Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 21
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. . . W H E N IT COMES TO GETTING PLENTY OF LAUGHS vDieath Notices MCKRAY--Clarence ; 'S., 71, | JONES--Mrs. Frances, 76, of urviving the! are^a Whitmore. 477 Rose Ave.,''died'Sunday, sister, Mrs. Service 1 m. Thursday, in Christensen- no Chapel. ' / .WINTERS--Mrs. Columbia 83, of 1203 Linden Ave., ed Sunday. Surviving are ns, George, William.and Keneth; and a brother, Charles owen. Service Wednesday, ,1 m. in Chapel of the Chimes, iglewood Park Cemetery, with hristensen-Pmo 'Mortuary di- icting. CUNNINGHAM: -- Lawrence ames, 62,. of 437 E. 3rd St., ed Thursday. Surviving are ieccs, Mrs. Mary K. Wolfe nd Miss Dorothy Jean Smith, ervice Thursday, 10 a. m., Mot- and Peek Chapel. 3443 Montair. Avei, died Monday... Surviving is., 'daughter, Mrs. .Virginia Crumbaugh. 'Service Wednesday, .1 p.'"in, Dilday Chapel.' " ' '. . ' v · . · MATHEWSON -- Louise, 83, of 2039V 2 Cedar Ave':, :died Monday: Surviving are brothers, Charles and Robert · : A. tfathewson; sisters, Miss Helen Cr. ' Mathewson 'and Mrs.' M. lolfe.'' G r aCv e s i d e service Wednesday, . 1 p. m., 'Westminster .Memorial Park. ' Mottell's '.'·' Peek. M o r . t u a r y directing. Veuel Allakmon Cftdar _- rt ft'527 _ Buffalo (Nor.) _-.-.--· CharlM S. -Jonesi (Tkr.) Ciudad D» Bogota (Col.) Hawaiian 1 pilot ... Hawaiian · Farmer WALKER--Mrs, Clara A':, 85, of 1742 Lewis Ave., idied Sunday. -Surviving is a'son, Alva L. Service Wednesday, 1 p. m., MotteH's Peek Mortuary. LAW--Jackson Oliver, 67, of 745 Pacific Ave., died Sunday, urviving are wife, Hanna-; son, ackson Jr.; brother, 'William. ervice Wednesday, 10 a. m., irst Baptist .Church, Lynwood; ynwood Mortuary directing. RAINWATER--Clifton X, 59, f San. Gabriel, a member of ^ong Beach Ad Club, died aturday. Surviving · are wife, lare; sons, James and Clifton r. Service today, 2:30 p. m., urner, Stevens Turner Mor- uary, Alhambra. · Makes any drink better! Samovar VODKA - Dist. from iriln. 10 ind 100 Proof. Schinliy DUt. Co,, N.Y.C. Ship Arrivals, Departures (Complied br tie Mul» Exeluio) ACTIVE VESSELS W FOB! .- . , Berth Operator -. Due to Sail _ F " r 136 Lurla Broi. _·_ _:..F«S. 11 San Fran. iB-42 W K. Cbamberlln Co. _, Indefinite B-OS American Mall Line Feb. 11 San .Fran. L Orion .Shpff. -Feb. 30 -Mr - '· · . n . ~-£A. Up Col RIv.Tow Feb. 10 Cr«cent.Clty __~ ._;_i76 Fred Olien ........Feb. 12 Huen«ne J J - 1 . . U u.~~.» ............. ""· *-- A J M V . J - -- t m j38 Rlchfleld.,011 Pit).' ir.:_..._.,Morro Ba, L~..90 Grancolomblana Une Feb .10 San .Fran. L.LB-20 Mation, Nav. . ".J?«b.""ib" San* "Fran. ...Feb.' 14 Honolulu · ----Juyo .Mam (Jap. Tier.)' . Koril Mara (Jap.).' ------ 2*1 jAauon r*av ...........w'^w. *·* · ijuuviv.*. 31,30 .yer, Campania S.A. Feb. 12 y ? Mormactulf --.--:Margaret Onitead (Nor. Maryn Ol«on Mtnew "X-uckenbach Myrmidon '(Br.) ,-Minnesota (Tkr.) - _ Old Colony Mariner President .Grant . Rondo (Duu) Sierra · :~ Siena x (Dan.) Sheaf Royal (Br. Tkr,) Tlvives u. Wonosobo (Put.) _.: Washington (Kr.) -. World Ideal (Lib. Tkr.) Young America _.230-E Daldo Moore 35 Oliver J. 1 OUon TM.".22B Luckinbach Ll . . 22H .LU£ll*uuut4i ^jiu«. ... LB-24 Be La Kama Lines 173 Tne Texas. Co. 12 Sun Fran. Fr»! ·_: ---- : ------- Indefinite .. ----- Feb. 11 San Fran. ..F«b: 10 Sin Fran'. 173 TDC "i.ejtH.8. -^u. ._.,,..»".-- Feb. 11 S*a.ttl6 ~XB-7 Pacific Far Bait. ....Feb. . 11 Sun Fran " 1 5 3 American President .Feb. 12 New. York ~180 Jav.i .paclflc-Hoegh. Feb. 11 San Fran. 35 The Oceanic SSCo. ...Jeb. 10 San Fran. 135 The ceanc o. . . . . . """"r.B-3 Tli» Ent Asiatic Jan. H, San Fran. ~ ---- IP? shell Tankers Ltd.- .......... -- ^ ------- Inde£. ----- 11T United Fruit Co. ,, ___ .Feb. 10 San Fran. ;mi79' paclile-Hoegn Feb. 12^Ean Fran. - Tfl F F-ench Line ^.-..Feb. 10 Antwerp -77 Transoceanic MarinB Feb. II Yokohama 17S Waterman Lln« -- -Feb. 11 San Fran Service Today for Crash Pilot Funeral service for Air Force Maj. Jdrgen Augustenborg,-.36, pilot of the'CllS which collided with a Navy P2V And. crashed Feb. 1 at Nqrwalk, will at 9:30 a.m. today in Grace, Lutherair church; Bell; Interment will, be- in Fort Rpsecrans National Cemetery, San'Diego. .'·Maj. , Augustenbprg,. 10308 Jackson; St., South Gate, is.'survived by his wife, Mabel; sons, Lon, 5, -Jay 9, Ned,-l; sisters, Ethel Lewis, Gloria Kritz and Ann -Brown, 'all jf Wilmington. VESSELS DOE MONDAY S ffiSri* ^Bi E. Day (Tkr.1 LE-78 Portland COOK -- Edwin John, 4819 Trimble Ct., died Sunday. Sur- vivinE, are wife, Ar'line Cline; d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Ethel Mae Greene. Service Thursday, 2 p; m., Mottell's. Peek Mortuary. BKOWXLEE -- Mrs. Nellie, 73, of 205 Chestnut^Ave., died Friday. Surviving are daughters, Mrs. Gladys Wa'£kins and Mrs. -Emma James. Service at Salt Lake City, Utah.. Mottell's Peek- M o r t u a r y directing locally, ' j. H. Tutti. (Tkr.)- s; g^^sr^SS^Ss^SK'S^ :nervll!e -LB-JO --:-- SHEPLEY--Derek, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. 'Shep- Syracuse Wk., died ----- . . Surviving in addition ley, 224 Monday. to 'parents are grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert White. Graveside service today, 10:30 a. m., Sunnyside Memorial 1 Park. Mottell's Peek Mor tuary directing: MCLEAN -- Mrs. Muriel Olive, 60, of 5526 N. Cariehffl Ave., died Saturday. .Surviving are son, Dr. James A.; mother, Mrs. Margaret S h e i r l o c k ; brothers, Wallace' E. .and Oscar Sheirlock; sisters, Mrs. Olga Dale Carnegie Coiirse Public Speaking--Memory Training--Humon ,Re/afion$ SEE ADVERTISEMENT PAGE B-5 INDEPENDENT-- P«g»,£-S IM«. iMch, 'Mil, Tuu., Ilk. 11,-INI Moon to Pass Over. . ^. Area at 3:56 P.M. r ;; The Naval 'Research' Laborai tory Monday said .the U.S..EX-' plorer' satellite', wfll', pass" over this' area at 3:56 p.m.. Padffi;.' Standard;:Time.-/today v from. west to east. · _ , . ; . . ··_.'. TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU PETRI GLEANERS 1250 ORANGE AVE. / 1 Standard Oil ·VESSELS DUE TODAY From Operator line *» S«ll Pac. Coast Transpt, Feb. 12 For Edmonds .'.y^r ..L« Havre uomp. uAnnEmem* A . **"· - t c:^v J ;-.vr«;i Z_S«»ttlt The-Temi-Co. Feb. 11 Richmond 3«n. Francisco States Marine ... -Feb. 13 Mazatian Vancouver .Maritime Arcv. Ltd. Feb. 12 New YorK r SiEuenay Protect Huge Tigers MOSCOW OPI --Only 25 to 30 of 'the giant Amur tigers now rfemain in the. .forests of Khabarovse territory. Izvestia reports hunting '· of the tigers, which weigh up to 65p pounds; has been prohibited'to prevent extinction of the species. , Peters, Mrs! .Nina Osborne, Mrs. Vera M c M i l l a n , Mrs. Grace Barnes, iMrs. Hazel Robertson and Mrs. Doris Walpole. Service today, 11 a-m., Rose Garden Chapel. · COOK--Mrs. Minnie B., 86, of 258 Glendora Ave., died Saturday. Surviving is a son, 'Gordon. \Service t o d a y , 3 p.m., Christensen-Pino Mortuary. . GOODWEST -- Mrs. . Mildred 61,\of 1016'Maone Ave.,'died Saturday. Surviving is a son, Lester. 1 Service t o d a y , 1 Christensen-Pino. Mortu- W. L. Walker, Mission Aide, -^ Dies in Japan Walter L. Walker, 59, of 3834 Carfax St., died Saturday night at the Japanese Christian Mission' in Sa p p o r o , Hokkaido, Japan, where he has been a lay worker for a year and a half. ' / . ' ' His son, the Rev. Wesley Walker, is minister at the mission. Walter had lived in Long Beach since 1920 and was a m e m b e r of First Christian Church here. Surviving are his wife, Olive N.;' the son; and daughters, Mrs. Connie Smead, Mrs. Derelle O'Brien and Mrs. Amert Sha'rpe. Funeral service and interment will be in Japan. FELL THAT PURSE through Classified ads! Sell things .not using.! B.W. 1017 Obispo Ave. GE 8-5008;.;"With a Real Home Atmosphere" IS DON'T YOUfc Lanolized Cold Wave To give your hair lustre and brilliance for all occasions . . . this rich, creamy wave . . perfect for you! Guaranteed! Remember! 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