The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 7, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Gwen's Protege By. WILL T; AMES .... _ A weird, fantastic tale of a horde of deep • sea inon- sters. half fish, half human, which threaten to over- run'the earth. 1IU. bjr th. Ifcblmn -N«v>- paptr Syndicate.) • . • . . Miss Gwen Ciphers, daughter of on Indianapolis paint and wall paper merchant and one of the kind : of women who name their first borns 'Archibald If fine ajojl Gwendollae • If superfine, met up^ptthV Ras !.Goora'; ,son .of a Caiffa • rag picker, in" Washington •'• square. . Gwen '.was- the' ninety-six- thousand and first girls' college graduate to com'e from Indiana. ,t» : New. York to soften the heart of the world with; her pen. Ras was the second •yount.jman to come from Cal^a,, Syria,';jwith^th* definite purpose 1 ' of "acquiring, 'jrl'thln «lx ^mon.ths.-JsapWal' .e'mJuihwW'iimy a Ueoriee •plantation: - :: ••';'' •':'•' ""•"•'-.:"•'"' 'The first Caiffa youth to aclileve this ambition-' had been Tufa Goora, Rfis's cousin. He had returned, a^tera; brief absence, ; j with, a: ;smaU,.hatf uT of - the golden coin of the .InfldeisT iand jiad purchased the most excellent jplanta- tton, 7 of. Haj Alcab ;< also the . secondhand 'flitver'of' the depittrtlng, French consul. ' • - ; : : '•-'••••'' ":';.•"•'•,. '.. ; legacy. : And the supreme court Itself. .couldn't: have .cony.Ince4. her!.'. that ^ the; book Hhe was -writing would fall to bring In; other thousands '-' - r • A. Story That Out - Vernes Jules Verne HE ancients peopled the sea with mermen and mermaids, but it has remained for Victor Rousseau to make them REAL, In this story he tells of. a tribe of cannibalistic under-sea folk that could not be seen until they were dead. Arid when the Sea demons came out • of then* salty home to eat their way across the earth — But, read it yourself! Our New Serial I " Watch for the Opening Installment! ore .the finish.". The two Arab- REMARKABLE RACE BY HORSE jCaator, Morgan Gelding, Fiirithe*: Long : Endurance Contect With. Clean .Speed Record. . t>y the United State« Depart* . • , .f . ment of Agriculture.) • ^° ft .300-mile endurance contest •with horses of the purest Arabiaa ^breeding, "Castor," a' Morgan gelding *red by the Cnlted • States deparliient at- 'agriculture at Its- Middlebury, Vt. Morgan horse farm, . was the only horse, with a clean speed record at the end of the fourth day of the .grueling contest. "Castor" won third Ijiace.fqr speed at- the end of the contest, notwithstanding the fact that he .jfell .In. the deep snnd on a bad bit at -Toad;-. Injured his nose, 'and made the last five miles In a walk. Thia achievement is an Indication of what ^sis been accomplished by, the department of agriculture In the relmbilita- JUon of the Morgan breed during the few years since the work was undertaken. ' The 'race was v from Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., to Camp Devens, Mass., largely over unimproved roads. The purpose was to stimulate Interest In the breeding* of cavalry mounts throughout thei United States. A majority of the hcrses entered • were 'Arabians. One... was .a .crossbreed • that had seen overseas service and was the first horse ;to pass successfully through •jnaranjlne at Newport News. Two were; Morgans, bred at , the depart' jBentfe farm. U>e veteran of overseas '••rvlee,- "Bob," owned and ridden by ttolonrt Cteorge, led the field at the of_Jhe_ Tgee, imt WM token Castor, the United States Department of- Agriculture Morgan Gelding .Which Recently Made Such a Remarkable Record In a .Long Distance Race. lans to finish ahead of the Morgan af- iter his accident were Eastern Bey and Bamla. Ma]. C. A. Benton (retired) was one of the judges, acting as the representative of the bureau of animal industry. • ... f -' , SIGN PACT, YANKS TELL POLES Americans Are Urging Those in Authority at Warsaw to Make Peace With Reds. London, Feb. 7.—Influential American friends of Poland are urging those in high authority in that country to make n quick peace with the boishev- iki. In diplomatic circles the belief was .expressed that these admonitions are coupled with the reported desire jof the British government for peace 'between Poland and soviet Russia, and will have great weight, in favor of a cessation of hostilities. : Kaid Sir Harry MacLean- Dead. j Tangier, Morocco, Feb. 7.—Kaic j Gen. .Sir Harry MacLean, who has had ;a picturesque career in Morocco ii^.tht ••'service of- tie;Brltish^.EOverhment, 1 ijie<! here. ' " ' , ':':.. ' Karhaglan, sloe-eyed daughter of : the' Armenian doctor, seemed,.disposed to. condescend to Tufa under these circumstances. Ras; too; had yearned: hopelessly for Eela. He determined to put over a performance to equal or excel his cousin's. He knew of a better plantation and a newer Ford.- The plantation he wanted *was so near to town they could run In to the picture theater"; if—. And Ras would have 1 made his-adventuring voyage-to the other side of the world even irod he-known posftive- ly what had merely occurred'to him as a probability:—that Tufa'Sj money;.-had: been the fruit of a series of predatory enterprises' which made it by the rarest of good luck that he ever returned to Caiffa. He had got out of New York Just two .lumps ahead of the police. Ras himself was entirely without prejudice as-to the mar.iier in which. he might possess himself of some of the pelf of those villainously rich un-. believers in America.; His one Idea was to, get It and get back. George Washington Ciphers wouldn't have trusted Goora, pere, for a .ten- cent paint brush If the latter, per magician's carpet, had suddenly walked In upon him 1 . Moreover, he would liave kept the keenest of eyes on old Eas senior, to. eee tlrat he didn't steal the knob off the front 'door as he went out But Gwen Ciphers didn't Inherit either her father's suspicious temperament nor his quick Insight Into human "nature. Gwen,, 1 though she didn't suspect It. took somewhat after her mushy mother. So when Bas, hat In hand, approached her as she sat on a bench in the historic square planning wonderful things for the world—to be put in her book—Gwen did not shoo him away, but looked at the paper he held out. •Ras had great, soulful eyes, like a deer, and said, so. pathetically, "Plis, raees 1" ••The writing iread: "Am strange mans in grate country. Pies show work. Am'awful grate strong." "What on earth—where did yon get this?" Gwen exclaimed. Ras shook his head. ."No'spik American." ."Well^you poor soul, you've got s nice time ahead of' you, sure. ' But vho wrote this?" Ras shook his head again. ... ! Gwen, by speaking very loud indeed, In single words, and making a series of experiments In the sign language, finally got out of Ras the two words, "cook, .ship."- . . .- .., "Well, yon come with me," Gwen suddenly exclaimed; and. grabbing. Ras's. coat sleeve with thumb and-.forefinger she steered him. over to ths Wost Eleventh street "pension;" whtr« shejiyed with"Madame Blanc, a Swiss conjuress, who knew how to change flve cents' worth of cat meat Into u most delectable ragout She dragged him 1 to the basement. (Joor," demanded to see Madame at once, and to that lady said:- "Here's, that house man you wanted. You've simply got to take, him." Madame was a business woman. RJIS. was without English." He would.-be worth no more than his board. Ras, his deerlike eyes fuli of '-gratitude, yearned to be shown work. Nobody else ever -learned the language as fast as Ras Goora. "Those people, I have often heard," .explained Gweu, "have a positive genius for tongues." Nevertheless she took, a- mighty pride in Ras's accomplishment, for he was her pupil. A dozen times a flay he was at her door receiving tips—tips on English, that'is. In.thrfce months he talking like a-phonograph record. ' -_. . Naturally. Ras explained everything to his benefactress. .He altru- Ist^vho lived, for others. That's why he .was .in ..America. Himself, he would so mar.y' thousand times prefer to stay in his own beautiful, dreuiny Syria, amid the olive trees and orange blossoms, than to go forth among so many, many .strangers. But his pei> Pie—ah, the poor, poor people i Such a long time oppressed by the wicked Turks. For them he had come to America. They had no-schoolsl He had come: tb,-, : bef. money,- from the rich, generous Americans for^.a /treat children's school ;at Beirut i :" To abort, Gwen possessed «l»ht thousand dollars, an auutlj She was actually "on the point of signing a check lor. four of the eight thousands, to be handed over, to- Has G.oora .as the nucleus of 'the Gwen'do- lin,e Ciphers school, in 'far off Beirut'; : when: , ., ' ; Sam Cody, the. busiest man , In in. dianapolis found-^br /made—time to drop In to call on' Miss Ciphers.; Sum wos all business. He had been every-: where and made money everywhere he went. . V . , ,'.'.-.••'• . • . .... ••.'.•' But he had leisure enough: to keenly desire to make Gwen Ciphers Mrs. Cody. He jeered at her .literary x asplV rations and her .vaunted 'capacity ,ifor "ma'king.her own life." , Coiasequeptiy Gwen resented him while she^secreUy adored him. • '•••'''•'.. : -' , He arrived ut Miss . Cipher's combination living -room 'about 'thirty seconds ahead of .Ras .Goora, the moment of whoseicoup .was ripe. He was shaking hands wl'tli 'Gwea jstil^r^hatlj^he'' was holding.._on.e = 35ieo_Ras tapped ' dlscKetlyat tlie.-doori ; .Gw^pvall smiles 'of triumph over ier Beirut enterprise, invited,, Jl,a,s,[in. . Theii n ^he (proceeded •'" '" Says thin Woman Until Re-; lieved by Lydia E. PinkhamV .:'•• Vegetable Compound. . - ' ^ .'. . ' ' "'. " ' : CarroUtoD. Ky.—" I suffered almost two years with; female weakness. I 1 could not walk any l-distance, ride or exercise at n ^^.S? 1r ^"8 oI . n ff .to^do for,the Beirut "Infants'.''' AVh'en she "turneS'to beam" on, Ras 'she -was amazed"'to vflnd hlmi-all . a.frembLe,- staring.iut .^ If at a .ghost. ;At.the. same instant Sam got to the v .dpqr.flrst;.. He grabbeil-Ras by -the collar^spoke ni.deJ.-y .toChim.for about ten seconds, opened the door., chucked him through it and said "Scat." Ras took the stairs 'In "three" downward Jumps, yanked the front door open and disappeared. , , Sam had been an export agent in Caiffa six years before.- He bought olives and licorice and goat's hair .and other things and shipped .them .-'to America to peopl.e he- represented. .. He made a-pack of money, : but not so muph tliaf. he felt like being robbtid. So-wlien he found Has Goora, his of-. flee 1 .rb'oy, % whom- he, had hired ..because he cduld speak English, making n wax., Impression of the key' to-his'petty cash drawer he kicked him into the road, to Icaru subsequently that as au all- around larcenist : Ras was Calfta's only rival to his own father, who, it wa» known, had robbed the poor box at the missionaries' chapel on the day of his own "conversion." . • •'.. "Listen, Gwen,". said 8am, after'Has had scurried away. "You're about as fit to buck against the snides aad grafters and four-flushers as you were w.hen'.ypu.were two-and-a-half. I_ltka you-.that' way. : 'f'.djra't' vs-ant you to get too blamed. cynical. "YOU will. If you stay here and meet a little million more of Rases..: Tell you spmethlng. I .went to. see' that .Slmms'person—yo.iir publisner^and I made him admit that he wouldn't publish your book on his own hook In a million years; Is only taking It'for his percentage on what it costs you. You're coming out to Indianapolis with me and be'Mrs. Sain Cody. Sam, he'll be the business agent between you and the world—see?" ' And Gwen saw—at last, j So she went, - eral •months and ., I had read olLydiaB.PinBiain's Vegetable Componnd and decided to try it After^tokmg jtwetye: bottles^ I; found tnyseu'iBBcfa improved and !•" took' six more. I have" "never bad any more trouble in that' respect since?- I nave done all kind* of work and. at .present am an attendant,'at : a-State Hospital and am feeling .fine. 1 have recommended ypnr Vegetable. Qomponnd to dozens of my friends "and" W recommend it"-7 LnstiAN . S. oflr'St; Carrolltch; Ky~.' v If .yon have any symptom about which you would like to know write to the Lydia E. Pinkbarn Medicine Go., Lynn, Mass., for helpful advice .given free.of charge. : MISS MARY SIMS Mine Stoeeper No. 38. .. Tl,lg .little boat was one of f the fleet of, 5?| whlcji cleared the North Sea of '65,060 mines. 'The Fleet has just returned"to thla country and was given s. 'trig -reception In". New York City.. ' ' ' . : These boats would sometimes be ont for as long as twenty-five days !n the storms and-seas for which the North Sea is noted. The work was declared Impossible by other navies, but the- United States went ahead and ' completed this wc/\'k before the scheduled/ time. - ' • • The U. S. Wavy once again did tae Impossible. VIRGINIAN IN COMMERCE BODY Former Governor Stuart Will Succeed James S. Harlan on Interstate Commission. Washington, Feb. 7.—Former Gov. Henry C. Stuart, ol! Virginia was nominated by President Wilson/as a member ot- the interstate coriiinerce commission to .succeed .Tames . S. Harlan of Indiana.'whose'term has .expired. Louis Titns, an attorney of San Francisco, was' nominated to be a member 'of-the shipping .board. Mr. Titus succeeds Henry! M.. Robinson, who resigned last year^ H» publienn. :•; .- ..... • .-: ,.,., .<. Miss.'-Mary. Sim's,. sister of Admiral William S. Sims,' wlio has just been appointed director of, nurses at the Osteopathic hospital in Philadelphia. She has had an unusually intensive training as-a nurse .in. New-'York, in the West iind in Canada. ;• . LAURA E. SWABTZ OSTEOPATKOC PHYnCIAK Chronic Diseases » Specialty Offle* In - Lauder-Nlehcls,. Bldg. W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY > COAL OPFICC Pnon EM- ECONOMY COAL a; B. WOOD*, YARD W«ih,d Nut,,CM en* Phone ,149 K.". HENRY BAIN ' GET OUR 4>RISU . ."" ?r ' 342-K - . ' H.O. HALL &CO. FEED, COAL AND POUJiTBV ( - SUPPLIES-- Phone233 , ' W. A. JBRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THK j .. . .. ---EYE "' "• •" Eye* Teeted : Qlaeaes FlttMl Virginia Bldo. Carboidal*. IK, PR. J. W, BARROW NEW.HAMILTON BUILDINO Heure t to 11 A. M. and 2 to • f. m • ' .. ' PHONI «S F. L. LINGLE, M. D. ; Central PractlM •p**lal attention to Ey», JUr. • • asM ^Tkrofii Illiiiii fltUd Phone*: Residence 330-2; Offer tt*>1 Vlrtlnia HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* it Law IJhone 212 K •ulte 112-11S New Hamilton Buildln* DELIA CALDWELI* M. McANALLY BLNLDING 211 Wait Main Stren pffloe Houre—• to lu A; M.;-. 8 te 4 P. Near East Situation. 'Now "Most Desperate in World," Says Hoover. Her b e r t Hoover, who has now become a member of the Executive Committee of Near E a s t Relief, which U. .car-. Ing. tor .nearly a,OOp,OOU . Armenian •- n d * . and speaks with •uuiorlty .when be .tells .of bu- man suffering, saja !i)i • formal .tatement:' ^ :,*; ' ";- :;"•" \' •In uij, opinion, the situation •n the Near East. Is l >th« m««t ' ^. .. . .Mr. Hooyer-'bis sent a -letter to Cleveland H. Dodge, treasurer ^ Near East Relief, 1 Madison . avenue, New York,- In which he jays: . '...-.' ', "In accepting your Invitation to become a member of- the Ex- ^outive Committee of the, Near East committee, I do so .with •reluctance, but 'out of q sense of duty ; towards one of the most difficult situations in Europe. Dntil some political .settlement can be obtained for th,e Near East and .some, government es- • tablished in responsibility for the care and .epatriation of the Armenian population in the Caucasus. this mass of people, must live sheerly by the charity of the United States. TBere are in the Caucasus approximately. 1,800,000 Armenians, of whom 800,000 are entirely destitute — refugees from Turkey— and amongst them a tremendous mass of children "1 cannot too strongly . urge upon rh'e members of the committee and their supporters the" critical' necessity :of concentrating every possible effort to sup^ witness- one of 'the greatest trag- • fidies of the pniirp war/'- ,. ;„- ... CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and Ice Cream Telephone 344 Y SLOW DEATH Aches, „ pains,;.. nervousness, difficulty in .Urinating, .often mean serious disorders. 'Ae world's standard remedy for kidney, liver,, bladder and uric acid troubles— GOLD MEDAL t>ting «)ulck relief and'often wmrd off ce.dly dii»Mes. Known ai th« national mncdjr of Holland for^more than J0» 7«*rs. All druggists, "in thne «iz«>. h. Mm. GaM ftb<k] M , Mi accept M i THeBe^er ofywdr stationed/the better the impression it will create.. Mca'ak Have your prints ing done here. 'SPAN'S UNIMENT Any man, or woman -who keeps it Handy will tell you that same thing E SPECIALLY t'r.033 frequently- attacked by rheumatic twinges.. • A counter-irritant, Sloan's Liniment scatters the congestion andjtene- traiti without rubbing to the afflicted part, soon relieving the ache and pain. Kept handy and used everywhere- 1 for reducing and finally eliminating ' the pains and acheis of lumbago, f neuralgia, muscle, strain, join stiffness, 1 sprains, bruises, the result of exposure j, to weather. - \ • • Sloan's Liniment is sold by au drug- 1 glsta. 35c:. 70c.. $1.40,

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