Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 11
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'Good Old American Competition' Jobs Theme Of Udall Campaign Speeches says. "There By DON' MCLUON Political Wrilcr Morris Udall looked straight never get in,", nt his audience at the Milwaukee Police Training Center and declared: "The best way we can reduce crime in Milwaukee and in the nation is lo give people jobs. "People who have j o b s not Ihe muggers; burglars and hold-up men who are causing the national crime statistics to rise," Udall said. It was just one of countless speeches Ihe 'Arizona congressman lias made in his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, but it provides some important clues lo his campaign. It wasn't 'the m o s t - p o p u l a r line a.politician could ;take with a police audience: telling them that conditions' in society lead to'Crime : and the best way lo ' fight. crime -. is to, light ils causes. : But Udall also leaned hard on the need for law and order, a made just as strongly Jo Harlem a few days lefofe. ' "And- he Eo!d both the .New York^ ghetto and the 'Midwestern police department t h a t there arc no-easy answers. . "The ; mayors 1 ' 1 and the police commissioners have the responsibility lo fight crime," Udall said, -"But I can assist from Washington,"' Udall bad been just as frank in talking about the future ol Jsrael in a suburban New'York synagogue: "N'o one has Oie solution. The best thing we can do is lo hunker down and jusl live it out." Another clue lo Mo Udall thn Milwaukee speech is the way lie brought a complex aiu controversial issue around to his main theme -- nnemploy menl. "J-O-B-S. It's the centerpiece of Ihe Morris -Udall campaign,' said Tom Kiley, Udall's nation al campaign director. ''The issue before the voters is jobs," Udall told a labor con venlion in Green Bay, Wis. Ev ery where be goes, U dol talks about .-jobs. In the inner cities i t ' s high unemploymcn 1 among minorities. In the bin* collar wards it's more M'orl and job security. In the suburb: it's higher employment as tin best cure for a lagging -econo my. I lis reception is generally friendly, 'although audiences oc casionally seem surprised an in the affluent New York City suburb of Scarsdalc. "He'll Recently, as the 'field of Democratic contenders bus n ar- rowed , Ud all has t urn ctl t o attacking his remaining rivals, particularly as he approached the Wisconsin primary in which he felt he had to do well to survive as a candidate. (He came in a close -second to Carter.) Even on the attack, .Udal] employs humor' and the 'salt approach. In a pickup basketball rtamq. 1 at Hie Milwaukee YMCA, he paused, turned lo the spccta- tor., and took a shot at Sen. Henry M. ."Scoop" Jackson's position on defense, spending.^, "-Tin's is · the 'Pentagon scoop "linV" be 'said as, he sailed '"the mil toward the goal. ^'You-give I -all you've; gal." ' , , : Later- he commented, "This , s the- detente dribble. It only goes one way.-' His criticism on another oc- asion was bipartisan. "If , Prescient · Ford:, and Jimmy, Carter iccoinc JhcV candidates' in tlta 'all and rihnrlion is an issue; alt side~s will" be represented,'-- he " some of Ills frank statements Other listeners view bis can 'didacy w i t h - a bit of incredulity "He's too nice," said a INTERIOR DECORATING JlaVe jour bomeViore nflradire a n d lulled In ynnr nrcds. Help with all- inijicrlaiil Color cocrdlnnllon. MILLS' I N T E R I O R S 'Shafla Mills 521-4319 Box 251 FayeitevIIle service,-' Udall said.'"It mean's he savings of obs that would be'lost." · ' Udall supports a bill · in Congress sponsored by Sen. Jfubert H. Humphrey, 'D-Minn,, 1 and Hep. Augustus Hawkins^ D-Calir., which proposes - to create five million jobs and bring the unemployment rate down to about 3'per cent in 18 months. Everywhere lie goes, Udal! makes "a pitch for this hilt as the answer lo the jobs problem which he pictures as -the cen ,ral problem of the economy. "People in America want, to work, 1 '' he says at every stop '.'The. sun came up this: mornlnj and America went t o - w o r k to day.- But elglil million of them wanted to go to work and ther wasn't, any work. "The first or der of business.-on Jan. 20 fpresidential inauguration d a y ) is going lo be lo put America te work." , -be Ford! in he middle and Carter on both sides.-" (Carter was .criticized after he Iowa precinct caucuses if or illegodty misleading supporters on abortion. He" said later" he bought' .abortion ' was ;-wrong, ut (Ud not favor passage of i s constitutional- ;amendment ' lo prohibit it, 'Ford', favors: giving each stale the power lo adopt Is own .regulations.through legislation or public vote.) The strongest Udall outburst in quite a "while came in New York as he described former Georgia Gnv. Jimmy Carter's position on ' I h c jobs bill. "Fudge, fudge, fudge,"- he shouted.' , Tint the bottom line is always jobs. When he's attacking Jackson on defense spending,' it comes down to jobs. "We don't need H-l bombers and Trident "submarines," -he Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thursday, April 15, 1976 4 KTTRVILI.K, ARKANSAS 1.1 Wins Award .. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir was named winner of the AFL-ClO's annual Murray-Green Award for public service. : Mrs. Heir, a Former .Milwaukee school teacher whose father was a member of the carpenters union, is a member of Hisljulrnt, Israel's labor federation. BINSU SHIELD OF SHEUEfl 2581 No. College FOR YOUR EXECUTIVE LIFE Higher- Limits Life Insurance MFA EXECUTIVE Life Insurance for Those Needing Larger Amounts of Permanent Protection. Fayclleville Phone 521-7113 said in Nccnah, Wis. "We need ·more jobs." "Defense spending sprees -suggested by some in this presidential contest -- actually cost jobs," he said in Stevens Point. Jackson h a s urged Inceras- ing the size of the Navy from 477 ships to over COO. He says be is opposed to the B-l bomber program and would cut it from tbe.defense budget,) Environmental protection, Udall contends i s good for the unemployed. "Here in Stevens Point," he said, -"environmental efforts-have created jobs.". In Manitowoc the local issue is a rail ferry service about to be discontinued. . "I stand with.Mayor,.'Anthony Dufek of Manitowoc in .urging all possible assistance to pre serve Lake Michigan rail ferry phrasing and emphasis may change slightly.'from place to place and audience to audience. B u t " the 'solutions offered are the same. .To the nation's mayors, meeting in New 'Yorkv Udall says the federal, government should protect'the major cities from financial collapse as it did for New York last winter. Then he goes into the suburbs and says the same thing. "And I said : it in George Wallace's Alabama," he reminds crowds in upstate New York and agricultural - mid-slate Wisconsin. "If New York falls, 'Rochester might be next,, or. Milwaukee'or Phoenix." . . . . . Udall also talks about foreign policy, , saying he agrees with efforts toward detente with the Soviet bloc but, like other ministration critics, .arguing Ijmt the United States isn't get-' ing enough in tire bargaining. lie praises the Ford-Kissinger approach in general terms, .but Tgaiiv says in ay be Kissinger should, have gotten more in the Jinai-, accord/ principally Egyp- ian agreement . to negotiate directly with Israel. ' , · ' , ' . ' . . ; As pait of his,economic program, Udall hits strongly, "at the argc corporations which he accuses of controlling the economy through competition - killing monopoly. "We're going to break 'em Jp," he told an election eve rally in Milwaukee. "Anil the big oil companies, loo. What we need is some good old American competition.'*; Udall : continues - t o - struggle with an identity problem despite months of' campaigning. Students Make Contribution Lever el t · Elementary Schuul students have niarte a contribution of $23 to the Parent Teacher Association's playground Fund, The money was proceeds From the Razorback Pointers Inc., , si s t u d e n t or- giini/atlrm which'sold popcorn In flic student body as a study in economics. Above Timmy Smith (left), sales m a n a g e r ' and Harold Schmilz, (center) president, examine the company's ledgers with Mrs. Hob I. Miiycs, PTA president. (TlMESnhofo by Ken Good) On Assassination Anniversary Two Women Honored By Boston University BOSTON (AP) --'They sal in their academic .rones -- llosa Parks, the black woman who 21 years ago refused t o . move to - · - _ x,,.- - · f h « U - - :^-1 T.j,VHq Brown Smith, whose father did no* vvaJi. jur to go t o m c segregated schools of To'peka, Kan., 22 years ago. They \vere honored by Boslon University, alma mater of (he late REV., Martin Luther ' King on Ihe eighth, anniversary of liis assassination. .'·'·- But in I his city, torn by strife over "school integralion, fewer than 50 people came lo pay tribute Wednesday to IS heroes and heroines of the civil rights movement. Eight years ago, thousands oE students, black and white, brought together by Ihe shock of the King assassination, attended memorial "services al the university. Bui on this warm spring day few drifted into the . building, except on their \vay to class. ' Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, presi dent of the Atlanta Board of; Education, tnld. the youthful audience that "integration will come completely only when racism is completely rooted out. And human nature being what it is, it/will not be in my time, and not in the time of any of you : living now." But, he added, "We cannot quit'. This is what America all about." During an afternoon session on busing and its alternatives, George ,H. Essr, executive director, of (he biracial Southern Regional Council, said northern cities cannot, approach the subject of school integration "without a package that includes busing." lie said he brought Boston a message ; . from the South, add ing, "The evidence is'that the South, ^ however, reluctantly, has accepted the national man date ( t o integrate) , .. and that its achievements . are cueour aging." . ' . · · " '. Victor Solomon of the Con gress of Racial Equality and a ur gcd civil rights activists to stop pushing for integration and lo "be more flexible" in working lo end segregation. lit* 'added that integral ion wil! only work where "it's natural/ He said that the past 22-years of trying to .integrate schools has "retarded the developmeni of our whole community," an( he urged community control or schools as one alternative to forced busing. "Integration has failed miser ably and in many instances has resulted in resegregation," he said. Tho'award lo Miss Parks was for her 'refusal-in'1955 to give up her seat on a city bus in Montgomery, Ala., to a white p a s s e n g e r . The"* incident s p a r k e d - a ' y e a r - l o n g boycott by black residents of ;lhc Montgomery city bus system. : The boycott was. led by, King, and it was the event ' which first brought him national attention. MR. QUICK Weekend Special Friday - Saturday · Sunday Hamburgers OR French GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE CENTRAL UNITED 1 METHODIST CHURCH HIGHLAND ond DICKSON FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS APRIL 16, 1976 12:00 to 3:00 An' Ecumenical service of trio seven words from'the cross. * First Word, Luke 2 3 3 4 The Rev. Harold Spence, Dislricl Superintendent. Second Word, Luke 23:43 The Rev. Rudolph Maus, St. Joseph Catholic Church Third Word, J o h n 19:26-27 Dr. larry Baker, First Baptist Church Fourth' Word, Matthew 27 46 The Rev. Maurice; Lanier Wiggins.Memorial United Methodist Church Fifth Word, John 19:28 The Rev. Richard Claybaker, St."John Lutheran Church Sixth Word, John 19:30 The Rev. Stephen Cranfbrd,-First Christian Church Seventh Word; Luke 23:46 The ReV. Marvest lawson, Associate Pastor The' Chancel and Chapel Choirs will provide music for the services. The public is invited and you may come and go between the words. A COW OrtTHE-ROCKS IS NOT A BOM STEER. for*1 FISH SANDWICHES Friday Only MR. QUICK 1525 South School Fayetteville Phone 442-9333 Prices Good Fayelteville and Springdale Stores Today's Girl PANTY PANTS $ 3 pr. for $25 Vinyl EASY WALKER I! SHOES $C76 Men s LEVI Co-Ord incites 3 pr. for $15 ·) RIB KNIT FABRICS Reg. $1.29 III =i 11 T=.i/j=.tJt-= tn=\\w/:=ill Hereford's 30 Proof Cows. . The spirited new breed of drinks that pleases all the senses. Banana. Strawberry. Mocha. Chocolate Mint.

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