The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 7, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1920
Page 3
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LOCAL, NEWS L. E. Stiner of St. Louis-, accompllsh- ' ed pianist, played at the Elks dance Thursday evening. . Mrs. Chas. Ashley was a Murphys- fCTo' visitor yesterday afternoon. Mr. andf Mrs. Geo. Robinson return- «di yesterday afternoon from a visit •with friends in Champaign. . y .Mrs. Frank Single spent yesterday in Murpfcysboro .transacting business. August Roseriberger of Hallidayborp -was a busines visitor-here yesterday. HOLDEN HOSCCAL Felix Bianco arrived at the Hospital last' iight from his! home in. Du- Quoin. : - He will undergo an aperation shortly.. . Mrs- Stella Norton Of this city underwent an operation yesterday and is improving. - . • Mrs. Edna Burns, who has been a patient in the hospital for the last few days, is recovering. Coach Wai. Lodge, ot the Normal acuity, who is suffering from, a severe ttack of pne'umonia,' is considered ightly improved. R. A, Douglas, traveling salesman rho was taken ill at the Hotel Robrts last evening, was removed to Hclden hospital. RESOLUTIONS ,.; .cipNpp.LE.NCE Rev. "W. O. Sidener, pastor of the Church of God,'was-called to Grand grower today where he wiil remain ov- 'er Sunday. Mrs. W. G. Conner and children, Glenn Evans and Susie, of Chicago.are visiting .'her brother, Ed Evans, and aunts. Misses Mattie and Emma Trobaugh. Mrs; C. B. Gauthier was called to Detroit yesterday on account of the sudclen-jieath ot Mr. Gauthier's sister Mr. Gauthier was unable .to leave his duties 'as superintendent of the chem cal plant to attend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grammar have returned to their hoine JaHerrin afte a visit with the latter's sister, ff. H. Ridgway. Miss Thelma uiipm is spending th • -weekv.end at her.".bx) Prefl Pabst-of the I. C. offices-a Centralia, is visiting homefolks. . Whereas, It has seemed fit to Divine Providence to remove from our miast;, ; Brother Allison Butcher, ,who has answered 'the call' of the Great Architect of the Universe, and. - . (Resolved, That we the brothers of H. B. of C. ahd'j'r'of A. NOj 841 extend our heartfelt sympathy and respect to the bereaved wife and children of Brother Butcher, who mourn their loss, and be it further _ Resolved, That we extend our sympathy to our -brother, Chas v Butcher and his wife and daughter, in their g'reait bereavement and sorrow. Signed": . ^ .' G. I. Hughes, x G. W. Turnipaeed,. C. O. Creagor, Committee. Advertisement. , Churph announoenjent* inoold b«; In the fa9.c«'no~t'later' ! .than 2 >. m. Friday to Insure Insertion Saturday., Pro? ' prams > for .^missionary meeting! tha I week following must be In :the offlc* not later than Saturday nobni. - : ' ANTISOCIAL1ST CASE ENDING •evidence Remains as to New Yor Assemblyman's iChicago : Speech. Albany,. N. T., Feb. 7.—Adjournmen inntil next Tuesday of the trial of th iflve suspended Socialist assemblyrne Hound Albany deserted oC counsel, wi '•nesses smfl out of town spectators. .The .prosecution virtually fins closed its' fcase. A .few "odds and ends" of evi- :<lence,__hpwaver, 'remain to >be intro- !duced before the defense opens. These ilnclnde a deposition by J. E. Harris, [ editor of the Milwaukee Leader, to be taken in that city. The prosecution has announced that it 'seeks to "show through Harris'tliat As- igemblymnn L. Waldman, n defendant. • «i.^4e this remark on the floor of the •Socialist convention in Chicago in :1919: "If I'kneyy if we.could sway the - l>oys^afTer they get guns to use them against the capitalistic clas%t I would iai-or universal military training." KNOWS NO NORTH OR SOUTH Southern .Doughboy. Who Fought in France-Is Strong for th» Appellation "Yank." The monicker, Yrnk, is- going t stick. Just read what this fellow, who j wai born south of Mason end DIxon's line, writes: 'I come from a line of 'rebels' who boast that' they- did not surrender.. Until I.was quite a husky chap I believed that 'd— Yankee' was one word and 'Republican' its synonym. and knew the 'rebel yell' as a vaTslty b»j knows his college yell. Before the war I wore a slouch hat, rode horseback .and shot squirrels. 'I still say cawn • bread; think Dixie should be our national air, that Robert E. Lee was the; world's greatest general, and Jefferson Davis, sub, the world's greatest statesman. "But, speaking for .myself and n_ not. of ebly/ snialUibiUiicn'.iofr ffellow* 'rebi els,' I am exactly satisfied -with the honest, hard-fisted,' firm-jawed and seemingly inevitable , nickname of Yank, and say, with one of the papers back home: " 'Let Yank be the official battle name of our boys, and the "rebel yell" their official battle cry-'" In truth, the South-and the North are welded.—Stars and Stripes. ENTERTAIN EMPLOYEES Mr. ar.d Mrs.;J. H., Ridgway 'entertained the eifployees of their store to 6 o'clock dinner Thursday evening at their home on Washington avenue. Following the dinner", the. evening was spent in music and a social way. Eighteen guests were present, including' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grammer', of Herrin. ' • P. H. W. ROSS POSTPONED • The men's meeting of the Foreign 'Missionary Society of the Methodist church which was to have been with J. D. Dill on. Fe'o. 10 has been postponed.—^Advertisement. i i F• Mi Si The regular meeting of the Foreign Missionary Society will be held T,ues- <Jay afternoon 2:30, with Mrs. R. E. Renfro.—Advertisement. . MENU'HINTS f OR HENS (Prepared by the United States Department ot Agriculture.) Use home-grown-'grains and their by-products, supplemented with meat, nnd nsh scraps, or milk. Mix- these feeds tto make a properly balanced ration. Feed a scrntch .iilxyire of '.jivvhQleiV.'o'r.: -cracked -!.c^rn:.l;twJce. dally. Feed a riinsh', oither dry or wet, nuide of grouc»l grains nnd meat scrap. . .; Make the hens exerc-ise for their feed. Provide a light feed., of. corn in tlie morning, suppljlii? only what the liens will clean up In a half-hour. Give a full fled In the afternoon, especially !n cold weather. ROYAL ARCH MASONS Special meeting of the Royal Arch Masons- in the mark degree tonight at 7:30, sharp. J. E. Youngblood, H. P. » J. E. Willoughby, Sec. Advertisement. JITNEY! JITNEY! JITNEY! , Call 381 or the O. K. barber shop. I am rmmins four cars. I can absolutely assure you the-'best service in the eity. Always -5%5od driver to answer your call. I do nothing but auto (service, day and night. — Remember phone 381 or the O. K. barber shop." Earl Noel, Prop. Advertisement. flRST BAPTIST CHURCH ,_.;{ Corner Vest Main. St. and, North; Normal Ave. , • • Vi ,......-.' ; ' J. W..Merrill, Minister, 3071:West Main.St. - • ••' '; Phone, 387 L. . . .', 9:3™(S Sunday, school . '."..' .;'; ioiis-iljlbrnlng worship. J."-'_'- : ('. SiiySet,'<)t; : sermon, "Sparingly \ ;6r_ :0g' Juniors. Mrs. Stewart .Chander,leader. ' .... . ._J •..- ..:' • 6:30;HigU School B;Y. P. U. Joe'-iHickey, leader. President." N ^ 6:30 Senior B. Y.''P..TT. LoulB ; Wbl« 7:30 Evening worship. ' This', will consist of an illustrated address by the pastor upon the missionary work in Central America. He has many slides illustrating'life and conditions in this, country in which so much interest has-been created re-j cently, • . . ..•..' , "Coine" thdu with us and we will do thee good." . , YAtE ? TONIGHT f • ; ., :' .'-•, •" • '" ..:;•, " . .:•'-, . ' V I n WITH Wilfred Lucas aad Bessie Love *' ' • " ' p ~ • "Hell to Pay" is right. .You'lhagree with us alter you see this picture of the western country where''might is right" x and the gurf^is ''stronger stronger than the law."' » , . • ' .• ' ' ,-' Also "The'Adventures of With Ruth Rolknd " U you have a weak,heart this is no place for you. 6:30 and 8:30 lie and 22c FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 206,jWTest Main Street. ... . . 3t»day school at 9:30 a. m. O. J. Rude, Superintendent.; Services of worship at'10:45 a. m and 7:30 p.. in'. ' •_••'/, , Morning topic, "Our Savior a Help^ er," Evening topic, "The Holy Spirit and Life." . - r ' . . -. Junior League at 2:30 p. m. Miss McGuire, Superintendent. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Miss Goings, President. . .< The house will be well ventilated. Cordial welcome to "all. . CHRISTIAN CHURCH ' Corner Normal Ave. and Monroe St. Duflcan MacFarlane, Pastbr.- All services tomorrow will be at the regular hours. Bible school at 9:30. Hope every teacher will be able to come. Every boy and girl that attends public school can safely come to Bible school. Our^lWin One" campaign will begin and u^, Xushed vigorously as soon as danger fiJ^d the '"Flu" is past. Communion wlorship at 10:45. Christian Endeavor meets in the 'north room at 6:30. • Evening- song service led by the young people's chorus at 7:30. Says Free Press Like / Letter From Home In a letter from C. .A. Jjoe,_Teela- t^T:-ot\^t^o^---B&tatKftroim»l at Valley ''(Jity, characterizes-.fui"e -tl Free Press a "letter irom__home." He says: "We appreciate the -Letter from iome' very much and anxiously await ts arriva.revery Saturday morning. "We are-having lots of influenza up ere just at present, it began about 2 reeks ago and has' spread very rapid- y. There are over 400 cases im Vlalley ity. Dr. Allen has been down with t for several days, but is much better oday and expects to be up and about gain in a few days. Thus far none f my family have contracted it. -The >oy has a severe cold, almost croup, vhich may be flu in the beginning but we are trying to get it checked before hat se,ts in. The rest of the Carbondale folks are OK." .. . P. H. W. Ross is president of the "National Marine Week," • which will be observed April 12-17 in un effort to arouse public interest in.the American merchant marine. A. unique feature of this demonstration will he the national marine exposition held in New Yprfc city, the first maritime show in the country In twelve, y POSTPONE Vaudeville to have been given at Normal Feb. 1O, post- i poned until further notice \ On Account of Illness Blue Birds in Orchards Worth Gallons of --Spray The blue 'bird is not only a traditional omen ot happiness but also of material value.. An Indiana County Game and B'ird .Protective League chairman says: • :., Farmers of Tippecanoe county, if you value > yonr orchards, put up blue bird boxes in. them. Blue birds live on coddling moths; the. gypsy and brown tail moth, weevils and cut worms. One pair, of blue birds 'in your orphard-;will be-worth .many gallons of Insecticide, will cost noth- liug and .will not 'poison the fruit blossoms for 'the T»ees. ••':.',.• .'Put up the .boxes now. .Blue._birds return in .-February and seek for a location', 'before we know they are here. Moreover, the houses should be well seasoned and" weathered. They should be 12 inches deep by six inches wide, with en-trance hole the size of a 50-cent piece,-and a sharply slanting roof 'almost over the hole which will help to keep out the sparrows.\ ' Then, if, blue birds' take the box (for there are •few of them left) paint the trunks of the trees with, a 'thick circle of tar ,or circle 'it with sticky .flypaper and strew the ground around it, if cattle are not in the orchard, with thorne .tree branches,, to" keep away the cat. Guard that brood «f blue birds, if you have it, as you would a gold mine. _It will be worth that to you. And while you are preparing for the blue birds, why not put up a the air have nests, but the martens Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but .the martens have no longer any refnge unless we provide au artificial one.. Martens- will free your premises ot./'mos- quitoes and obnoxious insects if they j can overpower' .the sparrows for possession. of the house. Help them to .--do so by, killing the sparrows. Protect, the birds and the birds will protect you. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Corner S. Normal Ave. and Elm St Walter F. Bagleson, D. D., Pastor. A. K. Wilson, Sunday School Supt Miss Merle Mclntyre, Organist. Rev. Eagleson will be present- a both-'morning and evening services IMdrning subject, ''The Great Task o the Church for Today." Evening subject, "The Opportunitie for the Church for Work." 'Thepastor will go to Cairo Monda where he will address a men's meetin in "the evening. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Corner of South Normal Ave. an West. Elm > St. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Sunday morning service '10:45'. "Wednesday evening service 7:45. Subject for the Sunday service ^ - ;;spi.-vt." : - Tlie free reading room and circula ing-library is open every Wedn« and Saturday, from 2 to 4 p. m. \ t';oi-ued literature! is for loan and for nble. WwitAdi. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cash In, Advance. ••' ' ' One month, per word .......... ..t» One week, per word '. M One. Insertion, per word i ....... .'.01 Three insertions, per word ...'..•.'..oi' WANTUX WAJfTED—Men or women, salary ?24 full time; 50c an hour spare time,. selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer. Experience unnecessary. Guaranteei Mills, .Norristown, Pa. MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting Shekinah lodge No. 241 Monday evening at 6:30, Feb. 9th. For work. • '.'... T. A. Weaver, W .M. H. C. Mertz, Secretary. x Adyertfaement. Sends Greetings to Friends WANTED—"Womau to cook and, do lig'ht housework. Best of wages. Apply Style Shop. WIANTED—To rent three or : four unfurnished rooms, close in. Call -244. WANTED—Civil Service examinations February, March. Men, women, 18-50 eligible. $110 month. Experience unnecessary. ^ For free" particulars write R: Terry, (former Civil Service Examiner), 763 Continental Bldg., Washington, D. C. /"" FOR KENT. FOR RHNT—Two trout room* or«* T> VAac jBtyle Shop, for office or «le«»lm« JrreSS [ Apply Miw Rleth, Normal and 1 st. , Normal and Mosre* In 3. letter renewing her subscription for-the Free Press, Mrs. Dora-Smith, a former Carbondale resident, but who is now residing in Chicago with her son, Dean, /am artist, extends best wishes to her Carbondale friends. "!Fhe Free Press is worth.' more to me than you get for 4t," she writes, "and I always have it sent to me when I leave the city for any length of time." PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT "Wants'books- to keep, do auditing and prepare income tax return:;. "M," care Free Press. ... •;-.;.. All are cordially velcome. FOR RENT—Five Phone 466 K. room.... house. FOR RENT—'Room. 307'West Oak: .FOR RENT—Two modern, furnished rooms for light, housekeeping. Veath's Harness Shop, north of-.Interurban station. \- FOR RENT—Storage tor honrahput goodi, In fb« one atoix brink boHdlnt, cement floors, on alley JM£k of B*W fi»rth Theatre. Apply Miss Rlrtb. FOR RENT — 2 .furnished light housekeeping rooms. 411 South lar. •••'-.. FOR 8AI.E. EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Corner South Normal and West Elm. 9 a. m. Morning prayer with services. 7^30 p. sermon. v . m. Evening prayer with . Services conducted 1 by, C.B. Gauthier,. Lay Reader. , . OPEN FOR BUSINESS The. .Prince Cleaners will be open for business Monday morning. " . . R .M. Prince, Proprietor.* Advertisement. Patronize merchants v/ho .'in.-'-iMai'' They will treat you rhit 1 "We need 25 more Girls in our Garment .Factory at once. Some of our girls who started a few months ago .are now earning between 3.00 and 4.00 Dollars a day You can do the same. v x Apply Garment Factory Marx-Hats Clothing Co. FOR SALE—A small tract •' pi ground, west side, containing! about' 3%.;aeres within 15 minutes walk of I. C. R. R. station on hard roads, beautiful building spot; suitable for' market gardening, small fruits, berries, ete.,6r poultry raising. Terms to suit purchaser. Address Lock Box 46, Carbondale, 111. ' ' " . • FOR SALE—Bicycle in good condition. Call Opera House Drug Store. FOR SALE—Mare, buggy and harness. Cheap, if taken at once. Opera House* Drug< Store. FOR SALE—Pony. Inquire 703 West Pecan. ' FOR SALE—Five room house and large lot, close, $1500. Call'at • 305 .East Maih'St V 7~ LOST. " ~ (LOST—Box. of waists on square Tuesday. .-.Return to . Taggart Hat Shop.* Reward'. •• treatment of ITCH. BCZBUA, RINOWORM. TBTTUt or

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