Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 8
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«g» A-8-4NDEPENDENT £~r»_v.r?w * ·*ti__ ·s^?***-^ -mif /Vlf/P iMlltJ , YOU1L BE denghted at .things you don't need through J how easy if is to make quick inexpensive Classified ads. j L _ - v .._/ -.i,:-- ---.v...t,;iJn;^ HE 2-5959 today. ·» : h Ailing, Memory Gone ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UPI)-- t stroke la 1960." Major said. Silent screen star Mae Murray ( "She coufea't r e m e m b e r wai taken into a Salvation^where she was staying, but Army shelter Thursday after she knew her room number." suffering a lapse of memory! Major said Miss Murray in which she couldn't remem-jwas bound for New York on her where she was or where a bus and. at times, seemed she was staying here. {to thinV she was already Capt. Fred Major of the there. Salvation Army said Miss A motion picture welfare Murray was brought in by group contacted ia California police Wednesday night and offered to pay her way back she identified herself Thurs-'if a bus ticket to New York day mornicg. d Prra IKrnhot. CUBAN FISHERMEN ARE TAKEN to their boats at Key West, Fla., by the Coast Guard Thursday after they were fined for violating Florida fishing laws. The 29 Cubans were apprehended in U.S. wafers Feb. 2. Freed Cuba Fishermen ri «i TJ KEY Waving WEST, Fla Wi brisk farewells Mao Says Ideological Split With Russia Noiv Complete NEW YORK (JPi -- Theireceived the report from and otherwise." --[Columbia Broadcasting Sys- Deputy Francois Benard. Be-| Benard and six other mem- to tern reported Thursday night nard said Mao told him the ben of ^ French p arlilmen . a deputy in the French Soviet -Chinese friendship and Kev West 29 pro-Castro Cu-, . £ans bade £ Havana W^men was told by Chair- assistance treaty of 1950 hasTM' TM* M *° **TM~ · Thursday after spending is'man Mao Tze-tung of Com- been nullified. | to Rcd China which they com days in jail for poaching in' mun 'st China that the Red : The network said Mao pleted Thursday. CBS said. Florida waters. .Chinese ideological split with blamed the ideological break' r n a dispatch from Paris. the Because of delays in get- 'Russia is complete. [on "repeated Soviet violating under way. some specu-l CBS said one of its news-.tions" of the treaty which lation arose that the Cubans men in Paris, Anthony PelljBenard said were "ideological were not allowed to sail until i an American pilot forced to T T 1 1 1 TT» 11 r¥T» fly to Cuba Tuesday returned Ulirilll ASKS T till- 1 1111C from Havana. As soon as the pilot. Richard Wright, landed, the Coast Guard cutter Cape Darby led the few Cu- ^ , ' t r - tumed from ban trawlers out of Man O SAC RAMENTO tfl -- Ai( many policy-making state of-[long tnp to China, North Vie War Harbor. When Wright was asked and Annual Legislature Washington Post said predicted the downfal of Soviet Premier Khrushchev to the visiting French parlia mentarians. The six French legislators, under the chairmanship o I Deputy Francois Benard. hav Major said he believed Miss could not be located. Murray is about 65 years old. CASH IS EASY to raise "Her memory apparently when you use Classified to dasn't been too good since a'seD articles. CaH HE 2-5959. 1U5 E. PACIFIC CST. HWY., GA 6-3175 flNGS PET SiiOPf · lien · Wtttt Ctoidt · FlicS Fh» · I»iH laitt TROPICAL FISH SPECIALS fll. 21. 2t « WITH THIS AB · Zttrai · Hill I T«« Utth · Ouutd Iitii 39!. Or 4 of · 11» S1.M Professional Dog Grooming by Nancy Baby Jaguarundi Kiflens-- MOO ea. GOOD SELECTION OF BOAS Opea 7 DOYI a Week Monday Friday Ertnmgj IIING IHI UUtll 4ND TJJIT OUI JHOf serably Speaker Jesse M. whether he gained his free-|ruh Thursday called for dom in a swap, he justi"ful]-time. modernized smiled. Official! here had no nual legislature." comment. [ Unruh, speaking to "Those executives who con- Nam and India. Acconimg to their account. ' · · * · -Citizens Advisory Commis- TIIE FISHERMEN were.sion on Constitutional Revi- freed after the Czechoslova-'sion. also called for legisla- 1 - · -- · ...... · tribute to or interpret policy the Post reporTed, Mao asked " ' s h o u l d not be denied the the youngest member of the "--" of taking responsibili- delegation. Deputy Jean Ber- for their decisions," he nasconi, how old he was. said. The commission is meeting! The Post story continued: "Thirty-six?'* Mao repeated to h e l p modernize Califor-after Bemasconi answered. on behalf of,live pay raises, with even n!a ., constitu-, u Fidel Castro government, higher salaries for committee' tion which ,,.,, first idoptcd !_^ paid $500 fines imposed chairmen, house officers and:- 1079 [,,.· against four captains. Jmembers of the Senate and ' ,Khrusncfiev. The Cape Darby and the Assembly rules committees. Listen to a prediction cutter Cape York escorted While the judiciary and the the trawlers halfway to Cuba'executive branch work all --45 miles. Then radio etjuip-ij-ear, said Unruh. the legisla- ment was returned to the Culture now meets for six bans. months one year and 30 days 3 Orange County Singers in Mel Audition Finals Three Orange County op- The returning airman, 23- the next, year-old Wright, who wasj "Thus if a problem which forced at gunpoint by two n e e d s legislative attention e^ singers were in the lime- Cubans to fly to Havana arises in July of an odd-num-!]^ t[lij w . £tk whEn th Tuesday, said he was ques-,bered year, the people mustl b ' . , , , J tioned several times by Fidel wait 18 months before thel rtachcd the re S' orlaI {inals of i Castro security officers and legislature can act unless that ^he Metropolitan Opera audi- confined part of the time in'problem is so severe as to tio-.s. a cell with beans and corn- justify the calling of a special ( j,j r - j o ; e Bucknum. 25 a meal mush to eat. [sessiTM by the governor," said no o{ 301Q ^ But when he was cleared Unruh, D-Los Angeles. * for departure, he said, the! The speaker also criticized,^*. Costa Mesa; Roy \V,1- Cubans gave him He's a paper tiger". Mao also said, according to the deputies, "You're ahead of us, but we are going to have our bomb too. That doesn't mean we are going to use it. But there are two great countries which intend to lead the world without consulting anybody. They mustn't lowed to hand us the end of the stick." ,,., ,,,,.* .,,... -the'red-Ithe present practice of pingjtiams, 30, a tenor, 6842 Shan-f co . S!s 'f , C ' ty carpet treatment" and gassed civil-service job protection to nO n Dr, Huntington Eeach.1 " * tp his two-crgine plane. nominees, T""i *Z-~ ""·"""*·"" -"-"-,to select officer and Gmo Leonetti, 34. a ! Burns, 43, fit Syracuse, N.Yjbasso, 2314 Raj-mar St., San- ,,·,, ,, .__ _ . niet'ditched «t of fuel in the ta Ana competed at UCIA D l f f ' chalrman - ar^nced. NAVY fighter pbnes Wright 25 minutes out of Ha-'Caribbean Sea and was res-for the top prin -a trip to in the Community vana and escorted him to Key.cucd by the Cuban navy afterjNew York and a chance to 15353 Paramrmrt Blvd West. After going through Irie swimming an estimated 20 audition at the Met. j immigration at Key West, he hours. | All three have appeared in flew on to Miami to greet his; Burns was treated and re-Orange County musical pro- mother. Mrs. FJoyd Wright, pleased at a Laj Villas Province ductions including those at ' Meanwhile Cuba Radio div hospital for salt-water ex-Melodyland and at kxal closed that Trevor Bruce posure. 'churches. Barry, Rocky Knock LBJ, Lodge for U.S. Policy in South Viet Nam ·WASHINGTON Wl -- Gov. want f be a part of it his Rockefeller, saying the New Nelson A. Rockefeller spoke'only alternative is to resign|York governor "hasn't been Thursday of U.S. troubles in and come back and say what ( telling the truth," but has S/iuth Viet Nam and Sen. is wrong." .been misrepresenting Gold- Barry Goldwatfr declared' Gold water, in a speech pre-water'* views on Social Se- President Johnson "must pro- pared for « rally in Ports-.curity. The senator said he r.ounce our policy clearly" x mouth, said of Viet Nam: ,**» not oppose Social Se- u-ithdraw from the guerrilla -| ^y we fayj a\\tt in^^'y and people who think war there. the Southeast Asia Treaty:he does -haven't been listen,The two campaigners f««-[Organization who can help in K *° mt - they've been the Republican presidential u» win. But we must pro- nottiination made their it-pa- rxiunft our policy clearly. rate statements as they criss- (Win x withdraw, that's the list en in" to Gov. Rockefeller." THE LATEST Gallup Poll meanwhile, indicated Thurs- crosscd New Hampshire s-k- choice we must make." , ing votes in the state's pr«f-! Bul the Arizona senator,* 1 ? that R * k , e fi n ' r " erence primary. While Gold- tAlifd -| dor,-, ,hjnk we can' 1 ** "P. 0 " G 01 *TM 1 ^ amorg water's target was Johnson, Rt , ^ because if we do ih e ; Rf P UD!icaT « across the coun- Rockefeller center^ his fire Communists can march right iV y - G _? Ilwitt ^? !^ ad nur5;in on Ambassador Henry Cib^ in , n a takeover all of south-1. ^S,. '"'V I*"; 1 " 5 Lodge east Asia" jfrom 57-3o a month agr while ·Asialer.fdrlegatesp!-dged, . . . . ^ undecided group to Lodge his been entered in j AT A coffee hour in Frank- the primary in opposition to i in _ Gotdwater hit at Secre- *)atei backing Rockefeller, | tlry ,f Defense Robert S. Goldwater and other presi-'McNamara savin; h* wrxi'd . . . - ,, . ^_.j,. .' ,,, u * ij?";*:TMTM' M 7 s. WTW1 ° campaign actrt'ely ni Rocke- dentia! h-ipefuls ,f,re him for saying long-range\ m £ t % tl!e fo / ^^^^ * ' · * ( missile» are more reluble'dd^-rjifj ·- ROCKEFELLER was asked than manned bombers. I HlJ lta ' ttmmt M a. -B lst d at a rally whether he thinks That, Goldwater said, was' on sound readings around the Lodge Is "to blame in any,-probaWy the stupidest Mate-\ttttt, I am hopeful «l obtain- frspcct" for condilior.s in men t ever made by a secre-' ing significant New York sup- Viet Nam. Itary of defense." Ipor, ,,,, th e fml bano, »t the :TThe governor replied, *He| McNamara. fn Wishinjton.'RepuMican National Conven- h either a part of what it had no enmment. 'tino in July. 1 will campaign going on t,t if he doe* not Goldwater hit also at actively in Nc-.v York." from 8 to 15 In Washington. GoUwater's head]uarters made public his announcement that he will I j N A M E . I JCITT_ ASE._ ADOIESS R: R 3. 4 Si*lcr Cily Croup in Paramount In Elect The Paramount-Tepic, Mex- Paramount Vice Mayor Gladys ff, chairman, announced. The meeting will be held wool flnt knit sepnrnlcs arc no\v groat ly reduced 4.90-6.90 Arlnr Will Emcre NORWALK -- Television and film actor Dale Robertson will be master of ceremonies for a testimonial luncheon in Norwalk's Golden West Auditorium Feb. 29 when local, county and state officials honor Assemblyman Joe A. Gonsalves. AGES 1 thru 80 ARE ELIGIBLE FOR DILDAY'S BURIAL INSURANCE UW5CRWRITTCH. I t accicti nsut THE COST IS SURPRISINGLY LOW! Without Mi:! Coupon for furhcr information VTere 6.98-16.98. This exciting s a l e of Bool flit knits, gives you a tremendous savings on designs from one of Amerka's best known house. Choose several sets that range from sports to dressy, in many delightful styles. Sho»n: two sets only. Not i!l sizes in all colors -- so hurry! A. ButtonScss. collared cardigan: 36-40. \Vas 16.98. Now O.SHI B. Matching shell; necl zipper: 36-40. Was 8.93, Now SJIJ) C. Slim stirt; rfastictzed waist: 10-16. Was 10.98, Now fi.99 Colors: aqua, pink, lilac, yellow, light pay or black with white knit inset design. Skirt: colors of sweaters, plus white. D. Diamond knit cardigan: 36-40. \Va$ 14.98, Now (i.!)fl E. Slim skirt as in A. Colorj of both: aqua, pink, lilac, white or yellow. May (Jn. Sportswear 72 ATTENTION !«L SCOUT CA.DCTJ I«i't roi« out fisjiion show commentated by MISS IETTT HAtUON of American Girl Magxzine in thejcothcmten Fridiy, Fd. 21 7: JO P.M. D1LDAY FAMILY FUIEHU DIRECTORS 1250 Pacifc Art, long Stack GAI.JKORNIA LAKEWOOD Phone ME 3-0111 S6UTK BAY Phone 370-2511 BUENA PARK Phone 827-4000 Kvcrv Pay. Monday lltron^lt Kntnnlay. !l::|0 A.M. "HI 0:^0 P.M. i

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