Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 9
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"pruftK ' * -t * r ** ' « WfltilljftMr'ot «*6hH ttWfottesH f* at Jt* heltfct 16* th« pttftHtttt bf the 1 Ty- WM* Jilgh'iibrTBoT, BbtW wwbnf IK« student HMy «W iftrfedftlty. 6fie of the rAolt a«H|MM ftt.tur«s at this 193C rourtd {tt'tMUfflnthlp a«8«mb)lea wa« e«t« joyed aKtfni th* ftodn hour r o«r Tu%s* * J <0he« & farewell luncheon WAS t* ttid rhttnbeta of th« faculty who aife severing their relations with th* loclal school. the Iun6heon wai held at the Lan-, tetrt teA room 6n Pennsylvania avenue, and Pfdfessor T f Clark Bkelly, »rinoi> pal ofUhevifltth sflhooli presided as toaatmasterfi .Thft (jdumittee in charge ot thU JuBclwdn had worked out a most untatiij and «lev«r\prograni, the theme nilected m*g ''Fixed Start and CoHAU," professor Ralph Wolf, gang, who has been a member of< the faculty IAf ttte pa«t)twelve years, gave & ihort address, representing thetixed- stari, 61- those remaining! Professor J. f7Wimdmee''*ep( % esent«d,those who are going- out Into other fields, the change giving the much coveted promotion, tyhils MISS R6sa 'Zelgler r«p- reiekited the group that is leaving to flil the game sphere in other locations. A group which is severing Its teaching associations entirely for matrimonial purposes was entirely too reticent •to venture evert /impromptu remark*. Superintendent W. W. Elsenhart represented the astrologer, behind the telescope, *ho Watches We changes taking place, and his address was particularly interesting and complimentary to those wh6 have been giving so efficiently of their services to the success and progress of the schools. . The teachers who leave,-the faculty ait the close of this term Include Fro- ftkisor J. T. Wllllamee, Miss Elizabeth BkU, Miss 'Rosa E. Zlegler, Merle JXarn, Arlene Johnson, Lloyd Oulser, Mlsa IJOulsj; Owens, Erma L. Porter J Mildred Rogers, Margaret Nash, Sarah Moser and Alma Miller. REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE TO MEET The Blair county Republican committee, chosen at the primaries on May jtt3i!'?toill meet In the auditorium of the w 'Hollldaysburg Y. M. C. A. on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock for the purpose of reorganizing for the ensuing blennlum. The membership of the committee has been enlarged since its last meeting from 200 to 216 because of the creation of a number of additional voting precincts, each being entitled to two. Chairman William H. Orr states that he was unable to give personal notice to the members of the committee for the reason that the official computation of the vote at the courthouse has been held up because of a technicality V and-'It therefore behooves each • per- 'son knqwlng himself or herself to have been elected to be at the session for roll call at the appointed hour. The members of tho committee will chose a chairman, a vice chairman and two secretaries from ecah of- the two legislative districts of the county. There has been no announcement of candidates but it, is understood all the present officials are respective candidates for reelection. FUNERAL PARTY HITS STONE WALL IN SUBWAY Tvy<* young women, members of a group of relatives and friends from Cumberland, .Md., and southern West .Virginia, en route to Be(lnsgr.ove, Pa., to attend a funeral, received minor cuts, yesterday morning about 10.30 § 6k when the car in which they >' traveling skidded on the west way and crashed against the stono rnent at, tho subway along U. S. route No. 220, just south of Duncans- yille. In the crash the sedan was considerably damaged about the top and considerable glass was shattered,-showering, the occupants of the machine. The two young 'women were in the rear neat and were cut about tho head and feet.but their Injuries were not deemed sufficiently serious to seek more than first-aid attention. A broken right rear wheel disabled the car. The wrecked machine was taken to a Duncansvllle garage whore a 'new wheel was attached and after a delay of about an hour tho group resumed their 'way, expecting to reach their destination'before the hour of the funeral yesterday afternoon. The deceased was the father of the driver of one of the two cara which were conveying the group, but not tho one figuring in the mishap. Painters Know that a satisfactory floor varnish must be tough »nd flexible enough to withstand the constant impact of heavy heels, th« weight of movingfurniture and abuse of many kinds. Many ot out oldest customers have learned from experience that Liquid Granite up to every re» quiremenl It stands th« hardest wear. Call on us for anything you, may need in the line of Fin* *'shes and Painting Supplies. S. M. GRIFFITH CO. 905 Green Ave. 1 WALL FAFiSB AND FAINTS •V r- i IT- 1 -'^,'" ''*•*. : t»^/i **t •"I *ft ,' f . ^•. ,'" ! '\ ' ; %' < ^>1 •-x *• >' H. *s^^» ^.5/>'m» 4 ' V* ..ui&ii. H?*' '..*. 'nintouH Rcenen In revolt-torn India are portrayed In these unusual pictures. At the top you see turbaned natives—leaders of a sanguine attack upon tho police at Peshawar—after they had been arrested and manacled and chained to their guards. Note the British troops, with full fighting equipment, In the background. Shown' lower right Is the burning of .an armored car from which British soldiers were forced to flee after they had gone to the rescue of a dispatch rider who had been set upon by a Infuriated mob. also In Peshawar. Lower left Is a life-size Image of Mahatma Ohandl, which his followers paraded through the streets of Bombay after tho arrest of tho fampns leader for violation of the salt laws. \ LOGAN VALLEY OARS RUNNING TO TERMINAL Cara on the HolHdaysburg division of the Alto'ona * Logan Valey Electric Railway company, stopping at Oarber and Penn streets ever since Brua Brothers, contractors, broke ground for the paving of Penn street, this mdrning began running to 'the terminal at the Hollidaysburg passenger station. During the Improvement work, passengers were transported to and from Garber street by, bus. The bus made its linal run last evening. Along with the Improvement of the street, the traction company tore up its double tracks, Penn to Allegheny street, and replaced them with a single track, with turnout between Spruce and Walnut streets. The state, borough and traction company joined in the expense of the paving of the sixty- foot* thoroughfare. The last of the strip of bricks at tho edge of the trolley tracks will be laid today. Announcement will be made within a few days when the thoroughfare will be open to vehicular traffic. UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH SYNOD PLANS CONVENTION The eighty-eighth annual convention of the Pittsburgh synod of the United Lutheran church In America, of which St. James Lutheran church of the city, Rev. J. F. Flegler, pastor, Is a part, will be held in Calvary Lutheran church, Wllkinsburg, from June 17 to 22. The synod is comprised of 300 pastors and 325 congregations from western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Electioneer a new president will be one of tho Important features of the convention, the present president, Rev. Ellis B, Burgess, D. D., of Crafton, Pa., being Inelglble for relection since he has now served two terms of five years each. The five-year offlc« of superintendent of home missions Will also be filled. OUT OF RESPECT TO THE NATION'S DEAD AND LIVING HEROES , \- Our Stores Will Be CLOSED TOMORROW Memorial Day Memorial Day 19 30 C OMMEMORATING the reuniting of our country, this day looks into a future of peace and hope. The ideal of service that the occasion stands for is a part of the greatness of the country and no less a part of the institutions that are growing with it, This Store Will Remain Closed All Day Friday GABLE'S IN WORLD CENTERS By Staff Correspondent. ERLIN, May 2«,—Slefmund Nun* berg Is a "Berlin actor. -Nfot so long ago he was 1 cast for .the-' parf of a miner in a movie production, and In order to make the characterization as real as possible he tyid a special mask prepared for himself. So realistic and artistic was the mask that pictures of Nunberg wear- Ing It were reproduced in several of the illustrated magazines. A copy dt one of these magazines found its way Into a barber shop in Freiburg, a small city in Baden. in this shop a yoyng man of the town saw the magazine and the photograph. He immediately recognized the picture as that of his father, Oustav Dach, who, eight years before, had disappeared from home. The young man took the magazine' to his mother. She, too, had no doubt that line man portrayed was her runaway husband. The other members of the family were likewise and unanimously agreed on this point. Their father and husband, once a fairly good baker, had now become a well known actor. Somehow or other their pleasure at this discovery were overshadowed by their feeling that he had treated them shabbily, having deserted them, -made a name for himself, and then not even informed them of his success. . A- policeman waa sent to Herr Nunberg's Berlin residence for the purpose of bringing Herr Dach home to Freiburg. One look at Herr Nunberg convinced the policeman that he was not Herr Dach and a glance at the mask revealed to the officer how the mistake had been made". But the Dach family down In Baden, unwilling to believe that a mask could be made that so closely resembled the face of their ffttntf «** n»tftf> utm tut ttWy ha** Beeft,d°et#vM H* ttwws man- tier. ^ Htoing to dffve oaf tft« rats that InfMted Bis Apartment In NorUt B«f. l«i, fttfrl Wafbke gpWnkled the rootn* with carbide, sprinkled th« c*rbide With water and clowd the apartment. L*leir h* returned And struck ft fnatch to se« how many rats had b««n killed. An explosion followed instantaneously; one side of the building was wrecked, and Kurt Warbke Was biirled under , tons of debris. The mlJttur'e of water ! and carbide had produced a gas that, having ,no outlet, collected In the apartment 1ft a sufficient quantity to cause the explosion .when ignited. Don't wirtfer 1 Conrtifwtionto»ripyou Are you allowing poisoftou* wastes to dot your iyrtttn andthrowoffpoisons which sap your vitality? Keep your system thoroughly cleaned, don't let constipation get seated. If you hive not «ott«n rid of this food waste tod«y—don't w«it but do thj». T«k« |wo Ep- iotib* tonltht for comtl|>«- Uan r«li»f In th* morning. They Mt gtntly «nd poilttvely —no pain-^no-ffipini. Epio- t«bs, the mudern Uwtlve, it Epsom Salts in p«UUblc tablet form. 25t«blet»25c-«taltdfu»- THE DILL COMPANY Horristown, P«. imported Woven Sandals f .75 . in a special presentation at a featured price. . Smart, popular color combinations! . . . white with black, blue with while, eggshell with brown, all white and many others. . . . Sizes 3 to 8, widths A to C. Blending Hosiery EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR «7H6SIEKY $1.95 Thtri«e<i Hundred Eleventh Amw .AtTOONA PA, Matching Handbags t $2.95 \ Your Last Opportunity To Participate In This Gigantic /"• *i*t /^ • • O 1 Girt Giving bale Gifts Awarded Saturday Evening May 3lst Fibre Furniture On pur fifth floor you ,will find' one of the most complete displays of the ver.y finest fibre furniture . . . Just what you've been looking for. 'Every suite is guaranteed and inexpensive in price. Porch Swings $3.95 Everybody Welcome Lawn Swings With Canopy •95 up Lawn Mowers Ball Bearing 9 .95 up Band Concert 7:30 to 8:30 OOOCOCOOO 200COOOCCOCOOC Due to the closing of this store on Memorial Day, Saturday is your last'chance to make your purchases and pay "additional' payments on your account in order to enable you to secure a wider opportunity to'receive one of these valuable gifts. / the Gifts.. Will One Be Yours? 1st Gift—Bnick Sedan 2nd Gift—Chevrolet Coach 3rd Gift — Welsbach Electric Refrigerator 4th Gift —Estate Electric Range ' 5th Gift—Voss Electric Washer 6th Gif t—Hoover Electric Sweeper 7th Gift—Bosch Electric Radio 8th Gift—Living Room, Suite 9th Gift—Dining Room Suite 10th Gift—Bedroom Suite .llth Gift—Sellers Kitchen Cabinet 12th Gift—Gurney Refrigerator 13th Gift—Electric Iron ~14th Gift—Lamp 15th' Gift — 9x12 Axminster Rug 16th Gift—2 Pairs Curtains 17th Gift—1 Silk Cushion 18th Gift—Bathroom of Linoleum 19th Gift—Pull-up Chaip- 20th Gift—Kitchen Table 21st Gift—Bath Room f Rug 22nd Gift—Traveling Bag 23rd Gift—Library Table 24th Gift — Simmons Deep Sleep Mattress 25th Gift—Rome DeLuxe Spring 26th Gift—100 Piece Set Dishes 27th Gift—Express Wagon 28th Gift—Bicycle 29th Gift—Bed Spread 30th Gift—1 Pair Pillows 31st Gift—1 Ham Awarding Starts Promptly At 7 P. M. Gliders / Two and three seated coil springs, modernistic designs. The last word in comfort and style for your porch. See them today. Garden Hose 25 Ft. Section. * • QC ^** On Our Second Floor Baby Carriages Haywood-Wakefield .95 up Porch Rockers Orange and Black and Green Come Early Follow the Crowd Voss Washer Offer Ends May 31st Also.—With Each VOSS WASHER, You Receive Absolutely FREE— 2 Self Draining Tubs an** Benches See the NEW VOSS Today W. S. AARON 1429 TWELFTH AVENUE Cash $110,00 Credit

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