Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 9, 1976 · Page 10
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 10

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1976
Page 10
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MONDAY, F E B R U A R Y 9, 1976 $750 CASH f RiZE Citizen Charlie's Crossword All entries must lie mailed in envelopes and addressed to: ('ilixoi Charlie Ttu'smi Daily Citizen Tucson, Ari/. }J."2(» Poslage-Ihie Entries Will Nol He Eligible PUZZLE NO. 1 1 1 0 - T | D If you arc not a Citizen subscriber, and I wi.sh to subscribe, please [iul an X in this ' square. Delivery will start this week. · · · · · · · · · · · B i M m M l M M H M M M H M H H j T U C S O N , D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUCSON'S BEST! ^ Take Some Home fe 793-7141 cJ;^, ! Between Swan A Craycroft · Open Mon.-Sot. 11:00-8:30 -- Closed Sunday K T * s -- CLIP PUZZLE ALONG DOTTED LINE READ AND FOLLOW CONTEST RULES 1 -- Solve the clues as you would any crossword puzzle. Fill in all blanks clearly. 2 -- Clip puzzle along dotted line. Mail entries to: Citizen Charlie. TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN, Tucson, Arizona 85724. Multiple entries in a single envelope are permitted (be sure you place correct first-class postage on envelope -- postage-due entries will not be eligible.) 3 -- All entries must be received via U.S. mail by noon Thursday. THE CITIZEN WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAY OF ENTRIES IN THE MAIL. 4 -- Cash prize $750 will be paid for correct solution. If more than one correct solution is received, prize will be equally divided between the winners. If no correct solution is received, $25 prize money will be added to next week's award.. 5 -- There is only one correct solution and only a correct solution can win. There is one answer that in the opinion of the judges is the best word fitting the definition of each clue. Decision of the judges is final and contestants agree to accept these decisions as a condition of entry. 6 -- Anyone may enter except employees of the Citizen or Tucson Newspapers Inc., and members of their families. Submit as many entries as you wish on puzzles clipped from the Citizen or an original exact-size facsimile drawn by hand. FACSIMILES REPRODUCED IN PART OR WHOLE BY ANY MECHANICAL PROCESS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. Carbon copy facsimiles or puzzles drawn by graph paper are not eligible. No more than one copy on a sheet of paper -clipped to exact size of the original. ? -- Correct solution of the puzzle and names of winners, if any, will be published in the Citizen this Saturday. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED VIA U.S. MAIL DY NOON THURSDAY Look for Puzzle Solution and Winner's Name in Saturday's Citizen CLUES ACROSS: 1. Acting as lions could be the I; basic reason for two boys play- ·; iiiK in .such a strange way. · 7. Swallowing rice in a , one is · likely to take an occasional : drink of a beverage to wash it '. clown. ' 8. As a household item, should ; always he put away carefully · where they can he easily found ; again. ; 9. If a medical student is to · study hard, he'll probably '· become an outstanding doctor. ' 10. If you can't cease yawning : occasionally as you , it's probably time to stop. 13. Father. 15. The -- of one era will always seem quaint to those of a later one. 19. Makes love. 20. It's riot surprising if a sullen £ person were to with bad ·:·: grace when reminded about a ·£ loan. S 21. After a exploration of an ;·;' uninhabited region, a man :·:· would be glad to return to civi- j;|; lization. ·:·; 22. During a at sea, a person j;J who is not a good sailor might ·:$ not feel like eating. ' ft' CLUES DOWN: |:|: 2. Keen agitators, playing on V. nationalist feelings, will redou- :· ble their efforts when their tt first group of followers is ·:·: ;t. A journalist covering a diplo- :·:· matic meeting between two ·§ heads of state might comment ;'.; on the evident __. :·:· 4. Opening. ' ;X 5. A roof that's badly might jj: collapse when repairs are be- ·:·: ing made to it. :·:· 6. It's common enough in pre- ft': pared food advertising for a iji product such as to f e a t u r e a ft' leading chef using it. ·:·: 10. An impresario might excitedly ·:·: through the book of a brii- ·:·: liant new musical, before read- :·; ing it in detail. :·:· 11.'For a cheaply made movie, if :·:· man-made in a tank might not '··; be very realistic. j;J 12. Sports trousers. :· !). Quantity. · ;X l(i. Lukewarm. ;j; 17. As she -- a new client's hair, v" grasping hairdresser will u s u a l - :·: I} 1 recommend various costly ·:' treatments. ·:· 18. Destiny. ft 19. Secret agents .-night leave :·:' messages for each other be- ft hind a loose brick out of reach ft: in an old ft: ANNOUNCING TUCSON'S NEW ADULT CLUB * LAST CHANCE! FOR SINGLE ADULTS OVER 30 WHO WANT MORE FUN OUT OF LIFE Would you like to go to congenial parties where you can meet new people, make a lot of new friends, and have Ihe time of your Ijfe? You can do ali this and more as a member of Single-Mingle club. If you have difficulty meeting people and making friends, here's your chance to change. Single- Mingle Club acts as hosl by introducing you to other mem-' bers and make party going an informal pleasure. So decide now to see for yourself. It could mean o whole new world of fun and happiness for you. Age makes no difference, whether you're 30 or 65 (or older). No escort required. SINGLE-MINGLE CLUB 7026 E. BROADWAY TUCSON ARIZ. 85710 Tm-sini's Only Iti'LiI Fun u n l D.in.'r Clul. I'U'jisc Srml Mn I'Vcc llooklrt on How to: ;i-:r M O U K O U T O K U F K .\nnif S A fn'rxunal j/tfrrnVrr is rvfjnirt'd § F,,r Inform,,,;,,,, CALL MISS DUNN ^m^m^m^gmmmmm 10F THE BEST -Rex Reed. N Y Daily News -Gene Shalit. NBC-TV Swept Away: Al J ' 7i30 · 9:3O [Showcase ^ your our sma (Ideal for 4 people) 9 pieces of chicken (any style) 1 pint of mashed potatoes % pint of gravy 1 pint of salad 1 / 2 dozen rolls lickirigood Offer Good Through 2/29/76 LAST 2 DAYS "THE ROMANTIC ENGLISHWOMAN" AT W 7:15 oV 9:20 MANN THEATRES FREE PARKING AT ALL THEATRES PARK MAIL | PARK MALL SHOPPING CENTER T 4 7 0 4 B 7 AIV".i'M'!.'«l . 'l. Diana Ross Mahogany SHOWS AT 7:45 "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH" SHOWS 9:40 (R) PARK MALL PARK MALL SHOPPING CENTER 74704B7 I | "IbeStoyOfO" SHOWS 8:25 (X) "THE HAPPY HOOKER" [SHOW 6:45 · 10:15 (R) PARK MALL ARIZONA'S FINEST K5LK CLUB 502N.FREMONT 622-0942 NOGALES BUS SERVICE avc'ITCSOiM'iipNOC; VI.KS 7:00.9:15, t l : 1 J a m 1 2 : 1 5 1:15 3 3 0 5:00,6:15.8:00, 10:30PM l.-iv,-M)(;Al.KSf.rTlCS()N 7:00.9:00. 10:15. II: IS A M 1 : 1 5 . 2 : 3 0 . 4:00. 6:00,8:15. 10:1 5PM. GREYHOUNOTERMINAl 792 0972 SOUITMHC OF SOUIHEKN ITUT - ON HOI11H tOllRTH Caruso's VlJe MUOWS OWEST *HO · · v HKEST ItMttN KStWWM 434 N. 4th AVE W2-9657 jSa f^lacifa Qinc 792 4241 Church Si ,11 Braai Canveniertt P^ ... r l/iw n.jit*t flirt art I from Ihf trrriffling \n ! l-ftt *rlltr. I JAWS .^^ AT 7:30 · 9:45 PARK MALL PARK UML S'lOPPINO CINIEB 747 0 . , t^THB BLACK | ^X^ BRD AT 6:30 · 10:1 b (PG) "THE SUNSHINE SOYS" SHOWS 8:20 (PC) BUENAVISTAI TH WILMOT ROD ?4S I "The Hindcnbiircj' [ SHOWS AT 7:55 "AIRPORT 1975" SHOWS 6:1 5 * 10:10 (PG) BUENA VISTA II HI SOUIH Vrr.MOT ROAD 111 lilt Be man5 Would Be King AT 7:00 · 9:15 Twi «miYinTM m nfi NIGHT CALL NURSES SHOWS 7:00 (R) CANDY STRIPE NURSES SHOWS 8:3O (R) THE YOUNG NURSES SHOW 9:50 [R] THEY FOUND ATLANTIS iRi "The Chainsaw Massacre"R 4 TUCSON 4 624-9305 WVendi 7 00 Wknnos 7 IS West Grant Rd Interstate 10 NOW SHOWING 7:30 9:22 in miracles Gmmlfatficrs make them come true A Cnlunihi.'i rVtuivs iMV-vni;itnnt INEWORLD/ INEMAS ' * 'E) the Amcricaov cowboy, dinner in town meant steak. "The Chainsaw Massacre"R Diana Ross -f/W- "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH"R "Fritz The Caf'R Lives of Fritz The Caf'R "Heavy Traffic"R "They Found Atlantis"c "Tha Neptune Factor"G The kind of steak that made a man glad to be hungry. Well sir, the mesquite-broiled cowboy steak is still a part of the West... at Pinnacle Peak. It comes with salad, ranch beans and bread and butter. And our cowboy steak is only four ninety-five. The cowgirl steak is only three seventy-five. Next time you're really hungry, come to Pinnacle Peak. You'll be glad. Pinnacle Peaks Cowboy Steak In Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde Road Monday t h r u Thursday 5-10 PM, Friday Saturday 5-11 PM, Sunday 4-10 PM WITH . ° 0 "GH0ft" JWJ-SOUI? 5?*r^**? f **reK Black, lUatch 2701 E. BROADWAY 120S.WRMOTRD. Mgnday-lhrsda) E:30 a.m.-2:00 a.m. FriilaK iSalutilay 6:38 a.ra.-3:00 a.m. Sundajs J:00 a.m. -2:09 a.m. FAMILY U t M A C L ! Join me at McKale Center on Tuesday Feb. 17th to Meet THE BLACK WATCH SCOT'S Highland Regiment Perform. Direct from Scotland Saluting America's 200th Birthday. Elegant RESTAURANT BEER WINE COCKTAILS Opni I I A.M. Cllosril S u m l . ' I V I f p l l l H I l ' . ' W i - I S I S 1 8 1 8 EAST SPEEDWAY UNA WEBrMUUEJTSTWO GREAt HITS "LOVE ANARCHY" AND "SEDUCTION OF H1MI" 1.25 r before I 6 I THE w tor-r The Scandalous CINE-PLAZA THEATRE Call 882-8882 For Movie Titles RATED TRIPLE'X Now offering '4* New F e a t u r e s a W e e k ! Running continuously from 9:15 AM to 3 AM daily. Full concession services available. 318 E. CONGRESS CACTUS CORPORATION 792-3210 MIDWAY 4500 E Speedway 326-01 1 1 LAST 2 NIGHTS -- JAN MICHAEL VINCENT "WHITE LINE FEVER" (PG) "ALOHA flORBf I ROSE" (PC) PRINCE Campbell Prmce 326-0641 LAST 2 NIGHTS -- 3 FEATURES -- "COVER GIRL MODELS"(R) "AROUSE8S"(R)"STREET GIRLS"(R) CACTUS 1401 S. Alve.non 325-2223 ($3.00 pat CAR LAST 2 NIGHTS --JAMES CAAN "KILLER ELITE" (PG) SIDNEY P01TIER -- MICHAEL CAINE "WILBY CONSPIRACY" (PC) RODEO 5101 Negates Hwy 294-3532 JACQUELINE ANDERE -- JORGE LAVAT "LA GATITA" TONY AGUILAR -- FIOR SILVESTRE "LAMUERTEOEPANCHOVIUA" »200 ' PER CAR 'APACHE 1600 E. Benson Hwy 294-9101 # 1 CHARLES BRONSOH -- "HARD TIMES" (PC) """ ' DUSTIN HOFFMAN "LITTLE BIG MAN" (PG) # 2 ALAIN DELON "NO WAY OUT" (R) "MANSON" R # 3 RAQUEL WELCH "THE WILD PARTY" R) CHER IN "CHASTITY" ClNEWORLD^IClNEMAS ^^ 6130 IAST SPKDWAY ^Ki y ^^ 665-30S* AC(ilii!nl)i;ilVliiri'spri'Sfnt;itii)n -ffi-jPGl 7:30-9:22 HIS CIA CODE NAME IS CONDOR. IN THE NEXT SEVENTY-TWO HOURS ALMOST EVERYONE HE TRUSTS WILL TRY TO KILL HIM. DAYS OF THE CONDOR TECHNICOLOR*/A PARAMOUNT RELEASE iH ^ "*_ pr'W Talk about WILD! JAMES COCO RAQUEL WELCH The WILD PARTY "THEY FOUND ATLANTIS" (G) (ATLANTIS PASSES ONLY) 5909 EAST BROADWAY LAST 2 TONIGHT: DAYS 7:30 · 9:35 R Starts WEDNESDAY! CATAUNA 2320 NOHTH CAMPBELL TONIGHT: 7:15 · 9:IS "A COMEDY OF WIT AND rffeaSBssiN Gene Madeline Marty Wilder Kahn FeWman 600 WEST GLENN GATES OPEN 6:3O CO-HIT BOTH" THEATRES TRAP ON COUGAR MOUNTAIN 7010 EAST BROADWAY AT BOTH COUGAR: 6:30-10:00 THEATRES GHOST: 8:1 S GHOST" LAST 2 DAYS Technicolor' . ADULT TictM's Nwttt TkMtr* NEW FEATURES Every Thursday MkMC. 3656 East SpMihray (N«xt Door to Cobant Lour^j PHONE: 881-369O NIKS FLIKS 4567 S. 6Hi Ave.294-1811 ADULT THU1IE SmKElUE *5" [LADIES mil) SJSS j. · AfBOTH LOCATIONS j i 8mm FILMS -- Sola or Rent * I liiksNi«tHfes-llilbNCH4s * 1 25c P«P MACHINES *. ******* *****-*^1 FUN TYM THCATRE ADM. $2.00 (UMESFDK) 450 N. MAIN 623-2023 |l 1LX [. of rREEWAY) .,, Let me, Emmanuelle, teach you the secret joys of love. I will show you how to live for pleasure...how to totally experience your own sensuality and be erotically free-and how to make your most exciting fantasies come true. Let me take you to a new world where you won't be content until your life is truly alive with love. Then you will embrace rny philosophy that nothing is wrong if it feels good. THE ALL NEW Emmanuelle Th« ...nothing is wrong if it feels good. ^£\ NO O** UN«« It AMKTTie 1ST TUCSON SHOWING STARTS WEDNESDAY

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