Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 20
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/"ll «1 1' '+" ' '^ '' Vll ^ · ^''"'" Childrens Choirs Present Festival Children'! Choir Festival will the choirs of five churches'par tlclpatlng will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. In the First Presby terian Church, 6th St at Locus Ave. Choln under the direction o Mrs. Ruth Krehbell Jacobs president and founder of the Chorister's Guild, will represen :he First Presbyterian, North L/mg Beach Community Pres byterian, Silverado Park Meth odlit, St, Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal, and. the Woodruff Community Churches. Theme of the program wll be, "Seasons In Son," Introductions to the musical numbers setting the theme, will be given by Rev. Richard G. Irving of the North Long Beach church, and R(\v. Richard VV. Cain of the Silverado Park Church. Guest director Mrs. Jacobs will conduct a rehearsal of the REV, JOHN W. MESSER ; · , ^ "Faith Is » Growing Quality of Life...." ' DAY MY FAITH GREW ^ : Made Early Choice [Still Governs Life; (Local Catholic, Protettant and Jewlth leaders are b*- , ; tug invited to tell how they decided to enter religious worfc . « "The Day My Faith Grew," Todays Quett i» the Rev. , Jo/in W. laesscr ol the Eatt Side Chritdan Church.) , · ) ' · · · · · B y REV. JOHN W . MKSSER ' · ' It would be difficult to single out the one day on which my ! faith grew. My faith has been, and I trust still Is, a growing i quality In my life. However, there are days that stand out in ; vivid memory In which my faith grew. ' ' There was a time when, as a small boy, I aiked, "Mother, 1 what can I be when I grow up?" She said, "You can be any- · thing you want to be, son. What would you like to be?" I an,' »wered, "I would like to be a preacher." ' · · · · · . - V ' ' ' ALTHOUGH I LITTLK realized the full meaning of my | statement, yet my faith, born of Gott.'was expressing itself at . this early ace. It seems as though It has always been In my · thinking lo be a minister, I never seriously considered any olher calling, although ; there was that time when, being Impressed with the romance ' of flying because my brother-in-law was a pilot. I considered ' flying as a career. This, however, was but a passing.fancy. My ' faith steadily grew toward that time when I would enter the I ministry. ..,,,,.. ; . , .. _ -· , ; r - - . , , , . . , . , 1 MY FAITH GREW on that memorable day when I entered · the Bible, College to begin my preparation for the ministry. '. After my mother and a Christian friend who had Influenced my life greatly for ministry had left me, I vividly recall walk. . Ing out over the lone campus. Something of the magnitude of ; God, the greatness of His universe and the sacrednes* of the I calling which I felt In my heart, filled me with a great ex- pandlng faith. On that day my faith grew. My faith grew on that Easter Sunday twenty-two yean ; ago when with the strains of 'he hymn, 'Take My Life And · Let It Be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee," I knelt at the altar of ; the church to be set apart for the Christian ministry. Ai the · minister gave the ordination charge, as the elders laid their ; hands upon me, and as the prayer* of consecration were given, · my faith grew. I believe Cod calls men and women Into his ! ministry. I sincerely believe that God has a pattern and a plan fot each life. . . * · · ' . - ...-. · · · ' · · · i - . - · · ·.. . MY FAITH BEGAN to grow on that day, yean ago, when In childlike simplicity I said, "I want to be a preacher," and my faith continues to grow day by day as I keep myielf open to the divine guidance of God. MESSAGE SERIES "Th Home That God Meant" will be continued Sunday In the Ba Shore Community Congrega tlonal Church by the Rev. Milt on G, Gabrielson church pastor Pert two of the series will be given at the 0:30 and 11 a.m services. RUTH JACOBS Directs Children's Choir over one-hundred voice choir this afternoon In the First Pres byterian Church at 2:30 p.m. Sunday a sermonette will be gl«en by Dr. Reuben Pleters of the host church, · · · e START OF NEW attendance contest has been announced by Jerry Kllppert director of the Youth For Christ. A suit will be awarded to the pastor of the church with the largest attendance at the Saturday night YFC rallies during tho month of May. Suit will be awarded May 25. Meetings are held In the Flnt Brethren Church, 5th St., and Cherry Ave. CHRISTIAN TKOUBADORS recording artists of gospel song will present a musical program Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. In thi Temple Baptist Church (South srn) of Wilmington, The church Is meeting In the American Legion Hall,' 1260 Broad Ave. Vilmlngton. ; , . ! · ; ,, l 9 · . · - · ·., v ^ '- ·)* WOMEN of the Grant Chapel, A.M.E. Church will celebrate heir annual Women's Day Sunday. Mrs. Grace Kyle, wife of lastor o f ' t h e church will give he message at 11 a.m. Panel f women will, conduct dlsscus Ion at 4 p.m. In the church. · · · « , *·« MAIMONIDES, "The Guide or the Perplexed" will be the oplc of Jack A. Kent at the 8:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m, services of the Unitarian Church, 01,'R NEED For God Is the topic for the Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday In the church at 430 E. Ocean Blvd. NEW MEMBERS Tea will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. In the So- clal Hall of the Lakewood VII- lage Community Church. New members will be briefed by department heads of the church. COMMUNION was received jy the men of the Holy Name Society in St. Pancratlus Cat hole Church last Sunday at the 5 a.m. Mass. Mother's Day breakfast was Mid In the Parish Hall. SENIOR HIGH Pilgrim Fel- owship of the First Congrega- lonal Church is sponsoring the ihowlng of the motion picture llm, "The Robe." Picture Is be- ng shown today at 1:30 and " IAY, THE MONTH OF MARY Annual ceremony, the crowning of the statue of the Blessed Mother, will be held Sunday, 4 p.m. Jn St. Mathew's Catholic Church, 7th St., and Temple Ave. Page Boy Daniel Jackson and Flower Girt Daniel Jackson gazing at the statue of the Blessed Mother will take part In the ceremony.--(Staff Photo,) Catholics Observe May, Mary's Month The ceremony of the annu crowning of the statue of th Blessed Mother will be presen cd Sunday at 4 p. m. In £ Mathew's Catholic Church, 7i St. and Temple Ave. Pupils of St. Mathcw's cl mentury school led' by th cruclfera will march In colorfi procession, under arches lowers to signal the start i ceremonies. May is dedicated by Catholics :30 pjn. and Sunday at 7:301 p,m. In Pilgrim Hall. ' · · · · SEASIDE B A P T I S T MIS- Blvd. Crale Wood speak on, 'The Greatest Business cm Earth," Sunday at 11 a.m. ION, 1401 W. Seaside will hear Rev. "Frank Vestside Church Names Truelock Barry Truelock, graduatln senior at Pacific Bible Sem nary, has been appointed Yout Director of the Westslde Churc of Christ, 2590 Adriatic Ave Appointed by the board of th church, he will officially beglr June 1st. Larger Public Relations Program Approved by Presbyterian Group OMAHA Wi -- The general department, now located In Newlnew developments In the media Missionary to[ Close Conference Dr. Harold G, Chalfant. mis slonary representative of International Church of. Foursquare Gospel will close three day Missionary Confer enco in First Foursquare DR. CHALFANT ' Guest Speaker Sunday ·Church, Sunday. He will speak ·at th« 10:45 a.m. and 7 p.m, ;»er,'lce». · An' authority on missionary ,; .'activities, Or. Chalfnnt, In his '. jmore than 24 years of mission* ' »ry survey work, hai averaged over 100,000 miles of travel a year. . I n hli talk Sunday he will ·place particular emphasis upon ^Brazil from which he ha* re. cently returned after completing « color documentary film. baker Rd. at 4 pjn. Participating in the ceremony will be: Dr. W. Clarence Wright Moderator of the Presbytery who will propound the qucs, Ions; Rev. Dr. Gordon Mac* :nnc», Associate Director ol Christian Education, will give he scripture and prayer; Rev, Walter James, conducting the ordination; Rev. Harry Chase, will present the'charge and Rev, Norbert A. Moke, host pastor, who will offer the Ordination 'rayer, Lcstfr Lee attended Occl dental.College, and received his heologlcal training at Prince- on Theological . S e m i n a r y , Princeton, N. J. Since Fcbru- ry he has served as Admlnli- ratlve Director In the Lakewood Church. assembly of the Presbyterla Church In the U.S.A. Friday ap Droved an expanded public rela tlons organization. The denomination, largest o the nation's Presbyterian bodies has been increasingly public re latlons and promotion conscious The new program, which wll o into effect July 1, will pu Dr. Murray S. Stedman Jr. In charge of a new office of in formation in New York City, Dr. Stedman c o m e s from Swnrthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa., where he has been associate professor of political science. Louis B. Fleming of the Pasa dena, Calif,, Star-N«ws will be associate director. Lester Lee Ordination Rites Set Ordination ceremonies for Lester C. Lee will be held Sunday in the Lakewood First Pres- _. . . . . . . . . byterian Church, 3955 Stude- The P^ent radio and television THE PRESENT department of publicity, located In Philadelphia where.the church maintains ts headquarters, will be Integrated Into the new department BAHA'IS OBSERVE · NEW ERA M...V' On Mey 22nd «» i p.m. Id* 113th ·nn|v«riAry ff th« Dfldfri* lien of thi Bib will b* cburvtd · t Morgan Hall, In IBM, Ih.'HUr.ld of our Fith, known «t tn« B»b, pro- cl«im»d lh» «dv«M of Ihii Ntw Agi forilold in ill formtr Scrip, turn . , , · lime when thli ««rlh would, become in on* country end minllnd Iti citiini. In (Ml New Ere, ell the promliei of God ere btlnq fulfilled. Thin promliei ere tubttentUted icrlp- turelly end hlitorlcelly In the book. let, "Prophtey Fulfilled," A topy i vu'i upon raqimt ta Mn. (*e Williimi, 4)41 tellflower Bird, .onq Beach. Y ty ., Your Invitation ',"·'·' ;;·;,, Hear · ' ' · ' · · ii"·. Rev. John J. ?;::'ARRIEN ', Priest in Roman Catholic ' ,';.- Church for 24 Yean "·. -'. ' j' Convertud , · !: ~'-' Now Evangelical ,' ifr'- TRUTH SET^. HIM FREE;:; Sunday, May 19, 7:30 P. M. ^'-'·PINE AVE. V: ' CHURCH OF GOD ^ T 1862 Pine Ave. V, York City, will also become part of the new division. The general assembly, which of mass communication pose tremendous problems . for the rural church, but the creative opened Its week-long meeting church sees in these trends also Thursday, re-elected the Rev. a new and fascinating opportU' Ilenn Warner Moore secretary of the general council of th church for three years. The council Is a smaller bod ,han the aiuembly which meet jetween sessions of that bod; Addressing the Prcsbytcrla rural fellowship, Dr. Otto G Holberg of Lincoln, Neb., declared "it is essential that th rural church relate In man ,vays to the community of whlc t is a part." · · » · · · ' DR. HOEBEKG, professor o oclology and coordinator o community service, extension dl rlslon, of vhe University of Ne iraska, said: , "The decline In farm popula Ion, our increasing mobility and LAKEWOOD VILLAGE ( COMMUNITY CHURCH (UndtMmiMtlwull Cintrilii i Sunfiild Sli H Liliwood Wonhipi 8 i.m., 9:30 ».m, II «,m. Sarmon: "I HIV* Leirnid to Accept" ' Church S, 5.--9:30 e.m. i II e.m. Youth Gioupi; · * ' - ' " Jr. High--5i30-4:45 P.M. -'-·"· Sf. High end College--4:45-9 p.m. MinliUrtl W. R. Hill v4 Int 0. Dtty IA W«rtih4» In OvIUlM Unit)) '"« Free Methoditt Church . · I6lh end Gundry Ave, S.S., 1:10 A.M., Mtn. WrH». lo:» A.M. 6»IMl Hnr~7-e:)9 f.U, · Ewiin) MtlUft »r ««. Cwtll Mllth.ll E. A. CUIlt«, MlKlno HE T40I1 · · MJJ MACNOLIA AVtHUI · ·« ' PR. LOREN BOWMAN, Mlnlilwf ' \ CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN ^ II A.M.--"YOUR FAITH AND YOUR WORK" · Anthemi "Leed Me Lord"--Edmundton 7:30 P.M^CONCERT-Foly High A Ceppelle Choir nlty for service to man and society. - ,.'. .,,.'· "It maintains cooperative re latlonshlps with other denomlna. tlonal groups," he said, and It 'works unselfishly with civic and. social organizations wherever religious and moral Issues are Involved." to Mary, the mother of God, Ceremonies the world over are held during the month in her honor. High point of the service will he the crowning of the Blessed Mother by Beverly Galycan, chosen as prefect from the eighth grade sodality. Dr.G.M.Cook to Talk on World Tour Dr. Galncs M. Cook, executive secretary of the Intel-nation invention of the Christian Churches, Disciples of Christ, will be the guest speaker for the 0:45 service Sunday In the East lde Christian Church, 674 Obispo Ave, | Dr. Cook and Mrs. Cook havei our visiting the mission sta- Ions of the Christian Church, His message Sunday will be, Keep Your Eyes on the Globe." rideons, Church ruests, Sunday Long Beach Camp of the jldeons International will prc- cnt a program explaining the Ideons activities Sunday at :30 p. m. in the Lime Avenue aptlst Church, 9th St., «t Lime vc. Principal speaker will be ob Smiley, camp president.' fluslc will be by Webster and rs. Earth, ONLY ONE CONCLUSION possible: Classified Ads' re so well used because they et results. Put one to work oday. Dial HE 2-5959. »tV. M, W. ILLIIHOME. PulH FIRST FOURSQUARE CHURCH Nth St. at Junipero--HE 8-1395 SUNDAY, MAY 19 9;45-5UNDAY SCHOOL 10:45 a.m. 7:06 p;m. DR.HAROLD CHALFANTV CLOSING DAY ; OF^. MISSIONARY-'CONFERENCE BEAUTIFUL SLIDES 'OF PANAMA,"' AUSTRALIA AND GUATEMALA, .\WILL BE SHOWN *..-,,.:·'- UNUSUAL ARTIFACTS OF MANY--' 'COUNTRIES WILL BE ON EXHIBIT V NURSERY PROVIDED FOR ALL SERVICES " Miip.h Hour--Thuridiy, Fridey, S»turd«y-- KNOB--9-10 P.M. SUMMER ( A M P FOR B O Y S ' · ifu I It 14 -- Iir " r.tiMil -- TrtMMrtillM Soutktm Califernli Military AeidtMy, 2065 Cherry AM. HE MII5 AQUARIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH OF CHIROTHESIA __ KM ri»F AVENUI Tf,; .»: SU1. e P. M, DEVOTIONAL SEHVICt -- CHUBUM'S CIA1SE! """· '"'· ·" · ··'· tUES. S P. M. UCTimtS, TEACHING THE PATHWAY Of CKHIST ·?'.', '- ElVIHA «IDH, Minlitw -- HE Kill ' A New E»perience, for You and Your Family ·«. . · · · *t *\ * -\ m WORSHIP OUT-OF-DOORS ,-, . , , ' . * T] d " m IN THE FAMILY CAR . . . AY »· · '£.- : . : ; ^ :: . \ \ ;i : · ; LOS · ALTOS « DRIVE-IN s CHURCH LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN THEATRE--JIOO BEUFLOWER BLVD. ^T, ' . All WllCOttS- UIIOINOMIKiTIOKiL "TM. llm MN MM* Um tM Mlm.*--Hut 14ll» . ' ' Revival Tabernacle -SPENCER HEALING', CAMPAIGN In ItlK Gnu MMM 4HOO E Compton Blvd.. Compton. NE 2-6078 Burcham .Trust Fund · · . - « * · ·, Will Carry on Work * A memorial trtut fund ha been established by the retire eachers of Polytechnic Hlgl School and co-worker* of Davli iurcham In hli name with the Long Beach C o u n c i l Churches. Income from the trust fund n excen of 11,000, will bo us« the council of churchei foi lYeek Day Christian Education ne of the founders of which was Burcham. · · · · · DAVID BURCHAM served as rinclpal of Polytechnic High chool from 1907. until hli re' Graduation Rites Set for Friday Graduation ceremonies for the i Evangelical Released Time Education will be held Friday. 7:30 p.m. In the First Brethren Church. 5th St. and Cherry Ave. Over 400 student* will graduate at the ceremony. Theme for the program will be, "Pales, tsne, the Land of the Bible." tlrement In 1941. He died In December of 1954 In Bell where h« had moved In 1932. . v .,, . Member* of the 'memorial committee arc: Mattle Paine, · Marie Preston, Chios Anderson, · Effle Stevenson and Frank Reid. . . . The committee In setting up · the fund said that a large slu- . dent participation in Christian earning, a continuous living me- i mortal, was fitting tribute to a ;' man devoted to the education of youth. . , i . Polytechnic Choir Slates Concert;/ The a Cappella Choir of Poly- ; echnlc High School will present '' a mixed program of church mu« ",'·',. Ic In the First Church of the · Brethren, 3332 Magnolia Ave., . Sunday at 7:30 pjn. , The 50 voice choir under the ?,' Irectlon of Arthur Gilbert will .,, Ing tongs of the Russian Ippoll- .'!,'. toff Ivanoff, spirituals, and mod- · ' , rn American songs from Brig- . doon. More Questions Than Answers This Is «n »|f ef many qutstlons -- and msny answers -- but not quit* is many »n- , swcrs as questions. Wh«n our agi asks questions, men go to laboratories and weigh and measure. They ring doorbells and mak* surveys. They go to mwt- Ingi snd discuss. All of this fertrlih activity products many answers , ... but not all tb* an- , swers. Some) questions · cannot bi answered that .. way. Ai:d these) art the * question] which are left when the nolu» dies ' down and w* g*t · chunce to think. Let's look at a few of these questions. C]uestioni Whst does life rneunt H«» someone put mem- Ing Into It, or have all things happened merely by chsncel If man Is the first being on this earth who Is abU to think, whom shall w* ask about meanings T Answer! NO MEANING WITHOUT GOD. . . Question: Whom can w» trust? Can we trust human good, ness? Can w« trust blind fst«T Who will provid* for cur ssfety, our welfare? Answer! NO SECURITY WITHOUT COD. Question! What about the future? Do trends and surreys spell It out for us? Whst about th» unexpected? what ·bout ulflsh desires, unstable leiders, human sin? . Answer! NO FUTURE WITHOUT GOD. Therefore the Chrlstlsn Church still confesses -- not spolo- g»tlcslly, not hesitantly, but Joyfulljr -- I BELIEVE IN COD . THE FATHER ALMIGHTY, MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. . . . . . . . Tl» Cirt.tU. R.(n.W Ckutk. ··» nkbraUiv !!· CnlMilrl. «|IIU!M · Cdrli CdltK, · fxr-M.r UWral rU «ltw In Gruri RoU*. ItkUfu. TkU drank MlitM Mhtr CkrMluu -k.. ·I twMMl nMlfln. »»p*rt tlalbr l«itlt.U«4 *f klftor WuillM. II urn · wMi to k»v ··* iknl Uw ffM4 t« ··4mt»4 «r ««M I* U llfkl (M'« nftlMlw, wrlta IM tin In* , Itl. THIS IS OUR ITORT. FIH5T--!»»! Mf«. J, T. SmIUl--10 A Mj 7110 r.M. SEIHANV--U0)l Bllkr It ftw. B. Hwlnflf* Sinlut-- J0:« A.MJ ;tl P.U. THIHO--loin Im AH. Kn, J. i. HtlliWnk Sinlut--10 A-Mj 7:)0 r,U. , WILL eutL* MY «NU«eif*' AIIESIA FIRST-- 11411 S. Alkvrlll 1C ftw. e«WMi U«i«rri A.M.] tilt P.M, K», p. lnl»»-10:)0 A.WJ 7110 P.M. UKEWOOD CHUUCH-- M0 W«rt!~ M^ L S. Rtv. J. VM Rim Snvkn-- 11 A.M; PM. A.M. · ANAHEIM . · · (· CHUDCH-«*». tljl. 4 Cmuilt Art. I ·n, f. O«MK trvl(.--10')0 A.U ; 7:10 P.U. ' - -1 A.U, 7m k KHJ «:o A.M. II A.M. Nightly 7:30 P.M. , , REV. SPENCER' · ; . PREACHING ' ' Sun., 2:30 P. M, * Speclel ,;' ', MIRACLE;: - : SERVICED *wlut Cunn Skbm ' «·* Blum" SIGNS-WONDERS-MIRACLES. IN OUR MIDST ··- : Saturday Night 7:30 P. M. ·· - v , · · , ·*'-' HOLY GHOST NIGHT'' · · ' STARTING MONDAY : . '^ · RUDDY COOK 7:45 NIGHTLY ."' A FIREBALL FROM TENNESSEE ' .' - OLB FISHORED IITIVIL IN PERSON 1:00 4:00 p,m. . 9:00 p.m. SUNDAY . Ui4B ' , LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL , AUDITORIUM, RADIO LOS KABC KGER KXLA : Oerlei E. fuller Mn. Fuller Rudy Atwaod Belli Femem Gecrge Broedbenl Choir . . " ' ' Lelend 6reen Ouerfet ·· · Frit AWnlt-N«Tleiiti.Ctinfiil«nPtfUM

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