The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 22, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1906
Page 1
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f IHE CHILLICOTHE C ITUTION. VOL. XVII NO. ^',(2 . That is too bad! Been coming out O OfM/T /—^/YJ?* for a longtime, has il? So much the O//'W A.JLL&.II! worse! But it is not so bad as it might *J be, for you can stop this falling, and you can stop it quickly, too! There is one remedy, just one—Ayer's Hair Vigor. It stops falling hair, cures dandruff, and keeps the scalp clean and healthy. We speak from long experience. J r Av " rC °-- J. C. AycrCo., Lowell. WHEN YOU ARiGETTING GLASSES Get them riirht. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache ami ICyeatrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDK OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, SUR-GEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Hose Throat Practice devoted to Sui'ifei-y and Diseases of the Eye, liar Nose, Throat. Special attention jjiven to surgery of the Eye, Nose uml Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North side So.. I'lionus *Saml 31-' Telegraph Positions Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Railroad offering a station in Daviess county," Mo., salary $50 a month at first. No question about opportunities. Enroll any day. Maupin's College "TEb POSITION SCHOOL" Chillicothe, Mo. *»»*»«*****«*«*»««**»»«*** n * £ Society and Clvibs 5 Anna Hurxthal was the recipient or a dainty compliment on the part of a numerous friends in the shape of a hose shower, Saturday raoraing. The shower was an incident to a mofning card party given by Miss Adah Taft. The guest-* at the function played five hundred and enjoyed a delicious threa-course luncheon. As the guest of honor passed from the dining 10001 to the parlor the shower descended on her from a James Barnes and William Summers became involved in a quarrel while trading horses in Highview, Friday evening, and Summers shotBarnes twice through megaphone suspended over the door. tit. Thi following Chillicotheans left Saturday morning for Camp Girdner in Jackson township where they will spend Saturday and Sunday: Messers and Mesdames L. M. Girdner, Will Rensch, R. L. Pitts; Misses Brownfleld; Messrs. Roy Clark, Joe Shirley and Dr. bell. + t t + 4- •*> The first meeting of the Domes-; tic Science club.for the club year I will beheldTuesday at thehome of | Mrs. J. V. Ramsey. The course of j study mapped out for the current I year is one of especial interest, ; and it is particularly desired that there be a large attendance at the first meeting. TWO MEN WOUNDED-IN HIGHVIEW FRIDAY NIGHT. James Barn- s And William Summers Became Involved in a Quarrel— Former Was Shot Twice. the right leg. Charles Drake, a bystander, was accidentally shot through the right foot. Both the wounded men were placed in a wagon and taken to the offices of Drs. Girdner and Perry. Dr. Perry who attended Barnes stated that he was shot twice in the right leg near the hip. His condition is not serious. Barnes and Summers had been out on a horse trading expedition through the country all day Friday and had returned to the home of Barnes' brother-in-law, Elmer Howell, and had put the horses in , the barn. They were standing by Tom Camp- | the barn talking to a number of neighbors When the quarrel started. It is alleged that Summers pul- A burglar tore the screen from a window at the home of Wayne Haddock, South Cherry street, about 10:30 Friday night but was scared away before he gained entrance into the house. The police were notified 'but the man made his escape. A Jefferson City dispatch announces that Miss Josephine Jourdan of Chillicothe has been granted a five-year state teacher's certificate. Stops itching instantly. Curce piles, eczema, salt rheum, tetter, itch, hives, herpes, scabies — Doan's Ointment. At any drug store. led his revolver and began firing before Barnes had time to use any weapon, After shooting Barnes twice Rummers began shooting in every direction and it was one of these stray bullets which went through Drake's foot. The bystanders rushed In on Summers as soon as they could but he escaped to his home in Highview. About ten o'clock he call up Sheriff Yeomans over the telephone and gave himself up. The sheriff went after his prisoner and placed trim in jail. Up to a late hour this afternoon there had been no warrant issued against Summers charging him with the shooting. Prosecuting Attorney Taylor stated that he had not thoroughly investigated the case and he would not ask for the warrant until he had. Barnes was able to bo up town Saturday afternoon walking around on the streets. THATWHE/S V/E DOMTNEED ANYTHING ELSE IN CLoTHES U/E NEED GLOVES- GLOVES MAKE A PERSON LOOK AND FEEL SO MUCH PIORE COMFORTABLE YOU KNOWTHflT OLD GLOVES LOOK 5/NJDf: WELL DRE55ED PfOPLf flRETftRTJCl'LAR A- 6OUT GLOVES £• OTHER LlTTLFTrilNGS. BUSIER BROM /*\ARY JftMES CLOVE* Wo. 37. MANY MEN CAN AFFORD THE LITTLE LUXURIES OF DRESS BUT ARE REALLY TOO CARELESS TO GET THEM. A GOOD PAIR OF GLOVES NOT ONLY KEEP THE FRoST OFF YOUR FINGERS BUT HELP TO PUT ON A GOOD APPEARANCE. A FRAYFD NECKTIE, ABROKEN COLLAR, A WoRN-oUT PAIR OF CUFFS OR A SOILED HANDKERCHIEF WILL KNOCK THE SHINE OFF OF A SWELL SUIT OF CLOTHES. A GOOD SHIRT WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD FRONT. WE CAN SUPPLY YOU—NOT ONLY VITH SUITS AND OVERCOATS BUT EVERY THING YOU WEAR UNDER THEM. SUPPOSE YOU LOOK AT OUR 25 AND 50C LINE OF NECKTIES," OUR $1.00 AND $1.50 LINE OF SHIRTS, OUR 25C, 50C AND $1.00 LINE OF HOSIERY, OUR $1.00 AND $1.50 LINE OF GLOVES, OUR 40C To §2.50 LINE OF UNDERWEAR. WE CAN FURNISH YOUR BODY AND MAKE JT FIT ^ ]?n E CLOTHING CO S 10 UVE JNf v ' ' V WILL CLOSE TONIGHT. Grace Hayward and her company will close their engagement at the Luella tonight by presenting that old famous play, "T«o Orphans." A fair sizad audience witnessed the "Little Minister" Friday night and was highly pleased with the production. Miss Hay ward and her company have made good with theatre-going public of Chillicothe and if the company ever returns to Chillicothe they will be greeted with a large audience. . *«—•-•—^ BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING The board of health held a meeting in the office of the president, Dr. A. J. Simpson, Friday night. The sanitary condition of the city was discussed and the board ordered the health officers to notify a few merchants who sweep the rubbish from the store into the alleys to place it in a box and haul it away. AFTER RUNAWAY BOY " Chief Dorney received a card from Chief Hayps of Kansas City Saturday morning asking Dorney to keep a lookout for a runaway boy by the name of Paul Kennedy. The card gave a full description of tlie boy who is 13 years old and weighing about 100 pounds. DEATH OF INFANT CHILD The infant child of -Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson (colored) of Jackson township died Friday night. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at two o'clock. Burial waa made in the Tiberghein cemetery, HASHADir/tDDITIONS, Since the Rev. J. Frank Smith has been pastor of the First Bap, list church eighteen additions I have been.made to that church. ' Announcement is made today of a revival meeting soon to begun by Rev. Smith and his congregation. BAPTiSTsTTiiAVE REVIVAL. Roy. Joe f. "jWobg and wife formerly witb 5 chapel car 'l^tes- senger of, Pwj^e'*' will assist in a protracted iuo0tiyi£ at fch.0 J^ptist chiircl} jjegraiiirjg lafce }g LADY MACCABEES INITIATE i The Lady Maccabees at thoir regular meeting Friday evening initiated four new members and, balloted on five candidates for in- I itiation. Mrs. George Parish and Mrs. Beal of Ottumwa, Iowa, were guests of the order. After the lodge Jwork was completed refreshments consisting of icecream and eike were servud. After luncheon the tables were cleared away and the ladies spent several hours dancing and in pleasant conversation. Mrs. Parish and Mrs. Boal former members of this hive but now members of the Ottumwa order delivered addresses before the lodge. They spoke very highly of the local order and were very grateful to its members for giving initiatory work and a banquet in their honor. The Lady Maccabee lodge is considered on of the largest auxiliary lodges in tho city. Its membership is now over the hundred mark and there is hardly a meeting night that from two to four new members are not initiated. A number of tho members have moved from this city to other places but the ranks are ailing up as they leave. MAYTiTuFREFINERY CONSTITUTION Special. Chicago. Sept. 22—The strike by Standard Oil employees threatens to tie up tho Standard Oil refinery at Whiting, Ind. The strikers this mjrning fought men who tried to take their places. A complete tie-up is expected Monday. OLD TIME SOCIAL The Old Time social given by the Endeavor society of the Christian church, at the home of J. L. Boyle, Friday night was well attended, and all enjoyed the old time hospitality. Refreshments of doughnuts and coffee were served and the society received a neat sum, which will be used toward the support of an orphan boy in a Damoah Indian, school. REPAIRING HOME. L. H. Gould and family have moved from their home on West Bryan street to the Gu.nby house west of .their place until some repairs are made. Mr. Gould will have a new store foundation placed under his house and will have it repainted and papered. 10 TICKET BIG DEMOCRATIC KANSAS CITY FREE FOR ALL Will be Held iu Convention Folk, Bryan and Ston^the Speakers-Hilf Kata Granted. Judge W. N. Evans, chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee, has written John H Taylor, chairman of tho- Livingston county committe, urging that ats many Democrats as can attend the opening meeting of the Democratic campaign at Kansas City on September 20. Judge Evans announces that no tfcket of admission will be required and all who come will be made welcome, and there will be room Dr. R. E. Chafftn of Avalon was in the city Friday on business. THINrTOF IT! This Pretty Matron Had Headachi and Backache—Her Condition Was Serious. RELIEF IN PE-RUJSUL for all. The meeting is to be held in the Convention hall, and the speakers will be Governer Joseph W. Folk, William J. Bryan of Nebraska and United States Senator W. J. Stone. The railroads have granted a rate of one fare for the round trip, and it is likely that this low fare.. together with the arrangements that have been made for the comfort of those who attend, will cause many to go fromChillicotho. MAYREBUILollORIVIAL _,President Alien Moore of tho Chillicothe Normal returned Friday night from Stanberry where he wont to confer with the, citizens of that place in regard to rebuilding the Stanbcrry Normal which burned Thursday morning. No definite arrangements were made in regard to the rebuilding of the Normal. Mr. Moore will return to Stanberry next week whare he will meet with a committee when the matter will bo definitely settled. Prcs. Moore stated Saturday that school would be opened Monday morning in an old sanitarium building until it was definitely settled what would be done. A number of students left for their homes immediately after the fire and if all of them will return it is likely the structure will bo rebuilt, MISS CRUTGHER A BR!DE Saturday afternoon's mail brought a surprise to Mr. J. N. Crutcher in the shape of a loiter announcing the marriage of his sister, Miss Linnic Crutchor, to Mr. W. J. Mclntosh at Chickasha, I. T., last Sunday evening. Miss Crutcher visited her brother here for several weeks this summer. She had gone to Chickasha intending to teach. Her relatives had expected her to be married to Mr. Mclntosh bu 1 -, not so soon. BRYAN MODIFIES IT AGAIN. Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 21.— The reception of W. J. Bryan in Birmingham today fell short of (the attendance that has marked mcETING Al his other visits to this city. The returned traveler was greeted cordially along the route of tho pa- u j rade, but the crowds were much smaller than expected. Mr. Bryan, was delayed nearly two hours in reaching jthe city by a small wreck at Iron City, Ala. Mr. Bryan suggested that the Democrats should take out a patent on their platform, as RepuD- licans were stealing their issues. Regarding government ownership he said: "All I ask is that when you crit- icise my platform you know what you are criticising. Some people, when they cannot answer an argument, misstate it. I am afraid that is what has been done with regard to what I said in. New York. I said tnat I favor effective legislation, but if the law cannot be applied, then I favor government ownership." Mr. Bryan and his party left at 10:20 o'clock for Jackson, Miss., where they will spend Saturday and Sunday. HOGSSTRONGTo¥GHER CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Sept. 22—The live stock market for today,as reported by Clay, Robinson & Co., was as follows: Cattle—Receipts 300; market unchanged. Hogs—Receipts 5,000; strong to 5c higher; bulk S6.35 to S6.45; top S6.-17J--J. REPORTED THAT HE AND CABINET WILL RESIGN Armed Intervention by United States Expected to Follow—Funston Off for Havana. CONSTITUTION Special Havana, Sept. 22.—It was asserted this morning by a congressman who is close to the adminis- traton that President Palma and his cabinet would resign today, and that armed intervention on part of the United States is expected to follow Palma's resignation. Washington, Sep. 22—Ships have been secured to take troops to Cuba. General Funston leaves tonight for Havana to assume command. Seven thousand insurgents before Havana threaten to attack the city if the government continues throwing up intrenchments. Chicago, Sept. 22—Cattle—Receipts 200; market unchanged Hogs—Receipts 7,000; market strong'.to'Sc higher. THE MONGOLIA AFLOAT. Honolulu, Sept. ?!.—The steamer Mongolia, which went ashore on Midway island, was floated at S o'clock today. It is expected to reach here under its own steam. No attempt has been made to recall the Restorer by wireless telegraph, as it is believed ifs services may yet be needed. WILL PLAYUTICA. The North End Wild Cats will play the Utica baseball team at the north end park Sunday afternoon. The teams have played two games each taking a game. Sunday afternoon's contest will be the deciding game. GEN. JAMESlTHILL DEAD. Richmond, Va., Sept. 21.—Gen. James C. Hill, a distinguished officer and the first railway commissioner of Virginia, died at his homo in Scottsville today, aged seventy-six. Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TFeWATTON STUDIO Headache Facts Eighty-six out of every one hundred people have headaches. Over half of these have them at frequent intervals A harmless remedy that costs little and actually cures is worth reraomberinif. Dr. Wolf's Headache Cure is a purely scientific preparation that cures without the possibility of harm. Pleasant to take and prompt in results. Price, 10 and 25 cents. Clark's Pharmacy ..Henrietta Building- CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. 99 Eleventh street, Milwaukee. Wis. dizzy spells which grew worse month. I trled^two remedies Perana, and was discouraged took the first dose, but t>y courage BOOH returned. In less than two months SOCIAL WELL ATTENDED. The Women's Industrial society of the Christian church held its regular bi-monthly reception, Friday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. J. W. Jarrel, on East Polk street. Refreshments were served and a nice musical program rendered. Rev. Sturges of the First Methodist church, gavo an excellent readine, that was greatly enjoyed by all present. The ladies netted about nine dollars. ITS~DraE¥T¥oW. From tint Bronfc/lfld r;n/.i'tt'.-. A Blue Mound township, Livingston countv, team was sold the other day for S150, and yet it has not been so many years since it was thought that horses had about gone out of fashion, and that amount would have purchased a whole herd of horses. Tlnif "PUBLIC. , I desire the citizens of Chillicothe to visit the Normai at any time, but especially at our chapel service at nine a. m. You will see the largest school that the Normal has ever had in September. d jfc Respt., Allen Moore. The reason for so"inany failures to euro cases similar to the above lai IM -i fact that diseases PELVIC DISEASE pecu i iar to the NOT RECOGNIZED pelvic organs are , AS ! CATARRH. I not commonly recognized as being cansed by catarrh OatirrH ct one organ IB exactlythe earners catarrh of any other organ- catarrh Sun- THE WEATHER Fdir and cooler tonight, day fair. For a mild, easy action of the bowels, a single dose of Doan's Regulots is enough. Treatment cures habitual constipation. 25 cents a box. Ask your druggist Copyright 1006 ' The House of Kuppenheimer A Well-known Business Man talking to a friend said, "One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes I know exactly how they will look—whether the cut, style and material will be becoming or not. I have often selected material from the piece or from samples in a tailor shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble of trying on more than once;" Clothes made by the House of Kuppenheim- er offer a wide range for selection both in fabric and style. There is individuality about every Kuppenheimer garment—an elegance in material and fit which imparts an air of distinction to the wearer. We have a large assortment for your inspection. W. F. STARKEY Successor to CARPEXTSR A STARKEY.

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