Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 7
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 7

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 7
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The POWER of FAITH *«--*-. ' §jj||B]|]jij^^ ' ilBHiiii^^ IKifmlilliBliii^^ B^jliffllijt iliilaHiTissssssssssttJS'Siia^ ·'·*- 'Pfyv* itv^t PRTO^ HfflWt^^ -?^4§^^B.Hi ' · ''^^-iw^^mSt^lM PffliliafiL K iB^II'^^jiKij^^^i^i^iWni ' w P'^ii''^'^'^^^TM.TM.*!^!TM...TM it^!9Kr^nififcj^3B (i^tjpf!^^ ' ^iMiMiiu '"Y ''?$£ \, r , ''·/; witfiiAJ$sI3tSl^^BiHH _ ·j^BM^j^jr^^b'ijiSljff ''^I^^S^fflHSlPI j^SiBP^IL. ' · l r ^litf^'lWw.^^^la^B^B^I ·BPlr^lKfflfti'ilBBfflil^ FN^^H ''' rfmlfrllBHl '^^fmsS^^a^Sm^K^'/^^^^l^^^^^^^j^Kf 1 I^BIK^IHI ^iJlf'^fu^inl^K^V iU^SKHK^^^fSK^\ffK^^^Stk^ ^ilHiHflS W^^K^^T^^^S^Kf^mf^^^^^lf^^S^^^^^K'f^^ajKflf^fm^f avBPm^^flHr^f^ Ja^^BiHjfK^iPvRv ^SSPJ^E^^^^^^^^K' mt^tLmmtlSflKi: · t^fSffi^^fliiil ^^^^^^^^^J.^P^^^^^^^B^^^^^^HBjj, r^^HHi^f ·K^9l'BiiW v t M^Bwid!^i^iiViiiiil liiiBB^^^ 9j^^^f^^K]}f^fli^^^fSKJl^f^a^^^^^^SK^^i^ftS^fa^^m^S^^^ f 'iK^fK al^LJlilwl^ll^siiiiPVuiE ·^^SKSf^Sl^jli^^^m^^^fi^^^^f^^^f^^K^S^^^^^^^^S^rfSii^KiaiMC^^^flL^S^SKf^^^^^^^^t |jj!]jiH l K'|jl|BvP ^\^^f^Raij^^^^f^fSS^^^tt!^S^^^^^^f^^^^S^S^^^^^KMt^S^fy^ '^^K^^S^^^^fnK^^^^K^B ' ^Pl'i^y^^^^^W^^^^^^^^i^^M^^^^^Sfp^^^^^^fl^^jS^^ ^Tfffi^^^^KM^^FS^m ** ' ill liff i^ r 'Hssi1 iliJB inftt^oir' r ' ii 'TiKiittjfl^^ra'BBiiHilii^i d^eaflfii^iaVtf^lP^ti^ii^ia^siiiil S£fp5sil||^^ fp|£|s||!S|a|li^ f pgBB.P^' "^^^^^^^^^^SK^^H^^^B^B^HHPjHj I'C^. ^^^s^l^l^BK^iB^^a^aHB.ffli BifSfip*^ ^^Q,^^^^^^^^^^^jS^,^£Ei^^^^^^H^^H|^^Bffl^ gv.j . _^ u _^ii^^9^i^^^?'VB9BsHi^3ll^lH^^^^Kiv) | -- ^ssHttfliiiV t\'i^«' J " - rf ^^Bfr^'''TMM"Tri^^ ^iil^iBiHiBw 'lp -'·· £ ·· ^^^^^SiSuf^SS^^^S^^^SB^M^ -^^^^B^ W^'"^i ' \3bdiiil$tL\ "~"^*SBBP^^ i " · mB..K^U..le^.......i!lfi^ .Jila^a^a^^B jigfe:'' 1 · ' xBasE*^*, ' ' Uii.^BlHUa^aMaH'^'-^'il^a^i.^a^lln iiW^ ^^^2fe, .rfsCSfttw U^aliVHi^Rilfl^a^a^aH i|';j'|] ^wp tfjl« ^^BBUB^^Mi .^·Bmt' .flfc . ,_*· i X*W»" 4 ^\J^Mi|^^IHsli^^^|l2%xi^ l i^^lBB^B^IlMssiiiW ^^BaSsi^! n "··$·' *lf^ .^^SBl^^Ut)^^Sl93ElOKti$^^E!^^f^8l£yi MJ^Kpc t'y ^^BjBa|,^J|HHj^K^ffB^^^Bl|^B|IB JfjrTJiHK^BKEpffi^ lan!^* \ ^siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliriiiliftiP^siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia ^fBffif^BP'ip] ^^SS^^^MJSSSSf^^^Sm^ ·^BfflHBfl^^Ss ' d^srill^ . ^r^^^i^mgHM^iJIi^fe^fiji ^ ^tjJSf'ilji'iKP^ HjH ^^M^^WJjfi^ja.fis^p'njfc i' f'i ·'-* · ; !jV'( jjFiffijf ' [ilffiSsPJc' s^^B^WJ^i^^'i^^^SiS'^Bi^'nBBBh. ^^^^^"^Hroro *F SsMll|»^skSSl.iaBtt!f!^ 1 :,T 34. JS^^_iK3«£K^isBaraSHWb i«nw u-t ^S-JHSlJ THE EASTER STORY- II "1 give you a new commandment," Jesus told his disciples at the Last Supper: "Love one another. As 1 have loved you, so you are to love one another. If there is this love among you, then all will know that you are my disciples." 1 -- Af N.wifinlirrej ' Revives Religious Writings 01 Former Scottish Minister: Died In Obscurity By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International George MacDonald was a Sco tish clergyman and author wh lived from 1824 to 1905. During a long life of obscur poverty, he produced a numbe of novels and poems, and thre remarkable volumes of religiou thought entitled "Unspoken Se mons." Few people bothered to rea MacDonald's books while he wa alive. After his death, howeve he won a great convert to Chri tianity. And through the efforts o this disciple, the work of Georg MacDonald is finally reaching th worldwide audience it deserves. The disciple is England's famec "apostle to skeptics," Prof. C. S Lewis of Cambridge University. Fifteen years ago, when h MOTION PICTURES "THE FILM THAT SHOOK NEW YORK" · Saa litinic Expiation of H-Bomb. · Se. Fury of Atomic Bomb. · See what Power Bomb Explosions Could Po Tn New York, Chicago and Sin Francisco. HEAR DYNAMIC SERMON '1962 BIBLE PROPHECY' (Are Wb One Minute From- Midnight?) HT IKS Hps* «4«flJ SUNDAY NIOHT, 7:30 By EVANGELIST CHRISTIAN HILD World Traveler Bethel Assembly of Sod 2734 Hubbard Lane (New Radwood Acres) 9*45 A M Sunday School Rally 11:00 A.M.-- "My $1000 Sermon" Monday Nifjht 7:30 FULL COLOR FILM "PALESTINE AS 1 SAW IT" And Picture Lecture BOMBS OVER BIBLE LANDS By Christian Hild Dressed in Palestine Costume i^tm PLAN TO ATTEND MB own religious books were beginning to be widely read on both sides of the Atlantic, Lewis sought to call attention to his mentor by publishing a slim anthology of favorite, passages culled from MacDonald's writings. Falls To Catch For some reason, it didn't catch on, and was soon out ol print. But for those who own c copy, it is a highly treasured possession. I have one on my own ffidside table. It has been read at least a dozen times. It is, ,n my opinion, one of the five or six greatest books in the whole ibrary of devotional literature. Today (March 23) a new edi- .ion of "George MacDonald, An Anthology Edited by C.S. Lewis," s being published by Doubleday Co. in an inexpensive dolphin saperback. Those who are looking for peace of mind should not rush out and buy this book. George MacDonald does not know any easy ways to be a Christian. His God is not an indulgent grandfather in heaven. What you will find in MacDonald's writings is a strange mixture of tenderness and severity :hat is strongly 'reminiscent of the New Testament. "I know lardly any other writer," says Lewis, "who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the spirit of Christ himself." God Is Love But let MacDonald speak for himself: "When we say that God is love, do we teach men that their fear of Him is groundless? No. As much as they fear will come upon them, possibly far more. . . the wrath will consume what they call themselves, so that the selves od made shall appear." "The love of God is inexorable: It pursues man even when he would much prefer not to bo bothered. "Such is the mercy of God that he will hold his children in the consuming fire of his distance until they pay the uttermost farthing, until they drop the purse o selfishness with all the dross tha f is in it, and rush home to the father. . .rush inside the center 0 the life-giving (Ire whose outer If you find this a terrifying 'thought, MacDonald will agree ^ First Presbyterian Church «''.li · WORSHIP SERVICES KM M5 sllir a ' m ' HHJjPJPI AN OPEN DOOR" Jamas M. Brown | ,,00 a.m. -- Service Brmdast - KENt 1340 Mlnlltan t is. But if there's no way out, here is a way in. "If any child of the Father inds that he is afraid before Him, that the thought of God is a discomfort to him, or even a error, let him make haste -- let lim not linger to put on any garment, but rush at once in his nakedness, a true child, for shel- er from his own evil and God's error, into the salvation of the Father's arms." ., Finduig A Way And how shall the terrified child find his way to his Father's arms? "Christ is the way in: the way rom slavery into liberty; the vay from the stormy skirts of the Father's garments to the «ace of His bosom." For those of uncertain faith, MacDonald has this advice: "Instead of asking yourself whether you believe or not, ask yourself whether you have this day done one thing because He said, 'Do it' or once abstained because He said, 'Do not do it." t is simply absurd to say you believe, or even want to believe, n Him, if you do not do anything He tells you." "To put off obeying Him till we ind a credible theory concerning Him is to set aside the healing potion we know It our duty to drink, for the study of the various schools of therapy." "He who does that which he sees, shall understand; he who is set upon understanding rather than doing, shall go on stumbling and mistaking and speaking foolishness." Has Hard Life George MacDonald did not lave an easy life. He was afflict- 'd with tuberculosis, and was very poor.- But from want he earned a nrcat lesson"It is imperative on us to get 'id of the tyranny of tilings. . . 3ut it is not the rich man only who is under the dominion ol things; they too are slaves who, laving no money, are unhappy from the lack of it. . .If il be .hings that slay you, what matter whether tilings you have, or things you have not?" But he did not suggest thai men profess a bogus spirituality n their prayers. "With every haunting trouble then, great. or small, the loss o thousands or the lack of a shill ng, go to God. . .If your trouble Is such that you cannot appca to Him, the more need you shoul appeal to Him," How are you to be sure tha prayers are answered? "Reader, if you are in any trouble, try whether God will no help yon. If you nre in no need why should you ask question tibmit prayer? True, he knows lit tie of himself who docs not kno\ that he Is wretched, nnd poor, nnd blind, nnd naked; hut until he be HVMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, April 7, 1962, P. 7 Thoughts MONDAY By the breath of God ice is iven, and broad waters are froz- n fast, v. -- Job 37:10. God governs In the affairs of men; and if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, either can a kingdom rise with- ut His aid. -- Benjamin Franklin. TUESDAY Be not a terror to me; thou are my refuge in the day of evil. --Jeremiah 17:17. Thou Boverlgn power, whose ecret will controls the inward ent and motion of our souls. -- latthew Prior. WEDNESDAY Because, yea, because they lave misled my people,- saying, Peace, when there is no peace; nd because when the people build wall, these prophets daub it with whitewash. -- Ezeklel 13:10. Hypocrisy, the only evil that walks Invisible, except to. God alone. -- John Milton. : THURSDAY Therefore be careful to do the words of this covenant, ttoit you may prosper m all that you do.-Deut. 29.9. Nothing is really lost by a life f sacrifice; everything is lost by allure to obey God's call. -- Heny IT, ijiuuun. : ____ FRIDAY Then he brought them up into lis house, and set food before hem; and he ^rejoiced with all is household that he had believed n God. Acts 16:34. If you wish to be assured of the ruth of Christianity, try it. Beeve, and if the belief be right, lat insight which gradually transmutes faith into knowledge will be the reward of thy belief. -. T. Coleridge. SATURDAY And Israel and the Philistines rew up for battle, army against rmy. -- I Samuel 17:21. If Christian nations were na- ons of Christians, there would be o wars. -- Soame Jenyns. SUNDAY That this is God, our God for ver and ever. He will be our 'tilde for ever. -- Psalms 48:14. The God about whose business 1 lave tried to be busy will not orget to look after mine in any ther world to which I may go. -- William R. Harper. Record Budget Earmarks Funds KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) More than 80 per cent of the rec- rd 1962 budget of the Church of he Nazarene has been earmarked or foreign missions. The denomination's g e n e r a l board voted a budget of $3,391,68, more than $100,000 larger than last year's record. Foreign missions will receive $2,189,497. MERGER TALKS PROMISING INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - After an initial meeting, representa- ives of Christian C h u r c h e s Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ agreed lere that further talks about possible merger are in order. A schedule for future meetings was elng arranged. ;ins at least to suspect a need, raw can he pray?" Right To Ask It is right to ask God for help n trouble, or even for. such a mundane necessity as daily iread. But "there is a communion with God that asks for noth- ng, yet asks for everything. . .He who seeks the Father more than anything He can give, is likely o have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss." The George MacDonald anthology is not a book to be read hrough at a sitting. Taken in small daily doses, and followed ly prayer, it may lead the reader (o say with C. S. Lewis: "My debt to George MacDonald is almost as great as one man can owe to another." APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH, Wtf P strest, Eureka. Tha Rev. David Me- Collum, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; morning worship u a.m.i evening evangelistic servlca * o.mj services Wednesdays and Fridays al A o.m. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Wabash ind Union slraelst tha Rev. Johnnie im'th, pastor; morning worship, 11 a.m. evangelistic service 7 p.m.i family night ;:30 p.m. Wednesday! Cadets (boys up to 12 years), Missloneltes (girls up To 1! years), CA (13-35), and adull prayar and Bible study. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH. Dr. Mln yard M Sarnr-lt. paslor. 3350 F Street Sunday school 5:U a. m.i mornlno wor ship 11 a. m.i Training Union ) p. m. evening worship p. m.f midweek ser vice. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. CALVARY LUTHBRAN CHURCH, Pros pact and Soulh Avenue, the Rev. Roy Malde, pnslor; Services, Sunday Schoo grades one to adult 9:40 I. m. ages 3, 4 !, al 11 a. m,, worship Ii30 a. m. and 1 a. m., lunlor and senior Luther Leaguit (:30 p. m.i mid-week Bible study 7:30 n. m. Wednesday. CHRIST CHURCH (Episcopal), Ism an H slroels. The Rev, John L. Thompsoi III, Rector. Holy Communion B a. m. family service and church school 9:15 a m. with Holy Communion the Ihlrd Sun day ol tha monthi morning priysr an sermon 11 a.m. wllh Holy Communio the first Sunday or tha mnnlhj Hoi communion 10 a. m. Wednesdays am Holy Days. Your Ch HRlSTIAN CHURCH OF EURiKA, even Id snd K Stieeti, the Rev . H«t Id E Rantnn, pastor. Church r.thool J!» a. m.i mottling worship II a. m *ilh nursery care .Kir young children uring toe tflrvke HURCH Of CHRIST, 1300 California If aet, Fumka. tyle Bonner, minister. /U Heuer drive. Bible study 10 i.m ! ihl! study. AvtnAirlay '(30 p.m. IHURCH OF GObi H/0 Sinta Clan unday school 9:40 a. m.i morning wor hip 11 a. m., evangaHstlc service 7:30 Nil ED PENIECOilAl CHURCH, J/U 1 - rlnlly struet, Eurekn. Gtrald Smith, aiior. HI 3-3931, Sunn-ay ichnol »MS .m,) wonhip 11 ».m. and / p.m.; pray r and Bible itudy, Tuatrtay ' p.m.i oung penpln Thursday J p.m. . m. Saturday. RINITT LUTHBRAN CHURCH, Mil ouri Synod Ctiurcti ot " 1 hi Uutturan Hour" and 'Thli Ii Che Lite". Hen erson and K Streets, Eureka. Tht Rev W, H. Youiil, pastor. Sunday morning worship 10:30 a. m.j Sunday tchool UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP OF HUM OLDT COUNT 1 . 1 , Fellowship Hall, UI8 street, Eureka, Kenneth Thompson, ellowjh'p chfl'rman, HI 349« Sunday meeting at 10:30 a. m. follnwod by ultee hour and discussion period. Sunday chool also at 10:30 a, m. HURCH OF OOD OF PROPHECY, 97 Victor boulevard, Samoa: Tha Rev. osla Glhien, patlor. Sunday school 9:44 ,m.; morning worship 11 a.m.; evening ervlce 7 p.m. Midweek service, Tues ay 7 p.m. Young People's service Frl- ay 7 p.m. CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS* lith and 1 streets, Bishop Rlctiard Milter; priesthood meeting B:45 B. m./ Sunday tchool 0:30 a. m., sacrament 5 p. m.; Re- lef Society 10 a.m. Tuesday) MIA 7:30 i.m. Wednesday; primary 4 p.m. Thursday. CUTTEN COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH, 2029 Camp ton Road, Rev. Frank Gehman, pastor; church school ;4S a. IT..; morning worship 11 a. m.; outh fellowship 4:30 p. m. 'OURSQUARE GOSPEL, Pratt and A treels, Rev. Larry 1. Brlney, pastor; unday School 9:30 a. m.; morning wor- i. m.; prayer service 7MS p. m. Wed- IRS1 BAPTIST CHURCH, Del Horta nd E Streets, the Rev. Gregory 5. Moron',', paiton Sunday ichool *i4i a. m.i morning worship 11 a. m.i Bap jt Vouth groups 6: IS p. m.; evening erwlces /:3D p. m., midweek prayer ervlce 7:10 p. m FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, lodgsjn anct 1 ttreeti, Rav. Jamei P. enter, pastor; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.) (lurch service 11 a.m.i PIlBrlm Fellow- Hip 6 p.m. FIRS1 CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Eleventh and H slreels, Sunday school :30 a m.; morning worship 11 a. m.t Wednesday evuning service 6 p. m, supervised children's room Is main' alned at n\ lith street, nexl door to he church trom 10:30 to 12:15. to par- nts may attend services. A reading oom, «6 Sixth street Is open dally (rom 0 a. m to i p. m. except Fridays, 10 . m to ^ p m. and 7 to 9 p. m. Vis"ors are welcome. FIRST CHURCH WF Tn6 NA7ARSNE, lumpoldt and E streets, the Rev. Paul i Mangum, pastor. Showers ot Blfitslng adio program B a.m. KDAMi Sunday ehool 9;*5 a. m.t morning worihlp il .m j youth groups 6 p.m.; evening vanqellstic service 7 p.m.; prayer *nd raiie service, Wednesday i p.m. IRST METHODIST CHURCH -- Del Norte and F streets, the Rev. Oscar E. Ink, pastor. Church School tor all get 9:30 a. m.; worship services 9:30 . m. and 11 a. m. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 5th and 1 streets, the Rev. James M. Irown, paslor; Services, Sunday School :30 a. m., worship 11 a. m., high ichool Presbyteens 7 p. m;i Wednesday* Westminister choir 4:45 p. m., adult choir :30 p. m. PINE HILL BAPTIST CHURCH, Pine Hill, (Arabella s treet ) t the Rev. Max Kelt, pastor. Sunday school 9 US a. m.i n.; avenlng service 7 p. m.; teachers nd officers meeting Wednesday 7 p. m.i vening service Wednesday 7:45 p. m. HENDERSON CENTER ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Wood and J streets, the Rev. Mar- In Engebrehen, pastor; Sunday school :45 a. m., worship 11 a. m., evening vangelistlc 7:30 p. m.; Christ Ambassadors service 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. BETHEL ASSEMBLT 01- OOD CHURCH 734 Hubbard Lane, Eureka (near Redwood Acres), Hillside 2-7080, The Rev. Oene Rtggi, pastor, 4746 AMenon Lane, HI WiOfr. Sunday school 9M5 a. m.f morning worship, 11 a. m.) evening evangelistic service 7:45 p. m.; mid week service, Tuesday, 7:45 p. m.; young people's Christ Ambassador .service, Thursdiy, 7:45 p. m. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH, 220 BUhne treet, the Rev Scott Jsnlkula, pastor, unday school 9:45 a. m.J morning wor- hip service 11 a. m.i young people's roup meeting 6:30 p. m.i evening song nd worship service 7:30 p. m.» prayer ervlce Wednesday 7:30 p. m. HUMBOLDT HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, Klpljng Drive, Rev. Donald Look F pastor; Sunday school ,9. 45 a. m. with classes for all ages, worship service 11 a. m., youth and adult meetings :4S p. m., evening evangelistic service :30 p. m., prayer and Bible study 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. ;AIVARY c MM U N I T ' . CHURCH Fields Landing, Gladwyn N. Nichols, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.i morn- ng worship 11 a. m.; youth fellowship 5-30 p m.; evening service 7 p. m.J Bible study 7:45 p. m. Wednesday. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES! EUREKA CONGREGATION: Kingdom Hall, 1324 Fifth Street; James C. Bohanhsn, pre- Idlng minister, Congregation Bible Study, 8 p. m. Tuesday; Theocratic Ministry school, 7:30 p. m.» tervlce meeting, 8:33 p. m. Friday,* public Bible ecture7 6:30 p. m. Sunday! Watchtower tudy, 7:45 p. m. Sunday. LANDMARK MISSIONARY BAPTIS1 CHURCH, Runtbero Hall, Wabash anc Union Streets; Elder G. A. "Sonny" Williams, minister; Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.; even- ng service 7 p. m. FIRS1 COVEN AN! CHURCH. Cfttion and J Streets, the Rev. Gerald V. Sten- herg, pastor. Hillside 3-3394j church phone. Hillside 3-4774. Bible school 9:45 a. m.i worship U a. m.J evening service 7:30 p. m.; Wednesday Bible study and prayer iervlca 7.30 o. m. MYRTLE AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, 3131 More avenue, the Rev. George E. Mliell, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m.i morning worship 11 a. m.) evangelistic service 5 p. m.i tratninp. union i p. m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. NORTH SAMOA CHURCH OF THE NAZ ARENE/ the Rev. Ray Hlberd pastor, Sunday schoo! 9:45 a.m.; worship service 11 6. m.i youth servlca 6:45 p.m.; evangelistic service 7:30 p.m.; prayer meeting ':30 p.m. Wednesday. PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF OOD 400 A street. Eureka. The Rev. W. E. Wllfolg, pastor, HI 2-7450. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m.i evening service 7:3 Op. m.i mid- weeK service, Wednesday 7:30 a. m.i week service, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. PENTACOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH, 1470 Santd Clara street, Eureka. The Rev. :. A. Tuttle, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 A. m.; morning worship ll a. m.i evening worship p. m i mid-week servtca Tuesday anri Thursday 7.36 p m. RIDGEWOOD ASSEMBLY OF GOO. Assembly of God campgrounds, 6400 Redwood Drive, Eureka; the Rev. N. R. in- grarpr pastor, HI 2-7459) Sunday Schoo ':45 a.m.; morning worship 11 a.m.; evening worship 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday worship 7:30 p.m. RIDGEWOOD HBIOHTS BAPTIST CHURCH, Eggen and Rldgewood Drive the Rav. Alvl* Chadwlck, pastor. Sunday tchool 9:U a. m.i mornlno worship 11 a. m.i training union 6:30 p. m.i evening worship 7:30 p. m.i praya meeting, Wednesday 7.90 p. m. SEVENTH-DAY AOVENTIST CHURCH Harrlt and Street, Eureka. Eld* L. L. Bennett, paitor. Sabbath ichoa Saturday 11 a. m.i 'prayar service an Blbla itudy hour Wednesday 7:30 p m.i Dorcai Weltare Society Wedn«tda 10 a. m.) chclr rehearsal /;30 p. m Frldayi Pathfinder club mttllng / p. rr Mondayi miiilonary voiunteir lervlc Friday /:30 p. m. rnn LITTLE CHAPEL, interdenominational, 331 First Straal, Eurtka. Me* Ingt avery night except Monday it 7i4J Sunday morning Blbl* iludy U a. m Mrs, Austin*. Fernlealf pastor. urch Gui HE SALVATION ARMY, 300 Fifth St.; rlaedler Wllllim Miller, officer In large; Sunday prayer meeting 9:15 a.m.; unday School 9:45 a.m. with classes or all agen morning holiness meeting 1 a.m.; street meeting at second and F reels 6:15 p.m.; evangelistic servlca 7 .m. NIVERSAL CHURCH OF THE MAS ER, the Rev. Grace Conrad, pattor; mentings al Rev. Conrad residence walker Point Road, P. 0. Box 4/SA ouse 4, phiine Hi 1 6fll?i Sunday ser Ices 2 p. m.; Wednesday ESP class :30 p. m. AITH TABERNACLE PENTECOSTAL HURCH OP GOO, 1450 Myrtle Avenue, ie Rev. Leo Bruner, pastor; Sunday chool 9:45 a.m.) morning worship U .m.; evangel'ftic service ?:3o p. m.J hursday night services 7'30 o.m. pminiA nrm P ruitDCM HIT rwll ornia Street, Rev. C. L. Stover, pastori unday School 10 e. m.; worship service 1 a. m.; evangelistic service 7:30 p. m.; Victors Through Christ Young Peo- les' Service 6:30 p. m.; Bible study and irayer meeting 7:30 p. m, Wednesday. ONOEGATION BE1H EL- Ryan Mem rial; Herman Bislrin, president, tele lona HI 26714; Jewish services con ucted twice monthly al announced times. ARCA1A CHURtHEk SSEMBLY OP GOD, Revival Taber- adc 475 Fifth Street, the Rev. H. C. allerty. paslor, VA 2-OM! j Sunday chool 9:45 a. m.t morning worship 11 . m.; evangelistic service 7:30 p. m.; hrlst Ambassador Young Peoples' ten ice 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. ARCATA CHURCH OF CHRIST, 1139 D Ireet; Doyle Farnsworth, minister; Bible chool 9:45 a.m. morning worship 11 a.m. outh fellowship and adult classes 6:30 YBflk Bible study and prayer service 7:30 ARCATA FIP.ST UNITED PENTECOS AL, one block east 101 Highway near '. P. Tire shop; L. A. MtVay, pastor, ig worship, 11 a. m.i evangelistic ser uesday'- Bblt study *7 p m Thursday ARCATA SEVENTH DAY ADVEN- treets, Virgil C. Becratt, pastor; Sab ath school, 9i30 a. m. Saturday; morn no worship U a. m.) young people's meeting 4:30 p. m. Saturdey. AYSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCHi John : Stubbs, pastor. Sunday school .0:30 . m.; church services 9:30 a. m. HURCH OF CHRIST, Woman's club- ouse, 13th and J streets; A. P. Spur- ock minister, TE 9-2530; Bible study 10 ,m.j warship ll a.m. and 7 p.m.; Bible tudy 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. ARCATA COVENANT CHURCH, services t thfl Arcata Seventh Day Adventist Nurchi corner 13th and G streets, Gor on Anderson, minister. Sunday School hohe VA 2-1136 or HI 9-67/4. HURCM 0F JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS, Prospect and 11th, rcata. John H. Schwenson, branch resident, lift* H Street, Arcata. VA ·1791. Priesthood, Saturday 9 a. m.i Sun- ay school 15:30 a. m.) Sacrament meeting, Sunday / p. m.i Mutual Im- rovement Association, Tuesday 7:30 p, m.i relief society, Wednesday 7:30 p. m.i primary association, Thursday 4 . m". HURCH OF THE NAZAREHE/ 13th and A Streets, the Rev. Donald J. Beecher, i. m., worship 11 a. m., group fellow- hips, all ages, 6 p. m., evangelistic tour 7 p. m.; mid-week service 7J30 p. m. Wednesday followed by choir prac- cej Nazarene Foreign Missionary Solely 7:30 p. m. every third Wednesday. DOWS PRAIRIE AibtMbLl UP OOD, Highway 101 and Grange Road, the Rev. L. E. Btufl, pastor. Sunday school :45 o. m.i worship 11 a. m.i evange- stlc service 7!45 p. m.i prayer and Bible study Wednesday 7:45 D. m.t oung people's Christ Ambassadors Prf- ay 7:45 o m FAITH TEMPLEi 11th and H Streets, Arcftte, upstalrsi an Interdenomlnatlona 1 hurch; Rev. A. J. Cog an, pastor, unday school, 10 a, m.i morning wor- hip 11 a. m.i evening tervlce, 7i3( m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 1741 11th treet, Rev. Karl Ekaas, Interim pastor; er vices, Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; wor- flip 9:30 a. m. and 11 a. m.; youlh roups 6 p. m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ARCATAj 700 Union Street, Arcata, the Rev. Mich el P. Petrtllo. oastori Church school 9:3( ,m.i morning worship 11 a.m.) Baptlsl Youth Fellowship A p.m.; Sanctuary Hour p.m.i Yokefellow groups B p.m.l midweek sarvlce 7:30 p.m. REORGANIZED. CHURCH OF JESUS HR1ST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, nnex to hall, Redwood Park; Pries! )lck Grlggi, Rt. 1, Box 22A, Eureka, unday service 7:30 p. m. to 9 p .m. AMERICAN BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP* 753 chool Drive; Jack Legate, pastor,. VA -44Bii Sunday School 9s 45 a.m. both dulls and children; morning worship 11 .m., evening worship 7:30 p.m.l prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-- 11th nd G Streets, the Rev. 5. Martin itdsatchi Interim pastor. Church schoo :45 a. m.; morning worship 11 a. m. FOURSQUARE; CHUR.CH, 770 Fourteenth treet, Arcata; .Sunday School 10 a.m.i morning worship U a.m.i evening wor- hip 7:30 p.m. Wednesday mid-week serv* C* 7:30 p.m. FULL GOSPEL DELIVERANCE MISSION, 113 0 street, Arcata, Rev. Lola )oforthf Rev. George and Nora aarneft, pastors; Wednesday night prayer meet- ng, 7:30} Sunday night service, 7tlO p.m. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, Scientist, hurch reading room, 647 14th street, Arcatai Sunday school 9:30 a. m.f church ervlces, 11 a. m.i nursery next door. leading room open dally 12 noon to 4 . m. except Sundays and holidays. BETHRSDA CHURCH AND BIBLE INSTITUTE, Bayslde, W 2*2935, OH Jacoby Cretk school, Sunday School 9:45i Wor- hip hour ll n. m. College and high chool groups 6 p. m/) avanlng service :30 p. m. Bible study and prayen 7:30 . m. Wednttday. Choir practice 7 p. m. iaturday. West Morton, director; The Rev. Lawrence Evenson, castor. MANILA B APT IS! CHURCH. Victor Boulevard, Manila, the Rev. Neal AL ord, pastor. Sunday ichool 9:45 a. m.i worship 11) Training Union 6:30 p. m.i venlng worship 7j30. Prayer t meeting /edneiday 7:30 o. m. EHOVAH'S WITNESSES -- ARCATA CONGREGATION -- Kingdom Hall, 1324 th Street. Eureka. Theodore Henry, Pre- Idlng Ministers. Congregation Book ludy, K p. m. Tuesday! Service Meet- ng, 7:30 p. m. Thursday! Theocratic Mln- stry School, 8:30 p. m. Thursday) Pub- c Blbla Lecture, 3 p. m. Sunday; Watchtower Study, 4:15 P. m. Sunday. SUNNY BRAE BAPTIST CHURCH, 267 Beverly Court, Arcata; the Rev. Wlliam Page, paiton Sunday Schoo ! :45 a. m.; morning worsnlp, 11 a. m.; raining union, 6:30 p. m.) evening Worship, 7:30 p. m.; mid-week service, 7:3( p. m. Thursday. ST. ALBAN'S EPISCOPAL, 1675 Cheser Avenue (Sunny Brae), the Rev. Alan lhallant, rectorj Services, 8 a. m. Holy Communion, Sunday School fifth through 2th grades 9:30 a. m. and nursery hrough fourth 10:30 a. m., family service 0:30 a. m. with Holy Communion ob- RINITY BAPTIST CHURCH, Iht Rav. iobert Rooks, plaster, 2450 Alliance toao. Sunday tchool, 9:45 a. m.i nornlng worship, ll a. m.i Training Inlon (all agest / t. m.i evening wor- hip 7:30 p. m., nursery care available! or infanti and Toddlers. Affiliated witn outhern Baptist Convention. FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH, Church o* the National Lutheran Council, Stromberg Avenue and Wyatt Lane. Westwood Village, Arcata, tha Rev Robert A. Reuidie, paitor. Sunday ichwl 9; 43 a. m. and morning worship 1 a. m. Parsonage 1780 Stromberg FREE HOLINESS CHURCH, Samoa road at Manila, PO BOX 977, tha Rev. Bob ·toldini pastori Stfndiy ichool 10 a.m. morning wonhip 11 a.m.; evening servlc i30 p.m.i Tuetday night services 7i3 p.m.l young people's service 7i30 p.m. Saturday. PENTECOSTAL CHURCH HP JOD, lit and H Stftitl, Arcata, Ra '. T. C. Wl hite, paslor. Sunday ichool, 9:45 a. m. morning worihlp It a. m.i evangelist' iirvlce, 7:30 p. m.i Wednesday nigh prayer end praise 7:30 p. m.i Frlda night, young people'! services 7;3Q p. m SUNNY BRAE CONOREPATIONAL CHURCH, 910 Crescent Way, Arcatar th Rev. Claudt W. Atorlght, pastor; morn Ing wonhip and church ichool 10 a. m. ndult church ichool cluss 11 a. m. wit nursery care provided) Plymoulh Fe hwihlp U ol l«o 9 tnd ft!r, tchool youth i p. m. de-For A1THWAY KAPFIST MISSION) 119' Street; Elder Wondrow Spiers, m"s onary pasto ; Rifle Schnol 10 a. m.; irsnip servire ll a. m. end 6 p. m. UK KEUetfMEk lUtHCRAN CiiUKCH Id and D Streets, Arcota. Ihi lurch o the Lutheran Hour. The Rev onalU Claasen, VA i-ouaj, Sunoat orsnlp tervtcf I0t* s. m U M 0 L D T LIBERTY BAPTIS1 IHURCH ( Independent); Fortuna Mon ay Club, 620 Main street; Rev. Cephas . Miller, pastori Sunday School for all ges 10 a.m ; worship ll a.m., evening ervlce 6:30 p.m.; prayer meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday. oad, Fortuna. Rev Samuel L. Sanders ng worship 11 A.m.; evening worship · menlinD /'4 n rhi H ible study 7i45 p.m. AMPION HEIGHIS UAPTI51 CHURCH ev. Roherl Seaman naslor. Sunday chool 9:45 a. m.i worship l) a. m ; uangellstic service / :30 p. m.i Bihli 4 tudy and orayer meeting, Wednesdiy :30 0, m. ^THOUS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, chool and Thelma Sis., Campion Heights, A 5-4670; Rev. James Hardy, minister, A S-3749) Sunday School 9:45 a.m.; worship, 11 a.m.; women's group, B:00 .m. second Thursday of each month. everly Court, Arcatai the Rev. Har- HUKCH Ot- THE NRIAHtNt, IJlh nd L Streets, Fothms, the Rav. Lloyd HubOard, pastor Sunilay ichool 9i4i . m.i morning Warship ll a. m.i oung people's society 4;M p. m.i Sun ay evening service /:30 p. m.i mid week prayer service. Wednesday ':30 : IRST BAPTIST CHURCH, (Southern lonventlon), 19/6 Scenic Prive, For una: the RiV. George BrdOley, poster, !A 5-2595) Sunday ichool 9:45 a. m.| niin 6:30 p. m; evening worship, :3C . m.; midweek prayer service Wednes- ay C p. m. T JOSEPH'S CATHftl ir ·ourteenth and N Streets, Fartuna. Thi ev. Michael Mon ague, pastor. Sunday rnasj B and U a. m., also at 7:30 p. m. OPE LUTHERAN CHURCHi (Missouri ynod). The Church ot the Luther in our. William D. Dlehl, paitor. Ser Ices now oelng held tn the Odd Pel ows hall. Warship service 9:30 a. m., unday school 10:30 a. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Ninth and 0 streets, Fortuna. rhe ReV. Donald Vhitney, pastor. Bible School 9:45 a. m. Cunday; worship service 11 a. m.i youlh mee : fngs *nd Bible study 6:30 p. m.j vening service 7t30 p, m.i choir prac ice l p. m. Mnnriayr Oil Painting clas! p. m. Wt*diesdayi Prayer Meeting 7:3C . m. Thursday. FORTUNA SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST HURCH f 301 Rohnervllle Road, Sahbaltr chool 9: 3rt a.m.. worship service 11 a.mj Malcolm Maxwell, paitor. Services Sat' rday Include Sahbath School tor all ges at 9:30 a m.i morning worship 11 .m.i youth service * p.m.i midweek irayer and study service Wednesday ;30 jj.m IRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. ECIEN- 1ST, Fortuna, /54 Thirteenth Street, unday school 9:30 a. m.i morning wor hip 11. Wednesday service B p. m. A upervlsen children'! room is provided nd a reading room IB located ner.1 cor to the church. T. FRANCIS EPISCOPAL CHURCH. he Rev. W. Bart Kendrlck, vicar, holy ucharlst, 7:30 a. m.i family eucharlsf, rtt, third and fifth Sundays, 9i30 a. m.i morning prayer, second and fourth unday*, 9:3() a. m.i church schoo 1 ay 9:30 a. m.; (grades second through ighth) Monday 4:15 p. m.i and holy ucharlst all holy days 7:30 a. m. anc 0 a. m.; dally morning prayer 7:30 a. m.i evening prayer 5:30 p. m. ORTUNA METHODIST CHURCH, tha lev. Ray P. Magnuson, mlnltter. Morn- ng worship services 9 a, m. and 11 a. m.i church school 9:45 a. m.t Intermediate and nenlor youth fellowship 6:31 , m. CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, Uth and L Streets : ortuna. Priesthood meeting 9 a. mj Sun ay; Sunday school , 10:30 a. m.| Sac* ament mealing, 4:30 p. m.i Retle oclety, 10 M m., Tuesday) MIA* 7:15 . m. Tuesday t Primary, 4tts p. m., Wednesday; Weston K. Hodges, branch resident. FORTU,,,. LUTHERAN CHURCH,, 2133 mlth Lane, Fortune, RA 5-2995. The Rev. Theodore Mendenhall, pastor. Par- onegfi 455 16th street Sunday school :45 a. m.i worship service 11 a. m. ESUS NAME PENTBCOBfAL CHURCf unday services and Bible study belt t 10 a. m. In the Moosa hall. Evange ttlc iervlc« at /:30. EHOVAH'S WITNESSES! FORTUNA CONGREGATION - Kingdom Hall, 754 Oth, Street, Fortuna. Stanley Enevoid- en, Presiding Minister. Congregation look Study, 8 p. m Tuesday; Theocratic Ministry School, 7:30 p. m. Friday; Series Meeting, 6.30 p. m. Friday; Public Bible Lecture, *:30 p. m. Sunday; Watchtower Study, 7:45 p. m. Sunday. GARBERVILLE CHURCHES CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE, Redway. Rev. Norman McKeough, pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m.i morning wor ship; 11 a. m.i young people, 6)30 t m.t evening service 7;30 p. m.i mid vefik orayer meeting *t3Q D. m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Charles H. Hudson, pastori 10 a. m. Bible school; 11 a. m. morning wonhip, FIRST CHURCH OP CHRIST, SCIEN TIST, east end ol Elm Street. Sunday ichool and church services a. m. Vedneiday evening meeting) 8 o'clock reading room on Maple Lane one hal block east ol Highway lot open week days, 1 to 4 p. m. FORT SEWARD BAPTIST MISSION the Rev. Mel Russon, pastor. Sunday schooll, 9-45 a. m.i morning worship 1 a. m.i Training Union, *:30 p. m. evening worship, 7:30 p. m.i prayer meeting, Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. ct m GARBERV1LLE-REDWAY FIRST BAP- FIST CHURCHi the Rev. Robert Rooki, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m.i morning worship 10:30 a.m.! training union t p.m.l preaching serv'ce Sunday 6 p.m.i Wednesday evening prayer lervlce 1 p.m.; ocation, Redway Drive. THE MIRANDA CHURCH of the Evangelical Fr*e Church; the Rev. H. E. tarr, pastor; Services: Sunday school, its a. m.; worship, 11 a. m.f yount leopie, 7 p. m.i evening service, 8 p. n.i mid-week jervlce, 8 p. m. Thursday. GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Garer- ille Civic Center, 1V4 block aasl ot Highway 101 on Mapla street. His Rev. )aryl Bjerk*, pastor. Sunday school :4i a. m.i morning worship II a. m. HILLCRRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Brlce- and, tha Rav. H. R. Cl»y brook, pastor Sunday school 10 a.m.i morning worshli 1 a.m.i training union 6:30 p.m.; evening worship ':30 p.m.; Blbla study am irayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p.m. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES -- GARBER VILLE CONGREGATION -- Kingdom Hall, 101 Highway, Redway. verna E ohnston, Presiding Minister. Congrega Ion Study, t p. m. Tuesday! Theocratic Ministry School, 7:30 p. m. Friday; Ser vice Meeting, 8:30 p. m Friday) Public llbla Lecture, f p. m. Sunday; Waicn tower Study, 6:15 p. m. Sunday. '1ST CHURCH OF THE REDWOODS S. Graham Joyce, pastor. Sabbath school Saturday 9:30 a.m.i cnurcn iervlca 1 a.m.iprayer service and Bible study hour Wednesday 7:30 o.m. ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL PARISH CHURCH. Redway. Brlceland Road, th lev. Richard Tumllty. vicar. Sunday Holy'nton * and I0i30 a. m. Cnurcn school 10:30 a. m.; Holy Day .' a. m.t Summer schedule June 15 thru Sept. 4, 9 8. m. tarvlc*. FEDERATED COMMUNITY METHODIS1 CHURCH, Pastors: John M. McMalh Thomas P. Mills. Church School Superln tendenl: Hirland McDonald; Christian Education Director: AUca H. Kelieyi Wor Ship services, 9:4$ and 11:00? Sunday School, 9;« and 11:00; Youth Fellow ship, 6:00 to 8:00. THB COMMUNITY CHURCH OP OAK* JERVILLH, Mapla Lane at Locust lev. Van H. Eakes, pastor. Churc school, °i30 ·. rn.i morning worship, U a. m. Senior felloWihlo. 7il5 o. m. CALVARY ASSEMBLY Of 000, Fort Seward, the Rsv. H. E. silvius, pastor a O Box 6; Sunday school 9:45 a.m. morning worihlp, 11 i.m,i vinae1isti service 7 p.m.i Tuetday vouth, CA ter vice 7:30 p.m.; Bible study and prayer 7:30 p.m. Friday. CARLOTTA CHURCH CARLOTTA COMMUNITY CHAPEL, In Riv, Lee Hnrdman, pallor i Sunda Sunday , CRESCENT CUT CHUfllHfii HURCH OP CHRIST (CHRISIIANl- our th ano E Str u«l J, Ci esienl City unday seiviVii, 9:45 a. m Bible school. eens 1 Youth Hour 1, / P. m. Evening civlce; Ihiirinay, 7:30 p m. midweek 1 . PAUL'k e.f ISCOPAL CHURCH, M^CKln Avenue, trestem City- the Mev oherl R. Reed, vicar Holy Commun on B a m ; morning orayer and chnril chooi II a m A cottee Hour follows th» i a m. service every Sunday ot the nonth tl. NORTH: CHURCH OF CHHI51) Minister Dan Sawyers; meels at Crei ent City Grange Hatl on Del None (reel Sunday tor ftlple class 10 a. m i orsnlp class U a m.i evening larvlce. :30 o m RACE LUTHERAN, Cooper and Mr.rl inn, Creii.enl CHy. the Key. R W utter, paiton Sunday services, BfiO am nd 11 a. m.i Sunday School and bible lasses 9:4S a.m.i young pence's nuel ngt first and third Sundays ; p. m.; uly communion fltlO a. m. tlrst Sunday 1 month and 11 a m. second Sunday ORfHCRESl BAP IIS1 CHAfEL, me ev Troy Kelly, pastor . Sunday ichonl :45 a. m.i morning worship U a. m i raining Union 6:30 p m.i evening ·vorshlp /:30 p m.i orayor meeting Wednesday. /i30 p. m. CEAN VIEW BAP1IS1 CHURCH, Del orte and 0, Bertsch tract. Crescent itj, iiis Rev. James Goodman, pastor unday school, 9:45 a. m.i wor shin. i| , nv; Training Unlnn, 6:30 p. m.J wor ri u i-ifl' m '' meal ng, weo 1. JOSEPH'S ZiAlHC'LIC CHURCH, 19 E street. Crescent City, the Rev F Parr-it, pastori the Rev. Charles Malfc*auskas. assistant pastor. Massn on Sundays at R, 4:30 and 11 a. m EHOVAH'S WITNESSES, Crescent City ongregationt Kingdom hall, 201 Del idlng minister; congregation Bible study p. m. Tuesrlayi theocratic ministry chool 7:30 p. m.; itrvlce meeting B:3t . m. Friday; public Bible lecture, 3 p. n. Sunday; Walchtower study 4:15 p. m. unday. CRANNELL FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH, Rev. (. N. Masterson, pastor, VA 3-4341) unday School 9:45 a. m.t morning tfirv- ce, 10:45 a.m.i evening service 7i3( .m. FERNDAL CHURCHES FERNDALE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH, Berdlng and Rose street, the Rev. Haloid J. Snelo/ove, paitor. Sun- ay school Q:45 a. m.i morning worship 1 a. m.i young people's meeting 6:30 p. m i evengttlUtle t .vice /:3 Op .m.t we n s .y p y o T. MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH he Rev w Bart Kendrick, vlcir, holy uCharlit, first and third Sundays, 11 a. fth Sundays, 1 1 a. m.t church schoo omblned with SI. Francis* Fortuna, anc oly eucharisi all holy days 9 a. m.j Blblt class. 9:30 a. m. Wednesday. lerding, Perndaie, the Rev. Larry Me- aln, pastor. Sunday ichoot 9i4$ ·. m.j morning worship ll a. m.i trilnlnj Union, 6:30 p. m.i evening worship, 7:3( . m.i prayar meeting, Wednesday. 7:30 . m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, Ferndale. he Rev. Nathan Whltllesey, pai ig worship 11 a. m.i cof^e fellowship lunday noon; cholf rehearsal and lafr ratory ol prayer Wednesday l p, m. Nursery care provided during worship ervlces Sunday mornlno. OUR SAVIOR'S LUTHBRAN CHURCH, lev. Robert Eichele, pastori Sunday School 9:45 a.m., morning worship 11 a.m. ST. MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Fern and Berdlng Streets; Rev. W. D. Dlehl, pastor; Sunday School and Bible lasses 10 a. m.i Morning worship t:oo a. m. 12 Main Street, Ferndalet the Rev. H. Raymond Woodruff, pastor; worship service* 9 a. m. and 11 a. m. with nyrurl care at latteri Sunday School, nurserl through adult, 9:45 a. m.t Pilgrim Fellowship (high school) 7 P. m.i chol rehearsal, 7 p, m. Thursday; forum discussion, 8 p .m. fourth Fridays church open dally from 7 a, m. to 5 P. m. ROHNERVILLfi CHURCHES ASSEMBLY oF ooo, Rohnerville, th* Rev. Joseph Murray, pastor, phone RA 5-4341. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.) worship, 11 a. m.i Young People'! ser- ices Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. (Chris Ambassadors In charge) and Sunday, 7:30 p. m i evangelistic servlctt ·! urday and Sunday 7,30 p. m. ROHNERVILte CHURCH OF CHRIST Main street, Rohnervtllef phone RA 5-4 480; minister Claude W. Ellis. Bible study, 10 a. m.; worship and Itrmon, 1' a. m., and worship* 7 p m., Sunday. Bible ttudy, 7:30 p. m., Thursday. HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Missouri Synod, 14BO Ross HIM Roed, Campion Heights. Rev. W. D. Dlehl, paiton morning worship 9:30 a. m.; Sunday School 10:30 a. m. KLAMATH CHURCHES FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH. Brooking* meetings at the Seventh Day Adven- ·1st church. Sunday school, 9130 a. m. worship, 11 e. m.i Youth Leigue, Sunday 3 p. m.i membership eta Thure- day, 8:15 p. m.) Confirmation clai =IRST BAPTIST CHURCH, T«rwer Val ley; Brother L. G. Camp, lr., pastor Sunday school 9:45 a.m.. Morning wbrjhlp ll a.m., training union 6:30 p.m., *vt ning worship 7:30 p.m.i prayer meettni 7:30 p.m. Wednesday! brotherhood each second Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Wornen's Missionary Society each third Thursday KLAMATH COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH, Tha Rev. Raymond T. Squirt pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m.; morn ng worship, 11 a.m.i prayer and Blbl study Thursday /;30 p.m. WSCS meet at church I p.m. first and third Wednesday of each month. MCKINLEYVILLE CHURCHES McKINLEYVILLE CHURCH OF OOD 2006 Sutler Road, McKlnleyvllle. The lev. Doyle Zachary, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.i Sunday worship 11 a. m.; evening evangelistic worship 7:45 p. m.; Saturday service \7:45 p m.; Y. P. E. Thursday 7:45 p. m. MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 2257 Walnut Drive; Pastor Richard B. Jones Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; morning wor ship 11 a. m.; BPC 5:30 p. m.; even ng 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 1490 Murray Road, *he Rev. Robert E. Orr, paslor TE 9-2355. Sunday school 9t45 a.m.i morning worship 11 a.m.; training union 6:3 p.m.i evening worihlp 7:30 p.m.) Wednesday evening prayer service 7:30 p.m. : IRST CHURCH OP THE NAXARNH AcKlnleyvlll* AVB. and Del Nov Line, McKinleyvllle, the Rev. Lloyd Johnson pastor, TE 9-2476) Sunday school 9:45 a, n.; morning worship 11 a. m.i Young People'* meeting Ai30 p. m.i Evangelistic service! /:» p. m.» Cottage Prayt meeting, Tuesdays 10 a. m.i Praye meeting, Wednesday /:30 p. m. PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF OOD Railroad Drive, McKlnleyvllle. The Rev and Mrs. Lee Bruner. co-pastors, Sunday school 9:45 a. m,r morning worship U a. m.i evangelistic servlca 'iM p m i PYPA yuuth wtvlc* Friday /i30 vice Sunday B P. m.i Wednesday «v*n- ng prayer mealing a D. m,i location ledway Drive. Jnderwood Road, McKlnleyvllte, Dr Mclvin R. Johnson, pastor. Sunday schonl, to * m.i worship, 11; Evange liitic servica, 7t30i Bible study, Wednesday McKINLEYVILLE ASSEMBLY OF OOD -Church avenue, the Rav. Georga Al corn, paiton TE 9-16HI Sunday Schoo 9:45 a.m., worship service 11 a.m., young people's 4:30 p.m. and evening serulc ;;30 p.m.i family night 7i30 p.m. Wed nesday. G O O D SHEPHERD PRBSOYTBRIAN CHURCH, Bearon Club House, Humbold rouniv airport, McKInleyvlltai the Rav '/art* Hubbal, pastori worship service* 1 a.m. Sunday; church school 9:45 a.m., Miss Sally H'cki, superintendent) Blbl itudy 1 p. mi Thursday! United Pfeiby* erlin Women flrtt and Ihlrd Thundavi Youth group Hut and third Sundiy* 4i}0 p.m. BLU8 LAKi CHURCHEI FIRST PRESBYi BRIAN CHURCH 0" BUUfi LAKE, itudent pulpit supply, EC ward T. Alorn. Sundny school ft 30 1 Sun jiy morning worship 1045i Westmlnst* "allawihlp, 7 p. m.i UPW Circlet mie first Weanesdav, regular muting UPW- Wond Wednesday. Sunday school leach- en mtet-fourth Tuesday. ASSEMBLY OF OODl RflV. TfUItt BobO pallor; iundiy school 9 Mi a. m.; morn Vig worihlp 11 a. m.; evening worihlp /;30 p. m.i Blbl* study 7:30 p. m. Tuli day; Young PeopK'i mtellng 7i30 p School 9.45 a.m.i morning worihlp 1 m _ Thur»d«y and LadlM Mlulonir ».m,i evenlnp mvka 7)30 p. m.i C, A. $ oc |j|y alternate WMntidlyl a! 7)3 /:» p. m. Tuesday. p . m . Services IRST BAPTIST CHURCH-. Mev. Wat- ace L. Koone, pastor; NO S-563/j Sun- ay School 9:4S a. m.) morning wor- hlp 1) a. m.; evening service 6 p. FlEUUS LANDING CHUHCKEb AtVAHV COMMUNITY CHUKCH, lelds landing, the Rev. Honald Gfeen, allot. Sunday school 9;4i a. m.i morn- ng worihlp l 4. m.i oriYW SOfl Bible tudy Tuesday evening /:» p. m. : ULL OOSPtfT ASSEMBLY OF OOD/ : Ie1ds Landing, Rev. Carl Bowles, pas' or; Sunday Schoo) 9:45 a.m., morning worship 11 a.m., evangelistic service 7:30 .m.i young people's servlco 7:3t) p.m. hursday. ORlCK CHURCHES FIRST BAPIIS1 CHUKCH, Orlck, tha :45 a.m ; mnrnmg worsnip 11 a.m.i train- no union 6:30 p.m.; evening worship 7:30 m.i orayer meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. ORIC.K PRESBYIERIAN CHURCH. Itm Rev. Orin Frank, patton Mrs. Lester aylor, school superintendent i unday school 9:d5 a. m.i worship ser* ice II a. m., baby car* ·vallahlei n'ornen'i Soifc|y, first and third Thurs* P. m. ihursaay. IONE LAGOON PENTECOSTAL IAB ERNAClE. the Rev. 0. c. Sanders, astor Sunday school 9:*5 a. m.i morn- ng worship u a. m.i tvenlng service! :30 p. m.) BihlA study 7i30 p. m, Tuet- ay; young people'* service* 7:30 p. m. lursoay TONE LAOOON CHURCH OF OOD, he Rev. Elb-rt McPhaM, pastor; Sunday School 9:45 a. m.; mornlno worship 1 a. m.i evening worship 7:30 p. m., young peopla 7;30 p. m. Friday. WEMCHPfiC CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OF OOD CHUHCH «| »Velltr.ptc. tha ReV; P*arl Clement, pastor. Sunday ichool « 10 «. m i oung people's serVic* 4:U p. m t vanoellstlc service, 1:00 p. m .| wen- no service, Thursday itOO p. m.; prayer meeting every morning at 10 «. m. PECTAH PRBSBYTSRtAfJ CHURCHi Rev. Leo K. Brown. Minister, worship ervice, ? p. m. each Sunday. Sunday chool for All ages following iirvlu. WILLOW CRHfiK CHURCHES CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTb Willow Creek branch. Sunday tchsol 10:30 a. m i sacrameni iervlca / p. m. Chapii located a top of Stockton market road In WHOM Creek. VlLLOW CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH. .unday ecnool 9i4S a m i mnmtnn ^T 1 · h i t · m *' rooming wor* *' Ll °W CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH Willow Creek. The R*v. J. Q. Hunter. sailor Sunday »chool 10 a, m .i wor- hip service, U «. m.i youna people's rneotlnp, 7:30 p. m.* Mld-wet* lervlce! FIRST ASSEMBLY OF OOD, R»v. Fred Howe, pasturi Sunday Jctiool «t*s a.m.. morning worship 11 a.m.) Blblt itudy 7 .m. Tueidayt young peoples' meeting 7 P.m. Thursday! Women's Mlislonary Council 10 a.m. Friday. RIO DELL CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OF OOD, Rev. R. 0. Slump, pestori Sunday School 9:45 e. m.i marring worship 11 a. m.; evangelistic ier* vice 7:30 p. m.j Bible Itudy and prayer meeting 7;3Q p. m. Tueidayi CA mecling 7:30 p. m. Thursday. ·TAFPORD MISSIONARY BAPTIST :HURCH, Rio Dell Community hilt. Elder F. C. Creell Sunday School f!45 i. m.i morning wonhip 11 t, m.i BTC 6:30 p. m.i *v*r,lng Worship 7:30 p. m. PBNTACOStAL CHURCH OP COD, rowniend street, Rio Dell. Tht «IV. J. W. Wilson, paitor. Sunday ichwl f;4 a. m.i mfnlnB Worship 11 *. m.j evangelistic lervlct 7130 p. m.i midweek servlc* /!jo p. m. Thundav. RIO DELL BAPTIST CHUKCH. tha Rev. wayn» Turner, pailor. (unday chool 9:4i ·. m.i morning worship H i, m i Training Union ii96 p, m.i (reaching urvlcet t o. m. RIO DELL CHURCH OF CHRIST, Joa Sfccond Avenue) E. Gilbert Cay«, TilnlBttrt Bible ichool 9i45 A. m.t morn* no worship, 11 a, m.i evening ·vange- llsUc service, 7i30 p. m.i prayer tnd Bible itudy, 0 p. m. Triurtoayi UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OP RtO DELL, 375 . Monument R«d, the Rev. R. |. Stephens, pastor; Sunday ichool, 9:4i · m.; morning worihlp 11 t.m.i evangelistic service, 700 p.m.) ir«yer meeting , 7:30 p.m. Wednesday; 'oung people's servlca 7i3Q p.m. Friday. LOLBTA CHURCHES LOL6TA COMMUNITY CHURCH, the Rev. Robert Lokkeimot, paiton Sunday School 10 a. m.} morning sarvlce 10:45 a. m., young people *:30 p. m., evening service 7 p. m.j mid-week lervica 7:30 . m. Wednesdty. ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH, Lolita. Mm il 9:30 i. m. HOOPA CHURCHES HOOPA ASSEMBLY OP OOD CHURCH) the Rev. M. L. Puller, pastor. Sunday ichool 10 ·, m.i worship and children'* churcn, Hi evangallitle service 7t» p. m.f Wednesday prayer netting 7t» p. m.i Young People'i meetlAg Friday 7:30 p. m.i Women'i MlViUnary Courf ell, every other Thuriday «t 10 ·. m. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Tht Rev; Leo K. Brown, minister. 9:30 ·. m. Sunday church school graded tnd departmentalized for all egesi If t, m. worship sarvlcai f o. m. SUfldBV tic* lor nigh ano high icnooi your?, grmiu Wadnaidtv. /t30 p. m. Bible study. HOOPA BAPTIST CHAPEL, th. Rev. A. K. Bonhem, paitw. Sundey ichool fi« a.m.t morning worihlp It a.m.i evening worship 7i30 p.m.* prayer meeting Wed* nesday f:3Q p.m. ' CHURCH OP OOD PROPHtfCY* HMpa, th* Rev. Maurice 'Anderson, pastof. Sunday jchooi 9i4i a.m. i morning wtshlp 11 1.111.1 evnagtllitlc servlc 7:30 p.m.i mld-weeV prayer meeting Tuesdiy ;jiO p.m i Young people's service Thursday 7 p.m. CHURCH OP CHRIST, theatre building, Hoopai Sunday bible study 10 e, 'm.t morning worship 11 a. m. FULL GOSPEL CHURCH. Rev. Hirrv Chlldress, pastor. Box 123, Hoopai Sunday School 10 e.m., morning worihlp u a.m.i week-day services 7:30 p.m. Tfturs- day and Saturday, MYDISVILLB CHURCH HYDESVILLE COMMUNITY CHURCH. the Rev. DaWayne R. plohr, Better. Bible school 9i« e. m.; morning wor* ship 11 a. m.i young people's meeting 7 p. m.i evening service 7:4S p. rn.t mid-week service S p. m. An Independent unaftlllated community church standing (or the Book* the blood* the hleised hope. KORBEL CHURCH ' KORBEL COMMUNITY CHURCH. Roy Horton. paslor. Sunday seflM.1 9:30 a. m.; morning worship 11 t. m,J Sun* day avenlng lervtce 7)30 p. m. Every- Jne welcome SCOTIA CHURCH SCOTIA UNION CHURCH, Prisbyt«rlan the Rev. Hackitt Johnioru paitor. Sttn- day school 9i4s «. m. Worihlp It a. m. Nursery care provided. Evanlng worihlp 7 130 p. m. WEOT1 CHURCHES WBOTT HB.OHTS ASSEMBLY Of OOD CHURCH, th. Rev. H. R. Perlin. aastor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m-rmorrt- Ing worship 11 a. m.t evangelistic, service 7i30 P. m. WEOTT CHRISTIAN CHURCH/ ana block east of pott office, The Rev. Oeorge C. Westeteldt, minister. Blbla ichool f:4j e. m.i morning service 11 a.m. nuriery pro- videdi yaung people's meeting *i30 P. m.i evening service, 7:30 r. m.i mid week prayer meeting and Bible itudy, Thursday 7-30 o. m. WBSTHAVEN CHURCHfiS ROSE OP SHARON BAPTIST CHURCH, the Rev. Gilbert Thornhfll, pastor. Sunday school 9; 45 a. m.i morning worship 11 a. m.i evening worship 7i30 p rrt.i prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. WSSTHAVEN COMMUNITY CHURCH. the Rev. Homer 0. Yerlon, paiton Sunday ichool superintendent, Mn. Clarion Holi. Sunday ichoot V e.m.i morning worship .1 e.m Christian Rndaavor youth group* 7 p.m.i midweek Bible shJdy and pra,yef 7iH p.m. every Wednesday. TRINIDAD CHURCHES ASSEMBLY OP OOD CHURCH, Oce*r Avenue, Trlnldid, ohon* ORchtrd ,'·3473. The Rev. F. H. Brlley, piston Sunday school 9j4J i. m,i motnlnp wer- ihlp, 11 a. m,i evengellstlc service, 7t30 p. m.t Blblt ttudy end prayer me^llrtg Yueiday 7i30 p. m.i Christ Amnsiiadrt ,*»·( Thursdays, 7i30 p, m. All irt wel* come IRm'lOAD COMMUNITY I-KiSIYTBK. IAH CHURCHI mi RIV. orln PrnK. pislon Mrs. Bdwiro crtfii Sunday School sup«,lntflndlnll Church iirvlcn Vi30 ·. m., bliy car. avallahlai Sun. day school IO:U «. m.i Mirlha Oullr) f:30 p. m. until Oclnher 30. tlWENTH-DAY ADVSNIIsT CHURCH, trlnlrjia, abova lha Iraawavi Virgil C., pastori G. A. Sclmnarli nnl ·Idari sabbath aehool lilA a. m.f rnorrn ins mrMf n i. m. sahmtYi prayar milling ItX p. m. Wadnaiday.

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