Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 13
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Ship Arrivals, (Camlet er Mamie ACTIYC VEISILS m rorr r-roOKYBIe Olor) ·area »J3» tBae ·aleares IMor* Mraarrflcr (Nor) Bando* (Burl Burma (Norl - SirrjrJ |Nor ·ru» . HI national Metal Air. I San Fr«n- land «.» Ce. »~ I Cmturt - _ . l» I VI Ca Aar. taU««r hiteroctii L-. Aor. 1 ta Havre L Tearing Ca. Aar. I Fl Fioar» CS.n Gainei Mil (Tkrl late Oittarl* (BO ·nil* (Phftl «iB«nd ITkrJ Wcrmacland i^rj^^rr JBi.- - im. t » I Frrt CISCT lint X»« Frtl OHM tin* _17J OS.t tin. _ lt-1 Columtan Unr Aor ADT. 1 i*n frm. ' r. 1 i*n « £ rwv *ar. 2 ·»·»**·* __ _ __Aer. 1 Oaktani 221 F«* U*ch. * Tc» Co Apr. I l»ort Ortorrj 231 MWXM 04 T*r*et- C*. Aar. 1 fen Fr«n. .IM U^lcnim Lint - ~ - - itf inTon« ytca C« . . . . . . -- . ^l Konti.tit Tmut * Shra. ACT. O I Maritim* C« of PK'l _Acr. 1 . Hill CMarvair Snn Cora. -Aor. I Roman* . . 1 San Fran. 14* aioort McCerm«ck. 1 ... » ?J ATHK. Pro. Line __ -- U S C«lm*r Lin* _ 11-77 Tritoa Shicona Co. , . .10 1LV..C Ln« .-LB-71 "R- Lin* _ _ _ - J K*oo« -Aor. 4 *M Dmo _Aor. 2 San Fran Aor. 1 Kicin _Aor. t K«« Yert ~Aar, t Yokohama BLAST By Keith Wellington WE MUST HOT U££ SIGHT OF THE FACT WtVE KlU . SOME CPVXiS «iHsCK!NS.' IH OtKK TO CCCEECT TWS SITUATION, 1O A951SM V30 SOME HOMEWORK.' EHUSTED MAN mt b£S?VlC£ OF vus e»i«v. »arl I IMI INOEPENOENT-f « 3 « 8-5 President's Club lo Honor Kennedy WASHLNGTOM (UPI) -- |«th birthday. President Kennedy Monday The affair will be spon- icccpted an invitation to at- sored by the President'* dub tend a party in New Yorit'of K*=? V«* as a Democratic City May 25, celebrating his fund-raising event. VeMl tern Feror« CUbl 21J .. _ trs The Oceanic 11 Co. -Aor. I San Fran. 155 » V.aL tine Aor. 1 San Fran. 9 Htftmian Une *nr j san Fran. IB 7 Tarwan Miv. Co. Aor. 1 San Fran. ~~ Pac. Far Cast tint Aor. t San Fran. r.enr« aic. Aor. HNS MONCAT Fram Ocerator Diaka Fercre re. Y»rt ·' -- L.B. Acquires Water Firm I HadlLoatera Crt ZOl - Hamtun tvalleniut Unt wrrartlma Ham (Jao) · ~ . . . Seib Soto - _^_Tsan Dl«go tma t+r» _ ,, Aor". 1 San Fran. . Stectton KulK Food Omen me. Aor. * Ian Juan tttand I Do«n fTkrl J:; Vancouver Wash. Marine Transot. tjrie . Aor. a Freeoerli FTYlng A avasnington fTkr 143 A*on Tidewater OU Ca. Aor. Z Avon VttStti CUJ TO XltrvE TODAY Frem Oaerater _San Fran. «. Cerman Ltoyd . Due ta SaJ Fer Veisel lira Blankeiuleia (Ger IB U ... OmtelOvt 0ut) IX ,,.. San Fran. Hcnanl Amer. tine Aor. a tendon Frances Salman IS«d) tB S3 Powell River Canada* Oi/H tine Aor. I Port Albemlr Mariwerda ftitt-Tkr) tB-i:a . .. Carteeena Ctianern ttd. ,. hidH. 1 pini'opine imanjmn) no-o Yokonama o. ot pti.i ACT. pt._caiene Quinney; Fairacres president. Avenue. j The water The list of Long Beach's ( supplied watertoaresidentiil'orjj. remiining, , , ,,. rwrately o^^ea water com- section bounded generally byi Long Beach ire two small mu- panies went out of existence south Street. California Ave-;tual assodations. Monday a j the Muruapal Water Department took over the Fairacres water system and jbegaa serving its 730 customers. President Ross E. Hall of nue. Market Street and Locust BLUER TENANTS look jfor jtxir "For Rent" ads in Dial Choose frota ccof Icte line of the WALKER'S IIELVRING AID CENTER HE 2-7151 WALKER'S, -Ilh Pine wl « r far I0r handed a f rt VLT p tO W. K. (T«n a TretleOTen Nor» t* Ventura (Nor) tB * Yarkmar Anc. .Honolulu Marine Transit, tme . . Aor. 2 SToctlon _.._^ -- Cae Cilmar tlr« .; 10 complete the transfer of Navy Ships in Pori Today AsWaoula Bella Orove -Bennef _^TM »!ac* E rvce Canvcn uckley. Denni* J. _.. Bjrtenuit Fe^i Cacaoon Bett Cc ».ti.l Erten E. H27, Esteem ' Pier IM'lians. F. E. . ~BuS»"J. 7 Fet»!e!er I Stewart Fortitv _ em Vi'ovars *,,--?-, Pier e _ Cunninoham. Affred A. . Oertl i Hrvn _ » n Hector Until May 1. customers will continue to get service at the old rate of $130 a month in effect since 1930. Then.the J^7cost will go up to $230 per per IMmonth. General Manager " F ' eLi' Brennan S. Thomas an- Fellowi Slew art nounced. r " T "? Fairacres wis founded in »:1923. years before its service in North Long Beach pier E. HM became a part of the city. It ' P'er * trrroenrou* . Shoulders and "' _ . ,f.kl W l * r is Acne? ^ ·' Ii'-r I 1 MAKE JIOXEY any '"through Classified ads! time Sell no-longer-used items for cash. MORE DENTAL CARE for O.A.S. PENSIONERS Visit Or. Cowen's for complete tnfornutJon ibout thi Expanded DcrrUI C«rt PrCfrjm »hkh now includes DENTAL PLATES and a!] brioches of Dentistry under re* Old Age Security regu!«tiorti. DR. COAIN IS AUTHORIZE*) tt IIYI IMUIDUTE SERVICE for 1. 1 Say luraBitions 2. Ctittl Pltti 1. Ciati! PUtt These seririces til tt f t t - tidid upon prisectatiBn cf j:ar O.A.S. Ucitficition Crd. No i;poiittment rttiti Downtown long Beach 107 WEST BROADWAY Corrtr of Fine. CppcsJti Suffunts Phone HE 6-7241 UPHOLSTERY SALE! FREE DECORATOR PILLOW 9-PC SUITE Wirt Eock Free Erfimrtt TM * ^^ * i Recovered As low As FREE! B I OOOO OCCASIONAL CHAIR UPHOLSTERED »itk 2-Pc, Suite Upholstered ciu n »nt CARPET ·- 1 - " l " ItlTUC--II !·«! DRAPFR'F.S 3n ii. in In. TERMS Includes Material and Labor Free Pickup and DeCvery C-Ul FOI lilt ESTIU'TE GA 2-0966 GA 3-5576 AFTtt t TM. CMJ. TC 1-K3 BERGEN'S INTERIORS" FACTOXT SHOWItOOJII Mor«_ »to.. rit TX i P.M 5201 No. Long Beach Blvd. Open 9 to 6; Classd Sit i i i I I Leg __ ___ »: _______ Pier E. »13« LONG BEACH -- Poor c _ joira pjms tiricox veins, hardened 0 Bnen -- ..... ------- »oinr» 4 4 1 i SI. Pier 1 _.Todd Shpvtt. Dtxtor OP finalizes the systems c-f ouoi,r« the Kx!y ly fcrj different application f',J of treatment, assists pains to !eive!£i l joints, cnsclei reTax. circdatjoa re-] ^ ncnt* CDngestisa, nerve* quiet dci-n, | Soncidw' "ZZHH better sleep, tSestre to »'ork again.jT^M»^..'~'~~"'~ T For appointment call GE 8-2405, Ds.' rSS^ iov"7H~ Duncan. D.C Offices 2 SO 1 E.' w^^LTTIZi: O_^ s^ - " jaUilkiRjon ..'. COAXIJ. · Alison, a ». -- -- tCOMlESPiv vq . :W ~rz_; i»ii T I i KSY _.i-K Announcing American's "Wife Vacation Plan" SURE-FIT SALE! SPECIAL FACTORY PURCHASE OF LUXURY AUTO SEAT COVERS! For a KmTied Hme enFy. SURE-FIT offers you a $10.07 savTng on your cfioTce of cITsftncHve woven, p?astlc t JilgV ItnacHy Jet ipun rnofenals. Fi mosf con, most , campactt loo! 2 or 4 door con. '**»»»»»*»»»»»»»*»»»*»»»»*»*»*»»**»»»»»»* S^SAVEHO 07 FITS MOST CUSANQ won COMPACTS V T83 »C« JUrt SlftTT ian ii TIUI us. it sun TI nt THIM. a T83 ten un. TCU itiur SHSW.I ui n tiorr IWIT. CHOOSI MOM JJ COLO*!. WtTU TO VHAl tUC«U WITH PUIC* lELtASE. it MIX. INSTAUATIOH »T*aani $ 3 99 EA. .»»»»»»»f»»»»*»»*»»*»»f*»*»»»»**»»»*»»**» W« accept an major cad oil ce. credit ccraV Opei 8-^Fri. «-* esher isji. Closed Sunday. LONG BEACH 538 Long Beach Blvd. HE 5-7447 IJBST NOITH OF SEAM] SIITICE -- KO A?fO!KTutrr CGMHOI III] lort. lot EMC* Hit RE I !!( Take your wife first class for half-fare (and the kids,too) -pay less than you would for jet coach. tr/L TI I-TII1 AIAHtlM lixabi «t Etotlmt Ft (-:U) For years now, througfi various "family plans." *e've tried to convince men that a real vacation for their famines is not onJy a worthwhile expense--but net even much of an expense. Now we'vs given up on the men. Its the woman with rugs to vacuum and beds to nuKe and kids to get off to school that we should have b««n teSir^ ts s2 s!or.g. So. our Wife Vacation PUn. (A word ta the men: this new plan isn't Just for vacation travel. You can take the wife along or. a busv ness trip and still eet the saving.) The whole Idea is that we charge onry half-fare fsr wives and children on our first class accommodations with all the trimmings. (Including filet mijnon or lobster or whatever our chefs showing off wilh that day, beverages, spacious armchairs, everything.) Since we've given up on the men. we're stilt charging them full fare. But the total for your entire famiry-for first class and all that ?c« v-n. 1 * it--is lj«er than jet coach. This goes for all tt.» far j«ay p'ace. Shat American serves: CaHfomia, Ne» York, 'tx3S. tr name a few. And the plan appties every diy excep*. Surrey. How much are we talking about Ur doHars? Here are a few examples of one-way savings tor · husband and wife using the Wife Vacation Flan. fnn ,,, Firtt Between Los Angeles N. f. Wi1« Vacation Planfa'a- JUS.Ji 79479 2 S3 3 5 SavtnffS ovtf fra Class tti. n 98 2O ».«i jetCaacD i;^» f «3 »«i And rem*mb«r you wr» Uke the kids f«t clas* for halt (are. toa For further infomvition phons American or your travel agent. Now we're waiting to see who we get the phone calls from, husbands or wives.

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