Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 14
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EARL WILSON SOFTSELL SAM ft*. f«m. TU«. HI u. wf INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)_B-5 Non-Catholic Cardinals Elect Pope Each Night By EARL WILSON NEW YORK -- One of the newer sights of marvelous Times Square is nine red-robed "Cardinals" and nine other appropriately robed clerics striding erectly and solemnly along W. 46th St. each night around 9 o'clock as though going to elect a Pope. They're actors, coming from a dressing room in Hie back, tn enter the front of the Helen Hayes Theater whore they will indeed choose a Pope in "Hadrian VII." "Bless me, father!" a drunk said one night to "Cardinal" Richard Nicholls. Kids cross themselves. Their 12-foot long trains pet in their way as they form a procession up the aisles to the stage. "Papal C h am be r 1 i n" Jack Hallow's feet got caught in his robe once. He had to rip it. A woman touched "Cardinal" Theodore Tenley's robe. "Is it real silk?" she whispered. "It's good goods," he assured her. "Cardinal" Tom Gorman, a Methodist from Ohio Wesleyan, Louis Zorich, Truman Gaige, William A. Bush, Robert Hewitt, Arthur Morrow and Gillie Fenwick never waver in their solemnity as they're stared at by people going to Dinty Moore's bar or to the Mayfair burlesque. It just happens, none of the "Cardinals" is a Catholic. A couple are Jewish and wear mazuzahs under their robes. That's New York! Art Linklelter's off to Switzerland skiing. "David Niven and I are the leading Hollywood ski nuts now," he says. This is his first year in the International Ski Set, and he'll be working hard at skiing for three weeks. "In the winter now," he says, "I do a minimum of work and a maximum of .skiing." Jack Nederlander of the theatrical family, operator of the Palace Theater, was married in Vegas to ·DOWITOIffl WEST COAST "THE 3H · o«» Bi,d./ BROTHERHOOD" · Ht O- PLUS "STRANGE AFFAIR" BOTH IN COLOR OPEN 4:15 1 Woll Diiney'l "SWISS FAMILY HOR1H LONG IE«CH 7 CREST / / Fif J PliVin: / 6:30 -- 10:00 OPEN S:1S Wolt Disney'i "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR" OPfH NOON HUNK S I N A T R A "LADY IN CEMENT" plus "PRETTY POISON" B O T H I N C O L O R _ OPEN CIS CAMEIOT 8:30 ONLY STIVE MCQUEEN "THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" 4:30 ONLY OPEN i:3« DAVID NIVEN 'IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" PLUS "PAPER LION" BOTH IN COLOR N E I G H B O R H O O D BELLFLOWER HOLIDAY ISmokina Loot! TO 1-7721 "THE WRECKING. CREW" "WAIT UNTIL DARK" DOWNEY NORWALK MERALTA, Downey TO 1-21R1 4:30--"THE BROTHERHOOD" "STRANGE AFFAIR- NEW AVENUE, Downey WA 3-4731 4:30--"CAMELOT" "WITH 4 YOU GET EGGROLL" NORWALK, Norwalk 8«-«71 4 P.M.--'SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON' "LOST CONTINENT" SAN PEDRO "LADY IN CEMENT" "PRETTY POISON" WARNER 137-7K7 7 and 10:35 -- "THE BROTHERHOOD" 1:45 -- "STRANGE AFFAIR" TORR4NCE UNITED ARTISTS 325-473! "THE BROTHERHOOD" "STRANGE AFFAIR" Rcllinfl Hills, PCH-Crenihaw 315*1600 7 P.M.--'They Came to Rob Las VMM' "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" WILMINGTON GRANADA I3-J "EL FORASTERO VENCADOR" "EL ORAN ESPECTACULD" Lfl Mirada. A l o n d r f l . Fireslon* m-2 "HELLFIGHTERS" "Wl I H I YOU GET EGGROLL" PARAMOUNT, M7II Paramt. i33-464i "PLANET OF THE APES" ··Magnifictnl Men In Flying Machines" OPEN 12:30 NOW SHOWING ·ELIZABETH TAYLOR _ . . "SECRET CEREMONY" ROBERT MITCHUIV11 PLUS--CLINT EASTWOOD IN "COOGAN'S BLUFF" WESTCOAST||ROSSMOOR|!WN D GJ,P] EAST OCEAN HE 6-4209 SANTA FE and 223rd TE 4-6435 STARTS TIMORROWI r If WWMII10 SURVIVE... PLAY DIRTY Co-Hit Wtit Coast 4 Ronmoor "CHARGE OF THE i ir.HT BRIGADE" UmtrtArfifti CO-HIT LONG BEACH "TRACK OF »" COLOR Mrs. Cliarlene Gustavson of Phoenix and they honeymooned at Caesars Palace. They'll commute between New York and Phoenix. Nederlander married his first wife twice: "So this is my third marriage and my second wife." A race track friend went up to Joe E. Lewis and said, "Do you remember me?" Joe didn't. "I'm the fellow who gave you a horse that won and paid $65." Joe replied, "I remember the horse hut I don't remember you." THE MIDNIGHT F.ARI.... Teddy Kennedy was striding along Park Avr. in ihe 70s the other night in the sleet without an overcoat -- and if there was any security around, our private observer couldn't spot it. Stockholders in Arthur, the discotheque, were told "the board of directors is now considering the advi- s i b i l i t y of accepting an offer" for its sale . . . 20th Century-Fox will spend n'/i m i l l i o n s tn f i l m t h e fnur-letter-word h o o k , "Portnoy's Complaint" . . . Yaphet Kotto's a top candidate lo replace James Earl Jones in "Great White Hope" in September . . . Bob Hope's first grandchild (via the Tony Hopes) was named 7 a c h a r y . . This'll Uikr the s t a r c h nut of you -- Chinese l a u n dries in i\'.Y. are on strike. The Waldorf's elegant Ern|:iip Rm. goes count ry- and-westcrn next month w i t h s i n g e r J i m m y Rodgers . . . Ann-Margret thought, and thought about it, and decided not to drop the hyphen from her name . . . Bernice Mass! may quit the B'way company of "La Mancha" for the London troupe. · * T O D A Y 'S BEST LAUGH: Some comics discussed Bob Hope's wealth: "He's so rich -he throws away jokes a f t e r he uses them once!" WISH I'D SAID THAT: Lou Rrecker discovered the most boring character: "He doesn't listen even when he's talking." REMEMBERED QUOTE: "Even a professor soon discovers how little he knows when a child begins asking questions." EARL'S PEARLS: Chris Smith tells us his w i f e has exactly the same measurements she had when they were first married: "But. they're i n d i f f e r e n t places." FRO.M KVE TO MINISKIRTS 'American Dame 9 ior Both Sexes KICK OFF 7/1/5 WI m'A m/! r Let's Hear It ior All of Those Canceled Shows! By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD ( D P I ) -Let Guy Lnmhardo lead i h e q u a v e r i n g chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" for a tearful farewell to old and new guests in your living room. M a n y have heen mercilessly executed hy Ihe n c l - wnrks. never again to he seen in prime t i m e . dnorihye "Gomer Pylc." you klntz of a Marine. Farewell "Star Trek." May ye rest in peace "Gentle Ben." Arrivederci "My Friend Tony." Close the door on "The Outsider." All have heen banished to (sob!) limbo. "The Jerry Lewis Show" will not be back. And "The Jonathan Winters Show" is likely to hid adieu as well. * * * * FOR BETTER or worse "The Mothers - in - Laws" has heen canceled. "Star Trek" may be beamed tn another solar system, h u t it has heen decreed dead in t h i s one hy the master minds at NBC. A l i t t l e more vibrato in t h e string section, Mr. Lombardo. "The queen is dead -long l i v e Ihe torpedo t h a t sunk her. Thai is tn say, "The Queen and I." n mid-season s t a r t e r t h i s year, has been scuttled by CBS a f t e r less than six weeks on the air. And the "Wild Wild West" -- with more brawls per hour than reruns of World Win II has been consigned to boot hill. NBC-TV unloaded "Get BARBERSHOP QUARTET SHOW F R I D A Y * SATURDAY MARCH 14 15 L.B. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FOR TICKETS C A L L 432-8047 STARTS TOMORROW! CIRCLE DRIVE-IN k rlWY101 It TRAFFICS SE9S513 Smart" only to have CBS- TV pick it up. Eilher N R G got dumb nr CBS pot smarter. While "Gomer Pylc 1 " may havp perishnd. Jim Nabnrs (its star) livrs nn. He will r e t u r n nexi season w i t h a song-dance-variety hour and minus his preen fatipues. * * * NO SUCH luck for " G e n t l e Ben." R n l after all. how m u c h work is t h e r e in television for a semi-trained hear who doesn't appear very hripht for openers? A f t e r a sinple season "The Ghost and M r s . Muir" become shades l o - pether. d r i f t i n g off In Ihe m u r k of a n o n y m i t y . The e n t i r e cancellation orgy is like the St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago. Hold down the saxophones, maestro, or we'll put in a call for Herb Al- perl. ! The blood l e t t i n g is just as gory at ABC as at the other two networks. II wiped out an entire to\vn with t h e cancellation of "Peyton Place." And the s l a u g h t e r was terrible when the n e t w o r k blasted the guns from "Will Son n r - t t . " 4 * + + "THE AVENGERS" -an English-made show which seemed to he seeking r e t r i b u t i o n for Ihe war of 1 S I 2 -- has been sent back to B r i t a i n , hopefully in waters filled w i t h icebergs. It looks, too, as if "The Outcasts." like "The O u t - sider." are out. They never should have been. All r i g h t , Lombardo. let's hear the s t i r r i n g f i n - ish with the trombones muted: "And days of A u l d Lang Syne." Miraculous Escape PUEBLO. Colo. (/Pi - A car driven by a soldier from Ft. Carson, Colo., skidded out of comrol and across a road for nearly Afn feel, r a m m e d t h r o u g h a fence, bounded t h r o u g h trees and shrubs, careened t h r o u g h a shopping center area, j u m p e d a n o t h e r curb and hit H service s t a t i o n . sign. Police, said the snl- 1 clier. Donald R. Luckey. '12. escaped without a 1 s c r a t c h . By RALPH I1INMAN JR. Drama Critic ' The American Dame." lifLtiowcr '1 heater A r t s Association's lates'.. is a * VI 1 . 1 .' t n :' nP'"^ o -- rl both sc.xes -- wiio like women but can't siand f o r m a l history. Offered is a series of wiuv, fast-paced, episodic scenes depicting womankind throughout easy-to- take. sup.uvoated history -- from Eve to 1%9's mhiiskirtcd l i t t l e doll. A u t h o r Philip C. Lewis and FTAA director Rohen Newman call t h e i r o f f e r - ing a "laugh-oui," .--01110- tliing a k i n 10 a laugh-in. Which isn't a bad catchal! l.ibel, since "Dame" is not .1 play -- although there are t h r e e act-like divisions. "Tableau" isn't acc u r a t e cither and no oilier t e r m s come to mind. » ¥ * » THERE IS but one heroine, woman in general, characterized in all her m a n i f e s t a t i o n s by Vada S u l l i v a n . Phyllis Allen and Miriam Walsh. Interestingly and ironically enough in this cap- sulized version of feminine history, there are far more men -- 11 and a hoy lo he precise -- who between them portray, hy my count, 37 different rolrs Alternate villains, her- ors and m-between types are played by William Young. Bill Moore. Jim Proiity. Donald Johnson. Dv. Charles Ozanian. 10- year-old Larry Sullivan. L'dgar Bullington. Steve liowen. Sidney Mendlovitz. Jess May and Dr. Hugh Nelson. IT'S A SKILLED cast roaring about the May Thompson School stage. 151-13 S Ryon Ave. Each wears "basic black" t u r t l e necks, skirts or slacks t h a t can easily, quickly he augmented w i t h fig leaves (d.uigling from the neck). P u r i i a n collars and oilier c o s t u in e -suggesting devices. I enjoyed "Dame" im- menselv. found it n e i t h e r a bitter reply of a battle scene in "the war between the sexes" nor yet a saccharin-sweet soap opera extolling some nwiiic woman on a pedestal. It's the sort of show one should view in company with friend, wife -- nr husband -- if only 10 sneak an occasional peek to see how he or she 15 reacting. Finai performance a.-e sot Thursday-Saturday ai S:30 p.m. PACIFIC WALK-IN THEATRES ENDS TONIGHT! SHOWN AT 8 PTM ONIY "GONE WITH THE WIND" STARTS TOMORROW! ONE Of IHE FINES! FILMS OF IHE YESR! ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE 8EST A C T R E S S - P A T R I C I A NEAI BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR J A C K A I 6 E R T S O N Chute Plant Blaze SANTEE (.4i -- Fire destroyed a parachute m a n u - facturing plant here Mondy. Prevest F. S m i t h , owner of the Prevest Smith Parachute Co. at the Gillespie Field I n d u s t r i a l Park, said flames destroyed $60,000 worth nf sewing machines. PLUS 2nd BIG COMEDY HIT! MY FATHER IS I M P O S S I B L E . . . MY DAUGHTER IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUI . ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN., From MOM PANAVISION METROCOLOF J ART J T 4th I C h t r r y * ' E 1-5415 * OE 1-5415 "A MAN AND A WOMAN" PLUS 2ND COLOR HIT! W°E S R K N AER R "INTERLUDE" * I * LAST DAY! * *»*»·***** * OPEN 6:45 I BOX OFFICE OPENS 4:30 P.M. PLAZA'! "THE GRADUATE" us1, T N E0R v "HOT MILLIONS" fLAZA; TONY CURTIS as I "The BOSTON STRANGLER") TUESDAY WELD 'TRETTT POISON" I · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · : JOIN THE JET SET! Free ond Reduced AIRLINE TRAVEL! · S l e w c r d i i · Ground Hostesi ' S t a t i o n A g e n t s · An Corqo · EXCITING CAREERS · TOR MEM HMD WOMEN OVER I I N«*ded now lot AIRLINE TRAINING Will not inttrfni, w i t h pr.i.nt ]oh Air Careers, Unltd. 3450 E. Spring St., Suite 213 Frtd Information -- Mail Coupon Namt_ Addren_ A S . · City. ________ _ * · ! · · · · · · · · · · P h o n e . . . · § · · · · «'t STARTS TOMORROW LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN Cineii it Ctiirry 424-9931 THE STORY OF THREE STRANG"ERS...AMOTHER.,AFATHER...ANOASON Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents in Frank D. Gilroy's Pulitzer Prize winning Frank D.Gilroy- Edgar Lansbury. Ulu Grosbard IAKEWODD CENTER OPEN i P.M., S T A R T S 4.11 ENDS TONIGHT! SucoMted lor Mature AudifticMt KIRK DOUGLAS · Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" "HALF-A-SIXPENCE" OPEN i P.M. · LAST D A Y ' Suggested lor Mature Audencc%l Gary LocKwood · Olfct Somintr "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS" All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" LONG BEACH STATE E. Ocean at Pin* i 437-2721 1 OPEN NOON · LAST D A Y 1 Suggested lor Malurt Audienc-i'l Gary Lock wood · Elk* Sommrr "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" rrTMi49^ ; l ' :i; ^ JKjL ^^LU"" *!" IIU£i 1 Lonj Beach Blvd. at 6lh St. · 436-3207 OPEN t P.M. · LAST DAY! Sugficsted lor Malurc Aualencesi MIA FARROW · COLOR "ROSEMARY'S BABY" "WAIT UNTIL DARK" 3-THN[ta 1IVE-IN THEATRES I DRIVE SHOW S T A R T S AT S:M CHILDREN UNDER 13 FREE tNQS TONIGHT! Suggested for Mature Audiences! KIRK DOUGLAS · All Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" 'THE STRANGE AFFAIR" Sin 4 Bill/to' '-LONG BEACH 'IDSfllKJS ' DRIVE-IN ENDS TONIGHTI Suggested for Mature Audience it Gary Lock wood * Elke Summer "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN ENDS TONIGHT! ALL WALT DISNF.Y SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" Color "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" ENDS TONIGHT! Suggested for Mature Audicneri! KIRK DOUGLAS · All Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" "THE STRANGE AFFAIR" F.NDS TONIGHT! Suqgeilecf lor Mature Audiences! G.-rv Lockwood « Elke Sommer "THEY CAME TO R08 LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" "STARTS FRIDAY GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!" R PACIFIC I N D O O R ODE A M E R I C A ' S BEST FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT Long Beach Arena FEB. 28, MAR. 1-2 PRICES: 42 thru 54. Jrs. under 16 '/! price Sol. Mol. nnd both Sun. perls. Tickets ol oil Wollichs Music City Stores, Muluo! Ticket Agencies ond ot Computicket Outlets. FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CALL LONG BEACH ARENA 437-2255. · IIODCO COWIOYS'ASSOCIATION CVCNT_ ENDS TONIGHT! ALL WALT DISNEY SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" Color "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" Vermont Avt. at lo?nd StrKt DA 3J055 GARDENA ··VERMONT DRIVE-IN ENDS TONIGHT! ALL WALT DISNEY SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY R O B I N S O N " Color "HAPPIEST M I L L I O N A I R E " ENDS TONIGHT: Suoo«ifd lor Mature Audiences! KIRK DOUGLAS * Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" "THE RIOT" Color FOUNTAIN VALLEY San D-ego Fr*y. X 1 flreekhunt (So.) fl 962-2481 1 ENDS TONIGHT! Suggested f o r M a t u r e A u d l c n e u t Gary Lockwood · Elkl Sommer "THEY C A M E TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" ENDS TONIGHT! Suggested lor Mature Auditnces! Elizabeth TAYLOR · MM FARROW "SECRET CEREMONY" "COOGAN'S BLUFF" END! TONISHTI SuOQM'cd lor Mllure Audiences! Gary Lockwootf · eikft sommtr "THEY CAME TO ROI LAS VEQAS"--Ail Color "ASSIQKMENT TO Kill"

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