The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1957
Page 4
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RPORT JS f o AR I* ' «fi iirfert quipped with ?aenit5e» ««S tt . At preseftt tihe H*t|6ti complete facilities aftd i* stfuctwtes. has l»tft by ipa^ iheir strip, by f ."ismisii-sii lit!* lOwlng tnu out felt ffidfe apjwart to be fttt nearer On* of tK*tf«fri» i suitable airpwt !• hflfldicftp iS tfttv MSfctHteWS fil ,.... C«ttt y#W good ffr6«&tftttf itS« txeiAdiftg thtf busiaear te a mulli» "•" toilar field, K8d «^t ef the e*- r x h« w*» ..ttswtotf itftritf Inland. J >y£;. j <; ".__ trf dttw|ji aittfiit entirely ffOM HdUnOn fW'thW'.fiuiwBierJi, party t* j&ttr gstptf 1 * ifcteble chunk i ik^tftf aail liiii&r ftjA-*- *n^11*d tfati 1 totu rwvflnw-jcrom JJEUIBB, r on •ad But tb*t ft only oftjMttuda. 108 ttfUa, * dee^ttt flayttr; trip Is' •Mftitafaft that drift, br bandied in * ntftgle day away ftm waft. Hie re* wit ig that th* WmrtsWlat; pleasurt have fat raw* btufftew than pwachlng when {hlf J«vtWgffi6fii site far a pubic Afrgttt ft thl* »m would be a newsswy tt*p ift ft itu* ffisic/d Wcrift/ftgfofi... ; NUCLEAR TESTS MAY BE STOPPED ..____. ar* t«rw*t» in Wa<h)ag»n that the United State* may call ^ UiW ill iC«*»d* tfldi, cUtt*nt SeHe* Of tt«»- teettot to American corrtspdndtats ftuatforts are, In effect, a-°wa.iiest to a foreign government to treat ^traveler JusUy. —itt' unenforceable Teeniest without diplomat* «?. «*v -,*' v'»'*' If »*»4d«rttfoii to ttMporttily banning ftrtUtt taiHi la •• Wfort fa hilt the nucleftr %b< ttMortlnf is that world opinion h*s MM tUttcd 09 titiiut »uch terts fcccauce of <ht d*a*tr 6t MdlMiettv* fUlout and this it BtplolMd by'ta. Communlrt* u prdp- afttait th* Xtelted Sutoi. "it ll Alt ttttfU.tik* United SUtei Ktoi» th« teMtnfc U»« RutdMu rtay n»«* to toUow mit and' e»ll ott their nuclear ejcpiotloni be-' tiktue tb*lr own plopiganda wwild b* turned Ot ooum, the United St«t« Im't to MA aU ftttUM te«ti ualttt »om« foolproof •IMeflMBt eta be reached with the Soviet Unit*. ,\ ]£«*• However, the American lovanunent^wlll X« How on future teiu and 'tee If the Sotl«tt are wCitat to do ilkewiaa s . ta aar event; we Oulles also argues ti»t "freedom of the' press" does not mean freedom to collect news, dome newspapers have pointed out that under this reasoning, reporters Could be ordered out ot every courthouse 'and city hail to the nation. --• tt is this tame—which hinges on the firs'. Amendment to the Constitution—that the Supreme Court might bfc'asked to resolve. The decision might be an Intricate one, be-' cause a ruling fivorabl* to newsmen could throw open the door to travel by other cit- Uens in Communist countries. The wording ^ of such A decision, U fieomes, Will be watched with close Interest.- ,' ( • • » •» « x • DRATT BRKAJC F<5ll ATHLBTl^t — Washington sources believe that attend Is near t^e Selective Service commission's prac*' ' ties ot inducting professional baseball playtra,' An fd/for's m$ &?!'' • ' • ^"* "* : t\ also <ff •4" s'.r^t , t-'' 5 ,' .';-^' f V v', ' k _. amaltest: amount _„ j'lnto population mi? , t*lif ,. JBrftf increase in cases W.borjf elac** and leukemia. to.any event, safe of unsafe, fhc United State* will hold nuchal 1 tests _ In \ht Pacific . next year units* sotee international l|W*ment is reached to -•*^*- Jfee; .ad th* aW b* enoKtt cM«fc /!, Mlsffrst eaoMitttM countries. ief are PaWstah, Ir*J| aid Bttti The xmltid but Jfttn (he this Week'* ing to the* nlttee. OnExpaniloit a. - ' XTh* city hall no^l • the newest in th**rtu college and iproftsslorial football players and , ' BIB Hf aw wm^wiw. M» wu/ ovvui* ww *• *^ , ^7\ fc iw ^ ,t by and watch,«*• Russians torge -/a** Professional or^amateur athletes, Ju»t - . ™ .7 .. * . ^.-j* .„ » , • - hftatf. or dttrlntf. tlttiauni of ulav. • ' the field. ' COURT TE»T—More than the Fourth Istete will be watching to-see what happens tt th* State department's authority to control foreign travel of. •Americans' ft tesT-*"* ed lit th* courts. , Scoratery of State John roster Dulles has said he would welcome a Supreme Court. rul> ing to' decide the issue, raised when permit sion to travel la Red Chin* Was denied to American correspondents. . ' ' •• Three correspondents defied the ban -and entered Red Chjna, On* ot them, William Worthy of th* Baltimore AtOHAmerican, had J his passport temporarily'suspended and |s ' sppesllng fer its recovery. Dun** mamtalnS"' amnog a flurry o( otb- * sr argumeats—that because the United Stetes has rw embassy Jka Communist Chins, them would be a* way to provide tradittwal pro- . beioie, or during, the «ason of play. '*he change in the military manpower rules re. , quiring only' six months of basic ^tralning^ '' •and-one-half "years^in Army or National Guard unite for men 18} to 95, " Under such regulations thea* professben al, college an*, amateur *«Uet*s who .*!* * ' draflabl* may tsite their sbt months' ^active training as wall as their reserve training dur^. ;* ott s«sso4'so as ncrt'to interfere with J ; playing while they ar* in their prime.; •> In th«pastjtoany athletes—including pr*-, ' ' ' baseball, players, college and pro* fessloKal football-players were inducted fcftr 'two >ears'strvice right beior. or during tha, r season. The*change, which was annotmifrt teceatiy, was n*|^,during th* Anny-Matlon« al Guard coj«J^v*rsy but was lost sight of ' as a result in tb> battle over th* training of, »to v f it* every other dtyTuf m* county, Lake Jackson,*** ouv •grown its city hall andijtfieed with the necessity of iComtng ,up with an expansion program SOW.- " ' .f,» -' ^«ie is iiy, yet the structure wa» buflt.'Whenv th* ei$ had half thrp^pUlafidn it ha* now, and about half the dfy staff that is now; using it. A eontintial problem' also fafiss'the council in getting into • the council room a>l of the people; who stum out to visit the '- »,«.'Whett,thB Jfiito the Short of funds or thought they would continue room only for .a,', hai P*^J*k'«*»?>•/V*«* t ' But not t atslze.sble first phase of the ex- n will Involv the pansion will Involve attending th* present bulltUftg rearWart, with Added office*, dotage spict; tquiameat r 'rest room*) This Jfoufhty, «0 -' aad' , Th* principal item In phaat two II st council room* Prelinf ; inary plans set tais"t$ ;•*>*"' room large enough, A* seating about SO p*rsons7 «.„ *\ . Most of the wuntllmeH'agree that this, should also serve as By GLENN HEATH , « • So they plan>to ml?ve toe, right-oil.'Way back 16 that * 1m* <rf i bulidlngs' can be built oft eithef side. Aa a result of .this change, the map of the down* town section won't be as p»t-. ther«/,wiU be room fof dis- . 'C^l'** ... Report REPUBLICAN GROUPS SEE DIVIDED DRIVE WItSOK number Who are there .Of an. interest ,-__•. It* League oter* is largely re-*-* Tv"Zlii;r./T"iTSi."i *f«i ^ouneo' the dl" ' " to encour- i their ,**• ible to crowd On SM«... HORSI OPERA STAR HATED HORSES 1, Marie _ HIT* y**j wrJsssav your CoagreeBBun H ye» h«r* knowledge of something dont fail to write him. Did you know thai' th. mvestigaUoa ot «h* Teapot Dom. oU att- Mttoa was started by a Wyoming dttsso wh. wrote te Ws Senator about it? .ford. i'fj&JH stars ware; Gaynor, >. Joan CrMr* farrelL 8, G*fa Qarbo, >, Wfll INM?v*> WonM Shearer. , 9,-,W«J-, Ia«* B**ry;',,|,;curk O«W*.- ip. 'Jot * Ing that ywifc Marten* Dtatrkh'wa* l>th», Barbart 8t«awy* was Had wine list QtMrtes <row CUantei Q. JXdnt IrvJn, Cobh on ftrst vtewtag ** Grand Canyon say it would b* "a good paoa to throw old Knar blads«"T A, Ho. sir, I dont know who what Jrvte CoM) *«el*in>*d was "Golly • Q. A a*w song is t!4*d "P»*; " tt Is about *at pUo. la Sou* > Vaaat ther* » pwular song about ._. /_'._»*«.* A« AAon* j» years sgp pick . * *^* ^•fteaihin §r* ajlrB*d. thgt wom*a driBkf TpUl mor* drinkt. flsalTlsi. tbj9^ l*>yf .1^*'' (hay «w*r |8»e baw with fw* pffwdrf, , , ,. Ar* yw VMI-OB Itjpiidsy? 'lijww awT'ft -• - " i us«s«> f**i biw,«« Swoay, 1 bee* Connected With the affairs •; there;' Just business sisilons^f. civic groups, > * , j '"' ' There Is stfll some of opinion about L should be,a «*t of should bfvai rear portion of 'th* ,'ea ot the present ftujUdlngl lt»ls lUtaly th* <oMn eventually .agree onjin they woUlChaY* rest rooina aad OU,^ in th* council room. Advocates of th*; building tbink that b* *nough inon*y i by to allow them to phase two in the first City naa a \tt volve There Is 'only on* point la. which coimcilmen are emphai> I<MU> in dlsarfeenient. .iom* want a ialT : 3ffio8e «?ho do hot. want it are bUterly opposes, ««.. ^«. „_ -"^gj^^^i^J . yi jfDg. }*0orter forgot to aak 'j which-of, the-phaaas included the kKtensioa ot th* »addad im-This - ^i, thVeeascm for the ftepubll- 4 ', 'C«irtiri r h»ve money trouble, t , aad hid trouble It is. -„, to ?fta-^strongest form the V-' story' it^&it the Republcan .jKattoaal Committee is. broke, . : ''\ctNAeai it and cannot raise jMUtt money. -1 A OU»*rs 7 claim the situation ,, 1* bid enough but not that bad. . : SOmethingr seems to be persuading contributors not to 1 contribute* conceded that the of getting the white the NattonU CWMiUttee floundered, tae>»6 «onfldence aspect of til* tftuatite would be evea more emphatic. It would mean that Jhe Re- tpubllcaft Psrty.'to CoBgrtsa could outdnw tM RfSUbUcan Palfty la, th* WWtt fitous* — outdraw, at lesst, among earn- palgn Contributors who count. " Twe **r Meb/, Sea. Andrew IV Schoeppel (Kans.) la chairman M th* Sen- Reptfbllcaa Commit" (WWKfK fe"~- •" • :, vf/ a IU»P«ID Jtnnt 4 ' ' - ' named ta KJ «n4 Sto IWNIITCI "9k. MW, *w*«4y-ttv« ye«ff ago, the 10 Optra" ftwwM ^SBM BUJy* H* was odalnaUv a KaiidavlB*. actor *"'*' ^^ ~~^ t-r^mjfff^ff W *>W PI * fWB If S.-1WI TiBHfT w« ..... ' - p«t|lbaC IJk. for ha ^jVSyVgtfj *»5^*,VJ*su5^W €%., fe , "> vvi r>r' • '". V.!^ ate tee. Hep, Richard M, --ii-»w<P«J 4 chairs "th* R «.«- ,Congr|ls«iocal Campaign Com- WMkl ^ '''i'wuu«s;for,electing'in*mh*r» of men. blame Prtsl* > th* Hous*. political funds or stopped becaut* i contributors object' to ' big 1»5? tpend<, and to what some. .Is called his new liber- -'allsnt That, in turn, some' titt*SiS called modern Repub- /„ : » .JUuwet This Week* ' »., -what the Republicans can K*>;ibout^oarty finanees may' j^mdop this week in political • wJwddlei her*. It has been sug- t,g**i*d;that th* Senate and * HoMs* Republican campaign voommttte* cut loos* from th* , Kattonal Committee. " •• r,TM custom h»i been for th* .eongreasiooal commlttes*/ •th«. National Committee to ji,funds Jointly, a kind of ^Politieal united fund. . > JT« the two eongressioaal committees to go off own fund-rslslng ,... , .,. would have th* ap. ptaraac* ot a monumental vote *Ma wofldence la ttea. iMra*r« • : Momver, if th* eongrwioo, al oommittee* proved **pabl* DAILY CROSSWORD «,i». 'i not lightly go.<"< to raise >mon*y,* significant, therefor*, would b* such action on their part if Schosppel and .Simpson dtotd- ed finally it had W be dOtte. Back in lM«'th* funds rolled ln.-,Th* Committee divided A* l«rt and everybody lira* r&aiparatively hsppy, , - (, .' i Just msybe, too <nu<ib«l that money was apeJrt, on westing Elsenhower and 'aot.'cnough on helping lUpUMteaaAetadl- dates for the Senate an* Hous* whleh remalnM •- fiacMMrati* after th* returns w*r*;Ja. A MaWOBtMi »,B*by(Ind.) 'tV Young •yster _ flaw (carp.) 3. Dart «.0sw ».Nut sewing tubsit '"i h ' (RUIS.) M-WltMraw "-r,: W«F « »«»)• »«^-' • r («l»ng) «,t«tk* MkM0t ^ !>,' ?H - Isvl ',fKjwa«« "* 7?*WT. .*< .**>$£<&&:. ••rur: * v i i ! — . ii.t.JS4 . ^^\r^ s&T'" "• ' &3W-J3 >«Ki MB,

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