raise Tied ads. Dial HE 2-5959 to- » *re to be given a sulfi drug, [sell articles. Call HE 2-5355. for you. to put them to work t Open tonight 'til 9P.M. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 12S» ricmc COAST inci I I : T « S T RCA VICTOR STEHEO AT TIDE 1UGI1T PIIICK Come in for the BEST PRICE! 10 ic HICH )»« £. Tiafit Coisl Hwj. a 4 T«51 iisiun Ckipzn t TjRij Taw tlritt Cnil TW 3 1511 ESTERN CO. EYES. Til :CO -- JAT, SON. Til 5:00 MULLEN iV- ULUETT/LAKEWOOD WASHINGTON'S milTHDA Y SALE Ill/I* XOW! SAVK X LOWKST PltlCKS OF THE YEAR! FAMOUS MAKE « SUITS All Wooh, Nolinlr-W'oTttcflt, Dacran-Worstcdt /.Ve*- 5M.I .............................. AW 2 K'g- UM .............................. AW .'/'/.f/tf FAMOUS IHtESS SIIIIITS \z VlllCK Fine rgiulilr »hit* LrolJrlolli, rprrxl rollir, Frrotl fu(f«. Vt S . 5.9J ......................................... .\ ow ^ i.2i PRICE foprrb lilki, A-Mfnrr nimr» inrluJnL Krf. 2JO l« S.OO .Vow SWEATERS te PRICE IJnV ilitili, 100^, OfJoa arrjllr. Kr f . IJ.93 .......... Now 1 ift MOIIAIH-WOOL SWEATERS \2 PRICE oj «itl, famcni A-.ijufr Iji*]. Ff. 19.9S ........ Now «/·*/«/ SPECML GROUP JIEVJ5 SUITS ^ ou Lnow tliri*r fjmout mjlrs. Kr^. S").9i to 93.00 imw II!).- If). -59. SPOUT COATS All hocld aad WCM] LSrTKl.%. Rrj. 39.93 to 59.93 BOW 2f).-:,D.-J9. OLT/1OOK Njlon.«, »cxl«, crlon pile line J. Rg. 17.93 to 2i30 row 0.98 CASVAL WASH SI*.\CKS Cottons anr] otKrr fjlirirs. Krj. 4.03-5.93, now 2.09 Itrjj. 6.9S-7.93. now 3.9D SPOUT snims »i-fcillr. Rr-t S.OO lo 7.93 ivw 2.09 .1IKVS SHOES Oar Lot Inann Lrindi. Hrp. to 1S.9J non-'«« low al 9.90 Erf. lo 12.93 M now ai low JM. ... 13.90 Shop Man, Than, and FrL PHON'E OPEN A^ OPTIONAL PAYMENT CHARGE ACCOUNT Hi' OMEN'S SHOi' //iirrif For Ileit Selections: DRESSES Parron Poljf.'tfr "wriipped cream" print! and rpnn rayon foliJ. 7J9.9 COATS fprinp; t l j f i Kff. la 50.00 Now 2»J)9 ST KETCH PAXTS Cotton g abardine Now .?J)3 SUIRTS ly a fimon^ mater Now SWEATERS New fprin* print] and »oliil Now 3 BAGS Now i» JEll'ELRY Now 1 LAKEWOOP CFJNTFR RCA VICTOR PRESENTS... DRAMATIC 8-SPEAKER MARK 1 CREDENZA The splendsr cf Regerxy »rul Mediterranean cztinetry jiJs sweeping visual beauty ta New Vata High Fidelity Stereophonic Sound. A rew. high level cf brilliance and realism in recorded and troaicast sound is yours, row! Dual Oiannel Amplifier !e!ivers 100 ' watt* of maximum music power t3 ·Irive 8 stereo speakers. Precision Studiornatic 4-speed record chinjtr protects records front reedle scratch. Super Sensitive FU-AM Tuner is equipped to receive FH Sterea. 8-SPEAKER COLONIAL CONSOLE STEREO Superb heirloom reproduction offers i d:mensic.i in [stenirg pleasure. 8 acojsticiRy tilinced tpeikers »:fi Dull Channel Amplifier. Custom StjdiomatJc A speed Record Cranger *ith "living Stereo" ceramic cartridgt witb C i i m o n d nicrogroov* stylus. PJug^a jacls. FM Stereo ndlcator FjrL FM AM and FU Stereo Radio. DANISH MODERN 8-SPEAKER STEREO LOWBOY Bo!d ln« and a scufptured lock iddt b«*uty to your decor. 8 speiker New« Stereo «ritn Dual Channel Amplifier brirgs rev tsttniig brJCance. Precsio.1 StudiomaCc 4-speed recent charger. Complete ridia listinirz ^leisure with custom FU-AU and FM Stereo F»dia Magnificent tfiowpiectl SEE YOUR DEALER FOR A DEMONSTRATION! RGAVlGTOR | tfc« most tnnted nam« h ttnmd

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