Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 9, 1976 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1976
Page 12
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1976 ; Save potatoes »· Dear .Heloise: I am an el- -derly widow living alone. I ;aon't use many potatoes so ;whert I bought 10 pounds · I always had some that spoiled .before I could use them. So now I buy the smaller .potatoes, wash and boil them ;unpeeled in salted water. Drain and let cool uncovered. Then put them in p!asfic bags 'and freeze. Now when I fry a hamburger, sizzle a steak, etc. I take out one potato, peel it while it [Hints From Heloise T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N is still frozen and put it in the pan beside the hamburger 1 save on cooking time and spoilage. A.W. Well, we tried this in our office kitchen and it worked! .After we took the frozen potatoes out of the freezer, we re-boiled them until hot and were they good! U-m-m-m This would be a great way to use the potatoes in salad or stews. A.W., you sure weren't a potato-head when you figured out this sweet idea. Heloise Number finder Dear Heloise: My son thought your readers might be interested to hear how we save time looking up telephone numbers. When our phone books arrive, we find the section with our town and with one snip, cut off the upper corner of these pages with a diagonal cut. Now in a flash, we can turn to the section we use most often. Comer Cutter Dog tag Dear Heloise: Rather than spend dollars engraving our name and address on our dog's tag, I put on an address label and cover it all around with clear cellophane tape. Then cut the edges to shape of the tag.. Adelle Blauwkamp Stick an address label, covered with clear tape, on the dog's collar too, in case the tag should somehow get lost. Heloise -Ofalhnenthols: ower arlton. Look at the latest U.S. Government figures for other menthols that call themselves low in tar. tar, mg/cig nicotine mg/cig Brand D (Menthol) 13 Brand KM (Menthol) 13 Brand T (Menthol) n Brand V (Menthol) 1 1 o 7 Carlton Menthol*2 mg. tar, 0.2 mg. nicotine. Carlton 70's (lowest ol all brartds) *1 mg. lar, 0.1 mg. nicotine. ·Av per cigarette by FTC method. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Menltwl: 2 mjj."iai", 0.2 mj. nicoliiiB av. per cigarette, by RC method. Carlton Menthol 2 nig-- , newly reduced. Tucson Television KVOA KUAT KGUN KZAZ KOLD NBC PBS ABC IND. CBS Monday Afternoon 12 NOON O MARY HARTMAN g MISTER ROGERS $20,OOO PYRAMID Mike Farrell and Barbara Feldon are the celebrity players. GJ 700 CLUB 12:30 P.M. § THE DOCTORS YOGA THE NEIGHBORS © THE GUIDING LIGHT 1:00 P.M. O ANOTHER WORLD O GENERAL HOSPITAL © ALL IN THE FAMILY 1:3OP.M. g BOOK BEAT ONE LIFE TO LIVE G LIFE IN THE SPIRIT © MATCH GAME 2:00 P.M. 8 SOMERSET MOVIE "The Comancheros," 1961 western with John Wayne, Sluart Whitman. Ira Balln, Lee Marvin. Neherniali Persofl and Michael Ansara. Graham Kerr follows with cooking tips. (2 hrs.) GJ FATHER KNOWS BEST B TATTLETALES 2:30 P.M. O DAYS OF OUR LIVES d ROOM 222 · (E) IRONSIDE 3:OOP.M. O LASSIE 3:30 P.M. § MERV GRIFFIN SHOW I LOVE LUCY DINAH 4:00 P.M. O MISTER ROGERS O SGT. BILKO G LITTLE RASCALS 4:30 P.M. § SESAME STREET ABC NEWS ADDAMS FAMILY 5:00 P.M. O O (D NEWS CJJ BEWITCHED 5:30 P.M. O NBC NEWS 8 ELECTRIC COMPANY AMERICAN LIFESTYLE O PARTRIDGE FAMILY © CBS NEWS Monday Evening 6:00 P.M. § ©, NEWS SACAMANO'S GARDEN VAUDEVILLE Gordon MacRae headlines variety show. (I hr.) O BRADY BUNCH 6:30 P.M. § WILD KINGDOM LIVING TOMORROW LOVE AMERICAN STYLE © TO TELL THE TRUTH 6:45 P.M. O NEWS FOR THE DEAF 7:00 P.M. O RICH LITTLE SHOW McLean Slevenson and Karen Valentine guest. (1 hr.) O ANYONE FOR TENNYSON? Richard Kiley joins the First Poetry Quartet for a presentation of "Walt Whitman and the Civil War.' O ON THE ROCKS Fuenles cooks up a scheme to make the warden lake a new course ol action after Cafo. an elderly inmate, finally gets parole but refuses his freedom. fn NEWS CD RHODA Mama Ida is convinced thai hubby Marlin is chasing other women and living in sin, which doesn't make i Rhoda's life any easier, as she's caught in Ihe middle. 7:30 P.M. O CITY COUNCIL MEETING Live coverage ol the Tucson Cily Council meeting. O OLYMPICS Today's events include rnon's giant slalom, ice dancing, men's figure skating, ico hockey and men's 15 km. cross country. 90 mlns.) S BIBLE ANSWERS PHYLLIS Loo gels Ihe "poor me" .atlitudo and is ready to chuck the whole living thing, ' 8:00 P.M. O JOE FORRESTER Joe breaks a gambling ring wilh Ihe help of an addicted pfayer who puts his lite on the line in an effort to to straight. Alex Cord guests. (1 hr) GJ MOVIE "P.J.." 1968 mystery starring George Peppard as a private-eye who fakes a job bodyguarding the mistress of a tycoon. Raymond Burr. Gayle Hunnicutt. Brock Pelers. Willrid Hyde- White. Coleen Gray and Susan SI. James co-star. (2 hrs,) © ALL IN THE FAMILY The lamily has a weighty problem when Archie's doctor warns him he'd bettor get rid ol his excess poundage. 8:30 P.M. CD MAUDE Maude jumps in to direct Tuckahoo's Bicentennial musical extravaganza, creating a controversy , when she makes the theme a tribute to American women. 9:OOP.M. O JIGSAW JOHN John is drawn into' a 12-year-old murder. Arlenc Dahl..Michael Ansara, Marjorie Bennett. Herb Edelman and Andrew Duggan guest. (1 hr.) O RICH MAN, POOR MAN Part 111 finds the birth ol Tom's son bringing him a brief period ol happiness, while Rudy's thriving business career leads him into an emolionally charged reunion with Julie Prescott (1 hr.) © MEDICAL CENTER Four girls are murdered and a fifth victim lies wounded in her hospital room, guarded because only she can identify the attacker. Julie Adams and Catherine Burns guest. It hr,) 10:00 P.M. O O © NEWS O BURNS AND ALLEN 10:30 P.M. / O TONIGHT SHOW / John Davidson is guesl hosl. Foster Brooks, Nannetle Fabray and Dr. Thomas Gordon are scheduled to vis- It. (90 mins.) O THE FBI CD THE UNTOUCHABLES © MOVIE "One Is A Lonely Number." 1972 drama about a woman facing an unwanted divorce from Ihe man she loves, stars Trish Van Devere, Monte Markham. Janet Leigh and Melvyn Douglas. 11:30 P.M. O MONDAY NIGHT SPECIAL "The Third Annual Unollicial Miss Lns Vegas Showgirl Pageant." a parody ol beauty contests, is by Steve Allon with Rose Marie, (90 mins.) CD BONANZA 12 MIDNIGHT O TOMORROW; NEWS TV talk shows are discussed. Irv Kupcinet guests. 12:30 A.M. CD PERRY MASON 1:00 A.M. O NEWS Tuesday Morning 5:20 A.M. © FARM AND RANCH 5:30 A.M.' ©SUNRISE SEMESTER "Presidential Power and American Democracy," 5:50 A.M. O REPORTAJE DE NOTIC!AS 6:00 A.M. O TODAY SHOW News features. C2 hrs,) © CBS MORNING NEWS 6:30 A.M. O NOT FOR WOMEN ONIY 7:00 A.M. O GOOD MORNING AMERICA News magazine. (2 hrs.) © CAPTAIN KANGAROO Children's program. (1 hr.) 8:00 A.M. . O DATING GAME .© PRICE IS RIGHT 8:30 A.M. O LUCY SHOW 9:00 A.M. § WHEEL OF FORTUNE EDGE OF NIGHT TUCSON TODAY 9:30 A.M. 8 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS Information in these list-, ings is provided by the television networks and local stations. This newspaper assumes no responsibility for errors caused by late changes in scheduling. Tomorrow night Janis Ian in concert here Having followed her quite successful. "Between The Lines" album with another highly touted release, "After- tones," Janis Ian comes to her Tucson concert tomorrow night as a 24-year-old who is tapped in to the times. Her current work is characterized by the hit single, "At Seventeen," a plaintive epic about the difficulties of being an awkward teen-ager surrounded by peers who only a d m i r e gracefulness. The song, the singer and the album "Between The Lines" have been nominated this year by the recording industry for four Grammy awards. Miss lan's 8 p.m. show in the Community Center also will feature bearded singer- guitarist Loudain Wainwrieht 111. Janis Ian Finding "second" fame This is fame's second time around for Miss Ian, once a about interracial dating. The 15-year-old who shot out of the controversial material created pack w i t h a song she titled a sensation when it was re"Society's Child." It was leased in 1966. 0 HAPPY DAYS © LOVE OF LIFE 10:00 A.M. O MAGNIFICENT MARBLE MACHINE g SESAME STREET LETS MAKE A DEAL © YOUNG AND RESTLESS 10:30 A.M. O TAKE MY ADVICE Betly While and Allen Ludden; Liz Torres ana Peler Locke are Ihe guests. ·O ALL MY CHILDREN © SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 11:00 A.M. § CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES ELECTRIC COMPANY O RYAN'S HOPE CD LAW AND MR. JONES © NEWS 11:30 A.M. § HIGH ROLLERS GETTIN- OVER RHYME AND REASON CD NEWS © AS THE WORLD TURNS Tuesday Afternoon 12 NOON O MARY HARTMAN O MISTER ROGERS e 120,000 PYRAMID 700 CLUB 12:30 P.M. § THE DOCTORS YOGA THE NEIGHBORS © GUIDING LIGHT 1:00 P.M. O ANOTHER WORLD O GENERAL HOSPITAL © ACL IN THE FAMILY 1:30 P.M. O ONE LIFE TO LIVE 0 PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING © MATCH GAME 2:00 P.M. O WOMEN ONLY O MOVIE "Trouble Along the Way." 1953 drama about college football, stars John Wayne, Donna Reed. Sherry Jackson, Charles Coburn and Marie Windsor. Graham Kerr follows with cooking tips. (2 hrs.) O FATHER KNOWS BEST © TATTLETALES 2:30 P.M. O DAYS OF OUR LIVES ©ROOM 222 © IRONSIDE 3:00 P.M. O) LASSIE 3:30 P.M. O SPECIAL TREAT "Papa apt] Me" slars Joseph Masco- fo and Matthew Laborteaux. The loving relationship between an elderly man and his grandson enables Ihe boy to learn to copo wilh dcalh and understand ils place in the scheme ol life. (I lir.) O I LOVE LUCY © DINAHI 4:00 P.M. O MISTER ROGERS ' O SGT. BILKO GJ THE LITTLE RASCALS 4:30 P.M. O CALL OF THE WEST 8 SESAME STREET ABC NEWS G ADDAMS FAMILY 5:00 P.M. * 8 O © NEWS BEWITCHED 5:30 P.M. O NBC NEWS B ELECTRIC COMPANY HOGAN'S HEROES © PARTRIDGE FAMILY © CBS NEWS Movie Schedule APACHE Theater 1: "Hard Times" IPG) -- 7, 11:16; "Little Bio Man" PG| --B:*, Theater 2: "Manson" (R) -- 7, 10-lB; "No Way Out" (R -- 8:4S. Theater 3: "Wild Party" (R) -- 7-10, 10:28; "Chastity" (R) --9:CB EUENA VISTA 1 "Alroorf '75" (PG) -- 6:15. 10:10; "The Hindenburg" (PG)--7:55. BUENA V I S T A ? "The Man Who Would Be Kino" (PG) -- 7, 9:15. CACTUS "Kilter Elite" IPG) -- 7 , 11:11; "The VVilby Conspiracy" IPG) --9'2ft CATALINA "The Adventures ot Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brollier" (PG) ---7:15, 9:15. CINE AZTECA Calzonzrn Inspector" -- 6'li, 10'02; "Rio Salvale" --8:05. CINEWORLD* Theater 1: "Lies Mv Falhcr Told Me" Theater 2: "Three Days ot the Condor" (R) --4:15, 7:57, v:34. Theater 3: "They Found Allantlu" (G) -- 6:15, 7:57, 9:34. Theater i: "They Found Atlantis" (G) CORONADO "Trapped on Cougar Mountain" (G) -6/30, 10; "Blackboard's Ghost" (G) -EL DORADO 1 "Dog Day Afternoon" (R) -- 7'30 9-55 ELDORADO! "Lucky Lady" (R|_ 7:05,9:15. LA PLACITA Theater 1: "They Found Allanlis" (G) Theater T. "They Found Atlantis" (G) Theater 3: "Torso" (R) -- 5, 8-M. "Texas Chaln'saw Massacre" IR1 -6:40, 10. MIDWAY "Alolia Bobby and Rose", (PG) -- 7, 10:21; "Whitellne Fever" (PG) --3:52. MIRACLE "Blackboard's Ghost" (Gl -- 7, 10:45; "Trapped on Cougar Mountain" (G) -9:07. NEW LOFT "Love and Anarchy" (NR) -- *, 9:30; "Seduction ot Mlmi" (NRJ --8. PARK MALL "Mahogany" (PG) -- 7:«; "Once Is Not Enough" IR) -- 9:40. "The story of O" ( X ) -- 8:25; "The Hapv Hooker" (R) --6:45, 10-15 "Jaws" (PG)--7:30, 9:45. "The Black Bird" (PG) -- 6.-30. 10:15; "The Sunshine Bovs" (PG) -- 8'20 PRINCE "Cover Girl Models" (R) -- 7; "The Araaiers" (R| -- 8:45; "Street Girls" (R) --10:0). RODEO "La Gatila" -- 7. 10:22; "La Muerta Qe Pancho villd" -- 6:46 SHOWCASE CINEMA t "Swept'Away" IR)--7:30, 9:30. SHOWCASE CINEMA t ^ "The Romantic Englishwoman" (R) -TUCSON 4 Theater I: "Torso" (R) --7:10, iO'25; "Texas ChainsasN Massacre" (R) -Theater 2: "Mahogany" (PG) -- 7-05 11:11); "Once is Not Enough" (R)--9:10. Thealer 3: "Fritz the Cat" (R) -- 7; "Nine Lives ol Fritz the Cat" (R) -8:30; "Heavy Traffic" !R1-- 9:50 Theater 4: "They Found Atlantis" (G) -- 7, 10; "The Neptune Factor" (G) -- 22ND STREET "MoM Call Nurses" (R) -- 7; "Candy Stripe Nurses" [ R ) -- B : 3 0 ; "The Young Nurses" (R) --9:50. The rating guide below is used In reference lo the code symbols used in Tucson theater advertisements. II is in conformity with the Motion Picture Code ol Self Regulation. Ratings apply to pictures released after Nov. I, 1968. G --General audience. NR -- Not rated. PG -- Parental guidance suggested R -- Restricted (those under 17 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian.) X -- No one under 17 admitted LOCAL NEWS from the QTucsou Uttiljj QTitizeu on TUCSON'S ALL NEWS STATION radio KTUC 140O TEN TIMES EACH WEEKDAY 7:22 a.m. 7:37 a.m. 8:22 a.m. 8:52 a.m. 11:22 a.m. 11:52 a.m. 12:22 p.m. 4:52 p.m. 5:22 p.m. 5:37 p.m. Tucson Network Stations KCEE (790) -- (NBC) Popular, standard and classical music. 24 hours. KHOS (940) -- (ABC E n t e r t a i n m e n t ) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KHYT (1330) -- (Mutual) Contemporary music. Sunrise to sunset daily. I.'JKX (589) -- (ABC Contemporary). Progressive Rock music. '24 hours. KOPO (1450) -- (CBS) Adult and pop music. Tuesday through Sunday, 24 hours; Monday, 5 a.m. to 12 midnight. KTKT (990) -- ( U P I ) Top 40 Music. 24 hours. KTUC (1400) -- (ABC I n f o r m a t i o n ) News and information programs. Tucson Daily Citi7.cn News, 10 times daily. 20 hours. KUAT (1550) -- ( N P R ) Educational, cultural and public a f f a i r s programs; jazz and classical music. Sunrise to sunset. KUAT-FM (90.5) -- (NPR) -Classical music, news and public a f f a i r s . 6 a . m . to midnight. KWFM-FM (92.9) -- (ABC-FM) Multiplex stereo. Adult contemporary music, special features. 24 hours. Tucson Independent Stations KAIR-FM (95) --Stereo beautiful music, 24 hours K A I R (1490) -- Contemporary good music 24 hours Krnn'n5Ll 96 ' 1) ,r MU " ipIeX SlCrW - A d u K music - KCUB (1290) -- Modern country music. 24 hours KEVT (890) - Spanish language, Latin music. Sunrise to sun- "Religious programs. 6a.rn.-l a.m. daily. St l ren Spanish Ian 8»asc Program. Spanish language, Latin music 6 a.m. to suri- "WORDS OF LIFE" EVANGELISTIC SERVICES Sunday, Feb. 8 thru Friday, Feb. I 3lh 7:30 p.m. Nightly (6 ; 30 Sun.) Children's Message Each Night Rev. George Solomon, Evangelist Rev. Clarence Stogsdill, Poster FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH 201 N. COLUMBUS BLVD. 325-6307 Having Trouble With Car Insurance? · Too Many Citations? · Under-Age? · Financial Responsibility Bond · Driving Under influence · Need SR22 Filing? EASY PA YMENTS -- FAST SER VICE -- SEE KALDENBAUGH Insurance Co. 1.136 E. Broadway Ph. 624-8K41 ANY CARPET CLEANED LIVING ROOM AND §1 A 9 5 ONLY I %J HALL Regardless of Size UVIKG ROOM, DINING ROOM HAIL 29" Sal,ilacr.cn Guaranteed- E«cU)iv* Perma Glo · Piocen Be,,.., Colon CARPET DYED ON THE FLOOR " I V r K I W I CU With Written Guoron.., DAY Of? EVE. CALL NOW fOR f *J 70/1*7 APPOINTMENT I 4 I · f £.\j f . PtBMA.COLOBS, INC. 5963 E. 34th St. J| kssjsssssssssmssssssssssssssssC Instant-Dancing All you need are your feet. MEET NEW PEOPLE WEEKLY DANCE PARTIES OVER 40 GROUP NIGHT CLUB DINNER DANCES MAKE NEW FRIENDS GET ACQUAINTED OFFER 2 Private Hrs. 3 Group Hrs. For* 10.00 Iv76 Town Caunhy Dance Clyb Country DANCE ClUB 7 9 5 - 1 7 3 0 28.SS East S,K-..J.I, ROACHES Exclusive use of the insecticide "KilTmaster IP 1 enables us to oHer 1 year guarantee on ants, roaches, silverfiih and other household insects with but one application. POSITIVE INSECT EXTERMINATOR Complete Insect 4 Pest Control 1044 N. Jerrie Blvd. Ph. 327-7093._i«* 1 Yr. Unconditional GUARANTEE .Home or Business We Service Tucson s Finest Hotels tfesfouranfs and Country Clubs · Serving Tucson 11 Years Locally Owned and-Operated. PAGE 13 it; s tax time. Let us prepare your income tax forms. Stop by--no appointment necessary. 3601 E. Broadway -- El Con Center Call 327-7392 Charge it w i t h Charg-all I Bill ROH SAYS: SOON WE WILL HAVE "BET AM AX" AND NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU HAVE TO MISS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW! Free Spinal X-Rays And Spinal Examinations "LEG PAINS" by Dr. H.C. MENDOZA Chiropractor So many people complain of h a v i n g cramps, numbness, burning or tiredness in their legs that Ihis must be one of the most common conditions seen in Ihe Chiropractic office today. Some of these people seek relief through the use of food supplements, arch supports or other self-adnlinistered methods, nol realizing that the cause of their troubles may well be due to spinal irritation of the nerves controlling leg muscles and circulation and can readily be corroded through Chiropractic care. An examination by your Chiropractor will determine if your leg troubles are due to spinal irritations -- investigate. You are under no obligation. FREE SPINAL X-RAYS NOW THRU FEB. 28 3925 NORTH 1st AVE. 888-O18O MOM.-WED.-FRI. 9 to 6 TUES.-THUR.-SAT. 9 to 12 DEAD PAWN Jewelry cherished by the Indians. Created with a skill that only decades of Indian artists can impart. Brought to you by third generation traders who appreciate the Indian art. USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN INDIAN STORE GIFT SHOP 5870 E. BROADWAY Park Mall, near Sears, 747-0485 An incredible display offered at a savings of 33V3% below the current market value. Open Monday, Wednesday Friday 'til 9 P.M.

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