The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 19, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1906
Page 4
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CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 19 1906 If You Suffer with Rheumatism Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Remedy Will Bring the Utmost Relief that : Medicine Can. The one remedy which many physicians rely Bpon to free the system of the Rheumatic Polson§ which are the cause oj all Rheumatism Lumbago. Sciatica, Gout, is UK. Snoop's RHEUMATIC REMEDY. Dr. Shooi> spent twenty years In experimenting somblned chemicals one almost always Rheumatism, etc. SHOOP'S RHEU- can turn bony again — that is Butitcan and from the poisons 'caused the twelUnsr. And end or the pal:, theendofthesof- of Rheumatism, tails where a cure put up in tablet or either. You who have v .,„ (erUut today from pains and he discovered the hich made possible : e T t a I n cure for Not that DR. MATIC REMEDT joints into flesh 'mposslble. rill drive blood the .' which pain and then that is the and swelling— ferlnit— the end This remedy never >ossible. It is now lid form—ask for suffered and are suf- uches which you know to be Rheumatism; you who experience lameness or twinges of pain in damp weather: you who easily become stiff and lame without »pparent cause—just try DR. SHOOP'S RHEUMATIC CURE. It is just the kind of a remedy that accomplishes results. Sold and recommended by N. J. SWETLAND DRUG CO. Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the -*» Photos at TheWATTON STUDIO Dr. llrihur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Su.. Phones 88 and 213 PERSONAL AND LOCAL Millinery in full blast will take orders. N. Y. Racket. dlw Harry Fowler of Kansas City was here Wednesday visiting friends. Mrs. E. H. McCabe of ^ttumwa, la.-fis the guest of Mrs. Walter Brockman. C. L. Cummings of Carrollton transacted business in the city Tuesday afternoon. Rev. C. Grimes, who has been ill at his home on East Clay street was reported better Wndnesday. H. T. Bradley came in off the road Tuesday evening and will spend several days with his wife. Louis Merrick has returned from an extended visit at Mars, N. D., where he has farming interests. Edgar Reynolds left Tuesday afternoon for Oallatin where he will spend several days with friends. The strong eat well, sleep well, look well. The weak don't. Hood's SarsapariJla makes the weak strong. Eugene Colville of Kansas City, an extra conductor on the Milwaukee, was visiting friends and relatives in the city today. Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Dade's Little Liver Pills never gripe. Sold by the_N. J.-Swetland Drug Co. WHEN YOU ftRE GETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Ey estrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. STILL &TITHE OLD [STAND .E. M. GRELL2N HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS George N. Mills, real estate and tax agent for the Burlington railroad Company, was in the city Wednesday transacting business. W. H. Leahy and D. A. Taylor returned Tuesday night from Clark county, S. D., where they have been superintending the harvesting on their farms. The condition of James Wilson, who has been confined to his home with sciatic rheumatism for several months, was reported better Wednesday. Mrs. Albert Braun and children, who are visiting at the home of Mrs. Braun's mother, Mrs. P. Kelley, southeast of the city, will return home Sunday. Dave Johnson left Wednesday afternoon for Sullivan county where he will be the guest of his parents for two weeks. Mrs. Johnson has been visiting at the home of her husband's parents for two weeks. Judge and Mrs. E. J. Marsh, who have been spending the summer in Montreal, Canada, returned to Chillicothe Tuesday night and have taken rooms at the Leeper hotel. The Ladle's Industrial society of the Christian church will give a reception at the home of Mrs. J. W. Jarrel, corner Vine and Polk, Friday afternoon. Program and refreshments. Admission 15 cents. All invited. d2t Removes the microbes which impoverish the blood and circulation. Stops all trouble that interferes with nutrition, That's what Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents Swetland Drug company. Byron Halsey and father lef Tuesday afternoon for Dodg City, Kas., where Byron is looking for a location. He is employ ed in the South Side barber shop and probably will move his familj there next spring. •• Mr. alid Mrs. J. B. Smith hav moved into the house owned by Henry Hutchison at the corner o Polk and Walnut, recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Young Mr. and Mrs. Young have moved into the pioperty owned by Mrs A. T. Patterson on West Clay. IS FREE SAGER MAKES ANOTHER FAILURE IN BRIBERY CASE Witnesses Who Had Promised to lie Present Did Not Stow up, And Judg-e Refused Continuance. THE TEXAS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for §1. Dr. E. W, Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. Beam the Signature of lira Kid You Have Always Fought Telegraph Positions Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Railroad offering a station in Da viess county. Mo., salary $50 a month at first. No question about opportunities. Enroll any day. Maupin's College '•The POSITION SCHOOL" Cfailiicothe, Mo. TRAIN THROUGH A BRIDGE. Kingfisher, O. T., Sept. 18— This morning at a few minutes after 8 o'clock, Rock Island passengnr train No. 12, three hours late and running at a high rate of speed, went through the bridge over the Cimarron river, one mile south of Dover, eight miles north of here, submerging the mail car, baggage car and smoker and day coach. The smoker was occupied by nine persons, all but one of whom are believed to have escaped. It is possible some of them are floating down the river on the wreckage from the bridge. No bodies have been recovered, and no one is known to be dead but Littlefleld, of Sells' circus. Many at first reported dead were found to have floated tq safety. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. IS—R. M. Snyder of Kansas City, the tranc- tion promoter accused of bribery was freed of that charge today in Judge Reynolds' court, after Circuit Attorney Sagcr had asked for a continuance owing to the absence of Frederick Uthoff and other important witnesses. The court refused the continuance and the circuit entered a nolle prose- qui. The following dispatch, sent Tuesday afternoon, show the progress of the Snyder case to that time: Jefferson City, Sept. 18—It developed today that W. H. Ritter, ex-member of the house of delegates, who was at one time a a buthcer with a shop on Olive street, has volunteered to come to St. Louis and testify that he received $25,000 from Robert M. _Sny_der_ofJ£ansa8_City_inJ898_and_ divided it among the members of the house combine who voted for the Central traction bill. Ritter is the new witness against^Snyder, whose discovery was announced yesterday. Ritter wrote a letter from Denver. Circuit Attorney Sager and Governor Folk had a conference relative to Ritter in Jefferson City and telegraphed him to start immediately for St. Louis. It is expected that he will >be there t testify when the case comes up for trial before Judge Reynolds Ritter suddenly left St.Louis whe the boodle inquiry began, an lis whereabouts had remained mystery until he voluntaril; wrote to Governor Folk announc ing his willingness to testif, against Snyder. In his letter to the governor h also stated .that there was a con spiracy to prevent the principa witnesses against Snyder fromap pearing against him. It is sup josed that he referred to Freder ck G. Uthoff, now living in Den ver, an ex-member of the couaci combine who was the principa witness against Snyder when h was tried here four years ago. Ritter's connection with th lentral traction scheme has been known to Governor Folk sine early in the boodle inquiry, bu the state was never able to get the direct testimony which he says he will recite at the trial of Snyder The trial which was set for hear ng in Judge Reynolds division of the circuit court at 10 o'cloc! ;his morning was passed down o; ;he docket until this afternoon ti give'Mr. Sager an opportunity t ascertain definitely whether Frederick G. Uthoff will appear as th state's prosecuting witness agains the defendent. OF HTTIFAIL BUSY THERE Kansas City Stock Yards. Kan- ; £VEH FATHER IS WORKING IN sasJCity, Mo.,Sept. IS.—Each week o Bare the 'gnatnre ot The Kind You Have Always Bough HAWKINS-WRIGHT. Marriage license were issued Wednesday to Jewell Hawkin and Lena Wright, both of Bed ford. The ceremony was perform ed by judge Umphalbaugh in his office shortly afternoon. W. O. W. special meeting this Wednesday evening- By Order Consul Com. „ R. Oehler, Clk The laxative effect of CHAMBERLAIN'S STOMACH and LIVER TABLETS, is so agreeable and so natural you can hardly realize that it is produced by a medicine. These taolets also cure indigestion and biliousness. Price, 25 tents, amples free at the N, J. Swetland Drug Store. Mrs. Lydia Colville and son, Eugene, are in the city the guests of Mrs. E F. Blake'' and family. They were en route to their home Kansas City from a visit in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and a number of the eastern cities. pleasure. Kiistly oppll<Hl,«nfp—I clpan—econonitrnl-~iro?a tHJf c I afl far a** at fic?r pojfpbeg. I FREE SAMPLE AWtsas Dept.M Lament.Corllan A Co., ABtB..fsMudMn st.,N.V.J for a month or more has commenced with big cattle receipts but the supply falls oft rapidly after the good etart, and no week yet has footed up like tho first day or two promised. This week it i_ the same only more noticeable than usual. Yesterday 25,000 hcac arrived, including 2000 calves, bu today's supply is only 16,QUO in< eluding about 2000 calves. It wil take a heavy frost, widely entend- ed to bring steady, heavy supplies. The market is bercfltec by the continued moderate runs the very good demand from al sources keening trade in a good healthy condition. Medium to good feed steers are 10 to 15 cents lower than a week ago, because o the growing popularity of grassers, which are coming in very good tleph and arc killing ou good; the latter are 10 to 15 cents higher than a week ago, cows { shade lower, country kitlds no much different. The general market was steady to weak yesterday and steady today. Nothing extra choice has been hero this week several loads at §0.25 yesterday nothing that good today Bulk o the grass steers from native territory "landbetween ~S3.75 anc St.90, heifers S3.00 to SI i.O, cowb 82.10 to S3.50, veal calves strong, account of scarcity, SJi.50 to 86.25 pnly 7000 calves arrived last week, against 12,000 same woctf last year, Couptry demand is increas ing all the time, also mure of thai kind coming, prices not much different, feeders §3.75 to S-l.-lO, stockers 82 SO to 81 00, a few cattle above these figures, Colorado and Panhandle stockholders S3.0( to §3.75. Hog receipts "are small, 30,000 last week, only 8000 today, market stronger yesterday, shade lower today, light hogs 86.25 to S6.42,!;; today, mixed weights 80.15 to S6.35, heavy hogs S6.05 to 80.25. Unless the run picks up, which is not expected much before November, prices are likely to advance considerably soon. Prices now are SI.00 higher than a year ago receipts not quite to largo as then, demand stronger now tiiun at that time. Mutton reciepta ara liberal this week, 10,000 yesterday, 7500 today, market 10 lower, which just about removes the advance secured last week. Medium to pood native lambs sell at $0 75 to S7.GO, muttons 85.00 to S5 -10. Feeding lambs are selling at SO.20 to §0.50, from the range, yearlings for the country around S5.40, breeding ewes 81.75 to ;SE.50, some Louisiana withers to the country yesterday-at §1.25. J. A. RICKART. L, S. Correspondent. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOB. SA1.E buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Ground 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf $750 For sale—Cottage in Graves- vine, three lots, two wells, everything in good condition. Price §550. Will take team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at County Infirmary. 10 room house, best location in Chillicothe good cellar, coal aud wood shed, brick walks, plenty of shade. Lot SO by 118,5 blocks from square, good garden spot some fruit. Inquire this at office. For sale—Hard coal baseburner. Inquire at this office. osdtf For sale cheap—Modern house at 115 East Calhoun St. Inquire on premises. I For Sale—7-room house, bath, 1 closets, large fcasement, electric ights, nice lawn, block and half from square, at 82200—S1000 cash, rest easy terms. Will rent at S15 jer month. slOdtf Jisper Blackburn GREEN TOWNSHIP Sowing Wheat And Gathering Apples Greats Big Demind For Li bor~-Frark McCloughan to Shoot FOB J^ENT *-^ f ~^r-^~~r-~^~^~~^*. FOR RENT—Good 7-room house; i office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L. Waite. a30 dtf. For Rent—7-room house in good epair. Seymour Wigely. s!4dot For rent: House of G rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; near chool. Mrs. M. L. Johnson, Vorth Cherry St. st-ldtf- For Rent—Large front room on ground floor, electric light, door pening onto front porch; near quare. Inquire Lock Box 402. Utica, Sept. 19.—(Special Correspondence)—Wheat sowing is tlio big "chore" just now, and thousands of acres are being put in. With this and the great apple crop, there are no idle people in Greea township. Frank H. McCloughan of St Louis is visiting relatives anc friends here. Ho is an old resident of the town and this is hii first visit for some time. Mr McCloughan is in the treasury department of the United Railways company at St. Louis, and has a good position. When he returns he will be accompanied by his molher, who is now visiting at Dolph Roberts' in Chillicothe. In addition to being a street railway man, Frank hasn't forgotcen how to shoot, and is one of the best game and trap shooters in the state. A match is to be arranged for him while he is here, and it wilLbe an_interesting_one. Burlington Agent JonnP. Wood and family arrived home Monday from an extended visit to friends in Canada, haying been three weeks. Parl Bagloy, Burlington agent at Ely, came up Tuesday on his vacation, and ho aud his father, Wash Baglev, have gone to Oklahoma on a prospecting trip, to be gone ton days or so. Otis Smith, one of the Burlington operators, is at home on a vacation. W. O. Gilbreath and wife, of Settillo, Mexico, are here visiting Mrs. Galbroath's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stone. Mr, Galbreath is a civil engineer on a Mexican railway, and is looking as though the Greaser climate had agreed with him. Fackler Bros', new engine arrived Monday, and is now at work on the east bottom, pulling two gangs of 11-inch plows, getting ready for wheat. The machine is a monster, and is expected to revolutionize the methods of farming on the Grand river bottom. Frank M. Henderson is also plowing with an engine in the same neighborhood. Miss Pearl Joslin, who was visit- visiting friends here, returned to Chillicothe Sunday, Arthur Middleton spent Sunday in Chillicothe. Lawrence Bonderer and family drove to Chilliec^hjj to attend church Sunday. '; ,-Loading and shipping of the apple crop began Monday, and it will be moving lively for more than a month y^t. Robert and Will Carey, two small colored boys, ran away from Monday afternoon, during the temporary absent of their step-mother, Lucy Carey. Up to the present writing their whereabouts has not been discovered, though they were seen in Mooresville Monday night. The father of the boys is now in Iowa at work, and it is probable that when the youngsters get hungry they will return home. No reward is offered for them. A. J. Myers left Sunday for his railroad work. A, H. Willard was over from Chillicothe Sunday on a visit to his parents. A ball game here Sunday be- ween a Dawn club and the home )ick-ups team resulted in a defeat or the home boys. A large crowd was present. Several of the men who came icre to work in the orchards went Chillicothe Monday and got ailed for drunkenness. When hey returned and showed up for work they were fired promptly, and have lefc for their homes. Tied down to his desk in the office, While others are free and at play, Papa fancies he is having a vacation, While drinking Rocky Mountain Tea. Swetland drug company. Mrs. A. M. Parish has returned from a trip to Madison and Milwaukee, Wis. She was accompanied home by her daughter, GOOD CLOTHES of stylish quality Ruiny well ilrasst-d isn't a <|iipstion of spend inu a lot of money—it's ;i t|iiestion ot j(oin<r to tht; riiflit stoiv. Mo>t any store hu.-s fairly i^ood suits as far as tlir-.-ail arid cloth ;u'i;cimecrni.-<]- iffttin:^ dt.->tini.'tivi 1 >ly]t- and a n/al (it is another matter. I'.ut that's what you ir.'t here at a prii'u vim c:in asily all'ord. In fact on can't afford not to •ear tlR- fcirnl of cloth-:, '(• sell. The iriiji-u civ n your own estimation mil other's) that our SCHLOSS Clothi-s iriv.- you — that prosperous well-^rooineJ look i-> the bijfjrcst kind of a cash as»i-L to any man. Tin 1 pictin-i; shou-s iini; SCHLO.S.S style. Many others costing from $10 to $25 SEE THEM. Newland ®> Dider MALE HEI.P WANED street paving 'brk, also "j.0anjst<?rs, J. E. Meek. •••••-•:••-•• .«-,,, H v*«-" *j v j *•••** o j ——!iMrs. Julia Dimnaock, whose home | has been in. Milwaukee, but who, after a brief vis^it here, will make her home in Davenport, la., where slBd&waw she will keep house for her BOD. * ***«* *»•»» »9*tt»VVK*«V* ««»« * * 2 Society and Clvifos Mrs. S. R. Nelson entertained very delightfully Tuesday afternoon in honor of her sister, Miss Albert, of Cape Girardeau. Five tables of "500" played till late in the afternoon when Mrs. Nelson served an elegent hot luncheon, assisted by Mesdames John Haw- lep and Mason Little. The highest scuros wore made by Misses Ruby Creamer and Ilee Wells, both receiving pieces of cut glass. Mrs. Nelson's guests were Misses Ilee Wells, Shcetz, Nell Sheetz, Mable Grace, Spencer Platter, Newland. Hitt, Tup Hitr, Edger•on, Creamer, Henry, Dawsou, Knapp, Nellie Koapo, Eyloaburg, VIcVey, Eanjis of St Louis, Mrs. Finney St. Louis and Albert. Capo Girardeau. -t- -f + + + I The foil-swing young ladies .vent to Collier's mill east of the city Wednesday afternoon and ; ate supper: Misses Tup Hitt, ' Abbie Spencer, Nellie Sheetz, j Agnes Newland, Mary Platter, j Ethel Edgerton. Miss W. B. Fin| ney of St. Louis chaperoned the (crowd. / f-tt Mrs. C. A.Loomirf,who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Emma Hurxtha], returned home this afternoon. it i A Fortnightly dancing club ia being organized by the young men of\he city. The dances will be given overy two weeks. + + t + *• + Mrs. Jonathan F. Hawley will entertain Thursday night for Miss Clara Morton of Cape Girardeau. Sterl Howell returned Wednesday morning from St. Louis where he shipped two car loads of horses and mules which were sold on the Monday morning market. A handsome new style in our Diamond Special Grade <£'! A A that will give the finishing tJKJ.W touch to any costume. ...iThis is only one of our new patterns. Ask your dealer to show you his styles of Diamond Brand Shoes. He should have them in all grades, at all prices, for men as well as for women and children. OTHER IN THL UNION PACIFIC EVERY DAY From September 15, to October .'51, 190(5 .OO SHORT LINE FAST TRAINS NO DELAYS Be sure your tickets read over this line. Inquire of H. G. KAILU Ass't. Gen. Freiffht & Passenger Ag-ent Fidelity Trust Co. Bldg.. Kansas City, JIo.

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