Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 16
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Pig* 6-4--INDEPENDENT IWClb COt* ·«". *»«U i': "" Silver Song Choice in Trot Silver Sons tanr.lei with a lulf-dozen nipped rivals in tod.iy's $20,000 California Trot at Santa Anila. Silver Song's opposition will include Duke Rodney, an easy winner of the $20.000 Spring Maturity Trot last Saturday; the New Zealand star, Ordeal; Lucky Demon. Pigeon Hanover and True heart, which won this race in an $SG surprise last year. Irvin Paul, considered by many as the possible sue ccssor to Adios Duller as the nation's leading pacer, ROCS in the seventh nice when he faces Yar.kec Uoy, Vineddy, Caduccus. Right Time and Stormy Dream. Game Pick, which equalled the meeting's fastest mile will attempt to become the first four-time winner of the spring in the nightcap. Shadydalc will duel Lum her Dream in the $20.000 Spring Maturity Pace. Despite the presence o Harness Handicap By HOY BCTZ 3 M 4 T SATURDAY, MARCH Jl-tJTM OAT Of »DAY /SEETIN9 __ ___ ^Clo/-- t «itj lif_r»it_l:J» PM. l? L*c»-- '_***'·· cun ci. ' ' Hm« Drt»tr f«mm»nt» idi M«i't (Be fa-ran) ______ . »M'd to P'U *3* it A:r Fortt three other assorted steppers, there will be win and place betting only and the rich future will be the fourth rnn- test on outstanding nine-race program. · · * · SIIADYDALE M o n i t o r streaked to the season's fastest mile last week, coasting under the wire in 2:02 2'5 in his first start of the year. Lumber Dream was only a f i f t h slow the next day In the first start of a comeback, winning a much-needed tuncup. Lumber Dream beat Shadydale throe straight nt Santa * -A- * HARNESS RESULTS FUST RiCt-1 H.It IMt: i\nlta a year ago but has aeed only the once since ate July because of leg rouble. · · · · TAKING over the lead at he top of the stretch Pride iVoollen held olf favored Syn dicate to win the $3,500 Brad mry Pace Friday before a rowd of 7,139. Syndicate closed fast on the outside, but was still three quarters of a length behind he winner at the wire. Per- ect Rhythm got up between lorscj to nab the third spot. » Wtrnt 7 *' »» H c*3«*r (D«Vrml , . 1 M.n B f t t y pick (J. F.TtMffieM - . . . T-rt --2.M. Sc/i!crt3 -- 8r-«"t Bc«t ^ _ * f "-.r-« »*i (Aiii.i-- » jr.) _ _____ _ O d ricr r«c» 3 C I * r » GU |WlClim*ri) . . _ " lr.« o-t t o * T h « t » Frrv . TI-»-: M*t. * t C V f f J T H RACE-M1H B'C*r. * bcv (J. f .TZC«tntli) _ S 4 R'-*iro(li (W«"»»f| _ _ . , ,, _ 19 Jul'a B*!l (HrpvWil __ Conn C'f trt lira r«-f ... I Btd Rl lrt»»» B » k « r ) _._ Fi3yrr» »-»crj »tr»53 «r| ,, _ $ R.D H. (K. Tl^*rl ,, 11 Spert-fg lift l O B r - e r l . tONO»4qt-ICOTCH IKOCUC.., *"' Wahinfy r«C« FOURTH HACC-I mitt "1 IU3»"f 3 SMtfyfl*'* Won »5r (R. WHI.« 5 putt 2 }J.\\ tONCSHOT-MIS SCA TAG. M fff'.t Piv**"^. Crv'i* . Ti"»-- 2 a ? ' - . N» »cr*''^»». NINTH RACC-M'lt P«f tr _ 4 43 TAiNTORAN KKSULTS Lo£oiHOT-YANKErf%AY: IQHTH KAdl-t t I Jitvtf Ion X * t f t * ! 3 Dv*t i onifit B - - (H?*t) LONCJHOT--TRUCHCJ J Jui-or M*ol*'r»t 1C run* We'I A w a y ( O B " J-o,»"0'*r IA 3 ;"4f*rr M"i^vf I 5 J,^^*.| (Grr^x-l . LONCSHOT--WrttL A W A Y . CALIKISTI-: RESULTS _ 30C c. f »f1 f'*f«a it /.'..»». {.\ty.t r AILT DOUtlE PAID 1U7 1 J DURTH RACE-- M.I« and 71 la.-ci IT L'O. M.-« . ___ * w fft-v»rt. MHjri _____ . P--V. Gl «1,M Hi l^r»'£^»l. FIFTH RACC-4 furten«i Ci^^»f Car* i»"» . 10 riders \vho winning T ~*_t 41 i M NINTH BACT-4 T r n A ' f n f.'n F * * » r v Cm r* ( T-»-I irs :r A'«iv T P.- t TCNTH EACr--* J » f 4 t F J M » . ·"?l A lerrt, Kc»*l T t t : r U U I N I C L A PAID S172U METAL MAGIC So smooth... you won't believe there's a blade in your razor! World's finest clcutlc blide with Krcr.i cd;c. In hani!/, ne* *M« disper.ur. 15b!jdcs(cr70f. CICADA TOP PICK IN RICH DERBY TODAY I I A L L A N D A L E , Fla. (UPI) -- C. T. Chencry's fast-running filly Cicada headed a field of 11 entered In today's llth running of the SIOQ.OOO-added Florida Derby. Cicada drew the No. 1 post position and the favorite's role for the mile and one-eighth race, last inn-grander of the Florida racing season. Willie Shoemaker will ride the filly. Others entered: Black Beard, Itldan, Admiral's Voyage, Sharp Count, Good Fight, Hough Note, Doctor Hank K, Iloonc Co., Prince- Itcgret and Puss N Boots. KET/' I5LST Moil Prcbabit Wiwtr--M*kt Htift hi Rut Mintr r«wti--i*«*n« ii r*rt*y--tvimbtr Dream m im t L«it* T****I*I in **H UrtgiMt S»*ct«t-TI MW IN I*a. MrGuirc's Specials . nt ChJwc* »*t-D»l'f TJi* H Jret Acroti Th» ««*ri*-- C»mt Pith In *"» rl*»-- Piac^dt^ t* L»t Slate ISYllcrs Win Crf't IF 'y'lH d H ' f . - ' V . i t ·ifrmji IL.BSO ^# '-^"^'"'-"·"'"·'a"sn L " C J; /.«c'J ' f« 'iLISCl' M'."l'rw «i lie-nil Fishing Facts Mill c»J*t II ttflKVU. i MM CWrW. l» '· x)- U 0« CM. S Ui. in lltl.lMt, I*) RVKtl»M«v. 30T1I ANNIVERSARY HILUIAN SUPER MINX The Hillman Minx, born 30 years ago in England, has matured into this sophisticated model, the Super. Larger and roomier, the Super Minx is the first all-new Hillman from Rootes Motors in five years. The restyled five- passenger sedan is now on display at local Hillman dealer Dale Brown, 2-440 Long Beach Blvd. ALFA DON'T DRIVE UNLESS YOU EXPECT PERFORMANCE * PLEASURE * ECONOMY Tlct't Ut Mia *«mo Far I!(Z Bneutteb Qiau IMfORHD CARS 3515 Atlantic GA 4-0751 ANGELS- (Continued From Page B-l) that he has good power, a good arm and fair speed. He has the experience. If he ever blossoms it might be now." r Afotc$*\ ECONOMY By ART STEPHAN *.t- E«jlor ,. . sary of the first Hillman in Lcia mav Kive u s added 1 . . . lefthanded r^wer," said Rig-| troduccd lo lho motonn S Marking the 30th annivcr- joined the selling staff of Import Auto, local Renault dealership at 1460 Long Beach M@T©R SPORTS 100-Lop TT Kace Sunday at Ascot ncy. "If he can do the job world. Rootes Motors dcalerj we'll move Thomas (Lee) back Dale Brown is now showing i' lo the outfield. That's wherc'the all-new Hillman Super I think he belongs." | Minx ,,, Lon - Ccach arc;l resi . Belinsky allowed only six |j cnt , ' hits and two earned runs in; c ' . , . . a turn-about performance. In addltlon to celebrating After walking 10 in 10 prcvi- the 30th birthday of the Minx, ous innings, he issued just Rootes is noting the 15th an- two free passes Friday. T.ivcrsarj' of its nre«ence on THE ANGELS trailed 3-l|this side of the pond, says going into the eighth inning,local dealer Brown, when Steve Bilko crashed his The Super Minx, with a first home run of the spring horsepower increase to 6G.25, to cut the deficit to one.'js longer, wider, lower and Then, with the help of two|roomier, than predecessor walk?, they scored the dccid-'models. It is a full fivc-pas-| ing two in thc final frame. A senger sedan, completely re-| pinch-hit -.ingle by Thomas styled and featuring the latest; and Tnrl Averill's infield safe-.mechanical improvements, wei ty w i t h the h.-xcs loaded were told. Prominent new fca-' scored the tying and winning tures include complete under-! runs respectively. ;scaling, a new heating and ^ventilating system, and elim-l jination of all but three grcas-| ling points. "This Super, with a maxi- 'mum speed of over EO miles jpcr hour, the traditional Hill- j m a n economy of up to 30| miles per gallon, and a price] tng of less than $2,000. makes , it thc most important mndelj !Rootes has ever introduced! l i n t o the U. S.," enthused the 1 local dealer. i I Blvd. here. Orrfcr Now--Sort 1/9 Moic OVERSEAS DEUVERT VOLKSWAGEN I RICKETTS MOTORS tic'w*'»« Ve'kiw*.* 1 ' ftrd Poric^t Oticr f?f Lor. Bf«C?l H»rtcr |rt« f f f L. I. ILVD. HE T7MI 0»n Cv«l. NEW LOW PRICES! -MO" J-dr. IS nit. 1304 "IW 4«r., II m i l . l j / 0 "I1W IMCIII. ! nil. __ 1770 ·IJW Sn«tr Rditr '2665 P A L M E R IMPORT MOTORS 3300 ATLANTIC LONG BEACH GA 4-0754 SALES AND SERVICE lorvtnq (V» LONG BEACH AND HARBOR AREAS aguar/Oaimler lly KLN PIVERNLT/ B O U L E V A R D B U I C K 1(31 ICN3 ED«CH E^VD, HE 7-2751 · SP 5-il£6 is THE day for motorcycle followers. big purse has attracted year's largest field to Ascot Park to try nnd land a ualifying spot in the second 100-lap Jimmic Phillips Memorial IT steeplechase. Or.e of the year's largest crowds should be on hand when the 33 fastest riders out entered field of 111 race. Qualifying to determine the riders will start First race, at 2:30 a 10-lap semi- among the next 15 fastest riders for the three additional places left in the IT TAKES a pood machine,] top rider and a lot of luck to race like thisJ There's any one nf a dozen are capable of Current national champion Dick Dorrcstcyn of San Pablo won the race last year and I only six wcokj ago he would · j; have been considered an odds- on pick Sunday, but not Artcsia's J a c k Simmons, : - who rides out of Long Beach, upset "Double D" last month when many of the top names were at Daytona Deach for thc big 200 milcr. · · * · BOTH WILL BE on hand Sunday, along with former national champion Joe Leon' ard of San Jose, Dick IIanv mcr of L a k e w o o d , Jack O'Brien of Santa Monica, Skip at Ascot. drt:tsr i. C. ewre-1 tti r*it ti it tir*"f ·'-'·tajrf ·'·d ro SCHICK THIN Gives you the Icel ycu want, plus the (»bu!ojs K/cr.a f ty. 10 blades lor 33f. *************************% SEE /T NOW j BOULEVARD BUICK (he 195 M.P.H. --1800 H.P. BUICK DRAGSTER f* Powered by 4 Bulek Elecfra Engines -^ See Thit Amazing Feat of Engineering -K BUILT BY TV STAR TOMMY IVO ^ 1 (FRIDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 30 -K J and ALL DAY SATURDAY) J .i************************ 1 ! Van Lcemvcn of Bellflower. : Clark Ralph and Ld Kretz Jr. of Monterey Park. White o Baker f e d ' l FIAT OVERSEAS DEL1V- W h t e of San Do ^V-Van Palmer of Palmer , Import Motors, local Fiat dealership, tells of substan- be the veteran Leon- ' ial " vin !: s '? P ickin K U P a ard's first ride of the yearX"'"' in I:ur °P c - T'llfnrr n\.'« nvnr^p Palmer says overseas trav- nunn h.i'clcrs may select their Fia*. ,«" s'^.""»;hcre at his 3300 Atlantic Ave. n'«"« r 'r*it"«i*«r B KVdealership and have it wait- Gl iV.rVt".'i«Ii*»"r.'.V l . r 'IU7 t :.!ii« fur tlum in a Luropcan ;'/ K:^,"!"'^ ; t "iK C 'S"pi". i "l! city of their choice when they "There'll be a mad scramble' arrivc - , , to pet to thc front caily in a! The savings, whether they race like this where the price; ultimately keep the car or of admission just to see the resell it to the factory in Italy start would almost be worth'on n Ruarantecd repurchase 'schedule, are so substantial they will pay for a good part it all. of the trip or vacation, thc local dealer states. "In the very popular low- priced and cconomical-for-usc I Fiat line, the savings run from last week. c ically for S1.27D, to S car on the smart 120 stcr. AT THE LIONS Drag Strip Saturday night, Tom McEwen will meet Pete Robinson of Atlanta. Ga., in a special two' out-of-three match race for| the No. 1 g; the country.. |GOO-D"Sedan. which sells lo McUwcn just won thc Mlc^,,,,, fnr S1 ^ ,,, S7g3 pcr :00 Road ANOTHER LOCAL show Sunday has Chuck Townsen| and Jack Austin battling fork the lead in the CIA super-' . , , . . . . modified race at Gardcna's TM th the Rc . na . ult ."!!""" : Speedway. English race car builder John Cooper had some interesting things to say in San! Francisco this week about 1 the upcoming Indianapolis 500.1 Cooper believes it will take; an average of over 140 mph to win this year's classic because thc old brick-paved main straightaway has been resurfaced with asphalt. 10% mow en gttctaa bini witll the MM. mor« efficient SO hersepemtr engine featured In Volvo's B-18 power «rl«. Greiter ptrform- ance. Sine fine Swedish quality.Test!rlv« ths ecwtr-rstked '62 Vclvo ... th» (]u»''ty yardstick you'll rneisure the other cars byl Ar.J don't forget to a»k about delivery cf a r.e* Vctvo en year next European trip. NOW AVAILABLE IN TUDOR SEDANS A product of tupirb Sxdiih ngini«rin] ro*f." !· d Cocr* ef h i ttr lail v**'. lie 101 M t* 1 rt II tl tack rtit lir II t-« CV* I ~1 1 l-rper *-8-f. " f 133 re .1 j-.s/ ca'r'-i'v re cci Special Offer . . . J90-SL MERCEDES-BENZ 1?61 Low-Mileage Beauty One for tho Money ... Two for tho Show -- Thrao to Gat Road/, MO-Sl .Ori»» by lob Jamlt fer only S4C3 miltt. Met AM.FM rails, wkitfwoll tiro, c»p» lep. li.ry black l«o!h«r. TOUR rtlCE ONLY ;4695 JAMESTOWN (ISO IONQ BUCK BLVD. LONQ BWCH -- HE J-7JII YOU GO! DRIVE THIS TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR rODAY ... PROVE IT TO YOURSELF -- AT DAVE THOMAS MOTORS 3400 L. B. BLVD. · LONG BEACH · GA 4-4454

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