Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 11
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 11
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6? AftoohA MlrMr.) ». C., May 2fe.~ ___, faclurers of (autom'6'- b*fe$ at* sKowlrig strong efforts to 1 "--"••BiBf 'lelpbjft of bars, according! to .Jtl^ received by government hoISi , yesterday. It appears tin-. ,.ty at'plftiefltthat the dbllaf Value automobile* will teach $540,000,000, hlch was th« approximate Value of Cars exported in 1620. The falling off ftf foreign derrfshd has not been specially heavy,, but seefrta due to the tfej>rassl6ri abf&ad( which followed the •lump of last fall In this country. Th« flgUrlM'fdr the yea'r, so far, ,do Hiflit srittW; HoW many cars were shipped lrt''the fdHSliof- parts for assembling abroad.! T^ffttrfettd toward operation of 1 fictorlen by American corporations in the foreign ' eoiifltfles Is growing, ac* cot-ding to federal officials, and this' is tru« 6'f mabhinery and other mantt- factured products as Well as automobiles. Labor is cheaper in'the for* «i|n nations and American machinery fetid methods ar« used. 'Labot; eJhployea In the foreign branches fit: American corporations, e<Hfl|*etes only with a part of labor in America'Which produces goods for ex- j$|t, tffc«i6S'dlhg to W. W. Husband, assistant secretary of labor. He added 'that goods produced by this Iab6r were, iibt likely to come back into the United States to compete with prod- Hots produced by highly-paid workers In this cbiitttry, |Jn some Itfstahces, factories owned by American Arms in foreign countries pay the .same wage scale as here. It is' maintained by" some authorities that even with the high rate of wages, flrkmen highly-trained and hlghly- , can turn pilt products at a lower Be by means of mass production than is possible abroad, even with Wages far 16wer. Manufacturers are taking far more pains now, it Is said by departmental authorities, to fulfill the preferences of foreign buyers in the matter of body designs and coloring and upholstery. George .F. Viault of the automotive division of the department of commerce, points out that foreign makers are making 'fevery effort to capture the ^,/r'ii^e in their own countries, and are '' following their local trends closely and are taking the business that formerly went to American concerns, except in the case ,of those who are paying strict' attention to those trends. One such trend is the demand In countries which have cars -with right- hand drive. In some countries, according to Mr. Viault, the Importation of left-hand drive cars is prohibited. Another trend noted is a constant do- crease in the use of solid tires on trucks. Machinery exports are holding up remarkably well and foreign demand for foodstuffs, especially wheat, is ex' peeled to increase, because of the unfavorable crop conditions existing in •ome foreign countries. Some merchants are advocating increased tourist traffic abroad on the part of Americans, saying that much of the money spent by travelers comes back to this country in payment for American exports. INVITE PRESIDENT TO PITTSBURGH MEETING i • . WASHINGTON, D. C., May 29.— President .and Mrs. Hoover were incited yesterday to attend the 1931 iwlnter meeting of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers association iwhlch will be held In Pittsburgh, Pa., •ometlme during January, the exact date depending upon when Mr. Hoover can be present. A The invitation was taken under ad' MLnment with every assurance it will >pe^given consideration next fall, when ,th* president's winter speaking program Is made. It was explained at the White House that no definite engagements are being made now for next year. Loo R. Sack, Washington correspondent of a Pittsburgh newspaper, submitted the invitation on behalf of William N. Hardy, manager of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers association. It won accompanied by letters from Hardy^ and Harold D. Jacobs. Should Mr. Hoover accept, it will be his first speech-in Pittsburgh smco he became president, and it will be regarded as of political significance, coming at a time when his campaign for renomlnatlon will be getting well under way. SOFT EFFECTS. Flowered chlfforl 'frocks for formal •ummer wear achieve soft effects by use of floating panels, draped bodices, •Wide, crushed girdles and circular tapes and flounces. Itraf Swedish match king, known as the "mystery man of finance," made hli first $60 in 1900, selling a lot In Chicago, where- he; dealt briefly Jrt real estate. He is one of the world's -richest men. ENGLISH TEACHERS IN RUSSIA WILL BE AIDED RIGA, May 29.—Lady Muriel Paget arrived here today on her way to Moscow, where she intends to establish a home for women teachers of English in Russia. There arjs about 150 of these teachers who are living .in straightened circumstances and are unable to leave Russia. Lady Muriel has collected a largo sum for her project, and has obtained the consent o)f the soviet government to establish and maintain the home. (Copyright) 103Q, by New York Sun.) Easy to keep ^ hands lovely "REAL FOLKS" Headliner M ISS VIRGINIA FARMER says that she has learned a delightfully simple way to keep her hands soft and smooth and she wants to tell you about it. You know,' she plays the part of Aunt Martha Thompkina in the popular radio program ''Real Folks" which is broadcast every Monday night at 9:30 over station WJZ or KDKA. Probably you've heard her friendly voice over the air. Now try her beauty suggestion: Miss Farmer says: "I have found that there is nothing better than,plain 'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly to keep my hands in perfect condition. A light film of it applied after washing the hands is usually sufficient, but in case of chapping or special dryness I advise you to use it more generously at night and wear cotton or silk gloves to bed. "Even one such treatment make the hands wonderfully soft and smooth. 'Vaseline' Jelly is fine for the manicure, too—keeps the cuticle smooth and unbroken. Do try it." Give a BERMAN GIFT of Quality They Will Welcome a Lifetime JEWELRY GIFT Gift Suggestions For Her Diamond King Diamond Necklace Diamond Bracelet Wrist Watch Blrtlutone Ulntr Compact Toilet bet MesU Uutf Leather Bugs Costume Jewelry Pen * I'encil hut Kodak Gift Suggestions For Him Diamond Ring Diamond Scurf I'In Diamond Cuff Buttons Wrist Watch Hlrtlistono King : I'eu & I'encil Set i Bill Folder 1 Clsur Lighter Brush Set Cigarette Cute Pocket Watch Kodak CASH OU CltKUI'C HERMAN'S 1311 Eleventh Ave. Est. Since 1900 Mlrfdr.) May 40.-^The eight-day Wtert«iv6 blvoUAc and tftctlcfti maneuvers for the graduating class o'f 1930, of the TJrllted'States Army cdtlege',' At B"6rt itlleyi Kana., was completed Tuesday bf. thta week, a meirtber of the class, First Sergeant Warren L. McKlnhey of troop 6, 104th cavalry, write* in a letter received here today. individual class averages will be compiled ngxt -week and names of graduate* made known'.. Diplomas will be awarded'June 12, at ft formal exer» else In collegiate hall. It la probable that the address will be given by General John J. Pershlng, noted A. E3. P. commandeP, wrio is himself a graduate of Fort ftlley and welcomes the privilege of again returning to his alma mater. The graduating class of picked men, each, representing a state of the union by choice of the secretary of war, average in the N recent bivouac from thirty-flve to forty miles dally in six hours riding of their horses, and despite the intensive character of train- Ing every man seemed to derive pleasure from the Instruction imparted. The Scope is both advanced and progressive. -The regular 2nd cavalry, stationed during peace time at Riley, assisted In ihe tactical problems. Final class averages will be announced following the remount competitions of the toeek of graduation, ,*f iMvfauiltf tfasefl rtol 4 ikAtf JuUfcdTJtMttf** UttMJLfr /t* ICI out ffCftaenllCi wOrK. \yt atudanU-^M rSatri'cu- ..6 College With tfie class of 'a*«i, better*4natt line-third of lite htfmbet has been drotfpM Borne nnabte td stand ttiS physical strain and others unable to make the required graa& ' the schedule fof the remaining days of 'thl* Week include two night rides and one ttfgfft Endurance march; standard irta&S competitive contest and. a school remount preliminary. Members who, perform in the graduation remount cbfrtp'etitlo'nd and the steeplechase,events, including the local man, are also expected to devote such spare time as they may have fof the development of these events. Large planstwere made for the night endurance march because the class will travel by"" night over strange routes. The problem had been' further complicated in that the instructors havj supplied inaccurate maps and thus'force the class to determine for themselves the x correct rtiutes and proper procedures. The sector traversed is In the region 'of the Kansas river. Remount competitions will feature graduation week. Two classes will compete, the advanced officers and, the advanced non-commissioned officers The scoring is based on a consideration of 400 points, and eleven minutes are allowed In which to complete the movements prescribed, fifty In all. Participants break and train their own A PICTURE FOR ENTIRE FAMILY "COURAGE " arid Are gradftft aft of matt artd Beast. f na judging (a done by th« colTege boara of review, the head ofxtfhteh, the tamp cbmmatfdant, is a flttilled horseman and scienced fldW. ThB remount competitions -win ft&ver a otie week period, beginning June 8 and ending Jufie 11. A special class in facing, a member of which IS the local guafdsm6,ri, *lli likewise feature the concluding events of graduation week for the class of 1930. NAVf MAN ON VISIT*. . • M. P. Heiss, member of the United States navy and son of M. H. Keiss of 1504 Crawford avenue, is in the city on a flfteert-day furlough off the U. S. S. Arkansas now stationed at AnHapolls. He'will make a midshipman cruise to Germany, France, Scot* land and Norway this summer. Heiss was enlisted for navy duty at the AU toona recruiting station about thirty months ago and is now a shipfltter, third class. IQMtlt ItJA* Id* S. Crlssliriftfl Of &22 tfnfon avMftre appeared at the police statton yesfefday, afteftfttMt and positively identified Robert Henderson a* one of the men Who waylaid, assaulted and robbed him last Saturday Sight on Beale avenue. Henderson, on the other hand, denies all knowledge of the affair and maintains his innocence* The police have not yet succeeded in locating the othre Suspect. Hearing of the case before Alderman George F. Kolley will be deferred for ft day or two pending the effort to locate the other man. Sloan's Liniment $ A/I Excuf tion •UUNEXT Round Trip SUNDAY and Memorial Day 3 Pittsburgh EXCURSION -TRAIN , Lv. Altoona 6.46 A. M. Rctnrnlnf Lv. Plttsbnrth 7.25 P. M. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD «H 9-PIECE WALNUT DINING ROOM SUITE This lovely walnut veneered suite consisting of China, Buffet, Extension Table and six Chairs including host. Well made and nicely finished throughout. Special low prices on all Living Room, Dining Room, Bedro and Kitchen furniture. United Furniture Co ADVERTISED <>%«• r«i , ^* FRIENDLIES' FURNITURE Just Off Eleventh Ave. TERMS f* 115 Shiart Hand Bags 1 Ucnulne leather In the new pouch and under the arm Htylcs. Mirrors and coin purse. Exceptional value! Rayon Bloomers PO9C \ssorted colors iid sizes In dainty miles . . . every one a truly worth while value at this special price. Chambray Work Shirts 45C Itluo Is tlio color. 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REMNANTS Two Low Priced Groups Fine Crepe de Chines, printed tub silks and a variety of others, priced the yard at Plain Georgettes, Crepes, in orchid, pink, blue, red, white and rose col- IJQ — ors WASH FABRICS At Thrift-Appealing Prices Printed Dimity, 36 inches wide. Flowered designs. Tubfast. Per OA yard £tv C Printed Batiste, so crisp and sheer. 36 inches wide. Semi-transparent. OA_ Per yard <•«/C Tubfast Voile, ideal (or summer frocks. Lovely pastel shades. 36 inches'1 A_ wide. Per yard 1 3FC Glorio Cloth, tubfast and mercerized. Print patterns. 36 inches OP wide. Per yard -.-.. OO* Printed Pique, for sport frocks and en sembles. Tubfast. 36 inches OQ wide. Per yard • • • • • «J«* V Tubfast Broadcloth, in print patterns. 36 inches wide. Lustrous fin- "Irt- ish. Per yard 0«7C Plain Shantung, with mercerized cottoi weave like silk shantung. 36 inches wide. Per yard .... Percales, in springtime print patterns 36 inches wide. Tubfast. Per 1 Q yard 15C MONTGOMERY WARD & Co 1117 Sixteenth Street Phone 8141 Altoona, Pa*

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