Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 14
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|Q^ S -^Believe h orMrf/ i A LIFE MASK : BEING MADE ON THOMAS JEFFERSON IM IB2E; A YEAf5_ 8EFORE HIS DEftTH, DRIED TOO GUJICKLV AMD HAD TO BE REMOVED'WITH A CHISEL /WD MALLET \ ^CAMERfl AWRKETED \ IN PRANCE |V IN 1882 A/4S SHAPED ilfte A PISTOL FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope and mid I've COMB UP WITH ANOTHER IT LOOKS ( OKAVTO A HE HAS A FLASHING SMILE ANP BEAUTIFUL HAIR. At50, ON HIS R1SHT WRIST I'LL BE OFF TOMORROW, IS TATTOOEP A PAIR OF PICE ... THREE I WKIH SUflT West PAL- 4-fMlLQr... PLACE?!. ri- V; GLORVBE'.lflSmNDIN' OVfiTION THAT'S TH'. | ·'GQODEST'y '-GOSSIP ,"l EVER -HeERED, ACROSS 1 Weight in Turkey \ Umpire (lam.) 7 Raccoon- like animal IS Center of Boston 13 -- mode H "The 'Chorus" 15 Boxing champ IS60WNA A\EAW A LOT TO/V16- TRYIM6 TO WOUSE8f?EAK MY P£t ROCK HAVE VOL) EVER THOLfSHT ASOUT APPLYIM6 TOR OfflClR CANPIDATS SCHODU ? FULFILLMENT APE SO PEEP WE SUPPLY pUK OWN ILLUSIONS TO SATISFY AND, IN ADDITION,, WILL j|||l REMOVE THE OANC^UPF FROM YOUR f POOL TABLE IT'S GUARANTEED TO V GROW HAIR OM A ifSI BIU-'ARO BALL 14 · Northw«* Arkanta. TIMES, Thuriday, April IS, 1W6 ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiijiiiuiiniiLiffl LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Man Refuses Drugs Designed To Help Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. FOR F K I . APIUL 1G A R I E S (Mar. 21 to A p r . 20) ·'. Put a bit more .spark into your endeavors, t h u s , to others attention to your efforts. Your ingenuity at a peak now. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21} A'good period for revitalizing all projects, for capitalizing on u n u s u a l . ideas' and up dating me th oda. ft [any benefits a wa it you. . :". , .. G E M I N I (May 22 to Juno 21) Yo 1 ! are mostly ~oh your own all your skills ami employ (o advantage any new suggestions that can be worked into your program nicely. CANCER (.lime 22 to July 23) Personal matters may (rouble ,, _ _ . ' Review"them calmly, dispassionately . - Perhaps y b u a re overemphasizing certain singles There's 1 no real .need ' foi anxiety. LEO (July 24 lo Aug. 2-1) tendencies towarr Make no hastj and 'don'l j u m p lo warranted conclusions o r ' y o u could make serious errors. ' : V I R G O . ( J A u g ; 24 to Sept. 23) Stellar influences now indi eate progress, quicker advance mcnl. Emphasize your srincifi [ability to tip things up adeptlj arid with little fanfare. AvpEc extremes," however. LIBRA (Sept. 24 fo Orl r A good outlook; But hand! "musts" before c-mbnrking 01 the new interests promised in day's splendid activity forecast SCORPIO (Oct. 24 16 Nov. 22) Some u n u s u a l situations indc ated. In all dealings, be direct, the \void devious lactic.s iroacli, and give others cnefit of any doubt. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.'23 to Dec. 1) V Avoid any urge lo (ake foolish :haiices, but don't hesitate to nakc changes if the potentials oqk good. Foresight needed I CAPRICORN, (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) A day in which (o make now starts -- in new directions; to ead rather than to follow. Slel- ar influences favor the'pioneer. \QUAIUUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Planetary'influences f a v o r t h e soundly progressive thinker. Your mind should be on present (and future) aspirations and goals. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mm*. 2D) Some unexpected situations could throw you off the track, cause confusion or rnisundcr- ;t;mdin*;. Be alert: Don't be mpulsivo in either speech action. YOU BORN- TODAY are endowed with great ' ambition ,My husband is a highly nervous person^. When,..a . special problem arises at the office, I arid my! three children bear the brunt of U. : His doctor h a s given "him. drugs to' quid; liis nerVcs, but -lie refuses lo take them because; he''is' sure that lie will be "hooked":on (hem, Mrs. B.P.N.., Maine Dear iMrs. N, Doctors are faiuiltor with Hie excuses lint indents offer for not taking drugs. 'I don't believe in d r u g s , 'I liave to fight this without the help of drugs." "I don't want to be -dependent drugs." Thse arc" some of (he familiar comments. It" is sometimes'impossible to free some people;; frohv sue! fixed thoughts. Many betiuvt lhal it is : a sign of weakness to lake any drug Ihat is pre scribed for them. This .occurs more frequently when tranquil iz ing drugs suggested/ . People, like . yoi husband actually believe Ilia they, are 'stigmatized by tli suggestion that " they "quie down" from their physical am emotional tensions. Tranquilizers' have a profoum a n (I important effect ii relieving tensions, "exccssiv anxiety and multiple pressures an modify' -'liis tetislon-pro- iicing problems To take a tranquilizing drug s no more'a roflcctiuu on a erson's ego lhan is is acceplance of on unlibiotic or an inteulion Your husband may:he correct i believing thai "the" Irantjuilu- ig pill is not the -total answer his emotional problem. * It ma he netessii) for him Eo ia\ c the guidance of a psy hologist or psychiatrist', to- re- inent Jus patterns of living Iniil this is done I liope he an be assured that taking hcsc tranc)uliz]]tg drugs can be i cojilriuuliou to liiiti and help lint over his difficult times. These drugs represent - a ' mohdous advance in -tlic .treal ment of mild, modcrlac an even " severe jisychojicuroti states. Frccjuently they are used -fo i short time, until the palEei I-liave a painful spur oil my eft heel. Does this mean: I will e\entuall develop -nlhrilis · Mr. S.A., Ohio Dear Mr."A. Lei , me : reassure you that ' spurs of the heel are'not a form of arthritis. These painful spurs are depo Hsioi calcium in "Ihe muscles ind Icndons^ that -'are attached to (lie heels. They can be'qxtre*. inety nainfut nnd interfere'with walking .-activity.'.' They . ara IhoLight to he due 'to some repeated irritation or injury. It is possible", to prpleel these spurs from further injury by covering them : with sponge rubber pads In many insf.m ces, surgery ts .the simple and most effective way to treat spurs Alter surgery, it ia important, to,he certain Ihat the same irrilaling pressures in tliifi area are eradicated. ui!ii!i!rpii[ri!i[iiiipi!n!!!n!En;!Fiii!ni^ JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) a high dcg rec of en c rgv dcterininnlion -- . which you La ncliieve |ilalo;ms ol .success whirli , often consider unattainable. Though tiol diiHc, JIT. '"··· '''ite a.s many horn H ruler vour" Sicn. you, neve flh el ess, have licen endowed w i t h a number of talents through w h i c h . y o u could carve an enviable .career. You should be musicallj* mclrnerl, and could succeed as -t-itbcL- p.erformer or_ cdninDscr -- or hnlii. Your magnetic personality, coupled with your sense of ll\c dramatic, makes you a "natural" for Uic theater.' NorEh-South vulnerable. NORTH *92 V K J 4 3 * K Q 10 6 3 * 7 4 EAST WEST * ! 0 8 3 *7 5 Crossword By Eugene Sheffer 39 Fuss 41 About 45 Endure 47 Altila, for o n e . _ 4S Calutnet 52 "-:- loss for words" . 53 One . of the Fords 54 Meadow 55 Soak flax 16 Thackeray's 56 Newspaper - = 1 -"- ' 57 Measures of length (abbr.) 58 Citrus · drink" DOWN : 1 Chicago's airport 24 Miss Le Galliennc 5 Kind of light 26.-- Dee; river in (he Carolinas 28 Grampus 30 teller 31 Army 'school (initials) n Three: prefix 33 Iarge cask :J6 Stringed inslrument 37 Wrapped around 10 Small napkin 12 Author of "A Rage to Live 1 ' « Muffled 11 Related through (he inolher 15 Karate award 46 Mountain parrots ·18 Fool-like part 19 Old English _ letter ·"5 50 An enzyme Answer to yesterday's piuzlg. 51 j, e it er 2 Former Russian farmer 3 Remain 4 L.A. football team 5 Puffed up G Hindu ascetic 7 Covers the top of 8 "-- for the road" 9 Hummingbird 10 Nervous twitch 11 French island 17 Therefore 21 Pass 23 Skin disease Avg. solution time: 23 min. » J 8 2 , , #K Q J 10 5 SOUTH * A K Q J 6 4 V Q 10 9 8 2 . 4-^ * A 3 . The bidding: * . - A 9 7 5 ' 4 + 9 8 6 2 East 3* · Pass South West North 1* ?.* 2 3 t Pass 4 V 6 V ' Opening lead - king of clubs. There are contracts -- appa rcjitly impossible to make -that hevcrtlicless can he made Milh precisely the'right "mExluri of luck and skill. ' . .-Let's say. you're in -six heart: and West leads a club. Cer tainly your prospects are" poor but strangely enough Ihey'r not hopeless. You win the club with the ace and cash the A-K if spades, both opponents ollouing suit. For deceptive purpose you low play, the" jack of spades, hoping. West will ..discard a diamond · or ; a club on the assumption that' his ".partner liulds the queen of spades. But Itiis hope docs not niat^rializa when West follows 'suit \vUh (ho ten o f spades. . ' . - ' ' " - · You can't .afford to .discard dummy's club - on this trick, \vhich seems- cerlain lo lead lo down one, so you ruff tho jack of spades with the jack of liearts. When East discards on this trick, . a rather . favorable development, you load the-king of diamonds .from, .du.mmy t covered by East with the ace. There is now the sweet smell of success In the air. You r u f f and continue with : the queen of spades, at which point West can do nothing to slop the slam. When he discards a club, you ruff the spade with Ihe king of hearts, discard your club loser on t h e . k i n g of diamonds, and lead n. trump. .. . West wins: \vilh- -the-bee, :.hut Hint is the only trick you lose. That brew you cooked up. early in the hand proved lo be the one and only, winning concoc- lion. THE LITTLE WOMAN ss ·MS "Look on Ihe brigM side -- at least we don't have a dog von havn (n w a l k ' " you liavo to walk! MR. BUSINESSMAN: REACH 14,500 ADDITIONAL FAMILIES EACH WEDNESDAY WITH THE Northwest Arkansas 3tmrH EXTENDED CIRCULATION SECTION ft'.i being delivered la an ndriilkmal 11.FIOO families In Fayellcvillc, Spritigdalc, RogcrK and Bcnlniivillc, which combined wllh the-regular paid circulation of this Issue, provides an audience of nearly 27,000 Northwest Arkansas families. The Advertising rale -- (or this seclion, which Is published each Wednesday is reasonable. . . . . . .. Our slnff of professional advertising cnnsiillah'ls will 'be happy (o assist you with copy and layout · COPY DEADLINE IS FRIDAY NOON PRIOR TO PUBLICATION Phon* 442-6242 for Complete Information

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