Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 18
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B k-- IfOJI'LNDtMT lxf Itxk. . ·. W«c H. IM r Tou VIowlii" Today n * ; J 6:30 T..M.--SI'KINCiTI.ME. U.Sj\. on channel 2. · A musical variety frn-cia! hosted by Leon Ames and featuring Molly life. Marion Morgan and the Glendjlc ;. Symphony. S- 7 P.M.--SUKVi:V IN' SPACE on channel 4. Koy '" Neal hosts new monthly scries w i t h latest news on ;'. ^ space advances. ST 10 P.M.--l\Ti:RTr.L on channel 7. Brazil and ! ycommunism arc considered in this hour-long docu- ! ".nicntaiy. by TERRY VERNOM Radio Programs Erf' It was in North Africa and! Boh Hope and Lcs Drown! chatted in French with the 1 , pasha while Molly Bee, who! didn't understand the Ian- gu.Tpc. just sat and amiably 1 smiled. f *'l noticed that the pasha-who is royalty in North Africa! ^^occasionally looked my, Way." Molly said. "I just smiled a little wider." But the smile fro/c when a fellow entertainer tipped her that Hope and Drown were negotiating to sell her to the pasha as his fourth wife. ~toolly, who was 1R years oU at the time, didn't want to become anyone's fourth wife CVpn if that anyone was "fantastically rich." MOI.I.Y 'Smile Tro/c- S1IF. i:\CUSF.D herself, sc- expressing views surely ·lately walked fiom the room, will do little t' ·iitil to her then literally ran out of the popularity, house. fi I'.M. Ipnorinp military cars wait-' "Ihe l.awien- c Wclk Show" inc to transport the r n t e i t a i n - (7) pticst stais Ted "Is Kvcry- mcnt troupe hack to its bar- body Happy" Lewis and Ming- rack headquarters, Molly fled stress Kohrrtn Shore, dojvn the street. 7:30 I'.M. ~['l pot caught in a flash "The Ili-M uf (imuiliii" ( I I ) . flood but the escape was which has been shown daily worth it," she said. in this time slot, now adds a ·"1 knew that Hob and Saturday showing, were joking. Hut I didn't know fi^o P.M. if the pasha knew it." ; "The Defenders" (2) stars The 22-year-old songstress Arthur Hill as a businessman recalled the incident when I \\h,, h: interviewed her between re- leukemia JuVr Til »IAI tl ····» l» ««Jl, __IM» kliO !! »»* l"'« *·"·" ~ a *-°" . .-l5l 1M i.V....«~t tnofm M ituwMMilf w t***« ···«· »» ltw«. SATUHDAY, MAKCII 31, 19G2 7:00 AJM. k r i -- OHM* ctoi flfport fcABC-t't *» A/CUP*! V.ofM KHJ-N*i; Robt Q Lr*t k N X -- Viofld hewi Bfvtuo M O X -- *.h«fl« An:i«m« *CtR-li»yl^»» »AftC-ll*r f . ( Josh K'fJ * O l H - A u t ' f * Lft 7 41 t t f l-hf«t; iuorM 8:00 AM. tilJC-* ««*""" r ° Cr»"« iix-w (I "?t 1:11 KA*C-n*,r. Je-'- K"-l MI-We-TCl W.vll U 701 1 11 .GCR-Vo,,« cl CT« 1 II Kr.r 9-Pt'tor t Vy^f d.HX-S'-.'w) S»C'V II ill 11:11 k.NX-- h»i»0n Mclfflth 11:M K ABC-Op*" I" 1 * KN*-Si'**t; HM t;;fman KGIR-O' Orr. B.t-« 1:00 I'.M. KARC-Nrwi;' Vnl KOLR-A*^*! frtrn'oo4 1:11 K A P C -- P*w«l* *U«« KVI-C-.B4^ft"l It J1K A"t» 1 vi, 0*'!*l Ft. V.irtf* (l^:'1trl 1:M Vn'\»i i^o* 'ci.3! r-",( B_| ttrntl 1 1'» 1:)1 "' "S-oS P!M!" M 4 U KA^C-'U-r. lew foe* rrn*-Werhf e f s«itb*:i KriX-Yovr l*K-t U.«C 4 11 r i OX- *t P.r* (l« t ) ( K phTp.«ut9 f Ttn («.u'i 7:00 P.HL rAPC-- News KH j-- r*ul Cerr^eton (tf U) kHX-- Nr*u Bat* Cr*nt KGtR-Kf * O. t. Le*m«n 1:11 7;'« * ** Kiic^Klito^-rtficfc* KCCR-Ptv Vk*or G'tnn KNX-- Sportl 8:00 PJVI. KABC-- Ne*4 K,HJ-P«ut Cofctcn. w**i 0:00 A.M. ;KAnc-yonjy».Tc.. | r-ots-voi^ el Or. J!'J-ll'f«V 'lii't VrV." t.ll «f,'.B-Ch',tt.£"»w l* KOLR 3:OO r i\M.' ° r °" ^*ER!. e r?r. 0 ;.13!fMin KM f iS7 1 f'r f r* 1 Ai l V f (to r T)'' 1 Uri-Pjrfy'i'Tr*, C. Cf^ll K C t R -- Hour rl f *.»ti Kc'cVT-ri'i-^'"*"! : lc "" : - c "i",;''' s '""" K«C 'S^- ^L " ""3ioo Ml.TM 1 ** V.fvt ipcm ' KAKC-r.r*»; Writ; Spcrh KNX-Nev.1. tr""* p-.b C G l P - N e * * ; J»v(fM I II 3:00 P..M. t-ti dSfc^CV'^ rKI "·* BC -"4,i ou Cocl( «n-P..f/t,t.. C. Cecil KAPC-WWro" | Pfir(f| II M KNX-ii h/w Ve-f KGCR-Dr. Orr. B t'e Kc'r^Fj? r, 'v i'ir, I0: °° Ml ' KG -iiwv^j* f - « e i nottt-'.V C.T u! »HX-T?***I l i£"/ ns rf i' j 5:0 ° I'«M. 11:00 A.M. Kf-BW Mf'reivi' It'fXh r'li) RNK-10 o'CIOfk V.ire K r P - P c / . N3rrr«o 'll:ll I ( A B C - f J f * » ; V;r-l %portt U* ^"wV^r^l'i j!l5,r* n ' k,riX-f4»wi;'r,p,-f»Mf!e rlfflf'-lVa.*^ n' Tf^rn *o x ,7 f 'v" : ltK " r ** B ^° .*' R A ^'.y, L * f KOLR-Cirr't M,mcn II. M tCFI-P»'f/, C Cecil " GCR ri c :obTMi*jJi!" J It-JI · KNX -- Carro'l Akn't K A P C -- Virg 1 p.nx'f^ K A R T -- C*rlton frM)p.(ii ! Ill ' t k H J -- T r « Nr*t Vi^*f 1 K O I R - P « . C T V f * t f m ' KM ( K-- C*'l "3 A*-»»ir«; i 11:11 nr.F R-O»i f,..Srrf f,E.R-By '-»-s e F t T*» ' 1t:»' RhA-Y',,-r h'4 *i (It 1') * ** KFI-P«ftv Tifn« C Cfd II \()I)V ' * N - f f » - k CCM: hf*j R M X - M y i c 't 1 P**1 icri-rA: /--;- 6:00 P.M. 12 MIDNIGHT k.AnC-- ''*ul M»'/^f r»«i tr A P T _ rjr A* : *r"*i ITI_p--i McC*/ (t? J) *ri" HA***' tJ*' ·**'*'* » N» -T 1 * V.f'l Tr-« -j*-) K H X -- l V - j v e '' 1 D^w 1 * K r ' , £ R _ p P v vT'r-r G'rr-n ».GL B~ oVh t/'-Wt t RO? R-CUrfijMVHtlt *3*3 Gov. Quuin Pleach for Kennedy's Aid SAN FRANCISCO l.-Ti--Hawaii's governor nrf;ed I'rcsi- bccn told he has dent Kennedy Friday to u?e his full powers to end the anil less than six two-weeks-old West Coast shipping strike before jjrowins hearsals for her appearance as months to live. He kills his shortages face the islands with a s i t u a t i o n of "disastrous T/ie JForM Algeria Terrorists Hit Again ALGIERS (UPI--The Secret Army Orsanization carried out a new wave of terrorist attacks against Moslems Friday and rocked the city with plastic-bomb explosions again Friday night in protest against formation of the Moslem-dominated provisional executive. The provisional executive went into operation Friday in a slap at the OAS which had tnded the temporary lull in Algiers Thursday night'with 22 bomb explosions. They resumed the bombing Friday night and within an hour starting at 8:18 p.m. 12 blasts rocked the suburbs. Military sources said OAS commandos kidnaped 100 French soldiers near Orleansvillc and held them for 48 hours before releasing them in the same area minus their weapons. The extremist OAS has boasted repeatedly that representatives of the rebel National Liberation Front (FLN) would never set foot in Alfiicrs, hut five of them arrived Friday to complete the lineup of the I2-member provisional executive, that will rule Algeria till full independence comes. The OAS reacted by killins at least 17 persons and wounding 18 in Algiers alone, bringing the casualty toll since Jan. 1 to 3320 killed and 7.1GG wounded. Indonesians Rontcil Cwnkit-4 Wlrt Itrvttn HOL.LAND1A. West New Guinea- Dutch marines routed a band of Indonesian invaders, killing one of them, in a brief battle on the Island of Gag off the tip of Dutch West New Guinea, a military communique rc[xrted Friday. Meanwhile, in The Hague, government sources said The Netherlands will send another 1,400 troops next week to aid in the defense of West New Guinea from threatened Indonesian invasion. Syrian Trial Sal DAMASCUS, Syria (/B--The military rulers of Syria propose to set up a people's court this weekend for immediate trial of deposed lawmakers and officials they accuse of malad- ministration. Maj. Gen. Abdcl Karim Zahrcddin, the army's commander in chief, announced the arrangements Friday. Prftt Vlrtcfol« a pucst star on "Sprinctime, partner when II..S. A.." a one-hour fines ti, the a latter re- proportions." statement G()v Willi , im I'. Quinn p m . tod.iy on channel p|edcm K financial siipixirt for ,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , hc p rrsi ,i cnl a ( l l r the Icukcmi^victim's family. ,., iljn ,, ,,,, ., f , y j n R v i s i t ,,, _ persuade either shipowners or MO I'.M. ·DISCUSSION of the pasha -Room lor One More" (7) incident led Molly to con- has I'cpcy McCay am! AndrcwL to permit templalion of her own ma,.,^'Mn their roles a, Mr.j^S^X' riace. which is on the rocks, and Mrs tieorpe Kose, dccid-\", «·«··"''·' ""I Married last June to Joining to gel remarried when, " , P . S ' Kipp. a TV cameraman. Molly they can't find records of their has filed for divorce. .marriage 12 years Normally, the marital patty-, cake and divorce meandering*' 'The ll:.10 P.M. Ben H u n t e r Quinn made tentative arrangements for Last Coast ;and Gulf ships, which art- not Show" invoked in the strike, to meet of the Hollywood set are ol ( M ) j n this new time slot tea-:the fiiuTgi-ncy but was ntuble less interest to this columnist tures actress Mala Powers l« pet a promise of deliver}' than statistics on sea urchins, who has some nasty things to before May. But in discussing her lireak-'jay about public education. up. Molly expressed some views arc seldom heard! in Make Hclicvevillc. "You simply cannot SUNDAY TIP QUINN TOLD Kennedy in Three Long Ilcach-are.i aets a telegram sent to the White will be featured on dunncl ||ouc that the d i s p u t a n t s com- H' s "Johnny Grant's Search "are hoptles'ly deadlocked" bine marriage and a career if for Talent" at (i:.'!0 p.m. They am | -| ;im convinced that only you are a woman." said Molly.'include Jeanne Kmrich, ». yimr action can brinj; them "You can't expect to travel.Long lie.uh dancer-comedian; "| ll( , ( , t i, or " Q u i n n fa id there and be away from home seven (he Ole Olsson Trio composed WJS .,,, ur) . cm . y j n ', lu! ,| iri .. lt or ciRht weeks at a lime and O f Oscar. IS; Sue. M. and III- ,,, llm . m| ,, oymcnt antl husi . still have any kind of a mar-,year-old Mary Anne Olsson, nc ^ shutdowns in Hawaii riape. 'Long lleach sinpers; and ac-, ,,, ' Washington. Hawaii's Tone, ur^ed nncdy by tele- pram to appoint a fact-finding commission to study the s t r i k e and report on it in i-imlioniM Chuck Sciniay. 1!), S( , n I | i n m , s.x of San Pedro. Bert Resnik t h i s J,^ n( ^ "I KMAV JOHN' for years before we were mar- new-paper's television editor, ried. I thought that if any will serve as a judpe. marriape-cau-er combination would work out. ours surely njpl,,,,,.,,.; ,,,, K.NX would. ' _ "Hut I was wrong. For a sit l»: l;» p.m. I iillsiy woman, it's either marriapc or Mr. and Mrs. Herbert a career." Thompson, recently luring the strike. A federal judge's order Friday in Honolulu may have uvcd the way for a slight easing of the situation through he unloading of eight freighters tied up in Honolulu liar- or. Judge C. Nils Tavarcs or- deied the removal of 370 tons of flour and baking products x-cause they are perishable, liakcry interests had pcti tiered fcr the order. Other businesses prepared similar petitions. IHKFi: Illfi barges of a nonstruek tugboat firm in the San Francisco Bay area began loading vital supplies, such as rice and flour, which could reach the islands early in April. Quinn said emergency air flights and release of military supplies aheady in Hawaii also wcte being con- sidried. Quinn, in a news confer ence, expressed some doubt that lion. SI'S · N X POL r.GK I k A R C llirec days. "A prolonged strike wouli . will be heard c 'f' c Maritime Association byj'" "Diplomats' De- tl'ree unions -- Sailors t'nion ^ l II be calamitous for Hawaii,' returned r ° n « said - t\nd Molly was wedded to to the United States from I-a' """·· s ' r 'ke apainst the Pa- her caieer when she was 10 Pa/, Holivia, \-ars old and first apjioared in tod.iy's im television. hricfins" broadcast at fi:15 «'f H" 1 Pacific: Marine I ire- She h i s more television p.m. on radio station KNX. men: Marino Cooks and Stew- luiiirs to her credit than any- The weekly interviews with ards--has idled more than T0 nnc oilier t h a n A r t h u r find- U.S. f.irri^n service officers ships and .1,000 men. frey. and their families are aired Hy agreement reached in She must also be c r e d i t e d in cnopciation with the Slate federal court, military carco With honesty in f o r t h n c h l l y Department. is bein,'; moved and unloaded a Taft-Hartlcy injunc- \\hirb would halt the rr;/Mv r«/, /. SCKM: Cuban povcrnmcnt l-riday said this was a view at trial of part ol more than 1,100 prisoners raptured in Cuban invasion last April. FM STATIONS 111 KCP.H ,, ·i ; ikHCF . «07 IkWLA .. ? ] S K M J ,,. , II I KP.IQ f ) I K P C A . 1. i K I I 'A f« 7 H.VS · M Kdl *M KB8I . . f » J 100. K l I I I I t . i:? i' O U R NEW SP1LHAUS and EVANS AIR'S INVISIBLE PUSH.' FM HIGHLIGHTS Bobby Hackctt at 9 a. m KNOB "Porgy and! Bess" at 1 p. m. on KM LA .. Discussion 'The Army as aj Tool of National Diplomacy" at 2 p. m. on KPKF . . . Billy May in multiplex at 4 p. m. on KMLA . . . Duke Ellington at 5 p. ni. on KNOB . . . Cat Tjadcr at G p. m. on KBIQ .. . Opera "Li Traviata" in stereo at 8 p. m. on KFAC . . . Peter London in stereo at 8:05 p. m. on KPOL . . . Terry Snydcr at 10 p. m. on KGLA . . . Buddy Collcttc at 11 p. m. on KBIQ.j strike at least SO days, was the correct procedure. He said both sides appeared so unyielding that they mij'.ht well wait cut the coolin^-off peri- mi and then resume the strike. He indicated a preference . for presidential pressure to Salnlc, lo Iling ini /v//J Snnilny A special two-hour salutc| to Bing Crosby will be aired Sunday at 3 p.m. on radio station KHJ, with Cal Milner hosting. Boh Hope and John Scott Trotter will appear live on' the broadcast, with featured, music i n c l u d i n g original. Hold o card on top of a Full cjlaas of water. Turn the glass over; The card keep5 the water from running out.' Why?- Air pressure pushing up on the carJ supports the weight of the water.'. TV · CA A IINITH SPECIALISTS 1-5720 :toi E. totk ST. Act Eiictrttki *··· Churches Set Hour of Sharing · r U*i1*4 trnl Protestant and Catholic churches across the nation will take up special offerings Sunday for the world's poor and hungry. In an annual o c c a s i o n called "One Great Hour of Sharing." more than 90.000 Protestant congregations will contribute funds for the overseas relief work of Church World Service, an interdenominational agency affiliated with the National Council of Churches. Catholic parishes will collect donations to the Bishops' Itclief Fund, which supports a worldwide program of aid to suffering humanity carried on by Catholic relief sen-ices. · * * * BOTH AGENCIES distribute food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies to the needy of other lands. They move in fast wherever human beings have been hard hit by a natural disaster such as famine, flood or earthquake. They also aid refugees from Communist tyranny and victims of chronic hunger in undeveloped countries. Last year they helped about 90 million people in 70 countries. Vonlli -Syinphonics on KI'ACal2 p.m. Final "S y m p h o n ics for Youth" concert will be aired today at 2 p.m. on radio station KFAC. TV Service Specialist B J 2.50 Rodio, rhono. Small Applioictl AUTO «»OIO» HtPtllED - f K " « . ,, CC 1-0013 O «» 11 TiK »15 t. Btudwiy HOME TV REPAIRS Dayt--Etrnlnqj--Sundayi rnipl Sinlei--Kiiniikli litu Elictrtiic Smlci Atmlitis Mr.S»ili(SI. Ufl R.R9RR 1 iniiir. it. n** O'UtDD Mil Iflllll IT. tup men on both sides to resume negotiations. ii-r It I O recordings of every song ever recorded by Bing in a motion picture. By LARRY MEDER HARBOR CHEVROLET YOUR 'TOR KENT" signs J inl rome down fast when you use "" r Classified. Dial HE 2-5939. DIAL A PRAYER 431-3521 RENT A NEW GAR '5.00 * DtT Gc Milt CAL FLEET LEASE J4J4 CHECRT HA 4-25l7 II insured savings FEDERAL (1st) S A V I N G S TV PICTIJKE TIJIKGS AT TRUE WHOLESALE PRICES T y p e 2 I A t P 4 . A ^ 2 I Y P 4 . A « Amcrico'i Fineit Quality Firil UK* Tubct · All O«ato»tttd I Tear KAMmS:_ _ _ 'till Pric. CUNT'S SPtCIAL PBICt _41.Ti "_ __17.»S '__ __4t,"'.0 " 17.40^ 67.50 _ 3I.1S "~" · A L U M I N I Z E D ECPLACIMtNTS FOX CVCRT MAKE~OF TV .ft ^7 H7 9 MAJOR BRANDS k*7 * li V .UJ o 1ST QUALITY RECEIVING TUBES GUARANTEED NEW OFF GIANT ELECTRONICS 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BELLFLOWER STORE _ GARDEN GROVE STORE !'!5 ArtMla EI.J. · I 3 J Z S Hotter Bl.d. 4 . S S S S Jtllftior, 0 - O S S S [VERY OAT 'lit t P.M. SUNDAYS 'lit i P.M. OPEN U.fJ F I R S T a n d P I N E 1_ L OCEAN AVf. P H O N I Ntnlut Mitt Manager, tclli .ihout the only cie the Royil C. i n i d i a n Mounted IV- lice touMn't Sllllf. Tnrcc men i linked into a hotel and the clerk put them up in i suite hrpc enough to juommoditc 3. ll» them J10 cieh--ir i total of $30. After the 3 new arrival* had left for their quarters, the clerk thought they shouM ha\e a dis- cnunt. « he j.-J\e the Ixrll hoy $ to refund to them. On the way up to their suite, the kll- T\l Service Calli Sn I V 9 A . M . - 9 P.M. L CA 2 - T i l l CA 7-(SI5 ASF TV StftVlCE A L L M A K F S · 1 Y E A H I IN N O R T H LONG 1CACM 1U l*gtti Iitr.l CHIM S.Kjir MINUTE SERVICE MOBILE-*-- Nile -- Sunday FCC licinsid Brpjlran SERVICE ·"·OCC* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ;;DayNiteTVCo.:; J; SERVICE CALL ABQ '.', \ ME 4-2445 I 'i IjOpon 9-9, 7 Days'J '/ ^nnr UK f HOOOJIIVD. ,,,,'' 'rinrii(i(| .Iroiiruf nl t'nnrn Itoirl Ilie -jlurJjf nic!;I Kmzi ^ n l Qurrni tit ^dtin.e hictrr anj rxttcr j* rath w t r k pj%»fi. h-t I t u r r trttrl l.i he a »!is!:t »!i"iucc rf »i'r-n pjttncn. Any fill f r t c rn Sjtunljy ni^Iit I t f i l l l!ic ^apv* Ai ffpt'rtt,! |j*t *t(l, V f t v a M u r t n ri'lltJ lirf dut :'«. Juil l i it im t-cr An Rtt.JSM SOSO WITH :irtl:iO!l « A3 DAY »fitf NIGHT TV G£ 4-3002 IDO'S TV, I I I Cmltlt, Otllei 1411 t. IrtHmM 12 Ytart Laeol Eip. ABLE TV SERVICE fait, Htneif Sintci GA 3-4591 Oavi. 541S ATLANTIC ll,r rnm .In! vm i- pcitJ(ulir Mj|'kr":c.T. l l u t h M.-IPIW' :v. (,|"o, I...I (li-l '}»/.*!. M-rn.,.!,) I,,1M :H-nr. I'J .Vhircr :·(-. I ' j v f K u - r,i.!i m. I'J l l j u l j n c r r ^C, jn I I i n n A \ e n . i 1 v j v t r j p r -- I T t ' l Jjl I j - i h n s ^ irp'-rn t?iJt N-«!tt jre nrrJtJ f - r rr.urJ IcJCuci rti A "n,tar»" in the Junior Ifj=u; prrtjutfj sorrc cifitrmrrt -- a 5".Is:o Ru« Jonrt «nJ l 300 77} fc.r II,* llrrnt llif I'riJjvOn Irjjruc h Ir! hr the OJJi anj I nX cotrrxivj of |jiui%c Milltr. Ann (]iffc-rj anj 1'ran -n^ l,» FJ.-u Hani^-r-nJ 2W, Iirit \ViU..n Mil. ',7 H i t B A R K I N G EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A THAR EFFECTIVE APRIL I, 1962, THE NEW CURRENT ANNUAL INTEREST RATE WILL BE -COMPARE BEFORE YOU BUILD! F t r « a W HoJtl OfrK c( I5S3I *tl f l c . t r ll.rf, tfllllo-H · Compare Fealurcj · Compare Prices ' ' Models Slaiui' J 3895"[7Iir'' ICO*. FINANCING ON YOUR pUALIFIED LOT Been AJmtioni and Kinodilinc Spielillttt, lee! JAN-DO BUILDERS r f.V%:. Q»lilr H.m.i I, l,l,m, Ulill ·' Ol " Modtl Op* 7 Do,l · Wttk -- f A M . t I r.M. i «r C.ll TO t-IISt | boy IxVamc «on(WJ aKmt ilis Inbulinp the $5 among 3 |wj-le. v he pocketed J2 and pa\c eaih ixiupant $1. In short, this mean* that eaih ( K i u r a n t paid '), or a tnlal of $:?. If the bcll-lx'V t-ept J.'. lliis totaU $:9. AND TO THIS DAY. THE R.C.M.P. HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO SOLVE THE CASE OF THE MISS^ ING DOLLAR !!! ! Folks, there's no m ) i t e r y about buying a car from LARRY SAUSAGE LOVERS limi nui» iiuiiii, mil leiuii, (iiemuiir, (imn HIT ·JUT, miicmui -- i, in 111. itiitn. SPECIAL LUNCH SOe CHOICE OF INT HOVE UEXTICXED S1UUCES lUNCHtQM SERVED WITH StUtll KRAUT OR POTATO S1UD CIKUIKE WIEXERSCHIIITZEl lit SERVED EVERT DAT lit !'·· l t.1.. lll.Httn. l CtrMll iMf Irlw Kind, ellurtd f iir,q!r,g tvtry r,itt · ·Itctrie «ceord'«i ef "Ed". , ef your hoit "Mil. MEDER -- HARBOR CHEV- R O L E T . C,A 6-3311, J ' ^ j A V T A* for me an.) I I I MAX 5 Cherry. wihc ) ANY finance lu\c. problem' 2500 E. ANAHEIM SEE HEAR CALIFORNIA'S SENIOR UNITED STATES SENATOR THOUAS H. KUCHEL "CAPITOL HILL TO CALIFORNIA" vtith Grant Holcomb SUNDAY, APRIL !, 1-1:30 PM KNXT-2 f *rl«l f»f U«a'« C0-«:»r« i;;iw.ii..ti..i. i. A. s «"-- «. H .toi.v TIII: «I.T inu run ALL-NEW ECONOMICAL CLUI PLAN · On* New Trlcrcl* C»r Ctll (i lick 10 Mtmb«n N* WiHii) I* Fty NOW ttxlr:3 TH: lAtr.ToriT cxrironri AZTEC AIRCRAFT HA 1-8431

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