Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1966 · Page 28
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 28

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 28
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NOW LOOK AT WHAT MDU'VE PONE HI AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS PAGE 29 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1966 ISOOO '01 'XNVi '6 'VWOHY1XO Y 'HDiVM ' ·£ 'adriD -i--UMOQ -ovr -u 'ooa IOH r s '9 '3DVld3HIJ -y 'NOS9IS -Z--ssojay : SH3MSNV NANCY IT'S SAFE TO COME . OUT NOW--SHE FINALLY GOT THE CAR IN THE GARAGE - v « - v =·-,*-- r -i-x»." .. #5*: -:··.-?*y' ' *· --·£·'*??'--:-^N^..- -.t..-j4jv THE KINGfs/i STICKS AMO STONES wit-'u Bf?E4KMyBONES y( . WIZARD OF ID r E WOULDN'T HAVE AUYPAZTOFIT. IF 10/WT MOW YOU WELL, *IP,MI STARK 3TAIL HEP UNTIL OttlSTS W BN I THA7 SWIZZLE TAKES HOLD. BRENDA STARR { SOUNDS LIKE V_ YOU'D SUV IT MOISTURIZES, ENERGIZES AND UUBR.1 GATES IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE VERY · WONDERFUL FOR-THE SKIM I'M TRYING OUT A 'FACE CREAM ) STATIOM BLONDIE EXACTLY WHERE IS AS WE WALK INTO THE BENNINCHON /THE LECTURE HALL ^7 DAME SEfiTED?/ ILL RUJSE ANP TALK tAT"" YTTI WHOEVER IS SEATED * ^^' ' OM HER RIGHT/IN THAT WAY WEIL MAKE NO MISTAKE/ OKAY..^RRANGETO HAVE THE CLOCK STOP AT EXACTLY 'TWENTY-THREE/ GET Oft YOUR WAY, RUDYT NO MORE THAN THIRTY MINUTES/ JUSTART MY LECTURE IN \ WITH ANY LUCK, ABOUT THIRTY MINUTES/ \ I CAN6ET INTO HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE Jf JHE HOI^ETEN DU TO GET OUT TO p\ WNUTK WTER HER HOUSE? --·/ V DA THERE/ REX MORGAN AW, HE'S TOO r FIMICK:/--AND i BESIDES, HE TELLS I THE S£N=RAL OM PAY WHY DO ou THAT HEAVENS.' VVAS If I HUMBLY APOUOSIZ5, MOTHSE PBUIBEeATELV BLOWIMS SMO IM MY PIRECTIONJ// BEETLE BAILEY A f MSTAL ATTACK ON WHAT TO ONE. 1 WE EEAn 7V£ HoA\IN3 THE Ft'smVES ON THE rr Po.' «i- S16NAL/ STAND .W WE AW »^5f OF THE BALLOON? ATTACK TELL ME Will How Is Asbestos Used? Wta * valvible prize. Send your question, wane, address and ijc to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britannica Junior, 15- volume encyclonedia for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" w i l l select tint winner. Today's winner is: SCOTTY TRAVERS, 10 Enon Valley, Pa. You don't see asbestos as often as other materials man uses, but it is found in many places. Brake shoes and clutch linings for automobiles use asbestos. It also is 'used in fireproof clothing, curtains in theaters, paper for fir'eproofing and insulating buildings and pipe coverings, roofing shingles and covers for boilers. From this you can see that being fireproof is one of its important qualities. "Asbestos" is a Greek word that means "unquenchable." And it is the name applied to a group of fibrous minerals having fire- resistant properties. Asbestos is not the name of a distinct mineral, but is the name given to fibrous varieties of several minerals. These minerals differ widely in composition, and the fibers are varied in strength, flexibility and usefulness. Because it is made up of fibers, asbestos is similar to cotton and wool, but asbestos has the advantage of being heat and fire-resistant. There is no other mineral that can be spun into yarn or thread, woven into cloth or felted into sheets and packings. Asbestos can withstand temperatures of 2,000 to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and some varieties resist temperatures of 5,000 degrees! Did you know that asbestos has been known for centuries? It was used in ancient temples for torch wicks and to protect altar fires. The Romans used it 2,000 years ago for winding sheets to preserve the ashes of the dead when bodies were cremated. The United States produces almost half of the world's supply of asbestos, but it furnishes less than 5 per cent of the raw materials needed to manufacture it. The province of Quebec, Canada, furnishes about three-fourths of the annual supply. Asbestos is found in veins in certain types of rocks, and is mined from great open pits. It is often necessary to mine and treat as much as 50 tons of rock to produce one ton of asbestos fiber! * * * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Kay: Why is a rabbit such an expensive pet? Fay: I don't know. Why? Kay: He's always eating carats. « * * Tom: My father drives a stage coach without wheels. John: What holds it up? Tom: Bandits. * * * . Win a Britannica Junior for writing about: "Why Newspapers Are Important to Us" SNUFFY SMITH 1 BUZ SAWYER Why do you consider a newspaper important to the life o: a community? Write a short letter about it and you may win a 15-volume set of Britannica Junior Encyclopaedia. Important: Entries must be addressed "Newspaper," TeU Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen and give your name, age and address. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for *he letters selected eacb week. Copyright 19M STEVE CANYON OLANDER'S "SPEEDWAY" GLASS Co. -^ Auto Truck Glass if Custom Mirrors ·jfc- Gloss-Table Tops if Shower Doors if Plastic, Clear Designed Residential Commercial Glass Replacement PH. J2S-41M 4141 E. SPEEDWAY B.C. THE NEXT TIME THESE RRD* 60 ON vow* (MM HAVE TO DO OUT FOR A PRACTICE FufiHT, fM 6CXN6TDHAV6T06RABTHI5 Nt5T SO IHfcY CAN' I CCME 15ACK »ONE PROBLEM AT ATW£, I ALWAYS 5W- F/K5T../ A.JAJC. OPEN not SIMPLE. I INSTRUCT THE ,/ \.c i i PUT THAT WILL BE ·I FIGURE ANYBODyOAN IMIWTE A.vWC~AU. YOU ' HATEP THETASTE OFTHEM..." ETER SCRATCH LENP ME A CLAM TILL NEXT TUESPAY ONLY* IF YOU PAY" ME PACK won I SPEND A INTEREST /M IT- WHATS THE MATTER? / BUT I JEST USED UP / TH' LAST GRAIN I HAD TO MAKE SOME V CORN-MEAL MUFFINS CAN VE SPARE SOME MUFFINS? CAN VE SPARE A CUP OF CORN MEALi LOWEEZY? A HOUR SOONER, ·ELVINEY ALLWTTHERUS5IAN,^K OKAY. SIR....AND TW /THOSETWO FRENCH MECHANIC. JL WD OFTHE REST! IDOMT KNOW. I DCWTTKIBT.. THIM.THETKEH HOT ME 1 , SIR. I'M JUST A KVEI? lOOKlN'FORANYJOBICAN GET. WHAT'LL WE DO WITH ALL THOSE MEN?. I KNEW, WHEN VOU GOT THAT-a/COOH.''-PHOMV , TIP YOLJ'O BE INVESHGATED.^OO'OSICRITW PUTJ IN HER NAME.T IT'S A O1KTV SOMETH1MQ SME- OIDWT KNOW AftOUT, NOW 1 OWM ALL HER ASSETS.': RULLMOOSt LIL ABNER It* cjver here undei^a cover. 1 m You'll 6ee in a minute why M I call it the'baby'.' to be common knowledge around town, Gideon.' / GASOLINE ALLEY /HA,HA? YE^MR.BRIBERY! --YES, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE-INDEED.;: BUT, BRIBERY-HES IN A HOSPITAL UNDER SECURITY! THIS is A TOUGH ASSIGNMENT. FURTHERMORE, YOU CANT TRUST A MAN WHO TOO MUCH AND GETS MIXED UP WITH WOMEN. VOU 'BOYS KNOW WHAT TO DO HE TALKS TOO MUCH- HE SPENDS TOO MUCH- DICK TRACY BECAUSE Z PON'T LIKE'A WOMAN'S VOICE REPORTlNe THE NEWS1 EVERYTHlNr COMES OUT SOUNDING LIKE HEV, WHY'P VOO TURN THAT OFF? BROTHER »,THES£ WOMEN NEWSCASTER* JUST PONT , v r HAVE IT '' SMIDGENS THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL--^f THAKK tXJ, SIR JUS' BEAUTIFUL.' THiS TIME, HAVE A PRINK NOT Me STAYING BEH.ND APARTMENT 3-G VJ

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