Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 20
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-C-4~!NDEPENDENT ««h;e.ii(.,T U «.,nk. 11, THE LYONS DEN Bodies of 21 Plane ^Victims Returned . LONDON W)--Bodies of ths 21.,victims of last Thursday's Munich plane crash were flown back to London Monday. They TAX NOTE-- Last week U.S. government filed tax liens against several Hollywood notables. The largest -sum was Included seven players of the ^_ imchester United Soccer team fr 0 . against ' and! seven newsmen trjiyjeled with them. who had IBTSTHCOAST WlHE42-09 SBiS- 0£N NOON--c6NflNU6ui NOW 4TH WEEK "Better Than the Book" "Really Adult" "Oscar Contender" Chaplin Tax Lien Worthless .v TMTM_L a st week the CHAPLI^ INVITED the n,an ·MMB^ «"* $* *- *** *"*'. afler. into escaping, I knew here'* a born teacher." · · * ' * : * . MQVDC--Ingrid Bergman is coking forward to the London Charles claim Chaplin -- a for 1953-54 the rights . of foreign distribution iAfc his movie, "Limelight." Chaplin.left the country in 1952. When his re-entry per- mit'was canceled/Chaplin dissolved the "Limelight" corporation. . The government has the,.uen ail right, but it's worthless. Chaplin doesn't have any assets here. Not a dime. He sold all his stocks, his home, his-cars and transferred the cash to Switzerland. He now has more money than he's ever had in his life. And, at 69, with a'vast ncomc .and small taxes, he's netting more than ever before rhe federal 'government, after a vain search for Chaplin prop- - Starts TOMORROW - ^ i^_ Robt. Mitehum I ^4E *urt Jurgens ENEMY crty- here, sent a jce him. tax man to , « W w w » « -- PLUS SECOND HIT -- · Hoi** MITCHUH ^\ Ex-Dictator g^ Jimenez Gets U.S..Passport CIUDAD TRUJILLO, Do minican Republic (UK) -- Th American embassy here ha given ousted Venezuelan Die tator Marcos .Perez Jimene a visa to go to the Unite States, authoritative source said Monday. The date of his departur nd his destination' were no sclosed. There-have been re orts, however, that he ma ventually settle in Miam fter visiting New York. Perez Jimenez, his immed :o family and some of h ose political associates ha\ een here since Jan. 23, w h e .hey fled from .Caracas afti is dictatorial regime was ove: hrown by an army-civilian n olt. STARTS TOMORROW Ux BARKIR-Ann BANCROFT · GIRL IN BUCK STOCKINGS" . CO-H1T CAROL' B ' ELMONT HI iio-ei "gj 1:11 . Inds Tonlt« · ' "PAL JOEY" in Color "Tht Either Coitello Story" 5URT5 TOMORROW CO-HIT in COLOR CHAPLIN INVITED the man dinner, and was presented ith the claim, for $1,400,000, Take it out of the American rosses of "A King in New ork," Chaplin said. The film, ! - course' never -'had' a chance ,,. _- shown here.' The tax aim is on the foreign income ? .the movie, earned'.after haplin was told he couldn't re- urn. The U.S. tax man smiled t his host, and 1 proposed:.."The laim is for $1,400,000; .but we are willing to negotiate a set- lement!" . The tax man waited for his ost to state a compromise fig- re. "You'd' like to -settle?" eplied Chaplin. "How about or nothing? Because nothing's vhat you'll get." The tax Than inished his- dinner, put .away is papers, said goodbye to Chaplin, and left. « » . * . * DRAMA DEFT.--Jose Ferrer igned Xayicr Cugat to play the ole'of the elderly first mate Manzoni, in the new musical Oh, Captain!" Cugat was to appear'opposite his wife, Abbe Lane. At ' the premiere 'las; Tuesday night Cugat. explained why he quit the show:- "Man ·oni keeps saying to Abbe I'm an old man, much older ;han you.' I had to say it a couple of times. I suddenly rea lized I- know/I'm -much olde than Abbe, but why should advertise it? So I quit." · « * * LOST AND FOUND--Joh Steinbeck, Burgess Meredith Peter Gimbel and Kevin, Me Cloray went on a sunken trea: ure hunt '.in Nassau water: They obtained old maps from, men who vowed they knew where'sunken ships could be located. · All except Steinbeck dived for the treasures. Steinbeck stayed topside making premieres of. Hemingway's "Farewell to Armi',' J and "The Old Man : iuid/;the ; ,;Sea:" Miss Bergman,- whb?»tatredVin'!."Eor Whom the ":BeJl';-Tollsi" .s'ald: !'it's .easy to act the roles created by'Hemingway. An actress cai»:- 'digest: · the.' words,, easily, arid;;.-·'.doesn't need:.'.islt or pepper."",:'./.;; .· - ·' · - . · · · . CHARLES CHAPHN $1,100,000 Claim . ascality. in sunken treasure hunting." . · ' . ' - . . » . B O O K NOTE---Harnett -Cane's newest book about the yall" is being' .published ' in Vietnamese--the 40th. foreign translation for. his .books. In Mobile last week a novice asked :he author for advice: "I'm try- rig to. be' a writer. The neighbors keep saying I'm -mad, real '· like that, "Enjoy you'd thing else." * THEATER DIPT.-- The pro ducers of "Auntie Mame" were so 'elated at signing' Greer Gar son -that they kept -probing io ways 'to /prove their delight When- Miss Garspn casually mentioned 'that she likes blu walls, -they , quickly had' her pink ''dressing rdom'repainted blue ' . '.'·:· .The .paint JEume's ··.af- fected Miss Carson's .voice/' and made- her so hoarse that .for the first..time'4'n her career she missed^ a" performance, . · * ' · * · . * · * TRAVEL NOTE-- Some, song; writers were!' discussing their favorite, words and Erich Maria Remarque told · them' of a similar discussion with Maxim Gorki.' Gorki said': "The. two best words' in any language are 'Not Guilty'." . . . ' * « '* · · , SCHOOL NOTE^-MarC Slonim, teacher ''of history at NOW! FIRST LONG , BEACH SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES Story of The "'· American Commandos PLUS 2ND FEATURE AT BOTH THEATRES , Sarah Lawrence College, was of mad, and I What shall I-do?" it," Kane i advised him. "As a writer you're supposed^ auto Odessa and got his PhD. the University 'of Petrograd. During the revolution he. was' jailed'and-marked for execution He- talked 'to his jailer, talked., and talked--then_ convinced the.jailer to escape with JOHN ERICSON LOLA ALIRIOHT Dr. Harold Taylor, ^ of Sarah Lawrence College, said:,"As soon as I him president NOW! FIRST LONG BEACH SHOWING AT 3 THEATRES -- ,, ^ Lott Given Standing Ovation for UW.V". JLttJ ^" t,w£-~- -- -- -notes. Meredith said'the'other night · "Steinbeck wound up the only treasure--his about ENDS TONITS "KAINTRIE COUNTY IT'S "OPERATION SIDE-SPLIT!" ... at a pair of black lace panties almost *ink$ the Navy! By RACHEL MOKTON THE LAUGH OF YOUR LIFETIME] Even the U isblushinjalMGM's adaptation of the it.selling story! -The 'Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra gave the third concert of a series in the Concert Hall of Municipal Auditorium Sunday'night, nefore a large and enthusiastic audience. Guest conductor was Karl Boehm, conductor of Vienna's State Opera, now in this'coun- try doing some guest conducting at the Metropolitan Opera. Mozart's Symphony No. 34 in C Major, which opened the program, was given a routined and prosaic reading. Mr. Boehm conducts without score. He'has a disturbing habit of rising on his toes' and teetering when he wants crescendo' effects. . THE CONCERT BEGAN to sparkle with thevery fine playing by the American French horn player, Sinclair Lott His selection 'was "a concerto '_by_ Richard Strauss and:"although not like the .later. · impressionistic music of Sta-auss, it is,very melodic and extremely difficult to play.-Mr.-Lott has a beautiful, sonorous tone. The muted passages sounded uriearthy, so floating and ethereal were they. His graduations from a triple pianissimo to a brilliant fortissimo were virtuosity itself. ..Mr. Lott richly deserved the standing 'Oration given him by the orchestra men and the-numerous recalls demanded .by the audience. J ' The noble Symphony No. 5 of Beethoven was -played magnificently. From the decisive, inexorable chords of the beginning, through, the .ineffably sad Andante, and the martial Allegro 'to the smashing Finale, orchestra and conductor' were accord. It- is stirring SPECIAL \ MATINEES TOMORROW TOWNE RIVOLI fhli E«9oj«m«nr Only at Rivoll aid Town. . . . All Kldi SOe I A picture you will feel... * as well as seel WUICM «« rni OA 3.122) nUiniCltSo/liitniDr. i · J LAST SHOWING ALAN LADD In "DEEP SIX" DAKA ANDREWS in "ZERO HOUR' P K E U J O O D HA 5 . 2 5 3 0 i s o ' i e«i OPEN 4:15 -- HUE fNDJ TONIOKT Hoyworth In;"PAL JOIY" Alan Ladd! in "DEEP SIX" .STARTS TOMORROW Lilt Ifory Co-Hlf ' J. Crawfard-Roisano Bran! "Story «f E»rh«r CoJl«llo" RIVOLI OPENS NOON TOWNE OPINS 4:30 CIRCLE OPENS 4:30 ----PLUS JZND FEATURE-AT ALL 3 THEATRES I FAST ACTION! "AMBUSH AT CIMARRON PASS" and FESS PARKEL«. rr J JEFF-YORK 'TOMMY KIRK KEVIN CORCORAN Technicolor EBELL AND CABART OPEN FRI., SAT. AND SUN. ONLY PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES STARTS TOMORROW, OPIN TWO HAH OF FAME HITS PINI AVI. -- PHONE HI 4-44M "KISS OF FIRE" GOD'S COUNTRY 11 "SAN ANTONE' 1 / PLUS A- HAPPY. CO-KATURE :riT:i ^. OPEN 12:43 B STRAND CEDAR I PIKE * Phone HE 6-4133 Solon OlIVEK In ·THE GREEN-EYED BLONDE" --PLUS All Star Colt In "JAMBOREE" NEW STRAND *OLICY -- AIL SIATS Mon, AP Cs » tu . rcl «» thru f|w Sunday t Frl. VW Holldayt Rtck HUDJOH · Dtrlthr M»LO»l "THE TARNISHED ANQELS" Plui--V, HATHI1I--0. BflHIl "THE LONG HAUL" Piramt. k Compt. Blvd. "MOTORCYCLE GANG" Plui--J»»cin CAIOT "SORORITY OIRL" Paramt. ADM. 30 ·DRIVE-IN CmonitQiiirr OA4-M31 NOW! OPINS i*30 m\ HJLAIIIBUS E5T.ta.LU 15 HEM FUNNIER DM TIE 5CKB! raft ' ^^^Mwrrvrvm-M-^^M . 2ND FEATURE « | GENE KELLY \ -7HE HAPPY-ROAD" \ M-I-H I I METIOCOLDt ^ENANWYHH-FREDCLARX-EVAGABOR-RUSSTAMBtYN-JEFFRICrtARDS " ^mopim siturivi ma 1 :30 TI 4-4414 -LAST TIMIS TONITI! Frank SINATRA · Kim NOVAK PLUS J.rry LIWIS "SAD SACK- STARTS TOMORROW; "ISLAND IN THE SUN" "3 FACES OF EVE" TURNER -- LLOYD NOLAN PIT tir T» Inol. f eyton Place RUSS MORGAN at Ihe MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FEBRUARY 15th » P.M. TO 1 A.M. * · ' Benefit D«»c»-- In th» Moraon Manntr , Donation $1.50 p.r p.rion. Obtain tlcki$ at tti. L«na Beach Auditorium Box Offic. or call Mri. Ryan, »p« Lim. AY... FJi'.«-471j. An M-G-M Release Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking-Memory Training-Human Rtfahons SEE ADVERTISEMENT PAGE 8-5 ROXY IJl W. 0«4N HE 5 3022 ,, OPEH ALL NIGHT * in. Dun Bill I' AM - 40C 'Til i '.M. E». S1. !». Hil. HK fAKKINO Att« · M*- """V All Day laturdiy » Jund«Y X.kirt TATLOR "THE LAST HUHT" . Jl.. HUIIELL-Vlolir M»TUIIE "LAS VEGAS STORY" »»T«--HIM "«*;j" . "HOLD BACK THE NIQHT" HILLTOP Star Room HILLTOP'S SPECIAL ( STEAK DINNER v 2300 '23rd Street A-Top Signal Hill Soup, Salad, Baked B| OR Potaloos. Onion Rings. · «·» Our Special Chocso , j Bread. Coflee or Tea.-- BIB] SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY, 4 P.M. to 2 A.M. Try OMF Neon L«ne*«om -- TO f* MEKALTA. D..MT II TD Ml" .IM, l»«n». «..*,·,, ·THI ttMllHBI »»«LI" "KIM THIM FOR VI" M01IWUK, H««Hk ,, TM *·"" "DliP tlJt "»AD tAtK" ____ WILMINGTON Co» tttn lilintt "EL lUAVEelTO" » HATFUL fO RAHV T«S5. i u l- « MAN l« THI IHADOW" . "LOVE U THE AFTERKOOH'V RDADIUM. I4TII P«ri«. ' *' *· ' " lOHOIIITT «l»l-". "THE HIRED M»B" ,, ."fftVVS'l" "THE tAD IACK" ADULU 50. ·" DOOM «ni KIDS lit I |1|B Jim RUItEU · Kiinin WTNII "FUHT rm HinKToow»" ' thown iti 1i4«-Hi«i. VW«r HiTUBt "PltK-Uf ALLEY live th. Life of Rlley at th* HUNTIHQTON HOTEL 1^4 OF A BLOCK LOSfl 1290 E. OCEAH BLVD., LONG BEACH This ' Hotel rum laronth from tb« boulnvard to tb* ocmn. Two l°lbl«i. All rooms hav» prlvite briiiil new wall-to-w»n- cirpetlnK, wrltliir desks telcp'hont and daily maid Service. - Larsa dlalnjt «o,» !«·« the ocean. 1 -Boom- mod meali »2t.ou week each -tcracn. Cholo iteak«. prlin. ribs it beeJ. roa.t turkey.- baked -VhKlnla ham-and everything Bond-to eat.- No better food nriy- rnc'roonfilS" cSers" G to 3 the ratalde public Club b-cakJajt 83o: regular dinners J2.15. American families are better housed - , thanks to Advertising!' T H I S IS A*YZ»TISING WEI* $10,000 ll 1 savings ACCOUNTS OPINIB k» th. lOth if ANT MONTH [ARM fr«TM th« 1»- S.wo moft- ,md r.un more w i t h th, F "V,^'^^'.* ,.,vin g i Account ,s ,«ur,-d to 0 1 0 0 0 0 by Frdrr.,1 S.iv.n O .md I n s u r . n c , ' of Ih- Un.K-d SM*. ·. Co« rnny Of** Unril C P.M. Win* FEDERAL (1st) SAVINGS 124 EAST F I R S T IT IITWIIN PINI AND IOCUST 135 E. OCEAN AVE. P H O N I Hlmlcrfi 7.1111 IARNIN9S FAID 4 TIMK A YIAR

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