Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 10
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 10
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i-f irtrrtiirt * iaBaaiimfljriflfcoamtttaiiflK&ftai" &:& **•!••• fv* \ ftOSWIit home of a ffttn- W* mlfens where m»ny 1 «JWIt* Vlitt, each gucat room ftt OWft tittle bulll-ln ironing IMS** travel IfoffT iiany a . ..... l»eSlate» tt> *sfc the ftlvi- .of hating' Me one maid-ot-ali press her clothes. Is delighted she has t*M facilities of doing ii ."onil one of nus snips who delivers FAIRVIEH BREAD into your neighborhood laily to stop Monday 01 Tuesday whatever day '-•ou choose with Iresb from the oven. Bread Dainty Rolls, Cookie? Pies and Pastries. KELLO&G MAKES THEM BETTER EAT the latest in bran flakes. A marvelous blend of the nourishing elements of the wheat with just enough bran to be mildly laxative. And above all the famous flavor of PEP. Crisp, ready-to-eat with milk or cream. Sold only in the red-and- green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. PEP BRAN FlAKES FBOkV EVEBY , ^ ^^^M^u_ ^^^^^^J&ti|UMU Meals for Every Day In the Week and New Recipes for Every Meal Two New Ways of Serving Steak and n Bright Suggestion of Baked Beans As Kasy Summer Fare. By EDITH M. BARBEK Do you ever choose a thick steak for Sunday dinner instead of a roust? It is quickly cooked and when there "is a reason for preparing a ineal quickly it fills the bill. Such a steak is always a treat. I am suggesting creamed onion tops to serve with it, that really means cream young onions, tops and all. Another delicious way of combining onions and steak, besides the usual friend onions, is to cut the young onions in small pieces and to sprinkle them over the steak after it has been put on the hot platter with a large piece of butter. 1 am including a recipe for chocolate Bavarian cream. Although it has been given before I have had severa.1 requests for its repetition. SUNHAY Creamed herrings Coffee Hot rolls § Griddle cakes Breakfast Melons Scrambled eggs Coffee Maple sirup Dinner Clam broth Broiled Steak Creamed onion tops Potato souffle String beans Komaine and Chili sauce salad Ice cream wit.]/ butterscotch sauce Sand tarts Supper Jellied ham Hot muffins Boiled eggs Tea MONDAY Breakfast Orange juiue Cooked cereal Orange salad Nut cake Coffee Toasted muffins BETTMBRAN FLAKES Write lor New Fish Recipes, FREE. NEW VARIETY in the DAILY MENU GORTON-PEW FISHERIES Gloucester, Mass. Luncheon Toasted bacon sandwiches String bean salad Cocoa Cake' UlNNB*ft Beef steak and mushroom pic Braised carrots Baked squash Celery Steamed rhubarb pudding Date hard sauce TUESDAY Breakfast Stewed prunes Ready-to-eat cereal ' Bacon Toast Coffee Luncheon Tomato soup with cheese sticks Cherry salad Coffee cake Tea Dinner Baked tongue Asparagus New potatoes Tomato salad Cocoanut pudding WEDNESDAY Breakfast Grapefruit Cooked cereal Poached eggs on creamed toast Coffee Luncheon Tongue salad Cheese pinwheel biscuits Tea Dinner Soft shelled crabs Baked potatoes Spinach Watercress salad Strawberry ice , THURSDAY Breakfast Stewed rhubarb Ready-to-eat cereal For Health Investment Jiisi home from school and hungry as a bear! There's nothing hetter to satisfy those lusty young appetites that plenty of firm, lender slices of Westmont Bread The children like it because of its rich, full flavor; delicious flakiness and crisp, golden- brown crust. And you. know it's just the food they need for giving health and strength to those sturdy ypung bodies. That's because all-best, nutritious ingredients are properly combined and baked in our shining, spic-and-span plant, to make this perfect loaf. .4s[c your grocer Westmont Bakery Luncheon Baked lima beans Brown bread Romalne salad Tea . Dinner Tongue croquettes Mashed potatoes Creamed peas Buttered beets Fruit jelly FRIDAY '\ Breakfast Stewed figs Cooked cereal Scrambled eggs Toast coffee Luncheon Lima bean croquettes Cabbage and pineapple salad French toast Honey Tea DinncV Steamed haddock Shrimp sauce Buttered potatoes String beans Chocolate Bavarian cream SATURDAY Breakfast Sliced bananas Ready-to-eat cereal Hot rolls Coffee Bacon l..unclvcon Scalloped lish in bread cases Cole slaw Tea Hot ginger cake Dinner Broiled ham Potatoes .with cheese Beets with greens Strawberry pie ORIGINAL RECIPES TO ENLIVEN THE WEEKLY'BILL OF FARE (Jocoanut -Pudding; 3 cups milk Whites of three eggs 1 cup shredded cocoanul 1-3 cup sugar 1-3 cup cornstarch 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Mix the cornstarch, salt and sugar with enough cold milk to make a smooth paste. Scald the rest o£ the milk in a double boiler and when it is hot stir In the cornstarch mixture. Stir until smooth and thick. Add the cocoanut, cover and cook thirty minutes in double boiler. Remove from the (Ire, add the whites of eggs, beaten stiff, and the vanilla. Pour into a mold and chill. When set turn out in a large plate, garnish with cherries and candied orange or grapefruit peel and pass a chocolate sauce or whipped cream. Tongui: .Suhul 3 cups cold tongue, diced 1-2 cup cooked carrots, diced 1-5J cup chopped celery 6 tablespoons chopped green pepper 1-4 teaspoon paprika Mix the tongue, carrots and green pepper. Add paprika and marinate in French dressing. Chill thoroughly. Arrange in nests of crisp lettuce leaves and garnish with parsley. Serve with mayonnaise dressing. Chocolate Bavarian ('ream 2 tablespoons gelatin 1-2 cup cold water 2 cups milk 1-2 cup sugar 1-4 teaspoon salt 2 squares chocolate 1-2 cup cocoanut 1 cup whipped cream Soak the gelatin in the water. Place the milk, sugar, salt and chocolate, cut in four or five pieces, in the top of a double boiler and cook until the chocolate is melted. Beat with a wheel egg beater a few seconds to insure smoothness. Add the gelatin and stir until dissolved. Remove from the lire, stand in cold water, stir occasionally and when it begins to thicken fold in the cocoanut and the whipped cream. Pour into a mold, chill and when set serve with whipped cream or with a custard sauce. Garnish the sauce with cherries. Vanilla Bavarian cream—Omit the chocolate and add two teaspoons of vanilla when folding the cream. (Copyright, 1030, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) SPARE-TIME GARDEX. Everyone with even a few feet of yard should have what one old- fashioned woman calls her "spare- time garden." She maintained that hoeing, weeding, planting, sprinkling and picking the flowers, all done in fifteen minutes hero and fifteen minutes thore when her work was done, £ave her the health and happiness which was her wealth. MODERNISTIC TOWELS. New bath sets come in all colors in modernistic designs quite suited to the contemporary decoration of many of the bath rooms. VARIETY IS ESSENTIAL IN CORRECT DIET Diversified Diet Insures the System Getting Necessary Calories, Vitamins, Minerals and Roughage Rarely does a single food contain all the elements ol nutrition. But too often meals are served without regard to this fact. To promote health, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, nsh and cereals should be eaten for the contribution each makes to the system's needs. What is more, desserts, jellies, jams and confections may be included. Not only do they contain wholesome elements, but they round out the meal in a most satisfying way. The taste appeal of many foods is definitely increased by using sugar as a flavor. A dash of sugar to a pinch of salt will heighten the flavor of most vegetables. Try this suggestion in cooking spinach, turnips, peas, cabbage, tomatoes and string beans. The same rule applies to the preparation of meat and vegetable stews. Doctors and dietitians recommend a diversified diet. They also approve the use of sugar in making essential foods appetizing. Most foods are more delicious with sugar. The isujjar Institute, A Famous Old Recipe Becomes Popular Today o 1 k NCE upon a time in a small middle western community there lived an old lady whose savory, meat -Joa£ was famous for miles around. 'Folks would drop in for supper, on baking day in the hope..that a meat loaf would be on the table—and it usually was. For years no church supper or Sunday School picnic was complete without a batch of her delicious meat loaves. Here are'recipes for this old-time meat loaf with just one modern improvement which will prove a boon to young housewives. For a small quantity of quick cooking tapioca takes the place of egg and breadcrumb's as a binder. This ingredient not only binds the meat loaf but holds the moisture evenly .distributed so that the loaf comes from the oven tender and moist. Hot or cold, it can be sliced without crumbling. Meat Loaf Roast is.a delicious and economical way to use up leftovers of meat. The Savory Meat Loaf is just the thing to take on, a picnic. It can be easily carried In the loaf pan, turned out and sliced at the picnic grounds. For the home table this 'loaf can be served hot with brown onion gravy or tomato sauce, or on a hot night it is delicious serrcd cold with salad. Loaf Roast (Using Cooked Meat) •\ tablespoons quick cooking tapioca, uncooked "4 cup tomato juice or meat brotli '\s teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon parsley, finely cut % pound (314 cups) cooked meat, ground, (veal, pork, ham, etc.) Dash of Cayenne Dash of black pepper Vs teaspoon onion, finely chopped Combine tapioca, tomato juice, sail, Cayenne pepper, onion, parsley and meat. Mix well. Shape into loaf in roaster or large pan. Bake in hot oven (150° F.I 30 minutes; then decrease heat to moderate-(350° F.) and bake 30 minutes longer, basting frequently during baking with mixture of 1 cup hot water and 4 tablespoons butter. Serve hot or cold. Serves 6. Savory Meat Loaf 2 thin 2-inch slices salt pork, diced 2 pounds round beef, ground ] /i. cup quick' .'cooking tapioca, uncooked Vi ^teaspoon pepper J ,2 small onion, finely chopped 2 cups canned tomatoes 2Vi teaspoons salt Try out salt pork until golden brown. Add pork and drippings to other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bake in loaf pan, 7x5x3 inches, in hot oven (450° F.) 15 minutes; then decrease heat to moderate (350° F.) and bake 30 minutes longer. Serve hot or cold. Garnish with parsley. Serves 10. Summer Food Repertoire Includes Cold Dishes and Frozen Desserts The Clink of Icek Drink*, Cold Salads oil Crisp Letture und Jellied Soups Spread Appetizing Meals on Porch und Hoof • Gardens. By EDITH M. BARBEU Now that summer is or should be up"on us we begin to look over the food repertoire in search oC cold dishes which will furnish a main course for luncheons or Sunday night suppers. Often these -will take the form of elaboration of a salad, which is almost universally liked. When salad is used as a main dish, It is usually made from meat, lish, cheese or eggs as a foundation, or it is put together into a solid form by gelatin or by freezing. Any of these salads, garnished with lettuce and, perhaps, with other vegetables, will be a welcome main course. The addition of Saratoga potatoes, spiced fruits, hot rolls or dainty sandwiches, with coffee or cocoa, and we have a complete course. A cold first course in the form of chilled melon, a fruit cup, jellied soup or a canape may precede the second course, or a hot cream soup, such as pea, asparagus or water cress, with toasted crackers, may be served. For desert, an old-fashioned strawberry shortcake, strawberry pudding or pinaapple tart or ice cream served in meringue, with a fruit sauce, will be fitting. If cold drinks, such as ginger ale, fruit lemonade, iced cocoa. are served during the meal, a small cup of coffee will be enjoyed afterward. 1 pound strawberries. 3 pounds sugar. Cut the - rhubarb Into pieces, shred the pineapple, half-Inch hull the berries and add the sugar. Stir gently over the flre^untll sugar is dissolved. Coolt slowly and stir often until the marmalade Is thick—about an hour and a half. When one drop hangs like a thread from the spoon, It Is thick enough. If a jellied marmalade Is de- aired, commercial pectin may be used. Either the pineapple or the berries may bo omitted and the other fruit doubled In quantity. Half a pound of raisins may be added just .before the 1am is done with any of the fruit combinations. Recipes Suited for the June Table, (linger Ale Salad. 2 tablespoons gelatin. % cup water. 1 cup boiling water. I'/j (nips ginger ale. % cup sugar. Juice of 1 lemon. 2 cups fruit, cut fine. Mi cup nuts, chopped. Soften gelatin in cold water live minutes, dissolve In boiling water. Add [finger ale, lemon juice and sugar. Set aside to cool. When beginning to thicken add fruit and turn into fancy molds. Serve on lettuce and nis.h with dressing. Criib liavlgote. 2 cups flaked crab meat.< 2 hard-cooked eggs. 1 tablespoon chili sauce. 1 tablespoon minced parsley. 3 tablespoons .salad dressing. 2 tablespoons/chopped pickles. Salt. Paprika. Few capers. Slices of lemon. Strips of pimento. Blend the crab meat with the chopped ?gg whites, chili wince, parsley, salad dressing, pickles and seasonings. Chill, replace in the crab shells or place in toasted bread cases, and garnish with the yolks of eggs pressed through a sieve and with slices of lemon and strips of pimento. Asparagus Salad. 1 bunch cold, booked asparagus or 1 can asparagus. Finely chopped white 1 hard-cooked egg. 1 tablespoon India relish. % tablespoon finely minced parsley. l'/j tablespoons minced pimento. Lettuce. Pile the asparagus high in the center of an oblong platter. Blend the egg white, relish, parsley and pimento and arrange these in two bars crossing the asparagus at about the points where it was originally tied. Garnish with crisp lettuce arranged in rows, the / leaves overlapping one another, and serve with salad dressing. Strawberry .lam. •1 quarts strawberries. ' 2 1 ,.'. pounds sugar. Mash the berries, add the sugar, cook thirty minutes or until desired consistency is obtained, stirring often. Pack and seal. Sun Cooked Strawberries. Wash and hull strawbcriies, allow equal weights of granulated sugar, put in alternate layers" in a large kettle and let stand an hour. Bring slowly to boiling point and simmer without stirring for ten minutes. Pour in layers on enamel dripping pans or china platters, cover with sheets of glass, and stand in the sun for a day or two, when it will jelly. It must be brought in th'e house at night. (Copyright, 1030, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) SCREEN /DOOjiS. Be sure all your screen doors have patent springs to shut them and latches to secure them. Having screen doors that almost shut are fully as bad as none at all. of Itt *tt«Mer. By *J »<ft| >eaft get ftfi mftftM 6r just i will greatly Increase yd«* your diaposUloft. hftcB **&? aft* COOt For hot hlghM the family ftppf«« elates bbbl suppers. A model m«ntt consists t>t •<«We h»t soup, like ifeftftt* ed asp'afagug, 'ft jellied chicken salad, hot rolls, iced of hot teai and frestt strawberry of tfaSpBBrry ice. RE-MAKING ENSEMBLES. Your long coat from last year's silk ensemble can be cut into a short jacket this summer and the rest of its length used for a deep hip yoke to lengthen. last year's'short skirt into a moderti, fashionably longer one. MIBKOJl'S USE. Mirrors placed rightly, will do more than decorate. They can be made to reflect light, thus making the room more cheery, and they can be made to reflect a view, thus creating the illusion of much more space-In a room than It actually has. ALL-GREEN SALAD. Cool and appetizing is the all-graen salad. Use crisp fresh lettuce for a foundation, place watercress, endive and asparagus tips side by side. Serve with French dressing. MOTH 1'URSUIT. Now is the time to pack away all woolens. Stores have a wide variety of cedar equipment, tarred x bags, and other receptacles that keep clothes and blankets and rugs from the inquisitive and persistent moth. ' » » » flf""»* Don't ;, be discouraged send for some ,•* STRAIN SAVER. If you have your kitchen table at U height about eight inches below your elbow, it will save strain on your back and give you more ease in your work. PRETTY GARNISH. Decorate a platter of fried chicken with alternating half-slices of canned apricot and strips of pimento. It makes a pretty dish and adds a good flavor. FORTY YEARS IN FRQNT1 By Maintaining, at all costs, the Highest Standard of Quality and Flavor it has won the praise of Two Generations, F ORTY years a leader in quality and delicious flavor, WnM» House Coffee wil! never sacrifice the position in whiclvir has been placed by coffee Jovers throughout the land—-, because its makers take pride in the (act thaf White Mouse Coffee has always been superior to other coffees. For two generations, White House Coffee has won fh« praise of discriminating coffee lovers for its exquisite flavor, mellow fragrance and delightful aroma. At its present low price, it is now within the reach of every housewife. Ask your Grocer for White House Tea. It is Just as Fine. ******* *****'* * * * Spring Canning Now in Order. When fruits are at their best in quality, fortunately they are often at their lowest in price. They are so tempting from both standpoints, that any woman who has ever before fallen under the spell of making a few glasses of marmalade for winter use can hardly resist them now. Women who customarily put up their own supply have their o'wn special favorite among recipes. Some of these have been handed down in the family and others have been acquired from friends who guaranteed results. While nothing is better than plain marmalade, made from one fruit ami sugar, there arc some combinations which are good and make the cost lower. Rhubarb, for instance, is 5 cents a bunch and a line foundation for a marmalade. While many of us like marmalade thinner than jelly, if a thicker product is desired, which will turn out in a mold, commercial pectin may be used. Directions, which come with the pectin, should be followed, unless you are a real expert and know how to make variations. When this pectin is used, the color and natural flavor of the fruit will be preserved, but a sweeter product results. Recipes for a few combination jams are given below: Spring Marmalade. 2 pounds rhubarb. 1 pound pineapple. It's the Flavor that Counts "SALADA" TEA "Fresh from the Gardeni" In Packets and Individual Tea-Bags 773 save by serving Kellogg's Corn Flakes and milk for the children's supper. Dietitians say it's an ideal dish/. . . easy to digest, well balanced. The very type of supper children need. And it saves any mother work, worry and time 1SW CORN CORN FLAKES MOHK than 12,000,000 people daily demand Kellogg'n becaiua of thai famous "wonder" flavor. You'll like Kcllogg's for lunch and supper as well as break* fast. Great wilh fresh or canned fruits and berries. Look for the red-uiid-grecn package — with the waxlitc inner bcalcd wrapper that keepa the flukes oven-fresh. At Jill grocers. Served by hotels, restaurants. Made by Kcllogf hi llalllc Creek.

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